Low Winter Sun s01e01 Episode Script


gold workout before I saw you you're waiting for a ride saw you at the supermarket shopping for a mind and all these businesses are just trying to succeed they left poor Larry stranded by the bees Are you drunk enough? I don't think so.
Don't get so lit you can't do what needs doing.
Remember what brought you here.
- I'm not a bad person.
- No, but he is.
Man's a disease.
- There are lines - Hey, don't.
- What? - That.
Don't be doing that.
Folks talk about morality like it's black and white.
Or maybe they think they're smarter or they're at a cocktail party acting all pretentious and then they say it's gray.
But do you know what it really is? It's a damn strobe.
Flashing back and forth and back and forth all the time.
So all we can do-- all we can do is try to figure out how to see straight enough to keep from getting our heads bashed in.
- Ain't that right? - I'm not drunk enough.
She's really gone.
Don't keep doing that to yourself.
Just tell me again, please.
- Brendan, stop.
- No! - You don't have to do this! - Shut up! Shut up! - Think what you're doing here, man.
- Shut it, Joe! Frank, please.
I'm-- I'm sorry.
- Sorry for what? - Frank, stop.
And after? He really cut off her head? - Her hands and feet? - I don't know.
That's what he told me.
There was a lot of blood.
I'm never gonna find her body, am I? Man ain't human.
You don't know the half of it.
But we here, we're making it right.
What if I can't? Well, you tell me, Frank.
'Cause you already had a second chance and he killed that.
Now, do you really think you get a third? Hmm.
- Thank you.
- Uh-huh.
Not that.
Salt water.
We can't have that showing up.
- He worse than usual? - If that's possible.
We'll sober him up.
Hey, we could lock up for you and leave the keys out back.
All right.
Appreciate it.
Hey, big man.
Brendan, wake up.
Come on, wake up.
Time to go, man.
We're gonna drive you home.
I can drive.
- Don't be stupid.
- I can drive.
Your car will be there when you wake up in the morning.
Yeah, we'll put your keys through the mailbox.
All right.
All right.
That's a good idea.
Big day tomorrow.
Just need to get some sleep.
You got my back? I always got your back.
Put your coat on.
- Hey, whoa.
Hey, hey.
- There's rats! - Brendan! Hold still.
- Rats are everywhere! Get 'em off of me! Hey, listen, you're drunk.
You need to get yourself together.
Come on.
Come on.
Hey, Frank.
Frank, where's that new piece of ass of yours, huh? - I wanna tap that.
- What did you say to me? Shut your mouth, Brendan.
You shut your mouth! - What did you say to me? - Shut your mouth.
What did you say to me, you-- No! No! That's why I crack! Frank, stop it! It's enough, man.
No marks! Come on! He's almost gone.
Just a little bit more.
That's it.
You let go, Brendan.
You let go.
- What could screw us up? - I don't know.
You're the best of the best.
If you can't think of anything, then nobody else can.
We made the swap clean.
That's all I can think of.
Then let's finish this.
On three.
One, two, three.
- Make sure your window's open.
- Okay.
There's one thing.
A determined suicide-- sometimes they'll attach themselves to the car - so there's no going back.
- Okay.
So would a guy like Brendan cuff himself to the wheel? - I don't know.
- Oh, come on.
He's fished out plenty of suicides.
But it might look like somebody else cuffed him.
If Brendan really meant to kill himself, I think I think we should do it.
Use his own cuffs.
Throw the key on the backseat.
Make it look right.
- Give me his cuffs.
- Okay.
Oh! Whoa! - Jesus.
- Psychology.
This murdering prick would know he'd be too weak to go through with it.
He'd know he'd have to cuff himself in real tight.
All right.
I think you might have just screwed us.
What are you gonna do? Arrest me? I ain't no quitter I'm in for a pound ain't nobody gonna hold me down hustlin' in the Motor City hustlin' just tryin' to get down down, down, down You think McCann got cold feet? After six months of paying him off, he better hope not.
I don't care if he is a cop.
Heads up.
Did you put eyes on McCann? Man, why are we waiting for a cop outside a trap house, anyway? - And on the East Side? - You find Brendan McCann or not? - There's no sign of him, man.
- And you could see around back? That boy who usually guards the stash still AWOL.
So there's only one asshole in there? You said it yourself-- play it safe.
Let the cops do our dirty work.
You know what? Plan's changing.
Okay, you two, you find McCann.
You tell that prick that I need to talk to him.
Michael, come on.
It's broad daylight.
Wait here.
If McCann called in units, we need to disappear.
- What the hell you want? - Yo, man, is that your dog outside? - Somebody's dog keeps barking.
- What the hell you talking about, "dog"? Where's the coke? Where is it? - You don't wanna do this, man.
- Shut up! - Where's the coke, huh? - Trash bag under the stairs.
Michael, go get it.
Go! I'm telling you, man, think.
- You got it? - At least a month's worth of business.
You know who that belongs to? There are gonna be repercussions.
- We gotta move.
- You know who I am? I've seen you.
That's what I figured.
Yeah, what you got? So what'd I miss last night? Hmm.
Nothing much.
Says the man wearing the same suit he wore to work yesterday.
I suppose you got up, did your morning prayers already.
- It's good for my abs.
- Hamdullah.
- Looks like you could use a little religion yourself.
- Uh-huh.
- Hey.
- Good morning.
Smells like a damn brewery in here.
I was home for the babysitter by 9:00.
I'm telling you, last night was my breaking point.
I went home, couldn't even try to go to bed.
- So I just came in here.
- How was Brendan? Same old crap.
Me and Frank had to drag his ass home.
But I'm serious, I'm done.
Sick of having Brendan as my partner.
Thank God for Frank, though.
- Couldn't have handled him on my own.
- What's up with Frank? - What do you mean? - Seems edgy lately.
I think it's his love life.
I wouldn't know.
- Maybe he's rushing into something too soon.
- Come on.
- It's been three years.
- I know.
I just want him to be happy.
That's all.
From what Brendan says, Frank ought to be plenty happy.
And what exactly does Brendan say? Her name's Katia.
Total piece of ass.
- Nice.
- It's Brendan's words.
- I'm sure they are.
- Well, you know Brendan, - anything with an accent.
- Anything with a pulse.
Yeah, I hold my breath when I'm around him.
Sergeant Morton.
- Who the hell is that? - Simon Boyd, Internal Affairs.
Either we're about to have a dog and pony show or someone's going down.
You could have given me the courtesy of a heads up.
Charles, come on.
You of all people.
- You know how a corruption case works.
- What's that supposed to mean? It's not supposed to mean anything.
It's a fact.
You know that's true.
I am trying to stay civil here.
I couldn't give you prior notice of an investigation even if I wanted to because prior notice would compromise your position.
So which one of them is it? - Hey, Lou.
- Hey.
- Who's that? - IA.
Straight into the Lieutenant's office.
Legit investigation or the Mayor's new election campaign? Nobody knows.
Curtis, can you come in here? Yes, sir.
What's going on? I need Detective McCann.
I already tried him.
Home phone just rings.
- What about his cell phone? - Straight to voice mail.
Try him again.
It's Brendan.
It's Brendan, isn't it? Internal Affairs? Which desk is Detective McCann's? It's over here.
Across from me.
This is Brendan's desk.
That is Brendan's partner.
Do you have an empty room? Interrogation? Someplace no one's using? Yeah.
I'm sure we can find you something.
- Here you go.
- Thanks.
- Appreciate it.
- No problem.
If you could let people know, no one's allowed in here until we're done with this.
What exactly are you looking for? - Can't say.
- Uh-huh.
Carry your own shit on the way out.
Take a deep breath, Frank.
Did you know about this? - Of course not.
- He said it, didn't he? - Who? - Brendan.
Last night.
He said tomorrow was a big day, he needed you to have his back, and that the rats were on him.
Brendan was blackout drunk.
He was talking about Internal Affairs and you know I'm right.
- You need to calm yourself.
- I need to know what's going on.
What-- What is going on is that you wanted your revenge, so you took it.
And now we need to have each other's backs.
- Like you had Brendan's? - Deep breath, my brother.
We did what we did.
Now we deal with it.
Did you play me? You need to get your mind right, Frank.
This isn't a game.
This is grown-up shit.
What kind of trouble is Brendan in? Just talk us through last night, Joe.
All due respect, everybody knows Lieutenant Boyd here is IA.
What shape was Detective McCann in by the end of the night? He was vintage Brendan.
You mean he was drunk.
You can start there if you want.
- I'm serious.
- So am I.
He was loaded, he was maudlin, he was self-pitying, he was totally abusive.
What about drug use? I did not see any.
But my guess is yes.
- And you didn't say anything? - I look like a drug counselor to you? Did he say anything at all about Internal Affairs? No, sir, he did not.
You think Detective McCann is worried he's under investigation? I think Brendan is worried that he's older and he's fatter and he can't get it up as much as he'd like.
You were in a Jesuit seminary when you were younger? Is that correct? That question have a point? There just seem to be a lot of vows you consider gray areas.
- That is totally irrelevant.
- But then you are a cop not a priest.
- Last I checked.
- Again Do you think detective McCann is concerned with Internal Affairs? I don't think he would tell me even if he was.
Why not? We're partners.
We're not friends.
I don't socialize with Brendan.
- So why were you with him last night? - Because he asked.
Even though you're not friends? You know, sometimes with Brendan, it's just easier to do what he asks.
And does that apply on the job, too? As his partner, do you do whatever he asks without arguing? - What's that? - Better ask your husband that one.
I'm fine.
It's not my blood.
McCann didn't show.
What's the one thing I always say about cops? I know.
You can't count on 'em.
Yeah, well, that's for damn sure.
Tell me what happened.
I'll get with Steven and Gus.
Figure out where McCann is.
Talk to me.
It was a trap house? East Side.
McCann was supposed to make a bust, we roll in after, he gives us most of the product.
That belongs to the old man? Hey, I know, but don't worry.
All right? I know.
There are no witnesses.
No one can connect me.
It had to be done.
Now is the time.
All right? - Okay.
- Okay.
Baby, no matter how you gotta play it, I don't waiver.
I wish we could never leave here.
Then let's stay.
This isn't real world, Frank.
I wanna know everything about you.
No, you don't.
Frank, you in here? Just a sec.
You all right in there? Yeah, must have been something I ate.
Clean yourself up and get your ass in my office.
Yes, sir.
Hey, this is crazy.
Why don't I just drive over to Brendan's and drag him out of bed by his balls? Frank, head over to Brendan's, see if you can bring him in here.
Don't bother.
He's not there.
He's probably just sleeping it off.
He's not.
I know for a fact he's not there.
- You think he's a rabbit? - Brendan's not a rabbit.
He couldn't even speak the last time we saw him.
That not-on-a-cop's-salary McMansion Brendan lives in? It's got security cameras.
Got the last 12 hours on film.
This you arriving? Yeah.
Looks like it.
Talk me through this.
Hmm? Uh Well, that's Brendan letting himself into his place.
I sit in the car and wait for Joe Geddes.
This is Joe arriving in Brendan's car.
He drops the keys in Brendan's mailbox.
Then he runs, jump in my car.
Yeah, I take us both home.
Do you know how long IA have been watching Brendan? Why, you got something to worry about? All due respect, I know we all preach the gospel.
How everybody hates cops who spy on other cops.
Praise the Lord and all hail the blue line.
But you know what? It's a load of crap.
'Cause if Brendan is dirty, then screw him 'cause I'm not.
And I don't want to be associated with whatever the hell he's been up to.
And I would hope that someone I've known close to 15 years and the leader of this command-- - You are not under investigation.
- Right.
- As far as I've been made aware.
- Then you wanna tell me why Boyd's been grimmin' me since the moment he stepped foot in here? And then two hours and 11 minutes after you and Joe Geddes drop him off, Brendan leaves his house.
I could have sworn the bastard could barely stand.
- Gus.
- Yeah? You don't want me inside? Just saving you the bother.
You were always a considerate girl.
Soon enough.
- The old man step foot in here? - Of course not.
Was he sniffing around about the coke? Yeah, but he played it like it was just for protection money.
- Coming here himself? - The boys don't have a line on McCann yet.
Listen, McCann was supposed to take the old man down.
You think he double-crossed you? I don't know, but I told him I could give him that prick on a platter-- bodies, dates, everything airtight.
Go with your guys.
Find your cop.
I'm sorry.
I am, I'm sorry.
But I am speaking truth to power here.
I have been Brendan's partner for four years, so that means for me guilty.
- No, it doesn't.
- Stone-cold guilty by association.
- That's the way it works.
- It doesn't work that way.
No, that's the way that IA works! Especially now.
- Especially now.
- That's enough.
Jesus, it's taken this long for IA to show up here?! I said that's enough! Listen close.
I have watched seven chiefs get investigated out of office since I've been a cop and I have survived every scam and trap that this job can spring.
So in three years, when they finally move us outta this hellhole, I am gonna be there to see my brand-new office.
Corner, river view.
I'm not about to let your partner bring me down.
Get the hell out.
Someone please tell me that they found Brendan McCann.
I checked the parking garage at DPD-- Our boy never showed.
- And you checked his place? - Car's not there, D.
So he didn't show.
Guy's a drunk.
If he's drunk, sick, called to a scene, that's no problem.
But if he's having second thoughts about this, that's something that could blow back on us.
Michael, come here.
So how come you never talk to Damon and them? - What do you mean? - You've known them all half your life.
You just say hey, then sit by yourself.
What gives? You working at all? I get army disability.
That doesn't mean you can't look for a job.
Psych disability.
Besides, the only thing I got any training for is killing people.
No, it's on the house.
- What's tripping you? - What's not? Gus said the old man was here.
- He doesn't know anything.
- Still, maybe we just go to ground.
Yeah, well, maybe I should have put a bullet in him when I was 12.
Tell me all this isn't about that.
Just find McCann.
Joe Geddes says he and Brendan McCann aren't friends.
That's right.
I don't think they are.
Are you friends with Joe Geddes? - How do you mean? - Are you and him friends? - I need a minute.
- Excuse me.
- What's wrong? - We got a problem.
Show me.
You're telling me that he scrubbed the whole hard drive? Not just scrubbed.
My best guess, he went back over the drive sectors five or six times.
- There must be a data restoration program.
- Not for this.
- What the hell you doing? - We're talking Defense Department I'm finding out where we all stand.
Oh, Jesus.
What's going on? Are you sure it's his? In the front seat.
Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, I got it.
What is it? They found Brendan's car in the water off the Delray boat launch.
There's a body inside.
Fishing trawler tried to launch this morning and they hit metal.
Divers have already been down twice.
Tow truck's here now.
They should have it up soon.
Is it Brendan McCann? Sorry, sir.
The divers don't know Sergeant McCann.
Can't be sure.
- Is it Brendan? - We don't know.
Divers say the body's handcuffed to the steering wheel.
- So, what, somebody murdered him? - Starting to look like that.
- I don't know.
- What do you mean? We also have the possibility of a determined suicide.
I don't think we need Internal Affairs on the crime scene.
We'll keep you apprised.
I'm not leaving.
A little more! Possible determined suicide.
Boyd's exact words.
Man, you are a genius.
You wiped his computer.
You knew IA was after him.
You knew he'd give you up because you're as dirty as he is.
Hey, let go of me.
Dani! See what's keeping Frank.
Somebody wiped Brendan's hard drive.
Brendan could barely turn the damn thing on.
Hey, you are gonna screw the pooch here, man.
Now get the hell off me.
You knew about Internal Affairs.
Come on.
Boss wants you.
I'll be right there.
Okay, bring her up.
Rat squad.
Excuse me? Last night, Brendan was talking about how today was gonna be a big day and how the rats were all over him.
- Really? - Yeah, really.
"I can't keep the rats off of me.
I would rather-- I would rather drown," he said.
Right before we took him home.
You can check with Frank Agnew if you want.
See if he remembers.
- You just remembered this? - I didn't know what he was talking about.
I thought he was drunk and imagining rats.
How was I supposed to know he was talking about you? We're on.
Definitely Brendan.
- You seen the body? - Too many cops.
It's a cluster.
You don't really think the old man killed McCann? - He's old-school.
- There is no old-school anymore.
I'm just saying-- you don't rat, you don't kill a cop.
- What? - Nothing.
It's McCann.
All right, easy.
Racking my brain trying to think of a next of kin.
Do you know anyone? No wife, no kids.
I know for a fact his parents are dead.
You know Brendan, he was Detroit born and bred.
He was a cop.
That's two different strains of cockroach.
I didn't think he could be killed.
Sir, there's somebody in the trunk.
Looks like they were butchered.
I don't know if I can look at this.
Unidentified male.
Head, hands, feet, all of them removed.
- This is a complete shit storm.
- Yeah.
Jackoff-dead-dirty-cop, chopped-up, no-name-body, Christ.
Screw the blue code of silence.
If Joe Geddes is doing Brendan's dirty work, I need to know.
This is yours.
I'm not gonna trust it with anybody else.
What did you mean, you didn't know if you could look at this? What? You told Joe.
You said, "I don't know if I can look at this.
" Jesus, Dani, can you turn it off? Just for a minute, huh? Can you do that? It's been a long 24 hours.
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