Macgyver s03e03 Episode Script

Back from the Dead

Growing up 1,500 miles away from the ocean, you hardly ever get a really good sea breeze.
So for a Minnesota boy like me, living on the water was kinda perfect.
And, as it happened, my next door neighbour was a fringe benefit.
MacGyver, still on for dinner tonight? I'll be there.
That's what you said last time.
No last minute excuses this time, I promise.
MacGyver? Then again Ah, good morning, Pete.
I think we've got a problem.
Look at this.
- That's Jimmy Kendall.
- The one and only.
We break our backs to get him in the Witness Protection Program.
We even had a funeral for the man! Here he is in the paper.
This had to have been an accident.
Accident or not, there he is in all his glory.
Papa Chuck Banning and his buddies see this, after the information Jimmy gave the government, they're gonna make sure he's dead.
We've gotta get to him.
Already tried.
He's on a bus with his baseball team.
They're due at Shoreline Stadium this morning.
I can be there in about an hour.
All right, but be careful.
Remember, if he's in the target zone, so are you! What the hell, no chorus here? I wanna hear a chorus! Let's go.
All right! Hey, Lou? You remember to bring my new batting gloves this time? Listen to this, he's batting 1 98.
You haven't worn out the old ones yet, for crying out loud.
I'll have 'em for the series.
Worry about using the equipment, bringing it is my job, got it, there? Okay.
Come on, guys.
Let's go, let's do it.
Let's do it, guys, come on.
Let's do it guys, come on.
Sure wasn't anything like this where I grew up.
Back in New York, where I come from, this is an overgrown hot dog stand.
Lou, they say it seats 60 thousand.
In my whole home town, there's only 482 people.
Dave, you getting the jitters? Fans, I don't know, they're like elevator music.
After the first pitch you don't notice 'em.
I sure hope so.
You've been mowing them down since high school, it's the same game.
Now, you got a rifle.
You pitch the way I know that you can, and we murder them.
Ralph, it's probably nothing.
Papa Chuck's hardly cold in his grave and the man calls me out here for a meeting? How can I relax? I got word after the funeral you wanted to see me, Mr Webber.
Nice service, don't you think? Yeah, it was a great send-off.
Papa Chuck would have liked it.
I suppose we could've talked at the cemetery, but I don't like doing business among the dead.
It's disrespectful, don't you agree, Ralph? Oh, absolutely, I'm the same way myself, Mr Webber.
Please, call me Paul.
So what did you want to talk to me about, Mr Webber Paul? Now that Papa Chuck is dead, we have to move ahead.
We have to move forward.
Real nice job with the truckers.
You kept our merchandise moving, we notice, don't think we don't.
Just doing my job.
And efficiency.
That's always prized.
Like that union president, what's his name? - Malkovich.
- Yeah, Malkovich.
The guy was a troublemaker.
So he disappears.
No fuss, no traces.
And Jimmy the Eraser.
He caused us difficulty.
Would've caused more until you took him out.
We appreciate that.
- Just doing my job.
- And doing it well.
Now that Papa Chuck, God rest his soul, is no longer with us, we'd like you to accept some additional responsibilities, with additional rewards.
We're thinking that you can take on some of Papa Chuck's action.
Paul, Just give me a chance, I'll do the Family proud.
I'm certain you will.
We're gonna start you off small.
See how it goes.
And as you know, the Family's buying into high-tech operations.
- We have a computerised - Ralph? We gotta talk.
- Not now, Sal.
- Trust me, it's important.
I'm talking business with the man! As you were saying, Paul.
We have a new computerised freight service that we're offering to the shipping companies.
Some of them don't realise, they need our help.
I'll talk to them.
You talk to them.
Make them understand.
Papa Chuck was a good man, we're gonna miss him, but last few years, he let things slide.
I'll do whatever it takes.
I know you will.
Are you nuts? The Family finally gives me the nod, and you interrupt with nonsense.
We got big trouble.
Jimmy the Eraser? He ain't dead.
See what I mean? Now, that is nonsense.
I did that hit myself.
Today's paper says you didn't.
It can't be.
It's got to be an old picture.
He calls himself Lou Rizzo.
He's with a triple-A team at Shoreline Stadium.
I can't believe this.
If the Family finds out we're dead.
What are you gonna do about it? This time I'm gonna put him in the ground myself.
Hustle up, guys, let's move! Nice swing, Charlie.
Mix 'em up.
You need to loosen up, Dave.
What I need is an arm transplant.
It's not your arm.
Next batter! That's Hank Aaron! Pitcher never knows who he's gonna face.
He's a pal of the coach's, and he's here to give batting tips.
So have a good time.
Blow it right past him.
Let's go, kid.
Let me see what you got.
Right over the plate, Dave.
- Do your stuff, Dave.
- Don't let him see anything.
Right in the glove, right in the glove.
- Yes! - Check it out! Look at that! Pitch like that in the playoffs, and you're gonna be taking a shower by the third inning.
But he was the greatest! I mean, the all-time home run king.
He hit 755 of them.
I know, and he's a legend, and he eats pitchers for breakfast.
Come on, he's human.
And this stadium is just another ballpark.
Now you got one of the best arms I've ever seen.
Use it.
Come on, give it to me, give it to me.
That's it! Pretty good fastball.
That's it.
Come on, keep it alive out there, let's go.
One more time, one more time.
I like it! Good arm, Davey! We got another ball player.
Throw a strike, Dave.
Come on, baby.
Your career's on the line.
Okay, everybody to the locker room.
Let's go.
I'm supposed to give you 20 years of experience in 20 minutes.
- Let's go.
- Way to throw the ball! Did I just strike out Hank Aaron? Like I said, set 'em up and mow 'em down.
It's easy.
Thanks, Lou.
Hello, Jimmy.
MacGyver? Hey, how you doing? Doing good.
MacGyver, what are you doing here? Unfortunately, I'm here to talk to you about your future.
Take a look.
I told that guy, I told him, "Take pictures of the kid.
Keep me out of it.
" Damn.
Can we find a place to talk? Yeah, let's go up here.
The timing couldn't be worse.
I finally got everything going for me.
- Now this could screw it up.
- Jimmy, it already has.
- Remember Pete Thornton? - Yeah.
He's working on a new identity for you.
- No! - It's gotta be.
I've got a good life here.
It's working for me.
I'm Lou Rizzo.
Nobody'll even notice this.
I did.
Pete did.
We can't take the chance.
You gave testimony.
You hurt the Family.
They're not gonna forget it.
Supposing I dye my hair? Grow a moustache, wear lifts.
I mean, mugs like mine are a dime a dozen.
Would Jimmy the Eraser fall for that? All right, okay.
I get your point.
There he is! Come on.
Come on! Come on, in here.
This is not the place where I wanna cash in.
Hey, Jimmy! You look a little flushed.
In the old days I would have had a piece to even up the odds.
That's not the only way.
And a couple of grenades, too.
That mop's not gonna hold 'em long.
Sometimes you have to think positive.
Okay, I'm positive we're dead.
What are you doing with that hose? We're taking the express route out of here.
Hit it! Come on, hit it! All right, come on.
Grab on.
You got to be kidding.
You expect me to ride that thing? Not a chance.
On second thought We lost them.
Not for long.
I've got a hook in Jimmy and I'm gonna reel him in.
With what? His daughter.
Tonight I was gonna play some five card stud with Hank Aaron and trade lies.
One lousy picture in the paper and it's all hasta ma√Ďana.
Well, you know, Jimmy, sometimes we all have to change our plans.
This is it? This is where you live? What's wrong with it? It's a houseboat.
It's gonna sink.
I'll get you a life jacket.
- Hi, Mom.
- Hi, yourself.
Hey, you played today! Almost.
The coach said he'd let me in if the score wasn't too close.
But it was.
We lost seven to six.
Well Brian, if you didn't play, how did you get your uniform so dirty? After the game was over, and everybody left, I slid into second base a couple of times.
- Why? - 'Cause, Didn't want people to see me come home in a clean uniform again.
Honey, you hang in there.
You're gonna get your chance.
Yeah, right, Mom.
Susan? I've got a message from your father.
The police find anything at the stadium? Nothing.
They got there fast, but not fast enough.
Everyone was gone.
I've asked the detectives to keep the investigation quiet.
Jimmy, with your low profile, you need a press agent.
What the hell's the difference? Ralph knows I'm alive.
The point is, only Ralph and Sal know.
You said they can't afford to have the Family find out.
All right, so what we have to deal with is Ralph and company.
If you will just stay out of the limelight.
They're never gonna find you in Montana.
Montana? What the hell's in Montana? Buffalo chips and blizzards.
Why not Miami? You like warm, you get snow.
You like the beach, climb a mountain.
You like baseball, take up golf.
Jimmy, I'm sorry, but I'm serious.
This has gotta be a totally different life for you.
It's almost not worth it.
Well the alternative is not worth much either, is it? Think about it.
It's not gonna be that bad, we're gonna get you everything you need.
What I need you can't get me! - You mind if I use the phone? - What for? The game's tomorrow, and Dave, our starting pitcher, will be a basket case if I'm not there.
One call, all right? Do me a favour? Don't say anything about where you are.
Keep an eye on him.
He's in bad shape.
Yeah, I'll stay close.
Just get things in the works, all right? I'll be in touch soon, Jimmy.
Hello? Locker room, please.
Dave Malone.
Jimmy? I'm just gonna take a shower.
Hey, Dave, how you doing, kid? This is Lou.
Yeah, listen, I'm sorry I had to blast off on you, kid.
- So how you feeling? Tell me.
- I'm okay.
Listen, you got a call here at the locker room.
Guy named Ralph said he wanted to get together with you.
I didn't know you had a daughter, Lou.
- What'd he say about her? - Nothin'.
Said he's with her and your grandson.
Grandson? Lou? Lou? Yeah.
Listen, Dave, did he leave a number? Yeah.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, hold it.
Okay, 5-5-5 - 4-6-9-8.
- 4-6-9-8.
Said call right away.
Yeah, I'm gonna do that.
Dave, you take care and I'll be in touch.
- Yeah.
- Okay, good luck, kid.
Everything okay with your pitcher, Jimmy? Oh, yeah, he's fine.
You know what happened though was the the third baseman, he got a a hamstring pulled, and Anyway, I'm gonna give him a call at the hospital.
Yeah, go ahead.
- Ralph - I've been waiting for your call.
What's this about my daughter, Ralph? You sound good for a guy who's supposed to be fertiliser.
Answer me.
I'll answer you.
You got an old debt to pay.
Your daughter's sitting right here hoping you make good.
So's your grandson.
Cute little kid.
This is not the way the game is played, Ralph.
It is today, Jimmy.
So come and get 'em.
Papa Chuck's old cannery operation.
You remember the place.
Yeah, I remember.
Well, anyway, kid, you just keep up that positive attitude, and you'll be out of there in no time flat.
And I'll be talking to you, okay? Aw, he's gonna be fine.
Just needs a little rest.
Hey, Jimmy, I know it's gonna be tough.
You're gonna miss 'em all.
But it's gotta be this way.
Yeah, I guess it does.
You know, this is gonna sound kind of funny, but I remember when I was a kid I used to go to church.
Take care of my troubles, you know? Confession.
Doesn't sound funny to me.
I used to know a priest in this town.
If he's still in business.
You mind? Go ahead.
Hello? Father Kowalski? Jimmy Kendall.
Remember me? Good.
But then again not so good.
It's a trying time for me, Father.
I'd kind of like to see you.
Talk to you about it.
Maybe you could give me a little peace.
That's real nice of you, Father.
Thanks a lot.
Let's go to church.
I gotta admit, it's been a long time.
Wait over here, I'm gonna go into the confessional.
Padre'll probably give me about 500 Hail Mary's to say.
Are you there, Father? I heard you were dead, Jimmy.
Where you been? Living another life.
You got it for me? The Gospel according to Smith and Wesson.
So what's going on, Jimmy? What do you mean, what's going on? Your friend, Father Kowalski, just walked by this altar without genuflecting.
That was no priest.
What are you doing with that? Sooner or later a guy's gotta take care of his own business, know what I mean? Jimmy, it won't work.
You told me yourself, they never stop looking for you.
They snatched my daughter and my grandson.
What? I didn't even know I had a grandson 'til somebody took him away.
That's what those phone calls were about? They want me, and they want me alone.
Otherwise the family's dead.
Oh, Jimmy, why didn't you tell me? What for, you'd just call the cops.
That's not a bad idea! No.
It boils down to me and them.
Nobody else knows about this, and nobody else is gonna know about it.
Jimmy, they're just gonna kill you.
I know.
But if Susan and the kid can get out safely, I really don't care what happens.
All right, look, no police, I promise.
But you gotta tell me where they are.
I'll go with you.
My war, my family.
What, a friend can't help? You're really thick-headed, you know that? You're right.
Let's go get your family.
I just don't want to see you getting hurt, you know what I mean? Sorry, buddy.
- Hello? - Pete, it's Mac.
- Yeah, what's up? - Jimmy got away.
- What? How? - I'll explain later.
I need to check the reverse directory for an address on this phone number.
Okay, shoot.
Got it.
What are you doing, standing around? You told me to look for him.
I'm lookin' for him.
You're standing in here, and Jimmy the Eraser's coming to get his kid.
You forget who he is? Get outside! All right, all right.
What are you gonna do with us? I've told you a dozen times, my father is dead.
Yeah, that's what I thought too.
He ran out on us when I was a kid.
Three years later he died.
I have the death certificate.
We got an insurance payment.
For God's sake, you're making a mistake! Look, Susan You don't mind if I call you Susan, do you? Now get this straight.
Your father, Jimmy the Eraser, is not dead.
Maybe you are wrong, Mom.
Maybe it was a mistake about Grandpa dying.
Yeah, now you got the idea, kid.
You could be proud too.
'Cause Jimmy the Eraser was one of the best hit men around.
He sold insurance.
I remember when I was a little girl him coming back from business trips.
He sold insurance Yeah, he sold life insurance, and he always collected.
You just don't believe me.
Please let us go.
My father is dead.
Where are they, Sallie? My family.
Don't get nervous, Jimmy.
I'm shaking like a leaf, you better talk to me.
- They're inside.
- Just Ralph? Yeah.
We didn't want anybody else to know that You didn't nail me? Our little secret? Well, now you can take it to your grave.
What do you want? Just tell me.
Get Ralph out here.
Tip him, I waste you.
Got it? Got it? Good.
Ralph? - I see something funny.
- What is it? Come on out here, will ya? You gotta see it.
Oh, my God! Hello, Susan.
Welcome back, Jimmy.
Dumb move.
As soon as Sal opened his mouth, I could hear him sweating.
You let him fake you out, Sallie.
I couldn't help it, Ralphie.
Don't blame Sallie.
He's just a gopher.
I ain't chopped liver, Ralphie.
Hey, I got respect for you, Jimmy.
I know you do, Ralphie.
Then you know I ain't gonna take any chances with your daughter and the kid.
So let's negotiate.
What do you say, Ralph? Let the family walk or Sal here gets it.
You wanna ice Sal, go ahead.
I'll bury him right next to your family.
Say hello to your grandpa, kid.
Grandpa? - So it's true.
- Sorry, honey.
It's all up to you, Jimmy.
Make up your mind.
Now, Ralph, this is between me and you.
We never let family get involved before.
Things change.
I got a position now, Jimmy.
I'm running Papa Chuck's territory.
You're a big man.
That's right.
So I'll do what I gotta do to keep it.
You hear me? Get the gun, Sal.
Now you're showing some sense.
You stay put, Jimmy.
Hands out where I can see 'em.
- Come on Sal, move it.
- I'm coming, I'm coming.
Nervous, Ralphie? Just careful, Jimmy.
Come on, come on, let's get out of here.
Go! Go! - How do we get out of here? - Just keep going.
Keep going.
Ralph! I got him.
Let's go get Jimmy.
It's no use.
We're trapped.
If they were tailing us they'd have been here already.
MacGyver, you can't kill him with an axe.
Probably he's got them all wrapped up.
Well, what are we gonna do? We're going to wait here.
Come on.
You sure they're in here? These buildings run the whole damn block.
I really didn't want you to get mixed up in this.
Why did you just run out on us? I did it for you and your mother.
I didn't want you dirtied by what I was, so I walked out.
It was better that way.
Better for who? Me? Or you? You think that's your friend? It's Ralph and Sal.
You're getting out of here.
How? Brian, I'm going to have to count on you to get you and your mom out of here.
- Okay, what do I do? - I'll tell you what.
I'm going to make a lot of noise out there.
Distract them.
- You can't.
- It's got to be done.
Take this, and take this.
And when you hear that noise, you bust these windows.
And with these here bars, you pry back the grates, and you get out, and you run as far and as fast you can.
- You understand? - What about you, Grandpa? - No.
We'll find some other way.
- There is no other way.
And no matter what, you see nothing, you hear nothing.
You just keep going.
And don't look back.
Dad, no! Please.
I guess that's the only thing I ever wanted to hear.
Very nice to have met you, son.
Come on out, Jimmy.
Take what you got coming like a man.
MacGyver's dead, Jimmy.
It's just you and me now.
Hey Ralphie! Come on, come and get me! Or do you want Sallie to do your dirty work for you? Hey Ralphie, I ain't going nowhere.
No place to go, Jimmy.
Where's your daughter and the kid? Where are they? Let's keep the family out of it.
You want me? You got me.
You know the rules, Jimmy.
No loose ends.
Come on Jimmy, be smart, and tell them to sing out, now.
You want music, Sallie? Go rent a canary.
We'll take you down piece by piece.
You asked for it.
We'll take the shoulder first.
Run! Keep running! Where you got 'em hid, Jimmy? Search me.
I never been much of a family man.
You know what I mean.
They're in here someplace.
Your screaming'll flush 'em out.
Got these special for you, Jimmy.
Oh, yeah? What's that? Hollow-tipped wad-cutters.
They're small going in but they make a hole the size of Detroit coming out.
Very painful.
Something funny, Jimmy? Yeah, you two geniuses.
They're out of here already.
Doesn't make any difference.
We'll just run 'em down.
Think about that, hero.
Give my regards to Papa Chuck.
You look terrible.
You're no day at the beach, either.
Yeah, but I feel like, oh, I'm sitting on top of the world.
Thank you.
Any time.
Grandpa, I'm never gonna make it to the major leagues.
Are you kidding? You got baseballs growing out of your family tree.
Tell that to the coach.
You're just gonna have to show it.
You stand up to the plate, you plow the ball into orbit; It all starts right here.
And you gotta know that you can do it.
- We'll work on it, together.
- Really? Yeah.
Now why don't you run upstairs, grab my coat, otherwise we're gonna be late for the game.
Okay, Grandpa.
Whoa! - Brian! - It's all right.
No problem.
Doctor said you didn't need those ribs anyway.
Not many guys would take a bullet for a friend.
What do you say, we don't make a habit of that, friend?