Macgyver s02e09 Episode Script

Silent World

Our subject is David Crane.
Is everything on schedule? Yeah.
He will arrive at Charles de Gaulle in 20 minutes.
He requested to go shopping.
- Shopping? For weapons? - We don't know.
Our men will accompany him and then bring him here.
David Crane.
Last assessment, gentlemen.
Is he capable of meeting our needs? Yeah.
Stealing a Moloch missile from the U.
military without any traceable connection to our organization is a major task indeed.
Sometimes I get into some very bizarre situations, even for me.
Stuffed dogs, plastic babies and a mannequin father.
A weird population for a very typical town.
All of which makes a perfect target to test the Moloch missile.
The simulation's good.
Patterns are realistic.
It's a good job, Pete.
How's the clearance? I'll tell you, that's not a lot of room for me to guide a missile through without hitting anything but that target.
If you have any doubts We developed this guidance system, we tested it.
Don't you think it's about time we trusted it? It will require a first-rate operation.
Superior skills, both in organization and execution.
His qualifications do seem excellent.
They meet virtually every requirement we have.
I agree, but I am worried about his attitude.
Too cavalier and strange, very strange.
We are in a strange business.
The man is an international thief, never caught, convicted or even suspected.
It is rumoured that he is the moving force behind that munitions theft in Cairo last month.
Send him in.
Crane has arrived.
How are you? Nice of you fellas to invite me over.
You come well recommended, Mr.
Former ClA agent, trained in all aspects of espionage.
You also indicate training with the Panthers.
Was that the Black Panther radicals? No, the Littleton Panthers.
State champs, '65, ten and 0.
I was a quarterback.
I had the best arm in the league.
We had a great backfield.
I've got them with me now.
- I've got a good game plan for you.
- This is not a game.
The Moloch missile is top-secret.
Only when it's all together.
Its parts are scattered in various points all over the country.
And in pieces, they think it's harmless.
But your Army relies on precise paperwork and procedures.
Then we'll use the red tape against them.
Test series one.
Project Earache.
Prepare for vehicle launch.
Guidance system activated.
Attention, all personnel.
Clear the area.
Prepare to launch.
We're gonna aim and control a missile by translating human speech into electronic code so I can talk it through the centre of town here without busting up anything.
Or anybody.
If we're lucky.
That man has no sense of military discipline whatsoever.
Abel, cool down.
MacGyver, are you aware that your comments are being entered into a permanent project archive? Well, then we better get cracking, eh, general? Civilian.
Paris is a great city.
You can buy anything here.
I got this transmitter at a little shop in the Latin Quarter.
Found this circuit board in the Champs Élysées.
And a little shop on the Left Bank carries these batteries.
All harmless.
Would you set a chair up over there where we can all see it? Indulge me, gentlemen.
I'm going to give you a little demonstration.
Unrelated items, and each one innocuous in itself.
That's how bureaucrats tend to view component parts, even when they are combined to create something substantial.
Now, then.
Harmless little pieces.
But you put them all together, and there's a certain je ne sais quoi.
I also arranged to have my people stop here earlier.
They fixed the chair.
And you may have noticed that I didn't touch anything.
We are all impressed, Mr.
But how do we know we can trust you? The same way that you know there are no surprises under your chairs.
That's right.
You don't know.
Let's keep it that way.
There are the coordinates to a lake in Southern California.
A rendezvous, mes amis.
Get a seaplane, be on time, bring cash.
We will be on time, and our plane will make one pass over your rendezvous lake.
If you are not there, don't make plans to grow older.
Hey, you're in the best hands of the class of '65.
Commence launch.
Commencing countdown.
Nineteen, 1 8, 1 7, 16, 15, 14, - Telemetry systems on.
- 13, 12, 1 1, - Tracking mode.
- ten, nine, eight, seven, - Guidance system activated.
- six, five, four, three, two, one.
On control mode.
To me, to me.
West, 1 6 degrees, 1 5 meters.
East, 1 0 degrees, 5 meters.
West, 2 meters.
Lock on target now.
Come on, baby.
Thread that needle.
- All right! Right on target! - That's great! - Nice shot, huh? - Congratulations, that was amazing.
- Amazing.
- Well, what's really amazing is how well these translation circuits work for our project.
Okay, the component is in.
What is that? This? It's a gadget for Carrie? Carrie, how do you say "electronic translation device"? You know I can't hear you, Mac.
I've gotta see your lips to read them.
"Electronic translation device.
" Wait a minute.
Electronic What? What'd I sign? - What's so funny? - You don't wanna know.
It's not that bad, Mac.
The kids just think you have a weird accent.
Who, me? Get out of here.
Get out of here.
Get out of the way! Carrie? Carrie? Pete's calling us.
We're ready.
Don't jump around.
Just watch, okay? Ready, Maria? - Is she a little nervous? - She's terrified.
Tight as a knot.
Maria's completely deaf, since birth.
She's afraid of what she's never known.
Yeah, who wouldn't be? Maria, do you trust me? I don't blame you.
All right, then, I won't turn it on.
You will.
We start with the headset.
You can do it or not.
It's up to you.
That's terrific.
This is just another way of hearing.
It converts sound into electronic pulses, so it's the right kind of sound for you.
This is the sound of a spring rain in a forest and birds singing.
So whenever you're ready push this button.
I can't imagine what it would be like, - hearing for the first time.
- Yeah.
"l feel it.
It tickles.
" - What's the problem? - We have a report of a missing military vehicle.
Can I see your license and registration? And I'd like to see your travel orders, soldier.
Be sure all the paperwork checks out.
We'll also take a look at your vehicle number, see if it matches up to our report.
- You wanna call this in? - This isn't stolen.
I'm on assignment.
Well, then your papers will prove that out, won't they, soldier? Just give us some cooperation, and we'll be on our way.
Yeah, it looks okay.
Welcome to South Carolina.
Drive carefully now.
Have a nice day.
- Piece of cake.
- Yeah, but it's only the first slice.
And nobody's gonna even know it's gone.
Just keep those ideas coming, buddy.
We'll follow all the way to the bank.
Well, we're not rich yet.
We've still got 4,000 miles to go in the next two days.
Drink that.
Mac-- Whatever is bothering you can wait two seconds.
Take a sip.
- Better? - Better.
Okay, so, what's bothering you? I had a dream about you.
- Oh, yeah? - Not like that.
You were killed, and I was watching.
I mean, I've had nightmares, but this was real.
- Carrie-- - I know how crazy it sounds.
But I had to tell you.
I learned something a long time ago: Never laugh at what you don't know.
- It was so weird.
- So tell me about the dream.
You were almost hit by a lightning bolt.
And then you and I were being chased by this Moorish warrior past a steel skeleton and then you were hit by this old car that came at us right out of the lake, and you were killed.
And what does this all sound like but crazy? No.
No, not crazy.
Dreams come from what we've seen or what we've done.
They're a way we have of piecing things together.
I've had this same dream three times.
I can't get rid of it.
Well, I've kind of been pestering you to test that hearing device.
- Maybe that's tied into it.
- Maybe I'm just wasting your time.
Lightning in the middle of a sunny day? Let's just forget it.
Carrie this is talk.
So is this.
Dreams are just another way of talking.
I know, but it scared me.
That's because we don't understand it yet.
The Foundation's doing some sleep research.
I have some experts I'd like you to talk to.
No, that's okay.
I think I just needed a friend to talk to.
You gentlemen can tell your constituents that this exhibit was set up with their hard-earned tax dollars.
We're presenting the missile shown here in its actual size.
This display contains a replica designed by the Phoenix Foundation.
We call it the Moloch missile.
Now, naturally, this model lacks a warhead and an arming system, but the propulsion package is absolutely authentic.
And in all other aspects, gentlemen, you are looking at a genuine, state-of-the-art weapon.
The design has been modified-- What's going on here? - Slipped off the dolly.
- That was one of the exhibits.
Oh, man, I'm real sorry.
Thing's a mess now.
Let me see if I can find something to clean it up.
- I'll be right back.
- You do that.
Fortunately, nothing important was damaged.
We'll have this squared away immediately.
Come on, hurry it up.
And be careful.
Yeah, it's a big piece of $1 0 million.
- What's next? - On to California and the guidance system.
It's in a think tank called the Phoenix Foundation.
I was there a month ago.
Nice people.
- What about security? - Soft.
But that's okay because tomorrow's our last day.
Six months of planning, three slices cut, and we are 25 hours and eight minutes from gold.
So how do you like lndian food, Pete? I'll tell you the truth, MacGyver.
I don't know.
My taste buds burned out after the second bite.
Pete? Look, MacGyver, I can't spend the Foundation's money on a series of tests just because Carrie had a nightmare.
Besides, I've never been a big believer in the dream-research project anyway.
Pete, you got no curiosity.
Carrie's dream was really intense.
And I just know those researchers would love to have another subject.
And they might be able to help her out with some pretty heavy anxiety.
All right, maybe.
Okay? I'll talk to the project people and see what they say.
- As long as you say yes.
- I'm not saying that l-- Pete! Hey, are you guys all right? - Yeah, we're okay.
- I'm really sorry.
Pete? The lightning bolt? First part of Carrie's dream? Now, that is a coincidence.
That's a coincidence.
Maybe! But doesn't it make you the least bit curious? Just a little bit? All right, we'll run the tests.
I mean, the dream did start with a lightning bolt and it ended up with you dead.
This must seem kind of strange to you, huh? Don't worry, MacGyver.
There's absolutely no medical risk to Carrie.
This will just take a moment.
Carrie, we want to thank you for showing up on such short notice.
After you almost got hit by a lightning bolt? Well, it was on a truck.
I mean, there could be other explanations.
I hope this is the way to find out.
The sedative will begin having an effect very quickly.
You'll go into a relaxed, drowsy state.
So you just tell us the dream, actually visualize it, and we'll compare your brain waves with a normal pattern.
- What will that prove? - Perhaps nothing.
But there has been considerable research in this area.
- Patterns have been identified.
- You're making this sound so real.
Well, it is actually.
You see, your brain is a kind of computer.
Everything you've ever seen or read or felt is all locked up there somewhere.
The problem is retrieval.
Your memory.
You think I'm remembering something.
Or a few somethings.
The experts tell us that we put these things into patterns, Carrie, sometimes a dream pattern.
Like a map, showing us the way to something real.
You ready to show us the way? Just try to remember how the dream began.
Your first image.
We're already getting a base pattern.
She's entering a highly receptive state.
Think back.
Tell us what was in your dream.
You and me, we were running through a forest.
And then lightning struck.
It was as if something was chasing us.
And I then I saw some kind of a Moorish warrior, I guess.
No, older.
I mean, from the past.
We jumped into a grave.
There was a steel skeleton in it.
There was a shot.
Someone was shooting at us.
I don't know why.
Look at the pattern.
Nothing like standard dream waves.
Much more intense.
The car out of the lake.
I saw the driver.
He was coming after us.
He hit you! It's all right.
I'm here.
I'm all right.
I'm all right.
Carrie, can you tell us what you just saw? MacGyver.
A car hit you.
You had quite an intense reaction, Carrie.
Right off the scale.
It wasn't like any dream I've ever had.
It was like a memory.
A terribly painful, real memory.
No more tests today.
Sorry, Carrie, we've put you through a ringer.
But I want to know.
What in God's name is happening? You and MacGyver are very close in your dream.
When did you first meet? The first test on the hearing-translation device.
Yeah, at the test site, about a month ago.
Maybe you saw something out there that came back up in your dream.
That's all a dream is.
The residue of the day's events.
Rewritten in a different order sometimes, but there.
We're doing guidance-system tests there all week.
Why doesn't Carrie go back out and look around? Maybe something would jolt her memory.
- You're getting curious, Pete.
- Yes, I am.
And worried.
Carrie? All right, check your badges.
- They real? - Better believe it.
We're getting us a pass to the last piece of this missile.
- Hi, how are you doing? - Good.
How are you? - ldentification? - Sure.
Okay, go ahead.
Thank you.
The dream could've been keyed around a structure or a person.
- Does anything look familiar? - Exactly the same.
But there weren't so many technicians.
Carrie, the basic setup is still the same.
Do you wanna walk around and see if anything jogs your memory? Miss Linden, it's a pleasure.
I understand that our system is going to be a great help to the deaf community.
Frankly, general, I thought it was our hearing system that was going to help your weapon.
Carrie, would you like to start? What do you say we start at the test site? Gentlemen, I brought you a new schematic.
Here, help me here, would you, a second? Just pull it out.
Hold that end.
Blake up at headquarters wants you to take a look at it.
Said there might be some problems with it, especially in this area here.
See the interlinked selection? One here, and one right in here.
When you're done with it, he wants you to write up an opinion report - on any problems you may see.
- I'm sorry, I just don't-- That's him! From my dream! That's the man who killed you! - Look out! - Behind the shed! Shoot the tires! Drive! Mac! - Don't stop.
Keep driving.
- What about Brown? He's dead.
Go! - You all right? - Yeah.
He's dead.
So is our radio.
And all the vehicles are out of commission.
You recognized that guy, Carrie.
Yes, but why was he in my dream? It makes no sense.
Why steal just a guidance system? It's state-of-the-art.
It's classified.
Damn it, Pete, it is going to be my career in the shredder.
I have lost a key part to a top-secret missile.
I think you lost more than just one part.
This is junk.
It's pieced together to look like one of our devices.
- But why do that? - So we wouldn't miss it.
I think they were trying to make a quiet switch when Carrie spotted them.
But they didn't get the rest of the missile.
- Maybe they already got it.
- We're not short any missiles.
No missiles.
What about parts, like this is a part? I still don't get it.
I think they're trying to steal a Moloch missile piece by piece from different places and covering their tracks.
- That's impossible.
- No.
No, it isn't.
In fact, they would've gotten away with this without a trace, - if Carrie hadn't blown it for them.
- Yeah, it's a great idea.
No fuss, no muss, no tracks for a long time.
Put all the pieces together, you got yourself a missile.
I'll start tracing every warehouse, supply line and facility that we've got.
Your dream gave us the connection.
And the man.
Maybe I saw him out at the test site before.
Yeah, it's possible.
So why don't we keep working on your dream? See what else we can dig up, huh? Now, was the lake round? No, it was more of an oval shape.
Well, why don't I start drawing it.
The shoreline of the lake was more irregular.
There was a little inlet.
With a bite out of one end.
It's kind of weird, looking at a dream.
And that's what it looks like, if it's real.
It's time to find out.
I'm patched into the Phoenix mainframe, into a topographical search program.
It'll match your graphic of the lake against about, oh, 20,000 map sections in California.
It's checking for size, shape, contour-- What if it isn't in California? Then we got a problem.
My God.
It's real.
I really do know this place.
I remember Yes, I've been here.
And I must have remembered it and put it in my dream.
What about those guys at the test site? Do you remember seeing them out here any time? You see a lot of people when you're hiking.
When you can't hear, Mac, you compensate.
- I look at everything.
- What about a man on a horse? Or that What was it, the antique car? I don't think so.
And what about the rest of it? A steel skeleton, a car driving on water? Yeah, well, it's in dream code, Carrie, but it's based in reality.
So you wanna show me where this dream started? I don't know.
But those trees There was a shot, gunfire, and we were running in that direction.
- What's that? - I don't know.
Let's see.
Looks like a mirror.
Off a car.
Or what's left of a car.
Look, the skeleton face! This must have been what I saw.
A metal skeleton in sort of a grave.
Hope I didn't scare you.
Moorish warrior.
- Pardon? - Nothing.
We were just wondering if you might have seen a big antique car driving around here.
Around here? There aren't any roads.
I exercise my horses here every day.
I sure would've noticed.
I must have seen you riding.
Up toward the north shore.
Did you ever see any cars up there? No, just some junk machinery.
I saw some men hanging around up there, but nobody lives there.
Same damn girl that was at the test site, the one who recognized you.
And the guy who jumped Brown.
Run them toward the water.
I want that girl.
- This can't be happening.
- Well, it is, and it's no dream.
MacGyver! MacGyver! - What happened? - After you got hit with that hovercraft, they took off across the lake with your girl.
Where's the nearest phone? In town, about five or six miles.
Okay, listen, my name's MacGyver, and I need a favour from you.
Go call Pete Thornton at the Phoenix Foundation.
Tell him what happened and that I went after the girl.
Pete Thornton, Phoenix Foundation.
- Go, please.
Thank you! - Gotcha.
Mac was right.
They ran scams all across the country, picking up parts in different states.
And we know where they got the guidance system.
I am going to end up commanding a penguin watch in lower Antarctica.
All right.
Arming, guidance, propulsion.
But how the hell do you steal a missile body without being noticed? Simple, you don't.
You buy it.
No, no, even those casings are highly restricted.
Yes, they are.
So these people used a forged purchase authorization to buy one troop carrier, two $600 toilet seats and one missile body from the General Armament Corporation.
They got the whole package.
And apparently they're Americans.
Local boys, in it for the money.
They're gonna wanna unload fast.
- There's a world full of buyers.
- So we don't have much time.
Hurry it up.
We're running late, and the buyer's on his way.
Be careful with that section.
It's the last part for the missile.
- Did you find anything in her wallet? - Yeah, her name's Carrie Linden.
She's a teacher for the deaf.
All right, Carrie.
How the hell did you recognize me at the Phoenix test site, and does anybody else know about us? Dave, why don't we just take the missile and get moving? To where? The buyer's rendezvous? I wanna find out if they're on to us before we move anywhere.
She's gonna tell us.
Aren't you, Carrie Linden? - No.
- No! Now, look! Maybe you can't hear, but you can talk.
And you will.
Believe me, you will.
- Crane is ClA? - Was.
They threw him out.
And the man he killed out at the site, Peter Brown, worked for General Armament as a security guard.
MacGyver? Where is he? Yeah.
Braden Lake.
Thirty miles north.
Got it.
The only way I was gonna find Carrie was to locate that hovercraft.
It had to have landed somewhere along this shoreline.
The problem was finding where.
Careful with that.
It's delicate.
Are you sure she was with the same guy we saw at the Phoenix test site? I'm sure.
He was the one that tackled Brown.
So now he shows up here.
That's no coincidence.
Does the man you're with work for the Phoenix Foundation or military intelligence? - I told you-- - Yes, I know.
He's your friend.
I've heard.
Go get the hovercraft ready.
The buyer will be here in a half an hour.
- Grab the lid, Throne.
- Move it! Yes, sir, Dave! Little touchy? Look, the buyer is gonna fly over the lake.
One pass, 7:00 sharp.
If we're not there, he keeps on flying.
And we're out six months' work and $1 0 million.
Sheriff, MacGyver and the thieves are at Braden Lake.
It's right in your back yard.
- Good.
Thank you.
- We'll have choppers in the air - right away.
Full search.
- Right.
Throne! Be quiet.
Throne! Sorry about this.
Why do I do that? What's he doing out there? He's gotta be getting the reserve fuel.
What are you gonna do with her? Find out if anybody else is on to us, if anybody's watching the pickup point.
If there's not, if it's just her, then there's no problem.
We just kill her.
It's all right.
She's deaf.
She can't hear me.
I still don't like it.
Well, we gotta be practical.
Give me a hand with this.
As soon as we get our money, I wanna be ready to leave.
So where we gonna hold the party? Name it.
Paris, London, wherever.
It's gonna be first-class.
Now, playtime's over.
- All right.
I'll tell you.
- Smart move.
- Well? - It's complicated.
I had a dream.
The hovercraft could make a perfect diversion if I could start it from a distance.
All I needed was a timing device.
What I had was a bunch of plastic trash bags.
And three different kinds of fishing line.
Not too promising.
But with a little bit of imagination anything was possible.
I must have seen you out at the Phoenix test site last month.
When you were casing the place.
There must have been 50 people out there.
- How did you remember me? - I think I saw you again here.
Just put the two memories together into my dream, saw you driving that thing, hitting MacGyver The Egyptians invented the water clock.
It's not a bad idea if you needed a timer.
And I did.
A couple of good things about a water clock: One, a bag of water's real cheap.
And two, it's easy to build a balance beam.
The thing I was balancing was time.
I needed to start the engine when I was 50 yards away and five minutes into the future.
So by creating an imbalance, one side of the beam would lighten up.
And the other side would pull the starter switch.
I hoped.
And that's how I recognized you.
From the dream.
Well, I'm not a dream.
Now, what's this about the Phoenix Foundation and the Army? I have a very real missile of theirs.
What do they know, and what did you tell them? Let's go over this again, Carrie.
And remember, this is real.
Crane and company were still in place.
If my water clock worked, they'd come out in a hurry so I had to figure a way to handle them.
A guy hook and a rope made for a good beginning.
All they have are pieces of a dream.
They did some testing.
That's it.
Well, then we're about through with you.
Where the hell is Throne? When I was a kid, my grandfather taught me an important thing about snaring wild game: They have a great sense of smell, they can run fast, but they usually don't look down to see where they're stepping.
I was counting on these guys to act the same way when the water clock stopped ticking.
Throne just started the engine.
I bet you he saw the buyer coming in early.
Throne! Gorman? He's okay.
He's just dreaming.
Just hold it right there! Don't move! Shouldn't you take this? Don't drop it.
Okay, I won't.
Now all we have to do is wait for Pete.
Good timing.
- You all right? - Just daydreaming.
Yeah? No lightning bolts or Moorish warriors? I'm okay? - Oh, you were fine.
- Good.
You know, we may never figure it out, but it's a little strange how all the pieces of your dream fit together.
Not all.
I was wrong about you dying.
Thank goodness we all make mistakes.
Well, sorry I'm late.
I think you'll both be happy to hear that the missile has been recovered.
And the three goons that took it are very busy right now pointing the finger at each other.
- That's great.
What about the buyer? - He was putting his plane on the lake when the choppers came in, so they grabbed him.
- Good.
- But best of all, I got the Foundation to cough up another $50,000 to continue funding this project.
- That's terrific, Pete.
- Wonderful.
What? - What's going on? - I think someone wants to tell you something.
Go ahead, hon.
Thank you, MacGyver.
You're welcome.