Lucifer (2016) s04e05 Episode Script

Expire Erect

This is the answer.
This is the answer.
Lucifer! I can think of something better to do with those fingers.
Give a devil a moment to recharge.
Look what came in the mail today.
It's a me costume.
I can see.
Does it make you want to come over here and tempt me? It does.
It is so great to finally have a boyfriend that actually likes to have fun.
Boyfriend? I don't know.
Boo, bae? I'm still not caught up on the slang.
Come into the bedroom.
I'll show you what else came in the mail.
And we only had sex twice more.
But I'm a ten times a day man, doctor.
Big Ben strikes ten, as they say.
I'm Big Ben.
Yeah, I got that.
Is it possible that the word "boyfriend" is what stopped the clock? Well, I suppose that was a rather serious word to drop into an otherwise fun time, yes.
But is fun all this is? She's been staying with you for over a week.
Maybe this is serious.
I'm simply helping out a friend, doctor.
She's just arrived on Earth.
Where else can she stay? Oh, right.
The Eve, from the Garden of Eden.
I mean, I am carrying an angel baby.
I guess this is just a normal Tuesday for me now.
Doctor I don't know what to do.
Eve is amazing, she's beautiful, she's very funny on text.
- And she knows you and accepts you.
- Exactly.
So she should know that I'm not a serious relationship kind of devil.
And yet you were willing to try with Chloe.
Well, we saw how that turned out, didn't we? Sometimes, when someone has real feelings for someone and it doesn't work out they shut down to anything new until they can deal with those leftover feelings.
Okay, you didn't know that your last case was your actual last case.
Are you sure that you got proper closure with Chloe? Wow.
I know.
Sweet wheels, right? - Mm-hmm.
- A Mercedes 300SL Gullwing.
You do not see too many of these babies.
Guy had his own home car wash equipment for it.
Victim's name is Derek Lee.
He still had his car keys, phone and wallet on him and the house hasn't been touched, so this was definitely not a robbery.
- Hmm.
- Cause of death was this.
The killer jammed this in his throat and went full blast.
- He literally drowned.
- So we can assume it's personal.
I mean, personal lives can get pretty sticky.
Have you, uh talked to Lucifer? Oh, I went to his place and some woman was over there.
I didn't want to interrupt.
But it's not a big deal.
You know, just giving him some time.
It's been a week.
That's a lot of time.
But that's a good thing.
You know, he's getting it out of his system.
But seriously, Chloe, if you miss him, you should go talk to him.
When the time is right.
Right now, let's focus on the case.
Any witnesses? Yeah.
Those two heard arguing.
I was halfway up the block when I heard a guy yelling, "How much for the car?" You know, something like that.
I don't know.
He was asking how much was the car.
I heard it all from my window.
- And you live next door? - Mm-hmm.
- Did you see anything? - No.
But I told him parking that car in the driveway was just asking for trouble.
He should have listened to me.
- Thank you.
- Excuse me, guys.
So apparently the killer was asking about the value of the car.
So why not just take it? I think I've got an answer for that.
Derek was a collector of vintage cars.
Looks like he just won a big one at a private auction.
Check out these.
Messages he was receiving from the guy he outbid.
"I'm killing you.
Before you pick up that car, you'll be dead.
" Great.
Do we know who he is? The messages are anonymous, but according to this, Derek was supposed to get possession of the car this afternoon at some collectors' event called Malibu Motor Enthusiasts.
Did you just say the MME? - Yeah.
- No way.
They are uber exclusive.
Even I can't get in there, and I know my cars.
Plus, they're just shady and gray market enough that if you show up to serve a warrant, they will literally stall you at the door while everyone scatters.
So then how do you get in? Well, the only way is to show up with your own set of vintage wheels.
That's how they know you're in the club.
Okay, I can see if we have any vintage cars in our pound.
Wait, I know someone who can help.
Oh, yeah? Guess the time is finally right, huh, Decker? You handsome devil.
Is that my toothbrush? You're worried about your toothbrush being in my mouth? Though I was thinking I should pick up some toiletries.
There's plenty of room - in the medicine cabinet.
- There is? Mm-hmm.
I'm going to take a shower.
Meet me in there? Finally, a good idea.
Here comes Big Ben again.
Dong! Ooh.
- Oh! - Detective.
- Hey.
- To what do I owe this ill-timed interruption? Lucifer, look, I know things have been really awkward between us, but I want to fix that.
And I could use your help on the case I'm working.
Besides, you and I have such a good closure rate when we work together.
Detective, I'm sorry, but Hold on.
Did you say closure? Mm-hmm.
Why? Lucifer! Are you coming? Oh.
You're not here alone.
Well, I have a guest, if that's what you're asking.
Oh, yes.
It looks like you've had a few guests.
- Mm.
- Fun.
Um, okay.
Well, this was a bad idea.
It's okay.
Sorry to bother you.
Detective, wait.
I'll come with you.
Really? Yes.
I think that closing this case might be just what the doctor ordered.
Return it with so much as a scratch and I'll see you in hell.
Couldn't you have just brought the Corvette? Please, detective, Corvettes are a dime a dozen.
Besides, I want this case to be special.
Well, it's pretty straightforward.
We couldn't trace the threatening text sent to our victim.
But if the killer murdered Derek just to win the auction, well What? No, don't let me put you off.
I'm just stopping to smell the detective droning on about the case in total command of all the boring details.
It is very nostalgic.
So the car that Derek won was a Tucker 48.
If we find the car, then whoever it's being handed off to may be our killer.
Found it! And I suppose that poor pencil-necked soul is our killer.
Excuse me! Excuse me.
Sorry, coming through.
Coming through.
Ooh, lovely shirt.
That man is wanted by the police.
Well, we can't miss the part of the case where we chase the suspect.
Or you chase and I watch, I mean.
Or you could help this time.
Guys, please.
Please, please.
Get out of the way! Whoa, whoa! See? Didn't have to chase him at all.
 He got tired.
Come on, I thought that was one of my better puns.
More than worthy of our final case.
Wait, what? Well, I'm just trying to appreciate every moment of the last time we're working together.
One final case to get closure on the whole thing.
Can we talk about this another time? You have to listen to me.
I hated Derek, but I would never kill anyone, I swear.
Detective, please.
One last time for posterity.
Go ahead.
Kev, tell me what is it that you truly desire? Power? Wealth? Better dress sense? I To tell the truth so I don't go to jail for murder.
What? If that's the case, then why did you run? 'Cause I thought you were here about the kit cars.
Kit cars? You mean those awful replicas that only look vintage? Those don't fool anybody with taste.
True, but you can make a ton of money selling them to goobers who can't tell the difference.
It's not like it's illegal.
Sounds illegal.
It is illegal, but it's not murder.
Listen, we saw the messages.
You said that you wanted to kill him before he could collect on this auction.
Kill his reputation.
I was going to tell everyone I sold him a couple of kits.
Your rep is all you have in our world.
Yes, what a tragedy to lose the respect of these people.
Look, he was killed this morning, right? I was selling a kit Porsche 550 to a guy up in Fresno.
I just flew back two hours ago.
Alright, we'll check that out.
But unless you have any other information, then Wait.
You should check out this guy Derek's been hanging out with.
Scary dude, shaved head.
Do you have the scary dude's name? I never saw him myself.
Er but I saw his car.
He has an awful '92 Geo Metro in Polynesian green.
Ow! Oh, okay.
Oh! Ah The girl from the jewelry auction.
You're still hanging out with her? Yes.
Yes, she's been staying with me.
- Hmm.
- She's Never mind.
So why don't we go and catch this scary dude? He sounds like a worthy final killer.
Lucy, are you here? Listen, we got your baby gift, but Yeah, I don't think these are teething rings.
Amenadiel? Hey.
Your brother's out.
What are you doing here? Did you hurt Lucifer? Only when he asked me nicely.
Why? Because he killed Cain, Eve.
Your son.
You know, I met Charlotte Richards on my way out of heaven.
She was lovely.
Same as my sweet and gentle Abel.
Pretty sure he heard what was coming to him.
Then why would you leave the Silver City? Look who's talking.
You're the one who couldn't wait to tell everybody up there how all of God's children create their own fate.
How we decide where we belong.
That was different, Eve.
I'm an angel.
You're mortal.
Yes, I'm mortal.
Created directly by the hand of God.
Hence me being able to slip right back into my old bones.
Yes, you were able to come back down here to Earth, Eve, but did you not even consider that, after rejecting heaven, you may not be allowed back in? Why would I want to go back to that boring place? I'm having the time of my life down here with Lucifer.
And what happens when that comes to an end? Well, if I get sent to hell, then me and Lucifer can keep the party going down there.
I've gotten to know all of you in my time here, which is what makes this my final case, so difficult.
Dougie in the motor pool, who helped put a siren on my car.
Thank you for that.
Cucuzza in evidence, who always let me inspect the cocaine seizures first.
And you.
Nameless uni, I think I'll miss you most of all.
So anyway, as a parting gift for everyone I've hired a Carl's Jr.
truck out in the parking lot.
Free burgers for you all.
Go on! Knock yourselves out.
He's not really going to leave us, is he? No.
Remember when Lucifer disappeared and he came back married? I mean, this is how he works through his issues.
Er soon enough, everything will be back to normal, I'm sure.
Yeah, you're totally right.
He's going to burn out on all these new ladies soon enough.
- Actually, it's just the one lady.
- What? Some party girl named Eve.
Wait, what? Are you serious? I mean, if you're serious, that's serious.
I'm not worried.
I am not worried at all.
There is no way she knows the real Lucifer like I do.
- Ladies.
- Hi.
Any news on our scary dude? Mm.
Yes, so these 16 individuals drive Geo Metros in the Tri-County area.
Mike Tyson here, very scary looking.
Now what about this guy in the jailhouse tats? That is Sid Kluge.
Well, I think you hit the jackpot, Decker.
Yeah, rap sheet full of B&Es and aggravated assaults.
And the address, right off of Venice Boulevard, near that dispensary that you love.
Oh, detective, you know me so well.
I really will miss this once the case is over.
Over? Oh.
Is that Drill-bit Bueller? Yep.
You know, he and his brother Sean are two of the most feared guys in the streets.
Yeah, well, now they fear me.
Hey, I was going after his brother next and I was thinking maybe you can jump in on the fun? Look, Maze, that whole thing with Los Xs, that was just a means to an end.
I mean, it's not like I get my kicks by beating the hell out of people.
Well, let me know next time there's a means to an end Dan.
So I was thinking this doesn't have to be our last case.
Oh, no, no.
 This is for the best, I think.
There's no sense in dragging it out.
One last case should be enough.
Enough for what? Well, for closure, of course.
What does that mean? I I'm not sure, but the doctor told me I needed it.
Lucifer, if you ever need to talk about anything I don't believe this.
- What? - That geek was right about the car.
It's the most hideous thing I've ever seen.
Still, at least we know our killer's here.
Or not.
Hold on.
Well, it looks like this case might drag out a little longer than I thought.
No way it's a coincidence that our number one suspect in Derek's murder turns up dead hours later.
There has to be a connection.
I really had forgotten how much fun this is.
You solving puzzles, me trying to distract you - waiting to come up with the big insight - Found it! - That breaks the case.
- Not only found it.
I think I solved it.
- What? - There's Derek, Sid.
And recognize that third guy? Yeah, one of the witnesses we talked to.
Marco Franklin.
All three of them served in the Explosives Ordnance division in Iraq.
But, wait, there's more.
Marco was just released from prison two days ago after serving a nine-year sentence for bank robbery.
He bombed his way into the vault, got caught coming out and, drum roll, it is suspected he had two other accomplices, never apprehended.
So Sid and Derek were his partners.
He gets caught, they don't.
Maybe they double-crossed him.
So now he's out Looking for closure.
Call it whatever you want.
I call it solved! That's a great theory, but, right now, that's all it is.
We have no proof, so the killer could be anyone.
This doesn't really feel like closure to me.
- It doesn't.
- There must be more.
Witnesses saw a man matching Marco's description attacking Sid in front of his apartment.
- Circumstantial.
- Agreed.
Decker, you are putting me through the wringer.
But I got you beat.
The striations on the shell casings found at the scene match Marco's 9mm.
I made sure all the bases were covered for you.
Boom! We still have to pick him up.
Yes, until the suspect's in custody the case isn't truly closed, is it? - Way ahead of you.
- Oh, for crying out loud.
Dan helped me with the records.
He's on his way to Marco's address now, with some unis.
Nothing left for us to do now, folks, but get our party on.
What are you guys thinking? I feel like dancing.
I'm going to go change.
Lucifer, we can still No.
Detective I think this is best for me and for everyone.
I just want to say great last case.
Great partnership.
Here you go, Eve.
Oh, thank you! Mm.
You're Eve? Yeah.
Do we know each other? I'm Ella Lopez and you need to You're Ella? Oh, my God.
Oh, how dare you use hugs against me? Wow, you're even prettier in real life.
I've been dying to meet you since Lucifer told me how amazing you are.
- He said that? - Oh, yeah.
I saw you out there on the dance floor.
You've got moves! I've got to say, I saw you out there, girlfriend.
- You've got some sick moves yourself.
- Really? - Yeah.
- Would you see this guy? Oh, my God, that's called "the robot".
I just learned that this morning.
You're pretty cool.
We're both pretty cool.
Hey, a friend just gave me some candy.
Do you want some? That's not candy.
Okay? That's Molly.
Molly? Well, that sounds fun.
- Yes, it does.
- Yeah! Brother.
How's it going with the teenage mutant ninja angel baby? Why didn't you tell me that Eve was here, Lucy? Oh, please.
I'm not going to text you every time someone stays the night.
- Think of my data plan.
- This isn't just some fling, Lucifer.
This is Eve.
- Eve.
- Yes, I know what her name is.
I really don't think that you understand the dangers of having Eve back here.
If you're worried about what happened last time, don't be.
I'm not going to corrupt her.
Besides, I don't know how I could.
She's pretty much up for anything these days.
Oh, it's not Eve that I'm worried about.
It's you.
Me? She came here for the old you, the one she remembers from the garden.
The one who sowed chaos and destruction for his own amusement.
Now you're making me nostalgic.
You see, that's exactly what I'm talking about, Lucy.
I don't want her to turn you back into the devil that you were.
Oh, don't you now? To be honest I don't even know if I want to be with her or not.
I was supposed to have clarity on that after finishing this case, but I still don't know what I bloody want.
Detective? - Hi.
- What are you doing here? - We still have a case.
- We do? Marco's place was cleared out, so he's still out there.
That must explain my lack of closure.
- Right.
Wait there.
I'll grab my jacket.
- Okay.
Oh, my God, Chloe! You came out to celebrate.
No, working.
This jacket is so fuzzy and amazing.
It must be like being hugged by a muppet.
- Okay.
- Oh, my God.
Oh, my God, I've got someone you have to meet.
This is Eve.
Yes, we have met.
She gave me drugs.
Really? I need orange juice.
Oh, my God.
Isn't she amazing? I can see why Lucifer loves working with you guys so much.
Oh, that's nice.
Want my last Molly? I was going to take it, but you look like someone who could use it more than I do.
Who are you? Oh, I'm Eve.
Okay, well, that doesn't help.
Who Wait.
Do you mean as in Eve Eve, as in Adam and Eve? I can't believe they still put his name first.
These are supposed to be more progressive times.
- Wait.
You and Lucifer were together.
- Mm-hmm.
So you know him.
You know who he really is.
Good to go, detective.
Note to self, next time, just leave without the jacket.
This is your ex-girlfriend from the beginning of time.
Pretty much.
Detective Decker.
Everybody, be cool! Don't try! Detective Decker I need you to listen to me carefully.
Much as I appreciate the well-timed interruption, you can't just walk into my club Lucifer! Everybody, sit down! There's a bomb in this building, so if anyone thinks they're going to escape through the crowd, or anyone tries to rush me back up! Everyone dies.
Detective Decker, give me your gun.
Put it on the ground.
And your phone.
Okay, okay, whatever you say.
Whatever you say, but this man needs an ambulance right now and I will stay with you, but everybody here should go.
No, shut up! Shut up, no.
Nobody is leaving.
You go around and collect people's phones.
Now! Get up, let's go! Come on.
Are you okay? A bit of a stomach ache, detective.
He's the devil though.
He's going to be okay, right? Yeah.
He's going to be fine.
We'll get help.
You stay here with him, okay? I know I should be freaking out right now, but your hair is so shiny.
Marco, we know you killed your former partners, but this is not going to help the situation.
If you hurt me or anyone else here, it is only going to make things worse for you.
I don't want to hurt you, detective.
I need your help.
When I went away, my wife changed her name and I can't find her now.
- You did all this to find your wife? - Look Shooting him was an accident, okay? I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to do it.
I'm just trying to just trying to fix things.
Oh, don't worry about it, pal.
You just give me the gun and I'll even things up.
Look, when I went away to prison for robbing that bank, it ruined her.
You know, she disappeared, and I understand.
But but I I just want one chance to look her in the eye and tell her that I just want to tell her that I'm sorry.
I want you to find her now.
And then I will think about letting everyone go.
Got it.
I'll take care of it, Chloe.
You just You stay safe.
You guys don't go in unless I say so.
You got that? Perimeters are being set up.
We'll sit tight for now.
Our people are in there.
We're not going to take any risks.
Did you give the breach point? No, the gunman was listening, but he did ask for some food to be delivered, so I think I have an idea.
- Got it? - Got it.
I heard Lux is under siege.
- Yeah.
- Well, what are we waiting for? You can't just go in there swinging your knives around - That's exactly what I can do.
- You know what? He has the entire place wired to blow.
It's too risky.
What's your plan? I'm looking for Leona.
She's Marco's wife.
Apparently, she changed her name a few years after he went inside, but there are no records of what she actually changed it to.
It's like she vanished.
No public records.
No social security number.
No social media footprint.
What is this? 2014? Yeah, looks like it.
In 2014, there was only one guy who wasn't in jail who could help someone disappear this cleanly.
- So who is he? - I don't know his name.
But I can find out.
Okay, I'll put together a warrant so we can trace it.
- You want to get a warrant? - Well, yeah.
You're the guy who said the ends justify the means.
Legal means, Maze.
You must think like one of us if you're going to have a shot No! You have to think like them.
That is how I catch them, and that is how we'll get this guy.
Lucifer, I'm so sorry I got you into this.
You needed my Aston to get in and nobody drives it but me.
- I could have found another way.
It's - No.
It's not your fault.
I needed closure.
I just didn't expect it to be quite so closed.
This is all they had behind the bar.
Is there anything else I can get him? - We've got to get him to the hospital.
- No, I'm fine, Detective.
You just get me within an inch of that dullard and I'll tear his arms off like a turkey leg.
Thank you.
Focus, Decker.
Lucifer's out of commission.
Ella is too.
- Eve.
Eve? - Yeah? Do you have any superpowers or anything? No.
I'm just me.
So we've got nothing.
Chloe we have you, okay? Listen to me.
From what Lucifer's told me, you are the smartest, most capable, most resourceful person he's ever known.
So come on, detective what's the plan? Okay.
- Yeah, plan.
- Yeah.
Okay, Eve, you tend to Lucifer.
Keep pressure on the wound to stop the bleeding.
I'm going to find where he planted this bomb.
And when I do, Ella Ella! Can you diffuse it? Sure.
You guys, I read the file on the demolition charges Marco's unit built.
Pff! Easy as pie.
Lucifer, you have a job too.
How do we sober up Ella? Hold this.
I love you guys.
Not sober, but how about focused? It's the best way to lose your roll, detective.
Shared office workspace.
Even I find this a bit cruel torture wise.
Still, great place to hide if you're selling fake IDs on the dark web.
Erm, I'm I don't know what you're talking about.
My partner wanted to come in here and question you, but I know someone like you wouldn't just give it up.
So I suggested we torture you.
Just a little bit.
But he didn't like that idea.
And then Phew.
He said something kind of smart.
What's a criminal like you most afraid of? Losing your anonymity.
So I get to torture you after all.
Expose you to all of these people, show them what you've been trying to keep private.
Please I anime.
I don't make fake IDs.
I know.
I was just trying to flush out the bad guy and he just ran out the back.
Hi, Sergei.
What do you want? I just help people disappear.
I didn't hurt anybody.
Yeah, yeah.
We know.
And if you want to keep people from being hurt you're going to tell us everything you know about Leona Franklin.
The bleeding has slowed down a little.
I gave him another drink.
That seemed to help.
Well, I've seen Lucifer survive worse than this, so I'm sure he'll pull through.
He has to.
I can't lose him.
Not after we just found each other again.
So you've seen his devil face? Mm-hmm.
Does it scare you? Why would it? I don't know.
You know I was literally created to be someone's wife.
No-one ever asked me if that's what I really wanted.
Except for him.
The key is in a wireless trigger.
It's either Bluetooth or cellular.
Cellular would be a lot less complicated.
The relay's got no proximity handicap.
I see the cocaine is working.
Really? How can you tell? I don't feel any different.
Do you have any left? I'd hate to return to hell sober.
You are not going to hell.
You need to stop saying that.
Know what you also need to do? Stop talking about this as your last case.
It's a real bummer, okay? And I've really got to stay positive.
The detective and I have worked together for far too long to not accept each other for who we truly are.
Sadly I don't think that'll ever happen, Miss Lopez.
That is crazy.
That is crazy.
You guys are the best team ever.
I mean, you care about each other so much.
What do you need her to do? Take a bullet for you? Oh, sorry.
But seriously, okay, you keep talking about closure.
What the hell does that even mean? That's the point.
I don't know.
Okay, he keeps looking upstairs.
I think I've found the bomb.
I spent years building a new life here.
I have a job and a boyfriend.
He doesn't know anything about my past.
- Leona - Amy.
My name is Amy now.
Look, after everything you went through, I'm sure that this is probably your worst nightmare.
But we only need you to talk to Marco.
I'm sorry, I just I don't think that I could face him again.
Ready to do it my way? Look, I know this is a lot to ask of you.
But there are lives at stake.
People I care about are in that bar.
And to be honest with you I don't think I can handle losing another person right now.
Look, I'm trying so hard to do things the right way.
And maybe it's not right for me to ask this of you but you can help them.
And you may be the only one who can.
Argh, I ordered food over an hour ago.
Green onions and ranch dressing.
Who the hell puts green onions and ranch dressing on a sandwich? You'd better hope that your friends are better at finding people than they are at taking food orders.
Because I'm beginning to lose my patience! Ah.
Dan wouldn't make a mistake like that.
Are you sure? I once saw him eat a marble because it was in a candy dish.
No, no.
Chloe's right.
Now's not the time to make a mistake.
I'm not going to make a mistake.
I'll defuse a bomb I've never seen before this crazy hangry bomber blows us up.
I can do that.
I can do that.
I don't think I can do that.
This is wrong, this is wrong.
Sandwich is wrong.
Maybe the sandwich isn't wrong.
Maybe there's a message in it.
- I can't do that.
- We're going to be fine.
Lucifer says you're the smartest nerd he knows.
But look what I've done to my brain.
Okay, I have been partying all the time.
Like all the time.
I think I really think I've just been looking for a connection.
Something, anything, since I lost what I had with the big guy and now I'm Ladies Oh, it's a comfort to know I'll expire erect.
Oh, bollocks.
This is the answer.
This is the answer.
It's a southwestern sandwich from Luis's.
Dan sent this because I'd recognize it.
He's telling us that they'll breach from the southwest.
Is that a good thing? If we can get Ella to the bomb in time, then yes.
All you do is press this button.
This isn't going to work.
Look, you're going to be fine.
You have nothing to worry about.
Except an ex-boyfriend with a bomb.
Hearing me on a walkie-talkie isn't going to be enough.
I need to go in there.
It's way too dangerous.
No, I know that he wants to see me.
Those people in there, the ones you can't lose this is how we save them.
If they're following protocol, the food delivery started a countdown, which probably means we have about ten minutes until SWAT arrives.
So we have to get the bomb taken care of before that.
Ella, are you good? Yeah, sure.
Eve, back her up in case anything happens.
You're good at calming her down.
But what about He's going to be fine.
We just need a distraction to get you guys up there.
I can't believe it.
You're actually here.
I am so sorry.
I know that all of this is my fault.
Everything is my fault.
- No.
- No, no, just let me Let me say this.
I have made so many mistakes.
You didn't deserve what happened to you, Marco.
I am so sorry.
Okay, Leona, give me the gun and the detonator.
It's okay.
I'm a cop.
You're a cop.
And I don't know what Marco told you, so I can't take any chances.
Everybody, get in the corner.
Move! Doesn't feel so great, does it? What's going on? The wife came in? So is it all good? Maybe I don't have to do this anymore.
Yeah, actually you might want to hurry up.
Is he still alive? Yeah, he always was tougher than he was smart.
You were involved in the robbery.
I wasn't involved in the robbery.
I masterminded it.
This idiot and his army bros couldn't plan a trip to the beach.
So Marco never wanted us to find you so he could apologize.
He wanted to take out his final partner.
It was a pretty good trap.
Force the police to find me.
If I don't show, he blows my cover and, if I do, well I mean, that was the plan, wasn't it, Marco? You weren't expecting me to play on your emotions, were you? You always were such a softie.
What now? You go outside and tell them Marco apologized and let you go.
Then what? The place explodes and it's all Marco's fault? Sounds like a pretty solid plan to me.
I don't want to freak you out, but we're kind of out of time.
Like, right now.
Okay, this is not like the diagram online.
Big guy I know it's been a while, but I'm going to really need a sign here.
You don't need to do this, Leona.
I have worked too hard to go to jail now.
After rebuilding my life.
Do you know what kind of ordnance Marco used? How far away you need to be before you hit the detonator? What are you going to do with that thing after you hit the button? Nice try.
You're not getting in my head that easily.
You're not going to talk me down.
I'm not trying to talk you down.
I'm trying to get you to the southwest corner.
Jump! move, move! That was a rush.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
- You did it.
You did it! - Are you alive? Am I alive? Oh, my God! Are you okay? You landed on my bullet wound.
That's exactly the jolt of blinding pain I needed to bring me round.
I'm sorry.
No, detective.
You threw yourself onto me.
You were willing to sacrifice yourself to save me.
Medic! One second.
Fancy seeing you here.
How are you feeling? I started feeling better the moment I got out on the street.
Funny that.
Also, I have an excellent nurse.
I'll give you two a moment.
So anyhow, I just I wanted to make sure you were okay.
And, about this being your last case well, I just wanted you to know that I understand how you're feeling.
And now I understand how you feel as well, detective.
And, for what it's worth, I think I've got my closure.
For our next case, try not to bring a trigger-happy murderer to one of my parties.
It kills the buzz.
You still want to be partners? You know me, detective.
I go off and do something dramatic and then I realize I'm right where I'm supposed to be.
This is all on me.
I should have realized what she intended to do.
No, you should have let me go in there.
Marco wouldn't be in an ambulance.
The woman was an amateur.
It was right there.
The connections she had for the fake ID.
Insisting I let her go inside to face him.
Like I said Dan, you have to think like a criminal.
And remember the woman who actually knows how to use her knife.
Dan! Dan.
Don't beat yourself up, okay? You can't get inside the head of every psycho.
Look, it all worked out.
- Thank God you were in there, Ella.
- That is just it.
I was in there.
I was in there.
I was right in the middle of it.
And I asked him for a sign and that's when I realized, Dan, I wasn't going to get one.
I wasn't going to get one because I had to count on myself, because God doesn't exist! - Are you on drugs? - A little ecstasy.
And some cocaine.
- What? - Oh, my God, you smell amazing.
Come here.
Amenadiel, hey.
Uh, you wanted to see me? Yeah.
Yeah, I did.
I I know we haven't had a chance to talk since I found out - well, everything.
- Yeah.
That I'm an angel.
How are you? I mean, it is a lot to process.
It is, it is.
But I didn't know who else to talk to about this.
Right? My job is to read people, to understand their motives, to make sense of the world.
And, right now, my world is celestials and immortals and Okay, look.
Is Eve okay? Is Eve secretly evil or some supernatural threat to the world? Not that I know of, no.
Okay, good.
I thought so.
Because, you know, I like her.
I do too.
Yeah, and I think she genuinely cares deeply about Lucifer.
And she is so protective over him.
I practically had to force her to leave his side and I think she might be good for him.
I think she might be exactly what he needs.
I hope that's the case.
Yeah, me too.
After all that you've been through, Chloe what you're worried about most is what's best for those that you care about.
No wonder your dad is so proud of you.
Oh, that's sweet, but, you know, my dad, he He Oh! Right.
Thank you.
You know, I'm really happy you're going back to work.
Adam's idea of paradise was laying around all day doing nothing.
Once we got ESPN up there, forget it.
Well, sadly there'll be a lot less lying around here now that I'm back to catching killers.
But there are certain perks to having a boyfriend who works with the LAPD.
An endless supply of handcuffs, for one.
Boyfriend? Well, I once someone tends to you when you're bleeding to death, it's only good manners to make it official.
So we're really doing this? I'll finish making your drink and we'll toast to it.
- Ooh! - Careful! You're fine.
What is it with you only getting injured sometimes? Oh, I'm only vulnerable when the detective's around.
What? Oh I totally forgot.
My snake costume finally arrived.
You are going to love this.