Macgyver s03e11 Episode Script

Kill Zone

Satellite re-entry zone should be about five minutes ahead, MacGyver.
You with me, Pete? I've got you.
Let's run a final check on mic levels.
Do you read me? Affirmative.
T esting, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.
- Do you copy? - Roger.
Activate the camera.
Camera activated.
Take a look, Pete.
Looks good.
You getting all this, Pete? Yeah.
Camera works fine.
I wonder if he knew what he was getting into.
He knew the same things all of us knew.
I didn't hold anything back.
Why him, Pete? Why MacGyver? He has the scientific knowledge, and knows how to move fast through rough country.
Aside from that, he's the best person I know to deal with whatever it is he's gonna deal with out there.
And he volunteered.
Wouldn't have it any other way.
Satellite re-entry zone coming up.
Stand by for drop-off.
A tragic sight greeted Rancher Elmer Hoggins this morning.
He awoke to find his entire herd of 900 sheep lying dead in his fields.
Our reporter, Nancy Bartlett As of now we've gone public.
I own gone, just wiped out.
I've lived next door to this military station for a lot of years, and it always bothered me, but I believe in America.
They told me this could never happen.
Are you accusing the United States Government of causing this? Yes ma 'am, I am.
There's nerve gas over there.
Or something.
- Captain, how do you respond to this? - Categorically denied.
You're denying your installation is a bio warfare testing site.
How do you explain the 900 dead sheep in those lands? We heard of the incident I wonder if Dr Millhouse is watching the results of her experiment.
- What else could have done it? - I have no further comment.
A harmless organism sent into space had mutated into something extremely deadly.
The satellite carrying it had crashed to Earth without warning.
I had to find the satellite and retrieve the capsule before the military unleashed "Firestorm", the code name for a napalm strike to stop the spread of the organism.
Confirming arrival at primary drop zone.
Proceeding to target.
According to our last fix, you're about 200 yards from target.
Proceed now 22 degrees, north by northeast.
What's the countdown to Firestorm? Forty-two minutes.
And counting.
But don't worry.
We've got plenty of time to get you out of there.
So take it slow and easy.
Slow and easy.
You can tell your Dr Millhouse that bug she put in the satellite kills more than just sheep.
Firestorm aircraft? What are they doing here? Only standing by.
It's S.
I've still got more than 30 minutes.
Get 'em out of here.
I thought we understood the rules we have to play by.
- Pete?! - Call them off! Right now! I don't want him worried about getting fried in a napalm strike! Call them off! Firestorm team, extend your radius two miles.
Extend 20 miles, 20 miles! That's two minutes flying time.
Let's have a margin of safety.
Correction, make that 20 miles and await further orders.
Roger, Twin Ridge.
Extending patrol radius to two zero miles.
It looks like dense forest.
Watch yourself.
Whatever it is, it killed them fast.
Dropped 'em right in their tracks.
It's devastating, Pete.
Like walking through a graveyard.
Yeah, we see it.
Do you see any evidence of burning? The satellite would've been red-hot.
Nothing yet.
MacGyver? I'm okay, Pete.
I've never seen anything like this.
Everything's dead.
I see the satellite, Pete.
It's on a MacGyver? What's happening? MacGyver? What's going on out there? MacGyver! Talk to me! - It's taken him down.
- We don't know that, not yet.
He's flat on his back.
Something dropped him like a rock.
Wait, anything could've happened there.
The recovery plan spells out what our obligation is if this happens.
I know the plan.
I also know MacGyver! Hey listen.
I'm still in one piece.
I'm okay.
His suit got torn, or what wiped out that area ate through his suit.
He's not answering.
We agreed and MacGyver agreed what had to be done.
- Wait! We have to give him time! - It's part of the plan, Pete.
Oh, great.
Broken antenna.
Give him time.
Anything could've happened.
We can't take that chance.
Firestorm team, come in.
Give him five more minutes, please! Pete? Pete, do we have audio? Pete? It could be a technical glitch.
We have a possible Armageddon here.
I can't let that happen.
And neither can you.
Firestorm team, resume previous coordinates.
Go to code two.
Roger, Twin Ridge, proceeding to heading zero niner zero.
I now have a lock on kill zone.
ETA to napalm strike: 90 seconds.
Firestorm to Twin Ridge.
Roger, Firestorm.
Phelps, listen to me.
Call them off.
Buy him five minutes, that's all I ask.
I have no choice, Pete, and you know it.
Firestorm, advise your position.
Sixty seconds to kill zone.
Advise on final approach.
Roger, Twin Ridge.
On approach now.
MacGyver, come in, please! Answer me, MacGyver! They're starting the Firestorm run.
Please, come in! Come on! Come on! Firestorm, what is your ETA to napalm drop? Stall 'em, Pete, stall 'em.
Twin Ridge, Firestorm is 45 seconds to kill zone.
Roger, Firestorm team.
Stand by to arm weapons.
Roger, Twin Ridge.
Standing by.
- You've got to call them back! - You know better, you saw.
We've got to give him the full time allowed.
That's what we all agreed to.
We agreed to what would happen if this went bad! Everything's dead out there! Face it, the only thing that matters now is killing that organism! Pete! Phelps! - Don't do this.
Please! - Arm weapons.
Fire when ready.
Roger, Twin Ridge.
Arming weapons.
On final approach now.
I'm here! Do you read me? I'm okay! Pete! Phelps! I'm here, I'm okay! He's okay! Call them off! Base to Firestorm, break it off, break it off.
Break off, Firestorm.
Do you read me? Roger, Twin Ridge.
Breaking off.
Are you all right, MacGyver? Yeah, Pete.
I'm okay.
Send in the chopper.
We got what we came for.
Right through here, colonel.
The security lab is six stories underground.
Elevator's over there.
What about all your personnel? They've been told there's an unscheduled maintenance shutdown.
A pleasant surprise.
A few days paid vacation.
So the place is deserted.
Except for essential personnel, and only as long as necessary.
Sandra Millhouse feels she can handle all the testing procedures herself? That young lady thinks she can run the world.
What are a few tests on a superbug? There's a phone at the security station.
Code 34 to Washington, D.
Sandra? Sandra, are you in there? Sandra? May I come in? Sandra? All right, hello, puppy.
How are you? Dr Millhouse, where are you? So here you are.
- Hello, Pete.
- Hello, Pete? That's it? Sandra, how could you do this? You smuggled that organism onto a Phoenix satellite! - It was essential to my work, Pete.
- But you had no clearance! But as usual, Dr Millhouse knows best, right? The same stunt you pulled with that Dutch Elm Tree disease two years ago.
Haven't you learned anything? Yes, progress will not wait for bureaucrats to get off their duffs to make a decision.
Because progress can't wait, we are faced with a potential disaster here! Listen to me.
If you push the panic button too soon, we're not gonna learn anything from this.
Look, don't talk to me about panic.
This has gone as far as I can let it go.
I'm sorry, but you can't be trusted.
You are not a responsible scientist.
How did I know the damn thing was gonna fall? Nobody knows that, they fall! That is why I've been monitoring growth data on the telemetry gear.
The information I'm receiving is fantastic.
We have got to see this thing through, please, don't let them panic.
You don't even hear me, do you? Sandra, it's over.
It stops, right here.
Word from top says your man's on his way.
As soon as we incinerate your suit, we begin the decontamination process.
Can we make this fast? It's chilly in here.
We'll warm you up quick.
Decontamination chamber's gonna zap off the outer layer of your skin.
Strictly a precaution.
There's eyecups in there.
Put 'em on.
- Set it on medium well.
- Will do.
All set.
That's it, Mr MacGyver.
You'll step out, we'll get you dusted off.
With 2,000 acres already burned, and thousands more in jeopardy, the remote Twin Ridge forest fire blazes out of control.
Authorities see little hope of containment at this hour, with 60 mile an hour winds adding to the danger.
Three hundred firefighters battle the flames, and reserve teams brought up from the Sierra Thornton and Dr Millhouse are about to start the test on the canister.
You're not gonna be there? I have to give Washington an update, then look into buying that sheep ranch.
- MacGyver, about Firestorm, I - Not necessary.
You had your orders.
This is the same area, you may remember, where Rancher Elmer Hoggins found more than 900 sheep dead just yesterday.
The Hoggins ranch was consumed by flames.
Will you look at that, Pete? In the few months the organism was there, the weightless vacuum of space allowed it to mutate at an amazing rate.
An alarming rate is more like it.
Come on, you're missing the point.
All I sent up was a simple mixture of synthetic growth accelerators.
And it came back something else.
Something I've never seen before.
Whatever it is, it's killing things.
MacGyver, this is Dr Millhouse.
Dragon Lady, as I'm sure you've been told.
- Nice work out there.
- Thanks.
- Shall we get on with this? - Yes.
First of all, I want to see how the organism affects a live test subject.
Haven't enough animals died for one day? This is a laboratory, not a high school biology class, MacGyver.
Look, doctor, I saw animals out there dropped dead on the spot.
They didn't get sick, didn't run off and hide.
They just died, hundreds of them.
Point made.
Well, what about the satellite? Was there enough of it to show what caused it to go down? No, re-entry fried it.
There was a crack at one end of that canister.
Are you implying that there's a connection? Oh, come on, you created this thing.
You tell us.
Let's take a look.
Everything's new here.
The DNA structure is changed.
And whatever it is, it's getting stronger.
What do you mean, stronger? This is so far from the organism I sent, we could be dealing with an entirely new form of life here.
I got the pathologist's report on those dead sheep.
And? "Arterial blockage, brain malfunction, rapid and sudden muscle deterioration" My God.
- Well, what does that mean? - They died of old age.
Washington wants to discuss its disposition.
Great, I guess this means we kill it, before we have a chance to understand.
Come on, this bug has already shown us what it can do! Don't you understand the potential? Four crops a year instead of two, livestock that matures three times as fast.
Shorter gestation.
The potentials are endless.
So are the risks.
What if that thing had dropped on a city? It didn't.
Pete, what are you going to tell them? The truth.
I suppose you think I'm a crackpot too? No, I think you're a dedicated scientist who's gone too far.
May I show you just how far I've gone? Please.
This is what Dr Sandra Millhouse is all about.
Some day, soon, I'm going to be able to plant these trees in the Sahara, the Arctic, and they will still bear fruit.
Heat, cold, pollution, they won't be a problem.
And why? Because they've absorbed organisms created in this lab.
Created by me.
Look, doctor, no one is saying your work isn't valid.
I'm a big fan of experimentation.
But there comes a time when you have to acknowledge a right and a wrong way of doing things.
Have you ever seen hunger, MacGyver? Yes ma'am, I have.
I've also seen what an out of control experiment can do.
Those animals? 900 sheep.
What about the millions who starved in Africa last year? That is not a rational argument.
Yes it is.
If you watched a child starve to death, or seen old people living on dog food, you might understand.
An end to world hunger.
That's it, huh? You're not the only one who wants to see that.
I'm on to something that can make it happen.
So I don't care about right ways or wrong ways.
I care about results.
And I'm going to keep on caring until I have my answers.
Yes, I'm sure you will.
But this isn't the way.
The decision's made.
We've got orders to destroy the organism.
No, Pete.
I am not going to have years of work lost because of a paranoid bureaucrat.
Attention, all personnel.
Attention, bio lab seal integrity compromised.
Attention - The lab! -bio lab seal integrity compromised.
- Attention, all personnel - What's happening? lab seal integrity compromised.
- What's wrong with the seal? - I don't see anything.
There, look.
Pete! Stop! Don't touch it.
- Sandra, what is going on? - I'm not sure, Pete.
It's mutating even further.
Whatever it's become, it's eating through that sealing compound.
It's getting loose.
If seal integrity is not restored, destruct sequence must begin in seven minutes.
Destruct sequence in seven minutes.
If seal integrity is not restored, destruct sequence will begin in six Stay away from that window.
Wait! - What are you going to do? - Got to seal it, Pete.
If seal integrity is not restored, destruct sequence will begin in six minutes.
If seal integrity is not restored - That's not going to stop it.
- Not by itself, you're right.
-and a half minutes.
- Sandra, give me a hand here.
Keep that going right there.
- What are you gonna do? - Gonna use the Freon.
Need a pliers, vice grips, anything.
I'll see what I can find.
If seal integrity is not restored - Here! -will begin in five minutes.
Attention, - Stand back.
-if seal integrity is not restored, destruct sequence will begin in four and a half minutes.
What's he doing? He put the torch on it before to melt the casement material so it would fill in the holes.
Now freezing it locks it tight.
- Right? - That's pretty good, Pete.
Seal integrity restored.
Resume non-emergency status.
- All right.
Now kill that thing! - No.
That patch isn't gonna last forever, and whatever that is, it could mutate into something that can eat through glass.
Now, come on.
Laser on line.
Do it! How can we be absolutely sure that thing is dead? There's only one way.
I'll inform Washington.
One giant step backwards for mankind.
Why don't you two go back to where you came from and get the hell out of my lab.
Listen, you go on ahead, and I'll catch up with you.
Yes? You're pushing it, MacGyver.
- Can't I even say goodbye? - Goodbye.
Look, for what it's worth, the things you're trying to do, I think they're good things.
Thank you.
But I've decided to go on to a different direction.
I'm going to develop an organism that eats red tape.
Hey, I'm not a big fan of red tape either.
But this I agree with 'em.
- Some things take time.
- Time.
This is time, MacGyver.
Time well spent.
Years of research that ultimately could feed the world.
Don't miss your chopper, MacGyver.
One thing happened here.
You saw what was possible.
Might take a little longer, but the world's gonna hear from you again.
You can be sure of it.
I'll be in touch with the final report.
Thanks again.
I'm glad that's over with.
Me too.
What's gonna happen to her, Pete? I've gotta make my recommendation.
I'm afraid that's not gonna be too good, but it's really up to the executive board.
She and that dog are gonna land safely someplace.
She's too good not to.
Did I tell you the story about how she smuggled another bug out of the lab a few years ago? Had to do with Dutch Elm Disease, right? She transfused the bug into the dog's bladder.
He smuggled it out.
All she had to do was lead it to the trees, let him lift the old leg.
- Did it work? - Yeah.
Strongest stand of Dutch Elm in the whole country.
But, that's the problem.
She doesn't stop.
- She won't give up.
- Yeah, well she gave up this time.
- What? - She gave up way too easily.
Come on.
Well at least you still love me, don't you, Ace? Well the hell with them.
Come on, come on.
All right, that's good.
We'll play in a little bit don't worry.
Right now we have a lot of work to do.
Sandra? I'm sorry, MacGyver.
How'd you do it? Well I knew they were going to destroy it.
Or at least try to.
So I took just a little bit of a smear before Pete got back to the lab.
It's too big a breakthrough.
I couldn't just walk away.
It's too dangerous! Nothing is going to happen.
Look what we have here.
Look at this.
No! Don't! Ace! Stay stay away, baby! Sandra.
Stay away from there, baby.
Stay away.
Oh, Ace.
Ace, come here.
Come here, baby.
Come here.
Oh, Ace, baby.
Does it hurt? Oh, no.
Please tell me it doesn't hurt.
Contamination recorded.
Hydroponics lab.
Organism unidentified.
This is a priority alert.
Priority alert.
So here we are.
I guess you were right.
I love you, Ace.
And look what I've done to you.
My sweet little friend.
I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry.
Hydroponics lab.
Seal integrity compromised.
Hydroponics lab.
Seal integrity compromised.
Sandra! Where is she? She's in the hydroponics lab.
She held out on us.
She's been exposed.
Don't go in there! Attention.
Hydroponics lab.
Seal integrity compromised.
Hydroponics lab.
Seal integrity compromised.
Oh, my God.
My dear God.
Here, Pete.
Put this on.
Thank you anyway.
If seal integrity is not restored, destruct sequence will begin in seven minutes.
That's very interesting.
The contagion has mutated to infest plant life.
It didn't do that before.
Sandra I'm sorry.
Pete save my work, please.
All my other work, Pete, it can be important.
I'll get it.
If seal integrity is not restored, destruct sequence will begin in six and a half minutes.
Sandra? I suppose an "I told you so" is in order.
If seal integrity is not restored, destruct sequence will begin in six minutes.
- Did you get it? - Yeah.
Sandra, we saved 'em.
We've got them.
We're going to get them out.
Thank you.
She's gone, MacGyver.
There's nothing more we can do for her now.
Bio laboratories and corridors will be sealed in sequence.
They're closing the sections.
We've got to get out of here.
Let's go! Section one, hydroponics lab, sealed.
Section two, general biology lab, sealed.
Section three, bacteriology lab, sealed.
Section four The elevator shaft is our only way out! This facility will self-destruct in four and a half minutes.
Got to be a maintenance override switch up top.
You first.
Come on.
Here we go.
Push! Okay, come on.
This facility will self-destruct in four minutes.
It's too slow! We're never gonna get up there before it blows up! This facility will self-destruct in three minutes.
What are you doing? We can't climb out of here.
I'm gonna have to speed things up.
Crank those doors open for me.
This facility will self-destruct in two and a half minutes.
Come on.
All right, Pete, let the doors go.
Come here and grab this.
This facility will self-destruct in two minutes.
This facility will self-destruct in one and a half minutes.
This transformer should zap the override, make it all go faster, I think.
First we'll bypass the normal circuit to the transformer.
That'll juice the power, and if we're lucky, we're home free.
This facility will self-destruct in one minute.
All right, it's all yours.
It's working! I got it.
This facility will self-destruct in 30 seconds.
This facility will self-destruct in 20 seconds.
Nineteen - Come on! -eighteen, seventeen, sixteen, fifteen, fourteen, thirteen, twelve, eleven, ten, nine, eight, seven, six, - five, four - Let's go! three, two, one.
Go! Oh, my God.
What a loss.