Lucifer (2016) s03e03 Episode Script

Mr. and Mrs. Mazikeen Smith

1 - Previously on Lucifer - MAZE: But I didn't leave Hell to be a bartender.
LUCIFER: You exist to protect me.
MAZE: Whatever the danger, I'll be there to stop it.
Now that we are stuck here, I need to figure out where I fit in.
MAZE: I got paid.
As a bounty hunter.
I need you to help me.
I'd have Maze do it, but she's off bounty hunting.
Demons don't have a soul.
If I die, I just die.
Body snatchers and karma catchers They pitter-patter through the night Money-loving, a dime a dozen But hey, now All we want to do is dance Payphone preachers and twisted creatures On TV clawing out your eyes Ah.
How do you do this every night? How do you not? Fear of liver failure, mostly.
[laughs] We've been drinking for three hours.
But I know you've been going since Tuesday.
Why do you always push yourself like this? Because it's fun, Linda.
No rest for the soulless.
I've been meaning to ask you about that.
You can't really mean that you don't have a soul.
Ah, that she does.
No demons have souls.
That's why they're notorious for living in the moment.
Yeah, when I die, that's it.
Maze out.
So don't waste a single second.
You humans could learn a thing from her.
And me.
Well, mostly me.
[slurring]: That's terrible.
I'm so sorry, Maze.
I have no complaints.
I just try and keep things interesting.
I mean, I was getting a little bored with the constant drinking, violence, sex.
You know how it is.
Yes, of course.
All those things, all the time, for me.
Yeah, but now I hunt humans, too.
Adds a little spice to things.
In fact, my next bounty should be here any minute.
- You got your bounty to come to you? - Mm-hmm.
- How'd you pull that off? - [chuckles] Let me guess.
Promise of a threesome.
[chuckles] Drink coupon to Lux.
Coupon? [chuckles] Maze, this isn't some sort of student disco.
- No one in their right mind - MAN: I have a coupon for a free margarita.
MAZE: Yeah.
Though I have to admit, the job is losing its thrill.
I don't know.
I think I need more.
Maybe you should take a breath and appreciate all that you have.
Slow down.
Like I wish this spinning room would.
The room's not spinning, is it? - No.
- No.
Oh, this is cold.
This is cold and nice.
Don't listen to her.
You take it from me, Maze.
The best thing to do is always to follow your greatest desire.
Burn brighter, Mazikeen.
You should hunt the most challenging human you can.
Sure the doctor will agree.
[moans] Once she wakes up.
Burn brighter it is.
Game on.
[chuckles] Cheers.
And all we want to do is dance.
They were both screaming.
He didn't even seem to notice.
He killed them like it was nothing.
There was so much blood.
I'll never forget Excuse me.
Is this your office? Nope.
Uh, didn't think so.
Pretty sure it's mine.
This is the part where you explain what the hell you're doing at my desk.
You're, uh Lieutenant Herrera of Organized Crime.
Yeah, I am.
Was it the "at my desk" part that clued you in? What are you doing looking at old interviews of the Ben Rivers case? I want to find him.
What are you, an old girlfriend or something? [chuckles] I'm Mazikeen Smith.
You're that bounty hunter that works with Homicide.
Impressive record.
This says that Rivers was in a small town in Canada a couple weeks ago.
Yeah, he's been moving around for the last couple months.
Always three steps ahead of whoever's gone after him.
Not anymore.
Listen, if you're serious about this, you need to know that Rivers is manipulative.
He's dangerous.
Oh, does he know kung fu? [chuckles] Uh I don't think so.
Too bad.
You were getting me excited.
Don't underestimate him.
All right? He's killed two people in broad daylight because he felt like it.
Who knows what else he's done? Every bounty hunter who's ever gone after him has failed.
[chuckles softly] [whispers]: Perfect.
Maze, really? Do you even know what you're getting yourself into? Uh, h-have you even been to Canada? No.
Come on.
Same humans, different city.
Canada's a country, and it's very different from here.
Okay, this, this is not - cold-weather clothing.
- Yeah.
You know it's winter there, right? What's this? Is this your cold-weather gear? No, that's my whips and knives.
Uh Well, your whips and knives are moving.
[exhales] Trixie.
I can't let Maze go alone.
Someone needs to cover her back.
Thanks, little human.
[sighs] Listen, I'm gonna be okay.
Besides, I need you [whispering]: to stay here and watch your mom.
[whispering]: That's true.
Without the two of us, she's defenseless.
[whispering]: I don't know if I like what you're whispering about.
Take Miss Alien with you, at least.
[both growl] Ugh.
Come on.
Good luck, Maze.
Get some while I'm gone, won't you, Decker? [sighs] - Hey, Monkey.
- [door opens] Maze is gonna be just fine.
[door closes] Then why do you look worried about her? I'm not worried about Maze.
I'm worried about Canada.
Whoa, oh, whoa, oh Hey Whoa, oh, whoa Whoa, oh, whoa, oh [shudders] [whoops, laughs] Can't stop me now [laughing] - Can't stop me now - [exhales] Whoa, oh, whoa, oh BOY [muffled]: Help! Hey, give me my coat! Hey! Come back here! Help! Can't stop me now.
Yeah, that sounds like her.
Hey, hey, hey.
Someone's ready for their vacation.
Ah, so ready.
This is my itinerary.
I will be available by phone at all times.
If anything happens to Trixie, I'll be on the first flight back.
LUCIFER: Daniel.
Where are you off to? The '80s? Ha.
Nice one.
[chuckles] I want you to enjoy Hawaii, okay? You deserve it.
Thank you.
Finally got enough points together.
No crime scenes, no paperwork.
I'm just gonna surf, I'm gonna do a little bit of hiking, and I'm gonna read a book.
Selfhelp, I assume.
Any man who chooses three layovers is clearly torturing himself.
I had to use travel points, man.
Not everyone has cash to burn.
Well, you should.
I mean, sometimes I'll just light it on fire and throw it up in the air to see who That was a turn of phrase, wasn't it? Yeah.
Well, I'm gonna catch you guys in a couple weeks.
- I'm out.
- Have fun! LUCIFER: Ooh, goody.
New dots.
So, where have you tracked Maze tracking her bounty to now? Yeah, okay.
A taxi theft in Vancouver.
A brawl with a curling team in Montreal.
Oh, and the, uh, "bear attack" that happened in Prince Edward Island I think was her, too.
Sounds like she's having a splendid time.
I'm glad I suggested it.
So you're the reason Canada's in danger? Look, this is good for Maze, Detective.
She needs a change of pace.
What Maze needs is our help before she does any more damage.
This isn't about help.
This is about you being an overprotective mother.
Look, trust me, Detective.
I've known Maze for eons.
She's got all of this under control.
So - NORM: Okeydokey, you betcha.
- [hangs up phone] Beautiful morning, eh? Welcome to the best ski lodge this side of the Saskatchewan River.
No offense to the others, of course.
Do you know this guy? Not much of a chitchatter, are you? Do you know him? Hmm.
"Hmm" you know him or not? [sighs] Gosh, I'm sorry.
I-I couldn't tell you either way.
We pride ourselves on our discretion.
And Flapjack Fridays.
Uh, would you like a room, or? Do you know how to torture someone Norm? Can't say that I do.
Well, I do.
I know how to find a human's weakness and use it against him.
For maximum pain.
Oh, I can't see a nice lady like you doing something like that.
What's your weakness, Norm? - Money? - Golly, no.
- Kink? - That a band? How about I break your fingers? Oh, no.
If you did that, I wouldn't be able to give my wife her back rubs.
[sighs] Though I suppose I could use the old elbows in a pinch.
You love your wife, don't you, Norm? Oh, more than anything.
Yeah, I'm one lucky son of a biscuit.
What-what are you doing? You're a good husband.
Um A faithful Oh.
- Husband.
- Uh How sweet.
I would hate for anything to get in the way of that.
This th-this is not nice at all.
L-Lady, please don't.
Please don't take a photo.
- [camera clicks] - [Norm grunts] Oh, no.
Now there's proof.
No, there's no proof.
Th-There's nothing happening.
Tell your wife that, hmm? I'm sure she'll agree.
Hey, lady, can I get a copy of that? He-He's in Whistler with some rich lady named Beauregard.
Now-now please get off my lap.
You are one terrible "B," lady.
You're not so bad yourself, Norm.
[Muffy screaming in pain] [Muffy moans] That's the spot.
I am so glad the regular guy took the day off.
You are finding every single place I hurt.
It's what I do.
Roll over.
So tell me more about this guy you're seeing.
- Oh.
- He sounds charming.
He is, but that's not all.
I really shouldn't tell you this, but he has a secret.
That he's a dangerous killer on the run? [laughs]: You are so funny.
- [chuckles] - No.
He is a prince.
He doesn't want anyone to know.
He's so humble.
- Mm.
- Finally, I have found a guy who doesn't just want me for Daddy's money.
Sounds too good to be true.
I know.
Can't wait to see him tonight.
Tonight? So he's here? He is.
And he's gonna take me to this castle this weekend.
[laughs] How amazing is that? Oh, I can't wait.
Um, is it normal for you to massage my boobs? I can stop if you want.
Didn't say that.
Uh, Athena Burns? I'm Detective Decker.
So you are Ben Rivers' attorney? I was, but I haven't heard from him in two years ago, since he disappeared, so I'm not quite sure how much help I'll be.
Hmm, that's interesting, 'cause we know that you've been communicating with him over the phone.
I don't know what you're talking about.
And if you have been illegally wiretapping me, this'll be a fun lawsuit.
Nope, no wiretapping.
We've just been tracking him through a friend.
More stalking, if you ask me.
[clears throat] I noticed that wherever he's been, there's a corresponding phone call to your office.
Look, I want to bring him in safely, and as his attorney, you should know that that's in his best interest.
This conversation is over.
Oh, good.
Good? Yes.
Well, the longer it takes, the angrier Maze is going to get.
Who or what is Maze? Maze is the bounty hunter that's about to catch Rivers.
Yes, and when she finally catches up with the poor fellow, she is going to tear him limb from bloody limb.
- It'll be fantastic.
- She can't do that.
Oh, no, she definitely has the strength for it, doesn't she? - Mm-hmm.
- Yeah, I mean Actually, do you have to bring a bounty back alive? Would just the head suffice? 'Cause that is her thing.
- Mm.
- Maybe we could just super glue him back together on delivery.
You can't hurt him.
[chuckles softly] You seem to care about him quite a bit.
Of course.
He is my client.
But - Mm.
- Marvelous.
So, tell me, Ms.
Burns, why is his safety so important to you, eh? Hmm? I I don't Oh.
You're as formidable as your power suit suggests, aren't you? But don't worry, you can tell me.
I know you want to.
I love him.
ATHENA: I helped him elude the police, and I have been sending him money ever since.
Have you now? [chuckles] He's a cold-blooded murderer.
How could he get you to do all this? Obviously, you've never met him.
He's not what you'd expect.
He's charming.
And handsome and when he looks you in the eyes, I don't care who you are.
You are defenseless against him.
I'm sorry.
I thought you were somebody else.
Yeah, that's kind of the point.
[handcuffs click] Yeah Mm-hmm [chuckles softly] I like trouble.
Whiskey, splash of water.
BARTENDER: Right away.
And for the lady? We don't have time for a drink.
Well, there's always time for a drink.
Go take your freedom Make mine a double.
BARTENDER: My pleasure.
That's more like it.
I mean, you should celebrate.
After all, you did just catch one of the greatest fugitives in the world.
Did I? 'Cause I kind of expected a little more killing with my dangerous killer.
Well, I'm sorry to disappoint you.
Oh, don't get me wrong.
Tracking you down wasn't easy, but I thought you'd at least put up a fight, or run.
[chuckles] Still holding out hope you know some kung fu.
Hey I know when I've been beat.
You don't seem worried, for a guy who just got caught after two years on the run.
Oh, well, I knew it would happen eventually.
Always wondered who'd get me.
I got to say, I wasn't expecting someone so - Crazy hot? - Familiar.
- We haven't met.
- No, I don't mean like that.
I mean, I recognize that look in your eye.
You're a runner.
Just like me.
[laughs] [chuckles] Is that your end game? Try and get into my head? Trust me, it ain't gonna work.
- What's your name? - Mazikeen Smith.
What's your real name? Fake name.
Which means you're running from something.
Is that so? Best way to pretend you're not running away from something is to run towards something else.
Take it from a guy who knows.
Is that what you do? Run into the arms of wealthy women? It is not a bad way to live.
You didn't hurt Muffy, did you? I assume that's how you found me.
Ah, she's fine.
She means well, poor thing.
And she's great in the sack.
That she is.
[chuckles] Well It's been fun.
But now it's time to bring you in.
Or fight.
Please fight.
You're right.
Time to go.
Oh, wait.
There's a problem.
How are you gonna get out of those cuffs? So you better run Oh [grunts] Yeah - [laughs] - You better run Oh.
[indistinct police radio chatter] [phone ringing, vibrating] I don't know who punched a hole in the bathroom wall.
That's not why I'm calling, but good to know.
What, you're checking up on me? Uh, I was just calling to see if you're okay, that's all.
I'm fine, okay? In fact, I'm great.
This Rivers guy is a lot harder to catch than I thought.
Ah, so you haven't found him yet? Oh, I found him.
And he got away.
And that's a good thing? What if he comes after you now? You think he would? Maze [sighs] Rivers is dangerous in ways that I don't think you're prepared for.
He's emotionally dangerous.
I don't even know what that means.
I know, and that's the problem.
If CHLOE: What the hell are you doing? Reminding you that you are not Maze's mother.
She's got her big-girl pants on.
She's fine.
Really? Because she caught Rivers, and he got away.
[laughs]: Oh, I doubt that.
Don't touch my nose.
It's true.
Lucifer, if he already got in her head He hasn't.
He probably just came at her with a flamethrower or something, which'll just piss Maze off even more.
Now, did you tell her we found out where Rivers has been staying? I didn't.
I don't know if I'm going to.
I'm worried about her.
Clearly, you're not.
No, I'm not.
I just sent her the address.
- Lucifer - A flamethrower, Detective.
Or maybe even an Uzi.
Either way, it's nothing Maze can't handle.
I'm sure.
[dramatic classical music playing over speakers] Nice place.
Wish you had some rock and roll, though.
Well, I'll tell you what.
I'll run down to the store, pick up a couple records, - be right back.
- Stay.
There's always time for a drink.
[chuckles] Wha? [grunts] Come on.
Didn't we do this already? It's not going to be so easy this time.
That's a new one.
Look, I really don't want to fight you.
Mm, I really do.
Play time's over.
I don't think so.
I get it now.
The handcuffs, the music.
You wanted to dance with me.
Or I wanted to cover the sounds of screaming.
I know a little kung fu.
I'm beginning to think you wanted me to escape that bar.
You like chasing me, don't you? I like a challenge.
Shame it's not you.
- [grunts] - I don't want to shoot you.
Yeah, well, you had no problem killing those two people in cold blood.
[sighs] Look, I've done a lot of terrible things in my life.
That's not one of them.
I was framed.
[groans, grunts] I don't care.
Yeah, well, you should.
'Cause Herrera's gonna betray you next.
CHLOE: Lieutenant Herrera? - And you must be Detective Decker.
- Uh, yes.
- Pleasure.
- Pleasure.
I know what this is about, and I-I didn't mean to stick my nose in another cop's case.
Wait, wait.
You think I'm mad? [laughs] Are you kidding me? You got me a new lead.
I'm here to thank you.
- Oh.
- Uh, you know, but now that you cracked it open - Mm-hmm? - If you don't mind, I want to carry this one across the finish line.
Are you sure? I'm happy to help.
Don't worry, I'll give you all the credit.
It's just that this one means a lot to me.
The one that got away, you know? Right.
Yeah, of course.
Thanks, Detective.
Yeah, I used to work for Herrera, just like you.
He sent me to track people down, or worse.
Then, one day, I quit.
He didn't like that.
That's a really nice story, but like I said - You don't care.
- I don't.
- [knock on door] - JOAN: Room service.
- Never run on an empty stomach.
- [door opens] Say one word and I'll break your arm.
Ah! Okay, all right.
Whatever you say.
We're just a happy couple.
and Mrs.
Mazikeen Smith.
I've seen you before.
All right.
Come on, Maze, pick up.
Pick up.
[automatic gunfire, phone ringing] Huh, not a good time, Decker.
[gunfire continues] Hey, it's me again.
I-I know you think I'm just being a worrier, but there is something strange going on with this case, so call me back ASAP.
[sighs] Hey.
Look, I have a favor to ask you.
[gun clicks empty] Hello? [singsongy]: Hello? Everyone in here dead? No? Didn't think so.
[gun clicks] All right, we got to get the hell out of here.
We can't just wait for her to mow us down.
Oh, I'm not waiting.
Seriously? Knives to a gunfight? - What the hell was that suppo - [Joan grunts, gunfire stops] JOAN: Ow.
And you're welcome.
[groaning] See? I don't need a gun to save your ass.
Come on.
[groans] Well, define "saved," exactly.
[groans] LUCIFER: I've never seen the detective quite like it.
She's afraid that Maze will get bamboozled into helping this handsome con man.
It's preposterous.
And you're not concerned? Oh, please.
Maze and I have been through the plagues, the floods, the Dave Matthews Band.
She can handle a measly bounty, I'm sure.
What if it's not a bounty she's after? What if she's trying to prove something? What, that she can scare an entire country? Or that her life has meaning.
With or without a soul.
- [laughs] - Every one of us wants to connect to something, Lucifer.
- Or someone.
- Oh, come on.
- She's a demon.
- [computer ringing] Oh.
One sec.
Uh, I-I can't talk right now, Maze.
I'm with a patient.
Yeah, well, so am I.
[Rivers grunts] Is that a gunshot wound? Oh, Mazikeen, you little rascal.
Did you shoot the fellow? Well done.
No, I didn't shoot him.
Some psycho from room service did.
Well, so much for Canadian hospitality.
Look, I don't have time to explain, okay? How do I stop this human from dying? LINDA: Take him to a hospital, that's how.
I mean, how many times do I have to tell you I'm not that kind of doctor? [Rivers screams, groans] LINDA: Whoa.
Okay, okay, okay, okay.
First things first, did the bullet go all the way through? I don't know.
[screams] Ow! What are you doing?! Get Stop it! [gasps] Get Will you s Oh, no, it's still in there.
- Good.
- Okay, all right.
Well, in order to stop the bleeding, you're going to have to remove the bullet - and stitch up the wound.
- Oh.
Oh, yeah, you know what, I'm good.
Relax, okay? I'm great at dismembering humans.
How hard can it be to fix one? Maybe you should listen to him, Maze.
I mean, it's everyone's right to refuse treatment.
He is my bounty and I am taking him in one piece.
Just tell me what to do, Doc.
Uh, okay.
Uh, find the hotel sewing kit.
You can stitch him up with that, and you'll need alcohol for the wound.
[grunts] [panting] What? Well, you're not that handsome.
That's helpful.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Got everything.
What Next.
Well, you'll have to - fish out the bullet.
- [chuckles] Oh, you know what, I've grown kind of attached to it.
I think I'm gonna keep it.
Thank you, though.
And if you have any sedatives, I highly recommend he takes them.
You got any drugs? - What? - Too bad.
You know, I-I got this.
I'll let you know if he dies.
Is it me, or did the most skilled torturer Hell's ever known just fluff that man's pillow? It's not you.
Then it's true.
He broke my Maze.
[grunts softly] Well, this is different.
That's Miss Alien.
Nothing weird happened, if that's what you're wondering.
I-I wasn't.
But thank you.
[groans]: Oh.
Oh, my head hurts.
Yeah, pre-surgical knockout.
Least I got the bullet out, though.
Is that a button? Sure.
Come on.
Get ready.
We're leaving in five.
You take me back, I'm a dead man.
Not my problem.
You still think I'm guilty.
Even after they tried to kill me.
Fugitives get shot at.
Occupational hazard.
I'm telling you, Herrera paid the security guard to lie.
It doesn't matter.
Yeah, it does.
I didn't kill those kids.
They were teenagers.
That's why I refused.
Why? No challenge? No.
'Cause when you kill, you lose a piece of your soul.
I'm trying to hold on to what I got left of mine.
I get the feeling you understand that.
No soul here.
Really? That's not what I see.
[knock on door] Let me guess.
More room service? Whoa! Whoa! Seriously! You don't look before you throw? What are you doing here, Dan? I don't know, Maze, you tell me.
I should be drinking a mai tai right now, but instead, I'm getting worried phone calls from Chloe asking me to check up on you.
And you did it? I was on a layover in Vancouver, okay? It was a miles flight.
I just I shouldn't have come here.
What is Decker so worried out about anyway? Something about this Rivers case.
She thinks that something weird might be going on with - With the lieutenant? - Yeah.
How'd you know? 'Cause my bounty just said the same thing.
River DAN: Okay.
I filled Chloe in on Rivers' story.
Lying security guard? I don't know, Maze.
Sounds like a long shot.
You think I got played.
I think Rivers is a con man.
[sighs] I'm not an idiot, Dan.
- I know.
- You said it yourself: there's something weird going on with this Herrera guy.
If Rivers is so innocent, why the hell did he run? 'Cause who would believe him? Even I didn't.
Either way, psycho room service chick is out there.
We need to get to him before she does.
How? What, with my knives and your gun? Piece a cake.
[grunts] One small problem.
I don't actually have my gun.
You're a cop and you don't have your gun? I'm supposed to be on vacation.
A boring one, apparently.
You want to help this guy? The best thing to do is to turn this case over to the Canadians.
Let the Mounties handle it.
Why? So they can nice the bad guys to death? We don't have any jurisdiction here, Maze.
This whole thing can get real messy real fast.
Have it your way.
Really? Yeah.
Well, I'm just, uh, I'm surprised you actually agreed.
It shows growth.
It's healthy.
Uh, yeah, this is Detective Espinoza from the Los Angeles Police Department.
I need to report a fugitive.
Uh, yeah, one second.
Hey, what was Rivers wearing? All right.
LUCIFER: Ah! There you are.
Okay, you were right.
It seems this Rivers fellow may have indeed hoodwinked Maze.
Or maybe I was wrong.
Okay, who are you and what have you done with the detective? Turns out Maze spoke to Rivers.
He claims the security guard was lying, that he was forced to pin the murder on him.
That's why Rivers is on the run.
And you believe that preposterous story? An innocent man wrongly accused? I mean, where did he escape from, Shawshank? - Did he crawl through a mile of sh - Hey! It's not like Maze to reach out with a lead.
I know.
This is much worse than I thought.
I mean, first she fluffs the man's pillow, and now she's trying to clear his name.
Do you know, I never thought I'd say this, Detective, but we need to go to Canada.
Hold on! Hold on.
I can tell you're worried And that's actually really endearing But Dan's there.
- That's worse.
- Right now, Maze needs a different kind of help.
What, some strong drugs and a lobotomy? She needs us to trust her.
[laughs] You're actually serious, aren't you? You're the one who said Maze can handle herself, and I think you're right.
She trusts us enough to ask for help.
We owe it to her to follow her lead.
Oh, boy.
Unless this is about you being the overprotective mother.
Low blow, Detective.
Well Fine.
Let's speak to the security guard, if only to prove that this Rivers is indeed a con man so I can freely punch him in his smug, mildly handsome face.
[door opens] Thanks for coming in, Pete.
We just have some questions about the Rivers case and to clarify some things about your testimony.
, tell us what we all already know.
[whispers]: Guilty.
Anything I can do.
Is it true that you saw Rivers shoot those two kids at point-blank range? - Sadly, yes.
- LUCIFER: See? What did I tell you? Guilty.
Now can I go to Canada? Not yet.
Uh How many times did you see him fire, exactly? Oh.
Uh, it was a few years ago.
Hard to remember now.
LUCIFER: Oh, come now, Peter.
Think about it.
I mean, a rotten apple like Rivers would shoot every bullet he had, wouldn't he? - Lucifer.
- How many's in a clip? 12? - 15? 20? - Please Yeah.
That sounds about right.
LUCIFER: He's a vile predator, - that one, isn't he? - The worst.
Bet he shot those poor kids right in the back, didn't he? [sighs] He totally did.
Really? 'Cause in your testimony, you said it was the other way around.
Uh You know, I By I assume by "back," you meant, like the opposite.
Oh, so you're just telling us what you think we want to hear, huh? I thought that's what you wanted.
- Aren't you working with - Herrera? Not exactly.
What just happened? Maze is right.
Rivers is innocent.
Which means she's in more trouble than she knows.
MAZE: Hey! Room Service! That's my bounty, bitch.
Well, well, if it isn't our clever little friend with the knives.
- So nice of you to join us.
- Back off.
He's mine.
Okay, first off, ladies, I don't belong to anyone.
And, secondly, I got these guys exactly where I want them.
This gun to my head? I like it there.
And these big scowly dudes, harmless.
So you should go before you get in the way.
[groans] What part of "you're my bounty" do you not get? I'm not going anywhere.
JOAN: Actually, that part's true.
See, you saved us a trip.
After all, we weren't about to let you live after you threw a damn knife at me.
Oh, well, thanks for bringing backup.
More fun for me.
[chuckles] Oh, and he's cute, too.
Kill her first.
[grunting] [shouting, grunting] [panting] Oh, crap.
[yells] [silenced gunshots] [man screams] [choking] Well, well, well.
Look who saved who.
I told you I had 'em.
[chuckles, groans] [groans, hisses] [groans, chuckles] You opened your stitch, didn't you? I hope I didn't lose the button.
[coughs, chuckles] [sirens wailing, helicopter whirring in distance] I'll handle this.
Come on.
[chuckles] Okay, seriously, this is getting old.
Why are you in my office now? Uh, correction, it was your office.
Turns out murderers aren't allowed to masquerade as lieutenants anymore.
What are you talking about? He's talking about how you had those kids killed, how you framed Rivers, and you almost killed our friend who was trying to clean up your mess.
[chuckles] Okay, wait a minute, all right? Wait.
This is absurd.
You can't possibly believe a-a con man's story.
We don't have to.
We have testimony from the guard you forced to lie.
Uh, and the hit man you hired is currently in Canadian custody.
But don't worry, they gave you all the credit.
You're under arrest.
Oh, come on.
Really? Yes.
And if it's any consolation, I suggested we beat you to death with our bare hands, but the detective insisted we do it by the book.
And considering I know where you're eventually going to go, that's fine by me.
[sighs] Thanks, Decker.
[phone beeps] Well, looks like all your whining finally paid off.
Herrera just got arrested for the murder of those two kids.
[exhales] So So so I'm not a fugitive anymore.
Yeah, which kind of screws me, 'cause you're also not my bounty anymore either.
No good deed.
[both chuckle] [sighs] Did you hear what I just said? You don't have to run anymore.
You can come home.
Yeah, you don't get it.
This doesn't end with Herrera.
He's just a cog in the machine.
The people he works for, they'll never stop chasing me.
Dramatic much? If you worked for Herrera, they know about you, too.
Everything about you.
I sincerely doubt that.
Yeah, well, you don't know them like I do.
[groans softly] I can never stop running, Maze.
But what if what if you came with me? We can do this, Maze.
You and me, we're the same.
No roots.
No family.
We can hit a new city every week, see the most beautiful places, live every day like it's our last.
And all you got to do is join me.
Burned leaves beneath the trees It's getting dark, my body spins The breeze that pushes me downhill The salty air Welcome back, Maze.
- [chuckles] - CHLOE: Welcome home, lady.
Missed you, Maze.
LUCIFER: Didn't doubt you for a minute.
[chuckles] Forgetting something? Oh.
I, uh, can get you a new one.
She kind of got a little dirty.
Is that blood? Oh, yeah.
Awesome! [chuckles] No, why don't we put Miss Alien in the wash.
TRIXIE: You won't change her, right? A warning coming from another age Maze.
Hmm? You all right? I'm exactly where I want to be.
Vivid colors from a fading sun Brings me now To another wold Come on, come on, come on You're not coming, are you? You may not have roots, but turns out I do.
And I may even miss them.
And here you thought you didn't have a soul.
[chuckles] Remember what I said, Maze.
Be careful.
They know more than you think.