M.I. High (2007) s02e03 Episode Script

Evil By Design

Words cannot describe fashion designer Lorenzo Ferrago's latest collection.
- However, blow a raspberry - HE BLOWS A RASPBERRY .
and you will be somewhere close! Sales are booming! We are selling nothing! We are ruined! Ruined! Which is why I designed these, for your next collection.
Evie Soloman Work experience.
I think kids might like them.
You think that we design clothes people might actually wear? - Out, out, out! - PHONE RINGS Speak! 'Lorenzo Ferrago?' I have a proposition.
A way to ensure everybody is wearing your next collection.
'IF you have one.
' Yes, of course I have a new collection.
You! Working girl.
Wait! Clothes people actually wear Maybe we can explore this crazy idea.
The 21st century faces a new kind of threat.
The old-school spies have had their day and MI9 must create a new breed of skilled undercover agent .
hidden in a place no villain would think to look.
Oi, don't! It's Ferrago.
Cost a fortune.
Since when have you been interested in fashion? Should've guessed.
Ferrago top - £60.
Ferrago handbag - £90.
You know, it was cool until everyone got one.
- Now it's just - Common? Who said that? - Beats me.
- No Ferrago? You might as well be invisible.
All I'm saying is, no-one appreciates fashion more than me, but this Ferrago makes everyone look so scruffy, don't you think? Well, I was thinking this might help smarten people up a bit.
Nice magazine's Find Me A Model competition.
You really think I could be model material, Miss Templeman? For the pupils.
Yes Weed killer.
Better mind your back, Mr F.
Bicknell MACHINE BEEPS - Cool.
You drew that? - No, I didn't.
But I like it.
BUZZING Team, meet fashion designer Lorenzo Ferrago.
To be honest, I'd never heard of him before today.
Six months ago, nobody would be seen dead in Ferrago's SHE MAKES RETCHING SOUND .
Now he's launched a new range of clothing that's common, but so much better.
Everyone's buying this stuff, he's making millions.
He's making money off fashion freaks.
- What's the problem? - He was making money.
But this morning, MI9 were alerted to the fact that Ferrago's entire bank account was emptied.
Maybe he spent it? I would.
If he'd spent it legally, there'd be receipts.
But there's no trace of where the money's gone.
MI9 wants you to find out.
Fashion! Glamour this is so my mission.
Gadgets? Inside is a spy-camera the image picked up in HQ, or on a screen on Rose's bracelet.
As for Blane, a deodorant that will dissolve through an inch of metal.
That's funny, his BO does exactly the same thing.
Monitor the Ferrago craze.
Find out where that money's going.
I know this isn't my mission, but can I examine this? Kind of a hunch.
Excuse the blindfolds, Mr Ferrago.
But the location of SKUL's base must remain a secret.
Of course, Mr Master.
So! What do you think of my new collection? How well are these rags selling? My creations are selling fine.
But you promised me I would be the number one fashion designer in all the world! Look at this chart.
I am still 100.
Out of 100! At least you are now on the chart.
The chemical which SKUL provided will take effect, I assure you.
Chemical? What chem? She means we are running out, our designs are selling so fast.
And this amazing effect, will it take place soon? In exchange for the money you've made.
FERRAGO SNAPS HIS FINGERS We're beginning to follow fashion very closely, aren't we, Flopsy? Ah, Daisy! What's the one thing you and I have in common? - You've got split ends? - No, no, I meant a passion for fashion.
Nice magazine is holding a Find Me A Model competition.
The prize is a photo shoot with Lorenzo Ferrago, unfortunately.
To pick who'll represent St Hope's, I've organised a fashion show.
I thought it might encourage pupils to take a bit more pride in their app Ah, Stewart, what's the one thing you and I have in common? You can belch the alphabet? Check 'em out.
Ferrago trackies - 300 quid.
- I don't get it, they just appeared.
I know, I've got five of them.
It's like we're walking Ferrago girls! Rose, you getting all this? Daisy, try and zoom in a bit.
Oi, Critchley, how many of those things you got? Just the one.
It's really weird, it's like someone drew it on.
He's got one Ferrago cap and one logo.
Me, five bits of Ferrago, five logos.
The more Ferrago you wear, the more you get logoed! - Wicked! Hey Fifty, how many of these have you got? - Um - Fake! I knew it.
- More Ferrago More logos? BOTH: Let's go shopping! A Ferrago logo magnified by a thousand.
Look between the fibres.
Looks like something out of Blane's nose.
My first guess was a slow-release dye.
You wear the T-shirt, the dye absorbs into the skin, changing the pigment.
COMPUTER BEEPS "Kids all over Britain are being branded by their favourite designer.
- "It's fun, it's funky, it's fabulously Ferrago.
" - HE SIGHS Like I said, a dye was my first guess.
- But the structure's too complex.
- Meaning? I don't have enough of it to run tests.
But it's a synthetic, cell-altering chemical that's now in the bloodstream of thousands of kids.
What if it's dangerous? 'The money you're making will fund all manner of SKUL operations, Mr Ferrago.
'Your designs are doing very well.
' MY designs.
And are you sure branding kids won't hurt them? What?! They love getting logoed - look at the smiley little faces.
But this chemical, have these SKUL people even tested it? Great, so I'm wearing something that could be dangerous.
Shouldn't we tell people? Evie, your designs have made us the 22nd-best fashion house in the world! When I - we - are number one, I will make you Evie Soloman, Creative Director! Creative director?! You're kidding! That's, like, the best job ever! Forget the stupid chemicals.
Design, Evie.
Design like the wind! Yes, Ma'am.
MI9 agrees with Rose.
The chemical's too complex to be a simple skin dye.
But if we tell the world, there'll be international panic.
Our next objective: obtain more of the chemical for analysis.
Bust into Ferrago's, nab a batch of the stuff? Ferrago keeps his designs top secret.
We'll never get in.
I told you this was my mission.
A fashion show for Nice's Find Me A Model competition? The prize - a photo shoot with Ferrago? Let's face it.
Me, winning a fashion show? How hard's it gonna be? How are YOU affording that much Ferrago? It's called getting a job! I made both my grandparents get one.
Now, whoever the judges pick will represent St Hope's in Nice magazine's Find Me A Model competition.
CHEERING And the judges are the always fashionable Miss Templeman.
Doesn't she look lovely? Leonard Bicknell, who should be doing the guttering.
CHEERING That's quite enough, thank you.
And a pupil chosen completely at random - Stewart Critchley.
Well done, Stewart, on being chosen.
And so, without further ado, are you ready to rock, DJ? (George, cue the music.
) POP MUSIC PLAYS And so, to kick the show off, boys and girls, would you please welcome onto the catwalk Letitia and Julian, AKA Fifty Pence.
See? They are Ferrago trackies after all.
Next up, it's Zara and Tony, AKA Ring-Tone, HE CHUCKLES presumably short for Ring Tony.
Are you two even watching? Just let us know when Daisy's on.
And next up, Too-Kool and Mrs Nolan What? CHEERING Mrs Nolan, this is a fashion show for kids! And a ladle is NOT a fashion accessory.
And last but de And last, but definitely not least, please welcome Daisy Miller! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Oh, and Rose Gupta, apparently.
What?! I didn't enter! - 'Rose Gupta? Rose Gupta to the stage please.
' - Rose, the longer you argue, the more kids are getting exposed to Ferrago's chemical.
Hurry up! No Rose Gupta? Honestly, when people put their names down for something, the least they can do is Oh, my.
Whoo! Very nice, Rose.
CHEERING Rose!? This mission depends on me going undercover at Ferrago's! How are you gonna pass yourself off as a wannabe model?! All right, boys and girls.
Now, can I ask all the contestants to join me on stage whilst the judges make their final decision? Well, it's Daisy for me.
Oh, no.
Too cute, too commercial.
But Rose! She's modern, she's edgy And that outfit! It's so 'now', it's tomorrow.
Looks like it's up to you, Stu.
Here you are, Mr Flatley.
Ah, the moment of truth.
Thank you, Miss Templeman.
I feel like I'm at the Oscars.
Or Crufts.
And the winner is Daisy No, sorry Rose Gupta! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Rose For Nice magazine.
Daisy, can you shove out a bit, please? "Thousands of kids entered our model competition.
"The winner - Rose Gupta of St Hope's High.
" You must be well jealous! I'm in Ferrago, home of fashion, and I look like Frumpty Dumpty! The idea is, no-one gives me and you a second look.
All attention on Rose.
It's called a diversion.
As soon as you can, sneak off and find the chemical.
Ah, you must be Rose! Woahh!! My bag-carriers, Blane and Daisy.
Forgive Jerome, he has never seen an ugly person before.
Hi, I'm Evie.
I love that outfit.
The new Ferrago range, it's exactly the look I was going for.
Evie, those people will steal your designs the moment your back is turned! Now, come, Rose, you deserve to mix with more beautiful people.
Ah, stupendo! Oh, OK! Animal! Animal! Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, STOP! It is all wrong! There is no pizazz! No oomph! No What is bigger than an oomph? No matter, we are finished! Finito! How are we gonna sneak off now?! I'd have been so much better than Little Miss Please-Don't-Point-That-Camera-At-Me! You want oomph? I'll give you oomph! Don't just stand there, we are losing an oomph! Hello? The chemical? - This must be where they inject the logos.
- Not a bad idea.
Kids get logoed, think it's cool, Ferrago makes a fortune.
You heard Lenny, Ferrago's broke.
All his money's going somewhere else.
SKUL? Come on, let's go.
Before she quits spying to become a supermodel.
Before she gets logoed.
She's wearing Ferrago! So, you ARE spies after all.
Another designer sent you to steal my designs? Now, Rose, I want you to go crazy! Pose like no-one has ever posed before! This girl is a genius! All it needs is a little Ah! No, wait! I mean No, wait, I need to go to the toilet.
We're not from another designer, we work for the government.
Blane, it's Ferrago, he's onto us! So, you're spies, as in 'spy' spies? If SKUL are behind this, it's gotta be bad.
- They kidnap presidents, start wars.
- Quick, it's Ferrago! He found - .
the spy camera, we saw.
- We need to get this back to MI9.
Find out what SKUL's up to.
Evie, is there a back way out of here? - So much for being creative director.
- Please! OK.
But I definitely want one of those bracelets.
- BLANE: - 'Stand back.
' I can stall him.
Go! Go! Rose's friends - Blane and the scary one - Where are they? - They were snooping.
But I managed to get rid of them before they came in here.
SKUL provides Ferrago with the chemical, Ferrago sells clothes galore, SKUL gets rich off the proceeds.
In the meantime, this stuff's in the bloodstream of practically every kid in Britain.
I need to run more tests.
The chemicalit's mutating.
'SKUL is grateful for your latest contribution.
'Long may our 'I say, what IS that you're fiddling with?' This? It is my grandmother's.
'It looks like one of the new spy cameras from MI9.
' MI9?! I knew those children were up to something! I know nothing of this MI9.
'I hope not.
For us to achieve success, the full effect of SKUL's chemicals must be revealed.
' Prepare to leave for this St Hope's immediately! Aahh! THEY SCREAM We are totally Ferragoed! It's the coolest thing ever! - What happened to you two?! - Some of us are wearing real Ferrago.
And it's so cool! Hey, girls, check me out! THEY SCREAM WITH DELIGHT Guys, are you insane?! You have to take off all your gear, now! What's the matter, Daisy? Can't afford enough Ferrago? Listen, I just know that I mean, what if Please, just take off all your Ferrago, I'm begging you! Let's show everybody! There's no way Rose and her mates work for MI whatsit.
We must find Rose! Unless you want to be in trouble with the Grand Master and that animal of his? You're scared of a rabbit? You! Where can I find Rose Gup? Magnifico! Ha ha! Magnifi! Take it off! Get off me! Jealousy, Daisy, is not attractive! So, not so frumpy after all? I looked stupid cos I was in disguise.
What's your excuse? Young lady, I am the number three fashion designer in all the world! And when kids realise they can become completely Ferragoed, I will be the greatest! You hear me? The greatest! I designed those clothes, not you! You're a lying, talentless, snivelling idiot! And you're not even Italian.
What? How d'yer know that?! 'No matter.
'I can handle two more fashion victims.
' This job's so much easier when they're annoying.
Blane, wait! Stuart and the others won't listen to Daisy.
But they might listen to Ferrago.
Soon, every child in Britain will be branded the colours of Ferrago.
Oi, weirdo! I notice you're not wearing any logos.
The chemical?! No, please! I will give you a year's free supply of Ferrago! Does it look like I need new clothes? - Well - Tell everyone to take off their Ferrago or it's gloop time.
All right, you win.
Ha-ha! FERRAGO LAUGHS When they see me like this, even more people will want to buy Ferrago! Daisy, listen up.
Rose has found something.
You know I said the chemical's mutating? 'I think I know how.
' Arghhhhhh! The chemical used to just replicate the Ferrago logo and imprint it on the skin.
Now, it imprints the entire molecular structure of whatever it is you're wearing.
So, your DNA combines with fabric? Sounds crazy, but kids are gonna become half human, halfclothes.
Any clue for an antidote? Almost.
I need a few minutes.
Daisy, bluff.
Tell Ferrago we already have the antidote.
We'll give you the antidote, if you tell everyone to take off their Ferrago.
All right, you lot, out of the way! Honestly, it was one thing drawing on the odd logo or two, but this has gone a step too Arghh! Miss Templeman! What's happened to us? It's all this Ferrago we've been wearing.
But you said you didn't wear any? Well, no, I Oh, all right! ALL GASP AND GIGGLE It's just that they they don't chafe like other brands.
Hello! Excuse me! - Lorenzo Ferrago! - ALL SCREAM Tell them, before you and everyone else turns into walking jumpers.
Quiet, please! You must take off all the Ferrago you're wearing.
No way! We love Ferrago.
The logos There is a chemical inside.
Out of my way.
Mr Ferrago, I don't know who you think you are, barging into my school like this, but If you don't take off your logos .
this will happen! THEY SCREAM My underpants! The antidote .
if you tell us where to find the Grand Master.
I don't know where he is.
I don't! No, it's true.
When we visited SKUL, we were blindfolded.
The good news - you'll be back to normal in a few hours.
- The bad news? - You'll still have the same dodgy accent.
It's from Nice magazine.
- They want me to write a fashion column.
- Cool.
You could get Rose to model for you.
Or Daisy.
Both of them? I've just heard doctors everywhere are administering the antidote.
Kids should return to normal in no time.
And Ferrago? I hope he's been locked up in a really small jail.
I have a feeling it won't be the jail he'll have a problem with.
WELSH ACCENT: Look at this! Frayed like ribbons! And the colour What were they thinking?! And couldn't you have got something in my size? Now, I know the kids always customise their uniforms, but at least they're looking a lot smarter now.
Yes, much better than seeing ghastly Ferrago everywhere.
So, you've ditched the underpants, then? I can assure you, we won't be seeing those again.