Macgyver s02e02 Episode Script

The Eraser

A man once said he went to a fight, and a hockey game broke out.
Lots of people think fighting's a part of the sport.
Well, it shouldn't be.
Played the right way, it requires skill, coordination, stamina and finesse.
Of course, a little muscle didn't hurt.
Keep your head up! I don't think this will take very Iong.
Why don't you just drive around the block a few times.
It is all there, three-quarters of a million.
- I said it was all there.
- So what? Mr.
Simmons, we have done business in the past.
We have always treated you fairly, ja? When I was a kid, I was known as a "rink rat": The first one on the ice and the last one off it.
As a bonus for my last assignment, I asked Pete Thornton to arrange a scrimmage with the Squires.
I was kind of nervous lacing up my skates, but once I was out there, it was just like old times.
- Gotta keep your head up, eh? - Yeah.
NavCom-24 is not just any piece of hardware, gentlemen.
We're talking about the most sophisticated navigation system ever developed.
When will it be ready for shipment? It's waiting for you now at the Pier Three drop.
The crates are Iabelled "sauerkraut.
" Until next time, comrades.
I'd Iove to see their faces when they realize they just paid three-quarters of a million for two crates of sauerkraut.
Here, you buy the tickets, one-way to Rio.
We Ieave in three days.
Put 12 guys carrying sticks in an enclosed area, and sooner or later, men will be boys.
Seven, two minutes! EIbow! Let's go! What are you talking about? Two on one, you call that fair? You got another two for opening your mouth.
Let's go! - Come on, open your eyes! - Let's go, get in there.
That's bush! I rented a room down on Sixth.
Drop me off now, pick me up tomorrow.
We'II make the rounds, wrap up the business.
Let's go.
The penalty box is hockey's version of solitary confinement.
Except you serve your time in front of a rink full of people.
Hey, Mac, you want some oxygen? - How Iong you been there? - Oh, not Iong.
Well, I did get to see you inspect the ice from pretty close range.
Hey, wait a minute.
You promised No assignments for a week at Ieast, right? Mac, I came down here to watch you play.
- Higher, Grandpa! - No, honey, you'II fall.
Higher! Well, just a Iittle.
Up, up we go! That's right, you hold on.
Let's go.
Banning, Iook out! Jimmy! Oh, Jimmy.
With protection Iike this, I'm Iucky to be alive, huh? Say, for a guy who's been in the joint, you Iook good.
I Iooked better before I went in.
Ten years is a Iong time, Mr.
" I'm Papa Chuck.
I got a job for you.
Yeah, I know, Mac, you want some time off.
Fix up your place, play a Iittle hockey.
I know, right now you're not interested that some of the country's most precious and top-secret technology is being handed over to the East Germans.
Federal government figures a full-scale investigation would tip off the East Germans, so we're handling it.
The Foundation is handling it.
We had a suspect under surveillance at Vectrocon Systems, but just when we were about to take him, he disappeared.
- You mean Simmons.
- What? How did you know that? We needed somebody who could get his hands on the goods.
Simmons was ripe, so we plucked him.
- So now he decided to pluck you.
- Right.
So if we can find this Simmons and get the names of his East German contacts, we can shut down this technology pipeline they've got going.
Jimmy, if I Iet Simmons get away with this Iittle game, how could I hold my head up in the family, huh? Take the contract on him.
It's been ten years.
It's Iike riding a bike, you never forget.
Hey, Pete, I thought you gave up your cloak and dagger when you joined the Phoenix Foundation.
Yeah, you and me both.
- I'm retired now, I'm through with it.
- Grandpa, Iook, ice cream.
It's almost suppertime, honey.
I'm not the same guy I was.
I don't have the heart for it.
My knees are shot.
My Ieft eye clouds up on me.
Hey, you're the Eraser.
Bad knees and one eye, you're still the best hitter since DiMaggio.
Pete, you're fishing for something.
Just one more job, Jimmy, for all we've been through? - Otherwise, my head's on the block.
- Grandpa! Now, don't tell grandma.
Is that a face, or is that a face? Jimmy, I wanna keep this on a personal basis.
I don't wanna call in any of your markers.
What do you say? Thank you.
Mac, I'm really in a jam.
You wouldn't take this job, would you? AII you had to do was ask, Pete.
- You got a file on Simmons? - Yeah, I already put it in your Iocker.
AIong with the Iatest surveillance photos.
Oh, by the way, he's heavily invested in a bar downtown.
- Right.
- Going back in? - Yeah.
- Show them how to skate now.
Go on, Mac.
Do it! Game of finesse.
I don't know what's wrong with this thing.
It's never done this before.
- Sure I can't get you some wine? - Let me see it.
I think what we have here is a gas-pressure problem.
- Got any olives? - OIives? Yeah, the Iittle green ones with the pimientos.
I Iove these things.
Love them.
We just bleed off some of the carbon dioxide, then that'II dislodge the valve, which is obviously stuck.
Then we'II have ginger ale.
It's working.
You sure you just want ginger ale? I could put something in that.
No, the bubbles are just fine, thanks.
- Make it? - Yeah.
Thanks, pal.
Take my advice, stay young.
- I'II try.
- Shot of rye, honey.
Believe it or not, I used to have a great set of wheels.
Home to first base, three and a half seconds.
Now, with this arthritis Thank you.
- Luck.
- Skoal.
Listen, can I ask you something? I'm Iooking for a Michael Simmons.
Is he around? I haven't seen him in a few days, but you might wanna try him at the car Iot on the next block over.
- He owns a piece of that too.
- AII right, thanks a Iot.
Hey, nice, real nice.
You know, I'd buy this tomorrow if it was red.
Okay, I couldn't help overhearing you back at the bar.
I'm Iooking for Michael Simmons too.
He's my son.
I mean, this is the both of us.
Atlantic City, '64, before the casinos.
And you haven't seen him, huh? Well, we ain't exactly been tight over the years.
I came into town three days ago.
He was supposed to meet me.
He never shows.
I asked around, everybody's a clam.
Then I run into you.
I mean, on the q.
, is he in trouble? Are you a cop? - No.
- Well, Iook, then, Mr? - MacGyver.
- Nice to meet you.
Supposing that me and you put our heads together.
I don't think so, Mr.
Just call me Jimmy.
These things can be a Iittle dangerous, I'd hate to see you get hurt.
Then he is in trouble.
Look, pal, you probably know what it's Iike having your old man hanging around.
My Mikey don't.
A prince among men I ain't, but if my boy's in trouble Well, I just wanna help.
I wanna be a father to him.
I never done that before.
AII right, where you staying? Oh, some fleabag hotel.
The Armstrong.
- But the roaches are friendly.
- Yeah.
AII right, if I find him, I'II give you a call.
Thank you.
I guess there are a lot of reasons why a man would sell his country's secrets, but the most common is also the hardest to understand: Simple greed.
Of course, Simmons had his fingers in so many pies, the word "simple" didn't really fit.
Some people give at the office.
Simmons took from it.
Vectrocon Systems was his base of operations.
I figured it might provide me with an idea or two of where to find him.
I've never minded checking out bars or car lots.
That's because they're usually not ten floors up.
But Pete didn't want to alert the people at Vectrocon Systems in case Simmons wasn't the company's only bad apple.
Which is why I found myself hanging around an elevator shaft in total violation of every instinct I own.
You can tell a lot about someone by the things he keeps on his desk.
Provided you can get to his desk.
Electrical locks are designed to open when a person inside hits a button.
Nice thing about these kinds of locks is that if you give them a power surge, they don't know which side of the door you're on.
Simmons didn't waste any time moving everything out of his apartment.
I was hoping he hadn't been as thorough here.
Linda, 40 1 West Beech.
See you soon, Linda.
It's a funny thing about elevator shafts.
They're just as dark and just as scary when you're riding down as when you're riding up.
Bottom line, though, I got what I came for and I was still alive.
My mom used to tell me, "When you visit someplace, make sure you leave it the same way you found it.
" I replaced Simmons' door lock and, with the vent cover back in place, no one would ever know I'd been there.
Nice going, buddy, but I-- It's a good thing I've been tailing you.
Why? Well, these things can get dangerous, and I wouldn't wanna see you get hurt.
Hey, nice neck of the woods.
Lived here Iong? Oh, about six months.
Little fixer-upper.
I keep the hardware store in business.
This is it.
Smell that sea air.
Yeah, the ocean's just a couple of miles that way.
Come on.
I Iived by the beach when I was a kid in Jersey City.
Well, it really wasn't a beach, it was a drainage ditch.
But my mother said it was a beach, and I believed.
So come on in.
- Love what you done with the place.
- Right.
Hockey, beautiful game.
I don't Iike the jerks who just go there for the fighting, though.
- Did you ever play? - I skated on my ankles.
Baseball was my game.
'47 Braves.
That's when they were in Boston.
Get out of here.
You were in the majors? For two whole weeks.
They called me up in case the other guy got hurt.
The bum stayed healthy, I never got into the game.
They had me driving the team bus.
But for two weeks, I was a major Ieaguer.
No kidding.
The wind got it.
You know, when I was your age I used to have the itch to keep moving all the time, always Iooking for that next piece of excitement.
Know what I mean? Then one day I wake up, I'm not young anymore.
Racked up a Iot of miles, but no people.
Very easy trap to fall into.
Now I don't want no more excitement.
I just wanna go where the weather's nice, watch kids play ball.
But first I gotta get things straight with Mikey.
Might be on to something.
He's got a girlfriend.
What did I tell you? You do the Iooking, I'II do the following, and everything's gonna be just Iovely.
Hey, I wanna thank you for putting me up.
I mean, it beats that hotel by a furlong.
- How about some dinner? - In or out? Take your chances.
What, are you kidding? AII right, just in case, I cook.
I want you to know.
MacGyver at centre ice.
Sets it up, shoots-- Shoots it wide! - We're in the corner! - Come on! And breaking down through the blue Iine.
Come on, it's Iike a power-- What? No! Corner rebound, shoots, scores! - Oh, no! - Oh, finesse! He shoots, scores and wins.
I haven't done dishes since I was a kid.
Well, you just earned the right to do them tonight.
It's a great game, isn't it? You dreamed of making it to the pros, didn't you? Yep.
Well, Iike I used to tell Mikey: Dreams are important.
Otherwise, sleep is just eight hours of nothing.
So, what got you into your current Iine of work? I don't know what it is, but there must be an easier way of making a Iiving.
Simmons' girlfriend Linda and I had a date for lunch.
She didn't know about it, so I started without her.
I like alfalfa sprouts for two reasons: Lots of minerals, and they don't stain your clothes.
Look at this.
My eyes are my best feature, especially this one.
You should have gotten your face out of the way.
I had to make it Iook good for MacGyver.
- You betting, Jake? - Garbage.
- What is it with that guy? - I say you ought to take care of him - after he Ieads you to Simmons.
- It ain't part of the contract.
Yeah, but if MacGyver gets in the way-- I'II worry about it then.
And Iet me suggest this: Keep your mouth shut before your brains spill out all over the floor.
- What do you got? - Two pair.
- Three kings.
- No good, full boat.
Thank you, gentlemen.
If Simmons picked this neighbourhood because of its low profile, he made a great choice.
Everything you always wanted in a slum and less.
Whenever I see a car phone, I can't help wondering whether the person who owns it is important or wants everyone else to think he's important.
Simmons obviously fell into the latter category.
With the proper connections, it's possible that a cellular phone can reach out and touch the security system of the car's onboard computer.
I was hoping to take control of Linda 's very expensive new toy by simply getting the phone to talk to the computer, knowing that computers always do as they're told.
Except at my bank, of course.
You're just gonna sit around and wait for MacGyver to handle the Iegwork? It's my plan at the moment.
If Papa Chuck knew you were gonna handle it that way-- Mr.
Banning to you.
He hires you to do a job, do it your way.
- Hello? - Jimmy? It's MacGyver.
- It's Father's Day.
- No kidding.
Yeah, I know exactly where it is.
Hey, do me a favour, huh? Don't tell him that I'm coming.
I want it to be a surprise.
You got it.
MacGyver's got Simmons.
Give me the keys.
Papa Chuck wants me to drive.
I never had a driver in my Iife.
Hey, you been in the joint ten years.
He knows you don't have a driving Iicense, so I volunteered.
Well, Iet's go, nosebleed.
- Hello? - Yeah, I want a 1 2-inch pizza, run it through the garden, hold the 'chovies.
- We're Iocked in here.
- What's going on? Look, start the car and Iet's get out of here! It won't start.
Do something.
- Howdy.
- Hey, the doors are Iocked.
You folks got a problem? Yes, we've got a problem.
The doors are Iocked.
We can't get them open.
Can't hear you.
Window's closed.
We're Iocked in here! - Pick up the phone.
- What? The phone.
Pick it up! Yeah, that'II do it.
- Come on out.
- What the hell's going on here? Excuse me.
Let's just say somebody from the government wants to talk over a few things with you, okay? Hang on here.
Linda, sweetheart, the car will go now.
I suggest you go with it.
Linda! That's Ioyalty.
You ought to know.
I'm-- Hold it! That would be a big mistake.
- Take it easy, okay? - AII right.
Come on.
- Come on.
- I'm coming, I'm coming.
We'II just wait in my car.
What do you say? For what? What are you, government, FBI, what? I promised somebody they could talk to you before I took you in.
Evidently they think you're worth the effort.
- Who? - Your father.
My father's dead.
What are you talking about? - In case you need backup.
- I'm warning you, Ralph, stay put.
Look, I don't care what somebody told you, my father's been dead for six years.
Yeah? Well, if Jimmy's not your father who's he? - They're setting me up, it's a hit! - Let's go, run! What in the hell is going on here? Who are you? I'm the guy who's gonna try and get you out of here alive.
What are you doing? Yes.
- What are you doing? - Improvising.
- What kind of gas is that? - It's the only kind we've got.
Yeah, but it could-- It could explode.
Yeah? Would you rather take your chances with Prince Charming out there? Look, if this works, it'II keep us from getting caught.
If it doesn't, it'II keep us from getting old.
Hand me that other rag, will you? - You got a Iight? - I got a Iight, yeah.
I hope this works.
- Help me with this.
- Right.
Get out of the way, MacGyver.
You know, I've been wrong about a Iot of people but I have never been this wrong.
It's a contract.
It has nothing to do with you.
- So step aside.
- Can't do it.
Guy's scum.
His Iife ain't worth saving.
That may be so, but I can't make that decision about people, Jimmy.
- If that's really your name.
- That's right, Jimmy Kendall.
Now I'm telling you for the Iast time Wait a minute, wait a minute.
Well, who was that in that picture, then, that you had in your wallet? That was me and my nephew, Frankie.
My sister's kid.
You know, I bought your whole story.
- The Boston Braves - True.
-bad knees - Critical.
being a friend.
What'd you say? "I don't want any more excitement.
I just wanna go where the weather's good and watch kids play ball.
" Isn't that what you said? That was what I wanted.
Well, then do it.
Just walk away.
Hey, Iook, I got three-quarters of a million here.
Ain't about money, pal.
Jimmy he's got some information we need.
Once we've got it we'II take care of him.
With a jury.
It's a contract, and I got no choice.
Me neither.
I'm not moving, Jimmy.
The bum's yours.
Hey, hey! Wait a minute, hold it! What are you--? You ungrateful You know, for a smart guy, you're not too bright, are you? Come on.
Jimmy, I wasn't so sure you were-- Jimmy didn't ice him, Mr.
That's what I'm saying.
Simmons is gonna sing to the feds.
Sing? He's gonna do Pagliacci.
I gave Jimmy his start in the business.
- You sure about this? - On my mother's eyes.
The things I gotta do.
If you need some heavyweight work, it'd be an honour.
AII right, Ralphie.
I Iike a man with initiative.
Kill Simmons.
But first, find Jimmy and put him to sleep.
Consider it done, Mr.
Papa Chuck.
It's open.
- Mac? - Office hours are over, Pete.
Loosen your tie and grab a yogurt.
Well, you know, I was kind of hoping for a drink.
I'II pass.
Well, we did it.
The federal agents just picked up the East Germans getting on a plane.
Boy, that's one time I would Iove to have been there.
Like to have seen the Iook on their faces.
I'm hooked into the mainframe at the Phoenix Foundation.
Simmons' file has been tampered with, that's why it shows his father's still alive.
This is great.
Did you make this? You're supposed to heat it.
- I Iike it cold.
- I didn't think you'd go in for whipped bean curd.
I've been trying to get Jimmy's file to come up-- Oh, here we go.
Spent the Iast ten years in prison.
He's been Iinked with "Papa Chuck" Banning.
That contract Jimmy was talking about, Banning must have wanted Simmons killed.
Yeah, but Jimmy didn't do it.
So now there's a contract out on him.
- Pete, I gotta find him.
- Oh, come on, Mac.
- Don't get yourself involved.
- I'm already involved.
- Listen, Jimmy could be anywhere.
- Yeah.
Put that back in the fridge, will you? Where do you start to look for a man who could be anywhere? A man with no roots, no reason for him to stay, and one big reason for him to leave.
I started asking myself, "Where would I go if I were Jimmy?" If you've seen one ball field, you've seen them all.
I know, I must've seen ten of them before I found Jimmy.
What worried me was if I knew him well enough to find him at a ball field so did Banning.
Kid's got a hitch in his swing.
Fastball would get by him.
Reminds me of me.
Well, there's no use hiding.
I gotta face the music.
You could try to get away, you know.
There is no getting away, not from these people.
There was this guy once, Morrie GIuck, a numbers runner.
They caught him with his hands in the till.
Friend of mine got the contract.
Morrie calls him, asks for 24 hours to get his affairs in order.
They set a time, met the next day, and that was that.
Morrie, well, he knew the jig was up, but at Ieast he went out with a Iittle class.
What? You're wondering how it felt for me to pull the trigger? I spent the Iast ten years thinking about that, seeing faces.
Maybe that's why I couldn't do it no more.
Well, I'm not gonna Iet you sit here and just wait.
I appreciate your concern, but it's not your worry.
Well, I'm funny that way, Jimmy.
You know, I'm glad that I met you that day in the bar.
But the truth is I'm tired, and I'm too old to run.
There are a Iot of kids who'd Iike to make it to the major Ieagues.
You could help them.
You do have two weeks' experience.
- What, driving the team bus? - Yeah.
You know, maybe.
Pipe dreams.
Come on.
Let's go! Jimmy, wait! They'II see that.
MacGyver, why don't you get out of here before they find us.
Come on.
- They're still out there, huh? - Yeah.
Ralph and his.
Dumdums that'II open you up Iike a cantaloupe.
I tell you, even if we get out of this, they're gonna keep coming.
They're not gonna stop.
They're gonna keep coming till they put me right in the grave.
Help me with this mirror.
It won't work.
I don't know what you're doing, but it won't work.
Jimmy, you said they wouldn't stop until they got you.
Let's make them think they did.
AII right, Jimmy, don't move from in front of that mirror until they see you and they start shooting.
Then what? Hit the deck.
Ralph, Iook! No.
Come on.
This way.
SIeep tight, Jimmy.
He's dead, Ralph, Iet's go.
That Ralph is so dumb, he'd study for a blood test.
AIthough I gotta admit, I Iooked pretty dead to me too.
I owe you, MacGyver.
How can you owe a friend? My boys tell me you did a good job putting Jimmy down.
Yes, sir.
Jimmy the Eraser got rubbed out.
If I'd wanted a comedian, I'd have hired one.
I want a nice arrangement sent to the funeral.
Couple of dozen roses, some Iilies.
Take care of it.
Yes, sir.
Nice touch, Mac, calling the reporters.
Yeah, I think Jimmy would have Ioved this.
Oh, by the way, Pete about that bonus I asked you for? It's all taken care of.
New name, new personal history.
Tell me, why'd you wanna relocate him in FIorida? Well, I found him a job.
Something I think he'II Iike.
Hey, Louie, I need some oil for my glove.
You don't need oil, you need glue.
Two errors on one play yesterday.
- I Iost it in the sun.
- It was a ground ball! When I was in the bigs, we didn't use oil.
Spit, we used.
- You played? - That's right, '47 Braves.
And I could honestly say for a two-week stretch, the team couldn't go anywhere without me.
Yeah I think he'II Iike it a Iot.