Luna Park (2021) s01e03 Episode Script


Courtly love. Yes.
It's a kind of love
based on
an idealization of the beloved.
On the unattainable desire
of winning her heart.
the desire not to know her at all.
What's the matter, miss?
You don't like The Troubadours?
Not particularly. No.
I think they have
a somewhat belittling vision of women,
who are always the object of desire
without having one of their own.
I didn't ask for your opinion.
Actually, you did.
[Rosa crying]
- Rosa!
- [crying softly]
They told me you were here
at the front gate.
What happened to you?
I failed.
Because I dared
to disagree with the professor.
- Stop crying. Come on.
- What do you want from me?
I just wanted to apologize
for the other day.
Please, Nora, stop it.
Enough with the lies.
I want to know more about your sister.
Why? Hmm?
Did you read something else in the cards?
Nora, listen. Tell me what you know
or leave me alone, okay?
First, you have to tell me how it went.
But now come with me.
[soft piano music playing]
[Rosa] My mom keeps all the things
she doesn't want to throw away up here.
[both exclaim softly]
[Rosa] For a year and a half,
Adele and I were inseparable.
That day the nanny got distracted.
Adele managed to undo her belt
and crawl out of here.
And then she disappeared.
We were just babies, but maybe
Nora, please. If you know something,
you have to tell me.
[Rosa gasps]
The birthmark was here.
They covered it up when I was little.
I saw it in an old home movie.
What happened, then? Were you kidnapped?
I don't know!
But in my grandma's scrapbook,
I found a bunch of articles
about your family.
What did your grandmother say?
Did you ask her why?
She won't talk. She won't say a thing.
My dad doesn't know a thing
and my mom's dead, so
No! Your mother is alive. She's downstairs
and she's desperately looking for you.
We never lost hope, Adele.
Rosa, you can't tell anyone. Anyone.
We can't be sure.
Maybe it's just a coincidence.
But we have to understand
and know how things really went
Don't get crazy!
I knew I shouldn't have told you.
Why are you acting like this?
you're everything I've always hated!
- Who?
- You, rich people!
You're in here too, you know?
A piece of your past in every box,
now you can't pretend you don't know.
I already have a mother.
And I already have my own box of memories.
I don't need this junk.
I don't want it.
- Stop, please!
- [Nora] Leave me alone!
- [Rosa] Let's talk about it.
- No.
Promise me you won't tell anyone.
I promise.
You need time, I know.
But, please, stay here with me a while.
Didn't you have an exam?
Yes, Mommy, but I failed.
How come you're so excited, then?
Because the professor is a real jerk.
She's right not to care.
[Lucia] Oh, well.
I'm going out to buy a table lamp.
You girls want to come?
- No, thanks.
- It's just a stupid lamp. Let's go!
It's not stupid. It's important.
I need it to draw at night.
Mommy, why don't you
show Nora your drawings, huh?
I don't know.
They're pretty bad, truth be told.
Please, Mommy. It means a lot to me.
[Lucia] This is my daughter Adele
as I see her today.
This is from two years ago.
This one is how I thought Adele
would be when she was ten.
Back then I was even worse at drawing.
And this is my daughter Adele
one year after she disappeared.
I hadn't taken drawing lessons yet,
but it's the one
that looks like her the most.
It has to be.
It's beautiful, Mommy.
You know, when you lose a child,
you do silly things.
It's like
you're indulging your imagination.
But the more time goes by,
the sillier it gets.
I realize that, but
I feel she's close to me this way.
What can I say, miss?
Please call me Nora.
[menacing music playing]
[Matteo] All I can see is shadows.
[Simone] That's because
I need professional equipment.
I can't work miracles in a bathroom.
Matteo, you have to let me
use the darkroom at the newspaper.
Are you nuts?
We have proof of a murder!
The photos of the Loch Ness Monster
are better than these.
- Do you realize that?
- You don't have the expert eye.
- Trust me.
- Listen, Simone.
He's a movie star.
Why would he go around
strangling girls on a Friday night?
- Come on!
- No, wait. Wait.
Look at this sequence. Look.
She's uncomfortable, see?
He must have felt rejected.
Yeah. Sorry, but I'm late.
- I have to go.
- Matteo!
I can't get that scream out of my head.
- [band rehearsing]
- [indistinct chatter]
[man] We'll see.
For now, have him sign the contract.
[woman] Look at him!
From being a perfect nobody
to hosting a variety show.
A lame show, but still.
My dear, I may be a good talent scout,
but this time you deserve all the credit.
You think I'm a moron, don't you?
Don't be upset, darling.
I've been doing this for long enough
to know there's a fine line between
being a moron and a genius.
- Especially on TV.
- I'm not upset, no.
I'm way too happy.
Here, then.
Two tickets for the premiere
of my darling Sandro's new movie.
It's time to start showing
this ugly mug around town.
Are you serious?
Bring your girlfriend, if you have one.
No, I don't.
But that's not a problem anymore, right?
[laughing] Watch me.
Would you like to come to the premiere of
Sandro Ralli's new movie with me tonight?
No, thanks.
[man on TV] Sandro Ralli is relaxing
ahead of the premiere
of his new movie, Bello al Ballo.
Here he's walking in Villa Borghese
hand-in-hand with Linda Pertica,
his partner in the film.
Could it be love off screen too?
Who knows.
Meanwhile, tomorrow night we will see them
for the first time on the big screen,
dancing the twist.
- A dance from the US that's taking
- [line ringing]
[phone ringing]
- Hello?
- Hi, Lando! It's Tullio.
- Tullio?
- How's it going?
Everything is fine. Thanks.
Quite an eventful dinner we had, huh?
I'd say so.
But it was also kind of fun, wasn't it?
I'm not so sure.
Come on. At least it wasn't the usual
boring dinner. It was exciting.
You and Doriana were honest
and straight to the point. I liked that.
For some reason, no one
has the courage to talk to me like that.
Maybe it's because I'm so rich.
They must feel intimidated. Who knows?
Well, thank you.
There was something else
I wanted to talk about.
It's about my land
that I pinched from you.
You're quite direct yourself.
Well, what's the point of pretending?
We both know how the world works.
Of course.
So what did you want to talk about?
I was thinking that maybe
we could find a way
for my project to include
your shelter for bums.
What do you mean, "bums"?
This thing could be
convenient for me too.
If it's a charity,
I'll be able to save on some taxes.
I understand. That sounds interesting.
Let's talk about it.
Why don't we have another dinner?
- [Doriana softly] No! No, please!
- Uh, we'd love to.
We'll return
your kind dinner invitation then.
I accept the invitation.
Gladly. Thank you, Lando.
Say hi to Doriana for me.
Of course. I sure will. Bye, Tullio.
Thank you.
[intriguing music playing]
How can I help you if you don't know
the last name of this Gioia?
She's from Sardinia
and did an audition in Cinecittà.
Try and go there. Maybe you'll find out
what her last name was.
But no one's looking for her. We'd know.
So no dead bodies
found on the beach this morning?
- Where? What beach?
- No, I'll talk to the chief editor.
Unfortunately, there's nothing to say.
Thank you. Let's go.
Let's at least show the photos
to the editor.
No way. Go to Cinecittà
and find out what Gioia's last name was.
No, wait. I'll talk to Giggi, first.
He knows Ralli.
All Ralli did was fix his hair
with his saliva!
[Simone sighs heavily]
Seriously, Simone.
Don't get Giggi involved, please.
[Rosa] Look at this one.
It looks like Giggi. Let's buy it.
- [Lucia laughs] It's true.
- Right?
Let's prank him.
Put it in his bedroom tonight.
[laughs] Yes! It looks just like him.
My husband likes modern gadgets,
but I'm very into all these old trinkets.
- What a beauty! Look at this.
- [Rosa] Wow!
- [Lucia] And what is this?
- [Rosa] Wow!
It's a gyroscope.
- A gyroscope?
- Mm-hmm.
Ah! And what's that?
It's used to balance bicycles,
airplanes, anything that moves.
[Lucia] Nice.
My dad needs one to build some cars
that run around a track,
but he can't afford it.
But, dear, let me buy it for you!
No, that's not what I meant. Don't
But it's nothing. I insist.
She really wants to. It's nothing.
- It's probably old and broken.
- It's decided. Giorgio, we'll take it.
How is it Matteo's fault
that you failed the exam?
I don't know.
I was nervous because of our argument.
And the topic of the exam didn't help,
you know?
"Courtly love." Please.
It's done more harm than the atomic bomb.
Why don't you make up with Matteo?
He's such a dear boy.
Yes, but he's so uptight.
He's cowardly.
He's petulant.
But do you like him? Huh?
I mean, if you like him
If she likes him
I would be a bad mother otherwise.
I try my best to be a good mother.
But there's no need, actually, because
my daughter is perfect.
My mom is perfect too.
What about your mother?
But she's dead now.
I'm really sorry.
Don't worry.
What do you think about Matteo?
What should I think about a guy
who wears a scarf in this heat?
- [both laugh]
- It's just a little quirk he has.
It's really late, girls. We have to go.
Wait. Let me help you.
[Nora] Thank you.
Here you go.
It's Chanel No. 5. Did I put too much on?
You recognized it, right?
Well, all the ladies are wearing it now.
Let's go, dear. Come on.
[Sandro sniffling]
[Elvira] This idiot
wants to turn himself in!
It was just a tragic accident!
My son is too naive, too honest.
They'll tear him apart.
Sandro, your mother's right.
If you do that, they'll rip you apart.
The judge, the newspapers,
they'll grind you down
to your pinkie finger.
You'll go to jail and she'll go back
to living under a bridge.
Elvira, it's good you came to me.
Let's just hope
no one found the girl's body this morning.
- Mom, I
- No!
My son is not going to jail.
That's for sure.
Over my dead body.
Elvira, calm down. I know what I'm doing.
Do you think it's the first time
a client of mine is in trouble?
I guess I have to thank you for once.
Okay. Go on now, I'll keep you posted.
Sandro. Tomorrow, at the premiere,
I want you all cheerful and smiling, okay?
Of course.
I'm Sandro Ralli, after all.
[mischievous music playing]
[sighs heavily]
[mischievous music continues]
Minnella, my dear.
Today, you are my only hope.
Maybe we should have called the driver.
Why? You don't like your mom's driving?
[gears grinding]
So where am I going?
Where should I take you, Nora?
You can leave me wherever.
I'll walk from there.
Why walk? We have a car!
- No, really. I'll take a walk
- Nora is coming with us.
So we can finish studying.
Quiet on the set!
- And action!
- [weapons clanging]
[director] Go! Go on!
Keep going! Keep up the pace!
Go! Go!
- [whistling]
- Hey!
There's a dead body here.
Make it disappear.
Don't screw up, huh?
[Rosa] Nora, don't go.
Rosa, please.
You got everything you wanted today.
I mean, why?
How can you not want to know everything?
- I really don't get it.
- Get what?
That, in the best-case scenario,
my mom was a loony who kidnapped children?
I can't even ask her for an explanation.
But there has to be one.
I saw how you were looking at mom.
You must think I'm one of those dolls
you keep in the attic.
Just leave me alone! Fuck!
What? Your little sister
isn't how you imagined her to be?
I'm sorry.
[intriguing music playing]
[car approaching]
[Giggi] Hey. Look.
- [Simone] Hi.
- [Nora] Hi.
- What are you doing here?
- Leaving.
[sarcastically] No! I miss you already.
Stop it.
Wait. This concerns you too.
What happened?
Nothing. Simone went mad.
He's convinced that Sandro Ralli
is a murderer. [laughing]
Oh, I'm convinced? Okay.
Look at these.
["These Boots Are Made For Walkin'"
You keep sayin'
You've got somethin' for me ♪
Somethin' you call love, but confess ♪
You've been messin'
Where you shouldn't have been messin' ♪
And now someone else is gettin'
All your best ♪
These boots are made for walkin'
And that's just what they'll do ♪
One of these days
These boots are gonna walk all over you ♪
You keep lyin'
When you ought to be truthin' ♪
And you keep losin'
When you ought to not bet ♪
You keep samin'
When you ought to be changin' ♪
Now what's right is right
But you ain't been right yet ♪
These boots are made for walkin'
And that's just what they'll do ♪
One of these days
These boots are gonna walk all over you ♪
[Simone] She was there.
- [Giggi] Where?
- [Simone] Over there.
[phone ringing]
- Hello?
- Can I speak to Ettore?
- Excuse me, it's for me.
- [song fading]
We're coming.
Guys, there's nothing here.
[Giggi] Yes, I think
somebody had too much tequila last night.
No, Giggi. She screamed.
Stop making jokes.
You heard her too.
Yes, but it wasn't really a scream.
What do you mean?
There. See?
Anyway, Simone, sometimes
women scream for pleasure too, right?
- You idiot.
- You're a jerk.
- Giggi, you'd better shut up.
- What did I say?
I say we go to the police just to be safe.
No. I say we go to the newspaper
with my photos.
Again with the paper?
- You can't see anything!
- Because you have no imagination!
You could write a story,
prompt an investigation.
I'm a political journalist.
But this is political, Matteo.
How much is that poor girl's life worth,
and how much is Sandro Ralli worth?
If we don't create a scandal, no one
will know what happened to Gioia!
He's right.
We don't all have the same price tag.
Oh! Oh, we're so lucky!
Lucky for us, the carny is
giving us a lesson in politics.
We couldn't wait!
Tell me, how much is
the reward for finding your sister, huh?
You should know.
That's why you're working Rosa.
- Enough!
- And you're working him too.
You think I don't see right through you?
You don't know a thing! Shut up!
You shut up too! And you're about
to get your face rearranged.
- Huh?
- Enough!
A girl might have been killed
and you want to argue?
We're no longer in the park at the villa!
And we're not at the carnival!
You know what? None of this is my problem.
- I'm going back to the carnival.
- Nora, wait! I'll come with you.
- [Matteo] Let her go.
- You're giving me orders now?
Wait, I'll go.
Go ahead, Casanova. Go!
Get to work! Go!
[yelling] That's just perfect!
[Simone] Nora!
Nora, wait!
Hey, why are you acting like this?
What did Rosa tell you?
Nothing. She's a spoiled little girl.
No, she's not. Come on.
Rosa's smart, she's sensitive.
And she's sincere.
- Hey, will you stop?
- Do you know what I did today?
I went shopping with my mother!
With my mother!
It feels like a nightmare,
and I just want to wake up.
Is there anyone who can help you
understand how things went?
Only my grandmother, but she won't.
Are you sure?
Because you're a pretty tough girl.
Exactly. I get it from her.
But I'm sure you can make her see reason.
[sighs] You don't know her.
But I know you.
I don't think so.
[soft intriguing music playing]
- [Ettore] What are we doing, Miranda?
- It's an old trick.
When business is slow,
you pretend you have a client.
At least you're making yourself useful.
- Well?
- What?
What did the Grotta cousins want
on the phone?
- You're the fortune teller. You tell me.
- Mmm.
I've known those two
since they were babies.
They're criminals.
Yeah, sure.
And you're just a poor idiot.
They will fool you.
That's what the cards say.
And that's what those
dimwit eyes of yours say too.
Why don't you mind your own business?
- [client] May we come in?
- [Miranda] Two minutes.
This place
- is my business.
- Ah.
- And my daughter's.
- Yeah.
And Antonio's. They put
their heart and soul into this place.
[Ettore] Mm-hmm.
- Ettore.
- What?
We're talking about the future here.
And you're one to never look ahead.
- Um
- That's why you have to be careful.
The Grottas can fool you.
Why don't you come
and eat something with us?
I don't feel like it.
- Are you sure?
- Yes.
[somber music playing]
[Antonio] Nora. There you are, eh?
- Look what I've got.
- [laughs]
- You've put some effort into it.
- Yes. Want some?
You didn't tell me you were out tonight.
Didn't you tell me
I can do whatever I want?
Still with that kid?
- The rich dandy Miranda doesn't like?
- No.
Look what I've got for you.
It's wonderful, but
where did you get it?
I found it in a garbage can.
Your uncle Ettore
is scheming with the Grottas.
- No way!
- Mm-hmm.
You and I trust the people we love
a bit too much.
It's inevitable, sweetheart.
You can't really love someone
you don't trust.
No. [chuckles]
- [Giggi] No. Not a word here.
- [Rosa] Are you sure?
What are they doing?
- [Giggi] No dead bodies.
- [Rosa] Nothing at all?
Since when do you care
about the local news?
No, I was just looking
for some information
on tonight's premiere, Mom.
- Are you excited, honey?
- Very.
Of course! Not everyone
gets to hang out with Sandro Ralli.
[chuckling nervously]
I'm going to study
or else I'll fail the exam again.
Sounds like a great idea.
- Good job, darling.
- Thanks, Daddy.
- [Lucia] Hey.
- Hmm?
- Come.
- [Lucia] Are you going to the Baldis?
- [Rosa] No.
- [Lucia] How come?
[Rosa sighs] I don't know.
It's complicated.
[Lucia] I thought
you and Matteo had made up.
I saw you together last night.
[Nora] Listen,
what do you think about Nora?
If you like her, my darling
- What are you plotting behind my back?
- [Lucia exclaims]
- You have your little secrets, huh?
- What secrets?
Bye, my love.
Oh, we're having dinner
at the Baldis tonight.
- [woman] I called your brother.
- [Simone] No, miss.
I want to speak with the editor.
- [woman] I'm sorry, but
- Are you trying to get me fired?
If anything, I'll get you a promotion.
I appreciate a bit of imagination,
but I know Ralli pretty well.
He's a great kid.
And here you can't see anything.
- [Matteo] Exactly.
- No, sorry.
If you'd let me use your darkroom,
I could enlarge the photos,
try and make the image clearer.
Ten minutes, that's it.
I started out as a photojournalist,
you know?
I've got a little more
experience than you. Trust me.
- [Simone] Mmm.
- Even when it comes to women.
No young lady would resist Sandro.
[Simone] Mmm.
Why the long faces?
We should all be happy for Miss Gioia,
who I'm sure is doing great.
And for yourselves too. Because if Ralli
was a killer, you'd be in real trouble.
Us? Why?
Powerful people
know how to protect themselves.
Even from us. You tell him, Matteo.
[menacing music playing]
Okay, so what do you need the land for?
- [laughs nervously] That's a lot of money.
- Don't you know, cousin?
[Ettore] No, what?
Discretion these days
is worth its weight in gold.
[Ettore clears throat]
[exclaims and laughs]
Do you like it?
It's nice.
It looks a bit less like a van
and more like a house.
- [Ettore laughs]
- Hmm?
- [gasps and laughs]
- There you go!
You're blushing, Tina.
[Tina laughs]
It's nothing.
[Ettore sighs]
Is everything all right?
Everything's fine.
If you need anything,
don't hesitate to ask.
Like I said
[Celeste clears throat]
We're family here.
[Giggi] I told you,
you were just seeing things in your head.
[Simone] Maybe.
But can I come with you to the premiere?
No. I'm sorry, Simone.
I'd rather cash in on the invitation
and take a girl.
A girl? What girl?
[sighs] I don't know yet.
I'm working on it.
Come on. It's in an hour.
Who are you going to find?
What a nightmare, Simone! Just this once.
[sighs] Let's go, come on.
- I really want to look him in the eyes.
- Let's go and look him in the eyes.
- Wait.
- What?
Huh? No, I'll stay here a bit longer.
By yourself?
Maybe she'll come down.
[Simone] Yeah, right!
[Giggi] You're so mean!
[classical music playing in background]
[both mutter uncomfortably]
[Tullio] So, it's all set, then?
The first floor of my new building
will be entirely dedicated
to your shelter for bums
coming from the countryside.
[clears throat] Uh, what can we say?
Thank you.
- The party will be thrilled.
- And the bums too.
Not to mention incredulous.
Are you kidding, Lando? It's charity.
It's important to me.
Plus, I'll also save on taxes.
[chuckles] Everyone's happy.
I'm proud of you, my love.
So, everything's been sorted out already.
[laughs nervously]
And we're still on the appetizers.
May I use the toilet?
- It's down the hall.
- The maid will show you.
No, no, no. I've got it.
[Lando faintly] Thank you, dear.
Yes, thank you. I'll have a mozzarella
they're really good.
[suspenseful music playing]
[bangs head loudly]
[quietly] God damn it!
Damn it.
That's great news, right?
My husband always manages to surprise me.
Good for you.
Do you know what he did when he proposed?
He organized a treasure hunt
across the whole city.
And this ring Look, this one.
Guess where it was?
- Uh
- [Doriana] Where was it?
In the Trevi Fountain
among all those coins!
[Doriana] That must have taken some guts.
He took a big risk,
leaving such a nice rock
just floating like that in the water.
Well, yes.
But that's how he is.
Everything is a game to him.
[both laughing]
- Shall we play too?
- Huh?
I needed to clear my head.
I did
and I wanted to apologize.
Ah, um
You don't have to.
I said you put me on a pedestal,
but, actually, I did that too.
Both with you and with Adele.
What's Adele got to do with this?
Well, she was always
kind of my courtly love.
I had this image of her.
The thing is, Matteo
that we want reality
to be the way we dream of it.
But it's more complicated than that.
We have to grow up.
We don't have any choice.
[soft romantic music playing]
So what do we do now?
So we'll grow up together.
One step at a time.
Together, one step at a time.
[both] Um
- I'd ask you to come inside, but
- No.
No. I don't want to see your dad
after that dinner.
I'll get changed and we'll go to my place.
- Mmm.
- My parents will already be asleep.
- Hmm?
- Okay.
[romantic music continues]
[audience clapping]
[reporters] Sandro! A picture, please!
Sandro, a picture!
You girls too, give us a smile.
[reporter] A full theater for the premiere
for the sure-to-be-announced new success
of our all-Italian star, Sandro Ralli.
Here he comes. The handsome Sandro Ralli,
surrounded by the beautiful women
who had the honor of dancing with him.
[reporters] A picture, girls! One more!
Go ahead. Take a picture.
- [reporter] That's it. Fantastic.
- Thank you.
- [Giggi] Time to celebrate.
- [Simone] Oh, yeah.
Okay. That's enough. Thank you.
Doesn't he seem a bit tense?
It's his premiere. He must be nervous.
Anyway, I brought you here,
but I won't let you
ruin this night for me.
Ruin? No way!
Let's go and congratulate him.
No, we're not going to congratulate him.
He likes me. I don't want him
to change his mind because of you.
Tonight is just about fun.
Watch me.
[breathes deeply]
Enchanté, milady.
- Giggi Gabrielli, the host of Musicherò.
- [Simone stifling laughter]
- I'm engaged.
- [Simone chuckling]
My condolences. Sorry to hear that.
You too? It's a carnage these days.
- [reporter] Smile.
- [Sandro] What did I tell you?
- Last picture. Sandro, look here.
- [Sandro] Enough.
Enough. No more photos, please.
Let's enjoy this beautiful night.
- Good evening.
- [woman] Good evening.
- [all laughing]
- [Lucia] Ah! Ah! I know this one!
[Doriana] No, I've got it!
- It's Lassie Come Home!
- [Lucia] No! No!
It's not Lassie, Doriana!
It's a horse, not a dog!
- [imitating horse]
- It's not a horse! It's a dog!
A big, big, big dog!
- Yeah!
- What big dog? It's a horse! Ben-Hur?
[Lucia] No! It's Shane!
- [Lando] No.
- [Tullio] Stagecoach!
- [all exclaiming]
- [Tullio] Ah! Time's up!
- [Lando] Time's up!
- [Lucia] What was it?
- You almost had it.
- With Lassie Come Home?
- No.
- Is that it?
The Girl of the West.
Of course! I'm such an idiot!
What the heck is The Girl of the West?
Some art house film?
It's not a film.
It's one of Puccini's late operas.
- [Tullio] Whose opera? What a drag!
- [Lando] Puccini.
- [Lucia] I slept through it for sure!
- [both laughing]
Tell me something.
Why were you punching? I mean
- Those were hooves.
- [chuckling] Give me a break!
Honey, Lando is such a communist
that he even makes fists to play a horse!
- [Doriana] Communist!
- [all laughing]
- [Rosa] Mommy?
- [laughing stops slowly]
- Hi.
- [Lucia] Darling.
We were just playing.
Sorry, we didn't know
you were having a get-together.
We don't mind at all if you guys
want to go to the kitchen
and make yourselves something to eat.
[Tullio] Yes. Go ahead.
We'll move to the other room, so you can
carry on doing what you were doing.
[Tullio laughing] In the kitchen, though!
Right, Doriana?
Or else we'll get a democrat grandkid!
[soft romantic music playing]
If you're tired, you can go. I'll stay.
No, why? I'm here now.
What a drag!
You're always cranky.
You talk nonsense,
you go out with that guy.
And since when do you care about money?
I don't care about the money.
- That's not the problem.
- What is it, then?
You don't want to be free?
- Don't talk about things you don't know.
- You're shutting me out.
Do you want to go sunbathe
at the river tomorrow?
- Maybe.
- Come on!
I won't see him again, anyway.
I wasted my time with those people.
What happened?
Ugh. Stop asking questions
or I'll beat you up!
[bumper cars stop]
I'm going for a ride.
[soft romantic music continues]
[band playing upbeat music]
[upbeat music continues]
[upbeat music continues]
[upbeat music continues]
- [music fading]
- [inaudible]
[menacing music playing]
Who is it?
[chuckling] Oh!
I've sacrificed everything.
- For who, Sandro?
- [Sandro laughs softly]
For my fans, of course.
[both laugh]
[Giggi] For your fans.
Hey! Are you crazy?
Do you remember me?
Giggi Gabrielli. We have the same agent.
We met, you combed my hair.
- Of course.
- Ouch.
Take this, Giggi.
No, that's enough.
It's time to drink water.
No, it's time for you to shut up.
You talk too much.
Why are you in a bad mood, Sandro?
It's a beautiful night.
They just won't go away.
[softly] Those little eyes.
Those little eyes.
They won't go away.
I keep seeing them, you know?
What are you talking about?
[blows raspberry and laughs]
I'm talking about my fans, of course.
Oh, you're talking about your fans.
- They always stare.
- You don't look great, Sandro.
- I'll slap you in the face!
- Slap me? Why?
- Wait. What were you saying?
- Get the fuck out of my way!
[crowd cheering and screaming]
["Sing for Absolution" by Muse playing]
Lips are turning blue ♪
A kiss that can't renew ♪
I only dream of you ♪
My beautiful ♪
[Rosa moaning]
- Tiptoe to your room ♪
- [moaning continues on mic]
A starlight in the gloom ♪
I only dream of you ♪
And you never knew ♪
Sing for absolution ♪
I will be singing ♪
And falling from your grace ♪
[song continues playing]
There's nowhere left to hide ♪
In no one to confide ♪
The truth burns deep inside ♪
- And will never die ♪
- [song fading]
- [somber music playing]
- [projector whirring]
Tell me what happened
or I'll go talk to Dad.
I'll wake him up right now.
Are you threatening me?
I thought you loved me.
I can't trust you anymore.
So I can't love you either.
You win, my dear.
But you're making me open up an old wound
and pour a whole bag of salt on it.
I'll tell you what happened.
But don't you dare judge us.
[dramatic music playing]
[soft piano music playing]
[piano music continues]
Subtitle translation by: Andrea Coppola
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