Luna Park (2021) s01e01 Episode Script


- [vendor] Here you go.
- Thanks.
["Pencil Full of Lead"
by Paolo Nutini playing]
I've got a sheet for my bed
And a pillow for my head ♪
I've got a pencil full of lead
And some water for my throat ♪
I've got buttons for my coat
And sails for my boat ♪
So much more than I needed before ♪
[boy] Mom, what is that, a drawing?
Come here, honey.
[man] We could at least go watch a movie.
I saw a great one.
But I'd watch it again with you.
- [woman] What movie is this?
- [man] Samson Against
[woman laughs] Oh, no. I prefer comedies.
[man] But there's no violence.
Maybe a couple of brawls at the most.
And, if you're afraid, you can put
your head on my shoulder.
Why don't you ask my friend there?
She even liked Samson Against the Sheik.
Yes, but I want to go out with you.
- Tomorrow.
- [woman] I'm busy.
[man] The day after.
- [shrieks] A rat!
- Where?
- [shrieking] Oh, my God! Gross!
- It's under the towel.
- [man] Here?
- Yes.
- [man] There's nothing.
- I saw it!
- [man] Where did you see it?
- Earlier.
- [man] Here?
- Yes.
- Are you sure it was a rat?
- Yes, yes.
[vendor] The rat? Where is it?
Considering what you charge for a soda,
you could be more careful about hygiene!
[vendor muttering]
She's mighty fine
And says she's all mine ♪
And nothing's gonna bring me down ♪
She's mighty fine
And says she's all mine ♪
And nothing's gonna bring me down ♪
She's mighty fine
And says she's all mine ♪
And nothing's gonna bring me down ♪
[song fading]
[man] This is the last one.
Two thousand lire
for this lump of plastic?
This won't scare anyone.
What else can I do, ma'am?
- Just go.
- Goodbye.
Where are you going? Come here.
Your father has his head in the clouds.
If you don't start taking
care of business, we'll close up shop.
- Got it?
- But I work all night!
Can't I sleep?
- But why on the Tiber? It's filthy.
- And you smell great?
Don't talk to your grandma like that!
- I do better business than you do here.
- Oh, yeah?
You call this business?
Carnies don't steal. We're decent people.
- I'm sorry.
- That's right.
We need to set up the haunted house.
You know what?
Tonight you can read my tarots.
God, Granny, are you getting old or what?
When you were little,
you used to pester me and your mom
to read them, and now you insult me?
I'm kidding. It means a lot.
Thanks, Grandma!
It's not a game.
Don't mess around with people.
Not so much for them.
But for the tarots.
You have to respect them.
Or they'll get their revenge.
Promise me.
I promise.
[chuckling] Yeah, right!
You're such a silly little girl!
[laughing sarcastically]
[indistinct chatter]
- Grandma will let me read the tarots.
- It's about time.
[woman] Yes.
- Okay, this isn't finished yet.
- What is it?
[man] Ah.
[woman] Cool.
Try it. Here.
Here you go. So, rest this here.
Aim here.
There, at the ring.
- [man] There. You see?
- Whoa!
It's called Polaroid.
It's a magic camera.
- I think they ripped you off, though.
- Wait.
Grandma says the skeletons
were a rip-off, too.
She's just a pain in the ass.
Anyway, she has fun with that,
I have fun with this.
Since we have a full house every night,
it means we're well-matched.
[softly] There you go. Look.
- You look just like your mother.
- [laughs]
The same sly smile.
What if Grandma was right?
If Mom is watching over us,
she'd be happy about the tarots.
Of course she would.
Now, you're the queen of the carnival.
["It Don't Mean A Thing" playing]
It don't mean a thing
If it ain't got that swing ♪
Doo-ah, doo-ah, doo-ah, doo-ah, doo-ah ♪
It don't mean a thing
All you've got to do is sing ♪
Doo-ah, doo-ah, doo-ah, doo-ah, doo-ah ♪
Makes no difference ♪
[man] Ready. Get ready.
Oh, a free seat! Excuse me, miss.
Don't worry. He's always like that.
- Can I sit on the outside?
- Yes.
Thanks for waiting, huh?
- [man] Giggi is in a hurry.
- [Giggi] C'est la vie.
We don't have to do this.
No! This is a test of courage.
Tests of courage are stupid.
The Spartans used to send
their children into the woods.
Let's go, Spartacus!
[Giggi] Oh! Up we go!
- Oh, God, I'm sorry. Does it bother you?
- No.
I may sweat a little.
It is a little damp.
- [chuckles] See?
- No, it's okay.
["Lisztomania" by Phoenix playing]
Think less but see it grow ♪
Like a riot, like a riot, oh ♪
[Giggi] Oh! They go pretty high, huh?
- I'm not afraid at all.
- Yes, you are!
Not at all!
[Giggi screaming]
If this is the last time
we see each other
[both shriek]
Not hard to let it go ♪
From a mess to the masses ♪
Follow, misguide, stand still ♪
Another one!
[song continues in background]
- Yes!
- Nice!
And now that you're lonely
Do let, do let, do let ♪
Jugulate, do let, do let ♪
Let's go slowly, discouraged ♪
We'll burn the pictures instead ♪
- Hurry up!
- [woman] You're super strong!
- [bell ringing]
- [woman] Bravo!
- [Giggi] Primo Carnera!
- [man] See? You'll never get that score.
- [Giggi laughing]
- [man] Come on. Are you stupid or what?
[Giggi chuckling] I think
we got off on the wrong foot.
Can you play tennis?
Again? Enough! Leave them alone.
They were reconsidering.
- Forgive him.
- They were reconsidering. [gasps]
Look! Take me to the bumper cars!
- But you can't drive.
- I'm a professional driver.
- [man] Yeah, right!
- [Giggi] I am!
It's beautiful, isn't it?
What's he doing?
- [flames igniting]
- [exclaims]
[upbeat song continues]
[Giggi] Did you take the photo?
[man] One second. Wait!
Hey, beautiful.
Do you want to know your future?
It's the oldest scam in the world.
Maybe or maybe not.
You could discover things
you don't know about.
- Really?
- Really.
Well, I'm not scared.
- I'll give you a discount.
- Yes.
[Giggi] And there goes Rosa.
Bumper cars!
- [man] What is it? Let's go.
- What? Sure.
So? What do you want to know?
Yeah, um
So I'd like to know
if I'll ever finish
writing my first novel.
First, 500 lire.
What is this novel about?
It's fiction.
It's about this young seamstress
who wakes up one day and,
instead of going to work,
she decides to move to Paris with her cat
to design clothes.
But then
Don't tell me the whole story.
I may want to read it one day.
Oh, really? You can read?
See? The Old Woman.
This means you have to grow,
you have to seriously commit to writing.
But I write and read all the time.
It's not enough. Come out of your shell.
Or you'll always be the girl who reads
What do you read?
Comic strips with your bedroom light on?
Listen, can I ask you another question?
I'll save you the money on this one.
- He's smitten.
- Who?
The goofy guy. The one with the scarf.
[laughs] No No.
There's something else
I wanted to ask you.
Will I ever find my sister?
What happened to her?
- Did she leave?
- She disappeared.
When we were one and a half.
We're twins, you know.
We're different, but we're twins.
Was she kidnapped?
Maybe. Who knows?
The police looked all over for her.
My father even
hired a private investigator.
And he's still paying him 20 years later.
It's just that,
I think I've found her.
If I walk down the street
and see a girl that looks familiar,
I follow her.
I'm not crazy, it's just that
I can feel she's still alive.
Also, Adele wouldn't even
be hard to recognize.
She has a butterfly here on her back.
A what?
It's a pink birthmark,
shaped like a butterfly. Here.
What is it?
Your sister should still be alive.
And the tarots say
that she's very close to you now.
They say she's close to me? How close?
What does that mean? Where
Let's see.
[suspenseful music playing]
What is it?
- What are you doing?
- I'm sorry, I can't go any further.
What do you mean?
You told me that my sister is very close
My mother was good at this,
so was my grandma.
- I only get it sometimes.
- Well, finish
You have to leave!
So? Will you be a famous writer?
I asked her about Adele.
And the tarots say that she's close to me.
Could be the girl
from the restaurant by your house.
Do you remember the vibe I felt?
Here we go again. She's obsessed.
Giggi, how can you be so insensitive?
We're talking about our sister.
What if it really is
the girl from the restaurant?
And what if I'm Elvis Presley?
Please. I spent all my money.
Can I borrow some from you?
- I'm craving cotton candy.
- You're all monsters.
That is very true.
Oh, God. I lost my wallet.
Ouch. The fortune teller strikes again!
How do you know it was her?
Of course it was!
You could tell she was a thief!
Fine. I'll take care of it.
- [gasps] Oh! What happened to knocking?
- On a tent?
We're closed.
Give me back the wallet.
What wallet?
My friend's, hand it over.
I'm not a thief. I'm a fortune teller.
What's that on your back?
It's a tattoo? Why?
Nothing. I've never seen one before.
It's a rare thing in fact.
Mildred Wallace did it for me.
She's a great circus artist
in Coney Island.
- You've been to America?
- Yes.
I've been everywhere.
When I was little,
my parents had a traveling show.
- What a wonderful life you must lead.
- Yes. In some ways.
But try washing yourself
in a fountain in January,
your ears freeze.
Maybe it's better to live a simpler life.
Stuck in this city,
always doing the same things?
No. I'd rather freeze my ears off
for the rest of my life.
What's this?
I'm a photojournalist.
You're rich. Why don't you travel then?
My parents want me to make it on my own.
They're communists.
That's nice.
I don't think
anyone's ever called them that.
[woman laughs]
Will you help me?
- Yes.
- Thanks.
It's a nice tattoo.
being a free spirit
with mommy and daddy's money isn't cool.
Sure. It's better to do it
with someone else's wallet.
Listen, pal, I work 15 hours a day here.
And you?
I sell photos to newspapers.
When they're willing to buy them that is.
What's going on?
The sorceress stole you too?
[man] Nobody stole me. Don't worry.
- [Giggi] Well, shall we go?
- Let's go.
My respects, madam clairvoyant.
- Who's that moron?
- Giggi, my best friend.
Of course.
Now go.
You're still here?
- Let me know if you find the wallet.
- Sure.
[man] Yes?
Oh! That's great news!
That was fast.
Good, great. So you'll keep me informed?
[chuckling] Great job, Fausto.
Thanks. We'll talk soon. Thank you.
So it's all set.
Minnella spoke with a friend of his,
a movie star agent.
- You got the audition.
- Really, Dad?
Why would I lie?
- I got the audition!
- Yes.
you shouldn't pull strings for him.
I didn't. It's just a little nudge.
He's too lazy.
He needs a kick in the butt!
[laughing] You said it, Dad!
Right, Esther?
You could study like your sister.
I've heard of certain places
called "schools."
Study? He wants to be an actor,
not a surgeon.
Besides, Minnella owes me.
He's happy to help.
Why not try to make it on your own?
- Like your friend Simone.
- Yeah, right.
His parents never give him
or Matteo anything for free.
Let's not talk about communists
at the table or I'll choke on my food.
[woman] Never mind, sorry.
The menu for tomorrow's dinner is ready.
- God, the dinner. What a nightmare!
- [Tullio] Nightmare?
Dad, please, do we have to go?
- What do you mean?
- [woman] What?
You don't want
to come to your father's party?
Mom, last year was tragic.
You all got drunk.
That's not true. Come on.
"Not true"? You fell off the boat!
No, honey. Mommy doesn't drink.
Mommy sips, at best,
every now and then on social occasions.
Mommy sipped quite a bit
on that social occasion.
If you'd rather not come to your
father's birthday party, then don't.
- I'm getting old
- [Giggi] No!
- [Tullio] Up to you.
- [Rosa] No, Dad, we're coming. Okay.
How come kids these days
don't know how to have fun, honey?
You don't appreciate being happy.
- And you know why?
- Why?
Because you haven't fought.
You haven't been through war.
- Unlike our valiant general here, right?
- [Rosa agreeing]
I would have gladly fought in the war,
but I had a heart murmur.
A murmur? Come on, Dad.
Nobody believes that story anymore.
- Sweetie, Dad really had a heart murmur.
- Yes.
- [Rosa] I'm going to study.
- What a good girl.
Don't be an idiot
or I'll call Minnella back.
- [Giggi laughing] No!
- Stop it.
[upbeat music playing]
- [upbeat music continues]
- [indistinct chatter]
[Giggi] Listen to me, please!
You know the part.
We've gone over it a hundred times!
- [Giggi] Some friend you are!
- Really?
- [Giggi] Seriously, thank you!
- Whatever.
[woman] Are you scared?
I am.
[Giggi] No.
No, this is not my first audition,
you know?
No. It's not his first audition.
It's his last!
- [both laugh]
- I've only been in Rome for two days.
Two days? Unbelievable.
And where are you from, miss?
- Sardinia.
- Really? I would have never guessed!
I want to take elocution lessons.
No, you know what you need?
You need friends.
And I, for one,
have the right connections.
His dad
has the right connections, not him.
- Shut up.
- Are you an actor too?
No. I'm a photojournalist.
- And I'm Adriano Celentano. See my swing?
- Yeah, sure.
[car approaching]
["Lovefool" by The Cardigans playing]
Dear, I fear we're facing a problem ♪
Maybe there is nothing that I can do ♪
To make you do ♪
Mama tells me I shouldn't bother ♪
- Is that Sandro Ralli? Simone?
- [camera clicks]
- Is that really him?
- It is.
["Lovefool" continues playing]
Here's my number.
So I cry and I pray and I beg ♪
- [Giggi] What happened?
- Oh, my God, guys.
I can't believe it! He asked me
to dinner. Friday at the Mocambo.
Sandro Ralli asked me out to dinner!
[both] He invited her to dinner.
- I'm not feeling Can you hold me up?
- Yes, of course. Just breathe.
[pop music playing faintly on radio]
- There. Marie Antoinette is ready too.
- Good job, Tina.
- You think the wig will hold, Antonio?
- It will.
[indistinct chatter in background]
- [Antonio] Hi.
- Hi, Antonio.
[woman wailing creepily]
I am the ghost of the countess!
What countess? It's Beatrice Cenci,
the most famous ghost of Rome.
Please forgive our ignorance!
I mean, this is a tribute
to the most famous ghosts in the world.
Look how well Marilyn turned out!
- Poor girl. She just died.
- [Antonio scoffs]
Oh, come on.
You're a true artist, Dad.
We're closed. Is he deaf? We're closed.
[Antonio] No
I can't believe it!
- [Ettore exclaims]
- [Antonio] Ettore.
How do I look? Huh?
- [woman 1] Good.
- Yeah?
All right? The mustache?
- It's good.
- Too much?
- No.
- A bit frivolous?
let's start by handing out the goods.
Ettore, so luxurious.
Yes, put a little more on,
'cause I can't smell it.
[woman 1] Well
Don't listen to her.
In Paris they put on a bottle per day.
[woman 1] See?
Where have you been all this time?
I was worried. You never called.
I wanted to surprise my big brother.
Can't I?
In fact, I wanted to surprise you twice.
- No
- No way!
"The Flight."
- [chuckles]
- [Antonio] But
[woman 2] I remember it. It was
the first ride you and Mom designed.
I thought it was lost forever.
It was behind the sink in the old trailer.
I won't tell you how I found it, because
- [both laughing]
- This is wonderful!
And I should have something for you too.
Or maybe not.
[clicks tongue] No peeping.
No peeping.
Close your eyes.
Et voilà.
Time travel.
What is this?
In there, you and your mom
are still together.
Can we watch it?
- ["Chasing Cars" cover playing]
- We'll do it all ♪
Everything ♪
On our own ♪
If I lay here ♪
If I just lay here ♪
Would you lie with me
And just forget the world? ♪
Forget what we're told ♪
[Ettore laughing]
Before we get too old ♪
Show me a garden ♪
My daughter was so beautiful!
She looked like a movie star.
All that I am ♪
Where was that?
Um in America. Yes.
I remember. She was little and was always
chasing the cows. Do you remember?
[Ettore chuckles] Yes.
I don't know where ♪
Confused about how as well ♪
Just know that these things will never
Change for us at all ♪
And if I lay here ♪
[song fades]
Look! I cooked for you!
Rigatoni alla Carbonara.
If this isn't love, I don't know what is.
- [woman] Who let this guy loose?
- He's a friend of Minnella.
- You're the one who recommended him.
- I don't think so.
I'd like to try a more dramatic tone now.
[loudly] Look! I cooked for you!
Rigatoni alla Carbonara!
If this isn't If this
If this isn't love, I don't know what is!
[director] Listen, try to be
a little more natural, hmm?
- [Giggi] I could make it my own.
- How? It's just a simple line.
- I could improvise the sauce?
- Christ.
[Giggi laughing] Amatriciana?
Cacio e pepe? Oxtail sauce? You know what?
I'm a very physical actor and I need
to move my hands around a bit.
[director] Use them to hold the plate.
I'm already doing that.
You're not paying attention!
Maybe I could use it as a headdress.
I'm also a talented dancer.
He's funny.
Quite the joker.
You know what he may be good for?
Yes for nothing.
[director] Okay. I think that's enough.
- We'll let you know.
- You'll let me know.
Yeah, I bet.
[woman] Wait.
Maybe it's the heat going to my head,
but I must admit,
you have some kind of raw talent.
Would you be interested in doing TV?
Are you kidding?
Italian television, get ready!
Giggi Gabrielli is coming!
[upbeat music playing]
- [Rosa] No!
- Hey!
[Rosa] Enough. Let me catch my breath.
- [Giggi] You don't want to play anymore?
- No, I want a lemonade.
[bell ringing]
- [Giggi] Just like that?
- Yes. It's a big house.
[Giggi] But since we're working out,
we could walk to the kitchen
without disturbing the help.
You don't know Esther. If she sees me
in the kitchen, she'll go nuts.
Plus, I'm thirsty.
"You are my thirst
and what must quench it."
It's beautiful.
Yes, but it's not mine. It's Neruda.
- Love Poems.
- Can I borrow them?
They may be a little too strong.
So? Matteo, don't be so protective, okay?
She's right.
If it were up to you,
I'd only read the comic strips.
- Who's right?
- The girl from the carnival.
- Ah! She said that?
- Yes.
And also that Adele is very close to me.
Which is why I made a list
of all the girls
who might be her.
Because the fortune teller told you so?
Come on, Rosa. You're better than that.
Why? I have nothing against magic.
You never give up, huh?
And you like that?
[Giggi] Hey!
You won't believe
what happened to us in Cinecittà!
It was crazy!
[Giggi] Sandro Lalli is a dwarf.
[Simone] Like you're a giant!
I'll be auditioning for TV, while you
Giggi, I'm so proud of you!
Do you know how much my paper would pay
for a photo of Ralli with that girl?
How much?
Up to 30,000 lire
if you catch them kissing.
His paper. He's been there two months,
he thinks he owns it.
- Yes, but he's already very good.
- So good!
For 30,000 lire,
I will sleep outside the Mocambo!
- [Giggi laughing]
- [Simone] I'm going.
- Doesn't sound like your kind of scoop.
- Oh, but it is.
In fact, you can call me "paparazzo."
[upbeat music playing]
Nobody can deny it ♪
You got a good thing going on ♪
You got me spinning like a yo-yo ♪
As you play me all night long ♪
[Antonio] Why did we come here?
- [Ettore] What?
- Why?
[Ettore] I've been
away from Rome for 20 years!
[Antonio] Oh, please!
This isn't Rome. It's not Rome.
- [Ettore] What is it, then?
- It's fake.
- [Ettore] It's not, it's electric.
- And it will short out.
Go have a look around Mandrione.
Just a bunch of shacks.
People from the countryside aren't allowed
to sleep in the city center.
It takes time.
Money brings more money.
Listen to your brother.
I must confess something.
I didn't recognize her.
- [Antonio] She's great, huh?
- She's grown.
I'm so happy she grew up
inside the carnival.
Why are you laughing?
You've become sedentary.
At least Nora has
a place she can call home.
A trailer is not a home, old sport.
It's just a trailer.
Do you realize what you have done?
Of course.
Do you realize that you're sitting
on a pot of gold?
Yes. I'm just happy
that we've become a community.
- "A community"?
- It's enough.
- It's enough for you?
- It is, yes.
Ettore, you need to put your roots down.
Stay in Rome.
- You're not so young anymore.
- Fuck you.
- You're getting up there.
- Still younger than you.
- [clinking]
- [both] Cheers!
[Nora] Step right up! Step right up!
Ladies and gentlemen,
come inside the haunted house
and you will lose your head
just like me.
[man] I am the executioner of Rome!
Run away while you can,
before Mastro Titta catches you!
Run away!
Run away!
[Nora sighs]
It was nice watching Mom's videos.
Yes, it was.
What was that thing on my back?
Nothing. What thing?
Oh, it looked like a birthmark.
Really? Maybe.
I didn't remember having one.
Because your mom got you the tattoo
when you were little.
- Why what?
- I mean
she didn't have any tattoos,
neither does Dad. Why me?
They must've had the opportunity to do it.
Listen, Grandma.
Since you always keep everything,
do you have a photo
of my mom when she was pregnant with me?
I'd have to dig through the mess.
Then dig. It would be nice.
Going back to work.
Gather around!
Excuse me.
Hold this.
- What happened?
- Nothing. I'm just in a bad mood.
After all, they cut my head off.
[laughs] Don't bullshit me!
I've known you since we were kids.
What happened?
- Do you want to know the truth?
- Yes.
The truth is that I'm not
who I thought I was.
I'm someone else.
Someone I don't even know.
You've always been who you are.
You don't want to talk about it. I get it.
- Should I grab two beers?
- Good idea.
Hey. Thank you, Celeste.
[wistful music playing]
Professor, can I take this one?
Hmm. Enough with this "professor," okay?
You've already passed my courses.
Henry Miller.
I must warn you.
It's a bit of a bold reading.
Essential, though.
A must-read for a modern girl.
But if your father finds out,
I had nothing to do with it.
I'll go back to studying then.
Enough, enough, enough.
Even the greatest scholars take a break.
- Thank you so much, Doriana.
- Milk?
- Yes.
- Good.
Here you go.
Thank you.
I've heard that you and Dad
are bidding for the same piece of land.
I'm sorry.
No, honey. Nothing to do with you.
The truth is,
I would like you to win the bid.
So many people come from the countryside.
A place for them to stay
sounds like a great idea.
[soft guitar music playing]
[Matteo] She is an angel, isn't she?
What do you mean, "who"? Rosa.
That's it. I've decided.
I'll do it tonight.
- [Simone] Mmm.
- Will you give me a hand?
Don't you think it's a little reckless?
You've only had that ring
in your pocket for, what, two months?
Well, it was never the right time. I
- Sure, the "right time."
- What?
I'm just saying,
you haven't even kissed yet.
No, I was going to,
but then you two got in the way.
So? Aren't you going to try again?
I don't know,
I feel a little stuck right now.
What's the problem?
She's the love of my life.
I want to do things properly.
- [Doriana] Here you are.
- [Simone] Mom, get out!
- I'm developing my photos.
- You'll take Rosa home?
- We will.
- [Matteo] Don't worry.
- [Doriana] I like that one!
- [Simone] Yes, it's beautiful. Go!
And the curtain goes up!
- [Ettore laughs] No
- Here it is.
[Antonio] It's just how you remember it.
[Ettore laughs]
[Antonio] Eh?
"The amazing brothers."
This can be your home.
You just need to fix it up.
I don't know.
- [man 1] There he is.
- [man 2] Our little cousin.
- We'll talk about it later.
- [man 1] So?
[Ettore] Hey, guys! How's it going?
All good? Do you remember them?
I met them the other night,
after we parted.
We played a little poker.
They're stuntmen.
- Really?
- What are these two assholes doing here?
- We stopped by to say hi.
- Hi, Miranda.
Let's go for a walk. Come on.
Yes. You better go.
Let's go.
[man 2] You take care, Celeste.
[ominous music playing]
Listen, we wanted to talk to you
away from Antonio.
What have you done to my brother?
Why is he so pissed?
He thought we were into
some shady business.
- [Ettore] Ah.
- I mean, maybe we were.
A little bit.
But we're all cleaned up now.
Yes. We've even learned sword fighting.
You don't say?
- [man 1] Why don't you join us?
- Where?
In Cinecittà.
[chuckles] They pay acrobats
twice as much there.
[Ettore] Hmm. I don't know.
- [man1] Why not?
- [man 2] Why not?
It's young people stuff.
[man 2 laughs]
What are you gonna do, then?
Are you staying or not?
- I've just arrived. I'll think about it.
- [man 1] Okay. Let us know, cousin.
We've got some interesting ideas.
[man 2] Profitable stuff. Real profitable.
[dog barking]
[dog barking]
[woman] Look, sweetheart.
These are Mommy's magic cards.
They tell you about your future,
your dreams, and your hopes.
This one here, what card is this?
- The Queen.
- Good!
It's the Empress.
What about this one?
- A bicycle.
- More or less. It's a wheel.
A big, big, big, big wheel.
It represents luck, my love.
And this one?
It broke.
- What a shame!
- No, why?
When a card rips,
it's because it's carrying
a message that's so strong
and revolutionary
that it just can't hold it inside.
- Good or bad?
- It depends.
But I think what this card
is trying to tell us
is that my love for you is so immense,
so big, so huge, so gigantic, that
- And what is this, Nora?
- It's a sun.
Good! Very good!
You really know them all!
Very good!
You're so smart!
[somber music playing]
[indistinct chatter in distance]
[woman muttering]
What are you doing in my home,
sneaking in like a rat?
Who are the Gabriellis?
Have you talked to someone?
Who, Grandma? Who are they?
Answer me!
No one.
Some people who wanted
to buy a tiger from the circus, I think.
Don't bullshit me!
Listen carefully.
When she got sick,
your mother wasn't afraid of dying.
She was only afraid of one thing
leaving you
when you were still a little girl.
Stella was the best mother ever.
- [all scoffing]
- [man] What an exaggeration!
My friends, let me be frank,
you don't know shit about architecture!
Those buildings are my masterpiece!
They're so tall that
the neighborhood doesn't get any wind.
Aren't you happy, councilor?
The wind messes up your hair.
- What do you think, Eminence?
- You're right, Tullio.
See, my dear Ersilia?
Even the Holy Church agrees with me.
Thank God.
This one is for you, my love.
For you and all the ladies.
- "Ladies" so to speak, right?
- [all laughing]
- [old-fashioned music playing on record]
- [Tullio] I care for you ♪
[Giggi] What's he doing? Help.
- [upbeat music playing on record]
- [Giggi] No! No, help!
[all laughing]
[upbeat music continues]
[Giggi] What are you doing, Dad? No!
[Simone] Your dad is nuts!
[Giggi] Spare us. Please!
No! What are you doing?
[woman tittering]
[Matteo] Has he gone mad?
[Rosa] God, I can't watch.
- Let's go outside.
- [upbeat music continues]
["Far Far" by Yael Naim playing]
Far, far, there's this little girl ♪
She was praying for something
To happen to her ♪
Every day, she writes words
And more words ♪
Just to speak out the thoughts
That keep floating inside ♪
And she's strong when the dreams come
'Cause they ♪
Take her, cover her, they are all over ♪
The reality looks far now but don't go ♪
- [song fading]
- [upbeat music continues in background]
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
[clears throat]
Do you want me
to get you something to drink?
- [laughing]
- Oh, right.
It's a bit cold. Should we go back inside?
Matteo, I've had enough. Hmm?
I'm losing my patience.
I can't take it anymore.
I don't know if you like me or not.
- What?
- Actually, I'm sure you don't.
- You find me disgusting.
- How?
If you really liked me,
you would have made a move by now.
A gesture, a word, an attempt
The problem, if anything,
is that I like you too much.
What's that?
I know it's small,
but you should be able to tell.
I know what it is! I mean, what's it for?
will you marry me?
No, you'll probably
rather wait until spring.
Everyone gets married in spring.
But winter is your favorite season.
- So it'd be fine for me.
- No.
- No?
- No.
- No.
- No, I mean
Sorry, Matteo, but don't you think
that it would make sense
to at least, I don't know,
kiss before we get married?
A kiss.
The kiss. [clears throat]
There's nothing wrong with you, is there?
- No.
- No.
- No, I'm perfectly fine.
- [laughs] Good.
I just want to do things properly.
Yes, in a Jane Austen novel,
but this is 1962.
- And I'm not made of glass.
- I know.
It's just that I've dreamed of kissing you
so many times
that I don't
I'm afraid you'll be disappointed.
[clears throat]
All right.
disappoint each other.
- ["Far Far" by Yael Naim playing]
- How can you stay outside? ♪
There's a beautiful mess inside ♪
How can you stay outside? ♪
[Simone loudly] Hey! Finally!
- [Rosa] But
- [Matteo] Come on!
- [Simone] Good job, Matteo!
- [Matteo] Are you crazy? Stop it.
[Rosa] Idiots!
You ruined a beautiful moment.
- [Simone] The glasses!
- [cork popping]
[all laughing]
- [Simone] For you, ma'am.
- [Rosa] Thank you. It's a bit much!
["Far Far" continues playing]
Far, far, there's this little girl ♪
She was praying for something good
To happen to her ♪
[woman] Let's try and summon the spirits.
We need to form a circle.
There we go.
[music fading]
Why does your wonderful daughter Rosa
go out with that communist asshole?
She's naive.
At that age, you like everyone.
You could take advantage of it.
Our friends wouldn't mind having an eye
on the boy's parents.
You mean Lando and Doriana?
They're just parlor communists.
I don't see them
handing documents to the Soviets.
Keep an eye out.
I'm off.
Are you going back in?
- What, are you afraid of ghosts?
- [scoffs]
I don't believe in ghosts.
But you never know.
[man] What do you mean?
Your daughter Adele?
What would I tell her?
"I'm sorry I couldn't save you"?
It's been 20 years.
You can tell your family
that the child is dead!
Absolutely not.
The only thing that keeps my wife going
is the hope of finding her.
And Rosa too.
Only you and I know that she's dead.
And that's how it has to be.
[indistinct chatter]
["Dog Days Are Over"
by Florence + The Machine playing]
Happiness hit her ♪
Like a bullet in the back ♪
Struck from a great height ♪
By someone who should
Know better than that ♪
The dog days are over ♪
The dog days are done ♪
Can you hear the horses? ♪
'Cause here they come ♪
Run fast for your mother
Run fast for your father ♪
Run for your children
For your sisters and brothers ♪
Leave all your love
And your longing behind ♪
You can't carry it with you
If you want to survive ♪
The dog days are over ♪
The dog days are done ♪
Can you hear the horses?
'Cause here they come ♪
Here they come
The dog days are over ♪
The dog days are done ♪
[music fading]
[tranquil music playing]
Subtitle translation by: Andrea Coppola
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