Lupin (2021) s03e05 Episode Script

Chapter 5

[men shouting]
Someone ratted you out, Férel.
Who? Your accomplice?
For the tenth time,
I don't have an accomp
Hmm, I know.
I know you don't.
[Ben sighs]
Hey, the Black guy with you
who isn't in the footage from that night.
- I've never seen him before.
- [Guédira] Seriously?
You think he's coming to save you?
Diop is egotistical. He's selfish.
Look how he treats his family.
Why would you be different?
We're gonna find something
that incriminates you.
We got a letter saying
you were gonna steal the bracelet.
Diop betrayed you.
So I'm your only way out of here.
Tell me he's alive,
and where he is, and I'll let you go.
[Guédira inhales deeply]
I promise.
I'll tell you where.
[Guédira sighs]
Go ahead.
Avenue Feuillant.
- Avenue Feuillant.
- Lot 51.
Lot 51.
The cemetery.
Uh, Père Lachaise.
[Guédira clears throat]
And if you wanna interrogate him,
you'll need to bring a shovel.
[Keller] Ferdinand, get down here.
[penknife clicks]
Don't move. I'll be back.
[footsteps on stairs]
- Yes?
- [Keller] This has to move faster.
We need to find a broker for the painting.
Someone who can get
the word out on the market.
Okay, and how much is this painting worth?
I'd say around 20 million.
[Keller] In that case,
we need to ask for 50.
As soon as we're done with the painting,
we contact Diop and kill Mariama.
After the old lady's dead,
we get outta here.
[suspenseful music playing]
[Belkacem gasps softly]
[Keller] Diop's finally gonna pay
for what he did to me.
[cell phone vibrates]
Sanni, is that you?
Listen to me, I don't have much time.
They said they're gonna sell
the painting, then kill me.
Assane, hurry.
[footsteps on stairs]
[suspenseful music intensifies]
Captain, we haven't found anything.
How about you?
No, nothing.
[footsteps receding]
Did he tell you anything?
Nothing. Diop ratted him out,
but he's staying quiet. I don't get it.
Stop with the Diop thing.
Férel's the one who stole the bracelet.
- He could have the pearl.
- No, that makes no sense.
- Férel is just an accomplice.
- Okay, listen.
If there's someone else,
he's long gone by now.
Guédira, you hear me?
[Guédira chuckles softly]
Hello, Ganimard.
[Belkacem] Hello?
- [Assane] I have a problem. A new enemy.
- [sighs]
I gotta stop them.
I'm gonna need your help.
The Red Silk Scarf. The only time
Lupin and Ganimard teamed up.
[handcuffs rattle]
If we're gonna team up,
I need your confidence.
No chance.
[handcuffs click]
[Assane sighs]
Nice work. Tell me everything.
How did you get out of that grave?
Before that, how did you get
into the coffin? I didn't see anything.
A magician never reveals his secrets.
Oh, yeah?
I bet the coffin had a false bottom.
[chuckles] Well done.
[both laugh]
All right, easy.
So, are you gonna help me?
I don't care about any of that.
I care about arresting you.
And now you're here.
I got you. Nice and safe.
[Guédira sighs]
[handcuffs click]
I'll stay here if I want.
First, you gotta help me.
Then I turn myself in.
The problem is that in The Red Silk Scarf,
Lupin ends up tricking Ganimard.
- I know that's what you're gonna do.
- No.
- Listen to my plan first.
- [knock at door]
[door rattles]
Guédira, it's me. We got cut off. Open up.
No, no, no, no, no, wait.
You can't come in.
What do you mean,
I can't come in? Open the door.
Actually, I'm not alone right now.
Um, I'm with my girlfriend.
- [clicking]
- [Belkacem] Excuse me?
- You're with your girlfriend at work?
- [Guédira] Yeah.
- [Belkacem] What are you guys doing?
- Nothing. Just come back later.
Okay, well, have fun together.
- And call me when you feel like working!
- Okay.
See you, Sophie.
[Guédira] Bye-bye. Ciao!
- Call me.
- Yeah.
- What are you doing?
- Giving them back.
It's not a game.
[Assane chuckles]
- Be cool.
- I won't be cool.
You'll arrest them,
and you're gonna get a Manet,
the pearl, and Tara Xang's bracelet.
I really don't care.
[Assane] Just think about it.
They have my mom,
and they're threatening to kill her.
[Guédira clicks tongue]
- Any idea who it is?
- I don't know.
All right, yeah. Okay.
I want guarantees.
I'll sign a confession, no problem.
[Guédira chuckles softly]
I don't trust your vanishing ink.
Record on my phone.
[Assane chuckles]
[phone beeps]
[sighs] You ready?
It's December 28th, 2021.
Hello, my name is Assane Diop,
and I faked my own death.
As Lieutenant Guédira cleverly discovered.
I want to apologize
to the people I've hurt.
The people I love.
My friends.
My family.
But now it is the time
to give myself to the police,
and to accept
everything that I've done.
[phone chimes]
That good?
I'm going to check it.
I know you.
Okay, good.
Now tell me about the plan.
- That's not good.
- I'm not so sure about that.
- Come on.
- [girl] What's wrong?
It's Assane. See you tomorrow.
- See you.
- Bye.
[distant chatter]
[bicycle bell rings]
Hey, what happened?
- Who did this to you?
- It's fine.
- You should see the other guy.
- [sighs] You got into a fight at Keller's.
Yeah, but at least I won.
Oh, you won?
But now I'm gonna need a place to stay.
- Just for a night or two.
- What about Bruno and Anna?
The guy I fought was Bruno.
Hmm [inhales deeply]
I only have one bed.
So, uh
we'd have to sleep together.
[soft music playing]
That's not a problem?
I'm good with it.
- You are?
- [Assane] Yeah.
- [laughs] Are you serious?
- About what?
You you really thought
we'd share the bed?
Well, yeah, you just said
- In your dreams!
- [Assane groans]
Oh, I'm sorry.
[distant children shouting]
Okay, so?
Look, I wanna help you,
but you gotta let me.
[Claire sighs]
[mysterious music playing]
[Claire] Ah!
- What are you doing?
- What?
- You're starting to have doubts.
- No, I'm not.
Stop, Mom. I know you. You always make
that face when you're lying.
What? What face? I never do that!
There, that one.
Well, okay. I I have a little doubt.
[sighs] I knew it.
I said a little doubt! It's just
that some things aren't adding up.
More like a lot of things!
- We'll find him, I'm sure.
- Okay, honey.
You did a lot on your own.
Now I'm gonna help you.
Okay, so first off, Arnold de Garmeaux.
Who is this journalist?
How did he get this information?
- He must've had an informant.
- Yeah, I thought about that.
- Hey.
- [man] Hello.
This is Victor, a colleague.
Has anyone told you
you look like Assane Diop?
Yeah, a lot.
As a cop,
it's super embarrassing. [chuckles]
[man] So, how's your love life?
Oh, it's uneventful. It's quiet right now.
- You have a girl?
- I have a girl?
What do you mean?
I mean, no, I don't. I don't have one.
And your colleague?
- My colleague?
- Yeah.
Who? Sofia? What about her?
[chuckles] No, it's not that.
Sofia is just my friend.
- Seriously.
- You like her.
I guess that I like her.
Everyone likes Sofia.
I mean, I don't know.
She's beautiful, she's intelligent.
She's cultured and considerate.
I mean, it's true.
But look, we work together.
I'm not gonna I can't mix things.
With a colleague, it's not possible.
Not impossible, but complicated.
Not easy.
[Assane chuckles]
You like her.
I like her.
[phone ringing]
- [Fleur] Claire? Can I help you?
- No.
I have a meeting with Arnold de Garmeaux.
[door closes]
[distant phone ringing]
- Here.
- Thank you.
The day after Assane died,
you published a photo of his body.
Yes. Yes, that's correct, I did.
It's a sensitive and difficult decision
we make, publishing an image like that
I'd like to know
who gave you this information so fast.
I'm sorry, but this person
contacted me through email.
- I don't know their name.
- But you spoke with them?
At the morgue.
Is there anyone here
that knows how to draw?
No, no, his eyes weren't that dark.
Um, they were light.
The face was about that shape.
I think that's right.
Thank you.
What? Hey! Where are you going?
No, wait, I have a couple questions!
[phone ringing]
Have a good day.
- [cell phone vibrates]
- Excuse me.
- [Claire] Hello?
- Hey, Claire?
- [Claire] I'm going to prison.
- What?
Yeah, I need to see
Assane's friend who was arrested.
But I'm nervous.
Would you come with me?
[man] Here's the chorba.
I know this is kind of weird,
but you're the only person I can ask
for this kind of favor.
I I can't do that.
I'm sorry.
It's not really my place.
I'll call you later?
- [Assane] Bye.
- Goodbye.
[phone line beeps]
[phone line clicks]
[Assane sighs]
Everything okay?
- Yeah.
- [Guédira] Huh?
Hey! It's okay.
We'll find them and save your mom.
And then I'm all yours.
[chuckles softly]
Sounds good.
To sell a stolen work of art,
you need a middleman.
[Guédira] [A gallery owner
who knows the black market.
[Assane] Exactly.
I know a guy.
He puts on a big show,
but he's one
of the biggest criminals in Paris.
- You mean Frédéric Lassaire?
- Exactly. Do you know him?
Everyone knows Frédéric Lassaire.
He's in jail though.
He's on parole.
Been out for about a year,
and he opened a gallery.
Right there.
So, you think they're going
to use him for the Manet?
Stolen paintings are his specialty.
So let's go find out.
[ringing tone]
- [Guédira] Hello?
- Hello, Youssef?
[Guédira] Fleur, how's it going?
Fine. Have you heard
anything new about Diop?
No, why?
[Fleur] His wife just came by the office.
She spoke to my colleague.
This case is mine, okay?
You give me the information.
That was the deal.
Yeah, yeah, relax, okay?
I'll call you back. I'm busy.
I'm following a big lead right now.
[Fleur sighs]
[horn blares]
How do we deal with Lassaire?
Are we gonna be buyers?
No. We don't look like buyers.
What do we look like?
We look like cops.
- [Assane chuckles]
- Of course we do.
What's that?
No, wait. No, no, hold on, Assane.
I'm gonna stop you right now.
Stealing the identity of a government
official is a really dangerous idea.
That's jail time.
No way!
Well, it's only sort of a lie,
'cause you're a real cop.
[doorbell rings]
Come in, gentlemen.
Mr. Cittanova has honored me
with his trust for years.
I manage his collection.
- Don't touch that. It's very valuable.
- I'll put it back.
I didn't mean to. Sorry.
I I was gonna put it back.
I'm sorry. Hold on.
I'll glue it back together.
Do you have any superglue?
I'm really good at this.
No one will notice.
I mean, 25 25?
25,000 euros is a little steep for a copy.
What are you talking about? It's
an original Tchéou from the 5th century.
Oh, no, it's not. Don't think so.
Look. See the little bubbles here?
You see them?
- Can you see them?
- Yes, but it's, it's
It happens when you use industrial ovens.
Not a lot of those around before Jesus.
- That's impossible.
- Impossible? Are you calling me a liar?
- I never said you were a liar.
- Do you see the bubbles or not?
He's saying I'm lying.
- No, I'm not.
- Can you see them? Look.
- [Lassaire] No.
- Do you have a lot of fakes here?
- There's no fakes here. I don't
- [Assane] Okay.
Can we go talk?
In private?
- In here.
- Thanks.
- Okay, Mr. Lassaire, you're a crook.
- How dare you!
- Now we have proof you're reoffending.
- Ridiculous!
You got a choice.
Either we arrest you right now
- That'd be worse.
- Much worse.
Judges hate repeat offenders.
or you cooperate.
Okay, how?
Take a seat.
Get cozy.
You recognize this painting?
Chez Tortoni by Manet.
It was stolen in Boston
around 30 years ago.
- No one's seen it since.
- Don't be stupid.
You know the painting's here in Paris.
- It is?
- [Assane] Yeah.
It's going to be sold
and bought very soon.
I swear I had no idea.
To sell a painting like that,
they'd have to go through you.
Hang on, that used to be true,
but now I can assure you
Okay, shut up. All right.
- What does a repeat offender normally get?
- [chuckles] Five years minimum.
Yeah, that's right.
No, wait. I think it's more than that.
That's true, it depends.
He's right. It can add up quickly.
Depends if the offender
refuses to cooperate,
or thinks they're above the law.
Seven years, eight years, nine years,
ten years? Twelve? Fourteen?
- There you have it.
- [Lassaire] Yes, fine, all right.
All right! So, if I talk,
will you protect me?
Because, let me tell you,
these guys really scare me.
We're all ears, Lassaire.
It's possible.
I was asked to set up a sale.
There you go.
We'll find you a buyer,
and get back to you.
Bye-bye, Lassaire.
That was intense.
You did good. We got Lassaire on our side.
- [distant horn blares]
- Hold on. Wear this.
Why would I wear this?
Because I'm taking you somewhere
you've only dreamed of.
And I'm gonna need your phone.
Are you kidding me? The mask, the phone,
what else do you want? My badge?
No, I already got that. Here you go.
[Assane chuckles]
Listen. I need to take
every precaution for where we're going.
You'll see, Ganimard.
Just please trust me.
Come on.
- [gym floor squeaking]
- [boxers punching]
[Assane sighs]
- You feel it?
- [Claire] The testosterone?
No, the energy.
- Let's find Jean-Luc.
- All I see are kids fighting here.
These kids, they have nowhere else.
This is their home.
Do you hear yourself?
What do you think your father would say?
[Keller] His father's gone.
Who are you?
She's my friend.
Oh, so you're
the one organizing dogfights,
but with kids, right?
- Claire!
- What, am I wrong?
No, no, let her, let her.
It's no big deal.
It's her opinion, but I think
she's treating you like a child.
Are you a child, Assane?
This is a family, not a prison.
[Claire] Hmm.
So if Assane wants to leave, he can.
Whenever he wants.
- Hmm.
- [Keller] You get it?
[Claire chuckles softly]
You can do whatever you like,
but I'm leaving.
Hey, real friends don't turn on you.
Remember that.
[Claire] What happened?
[Ben] Well,
I messed up.
You need some ice
to help with the swelling.
Are they giving you painkillers?
Don't worry.
Room service is im-pec-ca-ble.
[Claire chuckles]
- At least you're still able to make jokes.
- [Ben chuckles]
Ben, there's something I need to tell you.
He got in touch.
Who did?
What are you saying, Claire?
He's dead.
You don't have to lie about it anymore.
I don't blame you.
He came and explained it all.
The email you sent
to the journalist from The Objector.
How you met him at the morgue.
The fake funeral. I know, I know it all.
I didn't want to.
[melancholic music playing]
I swear.
I'm sorry.
[distant door intercom buzzes]
[Ben sniffs]
Did he tell you what his plan is now?
[Claire gasps softly]
The rest of the plan?
[laughs and sobs]
I don't know.
I have no idea. [chuckles]
Where is he?
- [Claire sighs]
- You didn't know, did you?
[laughing and sobbing] No!
But now I know. Thank you, Ben.
Thank you.
Don't move.
Welcome to my hollow needle.
- For real?
- Yeah, this is my place.
[Guédira chuckles]
This is amazing. You made all this?
- Hey, I know this beanie.
- Yeah.
This beanie got me kicked off the case.
Come on, there's more.
[Guédira clicks tongue]
So dope.
[suspenseful music playing]
[door lock clicks]
[both chuckle]
[Guédira] Okay.
- You'd be a great cop.
- [Assane chuckles]
I'm a better thief.
[sighs] Assane
We could do this the right way.
We investigate, do some research,
figure out who did it,
and save your mom the right way.
I already told you.
I don't work with cops.
I work with Justin Avisto.
- [Guédira sighs]
- A great collector of stolen art.
- Cool. I've never heard of him.
- You're about to meet him.
The guys who kidnapped my mom
are expecting me to show up tomorrow.
I can't be Lupin, or they'll catch me.
All right.
Justin Avisto will be you.
[Guédira chuckles softly]
- You serious?
- Yeah.
You know what?
Thank you for the tour. It was great.
But I'm a cop, you know?
Okay? I'm not wearing a disguise.
It's your choice, okay?
You'll recover the painting,
Tara Xang's bracelet, and the Black Pearl.
And plus, you help me save my mom.
Or here, okay?
Just call Belkacem.
Tell her to come arrest me right now.
You're a cop, Ganimard.
So I'll leave it up to you.
[Guédira clears throat]
[Guédira inhales]
We save your mom and turn you in.
That was the deal.
I'm doing this for her.
She'll thank you.
Okay, so what's next?
Let's find Justin Avisto. Come on.
[funk jazz music playing]
Oh, yeah.
That works.
Nice to meet you, Mr. Avisto.
- It's cool.
- [Assane chuckles]
We need 20 million euros.
How do we get that?
Money is never a problem, Mr. Avisto.
[ringing tone]
- [phone line clicks]
- Hello, Lassaire?
We found someone.
He'll be there tomorrow
at Hotel Derwatt, 10 p.m.
Justin Avisto.
You'll meet him there tomorrow.
All right, bye.
We're ready.
Okay, so now you really can't screw it up.
[deeper voice] I got this.
Don't worry about it.
[chuckles] That was Justin Avisto.
- I got it.
- It's good?
[Assane] Yeah, cool.
I lowered my voice a bit.
[church bell chiming]
[suspenseful music playing]
The cemetery's closing.
Please head toward the exit.
The cemetery is about to close.
- The exit is that way.
- Okay.
[suspenseful music continues playing]
[Raoul chuckles softly]
[distant horn blares]
Thank you.
[engine starts]
[engine revs loudly]
[Assane] Ganimard, is Avisto ready?
- [line crackles]
- [door closes]
[Assane] Not too nervous?
No, I'm good.
[Assane] Relax.
Don't forget. Avisto has no problems.
He's rich.
- And he's gonna buy a Manet.
- [Guédira chuckles]
Easy to say.
[indistinct chatter]
[Assane sighs]
[gentle jazz piano music]
[Guédira inhales deeply]
I'm here.
- [Assane] With Avisto's voice?
- Hmm.
[deeper voice] I'm here.
Good luck.
[Guédira exhales sharply]
[suspenseful music playing]
[Lassaire] This is Justin Avisto.
I'm sure his reputation precedes him.
I don't know him.
And out of curiosity,
what is your reputation?
[Avisto] My reputation?
[Assane] I'm far too humble
to answer that, ma'am.
However, I will allow Mr. Lassaire
to tell you more.
[clears throat] I'm far too humble
to answer that, ma'am.
However, I will allow Mr. Lassaire
to tell you more.
Well, um
Mr. Avisto is a great collector.
We work together on a regular basis.
I buy a lot of art.
I don't have a lot of problems, you know.
I'm a rich man.
And I'm treating myself to a Manet.
[Lassaire chuckles]
[Assane chuckles softly]
Well, it's nice to meet you.
[Avisto sighs softly]
[Lassaire] If you don't mind, let's begin.
Mr. Avisto proposes 17 million euros
for the painting.
I hope you're joking.
It's worth 50.
On the conventional market, sure,
but on the black market,
that's a different story.
You work for him, don't you?
I thought we could trust you, Lassaire.
Okay, listen.
Don't waste my time.
If you're no longer interested,
we'll just cancel the sale.
I will accept 25.
Unfortunately, I cannot go over 20.
[Avisto chuckles softly]
There we go.
[indistinct background conversation]
Go ahead, count it.
It's all there.
[Ferdinand unzips bag]
[bag falls on floor]
[door opens]
- A toast.
- [door closes]
[distant sirens wailing]
[sirens wailing]
[tires screech]
[dramatic music playing]
Find Justin Avisto!
You two, over there! The rest, with me!
[man] Up the stairs! Go!
B Team, check this floor!
- Go!
- Come on, go!
[dramatic music continues playing]
Thank you.
Ganimard, thank you for your help.
But the rest of the plan
doesn't involve you.
Nice catch tonight.
The Manet, the bracelet.
You can even keep Avisto's costume.
You've earned it.
[police radio chatter]
You did a really good job.
[Lassaire] An excellent purchase.
- [Belkacem] Police, don't move!
- [man] Hands up!
- Which one of you is Justin Avisto?
- That's him.
It's me, Sofia. Sofia, it's me.
It's me, Youssef. I can explain.
- Listen. I'm sorry.
- [Belkacem] What the hell is this?
I can explain. I was tracking down
the Manet and the missing bracelet.
I'm trying to get them back.
Come here, we gotta talk.
[police shouting in background]
- [Guédira clears throat]
- [Belkacem] Guédira!
- [distant siren wailing]
- I have the money.
We had a problem. A huge one.
Be right there.
[siren wailing]
[door slams]
[Belkacem] Okay, let me recap.
I find you wearing a disguise,
with two notorious criminals,
a Manet, and a stolen bracelet.
- Hmm.
- What am I supposed to think?
- Seriously?
- That I told you the truth, Sofia.
That I had a plan to recover the Manet
and I went for it.
[Belkacem] Hmm.
I was trying to find it
and recover the pearl.
[distant footsteps]
What are you even doing here?
Well, I got a phone call.
- [cell phone rings]
- [siren wailing]
[Assane] Belkacem?
- Yes, who is this?
- I have information for you.
- A great art collector, Justin Avisto
- Who?
is gonna buy Chez Tortoni,
a stolen Manet.
At the Hotel Derwatt,
tonight at ten o'clock.
- How do I know this is real?
- [Assane] Do whatever you want.
The Hotel Derwatt, tonight at ten o'clock.
And if I were you,
I'd bring some backup. See ya, Sofia.
- Hold on. Give me a minute.
- Wait, wait. What are you doing?
- You and I aren't done here.
- Listen, okay? Hear me out.
Watch the last video on my phone
and you'll understand. Go ahead.
- The last video on your phone?
- The last video on my phone.
I guess that I like her.
I mean, it's true.
Yeah, I like her. She's beautiful.
- Uh, what?
- Everyone likes Sofia. I don't know.
She's beautiful, she's intelligent.
She's cultured
- Hey.
- [man] Hello.
This is Victor, a colleague.
- You have a girl?
- I mean, no, I don't.
- And your colleague?
- She's beautiful, she's intelligent.
She's cultured and considerate
- [Assane chuckles]
- [phone vibrates]
[Assane] Excuse me.
Hey, Claire?
- Everything okay?
- [Assane] Yeah.
[Guédira] Hey! It's okay.
[electronic crackling]
- It's flattering
- That's not what I wanted to show you.
What do we do now?
You and me?
Not you and me!
- What do we tell the boss?
- Oh.
Uh, we tell him we got the Manet
that disappeared 30 years ago.
The truth, I guess.
The truth, you guess?
The truth.
You're a pain in the ass.
[distant dog barking]
[suspenseful music playing]
- [beep]
- [door opens]
[door closes]
Hey, Keller! This is Assane.
- Take the shot!
- [tires screech]
- Come on! Punch harder! Come on!
- [Assane grunts and yells]
Bruno told me about your mother.
Prove to me you're worth something.
We'll channel that rage.
[dramatic music playing]
[Assane sings in Wolof]
[Mariama sings in Wolof]
The painting and the pearl,
that's unimportant.
- Your pretty face won't get messed up.
- See, I know Manon.
And she would never do that to me.
My true goal
My real purpose here
Is to hurt you.
Very bad.
[dramatic music playing]
[engine starts]
[suspenseful music playing]
[soft music playing]
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