Lucifer (2016) s03e12 Episode Script

All About Her

1 - Previously on Lucifer - CHLOE: I figured out that you're the one who grabbed the Sinnerman.
- I told you, I did this for us.
- For us.
I had your back on this, and for whatever reason, you still felt the need to go behind mine.
I just read the crime scene report, and holy burrito bowl! Lopez, just stop talking! MAZE: It was weird seeing you and Amenadiel so chummy.
I don't want you two getting together.
LINDA: I understand.
I can see why Lucifer's so affected by you.
It's because you're special, Decker.
LUCIFER: What if the Sinnerman was the one working for someone else? The world's first murderer, marked by God and doomed to walk the Earth alone for a tortured eternity.
It's quite the moniker.
Wouldn't you agree, Kane? [PIERCE SIGHS] Thanks for the drink.
Figured it's the least I could do.
After all, I am the reason you're leaking all over my floor.
[SCOFFS] Well, gosh, we have so much to catch up on, don't we, Kane? Or would you prefer Mr.
Kane? Make it sound official? Let's just stick with Pierce.
Very well.
Why all the games, Pierce? - No games.
- Oh, really? Now you'll claim your arrival - on my doorstep's simply coincidence? - No.
I'm the one that had you knocked out and left in the desert.
I see.
That's all I did.
So you're gonna blame everything else on your eyeless stooge? He wasn't a stooge.
He was my right-hand man.
Until you shot him dead.
Excellent way to repay his loyalty, by the way.
He went rogue.
I have no idea why he did what he did.
That's why I had to take him out.
You know, for an immortal, you really do bleed a lot, don't you? Yeah.
I'm still human.
I still feel all the pain that comes with death.
It's just the wounds heal.
- Oh, sounds like a bitch.
- Yeah, well, I don't have to tell you what sort of sick sense of humor your father has.
Which is why I'm surprised that you're working with Him.
Well, there's no sense in denying it now.
I know you gave me back my wretched wings.
I know you took my devil face.
So tell me, what did He offer you in return? I would never work for your father.
And I had nothing to do with your wings or your devil face.
I don't believe you.
I don't care.
[GROANS] Now, after getting stabbed and killing the closest thing I had to a friend, I've had a long day.
Where do you think you're going? [GROANS] You can't just walk out on me.
Or what? You'll kill me? [GROANS] I'll tell everyone who you really are! Go ahead.
They don't even believe you're the Devil.
[SCOFFS] [YELLS] Maze, what the hell was that? Testing a new blade.
Making sure it's kill ready.
It is.
Maze, you can't just throw knives at Trixie's door.
It's dangerous, and now we have to pay - to have this fixed.
- Relax.
I got it covered.
Trixie's already working on another one of her alien drawings.
[KNIFE SCRAPING] Is that why you've been putting up all of Trixie's artwork? - To cover up the damage? - What? Kid's got to make cash somehow.
Seriously, Maze? You live in a house with people.
Is it too much to ask for just a little consideration? [GASPS] This is that human thing where you're mad about something else but you're taking it out on me, right? [SIGHS] I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to snap at you.
I'm just, I'm-I'm upset about what happened with Lucifer.
After everything he did Betraying me, kidnapping a prisoner right under my nose He hasn't even apologized yet.
[LAUGHS] And? And what? It's not funny.
I trusted him enough to break the rules with him.
He didn't care what happened to me.
All right.
Look, you're upset.
I get it.
But you have to understand, Chloe, you're never gonna change Lucifer.
He is who he is.
["WATCH 'EM FALL" BY BEASTS WITH NO NAME PLAYING] Yeah, watch 'em fall [CAMERA CLICKING] MAN: I-It was so dark, we couldn't see anything.
I thought it was just stupid kids goofing around again.
MAN 2: These transients keep coming through here to get to our beach.
We can't stop them.
We put up signs, but they just ignored them.
And now they're committing murder.
I mean, what kind of monster would do this? That's what we're gonna figure out.
Excuse me, please.
CHLOE: Hey, morning.
What do we got? Uh, a male vic, 24 years old, known as Manny "The Moondog" Taylor.
Moondog? Yeah, he's a pro surfer.
Tops of the circuit three out of the last five years.
And, man, if you only saw what this kid could do.
[EXHALES] Wait a minute.
Are you surfing again? Uh, I'm trying to get in the water before work as much as possible, but you know how it is.
Yeah, only so many hours.
Yeah, that, and I'd never be as good as this kid was.
CHLOE: So, blunt force trauma to the head is cause of death, Ella? Nope.
No? Okay.
Then what is? Choking.
Like on a chicken bone? Or did someone else do it with their hands, or? Surf leash.
From his own board? Not his own board.
Are you okay? Uh-huh.
All right.
Well, I guess we're looking for another surfer, then.
Yeah, I'll start digging into - Manny's personals.
- Wait.
Let's keep this quiet, keep the press from pouncing.
- Yeah.
- LUCIFER: It's okay, Detective! I assume you got held up with that needy offspring of yours and simply forgot to call, but no matter.
I'm here.
Actually, I chose not to call you.
Well, whilst I'm sure there's a perfectly reasonable explanation for that, there's something very important I need to discuss with you first.
- Oh.
- Um I need your help investigating someone.
What? Someone very clever and cunning, but they're lying to me, and it's imperative I get to the truth.
You came here to get my help? - Very much so, yes.
- My help? Are you having a senior moment? No.
No, I'm not having a senior moment.
I'm finally accepting you for what you really are, which is an egomaniacal narcissist! But the only thing I can do is control how I respond.
By helping me? By working without you today.
Time to go home and be with the person you love most.
[LUCIFER LAUGHS] Detective! LINDA: So Kane from the Bible is alive.
Is he dangerous? Oh, probably.
I mean, we are talking about the world's first murderer.
His own brother, no less.
And if anyone can find out what he's up to, it's the detective.
I just I don't understand why she won't help me.
May I remind you that you did break her trust and kidnap a man while working on a case together.
Well, technically, we kidnapped each other.
The point is perhaps it would help if you saw Chloe's perspective for a change.
I mean, friendship is a two-way street.
Yes, but right now, mine is clearly the more important lane.
Okay, let's try a different tack.
Maybe, if you thought about how your actions affected her, she might be more receptive to how you feel.
So what you're saying is I need to make it all about her for a change? Exactly.
And then she can make it all about me.
Oh, that is brilliant, Doctor.
Very good.
Should've seen that one coming.
MAN: What the hell was that, Manny?! Hey, don't blame me 'cause you cherry bombed your wave, dude.
I'm done with you.
You're dead, you hear me?! You're totally dead! Walk away.
This is "Dangerous Doug" Libby, a nationally-ranked surfer with a known history with Manny.
This fight took place a week ago at Bells Beach.
It speaks to motive, but there's no connection to the crime.
You can't get a search warrant for something as flimsy as that.
At least, I wouldn't give it to you.
You know, Doug is supposed to compete at the Huntington Swell Classic later.
If I can get him to voluntarily turn over his surf leash, can you match that to the wound on Manny's throat? Sure.
I'll update the lieutenant.
You are not being your excessively cheery self today.
What gives? Fine, don't tell me.
Pierce yelled at me yesterday.
He said that I talk too much.
So I'm trying to talk less.
If I fell apart every time a man told me the he didn't like what I was doing, I'd be in a million pieces right now.
But instead, I pushed through, rose through the ranks, built my own firm, and here I am.
In this entry-level D.
But he's like a hero of mine.
You need to get a thicker skin.
Stand up for yourself, because the truth is, nobody's gonna do it for you.
You going somewhere? I put in for a transfer.
Only a few days left here.
That was fast.
What can I say? I got pull.
Uh, no, no.
That's not what I mean.
I-I just mean, why? This, uh, about what happened with the Sinnerman? It's about a lot of things.
I thought coming here would fix some of them, but nothing changes, not for me.
Well, maybe you should take some time to think about it.
You know? Just, um Look, I know how hard it is, and confusing it is to deal with a shooting, and, um, if you ever need anyone to talk to It's done, okay? Let's not make a big deal out of this, Decker.
AMENADIEL: You know, I just don't understand it.
I've never had a human illness before.
But sore throat, itchy eyes, a fever Is it a cold? The flu? It's chlamydia.
Excuse me? It's a sexually transmitted disease.
Right, but I can't have chlamydia.
I'm an angel.
Not to worry.
A round of antibiotics and you'll be back to your, uh, angelic ways.
Now, the important thing is to focus on next steps.
Do you know how you got it? I have no idea.
Well, have you been engaging in any risky sexual behavior? Well, I did have sex with a prostitute.
But I didn't know she was a prostitute.
I've also been making love to an amazing woman who I have genuine feelings for.
But we have a mutual friend that doesn't want us together, and she is not one to be trifled with, so It's, um complicated.
Call all your recent partners, even the ones before the prostitute just in case it wasn't her.
They all need to be tested.
["GOOD FOR YOU" BY APACHE RIFLES PLAYING] When I found Somebody new To put my Time into Yeah, love's a bitch Come on, stick it out Hello, Detective.
Lovely day for a bit of sunshine and sand, don't you think? Lucifer, why are you here? Well, I realize that I have been remiss in prioritizing you in our friendship.
So I'd like to make it up to you by deeming today Detective Day.
What does that even mean? Well, it means that for the rest of the day, everything that I do shall be for you.
Thanks, but I'm working a case.
Ah, now, I know that you need to get close to Mr.
Dangerous Doug Libby.
But since you don't have a warrant, you need to do so without blowing your cover.
Am I right? Maybe.
Well, that's gonna be quite difficult, isn't it? Unless, of course someone signed you up for the competition.
This might actually help.
Yes, I know.
But wait! There's more.
Now, since you're going in undercover, why not do it with a little panache? [LAUGHS] Nice try.
I'm not putting that on.
But I will keep the access pass.
- Uh, Detective? - What?! Well, you don't want to damage that perfect skin of yours, now, do you? So how should we get close to this Dangerous Doug? You do nothing.
I'll handle this.
] CHLOE: Hey, there.
Dangerous Doug? I just wanted to say hi.
I-I'm such a huge fan.
Well, aloha.
[LAUGHS] I'm, um, I'm new to the circuit.
I joined down in San Diego.
It's nice to meet you.
Who's the sugar daddy? What? Oh.
He's-he's just He's my sponsor.
He's totally overbearing and absolutely not needed.
So, anyhow, I just wanted to see if maybe you'd want to go surfing sometime.
I found this really rad beach up in Malibu.
It's, um, called Carbon.
Oh, yeah, I've been there.
I know all the secret beaches.
Well, I just, I really admire your style, and, you know, I'd love to check out your board - Is-is this your board? - Oh, yeah.
- Oh, yeah.
- This right here, this is my Bonzer.
She's great on turns.
Perfect for roundhouses.
She's insane in the barrel.
So, Dougy, did you, uh, hurt yourself? No.
Why? Looks like someone bit it really hard here.
Did you hit someone? Who'd you say you were again? MAN [OVER P.
]: Next up, Chloe "The Detective" Decker.
Got to be kidding me.
You're a cop? Sorry, Dougy.
LUCIFER: Sorry! I'm afraid this is evidence, Dougy.
- Let go! - Okay.
[LUCIFER SIGHS] [CHUCKLES] See? Detective Day.
[ELEVATOR BELL DINGS] Now, wasn't that refreshing? A lovely day at the beach, and you caught a murderer.
It's like the whole world revolves around you, Detective.
Let's not get ahead of ourselves.
We still need to get a confession out of Doug or match the blood on the board to Manny.
Well, whatever you need, Detective.
I am solely here for you.
Look, I know what you're doing.
Being the most selfless devil you've ever met? You're only helping me so that I help you back, which is actually worse than not helping me at all.
So thanks but no thanks.
But, Detective, surely you can appreciate - a benevolent gesture.
- Save it.
Lucifer, I know this case doesn't matter to you.
- That's not - Ready? Yeah.
DOUG: He's dead, isn't he? Yes, Doug.
He's dead.
Oh, God.
I can't believe it.
I'm totally a killer.
Look-look, you don't understand.
He-he just came out of nowhere.
All right, just calm down.
Take a breath and take us through everything.
From the beginning, okay? I was surfing, man, and I caught this killer wave, and he just came out of nowhere.
I slammed into him with my board.
God, there was so much blood.
It was everywhere.
Anytime I close my eyes, I can can hear that awful sound.
He just wouldn't stop barking.
Um, I'm sorry.
Did you say barking? That poor seal.
I killed him.
I killed the dog of the sea.
Hold on a second.
You you think you're here 'cause you killed a seal? Yeah.
Why else would I be here? Well Whoa.
Manny's dead, too? Oh.
Pardon me.
Cream? Sugar? Or do you take it dark and bitter like your soul? Uh [CHUCKLES] What? Do you enjoy beating up on your subordinates, Mr.
Pierce? Is that why you became a lieutenant? [SCOFFS] Have we even met? Oh, Charlotte Richards.
I'm your new prosecutor, and you are just that kind of bully that makes me miss my old self.
If I wasn't on the road to virtue and righteousness, I would crush you like a cockroach.
I believe you.
[CHUCKLES] But, look, I don't know what this is about.
I'm sorry if I offended you somehow.
Oh, I'm not the one you should be apologizing to.
Ella Lopez may be astonishingly perky and optimistic, but she doesn't deserve to have her spirit crushed by anyone, especially not a man who, for some unknown reason, she looks up to.
Shame on you.
Ah, Detective, please.
I really need your [SIGHS] Ah, Detective Douche.
Sorry, old habit.
I think it's because I'm distressed, and I need your advice.
- [SIGHS] - Now, you've managed to offend the detective more than anyone, to the point where she actually divorced you.
Yet, you always seem to bounce back.
How? - Okay, first off - Hmm.
Our divorce was mutual.
And? And it's not brain surgery, man.
Y-You just You got to find a way to be thoughtful without getting in her face.
Like, this one time, I made her breakfast in bed.
French toast, whipped cream, homemade jam.
Man, she really loved it.
And, you know, maybe if I had done more things like that, sh Sh I wouldn't be standing alone, talking to myself.
MAZE: This is the RX-5500.
World's most deadly hunting knife.
Made with Friction Forging, it's so sharp it can literally cut bone like butter.
And now I want you to get what you deserve.
Oh, God.
[LAUGHS]: It's a gift, stupid.
[CHUCKLES NERVOUSLY] For being such a great friend.
Look, I really appreciate how you handled the whole me not wanting you and Amenadiel to bone thing.
This is unnecessary, Maze.
Stop it.
Okay? You deserve it.
Look there's something I need to tell you.
Is that it? Whatever.
[SCOFFS] Stupid Amenadiel.
You were saying? - Is everything okay? - Eh, no big deal.
He's just whining about having chlamydia.
Dodged that bullet, huh? Yep.
Bullet dodged, all right.
[SIGHS] Hey.
So, forensics came back, and I can't believe I'm saying this.
Blood on the board? Definitely seal blood.
[SIGHS] Well, I did some digging myself.
Apparently there is a Huntington surf gang known as the Orcas.
Know what their M.
is? Using surf leashes to choke people and scare them off their turf.
- Any confirmed murders? - No, not yet.
But there's always a first.
Their leader, known as Wildchild, has been picked up almost a dozen times for battery, vandalism, assault with a deadly weapon.
These guys do not mess around.
Okay, but if the Orcas are from Huntington Beach, what were they doing up at Carbon? According to these, the Orcas tag was recently put up all around where Manny's body was found.
So, I don't know.
Maybe they're expanding? Okay, only problem is a graffiti tag doesn't prove murder.
We need leverage.
We need to force one of the Orcas to roll over.
But how? These surfers are like a tribe.
I have an idea.
This isn't a good idea.
Trust me.
It's gonna work.
Okay, maybe it'll work.
CHLOE [OVER RADIO]: Dan, do you see anything? I see some Orcas, but no sign of their big bad leader yet.
Don't let your guard down just yet.
Wildchild just pulled up.
Should be coming at you any minute.
Are you sure Epinoza's up for this? He's fine.
All he has to do is get the Orcas riled enough that they try and rough him up.
He yells the safe word, we move in, it's a piece of cake.
Although, I don't know how I'm supposed to get "surfs up" casually in a sentence.
I mean, maybe we should consider using a different safe word.
PIERCE: Good luck, Espinoza.
All right, Dan, you're up.
Wildchild's on the beach.
How do I look? You look like you're about to get your ass kicked by a girl.
["HEART IS AN ANIMAL" BY DEAP VALLY PLAYING] I ain't got no home In my bag is everything CHLOE: When you pick up your jaw, remember that the Orcas don't move a muscle without Wildchild's nod.
So stay on task, okay? Trust me.
I know how to tick off a lady.
No, Mazikeen, I don't think the detective wants a knife.
I'm trying to be thoughtful here.
Hello? [LAUGHS] Well, someone's in a mood today.
What, as if the detective doesn't have enough on her plate already! Deary me Good thing for her she's got a partner to pick up the slack.
["PYRAMIDS" BY NAKED GIANTS PLAYING] I know I can be such a jerk I'll never come to be your baby Ah.
Now what do I do? Okay, I've done everything I can imagine to be helpful to the detective, and I'm literally out of ideas.
Can you think of anything? No.
But you know what would help me? You scrubbing these test tubes.
I want them spick-and-span.
And, if you don't mind, how about you do it with a frickin' smile! Are you feeling all right, Ms.
Lopez? This isn't me, is it? Afraid not.
Uh [SIGHS] I'm sorry, okay? I'm just I'm trying to practice standing up for myself against Pierce.
And I've got, like, no time to figure it out, - 'cause he's leaving soon - Wait.
What do you mean Pierce is leaving? Yeah.
Didn't you hear? He's about to transfer out of the department.
No, no, no.
Good job.
Oy Your head's like a haunted house "Tutti Frutti" written over the caption Miss Diagnosis a-with a-the mostest Cue the evil smile Desperation can lead to madness D-D-D-Degradation is a must The ABCs of leprosy Need a hand? Take mine.
PIERCE: I guess we finally found Espinoza's true calling.
Pissing people off.
I might actually miss making fun of that guy.
Maybe you don't have to.
I mean, you might find this surprising, but Dan has become way more fond of you lately.
And I-I think he appreciates your quirks, and I'm pretty sure he's gonna miss you.
He is? Mm-hmm.
And so might some others.
You know? But point is, maybe you don't have to go.
[DOOR OPENS] Ah! There you are.
What, did you come to make it "all about me" again? Nope.
It's all about him now.
'Cause he's crazy if he thinks I'm letting him leave town without finishing our conversation.
Give us a sec, will you? [SIGHS] Keep an eye on Dan, will you? After all, this is a sting.
You know, a sting? [SIGHS] [DOORS CLOSE] I want answers.
[LAUGHS] You want answers? - Mm.
[CHUCKLES] - Okay.
Go ahead.
Do your thing.
What? - Ask me! - Oh.
Very well Kane.
What is it that you desire? I want to die.
What? To die? I What does that have to do with coming here, or me? It has nothing to do with you.
And everything to do with her.
But why? I don't understand.
What does the detective have to do with wanting to die? I've walked this Earth for thousands of years.
I have seen everything, I have done everything.
I have watched everything I've ever known turn to ashes over and over again.
It's almost like you're in Hell? Yeah.
And I've been searching for a way out forever.
Keeping an eye on every celestial on Earth and what they're doing.
How and why they seem to come and go.
So imagine my surprise when I find out there's a detective who somehow made the Devil bleed.
For the first time, I had hope.
Maybe she could do for me what she did for you.
Then finally you'd be free.
Then why kidnap me? Because in order to test my theory, I needed you out of the way.
So I hired someone to knock you out when Chloe was close.
Then you sprouted wings and came back early, and screwed up the entire plan.
So I had to think on the fly.
Hold on.
The shooter at the ranch? Yeah.
You let him know you were coming? Hoping he'd react the way that he did? You put the detective in danger! And even then, with Chloe right beside me, it didn't work.
So that little bit of hope I had? It's gone.
Oh, boo-hoo.
[SCOFFS] What about everything else that happened to me? Honestly, I don't know.
You're telling the truth.
[EXHALES SHARPLY] Stage one's complete.
But I got to tell you, I think these guys are all talk.
I've pissed every single one of them off, and no one's moved yet.
Oh, hey, guys.
What's up? Dan? Dan, are you all right? Wow.
I guess that means surf's up.
I said, surf's up.
Did I just knock something loose, or are you always this lame? Well, you didn't think that a that a punch was gonna scare me off, did you? No.
Should've just walked away, kook.
I guess that's, uh that's how it went down for Moondog, huh? What'd you say? I-I said that must have been what you did to my boy Moondog.
Before he died.
Doesn't make any sense.
I mean, there must have been a reason my wings appeared at that moment.
There has to have been.
Maybe, but it wasn't because of me.
I lost audio on Dan.
What's going on? Is that blood? Well, I mean, that could mean any number of things, couldn't it? They couldn't have gotten far.
He's injured.
What in the hell are they doing? It's a paddle-out ceremony.
WILDCHILD: When you told us Manny was dead, I was stunned.
'Cause Moondog was like one of us A free spirit who wanted to be one with the ocean.
At least now we know he is.
Go ahead.
Say something.
Uh Manny was a great guy.
And he meant so much to a lot of people, which is why I came here today to find his killer.
I thought it was one of you guys.
Why would you think that, man? 'Cause he was strangled by a surf leash.
And the Orcas' tags are all over Carbon, which is where his body was found.
That's crazy.
Yeah, maybe, but I saw it myself.
We don't go up to Carbon.
Those private beaches are all blocked off.
Those rich snobs make it clear we're not welcome there, so why bother? The ocean's a big place.
[SIGHS] Now, enough of that.
Let's take this moment.
For Moondog.
For Moondog.
ALL: Moondog.
[WHOOPING] DAN: I'm telling you guys, I believe them.
Why? Just 'cause they put flowers in the water? No.
Because they didn't know I was a cop, and their motive's all but vanished.
I think someone's trying to set them up.
I mean, they don't even go up to Carbon.
It's too much of a hassle.
Sloth truly one of the world's most deplorable sins.
If you want something, you have to be willing to go the extra mile.
[IMITATES TRUMPET FANFARE] What do you think? I'm particularly proud of the new filing system, complete with a "Sexy Victims" pile, "Obvious Killers" pile.
Oh, and "Boring Crimes" pile, to be ignored, of course.
Cannot even.
Cannot even.
Should have gone with the French toast.
As if it wasn't bad enough you betrayed me, nearly costing me my job, almost getting Dan killed I mean, did you really think I was dumb enough to help you just because you tried to clean up my desk and actually made it worse? I mean, what even is that? It's me.
Are you that self-absorbed that you don't realize how your actions hurt people? Hurt me? - Detective.
- And I can only assume that you asked Pierce for help, too, which is nuts, by the way.
But I want to make one thing clear: you can just stop with this selfless charade, because I am never going to help you with this investigation of yours.
Oh, I don't need your help anymore.
Then why are you still here? Because this case matters to you.
Therefore, it matters to me.
We're we're partners, Detective.
[SIGHS] Next time, you want to just start there? Next time.
So we're? [SIGHS] Okay.
[SIGHS] "Hot Suspects"? An entire folder for graffiti? This is gonna take me forever to re-sort, you know.
No, wait, w-what are you doing? It took me ages to line up these right angles.
Holy crap.
That's it.
You did it.
Okay, Detective, I get it.
You don't like the new filing system.
- But this is a bit excessive.
- No.
The Orcas.
Remember how they said that they never go up to Carbon because it's private? California has no private beaches, which means Someone must have put the signs up illegally.
And look here.
One person was cited dozens of times for posting at Carbon.
To you, Detective.
[CHUCKLES] Hey! Hey.
What do you think you're doing? This is private property.
Didn't you see the signs? Oh, I'm so sorry.
I must have missed those.
Did you happen to see them? No.
You know, someone must have taken them down.
I don't know who you two think you are, but I'm calling the police.
What, you mean like those police? The beach signs you posted are illegal, Justine, and you know what that helps with? A search warrant.
I wonder if the officers will find anything of interest in there.
Yes, I wonder.
Maybe a surf leash used to strangle a young surfer, perhaps.
I don't know what you're talking about.
This is insane.
Oh, come on, tell us the truth.
Did he steal from you? Hmm? Did he owe you cash? Or perhaps it was some kind of sexual liaison that went awry.
Really, I must know.
What the hell is wrong with you people? You come to my house and accuse me of murder? This isn't your home, Justine.
This beach doesn't belong to anyone.
But that was the problem, wasn't it? You are wasting your time here.
Manny came here to surf, you had enough, and you snapped.
No, that's not true.
Well, you say that, Justine, but the police officer up there holding a surfboard says yes.
You were saying? You don't get it.
I paid for this land.
I even put up signs, but they trampled this whole beach like it was their own.
They trashed this whole area, and I just couldn't take it anymore.
I-I had to send a message.
And that's why you framed the Orcas for Manny's murder.
JUSTINE: If people were scared enough, then finally they would stay away.
Hold on.
So you're saying your brazen act of violence, it wasn't personal at all? Manny was just a means to an end.
You're under arrest, Justine, for the murder of Manny Taylor.
After all that, I could really use a glass of champagne.
Chee [SIGHS] He is who he is.
LINDA: This sneaking around, I can't do it anymore, Amenadiel.
[SMOOTH JAZZ MUSIC PLAYING] [CHUCKLES SOFTLY] I'm so relieved to hear you say that, because I feel the same way.
- You do? [SIGHS] - I do.
You see, I realize that I don't want to hide our relationship anymore.
Well, that's not exactly what I mean.
I'm not sure if we should be intimate together at all.
Is this because I have chlamydia? Uh No.
I mean I mean, it doesn't help.
I mean, I can't believe you slept with a prostitute.
First off, I didn't know she was a prostitute.
Secondly, you had sex with my brother, the biggest whore on the planet.
How do I know you didn't give me chlamydia?! - Okay, how dare you? - How dare you? [PHONE VIBRATING] [LAUGHS] Uh, it's my doctor.
What do you know? False positive on the chlamydia.
So, I guess we fought for nothing.
Well, it's not for nothing, Amenadiel.
I mean, yes, I'm relieved we don't have chlamydia.
I don't think we should be together.
I don't understand.
I feel like I'm being a bad friend to Maze.
It doesn't matter how much I like you.
I can't date my friend's ex anymore.
But I do really like you.
And I really like you.
Lopez, you got a second? No.
Me first.
I talk a lot, okay? I know that.
But most people seem to like it, okay? And-and what's more important is I like it.
Okay, so even if you hate it, which you shouldn't, but-but even if you do, it doesn't give you the right to yell at me the way that you did.
I-It was rude and unprofessional, and-and I think you owe me an apology.
You're right.
I was in a bad place, and I took it out on you, and there's no excuse for that.
I'm sorry.
You were in a bad place? Really? Is there anything I can do? D-Do you need a hug? [CHUCKLES SOFTLY] Sure.
Why not? You're gonna miss me.
[TIRES SCREECHING IN DISTANCE] [CAR APPROACHING RAPIDLY] [TIRES SCREECH] Where do you think you're going? I didn't figure you for the sentimental type.
Oh, believe me, I'm not.
I'm here because I finally figured out why my father returned my wings.
And as it turns out, it had nothing to do with me at all.
It was about you.
How many times do I have to tell you I had nothing to do with your wings? I know, but my father did.
He wanted to stop you defying Him, and He used me to do it.
You said yourself you needed me out of the way.
And since my wings ruined your kidnapping plan, it seems I was a means to an end.
So what? It means my dad screwed us both.
But perhaps there's a way for us to screw him back.
How? By killing you, of course.
I thought we went over this already.
You can't die, I know.
But I promise you, if you stay, I will find a way to end your infinite misery, if it's the last thing I do.
What makes you think you can do that? Well, you may have crossed paths with God, but you've certainly never made a deal with the Devil before, now, have you? ["BETTER THE DEVIL YOU KNOW" BY ANIMAL FICTION PLAYING] What say we change that? Better the devil you know What do I have to lose? Well, hopefully, your life.
Walking in Walking in the shadow.