Lucifer (2016) s04e03 Episode Script

O, Ye of Little Faith, Father

Forgive me, Father for not offering you a drink.
I have an aversion to the cloth.
Daddy issues.
Long story.
I understand, and I do apologize for the intrusion, Mr.
Please allow me to explain myself.
Excellent course of action.
You see, I'm not a normal priest.
Was there ever such a thing? I mean I'm not a normal priest in the sense that I don't have my own congregation.
I am a I'm an investigator.
For the Vatican.
Vatican investigator? Sounds like a soon-to-be-canceled TV show.
I assure you, it's a very real job.
I've spent the last 40 years traveling the globe in pursuit of the demonic.
I know the divine is real.
And I also know that evil walks the earth.
And that you, Mr.
Morningstar Oh, brother, here we go.
Are not it.
Not quite what I was expecting.
So if I'm not the devil, then why are you here? And what does any of this have to do with the Detective? Because Miss Decker believes that you are.
I see.
About a month ago, she came to Rome with a most outlandish tale.
The devil himself is hiding in plain sight, masquerading as a nightclub owner in Los Angeles, and that he'd revealed himself to her.
Well this is wonderful news.
Wonderful? How so? Well, as my therapist would say I know, so LA But she'd say that talking about your issues was the first step in dealing with them, so if the Detective did have issues with me sounds like they've been dealt with.
Now, if that's everything, Father, you can be on your merry way.
I just felt that it was my duty to warn you.
Because the reason that she came to Rome was to, well send the devil back to hell.
The Detective would never do that.
Chloe is a good person with a good heart.
Finally, something we can agree on.
But whatever she went through, whatever drove her to Rome it shook her to her very core.
She's the reason that I'm here.
You need to be careful, Mr.
God knows what she has planned for you.
What are you so cheery about, Decker? What? - I'm not cheery.
- Wait, why aren't you cheery? I've been nursing a bad one all day.
Ha! What? Too much Romulan ale? Too much tequila.
I went a little nutso on all the margeritas yesterday.
Yesterday, Sunday Did you swap out the sacramental wine? I skipped church yesterday.
And the week before, you said.
Listen, Ella, I sort of wanted to check in with you, - to see - You know, it's just me and the big guy are on a bit of a break.
I completely understand.
I mean, more than you'll ever know.
In fact recently I got clarity on a very similar issue.
And I think it's why I've been feeling so positive lately.
- [BANG.]
Enough! Stop calling me! Jeez.
Hang on.
Is everything okay? [PHONE BUZZES.]
- Everything's fine.
Well, are you going to answer that? Absolutely not.
Dan, it could be important.
Be my guest.
Dan's phone.
What the hell is that? I'll show you what that was.
That's my phone number.
Lucifer's been posting these all over the precinct.
It's not funny, Chloe.
I swear he only exists to torture me.
Look, I know you and Lucifer have had your issues lately, but maybe this is his way of Know what? I'm sick and tired of everybody making excuses for him.
I wish you could just see a little bit of what I see, Chloe.
He's he's a bad guy.
He's he's trying to be better.
He in his own way.
You look like I feel.
No, I'm pretty sure that my issues are much bigger than yours.
Trust me.
I think we all know nothing is bigger than mine.
- The strangest thing just happened - Linda's pregnant.
We'll call it a tie.
Are you sure it's yours? Lucy, Linda's not like that.
You of all people should know.
Relax, brother, I just meant a celestial impregnating a human How is it even possible? And, if it is, how has this not already happened to you? [LUCIFER.]
Maybe there's another explanation.
You think Linda's an angel in disguise, don't you? I've been wondering the same thing.
Maybe she's not even human.
Or, maybe, when you lost your wings, you became as mortal as it gets.
Maybe you became more human than you realized.
Probably makes more sense.
I bet you regret coming back now, eh, brother? Absolutely not.
Quite the opposite in fact.
Oh, come on, you don't have to sell me.
You can join the Navy for all I care.
Lucy, I am happy to be here.
Don't you see? I'm going to be a father.
Well, if you're so happy, then what are you doing hiding out in my bar? Because I have absolutely no idea what to do.
I mean where do I even begin? Wrong tree, I'm afraid.
But you are here on Earth, so, if it's any consolation, you couldn't do worse than our father.
- How do you know that? - Because ours was literally never there.
- Hey, where've you been? - What do you mean? Well, I sent you that text about rescheduling our date.
Oh, yes, right.
Definitely, no, I'd like that.
Okay, great.
Is everything okay? Yes, just feeling a little parched and my flask has apparently disappeared.
You know, I've been thinking.
Maybe it's best if you don't drink so much.
You know, at least while we're working.
I see what this is about.
- You do? - Yes.
And you needn't worry, Detective.
Unbelievable as it may seem, being the actual devil does have its downsides.
I can't get drunk on normal, human amounts of alcohol.
I only drink because I like the taste.
Well, I'm but people don't know that.
What do I care what other people think? I'm just saying showing people that you can change is Ah, here it is! [LAUGHS.]
Wrong pocket.
Hey, Ella.
Are you feeling better today? [ELLA SIGHS.]
Well, better than this poor girl.
Susan Ochoa, 29.
A bona fide rocket scientist at Brody Aerospace.
Neighbor saw the door open, body on the floor, called it in.
- I'm assuming that's the murder weapon.
- Yep.
A good old knife in the back.
Bit on the nose.
So no forced entry two glasses, someone brought flowers.
She knew her attacker.
It's always the ones you least suspect, the ones you trust the most, that hurt you.
They wait until your guard is down and then wham! In my case, it was tequila.
Any witnesses? None, but the victim's friend might know more.
Do you know anyone who would have wanted to hurt Susan, Mr.
Rivas? No.
Everybody liked Susan.
Who did she trust the most? To be honest, I don't know much about Susan's life here.
I just came from El Salvador.
She was supposed to pick me up from the airport.
When she didn't show, I came here and I saw all of this.
- And how do you know her? - [OSCAR.]
We were in a gang.
Los Xs.
A gang member turned rocket scientist.
Gosh, and I thought I had range.
When I left the life, I wanted to pay it forward.
So I helped people like Susan get out and get clean.
She was a drug addict? Don't judge her.
A lot of us were.
Oh, I'm not judging.
I love drugs.
In fact, do you think she might have any lying around? [GIGGLES.]
Do you know if Susan still had any connection to Los Xs? No, she made a clean break.
She moved here, went to school, made an amazing life for herself.
Promise me you will punish the son of a bitch that did this.
Oh with pleasure.
Thank you, Mr.
We'll be in touch if we need anything.
You take him.
Let's get in touch with next of kin and head back to the precinct.
I meant what I said earlier.
What do you mean? That I don't care what people think about me.
So if you want to talk to anyone about, you know, me being the devil [LAUGHS.]
That is if you haven't already, then, just know that it is totally fine with me.
I don't think that's necessary.
So you haven't told anyone about me? No.
No, not a soul.
She's a monster.
Demanding, complains all the time.
It's like nothing is ever good enough.
And how old is Brooklyn now? Three.
You know, sometimes I catch her looking at me like she knows she's won.
It can't be all bad.
- Can it? - Don't you get it? She's a sociopath.
Children are all sociopaths.
Time's up.
Apologies, I've more pressing matters to discuss with the doctor.
I'm in the middle of my session here.
Well, the doctor is with child.
She needs her rest.
How dare you burden her with your petty concerns, now? Run along.
Come on, shoo! - [PATIENT SQUEAKS.]
- Shoo.
So I hear congratulations are in order.
Some people claim to find the life-long burden fulfilling.
I'd rather not talk about the pregnancy at work, if you don't mind.
Lips sealed.
So, about me What do you do when someone has betrayed you? Normally I'd go straight to punishment, fire, brimstone, public humiliation via YouTube.
But in this case, the subject happens to be none other than the Detective.
Wait, Chloe? What did she do? I caught her in a lie.
A most heinous transgression.
Oh, and she may be plotting to send me back to hell.
Okay, that's a very serious accusation.
- How do you know this? - A complete stranger told me.
Have you talked to Chloe about this? Well, she's lied once.
What's to stop her from lying again? I just need you to tell me how to deal with her.
Cautiously, Lucifer.
There may be a very reasonable explanation for Chloe's behavior.
Like a spouse who suspects their partner's been cheating, an accusation of betrayal is a bell that can't be un-rung.
Translation, doctor? Feel her out a bit.
Susan survived Los Xs and then made it as an engineer at Brody Aerospace.
I think I've got myself a new hero.
I find it pretty pathetic.
That's a little dark, don't you think? I mean, it's great that a former criminal got clean and figured out her life, but for what? Dan, it's about the journey, not the destination.
She did all that work turned her life around, just to get shot and killed for no reason at all.
You mean stabbed.
Yeah, yeah.
I didn't I know what you meant.
I really miss Charlotte too.
And, hey, if you ever need to talk, seriously, or you just need a hug or - Sometimes, there's comfort - No, no, don't, don't.
Don't start, Ella, with the whole "it's all part of his grand plan, mysterious ways" crap right now, okay, I just I wasn't going to say any of that.
I Honestly I'm not sure if that's what I believe anymore.
Could have fooled me.
Fair enough.
Look, I'm sorry, Ella, I didn't No, no, you're right.
Practice what you preach.
And right now I'm not sure what I'm preaching.
What's in the file? Ah flowers found at the crime scene.
Bismarck hyacinths.
Rare, only found in five flower markets, one of which sold the bouquet the night of the murder.
Do we know who bought them? Well, receipts track to the credit card of tech genius-cum-billionaire, owner of Brody Aerospace, Anders Brody.
Susan Ochoa's boss.
- Erm, I'll tell Chloe.
- Okay.
A bit self-aggrandizing, don't you think? Maybe he's compensating for something.
Cue relentless onslaught of small penis jokes in three, two, one - You know, because he's compensating.
- For his guilt, I mean.
Well, I thought okay, well, never mind.
So you think that he's hosting charity regattas because he's feeling guilty? Yes.
For doing bad things, like betraying a beloved and totally innocent coworker.
You know, maybe you and Anders are similar.
Rich, famous.
At the very least, notorious.
No, no, you're supposed to be Brody in this metaphor.
Have you ever considered donating any of your vast fortune to charity? [SCOFFS.]
I've put many a nubile law student through college, thank you very much, several of which were named Charity, so [CHLOE.]
Ah, hard to believe a guy so dedicated to saving the world would murder his own employee.
Well, sometimes betrayal come from the ones we expect the least, doesn't it, Detective? [LUCIFER SHOUTS.]
You! Anders Brody.
You killed her, didn't you? Killed? Who? - [BOTTLE SPLASHES.]
- Susan Ochoa.
You went round to her place and murdered her in cold blood.
Are you out of your mind? Who are you? LAPD.
We're here investigating the murder of your employee Susan Ochoa.
Look I don't even know who that is, so - I certainly didn't kill her.
- [CHLOE.]
What happened? You go over to her place, try and put the moves on her? She wasn't into it, you couldn't take it and killed her? I don't know her.
We know about the flowers.
They tracked back to you.
Don't think so! [CHLOE.]
Lucifer, what are you doing? - [ROPE WHIPS.]
Susan invited you into her home [ANDERS GROANS.]
her life, and you betrayed her.
Do something! He's going to kill me! Lucifer, there may be a less violent way of getting him to talk.
Alright, alright, alright.
I betrayed Susan.
But it's not what you think.
- [SNAP.]
- [THUD.]
Thank you for your honesty.
I like honesty.
Now, if you wouldn't mind sharing with us a sympathetic and logical explanation for your betrayal.
Not another word without my lawyers.
Is it true that human spawn erupt from their mothers' bodies in a ceremony of blood and pain? What? No.
In hell torture via birth was a favorite.
If half of what we did is accurate your sex holes are never going back to normal.
Okay, Maze, erm That's enough, thank you.
And the birth is many, many many months from now.
Yeah, but I have questions, Linda.
Things I don't want to know, things I need to know.
And there will be plenty of time to have all of your questions answered by someone else.
But it's just too soon to be dealing with all of this.
And, besides, I have a client that should be arriving any minute.
You're lying.
This is your lunch hour, where you eat your lunch and ogle hot guys on Tinder.
Of course, pretty soon, you'll be using this hour attached to one of those milking devices.
Oh-wah, oh-wah [LAUGHS.]
We used to use those too.
In fact, we hooked this guy up to it once.
It was Okay, goodbye, Maze.
That must have been such a relief for him to come clean.
Who knows? Maybe next time we try to get him to confess in a less violent way.
Where's the fun in that? At the very least, next time maybe we try and get him to confess more specifically.
"I betrayed her," can mean a lot of things.
You're right.
You're right.
Maybe we should brainstorm a list of betrayals.
You start, Detective.
Hey, Ella.
What's up? Anders Brody didn't kill Susan Ochoa.
What? How do you know that? Because, while Brody's been in custody, the real killer just struck again.
Victim's name is David Ramirez.
27, apprentice mechanic, lived in the back of the shop.
- [CHLOE.]
Is this what I think it is? - [ELLA.]
Tattoos that were removed and their designs look like [DAN.]
Los X's gang tats.
Apparently Ramirez grew up in foster homes, he got mixed up with the wrong crowd, got arrested a bunch of times, but, four years ago, he goes to night school, gets his mechanic certification and he's been clean ever since.
Damn it.
- What's wrong? - He's just [HITS DESK.]
Just trying to clean up his life, you know, like Susan Ochoa.
Okay, let's focus on the things we can control, like stopping the killer from striking again.
We know that all the victims were linked by their former gang, so maybe it's someone from their past.
But what's the motive? Retribution maybe.
Well, then let's talk to the former crew, see if anyone knows anything.
Los Xs aren't dumb corner boys anymore.
They're a major drug operation.
Which means they have lawyers, and without air-tight warrants or full SWAT backup they'll stonewall us.
You're absolutely right, so I'll call a judge, get a warrant.
That might take a couple of days.
But Dan, I know what this is about, okay? There's nothing we can do until we get a warrant.
Has anyone seen Lucifer? [DOOR OPENS.]
I'll take it from here.
- No, don't touch me! - I'll take it from here.
Relax, your neck is fine.
It's your guilt I want to get a grip on.
You said you betrayed Susan, so if you didn't kill her, what did you do? Look, I think it's best if you just speak with my You went to Susan's that evening for a reason, so tell me.
What did you desire? I wanted Mm? I wanted forgiveness.
Forgiveness? Why? One day I came upon Susan as she was talking to some at-risk youth group about her past, her struggles with addiction.
I had no idea and I panicked.
Imagine the PR crisis.
Head of Safety Protocols, a drug addict.
So I demoted her, took her off the NASA project.
You punished her for her former life.
But then I went through her file and I found that Susan was a model employee and she'd passed every single drug test, including the one last week.
It wasn't right, what I did to her.
So you went over to apologize.
But when I got there, it was too late.
She was dead.
I was wrong.
Never said that before.
It feels good, man.
It feels real good.
I'm sure it does.
Anyway you're free to go.
Were you just hugging Anders Brody? Whatever it takes to get answers, Detective.
Huh! That's very evolved of you.
Well, we're still waiting on warrants and we can't do anything on the case until tomorrow, so our night's free.
Go on.
Well, I thought that maybe we could meet up later.
And, er You know, not exactly a date, but maybe something better.
Well, it sounds like you have something very particular in mind.
See you next week.
What are you doing here? I brought you some things.
Stuff that could help you out during this time.
That's so nice of you, but I don't need anything.
Linda, listen, I want to be here for you, alright? So I figured that this would be a good way for us to start.
Now let's do this.
This one's good, because this Dr.
Spock he seems to know the most about babies.
This one shows the baby that all animals poop.
I'm not really sure why the baby would need to know that.
This one is good because it tells you what to do when a baby is crying.
Although maybe you don't need this one.
I overheard at least three people crying in here today - and you handled it like a pro - It's too soon.
It's very kind of you and I appreciate the gesture, I really do but I I told you you were the father because you deserved to know.
Not to pressure you into helping out.
The truth is I'm used to doing things on my own.
I don't see why raising a baby should be any different.
I just wanted to help.
You don't need to worry about me.
And you, I I would love to talk, but, unfortunately, I have a ton of paperwork to do before my next client, so Right.
I'll get out of your way.
I like that one.
Really? Not the one I would have chosen, but you are the closest person to a baby I know.
Okay, so at what age did your parents teach you to hunt? [DAN.]
What's going on? Maze, you know she's not allowed to play with knives.
Relax, Dan, these knives aren't for Trixie.
They're for a baby.
Okay, new rule.
No more knife play of any kind with my kid.
You got it? - Fine.
- Trixie, it's time to go.
Grab your stuff.
So who pissed in your Cheerios? You're even grumpier than usual.
It's the case, okay? I feel powerless.
Any second now, another person could get killed and we're just we're sitting on our asses.
- Why? - Because we've got to wait for a judge to give us a stupid warrant.
Says who? Mr.
Morningstar, thank you for reaching out.
Are you okay? Did Detective Decker Did she do something? No.
And she never will.
I'm just here to tell you that you're wrong about the Detective.
If she's planning anything, it's an apology.
I certainly hope that that's the case.
Oh, ye of little faith, Father.
Have you noticed her carrying a vial? A what? [FATHER.]
A vial.
It's a An ornate thing.
It's about the size of a plum.
I got word from a colleague of mine in Rome that she'd met with a priest who was hell-bent on banishing the devil from Earth.
And you all get paid to do this? I'm genuinely asking.
Supposedly, this priest has uncovered a ceremony that would, and bear with me trap the devil in hell for all eternity.
He shared the details of this ceremony with Chloe.
A ceremony to banish the devil to hell? That is priceless.
Ha-ha! No, seriously, you all need to take End of Days out of the Vatican movie night rotation.
Definitely not one of Arnold's best.
I know.
I know it sounds crazy.
But Chloe was very distressed last time I saw her.
Apparently, the ceremony involves giving the subject a sacramental liquid that would sedate the devil.
Ooh, let me guess.
It's inside the plum vial.
So I'm told.
And if it would sedate the devil, I fear that it involves some poison.
Something that would kill a normal man.
You're incorrigible, aren't you? Do you honestly think that I would travel thousands of miles, tell you these outlandish tales, if I didn't take them seriously? I hope beyond hope that I am wrong.
But if there is any chance that Chloe could try something, you need to be careful.
Well, consider me warned.
You may absolve yourself of any further responsibility in this matter.
Now, if you'll excuse me I have plans.
Is that the man? Not a man, Your Excellency.
The prophecy is real.
And now that the trap is set everything will come together soon.
I hope this so-called surprise of yours doesn't involve me taking off my shoes.
I should warn you that what I have planned might be painful for you, but I think, ultimately, you'll see it's a good thing.
Painful? Detective, what on Earth are you talking about? It's just up ahead.
What is? Just forgive me.
Detective where are you taking me? [BANGING ON METAL.]
What's up, fellas? [DOOR BANGS SHUT.]
Do you have any idea where you are? Yes, I do.
Los Xs headquarters.
So-called brain trust of your transnational drug operation.
Come on, guys, relax.
That's not why I'm here, okay? Susan Ochoa and David Ramirez were murdered.
And I know you guys are involved somehow.
So I need to talk to the guy or the girl who's in charge.
And be quick about it.
I'm in a bit of a hurry.
Okay, you know what, maybe I didn't make myself clear.
Which one of you losers is in charge? Okay.
I guess I'm just going to have to press the issue, right? - [CLANK.]
- [BOOM.]
- [DAN.]
You see now, that wasn't so hard, was it? [DAN.]
What's up? Can you please tell me everything you know about the murders? What if I don't? Well, then there's going to be a problem.
Ah, you're a crazy pig, aren't you? Respeto.
But the only problem we got is figuring out what we're going to do with your body.
Ssss! Matalo! [GUN COCKS.]
What? What? [GROANING.]
Cut it a little close there, don't you think? My timing is perfect.
Let's go.
What are we doing in a soup kitchen? Volunteering.
You should try it.
It could be fun.
Watching people trip and fall is fun.
This not fun.
Lucifer, I just thought it would be nice for us to do something good for a change.
Oh, for a change.
And just what exactly is it you'd like me to change? Oh, Lucifer, that's not what I meant.
Listen, okay, if you'd like to leave, we can leave.
You have been acting very strange, Detective.
Wanting me to drink less, be nicer to suspects, be more - [PHONE BUZZES.]
- more philanthropic.
Oh, that's not true.
The only thing that's true is that you've been lying to me.
No, I haven't.
Show me your purse.
My purse? - Why? - Show it to me.
Detective, what's this? Nothing.
Oh, right.
Well, if it's nothing, you won't mind me drinking it, will you? - No, don't drink it.
It's perfume.
- I've had worse.
No, don't! I know you've been meeting with Father Kinley.
I know all about it.
- It's not what you think.
- Isn't it? - [PHONE BUZZES.]
- No, it's not.
Dan, can I call you back? I'm right in the middle of something.
I know who the killer is.
What? And he's about to skip town.
Hey, Dan.
Okay, his name is Oscar and I just sent you a picture.
It's Susan Ochoa's drug counselor.
We talked to him at the scene.
Well, the head of Los Xs says that he's the killer.
The head of Los Xs? How? We caught a break, okay? It doesn't matter.
What matters is that Rivas was a gang counselor for both victims.
So you're saying they trusted him, made their dark sides vulnerable and then he just stabbed them in the back.
Yeah, pretty much.
Why? That's the million-dollar question.
Lucifer! Lucifer, wait! [CRASH.]
- Wait! - [DOOR SLAMS.]
- Let me in! - [METAL CREAKING.]
You! How could you just murder them? I did what needed to be done.
- [CRASH.]
They trusted you! They shared their darkest truths and you just betray them? [OSCAR GASPS.]
And I would happily do it again.
Oh, ho ho! This is going to be fun.
I showed those losers the real me.
Careful, or I'll show you the real me.
Oh, yes.
Do it! I thought they could change.
But they couldn't.
Dave was stealing again.
Susan was back on drugs.
They were trash.
So I killed them.
What are you going to do? - [BANG.]
I'll show you.
Show me what you've got.
Come on, Lucifer.
Show us who you really are.
Do you want me to punish you? - Why? - [CHLOE.]
Hands in the air.
I failed.
May God forgive me.
Yeah, that's what I'm talking about, man.
When you kneed that dude and he fell down and I just came in there, wham, elbow to the face, amazing.
It just felt so good, you know.
Just to let loose, not have to follow the rules for a change.
And you are amazing for helping me out like that.
Come on, any time you want to beat someone up.
Any time, you call me.
In fact, I'm going to kick your ass if you don't.
Oh, man, this is going to sound crazy.
But I can't wait to do it again.
Oh! Old Dan is back.
I am so in.
The straight and narrow Dan, total buzzkill.
Screw that Dan.
It was getting me nowhere.
Trust me, darker Dan will get you real far.
Well, that does it.
I'll never be able to eat beef kebabs ever again.
Did you find anything? [ELLA.]
Yeah, same thing.
Bloody clothes, another knife, same as the others.
And who owns the house? I don't know, I'll see if we have that yet.
Man this dude must have been really scared of something to go out like that.
Or someone.
Are you okay? Something else was happening here.
Something strange.
He knew about my true face.
He wanted me to show it to him.
- Why? - I don't know.
But I could have sworn that he said, "Show us your face.
" [CHLOE.]
Us? But there was no-one else here.
Unless it's a two-way mirror.
Erm, that was evidence.
This is a secure crime scene.
Never mind.
You're never going to believe who owns the house.
The Catholic Church.
Your friend Father Kinley must have been watching.
I think Kinley arranged all of this to get to you.
He wanted to show someone who or what you really are.
I know that we have a lot to talk about and I have a lot to explain and I know a lot of this is my fault, but you need to trust me right now.
Oh! Really? - I think you're in real danger.
- Enlighten me, Detective.
Just who exactly am I in danger from? What in God's name was that? It was a setback, that's all.
That man killed two people, then himself, and you knew? No, wait.
You orchestrated it.
Extreme measures were taken.
It would have been worth it if Lucifer had shown his true face.
Can you even hear yourself? The Church needs to see that Lucifer Morningstar is the actual devil.
It should have worked.
Chloe told me that he likes to make every case about himself and I set it up perfectly for him to want to punish Rivas.
How could he not reveal himself? [CHLOE.]
Because he's better than you give him credit for.
Detective Decker.
Well, she knows the truth.
Tell him.
I do know the truth, Father.
You worked at the same parish in El Salvador as Oscar Rivas.
It's quite the coincidence.
Oscar was a good man, a true believer, willing to do what was necessary.
To take what action was needed to battle evil.
You had Rivas kill two innocent people to battle evil? He willingly sacrificed himself to force Lucifer to reveal his true form, to show the Church finally the truth.
This is all your own private crusade, isn't it, Father? The Vatican doesn't know about this, do they? [LAUGHS.]
Because they don't believe.
But, together, you and I can convince them.
Together, we can save them.
And so many others.
You're under arrest, Father.
For conspiracy to commit murder.
Dear, dear girl Oscar is dead and I have done nothing wrong myself.
You have no proof.
It's your word against mine.
- There is always evidence.
I will find it and I won't stop until there's enough to put you away.
That won't be necessary.
I'll testify.
Anything you need.
I'm sorry, but you're sick, Will.
I'm looking for Mrs.
What are you doing here? Linda, you don't have to do this alone.
I want to be here for this baby and, most importantly, I want to be here for you.
Erm Yeah.
Will you marry me? [SURPRISED GIGGLES.]
Amenadiel Amenadiel, come here.
See Amenadiel What you're doing is amazing and heroic and I should be so lucky to end up with someone half as special as you are.
But what you're doing here, it's It's for the wrong reasons.
And it's It's not what I It's not what I need right now.
And what do you need? I think I just need someone to hold my hand and tell me everything's going to be okay.
I promise you, Linda everything is going to be okay.
I arrested Father Kinley, so you don't have to worry about him coming after you anymore.
I don't care that he was trying to hurt me.
I care that you were.
Lucifer, you have to understand that after I saw you saw your face I had to get away to process things you know? And somehow I ended up in Rome.
Kinley found me and obviously I shouldn't have confided in him, but [SIGHS.]
you know, at the time it felt like he understood what I was going through.
- He said you found him.
- He's lying.
There's a lot of that going around.
Well, yes I [VOICE WAVERS.]
I did lie to you and for a moment, I was helping him try to send you back to hell.
How could you do that to me? To me? [SCREAMING.]
Because I'm terrified! [GASPS.]
You are the actual devil.
I mean every story of good and bad from throughout history, throughout time, says that you are the embodiment of evil.
And how am I, Chloe Decker, a nobody supposed to deal with that? But But then Then I came back.
And [SIGHS.]
And I saw you.
I really saw you.
And I remembered how you made me feel.
And I realized, Lucifer, you're not that guy.
What if I am that guy? You don't have to be.
You could change.
But what if I can't? [GASPS.]
Could you accept me like this? I oh You have no idea how much I want to.
I do.
I'm I'm trying.
But could you? [SNIFFS, STAMMERS, SOBS.]
I don't know.
Then I have my answer.
Your Excellency.
Did you change your mind? Are you here to get me out? I am here to take your confession.
I have nothing to confess.
William, you are responsible for the deaths of three people.
For what? I'm trying to save lives.
To stop the prophecy.
When the devil walks the earth and finds his first love, evil shall be released.
Enough with this damned prophecy you're obsessed with.
The devil is walking the earth.
His Holiness has issued an order.
You've been excommunicated.
I may have failed, temporarily, to prove that Lucifer is the devil, but at least I have pushed him and Chloe Decker apart.
Maybe that will be enough to stop the prophecy.
Even if Lucifer Morningstar was the devil and the prophecy was true what makes you so sure Chloe Decker is even his first love? I'll be praying for you, William.
Of course she is.
So many options.
I'll have an appletini.