Macgyver s03e06 Episode Script


I'd finished a mission in Zurich and the Phoenix Foundation gave me a bonus.
Time off and a first-class flight anywhere I wanted to go.
So I took them up on it.
Signed up for a hot air balloon rally.
Slow and easy, over the Alps.
No schedule, no time tables.
Just watching the birds go by.
Enjoying the scenery, smelling the fresh air and reminding myself why eagles don't get ulcers.
I did hope we had enough fuel to keep our altitude over the peaks and clear the snow field.
We did.
And as soon as we got away from the others, everything kinda worked out.
Besides, I'd brought along an expert.
MacGyver, I can't make it pop.
Well, as they say, it's all in the wrist.
Hold it.
A bogey.
Not today, pal.
Let's part company.
Whoever you are, you're good.
Back up base, this is GX-1, breaking radio silence.
I've been spotted.
I've got a MiG-25 Foxbat interceptor on my tail.
I can't shake the bogey.
He's lining me up.
Climb to 90,000 feet.
MiG tops out at 75,000.
Roger, base.
Attempting altitude.
- I'm hit! I'm hit! - Climb, GX- 1.
Latitude 1 2 degrees, 55 east.
Altitude, 78,000.
Eighty 84,000 feet.
And that's it.
That's all she's got.
All right.
Bogey hit his ceiling.
I've lost him.
Hold it! Flaring number-one engine.
Losing power.
- Engine number one out! - Sit in, GX-1.
Come on, we'll pick you up.
I can't hold her steady! Oh, God! Trouble on number-two engine.
number-two engine out! Attempting re-ignition! Negative, negative, no go.
Stand by.
Setting destruct now! Tell my wife Tell her I love her.
One thing you got to know when you're ballooning is how to land.
Simply put, you just cut the heat and let gravity do the rest.
MacGyver! What a landing.
Hey, Pete! What on earth are you doing here? Listen, we have a problem.
Would you excuse us a minute, please? Come here.
- What's up? - We've lost a plane.
Somewhere here over the Alps.
Must be an important plane for you to come this far.
Well, it is.
The GX-1.
Oh, you mean the plane that's not supposed to exist yet? Yeah, well, this is a modified GX-1.
It is the most secret, most experimental craft ever developed.
But it won't be a secret very long if you can't find the wreckage.
Wait a minute, Pete.
Search for missing aircraft.
Isn't that your department? Takes your kind of manpower.
You need radar, infrared, air search, all that That's just the point.
This is a prototype stealth craft with an experimental cooling system.
Its whole purpose is to defeat radar and infrared.
The Air Force has done everything they can.
They have gone as far as they can go.
What do you mean? I mean they can't cross the East German border.
Pentagon thinks the plane is on the other side.
And they can't go in themselves.
So it's us.
Any more good news, Pete? Yeah, I have a few things I can give you back at the hotel.
I'll meet you there.
Just let me say goodbye to Heidi.
What's she doing here? Nikki, nothing personal, but I'm going into the mountains alone.
- Pete, you should have consulted me.
- I tried to call you, more than once.
Yeah, well, I've been out of touch.
- Slaving away, as I can see.
- I said nothing personal, but those mountains are rugged.
I don't You don't wanna drag a woman around.
- I wouldn't have put it like that.
- That's what you meant.
You're a closet sexist.
- What?! - MacGyver.
Why don't we admit we do things differently? Hold it.
Soon as I finish baby-sitting I knew this wouldn't work.
-I'm going to the Aspenhaus - Baby-sitting? - I do not need to be baby-sat.
-courtesy of the Phoenix Foundation.
Would you hold it a minute? Let me get a word in edgewise here.
Now you are going to go across that East German border together, as a married couple, because that's how I think you will get across undetected.
Once you are across, once you're at the resort, you can separate.
You can each go your own way.
Okay? Everybody happy now? Good.
Okay, let's go back to the hotel.
- There's a lot of prep work to do.
- Fine.
I'll meet you there, as soon as I get Heidi a ride home.
- Heidi? It would be.
- Oh, stop it.
I can't hold her steady! Oh, God! Trouble in number-two engine! Attempting re-ignition! Negative, negative, no go.
Can't fire.
Setting destruct now.
Tell my wife Tell her I love her.
- Any word on the pilot? - No.
Not since he ejected.
In fact, the pilot is presumed dead.
But from his last known position, the speed of the aircraft, and the direction he was flying in, we've calculated that the wreckage should be somewhere here.
In this area.
In the mountains, over the border.
What do we expect to find? The skin of the aircraft was coated with a deflection shield.
But the real goody is this new cooling system on the engine exhaust.
It makes the plane virtually undetectable with infrared.
That's what the Russians are after.
So you're in a race.
We got a head start with those last coordinates.
That's true, but the Russians have something Someone, going for them too.
I'll be honest, I scoffed myself, but Intelligence is taking this seriously.
It's a man named Starkoss.
He's a psychic.
- A psychic? - That's right.
Watch this.
This film was smuggled out of the Petroskia Institute for Paranormal Studies in Moscow.
The Russians are very deeply into parapsychology, psychic phenomena, mind control.
They find these psychics, and they train them for intelligence work.
Now this man, Starkoss, is their number-one performer.
He's a celebrity, a star.
He lives like a king, even in Russia.
And our experts say that he could be the real thing.
Well, that's great by me.
I've got the pilot's last coordinates, his altitude, his air speed, a satellite map.
And they've got some guy doing parlour tricks.
- I'll take the odds any day.
- I wouldn't.
There is trouble.
The craft it was over our airspace.
We believe it was making a surveillance flight.
We detected nothing on our radar.
Some malfunction must've forced it down to lower altitudes.
That is when our aircraft observed him.
Yes, there is trouble.
I see it.
The pilot is afraid.
All he wants is to go home.
And then he's spotted.
We fired upon him.
The photographs are from our gun cameras.
We fired on him when he refused to land.
I'm hit! I'm hit.
There's damage.
I can't make it.
I can't make it.
Call to base.
We lost him, but he went down.
We know that.
Where's the plane? Bring me map.
You will find plane here.
You were real smooth with that border guard.
How'd you manage to ask him about his sister's feet? So my German's not so good.
We got through.
Thank you for all your help.
I suppose your Swiss Miss could've done better.
Heidi happens to be competent, intelligent and articulate.
- Not to mention a great body.
- That's not her fault.
You wouldn't hold it against her.
Now who's the sexist, huh? Who's the sexist? - Heidi.
- That's right, that's her name.
What's wrong with it? - Nothing.
- Mr and Mrs Carpenter? - Yes.
- Welcome to Aspenhaus.
I'm Helmut.
I'll be your attendant while you're with us.
Oh, very nice to meet you, Helmut.
What a lovely name.
Please, call me Nikki.
I'll take these to your room, then I'll tell you all about the services we have.
Oh, wonderful.
I'm sure we'll find plenty to keep us busy while my husband's off hiking.
Just drop the bags in the bridal suite, Helmut.
See you later, Helmut.
Well, he seemed very polite.
- And articulate.
- Yeah.
- Helmut.
- Have a nice time on the mountain.
- Good morning, Comrade Starkoss.
- Morning.
The helicopter's ready, colonel.
MacGyver! Hello! Boy, am I glad to see you.
I could really use a hand.
Actually, I could really use your horse.
Could I borrow him? Or or rent him.
I'd be happy to buy him outright if I had to.
How much deutsche marks for das horsey? Soon as your teeth stop chattering - MacGyver! -there's an obvious question.
Realize what I've been through? That rotten horse! He threw me off halfway up the mountain.
Then I had to walk and walk.
And I fell into this river, and I cut my feet trying to get out.
I think a mountain lion followed me.
No, that wasn't the question.
Then I saw this glorious campfire, and I prayed that it would be you.
It could've been Jack the Ripper.
I would've been his to get to this fire.
I know this comes as no big surprise to you, but you are soaked to the bone.
- Here, put those on.
- Thank you.
Could you turn around? Put both shirts on and tuck them in.
- Leave the top one unbuttoned.
- I saw Starkoss, he's up here.
He left the Aspenhaus by car.
There was something said about a helicopter.
Yeah, a helicopter.
I saw one fly over this afternoon.
From the direction I'd say it was headed towards the target zone.
Which means they've got a jump on us.
Listen, that was important information for me to have.
I owe you one.
It's okay.
You can turn around now.
Pull your top shirt open there.
- Like this? - Yeah.
What are you doing? Putting pine needles between shirts for insulation.
It's not quite Neiman Marcus, but it'll keep you warm.
Okay, ouch! I got it.
Thank you.
I'll do it later.
There's some trail mix there.
Water in the canteen, if you'd like.
No, thanks.
I just want to get warm.
By the way, there are no mountain lions in East Germany.
Is that it? Is that all you have with you, is one sleeping bag? Yeah.
Well, I wasn't expecting company.
There's plenty of room here.
Yeah, right.
Not in a million years.
Suit yourself.
Good night.
- Good morning.
- 'Morning.
I have to give you high marks for acting like a perfect gentleman last night.
That's amazing.
I don't know how I did it, but I controlled myself.
I guess I deserved that.
- Now what? - Well, we find the plane.
But it's gonna take some walking to get there.
You all right? Just fine.
If you don't count the blisters.
Those homemade boots I made aren't gonna last long.
You might have been better off going back to Helmut.
Excuse me, I had to play Sir Edmund Hillary to get up here and warn you about that Russian search party.
How can I forget? You keep reminding me.
Wisecrack all you want.
We don't know what we're up against.
Starkoss is something else.
Mr Starkoss is no more clairvoyant than common sense and logic.
How did they know where to go? Same way we did.
They calculated the speed of the GX-1 and approximated where it had to go down.
What is it? I'm afraid we found the pilot.
Quickly, come with me.
Colonel, have I earned my keep today? Very impressive.
Or maybe a bit of good fortune.
I'll resist the temptation to celebrate until we find the plane.
Bring me a piece of his clothing.
Here, sir.
That chopper couldn't land around here.
They must've dropped them in when they saw the parachute.
At least they haven't found the plane.
Look around.
Look around the ground for anything.
I don't want to die.
I I don't want - Position location - Where is the plane? There.
- Let's go.
- The pilot.
We should bury him.
Should we also hold a service? Collect your squad.
Move out! Call base.
Alert the helicopter.
Have it stand by with equipment.
Just in case.
Lieutenant to Command Outpost.
Have the helicopter ready with the equipment.
Quickly, quickly! All right, move, move.
Move, move, move! This must be an abandoned barracks.
There's stuff all over the place.
I found these boots.
I guess the best we can do is bring these back to his family.
MacGyver "Follow me.
" He knew we'd come here.
- He saw us.
- Why didn't he come after us? We're in East Germany.
- They're trying to draw us closer.
- Maybe he didn't tell them.
We should move and find that plane.
Let's bury the pilot first.
- We're here! Come on! - Yes, sir.
- Hurry! Come on.
- There it is! Well done! Well done.
Very dramatic.
You should faint, Starkoss, for surely this is an overwhelming moment.
You have just insured your personal supply of caviar forever.
I cannot talk.
I just want to replenish my energies.
- Replenish all you want.
- Spread out.
Patrol the area.
Gather every piece of aircraft no matter how small.
You two, move.
Start here.
Markov to base.
I have located the wreckage.
You have a fix on our location.
Send in the removal team.
- Starkoss! He took them right to it.
- Well, he got here first.
But we can't let them leave with one piece of that cooling system.
All these soldiers! What'll we do? - We have to destroy the plane.
- That's a very good idea.
Had I wanted to have you taken prisoner, I could have pointed you out to Colonel Markov at any time.
We got your note.
How did you know we were following you? How did I know? But I brought you to me.
Why would you do that? What do you want with us? After you destroy the plane I want to go back with you to the West.
- You want to defect? - Yes.
That be feather in your cap, no? Well, I don't care about that.
But if you want to go, we'll sure take you.
You will have to wait until the soldiers have put the remainder of the plane into a pile, and then you can use your explosive you've been carrying in your pack and destroy the pieces.
It is good of you to come with him.
You will save his life.
Don't worry about your feet.
They will not fail you.
How did you know? It might be better to wait until night, but you're an impatient man.
He knew! He knew about my feet.
I've got blisters.
I didn't tell him.
You're wearing oversized boots.
- Blisters are a given.
- He knew you carried explosives.
He knew I came here to destroy the pieces of the plane when I found them.
I'm not gonna truck 'em off the mountain in my backpack.
But he was right on both occasions.
He found the plane.
If he thinks we'll hang around long enough for the Russians to take that stuff, then he's reading the wrong minds.
Okay, now what are we gonna do? You're gonna stay put.
I'm gonna give myself ten minutes to make it back.
I'll use the explosion as a diversion, grab Starkoss and go.
Listen, if I get hung up, we'll meet back where we buried the pilot.
- MacGyver! - What? - Don't blow yourself up.
- Okay.
The helicopter has left the refuelling station.
It should be here within three hours.
Make the final sweep.
Not a scrap should remain here.
All in this area.
All right, hold it.
Stop, stop, stop.
Go forward.
Is there anything there? Are you finished? MacGyver! Fire! We must go.
We must go quickly.
The plane.
He has destroyed it all and probably himself.
Colonel, Starkoss is missing.
I saw him leave the camp.
That traitor.
Assemble the men and notify the border.
Begin a search now.
And when you find them, I want them shot.
Move out! Let's go, quickly! Move! MacGyver! Thank God.
It's been hours.
Where have you been? Running and ducking, mostly.
- Were you spotted? - Probably.
- What about the soldiers? - They're camped at the crash site.
That chopper's gotta be running on fumes by now.
Starkoss, how long will it take them to get to a refuelling base and back after sunrise? - Two, maybe three hours.
- That'll give us 1 2 hours.
They'll have sealed off the border.
We'll never make it down the mountain in the dark.
We're trapped.
Well, maybe maybe not.
Go out to the barracks.
Grab every piece of fabric.
Curtains, tarps, tents.
The lighter the better.
Starkoss, give me a hand over here.
Help me get this refrigerator up.
Pull this grate off.
You worry.
Worry about the girl.
You worry about me.
We shall not be captured.
I know this.
Look, Starkoss, I'm trying to come up with a plan.
There's welding equipment in the back.
Could you get it for me? I think it's about time we start dealing with reality.
You're a serious man.
You're an intellectual man.
You're a man of the mind.
Why do you feel such guilt? It's all right.
She understands.
- Your mother, she forgives you.
- What? It's all right.
She understands.
You could not go to the funeral.
She forgives you.
You do not forgive yourself.
But she forgives you.
What kind of a dossier do you people have on me? I couldn't be there.
There Oh, you're good.
You're very good.
You've done your homework.
From the time I was a boy, I could see pictures.
Pictures of the mind.
And I could do things.
The state took me away, and I lived with the finest.
And I lived like a king.
But always with doctors.
Always an object of study.
Always a freak.
From what I understand, you've made the most of your gift.
If it is a gift I have, it is a gift you would not choose to receive.
Pay dirt.
There's enough bedding, tents and stuff in the barracks and in the storage rooms to outfit an army.
Good, keep it coming, I can use it all.
And grab the pilot's parachute.
The welding equipment.
Yes, Colonel.
We are returning to base to refuel.
There has been no sign of Starkoss or the others since we sighted the man near the abandoned mine.
Are the troops from the base on their way in? Yes.
They've established road blocks and are making their way up.
They should arrive at the abandoned mine site in approximately three hours.
By that time, we will be in a position to cut them off from above.
We'll have their bodies ready for transport.
- Move out.
- Yes, sir.
- Let's go.
- Quickly! Move, move, move! This is the last scrap of nylon I could find.
I hope this superglue of yours works, MacGyver.
Well, it should, if I melt it down right.
But we're gonna need more.
Run out of glue.
Something next for me, please.
As a matter of fact, give me a hand with this.
Here, keep stirring.
Come here.
All right.
- Keep moving! - Yes, sir.
We'll be there in one hour! I feel time is running short.
Do you want to give me a hand here? Quickly, let's go.
Hurry! Let's go! Come on.
Move! Hurry! Move! Got something for you.
- A parachute? Why? - It's the pilot's reserve chute.
- Ever use one of these? - Once I went skydiving on a dare.
Get your hands up.
What is this for? - Why are we doing this? - Do I have to spell it out? Keep moving! - Look, what's that? - A balloon? What's it doing here? It's Starkoss! Fire! Come on! Move! Kill Starkoss! Cease firing.
They're out of range.
- Come on.
- Let's go.
Come here.
Consider that a professional congratulations because I thought we were dead ducks, but we made it! Thank you, MacGyver.
Thank you both.
You're very welcome.
Well, Starkoss, you're over and beyond the border.
You're home free.
- Whoops.
- What is it? - We're out of gas.
- We made it across the border.
But are we gonna make it over that mountain? - We must gain altitude.
- Let's steer this.
Land it.
Doesn't work that way.
Balloons drift where they're going.
I gotta lighten the load.
Did that help? It won't carry all three of us.
- What? - Nikki You can't be serious! Look, you weigh more than I do.
I'd do it.
But you've got the chute, and there's no time to switch.
- You've got to go, now! - Sorry, there is no time! You said you did it before.
Get clear of the balloon and pull the cord.
I can't! MacGyver, I'll get you for this! So help me, if I've got to walk all the way to Munich! Go! Just go! I'll see that Pete knows exactly what you've done to me! All right, she made it.
Now we gotta deal with the mountain.
- Come on.
Come on.
- Do not worry.
We'll make it.
Hold on! All right.
I'll take it.
Lucky your Nikki didn't drift back to the East.
Oh, she'll be all right.
Not too happy, but all right.
That woman You will come to love her.
- What?! - Yes.
No, no, no, no, no.
No way.
I'm glad she's all right, but trust me.
No, MacGyver.
Trust me.
What a flight! What a balloon! Starkoss, we did it! We'll contact the American embassy as soon as we get to Munich.
When we get to your country, your people'll want to talk to me too, won't they? Find out what I'm up to.
And get me a place to live very, very comfortably, with all the steaks I can eat, huh? But I'd be prisoner again, wouldn't I? I be freak again.
Isn't that so? Goodbye, my friend.
You! You rat! You're the lowest! I should've known there was a reason you gave me the only chute! What's next, MacGyver? Perhaps you'd enjoy dragging me behind a speeding truck.
Did it even occur to you I could've landed in a tree? Or in the middle of an intersection? What if I hadn't spotted where you landed? Did you ever consider that, Mr Improvise? And another thing Wait a minute.
Where's Starkoss? Don't tell me.
You didn't make him jump too, did you?