M.I. High (2007) s02e11 Episode Script

Spy Plane

Aagghh! They're for the Prime Minister.
Come on, Dad, how come I don't get to meet him? Irena, it took ten years to build this plane, today has to be perfect.
Now, please, he'll be here at 12 o'clock.
Go to your mother's.
Prime Minister enters.
Ooh, welcome, Prime Minister.
Blah, blah, blah And it's my great honour to present our next-generation spy plane.
I give you the Ryfield X20.
Where is it? My X20! Where's my spy plane?! WHERE IS IT?! Ooh, ahh Prime Minister.
Sausage on a stick? The 21st century faces a new kind of threat.
The old school spies have had their day and MI9 must create a new breed of skilled undercover agent.
Hidden in a place no villain will think to look SCHOOL BELL Welcome to MI High.
Bicknall? Bicknall, this is a school, not Strictly Come Dancing! WOMAN SCREAMS It's all right, Miss Templeman, it's Mr Flatley to the .
Oh, I see, the screaming! Yes.
It's a ghost story we're reading.
Screams Of The Dead.
Aaaarggghhhh! It's one of the screams, of the dead.
Seeing a ghost must be well freaky.
Yeah, well, my grandad was caretaker here and he says the school's haunted.
It's true, I've seen it.
It lurks in this cavern under the school This grey, headless figure that rattles the pipes, and when you least expect it he JUMPS! Yes, thank you, Julian! Right, I think it's a good time to say class dismissed.
We don't want to scare thegirls.
You weren't seriousabout there being a cavern under the school? No, course not.
Just forget it.
What's up? Seen a ghost? Not exactly.
I'll meet you in HQ.
BLEEP - Hey! What are you doing down here? - Looking for something.
Ghosts, man.
It's the mind playing tricks on people.
There's dodgy plumbingand then there's something weird going on.
Maybe Blane was telling the truth.
Only one way to find out.
I know.
It's set to play every time you call me.
Team, I'd like you to meet Boris Ryfield, RAF engineer.
Head of the X20 project.
It's my new spy plane.
It has a cloaking device, which when activated makes it invisible to the naked eye.
- Cool.
- So cool, it was stolen minutes before it was to be unveiled - to the Prime Minister yesterday.
- You mean you didn't have security? I assumed MI9 would provide security as a matter of course.
LENNY CLEARS HIS THROAT We've learnt that the plane is for sale on the black market, by a man known simply as Mr X.
Wow, so we're going to try and buy a spy plane? I could pose as an interested buyer.
Let me think Here.
A neutralising pen.
Zaps you with a sedative, knocks you out cold.
I could be a teenage oil baroness! - Think of the jewellery! - Blane! You should have this.
Uses similar technology to the spy plane.
It's an invisibility suit.
Now we're talking.
Daisy, can I have a word? I think Blane's said something to Stewart about HQ and his spy work.
- What?! - Mm.
I'm giving you a special mission.
Use the invisibility suit.
Find out what Stewart knows about MI9.
Right! Time to buy a spy plane.
'To contact Mr X we'll need somewhere for all communications.
'It's too risky to use HQ.
'We need to create the plush office of a teenage oil baron.
' Sorry, Mr Flatley.
I think you should get out of here.
The air conditioning unit, it's pumping out sulphuric gas all over.
Sulphur?! I can't smell any Oh, my Fix it, Bicknall, it's worse than the staff-room toilet.
All we need now is our oil baroness.
Er, Daisy's had to go home.
Family crisis.
So who's going to buy the spy plane? I'm martial arts, I don't do dressing up.
You're Sajid Al Faysil, the wealthy son of an oil baron.
Smile for the website, Sajid! Nice one, Daisy.
DIALLING TONE I would like to talk to the man simply known asMr X.
You're speaking to him.
And you are? My name is Sajid Al HE MOUTHS Faysil.
Faysil! Flatley.
Sajid Al Flatley.
Oh, Blane! I am a dealer of rare planes, and I hear you have a very rare plane indeed.
Aren't you a little young to be buying a spy plane? You can check my credentials.
Blane, I'm still trying to change your name from Faysil to Flatley! Come on, come on, hurry up.
A website? Very fancy.
Meet meat the lock-up on Bridge Street, 11 o'clock.
This dressing-up lark? It's a doddle.
BLEEPING Your grandad saw a ghost, Blane saw a ghost, now I'm going to catch a ghost.
It can trace freak energy fields.
Beep, beep, beep! It can trace freaks as well.
Am I completely invisible? Oi, spud-face! - I'll take that as a yes.
- Fifty, what we heard down by the storeroom wasn't normal.
And Blane said there was a cavern under the school! Blane did tell him about HQ! DAISY GASPS Go on, then, go and "uncover the truth".
- Your personal assistant? - We're meeting an international arms dealer, I've got to look like a bloke with cash.
My associate'll meet you, Mr Al Flatley.
Obviously I'll have to take you there blindfolded.
As long as they have the X20.
Then you won't mind me doing a bug check? Rose? Rose?! OK.
So! Now you don't know where they're being taken.
My team will find your spy plane.
You can count on them.
Wait there.
This is crazy.
You know what arms dealers are likeprobably some big, sweaty gangster type! Although some of them can be quite cute.
Make sure we're not disturbed.
So, what do you think about me stealing the X20? Clever, I guess.
Clever? It's the coolest thing ever! My dad is going to be so mad! - Your dad? Your father? What does he have to do with this? He's spent the last bazillion years building the stupid thing, it's all I've heard about.
Your Dad's Boris Ryfield, the RAF engineer? I do my research.
But why would you steal a plane from your own father? Teach him not to ignore me? He doesn't even know I can fly.
Shouldn't have left his boring flying manuals lying around.
So where's the X20 now? - Duh! I'm not telling anyone till after the auction.
- Auction? - What auction? - Half the criminal underworld wants to buy this thing, so I'm holding an auction, here! This is going to be so much fun! Boo! Wicked! Punked! - 'Hello?' - Lenny, it's Daisy.
- 'Ah, Daisy.
' - Blane must have told Stewart about HQ.
He's trying to find it with some strange tracking thing.
'Hello? 'Are you there?! 'Hello!' Julian, can you hear voices? - What voices? - 'Hello.
Are you there?' That voice! I didn't hear anything.
Screams of the dead.
I'm hearingscreams of the dead! 'Hello, are you there?' HE WAILS Welcome to my auction.
As you can see, there are four parties bidding for the spy plane.
Plus one last-minute bidder.
And General Flopsy and I do not like losing.
So, a next-generation spy plane with cloaking device.
Shall I start the bidding at £80 million? £180 million.
- 280.
- Wait! No, that wasn't me! Flopsy, I told you to keep still, you're costing us a fortune! LAUGHTER Invisible plane? I'd only forget where I parked it anyway.
So, the bidding stands at £280 million.
£300 million.
OK! Any advance on £300 million? Hmm, no more bids? Anyone? Going, then, at £300 million? In that case Sold! To Sajid Al Flatley.
- This is outrageous! - Meet me at this address, 4pm, with the money.
This is favouritism! Just cos he is good-looking! How much do you love being bad?! So, Mr Al Flatley .
let's see how "big time" you really are.
PHONE RINGS I can see the headline now - "Plane Inventor Is Just Plane Stupid".
Hello? Mr Flatley's office.
Yes, hello.
I would like to talk to Mr Sajid Al Flatley.
Sajid Al Flatley? I thought his first name was Kenneth.
I thought I'd visit, surprise him.
Tell me, what is your address? Well, it's St Hope's High School So, the little oil baron still has to go to school.
We go expel him! I can't wait to tell Ryfield his daughter stole the spy plane.
She only took the plane to get some attention.
- Maybe we don't have to tell anyone.
- Guess who fancies her.
First we prove that Irena really does have the X20.
If she does, then we tell Ryfield.
That's weird Ugh! Sulphur from the dodgy air conditioning.
It must have made you hallucinate, then faint.
It's burning the hairs on the inside of my nose! Not that I've got a hairy nose.
Forgetting a gadget? Any more mistakes you should tell me about? But why do I have to go first? What if ghosts don't like teachers? You see, it's doing it again! 'Are you there?' Are you there?! There you are.
I've been trying to contact you.
You were right, Blane's told Stewart all about HQ.
I'm picking up a totally strange energy field.
Wait! Stop! I know what Blane's told you.
I can explain everything.
Really, Bicknall? You think you can explain the voices in my head? Eh? I hear dead people.
Blane wasn't joking, this place is haunted! Hang on! You thought the ground was shaking cos of a ghost? It's the boiler! The old girl's playin' up again.
Makes half the school shake.
And the voices in my head? The lead in pencils pick up air waves, apparently.
You were probably tuned into Gullible FM.
Haunted?! The only thing dead round here is your brain, Critchley! Sorry.
I'm just happy Blane hasn't told Stewart he's a spy after all.
So, how's the real mission? Blane's all set to buy the spy plane.
From his new girlfriend.
His what?! You see? How desperate they are to get their hands on my X20?! And you still don't know who's taken it.
We do, actually.
But we can't say who till we can prove they've got it.
I'm meeting them at four.
From MI9.
- Three hundred million.
- Oh! Fitted with a homing beacon? Or would you only just throw it away again?! - It can't have a beacon.
Mr X checks us for bugs.
- Please! Blane needs to go through with the purchase.
Once Iren Once our target has shown you where the plane is, get inside and deactivate the cloaking device.
MI9 will sweep in, make the arrest.
I give the money to Irena.
You - stay here.
Now, that's a lot of shopping.
Maybe you should give the plane back to your father.
- You could go to jail for this.
- No way! He's going to be so mad.
There's enough for my own personal stylist.
- Hello? - 'Oi, Blane! Mr "I heard a ghost in a cavern under the school".
'It was a dodgy boiler, Blane! 'Blane?' Sajid? Sajid, hello?! - You've gone weird on me.
- Maybe because Sajid's not his real name.
Is it, Blane? Your mate Stewart.
I'll ask him if you really are an oil baron, shall I? No! You're right.
I'm not an oil baron.
I'm just a normal kid.
With three hundred million? I don't think so.
- This is a set-up! - You lied to me?! - I thought we were friends? - We are.
I didn't want you to do this, you'll get in trouble.
Take my dad's side, why don't you? Take care of him.
I'll see you back at HQ.
"Didn't want you to do this, thought you'd get in trouble.
" Blurgh! - The spy plane?! - No, she's stepping into an invisible elephant(!) Go on, then, your girlfriend's getting away.
- Where's Tyrone?! - You're not the only one who's full of surprises.
Rose?! Blane's gone off in the spy plane! With some complete bimbo! Until Blane deactivates the cloaking device, we can't trace them.
Thanks to you the enemy now has a spy plane! Give over! It wasn't the enemy who stole it, it was your daughter.
Well, sheshe can't even fly.
He had to know some time.
Irena, the people I work with, they'll be tracking us.
It's called a cloaking device? The whole idea is that you can't be tracked.
Yeah, it's me.
It's your dad.
I think you should talk.
Should have! Maybe then I wouldn't have stolen a spy plane! What are you doing?! Smashing the cloaking device so you can't deactivate it.
This way they'll never find us.
Break, you stupid thing! ALARM SOUNDS There he is.
- Ten thousand feet and falling! - What about Irena?! She's unconscious, and I'm about to crash.
Blane, don't panic.
I designed the X20 so even a child could fly it.
The big stick in front of you, pull it towards you, quick.
Blane, that controls elevation.
The two levers nearest you are for pitch and thrust.
Pitch Thrust Cool, just like on a computer game.
All I need now are some aliens to blast down.
You're kidding me? Guys, I've got no fuel here! I must've forgotten about fuel.
I had showing the plane to the Prime Minister to worry about.
Anywhere he can land? He's already over the city, headingtowards us! Blane, can you see the school? - Yeah, it's just up ahead.
- Activate the cloaking device.
We don't want the whole school wondering why a spy plane's landing on the basketball court.
So, Blanewhat did you do at school today? That's it, Kenneth, just repeatthere's no such things as ghosts.
There's no such thing as No, no, uughhuggghh No, please don't hurt me! You take Irena, we'll deal with him.
You all right, Mr F? I told you it was ghosts, Bicknall! It sounded like the terrifying wail of a thousand banshees! You mean all that wind? Must have been one of them freak tornados.
You remember, we had one last year.
No doubt you put my daughter up to all of this! Tyrone was just in it for the money.
I stole the spy plane! Me! She just wanted some attention, that's all.
She obviously got some from you.
Fortunately I've persuaded MI9 to make Irena's punishment teaching adult officers how to fly.
What?! Why not just send her on a shopping spree instead(?) It'll be hard work, long hours.
In fact, she'll need an adult to accompany her.
Erm I could go along, I suppose.
But don't you have to work? Oh, stuff work.
It'll be nice to spend some time with you for a change.
And maybe Blane could come too? I don't think so! He's got spy work to do.
Right, I'll be off.
I'll see you tomorrow Sajid.
PHONE RINGS - Hello? - Now, listen here.
General Flopsy and I have decided to buy the spy plane after all.
- Name your price.
- The spy-what? I'm sorry, I've no idea what you're talking about.
Oh, I, er I must have the wrong number.
I do apologise.
Sajid? General Flopsy? There's some weird stuff going on today.
EhCaptain Flipsy?