Macgyver s02e15 Episode Script


naval Operation Swordplay.
Integrate phase two.
Commence launch.
Confirming clearance.
Unit Charlie, fire.
Here they come.
Delta flight leader in position.
Commence air attack.
Assault force incoming, sir.
They're coming onto a mined beach.
And all those mines have gotta go, right? Here's where we shine.
SEAL Unit Bravo, target Nexus.
SEAL Unit Bravo, confirming drop.
The enemy assaulted the beach with a string of landmines.
Our job is to go in and take out the control centre which controls and activates those mines.
One man is gonna do all that? He just leads the point.
The others will follow.
Here they come now.
They'll come in and lay charges on the mine control centre.
It's linked to a whole beach-load of explosives.
So when the control centre blows all the rest of the mines on the beach go with it? Right.
One clean beach for the Marines.
They love to follow in our footsteps.
How long before it blows? Should be any second now.
Well, they certainly did it.
Half the beach is blowing up.
Instead of half the assault force.
Here they come.
Control centre destroyed.
Assault forces on the beach.
Come on, come on, come on.
Move it.
Primary assault target secured.
Navy SEALs, well done.
Thank you, sir.
SEAL Unit Bravo One, terminate and recover.
You know, everything you've shown us here today is absolutely top calibre.
So why do you need us? Well, believe me, it's not easy asking.
The Navy SEALs are supposed to handle anything from air-sea-land assault to underwater demolition, not pass our headaches on.
But two crimes in three weeks and we're getting blamed.
Because these thieves used SEAL techniques.
The newspapers are implying SEALs are involved.
You have checked your men? I know my men.
No SEAL is involved in these robberies.
But we are getting smeared in the media.
What about police? They're getting nowhere.
And legally, the military can't become involved in tracking a civilian crime.
That's why I'm asking for your help.
You got it.
Where do we start? We wait until they hit the next time.
I know they're gonna try it again.
That's when you jump in with both feet.
That's the dive boat, all right.
Don't get too close.
Yeah, they found something.
Let me see.
Give me the binocs.
That radio chatter we heard is for real.
They brought up some kind of treasure.
Hit them right now.
- Don't forget to wait for my signal.
- Right, Gar.
Let's go.
Now, remember, first the signal balloon, then the assault.
We should have total surprise on our side.
- You got me? - Yeah.
All the seams are sealed with pitch.
There's a chance that everything inside is preserved.
Knock on wood.
Well, let's find out.
- Ready? - Let's do it.
Do you think this came from the treasure fleet? Look, I've read all the contemporary accounts and analysed all the manifests.
I know everything there is to know about the Nuestra Señora.
Well, keep your fingers crossed.
Oh, dear God, it's real.
Look at this jewelled crucifix.
This is a gold cob.
on the Nuestra Señora.
Look at this.
Government papers out of Monterey.
Look, this has to be the ship's document box.
Well, it all looks like it's in perfect condition.
What is it? It's the log.
The ship's log.
If this has the course corrections, it's the last clue we need.
Oh, Paul, we could be this close to finding the entire treasure.
Let's get all this forward, away from this mess.
Come on.
We've got all the time in the world now.
It's an 8 escudo cob.
The reign of Philip V from his royal treasure fleet.
Look, off the port bow.
What is it? It's a signal balloon.
Could be a diver in trouble.
Come on, let's haul it up.
What's the matter? It's anchored.
If it's a diver, he's sure caught in something down there.
All right.
Stay still, stay quiet, stay alive.
Don't touch that.
It took us years to find it.
The ship's log isn't worth anything to you.
- Stay back.
- Get your hands off that.
Get them below.
Come on, move it! Go on, I said.
Move it.
- No! No! - All right, get them below.
Stay down or you're dead.
I ripped out the radio.
They won't be calling anybody from out here.
Go grab the treasure.
Could be the Coast Guard.
No, the Coast Guard would hail them down.
It has to be the pirates' own boat.
He's alongside.
Hey, those SEAL tactics really worked.
Like cream.
Barb, careful.
All right, you in there.
Stay below.
Come on.
- Barbara, don't.
They'll shoot you.
- I wanna be able to identify them.
Get down! You can't go out there.
They took the treasure we found.
Even the log.
Twelve years of research destroyed.
The pirates hit again, and Pete set up a meeting with the victim at the Ortega Research Centre.
Barbara Ortega? Name's MacGyver.
Phoenix Foundation.
Oh, yes, I know the Phoenix Foundation, of course, but I don't know exactly what you do, Mr.
Just MacGyver.
I just kind of fix things around the place, that's all.
Do you fix bullet-riddled boat cabins? I was kind of hoping to do a little more than that.
Can we talk? Sure.
But I don't think I can tell you anything worthwhile.
Why don't we start with what you told the police? That was a gruelling three hours of retracing everything I did and everything I've seen in the past week.
What about your offshore dives? Like I told the police, we found pieces of treasure two days running.
But I trust my crew implicitly and they're the only ones who knew about the find.
The folks at the museum? We told no one.
What about the pirates? Did you get a good look at them? I didn't see their faces or their boat.
Like I said, I'm not much help, am l? Yeah, sure you are.
You're eliminating possibilities.
That's progress.
I'm not into trade-ins, Gar.
Come on.
It's part of the deal.
Our boat's worth 75,000 easy.
Besides, it's down payment on this sweet thing.
You run a boatyard, Arne.
You can sell a cigarette boat for a good price.
And you can keep anything over the 75,000.
Then tell me what's wrong with her.
Nothing, Arne, nothing.
She's fast, she's hot.
We had a lot of fun with her.
But we wanna do something else.
Change our luck.
Let me look it over.
Hey, why trade our cigarette boat for this? We used it three times, now we dump it.
You think he'll buy it? He'll go for the deal.
Once we got this baby out on the open ocean we are gone.
No passport checks, no trails, no traces.
And enough money to last us for a couple of years.
Yeah, maybe.
But how do we turn a lot of old gold into cash? Don't I always have the answers? We're gonna ask an expert.
Doctor Barbara Ortega.
That'll be quite a rush, asking her how to cash in on her own treasure.
Gar, you've run those engines pretty hard, but she's not bad.
- You got yourself a deal.
- Great.
Look, I gotta go to an appointment, so the guys will handle all the details.
- Okay.
- Come on, guys.
Let's take her for a ride.
We've each exhausted every possibility I can think of to identify them.
All right, now, wait a minute.
Let's not give up yet.
Stolen artefacts.
What do you figure they're worth? Priceless in terms of knowledge.
And then there's the material value.
Here, let me show you.
Now, these were parts of a shipment of treasure out of Monterey bound for Spain.
They've told us a lot about Spanish colonial trade routes.
I got a hunch these guys weren't too interested in Spanish colonial trade routes.
How much have you collected so far? About 30 or $40,000 worth.
Yesterday was our first real find.
But it was stolen.
I was gonna sell most of it.
Boy, did I ever need that money.
Excuse me.
You sound like you know a lot about this stuff.
How much would one of these be worth? Roughly $1,000 to a collector.
A bit less to a dealer.
Dealer? You mean I could go and buy one of these? - Where would I do that? - The Treasure Coin Corporation or Cortez Antique Coins right here in town.
Well, thank you.
I really appreciate it.
Sorry for the interruption.
So is that how you plan to cash in on your gold if you find it? Well, not exactly.
My father and I spent 1 2 years searching for the Spanish treasure fleet.
He found pieces of one ship and drowned, caught inside the wreckage.
I'm sorry.
I was with him and I couldn't help him.
But I can finish what he started.
And try to justify his death.
By finding the fleet? My father's wish was to return the treasure to its rightful owners.
The people of what was Spanish America.
To set up hospitals and set up schools.
Give back what's theirs.
Yesterday, I had the key to the treasure in my hands: The captain's log.
You have any idea how much that log is worth? Two ships carrying an estimated $60 million worth of treasure.
Now, all I need are those daily course corrections and I'm positive that I can find that fleet.
That's kind of funny.
- What? - Well, the pirates.
They haven't got the slightest idea what they've really stolen.
All we wanna do now, Barbara, is stimulate your memory.
I don't understand.
Well, you were below decks.
You couldn't see anything.
You were blind, right? Effectively, yes.
But you still had all your other senses working for you, especially hearing.
All right, let's go back there.
You're down below and you can hear their boat's engine.
Try to remember that particular sound you heard, okay? All right.
No, too high-pitched.
They all seem to sound a little bit alike but not the right one.
Hold it.
- This one? - The one before.
It had a heavier sound.
That's it.
That's the boat.
Smuggler's boat.
Very high speed.
It fits.
See, I told you we'd get to it.
Now we've got something to look for.
How much do you think all this treasure is worth? Two hundred thousand, maybe a quarter of a million.
So be careful.
By the time we're finished, you could bounce these cans off a bulkhead without scratching any of the gold.
We're packing it like eggshells.
So, Gar, what else did you hear this Ortega broad say? Okay.
The next thing she says is the one we took is just the tip of the treasure chest.
That the bad guys don't even know what they've got.
There's 60 million bucks right here.
In this captain's log.
Now, I don't read Old Spanish but Dr.
Barbara Ortega, she can.
Come on, Gar.
We made one hell of a hit.
Hey, we got nothing.
Enough for a couple of years of easy living.
This could be for the rest of our lives.
Big time.
What I want you to do as soon as you finish stuffing the cans, is to get a line on her, like where she lives, where she works, what time she gets off work.
Don't you think we're pushing it a little? We take the ketch out.
If we have Dr.
Ortega along, we got a handle on $60 million.
You get life for kidnapping.
It's not pushing it, it's out over the edge! Being on the edge is how you know you're alive.
That's her.
I'll find out when she'll be leaving.
Maybe we can give the lady a lift.
- Barbara.
- Hi.
Good timing.
I was just giving some distinguished guests a look around.
MacGyver, meet Señorita-- Come here.
--Elena Echeverria.
- Hi.
- And Señor Christobel Santos.
My pleasure.
Your boyfriend? No.
You're right.
It is a shame.
And you two have to get back to the clinic, pronto.
Adios, MacGyver.
- What happened to them? - War.
Elena was burned in a raid and Christobel's knee was shattered by a bullet.
We don't even know from which side.
We hope that the surgery he's scheduled for will repair his leg.
You see, these kids are the reason the treasure is so important.
Then we better find it, huh? Speaking of which, your message said something about having information on the cigarette boat.
I posted a $5,000 reward.
My office got a phone call early this morning while I was out.
A man named Arne Lindquist said he would call back.
He owns a boatyard.
That's all he would say.
Get me some more paint.
Hey, Arne is she ready yet? Well, the The rigging needs a little tune.
Give me a couple more hours, huh? Sure, sure, no problem.
By the way, did you sell our cigarette boat yet? Not yet, but there's some interest.
Good, good.
Let me pay you off right now, okay? And I was worried about a kidnapping? This is heavy-duty, Gar.
You sweat too much.
Get him aboard.
We'll dump him at sea.
- We gonna put out right away? - Not yet.
Not until we pick up our passenger.
You're not going after that girl.
We don't have to.
She's coming to us.
This Lindquist should have called hours ago.
We may have to do without him.
There are five cigarette boats registered as docked in Marina del Rey.
So? So that's where we start looking tomorrow if Lindquist falls through.
Then I guess that's where we start looking tomorrow.
Call forwarding for Dr.
This is Barbara Ortega.
Ortega, I'm Arne Lindquist.
You called about the cigarette boat? That's right.
I think I know where it is.
Oh,that's wonderful.
Where? If you'll come to my boatyard, I'll show you.
We're at 6th and Pacific.
- Say, in an hour? - An hour? Of course.
Do you mind if I bring a friend along? He's also interested in the boat.
I'll be waiting for both of you.
You see? How could it be any easier? Mr.
Lindquist? - I'm Barbara Ortega.
- You found me.
We can talk inside.
Right this way.
- This is my friend, MacGyver.
- Hi.
So you're looking for a cigarette boat? Yes.
It may be connected to the piracy of my boat.
No question, Dr.
It is connected.
Hey, you were in the museum yesterday.
You came right on up to us.
You like to gamble a little, don't you? Well, I like to win.
- What do you want from us? - First, I want the girl.
Then I want the rest of the Spanish treasure.
- No.
- Unfortunately, we don't need you, MacGyver.
Hold it, right there.
Come on, now.
You know, you guys are missing out on a great deal if you kill me.
I can help you.
See, I'm kind of an expert with just about everything and I can handle all kinds of machinery.
I know a lot about all this stuff.
In fact, I used to do a lot of salvage diving when I was a kid.
Get help.
Get them! There he goes.
Hold it.
Manning may want him alive.
- What was that? - Sounds like he went overboard.
- I don't see him.
- He's staying down.
He jumped in.
He's swimming underwater.
That's just what he wants us to think.
Close that hatch and lock it.
Get her aboard the ketch.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Cast off.
I'll send her friend to the bottom.
Have a good trip, MacGyver.
It'll be a real rush all the way to the end.
You can't leave him in there.
He'll drown.
Just keep moving.
Get her below and get those engines started.
Hatch was locked down and I was locked in with a lot of water for company.
The hatch was locked down, the water was rising.
It was tight and getting tighter.
I needed a way out, fast.
All I had to work with was water.
And maybe this bilge pump.
Normally, a bilge pump shoves water out of the boat.
But if I pumped water into one of these boat bumpers, I just might have a way to crack the hatch.
The angle brace made my hydraulic jack complete.
It was working.
All I needed was a little more time.
There was a problem.
My hydraulic jack didn't stand up to the pressure.
I was starting to wonder if I could.
I had about one minute to find another way out.
A tank of compressed gas.
If it had a minimum and if I could release it all in one shot, I just might have a chance.
What do you mean there are no sightings? A 58-foot ketch can't disappear in thin air.
Well, the Coast Guard says it can't be in local waters.
Well, the ketch that's missing from the boatyard can barely make nine knots an hour.
Well, he kidnapped Barbara for one reason, the treasure fleet.
And that's not far offshore, so it's gotta be within that area.
Well, the coastline has been checked.
Every cove, port and harbour.
What about offshore? The islands? Yeah, Catalina, negative.
Anacapa, negative.
Santa Cora, negative.
They even searched around Sanchez Rock and Goat lsland.
And that's the lot.
You know, my lD on Manning turned up some pretty ugly history, including an application for a Navy SEAL assignment.
He did great on the physicals, but he failed all the character tests.
Kind of tells the story of why he chose to smear your outfit, doesn't it? And it's still not over.
Not until we find him and Dr.
You said they searched around Goat lsland.
- They didn't land? - It's a target island.
The Navy uses it for gunnery practice.
Nothing alive on it except some unexploded ammo.
Think that'd keep a risk-taker like Manning away from it? MacGyver, Goat lsland is a piece of hell.
Blasted dirt, live mines, shell craters.
Nobody's allowed within three miles of it.
Well, that would make it perfect for him.
So how do we get on the island? You can't.
It's absolutely off-limits.
Get permission.
Look, I'm off duty.
I'm here strictly as an unofficial advisor.
And I'm advising you: Forget it.
We can begin the turn in about 30 seconds.
Then hold her steady until MacGyver's out of sight.
Have you got the transmitter? Yeah, right here.
Now, don't be a hero.
Just get the girl if you can and come on back.
Pete, you know me.
As soon as I get the girl, I'll run like crazy.
Then we'll send a signal.
We'll be waiting with full backup.
Yeah, if they're out there.
Ready? Make this look good.
All right, go.
What was it? Nothing, Gar.
Sport fisher.
Survey party in sector six, send a report in, please.
So how close are we to the treasure fleet? Look, getting inside the mind of a Spanish sea captain who died 250 years ago takes a little time.
Hey, I'm in no rush.
Return to base.
Sounds like they're about to give up the search and go home.
Our ketch is in a cove, camouflaged.
And on top of everything else, they'll never look for us in a minefield.
So take your time.
All the time you want.
But find me that treasure.
I had to hit the beach fast and quiet, without any gear slowing me down.
Interesting thing about explosives.
They decay, become real touchy unless you get lucky.
There goes another one.
It's just another rabbit for dinner.
I don't like this place.
It's like camping in a combat zone.
Neither does anybody else.
That's why we're here.
The only place they could be was in one of the island's abandoned artillery bunkers.
The question was where and which one.
Antipersonnel mine.
First click armed it.
Not many people ever get to hear the second click.
The trick for surviving this situation was making sure the mine's switch didn't click twice.
The first click is a simple hello.
The second is a serious goodbye.
As long as I kept the wire taut, the mine wasn't gonna go off.
They gotta be kidding.
This place is land-mine heaven.
More rabbit stew? Those damned bombs.
That, gentlemen, was a landmine.
Could have been the one I set this morning.
Let me see your glasses.
Go and check it out.
Both of you.
The detonator on this landmine was a little different.
Pressure on the button armed it.
Now, if I could just wedge the button down tight, I might be able to survive this one too.
Light, rusted and hollow as an old tin can.
It was obviously a dud.
The thing was only I knew that.
It's just a rock.
You go that way.
Bet you liked it better when you were knocking off liquor stores.
Oh, my God.
Don't move.
Don't turn around.
Lose the gun.
- Lose it! - Okay.
- Now, give me your belt.
- What for? Just do it.
Come on.
What are you doing? Never mind me.
Just make sure you keep that line tight.
I don't blame you.
What? There's somebody on the island hunting you.
It's too bad.
I'm getting close to locating the treasure fleet.
Just find it.
Nobody's gonna get past Bell.
He's an artist with that Uzi.
Jack? Bell! Bell! Okay, you boys stay put now.
There's live mines out there.
It's all going wrong, isn't it? Not for long, it isn't.
Get up.
All right, that ought to do it.
You can let her go now.
Ah, yes, MacGyver, the fool.
You know something? I figure this ought to even things between us.
You see, if you shoot me, I fall.
Then we all go up.
Yeah, but you'll kill the girl too.
Sorry, Barbara.
Just as long as you get him.
You both that crazy? You got it.
Don't drop it! Don't drop it! MacGyver.
It's no problem.
Just a dud.
Hey, you gotta be careful with these things.
You can get hurt.
Set it up, Christobel, set it up.
There's the break.
He shoots, he scores! Unbelievable.
I'd say you won.
Good work.
Yeah, it's gotta feel good to walk again, huh? He's asked that before, about the other kids who need help.
You see, he's the reason why we have to find the rest of the treasure.
As a matter of fact, the Phoenix Foundation owed me a bonus and I have collected.
Pete's out right now arranging for the loan of a top-of-the-line dive boat.
The one we picked out can handle up to about 50 divers.
Well, MacGyver, that's wonderful, but we can't afford five divers, much less 50.
What friends of yours? I took Chris around to visit some of my buddies in the SEALs.
And they're kind of happy about having their name cleared.
So far, about 83 of the best divers in the country have volunteered.
Eighty-three? I'd say help was on the way.