Luna Park (2021) s01e05 Episode Script


["Everybody's Gotta Live"
by Arthur Lee playing]
Everybody's gotta live ♪
And everybody's gonna die ♪
Everybody's gotta live ♪
I think you know the reason why ♪
[Rosa] What are you doing?
It's so nice in here!
You chose some wonderful colors!
It's very spacious too.
You like "The Twist"?
Me too.
It's a bit frivolous, but it's catchy.
What are you doing here?
I want to fix things between us.
my grandma told me everything.
The story about the stroller isn't true.
I was kidnapped.
[whispers] By these people?
[whispers] If anything,
these people saved me.
Garbatella. The low-income
housing projects. Do you know them?
No, of course I don't.
That's where they found me
locked up in a basement.
And there was a tall man with a cane.
My grandmother thinks he was guarding me.
If that's true,
we have to tell Mom and Dad now.
No, Rosa.
I don't want to see you guys anymore.
Because if your parents find out,
your mother
will take me away from here,
give me a tetanus shot
and put a ribbon on my head.
You're talking nonsense, Nora.
my father is the person
I love most in the world.
If he finds out I'm not his daughter,
he'll never get over it.
It would kill him.
And you might even
discover something unpleasant
about your perfect family.
Why? What happened to you
is definitely not their fault.
How can you still believe
the story about the stroller?
I envied you, you know?
I thought you had more courage than me.
What does courage have to do with it?
All right.
So, basically, you couldn't
care less about your real parents.
You'd rather let them suffer, right?
And you don't care about Simone, either.
No. I don't care about him.
It's the first time
he's fallen in love, you know?
I've never seen him
so crazy about someone.
But you don't care.
Right. How silly of me!
You know what?
I'm leaving. Do as you wish.
- Where are you going?
- Out!
You don't get it. No one can see you here.
Come with me.
[indistinct chatter]
How can you not care about me either?
We're sisters.
You can't really tell.
At least we agree on one thing.
[soft melancholy music playing]
[somber music playing]
I'll end up in jail
and so will your father. Well done!
You're not going to jail, Grandma!
Rosa won't tell anyone.
You've been hanging out with those people.
It's the first time you lie to me.
I grew up in a lie thanks to you.
Maybe that's true.
I did raise you based on a lie.
But it's done now
and all you can do is forgive me.
Why should I, huh?
Because everyone has
the right to have a secret. That's why.
Says who?
Your grandmother does!
[soft piano music playing]
[woman] Good morning. Hi.
[Simone] Matteo!
- What are you doing here?
- I need to ask you a favor.
Didn't we establish
it was all in your head?
No. Not after what I saw last night.
[quietly] Ralli is guilty.
Let me use the darkroom.
Matteo, I'm not asking as your brother,
I'm asking as a journalist.
Come with me.
[Simone] This is heaven!
Look at this machine!
- [Matteo] Yeah, better than sex!
- Like you would know!
Let's say that Rosa's been reading
modern literature lately.
I have to keep up with her.
- Ah!
- Mmm.
- Let me get to work now. Go.
- Mmm.
- Behave yourself.
- Yes.
[soft intriguing music playing]
- [Ettore] Good morning.
- [Miranda] Good morning.
[Ettore] What happened here?
- The canopy fell.
- Where were you?
Let me help you.
This was my gift to you.
If it breaks, I have to fix it.
- Ettore?
- Yes?
My "The Flight" sketches are gone.
- Yes, I know.
- How do you know? Did you take them?
- Yes.
- Why?
It's a surprise.
I don't like surprises. Come with me.
I just took the sketches
for "The Flight" and I gave them to
a manufacturing company
that will make an amazing ride.
It was supposed to be a gift,
not get you so upset.
You took the Grottas' offer?
Yes, yes.
It would've been foolish not to.
What kind of deal did they offer you,
for this much money?
[angrily] Listen, if you want me to stay,
you have to give me some space.
- I can't always
- No!
Because if the police shut us down,
we're all ruined!
What? I'm doing this for all of us!
For you, for that old hag,
and for your daughter!
- Leave my daughter out of it.
- Why should I?
Did you see the guy
she's going out with? Did you?
What are you talking about?
You don't know
because your head is up in the clouds!
He's rich, with nice clothes
and a camera that's worth more
than this whole place!
Your daughter is ashamed of you.
She's ashamed of you, of me,
of everyone here!
Look, I'm sorry.
Why are we even arguing?
[Antonio breathes deeply]
Let's put it this way.
You took care of Tina
to clear your conscience.
I know.
And I fucked up, and
to clear my own conscience,
I bought you a ride.
We cannot get into more shady stuff.
The war is over.
For people like us, the war is never over.
[somber music playing]
[intriguing music playing]
[suspenseful music playing]
[liquid sloshing]
[Matteo] Simone?
So? How did it go?
You were right. There's nothing to see.
I was being an idiot.
[band playing upbeat jingle]
- [playing stops]
- [mouthing]
And now, ladies and gentlemen,
our new game!
Come and play the Music Bet Slip with us!
Guess the ten biggest hits of the week
and you will win
a state-of-the-art refrigerator.
- One scratch and you're paying for it!
- No, there's no scratch.
I barely touched it.
It's like it's made of cardboard.
[yelling] It's cheap! Like you!
Who decided to entrust a show like this
to a twenty-year-old moron?
You did.
I mean because you hired me, that's why.
[Sandro clapping]
It's the perfect time for a coffee break.
Sandro, my dear!
Excuse me, but Sandro Ralli needs me.
[upbeat music playing]
I think I had a bit too much to drink
at the party last night.
[both laughing]
But I remember.
Oh, I remember.
You and your friend were there.
Tell me if I'm wrong.
You two helped me and
Yes. Don't worry, though.
It's happened to me a lot.
Listen, did I happen
to say anything weird?
- Because when I drink, I talk nonsense.
- Like what?
I don't know.
I don't remember a thing.
[sighs in relief]
Me neither.
After all those drinks, I mean
It was some night, huh?
Sandro, can you teach me?
- You want to smoke?
- Yes.
It would be a pleasure, my friend.
You should know that smoking is an art.
It's like acting.
- You need practice.
- So I have to do it often?
Did you see those American actors,
like James Dean?
What do they do? They're famous
because they use their hand.
- The hand is their secret.
- The hand.
You get your hand
slowly closer to your face.
- Slower, Giggi.
- Slower.
And then you take a nice, long puff.
- That's why you need practice.
- I'm sorry.
- You look just like Marlon Brando.
- [chuckles] Yeah, right.
Ah, you should be happy, Giggi.
Starting tomorrow, you'll be famous too.
Cars, parties
surrounded by women.
I bet it feels great, doesn't it?
You'll be surrounded by women,
but not a single male friend, Giggi.
Well, I mean, there's worse in life.
Did you drive here?
No. My ditzy sister
is driving the car today.
No problem. I'll give you a ride.
If it's not too much trouble.
Not at all.
[opera music playing faintly]
What are you learning that for?
As soon as the lights go off,
you fall asleep.
I want to stay awake this time.
Because you're trying to impress
the Baldis. Am I right?
You're starting to like them too.
Admit it.
No way! We just spent
one fun evening together, that's all.
Do you realize that Rosa and Matteo
have serious feelings for each other?
And do you realize that I will never
let some commies become family?
Rosa is changing.
We made a mistake with her.
We raised her inside a bubble.
Oh, come on. What bubble?
Don't be dramatic.
We would have been better parents
had we not lost Adele.
Rosa turned out just fine.
[laughs] Yes, that's true.
But she's looking for something different.
You should see this new friend of hers.
She's bizarre to say the least,
and Matteo
Matteo too is different.
Communists are not "different."
We give to charity too, but unlike them,
we don't expect to change the world.
They just talk about it a lot.
Talking counts. It really does.
And so does silence.
Doriana was right. There's always
too much noise in this house.
[tennis balls clacking]
[Giggi] He showed up
at the rehearsal out of nowhere.
He was acting strange.
[Simone] He wasn't. He was worried.
He wanted to know if we understood
what he was raving about last night.
Or maybe he thinks I'm a nice guy,
because I am a nice guy.
[scoffing] No, that's out of the question.
- What do you mean "no"?
- [sighs]
You don't get it. He's just using you.
He wants to control you.
- Are you sure you're not just jealous?
- [scoffs]
Are you insane?
You should see how fast he drives his car.
We got stopped by the police,
but when they saw who it was,
they asked for his autograph
and let us go.
If he really did kill Gioia,
he'd be untouchable, you know?
[Matteo] So he killed her?
What was in those pictures?
[Rosa] Hey!
What's going on?
Simone used the darkroom at the newspaper.
Yes, but nothing showed up.
Tell me the truth.
[groans loudly] It is the truth!
God, this is so boring!
You're trying to protect us, right?
I can tell you're afraid for us,
and for Nora.
Nora doesn't want to see us anymore.
- What?
- She said she wants nothing to do with us.
Including me?
Especially you.
Please, don't be so insensitive.
Show some tact with this young man.
He just lost his best friend.
That would be me.
- And now his girlfriend too.
- Will you stop it?
- [Matteo] Hey!
- [Giggi] Have you gone crazy?
- Let's go take a walk.
- No! Please, leave me alone!
[racket clatters]
- All right.
- He's lost it.
Hey. Give me that.
If you make it too tight,
it'll be jerky when it moves.
It has to float up slowly.
In the air, right?
Like a child dreaming of flying.
[contemplative music playing]
- [band playing upbeat music]
- [crowd exclaiming]
[Nora] Go, Tina!
- [music climaxing]
- [Nora] Bravo!
Whoo! Bravo!
[woman] Whoo!
I'm sorry. I'll just steal the stage
for a minute, ladies and gentlemen.
I took the liberty
of organizing this little party,
first of all, to thank my brother,
my beautiful niece,
and all of you, who with your kindness,
and your affection
have basically
given me no choice but to stay.
Long live the carnival!
- [all cheering]
- [Nora] Hooray!
[band playing whimsical music]
Good job.
[singer] I put love aside ♪
In these terrible days ♪
I put my dreams aside ♪
And the most beautiful memories ♪
I put love aside ♪
Because that's what's left ♪
On this moving ride ♪
On this moving ride ♪
[woman] Whoo!
[singer] I put love aside ♪
- [Celeste] You're so beautiful!
- Put me down!
[singer] Like a new hope ♪
Like a talking sky ♪
Alone in a room ♪
I put love aside ♪
I wear it like a smile ♪
[Antonio] Nice!
I put your eyes aside ♪
Your mouth ♪
And your beautiful face ♪
You see, there's nothing to explain ♪
Because love is a leaf ♪
That you can't break ♪
There is nothing ♪
There's nothing going wrong ♪
Look at this man who keeps on dancing ♪
Even with a limp ♪
It's a carnival ♪
It's a never-ending roller coaster ♪
Look at this man who greets ♪
And smiles, and thanks life ♪
[band continues playing]
[singer] I put love aside ♪
In absolute desolation ♪
I put seconds and minutes aside ♪
I put hours aside ♪
I put resentment aside ♪
And trade it for love ♪
As with trading cards ♪
A child in a courtyard ♪
[Giggi singing indistinctly]
I should close the door ♪
Now I'm closing the door ♪
- Now I'm closing it.
- [door closes]
[singing indistinctly]
- Ahh!
- Shh!
- Are you nuts?
- No, you're nuts.
What are you doing up?
It must be 2:00 in the morning.
I was waiting for you.
What an honor!
You want my car keys,
but I won't give them to you.
- No, I don't want your car, Giggi!
- No?
Come. I have something to show you.
- No, please.
- Come on! Come with me!
Pretty please!
- Mm-hmm.
- You know who this guy is?
- [Giggi] I have no idea.
- Isn't it weird?
It's a photo from my christening.
- He must be family.
- Yes, maybe.
But you know, Rosa,
I wasn't even born at that time.
What's your point, Rosa?
I don't know, but something doesn't
add up in our sister's story, right?
Yes. Something doesn't add up.
But you'll have to excuse me, Rosa,
because I'm exhausted.
I'm exhausted because tonight
I was at one of those parties
where you really need to know
how to dance,
and how to sing.
And you also need to be a smooth talker.
Because smooth talk,
done properly, sometimes can
- Ouch!
- Giggi! What are you doing?
- This chair is very small.
- Oh, come on.
[Giggi grunts]
Wait. [clears throat]
I'm listening.
is our sister.
- Oh, God. You've lost it!
- It's true.
Her grandma confessed to it.
But the version she told Nora
is a bit different from the one we know.
Whose grandma? What version?
The carnies found her
locked up in a basement.
And there was a tall man with a cane
hanging around nearby.
[sarcastically] A tall man with a cane!
What a unique specimen! It must be him!
[laughs] Rosa, don't you get it?
- She's playing you!
- She'd have no reason to, Giggi!
Why don't you believe me?
Nora is our sister.
Come here.
You're not going to find her.
Hey, look at me.
You'll have to make do with me.
I care about you a lot.
That's why I'm telling you the truth.
All right.
So now talk about it with Dad.
Tell him what Nora told you.
Show him the photo of the tall,
shady man so you can snap out of it.
- Goodnight.
- You know I can't do that, Giggi.
Besides, Dad might not
want to tell us the whole truth.
- [all arguing]
- [Doriana] No!
I had nothing to do with this!
- [arguing continues]
- [Doriana] No! It was him!
He allowed the Gabriellis to buy the land!
- [Lando] That's not true!
- [arguing continues]
- [man 1 on radio] We'll go on strike!
- [man 2 on radio] Strike it is!
[band playing upbeat music]
[strained] I'm fine.
He's good.
Come on.
The merry-go-round is about to start!
Come quick!
- The horses are leaving! Come with me!
- [Nora] Kids.
- [Celeste] Come here.
- [Nora] One, two
[Celeste] All set? Everybody ready?
Say, "Bye, mom! We're leaving!"
[Nora] Bye!
Celeste! I'll be right there.
[mysterious music playing]
Nora! I don't get it. I opened up to you.
I was there for you.
And now you don't want to see me anymore?
Sorry, you're right, but I
I have something to show you. Come.
- I'm working.
- It's important.
Why are we here?
Oh, my God, he killed her!
- He strangled her!
- Shh! Lower your voice.
What do your friends say?
[Simone on radio] Nobody else knows.
I didn't want to put them in danger.
Simone, if you take this
to the newspaper, you'll be rich.
Yes, but I don't want to anymore.
[Nora] Why?
Ralli is a money machine.
And we're taking a huge risk.
Think about Gioia's parents.
They must be desperate.
We have to take them to the police.
[Simone] We could
leave the photos anonymously.
- [Nora] Yes. Let's go.
- Let's go.
[phone ringing]
- Who is it?
- It's Minnella.
At this time of night?
Someone better have died.
They did, in fact, as you well know.
There are two witnesses
who know what your protégé did.
A young couple.
They even took photos.
Tell me you're joking, please.
I can take care of it.
But this involves a lot more risk.
Ralli can afford it. Name your price.
It'll have to reflect the risk.
All right!
Just make sure you do everything you can.
[menacing music playing]
I know you think I made a mistake, honey.
Maybe I shouldn't have said anything.
But, please, don't hate me.
We need you to watch over us, my love.
Watch over Nora.
She's spinning out of control
and I'm sure she'll do something stupid.
And watch over your husband too.
Because if he finds out the truth
his heart will break in two.
Please help us, my child.
[wind rushing]
Who's there?
Is that you?
Okay, I'll go now.
When will I see you again?
I don't know.
My grandma told me everything.
It's true, the Gabriellis are my parents.
So why don't you want to see them?
Because I chose my true family over them.
What about me?
You're too close to them. It's dangerous.
My dad could find out.
Nora, you don't have to pick a side.
Who said you can't stand in the middle?
[sighs] Rosa is right.
I don't have the courage.
I don't want to lose you.
Simone, we went on one date.
It's not like we are
Come on. Enough bullshit.
[Tullio] The Baldis again?
You said they weren't spies.
Just like I've been saying since day one.
[Minnella] Lando and Doriana are okay.
But I have a problem with their son.
- [Tullio] Which one? Matteo?
- No.
- The other one.
- Hmm.
Do me a favor.
Find a way for me
to have a private chat with him.
I have to talk to him alone.
About what?
Just take the kid somewhere
somewhere quiet.
And leave him there for me.
We both know how you paid
for that thingamajig.
Just tell me what Ettore did.
He won't say.
He has brought negative energy here.
There's a spirit in the park, Antonio.
I felt it.
You know I have a gift, don't you?
Making up bullshit, that's your gift.
Listen to me.
There's a spirit that
is searching for peace.
It's my spirit, Miranda.
Be quiet.
Quit summoning spirits, and go back
to the accounting. It's for the best.
[clears throat]
- [utensils clattering]
- [indistinct chatter]
Good afternoon!
Hello, love!
What's going on?
We're setting up the room
to enjoy the show.
What show?
Giggi's show. It's tonight.
Right! Giggi's show is tonight.
Thank you.
- [Lucia] Honey, will you help us?
- Mom, I'm studying, please.
How many guests are coming?
Actually, it will only be us and the help.
No Matteo and Simone?
[Rosa] They're at the studios with Giggi
for emotional support.
Oh, well. He surely needs that.
All this stuff just for us?
Isn't it a bit too much, my love?
Look at this picture I found
of Adele and I.
Let me see.
It's nice, isn't it?
Yes, very nice.
- Where did you find it?
- In the attic.
[Lucia] What's that, dear?
[Rosa] A photo of our christening,
I believe.
Let me see.
- Oh, look, Alfio.
- Who's Alfio?
Alfio, your godfather.
He was a special person.
But he ran off to America with his family,
and we never heard from him again.
Oh, really? And when was that?
A long time ago during the war.
It's an old story.
Let's not talk about it.
So when's the show going to start?
In a couple of hours.
Were you really good friends, Dad?
- Well, yes.
- Inseparable.
You wouldn't remember, dear.
You were tiny.
Just a baby.
[chuckles] Listen, I'll go make
a couple of phone calls in my study.
My love?
- My love?
- Yes.
- I'll be right back, my love.
- Okay.
- [door opening]
- [Antonio] Nora?
Hey, can you come outside
and help me put the sign up?
No. Ask Celeste.
Right. You don't care
about the Luna Park anymore.
What are you talking about?
That's not true!
- I wish you were a bit more free.
- More than I already am?
If someone's free, they don't run away.
You're dating someone
but pretend you're not.
You have no clue, Dad.
I want you to be happy.
Don't I look happy to you?
Are you?
I'm running away.
Not from you, though, not from us.
I would never.
What are you running away from, then?
Listen, sweetheart.
Whatever the problem is,
you have to be yourself.
You have to be Nora.
Are you ready? Do you know the lines?
- I sure do.
- Ah.
The contestants, though,
I don't know where they found them.
One forgets his lines,
another can't find his mark.
They're incompetents.
I don't know. It's going to be a disaster.
[Simone] It's going to be fine.
- Where's my champion?
- Sandro.
Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Cinema.
But what have you done, Sandro?
You'll steal the spotlight in that suit.
You think this is too much?
I'll take it off.
No. That'd be worse.
You'd steal the spotlight even more. Uh
Sandro will do me the honor
of being my guest star.
[Matteo] Your what?
My guest star.
Like a special guest, you know?
These are my friends.
- Sandro Ralli. My pleasure.
- Yes, I know who you are. Matteo Baldi.
And you are?
- Simone.
- I think we've met before, haven't we?
- No. I don't think so.
- I could've sworn we have.
- Champagne?
- [Sandro] I don't drink.
Bambi, are you ready?
Yes, of course.
"Bambi" is just a pet name.
Please, forget it. Excuse me.
If you'll excuse me.
[sinister music playing]
[Antonio] So? Do you like it?
- It's beautiful.
- Shall we?
I have to do something first.
You were right.
[wistful music playing]
[band playing upbeat music]
[audience clapping]
Ladies and gentlemen,
good evening and welcome.
I am Giggi Gabrielli
and this is Musicherò!
Turn it up.
The most amazing music quiz show
on Italian television.
After Canzonissima, of course.
But only here can you compete and,
why not, even win,
with our exclusive Music Bet Slip.
Let's go and find out who our guests are
for this first episode,
other than my wonderful jacket,
of course! Ha-ha!
Our three contestants!
Paola from Rome! Lino from Verona!
And Stefania from Catania!
- It even rhymes.
- [audience chuckling]
[Giggi] Also
we have a special guest.
For our opening night,
we have our own guest star,
as they would say in America.
Here on Musicherò, Italy's most famous,
best-looking actor
with the slickest hairdo
Sandro Ralli!
[audience clapping]
Sandro, it's such a pleasure and honor
to have you as a godfather to this
What do we call it?
"Baptism of fire"?
The pleasure is mine.
I'll say a few words.
Of course.
Ladies and gentlemen,
tonight, on this stage,
you're looking at what, exactly?
The past, the present
and the future, Giggi Gabrielli.
[Lucia exclaims]
- Is he wearing makeup?
- That's what they do on TV.
Isn't it a bit too much?
Yes, he looks like Grandma Ada.
- [both laughing]
- Shh!
[Tullio] Not to mention the jacket!
Is that his?
No, he looks sharp. I like it.
- He looks like a Christmas tree.
- [Lucia] No.
It's very simple. All you have to do
is guess the missing word
from the song that our wonderful
orchestra will play for you live.
Wow, he's good! He's great, isn't he?
- [Tullio] You think?
- He's great, Mommy.
Remember to push the buzzer only when
you're absolutely sure
you know the answer, okay?
- [Giggi] You have to be sure, all right?
- Wow!
Sandro, what's left to say?
All we can do is listen
to the song of the first round.
Orchestra, music!
[band playing piano melody]
Those incredible tan lines ♪
And the sunburned skin ♪
I love this song.
- I know this one.
- Of course. We all do.
- But there's one girl ♪
- [band playing upbeat tune]
Who's bathing ♪
In the ♪
[trumpet warbling comically]
Paola from Rome! Paola from Rome!
Paola from Rome!
A fellow Roman! So, please, don't make us
look bad. Okay, Paola from Rome?
[laughing] So, Paola from Rome,
what does this girl bathe in?
- Sun lotion.
- Sun lotion!
No, what?
- No!
- [Tullio] Sun lotion?
Where do they find these people?
[Giggi] Sandro,
could it be the sun lotion?
- No, ma'am. You slipped on the sun lotion.
- [Giggi laughs]
- Esther, even you know this one.
- [Lucia] Even Esther knows the answer.
[Giggi] only when
you are absolutely sure.
Holy mackerel! Don't do it again.
Lino from Verona!
Look at the faces he's making.
I think he looks really good on camera.
- [Rosa] Yes.
- Yes.
- What does the girl bathe in?
- Under a parasol?
[Giggi] A parasol? No. It's not a parasol.
- [doorbell rings]
- [Tullio] Don't worry, Esther.
I'll get it. I'm here.
- [Giggi] No, Lino! You should
- [doorbell rings]
You should pay attention
to the hints we give. I mean
There's one who bathes in ♪
What does she bathe in,
Stefania from Catania?
What is it? Stefania from Catania,
what does she bathe in?
Nothing? Stefania is giving up
her right to speak.
Why doesn't she even try? But
What game is it if they don't play?
- Don't worry, Mommy. It's okay.
- I'm just sorry for Giggi, darling.
[Giggi] And now the orchestra
will reveal the missing word
of this first round.
- But there's one girl ♪
- [band playing lively tune]
Who's bathing in ♪
The moonlight ♪
The moonlight, ladies and gentlemen!
- The moonlight!
- [audience clapping]
- Moon tan ♪
- [band playing lively music]
Milky white tan ♪
You stay all night on the roof ♪
Just like cats do ♪
And when there's a full moon ♪
- You become pure white ♪
- Rosa?
A friend of yours came to see you.
Please, come in. Something to drink?
[Nora] No, thanks.
[Tullio] Come in! Are you sure
you don't want something to drink?
- [Nora] No.
- Hi, dear.
Tin, tin, tin, moonbeams ♪
Tin, tin, tin, kiss you ♪
Nobody in this world ♪
Is as white and pure as you ♪
What are you doing here?
- They have to know.
- Now? Like this?
Now. Like this.
And who is this nice young woman?
[singing continues on TV]
I'm your daughter.
[Tullio] What?
[chuckles nervously] Is that a joke?
[Tullio laughing]
It's not a joke, Dad.
She's our Adele.
I'm sorry, darling, but didn't you say
you were friends from university?
Listen, I can tell you everything I know.
But my father can never know.
Your father? Didn't you just
say I was your father seconds ago?
No. My father's name is Antonio.
We're carnies at the Luna Park.
Carnies! Of course!
I'm sorry. I don't understand.
How can this girl be our daughter
if she has a father
whose name's Antonio and he's a carnie?
Don't you get it, my love?
They're lowlifes. They're after my money.
How much do you want
to put an end to this charade?
I don't want your money.
You only take checks? [laughs]
[Rosa] Dad, stop it!
Show him your back.
- Please.
- [suspenseful music playing]
Under the tattoo, there's Adele's
butterfly-shaped birthmark.
[Tullio] Of course!
The birthmark's covered by a tattoo.
How convenient.
How long have you been manipulating
our daughter?
No, wait. Let's hear what she has to say.
If there was even the slightest chance
This is a scam.
We will not be conned in our own house.
This is ridiculous.
See how stubborn you are?
You two are the same!
- Who?
- You and her.
Really? So it's "you and her" now?
Well, you know what?
I'm even more stubborn than her!
And this farce ends here!
Why do you think it's a scam, Dad?
Will you tell me?
I said, enough!
Whoever is behind this sham
is going to pay.
Tullio! Tullio, where are you going?
- Where is he going?
- [Lucia] I don't know.
- But you can stay. Maybe we can talk
- [Nora] Wait!
[dramatic music playing]
[soft piano music playing]
Subtitle translation by: Andrea Coppola
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