Lucifer (2016) s02e01 Episode Script

Everything's Coming Up Lucifer

1 - Previously on Lucifer - LINDA: So, you're the Devil and you've left Hell behind to take a vacation in Los Angeles.
Well, where else would I go? Your return to the Underworld has been requested.
Remind Dad that I quit Hell because I was sick and tired of playing a part in his play.
CHLOE: I got it.
The name, the whole Lucifer thing, and desire's like your superpower.
More like a gift from God, really.
Why don't I affect you, Detective? I guess we both have our mysteries.
MAZE: Chloe Decker is causing your vulnerability.
I'm bleeding.
AMENADIEL: I've been sleeping with a demon.
I'm ready to turn myself in.
DAN: I removed a firearm from evidence lockup.
I'll be the son that you always wanted me to be.
This is impossible.
(gasps) Where's Maze? I was gonna ask you the same question.
What does Father want? Someone's escaped from Hell.
Who escaped Hell? Mum.
Money And fancy clothes Money And fancy clothes MAN: Everybody, get the hell on the ground! (alarm ringing) Fill the bag with everything on display.
Hurry up! (grunting) This is such a cliché.
I mean, for one, those are all conflict diamonds.
Terrible karma, but more importantly, is this really how you want to spend your time on Earth? I don't know who you are, but if you don't step back, I will kill you.
(chuckles) But that's not what you really desire, is it? No, it isn't.
So, what do you want? Freedom.
LUCIFER: Oh just as I suspected.
You were tired of being a prisoner, weren't you? Yeah, that's right.
I-I-I couldn't take it anymore.
So you wanted to break your shackles, be reborn.
I did.
So you escaped Hell, looking for an empty body, and found this poor sod, who'd just died of a heart attack, and now here you are, wreaking havoc on Earth.
The jig is up.
We found you, Mum.
Wait, what? You just said you wanted to escape your shackles.
When the paramedics brought me back, I realized I needed to be free.
Yes, from Hell.
No, man, from debt.
I owe a ton of money.
And this was gonna get me out from underneath it.
You know what, I'm sick of this.
The two of you are (sighs) It's not Mom.
Oh, you think? AMENADIEL: Well, we had to check.
She doesn't have a body.
She must have entered a human form of someone who's recently died.
Which means anyone who kicked the bucket whilst you were sleeping on the job.
Luci, do you realize he's the last one on our list? Well, you must have missed one.
Or maybe she's not in Los Angeles.
(laughing): No, she's here.
I kept her prisoner for thousands of years.
She's coming for me.
I know it.
We just need to get to her first.
(sighs) Are you coming?! In a moment.
There's so much punishment, so little time.
(chuckles) dead.
Money (gasps) And fancy clothes.
(shouts) What's going on? (groans) LUCIFER: My mum's gonna kill me.
And before you say it, that's not a metaphor.
She's literally going to kill me.
She's not the forgiving type.
You've never mentioned your mother before.
Why is that? Well, you wouldn't understand, would you? I'd like to.
Oh, all right.
Very well.
In human terms, once upon a time, a boy met a girl, and they fell in love.
They had sex.
The only trouble was, they were celestial beings, so that moment created the universe.
Mm, the Big Bang? Never knew how appropriate the name was until now, did you? Anyway, they became Mum and Dad.
They had a whole litter of kids, including yours truly.
And they built a house.
They called it Heaven.
They were happy.
Dad was well, Dad, and Mum Well, Mum was rather lovely in the beginning.
(sighs) But things change, don't they? Dad started going into the garage and tinkering with a little project he called humanity.
Mum grew cold distant.
(inhales deeply) And pretty soon, they were both neglecting their family.
And then one of his children started to act out? Indeed.
Yeah so Dad got pissed off and tossed me out of the house.
And what did your mother do? Nothing.
She just stood there and let it happen.
Anyway, a couple of thousand years later, Dad kicked her out, too.
Cast her into Hell and put her in a cell.
So, I did the same for her as she did for me.
Is it good to be back on a studio set, Detective? CHLOE: Not really.
(Lucifer chuckles) It's bringing back memories of your acting days? If you're feeling nostalgic, sure I can find some horny teenagers and a hot tub.
'Cause the movie you were in was Yeah, I got it.
Is everything all right, Detective? You seem distracted.
Usually I get at least a glimmer of a smile from my remarks, the occasional eye roll.
I think I got a snort once.
Two days ago, you were shot point-blank.
Ah, well, no need to thank me for my heroism.
Well, maybe just a little.
No one's stopping you.
(chuckles) There was blood all over you.
- You should be dead.
- Well, par for the course for our adventures, Detective.
What's new? I have a sample of your blood and I'm gonna take it and test it.
- Oh.
- And I'm gonna find out exactly what you are once and for all.
- Yeah.
- Oh.
The Devil himself? No, I'm guessing Larry Morningstar, the son of a plumber in Connecticut.
Right, well, wrap that up, would you? 'Cause I could use your help on my end.
I'm on a bit of a manhunt.
Well, womanhunt, and I need to find her before I'm too late.
(sighs) So, our victim's name is Gillian Taylor.
She was a stand-in for the lead actress on Leave It to Leslie.
Stand-in? Yeah, stand-ins are used to light a scene as the actors prep.
Usually want to be actors themselves.
And now she's dead because of me.
What do you mean, because of you? Well, remind you of anyone? That's weird.
CHLOE: What's weird, Ella? Well you'd think cause of death would be the giant chunks of metal sticking out of her head, but no, she was strangled.
You can see the contusions on her neck.
So, the horns were added postmortem? Yeah, soft tissue at the point of impact is yellow-pink.
That means that there was no blood pressure when our killer went all stabby-stab.
And she was killed somewhere else.
This body was moved here.
So, the killer is sending a message.
Ah, good, so you agree with me.
I didn't say the message was to you.
Well, who else would it be for? (sighs) What the hell? Oh, joy of joys, I thought Detective Douche was in jail.
He's suspended.
Or at least he was.
Give us a minute.
What are you doing here? I've been reinstated.
What? After Malcolm and everything that happened at Palmetto, they wanted to sweep everything under the rug.
And the only thing I confessed to was improperly checking out evidence.
A gun that killed someone.
I didn't ask for this.
You didn't turn it down, either.
Would you rather I go to jail? You think Trixie would prefer that? No, it's just it's a lot to take in.
(scoffs) I've been demoted.
I've been reassigned to assist on cases, so for now, how can I help? Uh, interview crew members.
See if they know anything, any enemies she had.
I mean, you know.
Thanks, Chloe.
You're a newbie, aren't you? Oh, hey, yeah.
Ella Lopez.
I just transferred in a couple days ago.
You must be Detective Decker's civilian consultant.
Lucifer Morningstar.
I was expecting a different reaction considering your choice of bling.
Dude, I had a friend named Adolf.
Okay, Adolf.
I didn't hold it against him.
- (chuckles) - And besides, I think the Devil - gets a bad rap.
- Oh.
- You do, do you? - Sure.
I mean, what did he really do that was so bad? What, rebel against his dad? Ask some naked lady if she wanted an apple? Be still my heart.
Do go on.
I suppose he does run Hell.
That's not so great, you know, with the torture and eternal damnation.
I'm retired.
And besides, I didn't create Hell.
I just worked there.
And now you're talking in the first person.
- Are you - The Devil? - a method actor? - What? (groans) (clamoring) Not exactly an Emmy-worthy performance from our child actor.
LUCIFER: And her dick nozzle boyfriend.
CHLOE: Weird, for a girl who normally doesn't wear mascara, she's certainly wearing a lot.
I wonder why.
Trixie loves her show.
Oh, my God, me, too.
LUCIFER: Sweet candy coating on the outside, delicious evil on the inside? Or she just likes the attention.
Either way, she's got a wall of reps surrounding her.
I've got a call in to interview her.
But for now let's focus on Gillian.
Gillian rented from me for four years.
Such a sweet, strong girl.
You know, I I don't have a daughter, but, uh You know, she got so close on so many auditions.
I I really thought that she was gonna break in.
This is my fault.
Why do you say that? WOMAN: Well, I work as a set nurse.
I pulled a few strings.
I got her that job.
If she hadn't met Amy Do you think Amy did this? No, sweet, darling, innocent Amy? Oh, I'm sensing sarcasm and general loathing.
Oh, that girl's a bad influence.
She has so much cocaine up her nose, it would snow - if you shook her.
- (chuckles) Yes, I've tried that.
WOMAN: The show kept it out of the news.
They even hid her O.
a couple of days ago.
Hospital was barely able to start her heart again.
Well, hold on.
You're saying Amy died, then came back to life, and then an innocent girl was found dead with devil horns shoved into her skull? I guess that's one way to put it.
Maybe Gillian wasn't as innocent as she seemed.
Well, maybe she needed the cash to fund her flamingo army.
We need to check on Gillian's financials.
See if she made any large cash deposits and, if so, when.
I don't know.
Maybe we can find a pattern.
Well, it doesn't matter, because I know who the killer is.
Really? Who? My mum.
Your mom? It's a long story, but I think my mum's soul is currently inside Amy.
She's the perfect choice of host body, really.
Young, beautiful, worshipped and adored by millions.
You're making less sense than you normally do.
That's because you still don't believe me! Just test my blood, Detective.
Then we can have a real conversation.
We wear red so they don't see us bleed Hundred dollar bills Under our sleeve We intend not to sleep till we're dead LUCIFER: Oh.
Look at you, all broody.
Suits you.
Well, don't worry.
Maze always turns up eventually.
She's like a bad penny in tight leather pants.
(chuckles) (sighs) Unless, of course, you scared her away for good.
(laughs) I scared her away? Well, everything was fine until you went all lovey-dovey on her.
Really? Because I seem to remember her telling both of us where to shove it.
(scoffs) Watching 'em gamble everything they own Singing oh, oh-oh-oh, oh-oh Luci, you don't think she helped Mom escape, do you? Well, that doesn't sound like the kind of evil, duplicitous thing a demon would do, now, does it? But, no, I don't because I found Mum.
- You did? Where? - On a case.
And on top of that, I think the detective's gonna finally believe me about who I am soon, so cheers! Everything's coming up Lucifer.
- What did you do? - I didn't do anything.
She's going to test my blood.
- She's what?! - Mm.
Exciting, isn't it? Humans can't have proof of divinity! Just the detective.
I don't see the harm.
I mean, what could possibly go wrong if angel blood enters the police department's forensic database? I'm sorry.
Am I supposed to answer that? You just deal with Mom.
I'll deal with this mess.
At least I got you to stop brooding.
And you're welcome.
Here comes trouble, trouble.
- Hey, Chloe.
- Hey.
I interviewed the crew.
For the most part, Amy and Gillian got along great.
For the most part? Yeah, they got into a big fight a couple days ago as they were setting up a shot.
Unfortunately, they weren't rolling audio.
Well, I get the gist of it.
Gillian had a bunch of money hidden away at her place.
And then this blowup.
What do you think? Amy had a secret drug problem? Then Gillian found out about it and was blackmailing her? If so, that's a pretty strong motive.
It is, yeah.
Thanks, Dan.
Out of, baby, oh, I'm out of control (sniffs) (sighs) LUCIFER: Well, now I know where I got my taste for the good life.
- What are you doing in here? - Amy Dodd, eh? Role model for teen girls, awkward erection for their fathers.
A wolf in a sheep's tiny skirt.
It's very appropriate, Mum.
Who are you, and what are you doing in here? Yeah.
Let's stop playing games, shall we? I know you're not who you pretend to be.
I know what you did to me I know who you really are.
All right.
Attacking me would be a waste of What are you doing? You can't do this! I'm tired of everyone thinking I'm so innocent.
But I'm not, and I'll prove it.
Please don't! Oh, God, don't! Good Lord, that's Ugh.
You're not who I thought you were, are you? I hope.
Oh, I'm exactly who you think I am.
Well, then this truly is the most evil thing that's ever happened to me.
Just-just stop doing the buttons and just - just please - (knocking) CHLOE: Ms.
Dodd? - Ah.
- What the hell is going on? Right.
For once, this is not what it looks like.
- I'm in so much trouble.
- We don't care - about your drug use, Amy.
- You don't? What we care about is that you Gillian had an argument right before she died.
Why? - Does it matter? - We found a lot of cash at Gillian's house, so if she was blackmailing you She wasn't blackmailing me.
She was my sober companion.
Well, clearly not very good at it.
(chuckles) The production company thought it was a good idea to hire my stand-in to also keep an eye on me.
They thought it would help keep it a secret.
- What was the fight about? - I was getting tired of her treating me like a child.
I'm an adult! I can make my own decisions.
I'd gotten a new supply in.
She was trying to take it away from me.
Just take-take it all away.
LUCIFER: A devil emoji? That's it.
I'm speaking to a copyright lawyer today.
CHLOE: So Gillian cut off your supply.
That must have pissed off your dealer.
Who is he? I-I never met him.
All I have is a number.
I'd text him, he'd messenger me the drugs.
Okay, good.
I'm gonna need that number.
Thank you.
Okay, so the production company confirms that they paid Gillian under the table to be Amy's sober companion.
That explains the cash.
I mean, I'm not saying Amy's innocent, but I don't see a motive anymore.
Well, what about our emoji-loving drug dealer? Could be a show of strength.
Making sure no one screws with him in the future.
I put a warrant in to locate his cell phone, and, uh What? Do you still think this is about you? Of course I do, but it's worse than I thought.
My mum is clearly playing the long game.
Taunting me with my own distorted image again and again.
No, really.
Do you really think the drug dealer is your mother? Well, she's clever enough to pull it all off.
What? You thought I took after my dad? Oh.
You don't have to believe anything I say, Detective.
Test my blood.
Oh, dearie me, why are you hesitating? Scared to find out the truth? I'm not scared about anything other than finding out what STDs you have.
Very funny.
(tires screeching) (indistinct radio transmission) Hey.
Hey! - How did? - What the hell are you doing in here? I'm sorry.
I, uh I must have gotten lost.
(keys jingling) Good night.
LINDA: You don't think you deserve any of the blame for what happened with your mother? No.
That's between her and Dad.
Then whose fault is it? Well, I suppose none of this would have happened if Amenadiel had been watching over Hell like he was supposed to.
I thought that was your job.
Well, it was, but when I abdicated, it became his.
Sort of like a game of hot potato.
And then there's Maze.
And what about her? Well, she's still missing.
See, I'm-I'm worried she might be involved in all this.
Might explain why Mum was able to hit the ground running with my torment.
And I wouldn't be in this mess if it wasn't for the detective, and she doesn't even know it! And why is that? Well, when I asked Father for the favor, I (chuckles softly) Look, it doesn't matter.
Even if I told her, she wouldn't believe me anyway.
Sounds like there's a lot of blame to go around.
Is there anyone you might be leaving out? (sighs) Anyone I'm leaving out.
Um (clock ticking) Oh, you're right.
If you'd fixed my existential problem earlier, none of this would have happened.
Well, good on you for taking responsibility, Doctor.
It's very noble.
(laughs) I worry you're not gaining anything from our sessions.
- What do you mean? - Lately, you're using our sessions as an excuse to misinterpret what I say for your own gain.
(laughs) What? I don't think I'm actually helping you.
Are you breaking up with me? I'm asking the question.
Are our sessions actually helping, or just making things worse? Lucifer? You said you wanted to talk.
Hello, Chloe.
What's going on? I was really hoping I wouldn't have to do this, but recent developments have left me with no other choice.
No other choice than to what? You need to know the truth, Chloe.
About Lucifer.
All right.
I'm listening.
Oh, I'm not gonna tell you.
I'm gonna show you.
What are you doing? Amenadiel.
Amenadiel, no! (gasping) Okay, you're gonna be fine.
I'm gonna call an ambulance.
You're gon (sighs) You c (panting) You're you're okay.
(panting) How? Okay, this is going to be hard for you to hear, which is why I needed you to see what Lucifer is.
I don't believe it.
Because it's all a lie.
Bulletproof vest and blood packs.
Are you insane? You could have killed yourself! I was perfectly safe, Chloe.
This, by the way, is what Lucifer wore when you guys confronted Malcolm.
- How would you know that? - Because I put it on him.
He knew what he was walking into.
Listen, everything that he does is part of a performance.
All right.
Then what about the weird mojo thing he does? Neural linguistic programming? The power of suggestion? Look, he studied it at a very young age.
And I hate to admit this, but he's actually really good at it.
What about the fact that you two are brothers? Come on.
You've never heard of adoption? Why? Why would he do all this? Listen, what you have to understand is that my brother and I had a very difficult childhood.
And to deal with it, he created this persona for himself Lucifer Morningstar, the Devil, incorrigible and invincible.
So he's a liar? Chloe, he means well, but in the end, the only person he ever truly lies to is himself.
(phone ringing) Decker.
You tracked our dealer's phone? Great.
I'm on my way.
Any other questions? Yeah.
Why tell me all this now? Because you needed to know.
MAN: When I woke up a week later, they'd written in a a wisecracking neighbor.
You know, he-he got all the best lines.
Your heart goes out to him, doesn't it? (sighs) A dealer trying to find a buyer at an AA meeting, people at their most vulnerable that's really low.
It's also not something my mum would even care about.
Because and I can't believe I'm saying this The killer isn't your mother.
(sighs): Unfortunately, I think you're right.
Dear me, this has all been a wild goose chase.
There's still a killer out there, Lucifer.
And we tracked his phone to this room.
We've got to figure out who the dealer is.
MAN: It was the lowest point in my life.
Thanks, David.
OTHERS: Thanks, David.
All right, does anybody else want to speak? Yes, I'd like to say something.
Thank you.
My name is Lucifer Morningstar and I love drugs.
- (people gasping) - Love them! Mmm! Yummy, yummy, yummy.
Can't get enough.
And I've got lots of money (sniffs) mmm, that I love spending on drugs.
Not even picky.
I'll do any of them.
Mix them together sometimes.
(chuckles) You ever done a he-she? No? A neon nod? A donk? Ah.
Yeah, he knows what I'm talking about.
That man has definitely donked.
Haven't you? Uh, the theme of the day is your lowest point.
Right, my lowest point.
Well, geographically, that would be Hell, of course.
Hard to get much lower than that.
(chuckles) And Well, then I suppose it was when my mother abandoned me.
Turnabout was fair play, so I abandoned her in turn.
Didn't even give her a chance to defend herself.
I mean, what could she possibly say that would justify what she did? What would she say? Well, that was a disaster.
Actually, I thought that was really impressive.
- You did? It didn't draw anyone out.
- Yep.
That's not what I was impressed with.
Hey, guys.
Looking to score? Because I've got some really good stuff, if you've got cash.
Are we playing show and tell? I got something to show you.
I actually found this on the ground this isn't even mine.
I just (grunts) No, it-it really isn't.
I Oh, okay.
Where-where did those come from? Right.
Now I've flushed out your dealer, do you mind if I? Knock yourself out.
Those really are not mine.
CHLOE: Oh, of course they aren't.
You don't really think I could do that to someone? I think you were pissed off that someone blocked your meal ticket, and I think you were trying to send a message, yeah.
Yeah, but I couldn't do that.
That Oh, God.
Is that her skull? (retches) Can you take that away, please? Not until you tell me what you know about (retches, coughs) Oh, God.
(exhales) That poor girl.
All right, if it wasn't you, then who would want to make it look like it was? If she had a dealer before me, you know, I I doubt I doubt he was happy I stole his best buyer.
Who was he? Go on, now, Scout, and break with your man Please understand That you're in command Do it for me And do it for yourself Come on Are you for real? Or are you a dream? Scout, is it you in this magazine? Looking so mean (grunts) Oh, there you are, Maze.
I've missed you.
So, where the hell have you been, Maze? Away.
Wonderfully vague, but you'll have to be a tad more specific, I'm afraid.
I needed you.
So I'm supposed to just come running whenever you need me? Yes.
That's exactly what you're supposed to do.
- And why is that? - Because since fire and brimstone, that's just how it is between us.
Through thick and thin.
So, come on.
Where were you? Shouldn't you be more concerned with the guy I just saved you from? Oh, please.
I'm only vulnerable when the detective is around.
(low, muffled grunting nearby) So, who is he? LUCIFER: Amy Dodd's dick nozzle boyfriend.
- She's the actress from Leave It - Leave it to Leslie.
What? It makes me laugh.
Well, he must have seen me going into Amy's trailer when I thought she was Mum.
Jealous, were you? Wanted to prove yourself to be a big boy by waving a knife in my face? Wait, your mom escaped Hell? Yes.
Funny timing, isn't it? She slipped out whilst Amenadiel was injured.
And you, uh Well, where were you, Maze? Wait, you think I'm helping her? Have you forgotten who actually tortured her in Hell? Well, desperation makes for strange bedfellows.
I've just pictured you in bed with my mom.
Oh, I can't un-see that now.
So, Mama Morningstar's on the loose.
I never could break that woman.
She wouldn't submit.
Seems like I have another chance.
(low grunting) You sure he doesn't know anything? (grunts) What is wrong with you people?! Yes, I'm sure.
Give me that.
(muffled talking) I think he would disagree.
(muffled talking) Fine.
I know things about the murder.
We found the drug dealer with the adorable devil drawings.
- Case closed.
- You think Irwin killed her? - No, he'd never do that.
- Maybe, maybe not.
Don't care.
You guys are with the cops, though, right? More of a day job thingy Got much more pressing issues at the moment.
Right, seriously if you weren't helping my mom, then where were you? (groans): Ah I was with a friend.
Friend? Demons don't have friends.
Someone who's been helping me do some soul-searching.
What, like hunting them down and killing them? (scoffs) I wish.
That would be a lot easier.
Now that we are stuck here, I need to figure out where I fit in.
And she's been helping me do that.
(chuckling) Thanks.
I knew you wouldn't understand.
- I barely do.
- (muffled talking) (continues muffled talking) What? Amy had another drug dealer.
- Go on.
- She used to score big from some other guy before she got clean.
But then Gillian cut him off completely, and the guy, he was super pissed.
Right, and where can I find this other dealer? I don't know.
- Oh - No, I-I-I swear I've never met him.
Look, he goes by the name of of Bobby B.
I thought you said this case doesn't have anything to do with your mom anymore.
It doesn't.
Then why are you running off to tell Chloe? Well, maybe there are things you wouldn't understand about me, either.
(scoffs) So you guys are gonna let me go now, right? Of course.
(chuckles) After I've had my fun.
(indistinct radio transmission) - Ah, there you are! - Oh, hey.
- I've got some news on the case.
- Oh, me, too.
But go on.
Ladies first.
Well, our drug dealer's alibi is still shaky.
Uh, but he did mention there's another dealer.
- Oh.
That's what I had.
- And Amy's lawyered up, so we can't get anything out of her.
And all we have on this "other dealer" is that he's selling prescription pills.
Oh, not my faves, but they'll do in a pinch.
So if the story stands, we're looking for someone in health care: doctor, pharmacist.
I'm gonna go through these booking sheets for anyone in the medical industry that's been charged in the last couple years.
Feel free to jump in and help me.
(groans) Joy of joys.
Oh, there is one thing that might help.
Yeah, what's that? Bobby B.
What's that? She was like a mother to her.
I have some issues that I need to work out, and I think I know just how to do it.
What? (Maze laughing) - MAZE: Oh - What is wrong with you people! You people are nuts! (exhales) (chuckles) So you're back.
I'm here.
I wouldn't say I'm back.
You know I was looking for you, right? After what happened? Maze, what you did for me was (laughs softly) But you were gone.
I needed to get away from Lucifer.
And you.
I need to figure out where I fit in in this world.
And to do that, I need some space.
From the both of you.
No, I mean, I was feeling the same thing, you know? I think some distance between us might be a good thing.
Hey, can I ask you a question? Shoot.
Do you really believe in God? Whoa.
I was expecting more like, "Hey, Ella, what's it like moving from Detroit to L.
?" "Hey, Ella, how'd you survive growing up with four brothers?" But the big "G" question right off the top Did not see that coming.
- Okay, sorry, it's inappropriate.
- Oh, no, no, no.
I actually really like talking about it.
It's my faith.
It's kind of a big part of my life.
So, uh, yeah, sure.
Uh, hit me.
Do you believe that it all really exists? What do you mean? Say, angels.
Or the Devil.
That sort of thing.
That's all a metaphor, right? Maybe.
Maybe not.
Oh, okay.
That's pretty I just thought there would be more faith in your faith, I guess.
No, see, my aunt was a nun, okay? And she always taught me that doubt was really important.
Right? I mean, if you don't question something, then what's the point of believing it? Mm-hmm.
I doubt so that I can believe.
So, then, if you had the chance to prove it was all real or fake, would you do it? I mean, that kind of defeats the point, don't you think? It's faith Roses.
What? What do roses have to do with faith? No, nothing to do with faith.
And everything to do with the case.
Um, okay, so I-I found nitrogen, right, on the rods in the victim's head, and-and it got me thinking.
It could be almost anything.
And then I found the capital "K.
" - Capital "K"? - Potassium? Periodic table? Why don't you just skip to the end? And rose fertilizer.
Which also has nitrogen.
So the rods were taken from a garden.
Garden tools, - lawn accessories - Like flamingos.
Well, yeah, I mean, that's oddly specific, - but, yeah, flamingos - Thank you.
Thank you.
Hello, murderer.
Murderer? (door shuts) I don't I don't understand.
Oh, Roberta, can we skip the boring part where you deny it and just, uh Let's get to the good stuff, shall we? Does it help if I call you Bobby B.
? What are you talking about? Oh.
Oh, it's very simple.
You stole drugs from the hospital and sold them to Amy Dodd, your biggest client, who you met on set.
You introduced Gillian to Amy, got her the job.
But then she helped Amy get sober.
You felt betrayed, yadda yadda yadda, you killed her.
Then you tried to frame her new dealer.
Am I getting close? That's ludicrous.
No, what's ludicrous is that you were like a mother to her, and you sacrificed her like she was nothing.
Did she mean so little to you in the end? Really? Tell me, why would you do that? Why? You need to go now.
Tell me why.
Stay back.
You plunged two rods into her skull to make her look like the Devil.
But, you know what, she's not the Devil I am.
Oh, ho, ho, ho! There we go! I love a game of poker.
Go on, I'll give you a freebie, just to make it interesting.
(grunts) (panting) - How is this possi? - (grunts) (shouting) All right.
Can we just (grunts) have a-a time-out, please? (grunting) (choking) Is this a supernatural fire poker? - How is this possible? - (knocking) Mrs.
Beliard, it's Detective Decker.
Bloody hell.
Of course she's here.
Detective! Detective, you need to leave.
- It's gonna be over real soon.
- (choking) I know someone's in there.
I can wait out here all day.
I took in that girl and I gave her a job and then she cut me off from my best customer.
So, yeah, I put three inches of steel into her brain.
And I actually liked her.
LUCIFER (groans): Please.
Please don't (grunts) - please - What? What, you're gonna beg for your life, huh? don't tell anyone (grunts) that I died like this.
(choking) (panting) Just (coughs) - (Taser clicking) - (shouts) (panting) Nearly had her.
(grunts) Yeah.
(Taser clicking) (siren wailing in distance) I'm never living this down, am I? Not if I have anything to say about it.
You know, you weren't there when Ella's forensic report pointed us at Roberta.
So how'd you put this together? Well, I was on the Devil's business, Detective.
(chuckles) Look, even if I told you, you'd just say I was being crazy.
That's funny.
That's what your brother was just saying about you.
Amenadiel talked to you, did he? He did.
He explained everything.
Was very impressive.
Filled in all the gaps.
But? (sighs) But I don't buy it.
I don't accept that you're crazy, and I don't accept this "Devil's business" either.
All right, so what do you believe? That I need the eggs.
Excuse me? It's an old joke.
Guy walks into a psychiatrist's office, he goes, "Doc, you got to help me.
My brother's crazy.
He thinks he's a chicken.
" - (chuckles) - And the doc goes, "Well, why don't you turn him in?" The guy goes, "You know, I would, but I need the eggs.
" That's not very funny.
(sighs) Look, I don't know what your deal is, but you make me a better detective.
And you've always got my back.
What more could I ask for? And you need the eggs.
Damn right I do.
(knocking) Lucifer.
We don't have an appointment.
No, we don't.
I, uh I just wanted to drop by and say thank you.
And why's that? Because you were right.
I've been blaming everybody else for the situation I'm in.
And the fact of the matter is that (sighs) I chose to do nothing when my mother was cast out.
To never ask her why she did what she did.
So that's on me.
That's good, Lucifer.
No, it's not.
Why do you say that? Well, I've assumed a lot about my mother, including the fact that she wants revenge for what I did to her.
- And now she doesn't? - Well, it doesn't appear so, no.
And why is that a bad thing? Well, because, Doctor, if she's not coming to kill me, then I don't know what she's doing.
And (sighs) that's truly terrifying.
(piano playing "All Along the Watchtower") LUCIFER: There must be some kind of way out of here Said the joker to the thief There's too much confusion now I can't get no relief No reason to get excited The thief, he kindly spoke There are many here among us Who feel life's but a joke But you and I, we've been through that And this is not our fate So let us stop talkin' falsely now The hour's getting late, hey All along the watchtower Princes kept the view While all the women, they came and they went Barefoot servants, too Outside in the cold distance A wildcat did growl Two riders were approaching And the wind began to howl (elevator bell dings) Oh.
Didn't realize I had an audience.
Is there anything I can do for you? (panting) Lucifer.
Help me.