M.I. High (2007) s01e03 Episode Script

Eyes on the Stars

Ah, goodie, Blue Peter! Hello and welcome to this live Blue Peter special on global warming.
- Hello, Konnie.
- The usually freezing Arctic is sweltering.
Now this topsy-turvy global warming has reached Great Britain.
Even Shelley has gone into hibernation a little bit early.
Or perhaps somewhere a bit warmer.
Stupid tortoise.
The Weather Bureau says it looks set to get even colder.
Yes, much much colder! EVIL LAUGHTER The 21st century faces a new kind of threat.
The old-school spies have had their day and MI9 must create a new breed of skilled undercover agent.
Hidden in a place no villain will think to look Welcome to MI High.
Look, Stew, I'm sorry we haven't been hanging out a lot lately, - but I've had stuff to do.
- Like what? Hey, nice fit! "How recycling can help slow global warming"? So you CAN read! It's a geography project.
If global warming's so big, why is it summer and I'm freezing? Global warming doesn't just mean it'll get hotter.
The weather's getting messed up, and you want to know why? All I know is that scarves do nothing for my neckline.
Some people care about more than how they look.
Yeah, you, obviously.
I'm glad you three found each other.
At least we know why you're in THAT group.
- No project's worth looking this dumb.
- Know how bad my grades are? - If I don't do something big, I'll be held back a year.
- Want something big? How about we prove who's really behind global warming? The Government! Yes, Mr Flatley.
I think I've found that frozen pipe you was talking about.
I'll have it fixed in no time, sir.
After more pressing matters.
- Why do you think the Government bangs on about pollution? - It's bad.
They want us to think WE'RE causing global warming.
See these antennae? The Government uses ones like them to blast the atmosphere.
They want a flood? Bam! Drought? Bam! Conspiracy theory? Bam! This device will pick up any unusual readings in the atmosphere.
- Then we can nail them.
- Oi! Where's that money you owe me? - I don't owe you money.
- "I don't owe you money.
" - I say you do.
Cough up! - Only reason we'd cough up is because of your BO.
Psycho Man and Captain Sad! Don't hurt me(!) Ha! What is that idiot's problem? Blane? Blane? Things a bit frosty? Shut up, Blane.
This jacket may be trendy, but it's not exactly thermal.
- Team, listen up.
We haven't got much time.
- Morning, Lenny.
- How's your day been(?) - MI9 has detected freak weather conditions.
Droughts in Paris, snow in Dubai.
It's causing chaos.
But today's drastic drop in temperature is a phenomenon.
The thermometer is now reading a toe-numbing minus 10.
Someone at the Weather Bureau may be conducting climate control projects.
The people who predict the weather? We sent an agent to investigate, but he was found last night frozen solid.
So now you're sending US in to get popsiclised? Do I look brainless? - Well - I'm confident no-one will suspect you three.
Your mission is to infiltrate the Weather Bureau, gather intelligence - on any secret projects.
- Cool.
What gadgets are we getting? Here.
Looks like a calculator.
Actually a sophisticated code-breaker.
And this.
Just twistand it'll radiate a thermal energy shield.
But how do we get into the Weather Bureau without anyone noticing? Ah! I've organised the perfect cover.
CHILDREN SHOUT Stay close and don't touch anything.
Don't worry.
Monsoons, hurricanes, school trips - I've survived them all.
Pay attention, everyone! Your visitors passes each have an electronic tag.
Wander too far and they explode.
Welcome to the Weather Bureau.
I'm Roger Powel, head of research, and this is my dogsbody, Sonya.
If you'd like to follow me Do you think this'll really explode? SoMr Powel, how long do you think it'll be until we can change the weather? What a question! Let's just say that for now we're happy simply predicting it.
Don't forget, boys and girls, the sunscreen.
It's gonna be hot! Sonya Frost! I remember.
She used to be a famous presenter on TV.
Looks like any other bimbo weather girl to me.
- "I'm Rose.
Good-looking people are stupid.
" - Daisy, we have a job to do.
When I asked Roger Powel about the freaky weather, he was nervous.
He must be hiding something.
Here's the plan.
'Blane, our first objective is to find Powel's office.
'Daisy, keep Powel busy.
Do not let him get past you 'or I'll be in serious trouble.
' Mr Poweldidn't your assistant used to be a weather girl? 'That should give me and Blane enough time to retrieve evidence.
' Wasn't Sonya the one who forecast light winds and the next day - there was this huge storm? - Yes, I believe she was.
Although, talking of famous, I'm on the cover of this month's What Meteorologist magazine, would you believe? I've got a copy in my office if you'd care to have a look.
- OK, whatever.
- Great! No, wait! Hey, Mr Powel, is that yours? Yes, that's my Nobel prize nomination.
- I was present at the award ceremony last year.
- Runner-up.
That's just like losing, huh? It was a simple plan, Daisy.
Yeah, involving you and Blane! I know you think I'm useless.
The last agent got turned into an ice cube! Keep your mind on the job.
It won't have hurt her - we got her in the head! Man, it's cold in here! In more ways than one.
Freezing summer temperatures have now reached minus 20.
Heating bills are at an all-time high, so we've decided - to launch an appeal - Crippling the economy.
Whoever's behind this freak weather clearly knows what they're doing.
If Roger Powel is up to something, hopefully it's on these disks.
Check this out.
It says that before Sonya Frost became a weather girl - she studied physics at Oxford University.
- Clever for a dogsbody! Nice! magazine? How clever do you have to be to date a footballer? Don't you think that's interesting? - Daisy, if you won't help me, let Blane.
- I was checking to see if You know what? Forget it.
- Daisy! - Don't worry.
We'll call her if the world runs out of hairspray.
All is going to plan.
Our ultimate weapon is throwing Britain into panic.
Continue the big freeze.
EVIL LAUGHTER - What are you doing? - Trying to speed up global warming.
What do you think?! Great idea for a geography project, Blane(!) WellI thought a recycling campaign was a great idea.
Stewart dressed as a bin man not so great.
I'm going to be held back a year! This project needs a good makeover, someone high profile to front it - Oh! - What? I have just had the most brilliant idea.
Just a tiny rise in temperature over the ice caps will create floods and storms all around the world.
- People must understand that global warming will - Who is this woman? Sshh! She's been in Nice! magazine.
The good news is recycling is just one thing we can all do to help.
APPLAUSE We are SO going to get an A for this! Thanks, Daisy.
She still didn't explain why it's snowing in June.
It doesn't just happen.
Not unless someone's making it happen.
Well, who IS making it happen? How come you're not on TV any more? I know there was that thing with the gale The biggest gale this century.
No-one at the Weather Bureau saw it coming.
- The papers had to blame someone - the weather girl.
- So they sacked you? - They never let me present the weather again.
- That's so typical! - Just cos you're fantastic looking.
- Do you think so? - Yeah.
And you're a meteorologist, right? That's, like, SO clever! You wouldn't believe the stuff we're working on! There's Excuse me.
- Excuse me.
- Didn't you get the message? You didn't respond.
Now I've responded.
Hey, Sonya if I check with my teachers, could I come and interview you at work? - Of course! - Great! - Tell Rose we're doing bimbo stuff.
- That's why girls shouldn't be spies.
Yes Middle of summer, minus 22 degrees.
And you've had to cancel your birthday barbecue? Blimey! That IS serious.
Don't worry You can count on us.
That was the head of MI9.
The whole of Britain is frozen solid.
I've decrypted the data we found at the Weather Bureau.
Roger Powel's definitely up to something.
What are these? They look like antennae to blast the atmosphere with radio beams which bounce back and alter the weather in a target area.
It's technical.
- D-Do I have to? - Your head could channel the most significant scientific discovery this century! Oi! What's that for? Um For the magazine.
And to put up in the common room.
- Roger Powel's invented a weather machine.
- We've got to stop him before he completely freezes Britain.
Where is Daisy? She's kind of quit.
- Thinks we don't need her.
- Why would she think that? We hadwords.
- Then we need to implement a reconciliation strategy.
- How? She's with Sonya, in the Weather Bureau.
- She's in the same building as Powel? - Who's already frozen one MI9 agent! Can I help you? Oh, er Mr Powel.
I I'm I'm with Sonya.
So you've got clearance to talk about our confidential work, I hear.
- I didn't tell her anything.
- I pay you to keep your mind on the job.
Haven't you got work to do? I'll see this young lady out.
I think we need to have a little chat, don't you? She's not answering! - Blane, what are you doing? - He was trying to freeze you! Mr Powel, we know you've invented a weather machine.
Yes, that's right.
I have.
You might as well see it too, I suppose.
May I? Thank you.
Get behind the safety tank.
Right, well, it's basically a mini weather manipulation system.
These antennae emit a special ionising radio beam that can affect the atmosphere of the Earth.
I can make it rain .
raise or lower the temperatures I can even make lightning.
Wow, you really should lose the Nobel prize more often! Yes, well - I thought Daisy had come here to steal my idea.
- Your idea? Or Sonya's? Sonya Frost, whose research into weather systems made her the most promising student at Oxford University, and Roger Powel Just the one A-level? All right, all right.
Sonya sort ofhelped me design this, but what are you implying? As for this afternoon, I've got some good news! - That's our weather map! - We're finally going to see some sun! While most people expect the big summer freeze to continue, I confidently predict a heat wave at around noon today.
She's predicting a heat wave today? - Is she joking? - Not if she knows something we don't.
We do apologise for that interruption from Sonya Frost.
She's the one who told us that the gales were nothing to worry about.
Still seems she's a bit barmy.
What?! - Ah, Miss Frost! - What's going on? Why is it getting colder? There's been a change of plan.
You promised we could make it hot! I just told the world to stock up on sun cream! Don't worry.
If it's revenge you're after, you won't be disappointed.
Will she, General Flopsy? So she filmed the weather report.
The evidence still points to Roger.
- Can you track visitors from here? - Yes.
You just have to I dropped my pass into her bag.
So you've got clearance to talk about our confidential work, I hear.
I pay you to keep your mind on the job That must be her, in the basement.
I wasn't aware we had a basement.
We appreciate your help, but in five minutes the whole country will be plunged into a new ice age.
Britain under my and General Flopsy's control.
You're insane! The whole country will turn into an ice cap! There's a security code.
The programme cannot be stopped.
You promised I'd be famous again! Blondes! OK, I admit it - Sonya was the brains behind the weather machine, but to build one that would affect the weather would cost millions! Come on! Hey, that's mine! Aha! - Oh! - Give me that.
Freeze! Cool! Daisy, you've got to help me.
He's going to freeze Britain.
- You worked for the Grand Master? - Yes.
How l-l-long do we have to d-d-do this for? Till we have enough readings to prove it's the Government doing it.
It's so cold my lips have turned blue.
Yeah, but blue is SO this season! So you've been investigating me all this time? Here, this will warm you up.
A weather machine.
You built a weather machine?! Under my office?! If it makes you feel better, I think it sucks you got taken off TV.
I know how it feels to be blamed for something that wasn't your fault.
Hey, I cracked the security code! Is it me or is it getting hot in here? Ow! Stupid thing! Hang on.
The technical one can't use a computer? - Tell me again, why are you in this group? - Daisy, why don't you - Sonya, you have to help us.
You designed this thing! - I don't know.
- Daisy's right.
- If anyone can stop this It's not working! The Grand Master must have altered the programme.
The Grand who? Wait a minute.
The antennae.
If we could override them directly He never told me where he built them.
But to affect the weather all over the world they must be huge, - the size of - The Eiffel Tower! - Where did Lenny say the freak weather hit? - Paris and Dubai? - He must have hidden the antennae there.
- Have you all gone bonkers? Rose, plot the coordinates of tall structures in the affected countries.
We can use one of the Weather Bureau satellites.
Oh, use one of the Weather Bureau satellites? Am I the only one who thinks this is crazy Look, it's picking up signals.
So what do we do now? We re-route the signals away from the weather machine to the satellite.
It's working! Come on, answer! So all this freaky weather was our fault for not recycling? Blane, I've got enough information to prove the Government's behind it.
Call me when you can.
Where are the results? So, the Grand Master dude gave you cash to build this And while he uses it to cause chaos you get to predict a heat wave.
But he double-crosses you and does the whole ice age thing.
I just wanted to show people I'm not stupid.
Which is why I'm going to tell people this was your invention.
And I hope it makes you famous, for all the right reasons.
Great(!) If I win the Nobel prize, I can accept it from jail.
What we're going to do is stick them onto our machine so far.
There we go.
Here's one I made a little bit earlier.
Weather machines like this might actually exist in the future.
Preventing a new ice age.
Not bad for a day's work, eh? And the information Sonya supplied will keep her out of jail.
Right? Yes.
But don't expect to see her present Blue Peter any time soon! As for the Grand Master, Sonya couldn't tell us much about him, but what I do know is we're going to need every skill we've got to catch him.
Physical ability, technical excellence and the kind of raw instincts that make us a team to be reckoned with.
Are you sure you can't get us out of things like geography projects? So, you see, everybody's recycling.
Well, kind of.
WellI'm impressed, but if you let your grades slip again I WILL bump you down a year.
No problem.
I'll get straight As AND save the world.
Ha! Found it! Proof somebody is behind all that freaky weather.
- That's your proof? - Yes, it's all here.
Look! OK, Mr Conspiracy.
Hey They'll be fine after they've dried out.
You need to know the truth.
Blane! Rose! Anybody!