Macgyver s01e09 Episode Script

The Prodigal

There's nothing like waking up at home for a change, take a look around my own world, sort of ease into the day.
Not much scheduled.
A guy's supposed to drop by and see me about some upcoming business.
There's got to be a gigantic secret factory somewhere putting out nothing but junk mail.
Nice car.
Sporty, not too outlandish, the kind a young architect might drive.
This could be my 10:00 appointment.
Frank Bennet? - You MacGyver? - Yeah.
How are you doing? Want some coffee? Yeah.
Sit down.
Black? Yeah, that's good, as long as it's strong.
It's guaranteed to melt lead.
You don't look like a hotshot expert on personal security.
Well, I don't feel like one either, but I've done it before.
Can you make me disappear? I'm sure gonna try.
Take you to a new place, start you on a new life.
But this federal marshal, this Wiley tells me you're gonna testify before the Crime Commission first.
No, I haven't decided about that, not yet.
Where's Wiley? He's supposed to meet us here.
Try to enjoy your coffee for a second.
I'll give him a call and see what's happening.
Come on, get him in the car.
Get in there! So much for easing into the day.
Joey just wants to talk to you.
Yeah, well, if my brother wants to talk to me, he can call me on the phone.
I don't need this, Max.
Joey needs it.
Now be nice, Frank.
Now, technically, I'm driving a stolen car following a kidnapping, and I still haven't had my first cup of coffee.
Boy, I got a headache.
Okay, let's go.
- Where's Joey? - Oh, he'll be here.
- Want a cup of coffee? - No.
- Hello, Frank.
- Joey.
You're mad.
I can understand that.
Hey, be polite.
Gonna say hello to your Uncle Vincent? Sure.
When do we serve tea? "When do we serve tea?" Frankie, don't be like that.
You and Joey, look at one another.
Bone, blood, flesh, brothers.
Why is it necessary to argue? Listen to Vincent.
There shouldn't be grievances in the family.
If this is about the family Good point.
Give us a little privacy, guys.
What's so damn urgent you have to send a couple leg-breakers after me? I called your apartment, I called your office, I left messages.
You never called me back.
That's not nice, Frank.
We're brothers, Joey.
It's just a word.
It stopped meaning anything a long time ago.
I'm not in the family anymore.
You can't deny your blood.
We had the same father.
He was a butcher in Eastern Europe.
He's a butcher here.
Would you have said that to his face when he was alive? No, I wouldn't have had the guts.
We also have the same mother, who, by the way, is in the hospital.
I know.
I visited her last week.
She fades in and out.
Oh, I don't know, Frank, half the time she doesn't know what's going on.
I guess that's why you think you can put a knife in me, in the family, talk to the Crime Commission.
- I haven't talked to anybody, Joey.
- No? Maybe you wanna read the transcript of the phone conversation.
Hey, they talked to me.
And you listened, very good.
All the garbage about being a solid citizen.
They're after me, Frank.
They're after me.
Okay, Joey, you're right.
I did listen.
You wanna know why? Because they talked about your rotten drug business.
"My rotten drug business.
" So, what are you, offended? And it's not my rotten drug business, it's yours too.
It's part of our family.
Let me ask you this: When did you get this sudden conversion? I mean, why now? Two weeks ago, a kid in my office died.
OD'd on tailor-made poison, Joey, the stuff that you sell.
He was a good kid, and you killed him.
I understand that, but, Frank, it happens.
That's life.
It's just business.
Look, shut it down.
Shut the drug business down.
Cut it off, and I will do whatever you want.
Shut it down? Frank, I got a payroll.
I got responsibilities.
I'm the head of the family, but only so long as I take care of business.
It's not like shutting down a hot dog stand.
We're talking about $100-million-a-year gross.
Match that against the dead kid.
Who made him hit the stuff? He wanted it.
He bought it.
It was his choice.
I simply provide the service.
Someone's gonna do it.
Joey, sometimes you make me so ashamed.
You're ashamed of me? You? Spilling it to a federal marshal? You've had it easy, Frank.
And you know a lot of pieces of the operation.
We can't trust you, and we can't let you walk away.
Then do it yourself! Come on, Max.
You enjoy this.
You're so smart.
Mr College.
Mr Graduate School.
Pretending you didn't know where the money came from, just like Mama didn't want to know.
Well, it came from Papa! It came from me! You've had contempt.
Now you want to sell us? Now you wanna spill on us? - What's going on? - Turn it off! - I can't see! - Tommy! Frank! Max, Tommy, get after them! They're gonna be right after us.
Come on, Frank.
Max, get in the other car.
Follow us.
Right with you, Joey.
- How the hell did you know where? - I had to get you out.
You forgot to pay for your coffee.
- Did you see who was the other guy? - No.
Well, get on it.
I want Frank.
We find him, we'll find his buddy too.
Joey, it might be more I don't want legal advice, Vincent.
I want them both dead.
So have you decided what you're gonna do about testifying? I guess you heard all that.
I saw your brother try to kill you.
In spite of what I say, MacGyver, he's still my brother.
It's still my family.
So you're gonna let him blow you away and keep selling that junk to kids.
Is that it? Come on, MacGyver.
That's what I hear, Frank.
MacGyver, this is Federal Marshal Andrew Wiley.
Come on up.
The missing marshal.
I've known you about an hour and a half.
Who elected you my conscience? Well, somebody's got to do it.
Look, Frank, I know you're between the proverbial rock and hard place.
I guess I really don't have a choice, huh? No.
That makes it tough.
Come on in.
I think I recognize you by now, marshal.
I hope you're willing to accept our offer, Mr Bennet.
I am.
Let me spell it out.
My father's dead, my mother's not well.
I'll tell you all you want to know about the organization, about Joey's drug operation, period.
- That's all we ask, all we need.
- What's procedure? We'll take his deposition immediately, at the Crime Commission offices.
Then you'll be moved to a protected safe house until the hearing is over.
- Where? - I'd rather nobody knew the address.
- Even him? - It's okay, Frank.
He's right.
After the hearing is done, MacGyver takes over, arranges relocation, new identity, if you'll agree.
- I agree.
- Well, then, Mr Bennet.
I just want to make one stop on the way.
I wanna look in on my mother at the hospital.
- That's a chance I'd rather not take.
- Frank, Joey's looking for you.
Listen, MacGyver, I already owe you my life, so why not ask a favour.
Could you check in on my mother at the hospital? Tell her Just tell her I'm all right, and that I'll see her first chance I get.
Caterina Bennet, St Matthew's.
Yeah, sure.
I'm all yours.
Tell Mama I love her.
Make her understand, if you can.
Let's go, Frank.
Frank's testimony is going to hurt Joey, Mrs Bennet.
Brother against brother.
It's the only way to stop Joey's drug trade.
Tell Frankie that I understand.
He must do what he must.
Can I share a secret with you, Mr MacGyver, something that Frankie doesn't know? I'm going to die.
I want to speak to my son one more time.
And the doctor says I don't have much time left.
Can you bring him here to see me? That might be a little dangerous for Frank right now.
Please, Mr MacGyver.
Tell Tell Frank Just tell him I want to see him.
Can you do that for me, Mr MacGyver? Yes, ma'am, I sure can.
No trouble, right? Not here.
But I owe you.
I'd love to collect sometime.
You got a name? Friend of Frank's.
Frank sent you here, huh? He's worried about his mother.
I'll worry about his mother.
Tell Frank worry about his brother.
And give him my love.
Federal courthouse, Wiley's office.
Good place to start looking for Frank.
Looks like somebody's all set for a quick getaway.
I do so declare that everything I've said here is the truth as I know it.
Tired, Frank? Yeah, you've earned a rest.
He's earned some kind of award.
My brother wants to make the presentation.
I'll bet, considering the kind of information you've just given us.
I don't think you have any idea how much it means.
- I think I do.
- Your brother, Joey? It's quite a price to pay.
Yeah, tell him I'll be right down.
Frank, relax a couple minutes.
I'll be right back.
- Marshal Wiley, how's it going? - Just fine.
But we won't be needing your services for another couple weeks.
No, I know that.
I just have to get a message to Frank.
From his mother? Yeah, as a matter of fact.
I can't allow that.
Wiley, his mother's dying.
I know that.
We're in communication with the hospital.
You know that? So why can't I talk to Frank? Because I don't want him to know it.
Because he will insist on going there.
So what? So, MacGyver, Joey Bennet is not a sentimental man.
He'd be happy to kill Frank right on their mother's deathbed.
Does the thought of security at the hospital occur to you? I won't risk it.
It's not your choice, it's Frank's.
Not any more.
He's too valuable.
Frank Bennet is not federal property.
He's an American citizen.
And please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, he has some rights.
And I promised his mother.
She knows she's dying, Wiley.
She thinks this is the last time she'll ever see her son.
I cannot allow it, and that is final.
And if necessary, MacGyver, I will put you under arrest and hold you as a material witness.
Oh, I get it.
You're willing to break the law in order to uphold it.
Look, I got a mother, I got kids.
I understand how Frank feels.
But testimony like this comes once in a lifetime.
He has got to live to testify in open session, and I cannot risk losing him.
No matter what it does to him? I don't like it.
But I am an officer of the law, and I I will do whatever is necessary to lock up these indictments.
All right, Wiley, relax.
Take a load off.
I know a brick wall when it falls on me.
You guys.
I've gotta warn you, I'm on Frank Bennet's side.
Yeah, Acme Auto Tow Rental? Lots of people think a car runs on gas.
Only one-third correct.
A car also runs on air and water.
What'll it be? Soda.
Got all kinds.
Cherry, cola A dozen, mixed.
A dozen, mixed.
In a box.
You got a box? Throw in some of that ice there too, please.
It's dry ice.
You can't put it in the drinks.
I know.
And I'm gonna need some of these fizzy dealies here.
Fizzy dealies.
The thing I love about dry ice is that it's very reactive, especially with a liquid.
Now to spice it up a little.
The general idea here is, most people believe that where there's smoke Something's happening.
Do you see the smoke? Okay, hit the fire alarm, evacuate the building.
It's all through the building.
Could be a move to get to you.
Bridges, Larson, take Frank, move him to the safe house now.
You got it.
All right, come on.
Let's move it.
Hey, Bridges, know anything about cars? Yeah, enough to take it to a mechanic.
Pull it over.
Let me have a look.
- Are you a mechanic? - Do you have a choice? Come on.
This engine head looks like burnt toast.
Hey, I think we got lucky, though.
Okay, stop.
Stop! Stop! - Hey, hey, stop! - Hold it.
Hold it.
- What's the problem? - We need a tow.
Well, I'd like to help you guys out, but I'm on another call.
We need a tow now.
Always got time for a badge.
No problem.
Come on.
Come on, let's go.
- Come on back.
- Easy! What's that all about? Sorry about that.
Now what's the problem? Oh, I've got this old stabilizer arm on this hoist here, and if I don't hook it up just right, it's liable to rip the living rivets right off your bumper.
I keep trying to get a new one, but you think the company would shell out for it? - Heck, no.
- You mind getting on with this now? Please? With all due respect, sir, I do what I do the way I do it.
So like I was saying, I hooked this thing up last week to this lady's bumper and tore it clean off.
And holler? You should've heard that lady, you could hear her You're gonna hear me holler right here, right now, if you don't get on with this.
Now, do you hear that? - I hear you.
- Come on, Larson.
But you can't rush these things, you know.
Haste makes waste and all that.
- You want to make yourself useful? - Yeah, what do you need? Well, just feed this over to this fella here.
Stick it under the bumper when I say so.
Then I'll give her a lift, and we'll be on our way.
Yeah, all right.
Where the heck did they get this yo-yo? Who knows.
- Okay, it's under the bumper.
- All right.
Why don't you stand clear now, and I'll lift her up.
Come on, let's go.
Man, I can't believe this.
Can you? Okay, that ought to do it.
- Hey, stop! - Hey, wait a minute! What's going on here? - What are you doing? - Oh, my God.
Stop! Stop! Hold it! Federal marshals.
We're taking over this vehicle.
- Come on, get out of it! - Come on, move it! Let's go.
I just know you're gonna tell me what this is all about.
Well, right now, I'm giving the feds a deeper and more profound understanding of themselves.
You know what I mean? Dumb trick.
He can't outrun us in that thing.
That ought to slow them down a bit.
What was that you said about dumb? - This is her room.
I'll wait outside.
- Okay.
MacGyver, too late.
Excuse me.
The patient that was in here, when did she pass away? Oh, she didn't.
No, not at all.
It was the family's decision.
- She'd be much more comfortable - At home.
Her son had her discharged.
- She's still alive.
- She's with Joey, you know.
It's his way of getting you to go to him.
It's a trap.
I gotta see her, MacGyver.
That's the house I grew up in, MacGyver.
It's a fortress.
That's Mama's room.
Is that you, my son? - Everything's gonna be okay.
- I'm so glad you're here.
Me too, Mama.
And I'll take care of everything.
Where's? I love you, Mama.
I love you too, Frank.
Frank? No, Mama, it's me.
It's Joey, Mama.
It's Joey.
- I am - U.
Marshal Andrew T.
I've been waiting for you.
I'm Vincent Ivory, Mr Bennet's attorney.
I know.
I was expecting you'd be here.
We're looking for Frank Bennet.
He isn't here.
Well, I have to see that for myself.
A warrant is on the way.
I'm afraid not, marshal.
You see, Judge Nielsen turned down your request.
It pays to have friends in high places.
We sit.
Anything comes in or out, we stop and check.
I don't get it.
Fence juice is off, camera shut down.
This place is usually triple-rigged with security systems.
Well, he's got the welcome mat out for you, Frank.
He wants you inside.
That's the first thing we've agreed on in a long time.
- Okay.
- Hey, listen.
You can still change your mind, you know.
All right.
Give me the signal when you're ready to leave.
Just walk out.
Joey's not gonna try anything with the whole federal strike force out there.
Kind of handy having them out there looking for me, isn't it? Frank, the feds don't know you're inside, and they won't know until we're ready to leave.
So you give me the signal, then I tip off Wiley's troops, - and we stroll on out, okay? - Okay.
- Wish me luck.
- Hey, listen.
Give your mother a kiss for me, will you? Hey, Frank, how you doing? We've been expecting you.
There's someone inside been waiting to see you.
Hello, Frank.
Glad you're here, for Mama's sake.
Where's your buddy? - Who? - "Who?" Doesn't matter.
What's important is Mama gets to see you.
She doesn't have much time.
So This is nice of you, Joey.
Papa would approve.
Yes, he would.
That always was important to you, wasn't it? Wiley, got a call.
He's on his way now.
Marshal Wiley.
We're patching a call through.
One moment.
Wiley, Frank Bennet.
- Where the hell are you? - I'm at MacGyver's apartment.
- You realize I've been looking for you? - I want to see my mother.
Now we both see it's no use.
Joey's people are all over the place.
She's not in the hospital.
I need protection, Wiley.
Are you sure Joey's soldiers are there, Frank? Marshal, do you remember what you told me the first time you phoned me? "We could take care of you, Frank, another life, another chance, if you help us.
" Okay, stay right where you are.
I'm on my way, ten-four.
He's at MacGyver's.
Let's move it.
You know, you were right, Vincent, about Frank and me.
Face, walk, voice, all alike.
I'll miss him.
Frankie, is that you? Are you really there? Yes, Mama, I'm really here.
Remember? When you were a little boy, you took my hand, and we walked down the street.
You always said, "Watch over me, Mama.
When I grow up, I'll keep you safe.
" I remember.
Frank, it's my time.
I'm ready.
I'm only sorry that I won't see the children you will have.
- Mama.
- It's good to hold your hand again.
It's okay.
Oh, God.
Wiley and the feds are gone.
There's the signal.
Now all I have to do is spring Frank before his brother murders him.
Good dogs! Mama's dead.
I'm gonna miss her, Frank.
I'm gonna miss you too.
In the kitchen, I think.
What do you say, Frank? - Wiley's gone.
- I know.
Tommy! - Back stairs.
- Right.
- Attic.
- Right.
They got something behind it.
Tommy, give it a burst.
Get another clip.
What if they try and get out the window? If the fall doesn't kill them, the dogs will.
This problem's kind of tricky.
No place to go, and no way to get there.
Frank, what we need is wings.
Cleaning fluid, that's a start.
Now something to go with it.
Camphor balls.
Now we're cooking.
- Give me a minute.
- Sure, take all the time you need.
A pulley.
All right.
Frank, I think we're in business.
Nobody there.
No sign of a struggle.
Neighbours didn't see anything.
We got suckered.
They're at the Bennet house.
- Let's go.
- They gotta be.
- Watch out, Max.
- All right.
I don't know if anybody ever tried a rocket-powered harpoon before.
So I figure it's about a fifty-fifty chance it'll fire off, or blow up.
- I hate to rush you, MacGyver.
- I'm getting there.
They got more heavy stuff in the way.
The bench.
There's a bench.
Get the bench.
All right, hold it steady for me, will you? Come on, come on.
Now, hold on.
- Lean into it! - Okay.
All right.
We got it.
One last shove.
- You all right? - Yeah.
That'll be Wiley.
This time, he won't need a warrant to get Joey.
Pretty slick, Frankie.
Even Papa would be proud.
- Well, it's over.
- Yeah, it is.
Guess I mean, for Joey.
- Regrets? - Some.
But that's how it's gotta end.