Macgyver s04e19 Episode Script

Unfinished Business

Welcome back to the world.
I found your target.
He's here.
The whole area's marked out for hiking trails, so tracking him will be a piece of cake.
There's just one hitch: he's got a couple of guys with him.
You ask me, you ought to wait till he's alone.
How come you gotta talk to him anyway? That's pretty strangeoid, you know that? Safer just to whack him and have done with it.
Hey, it's none of my business.
You gotta do what you gotta do, right? Wheels are over there.
Happy hunting.
- Here, Pete, let me give you a hand.
- Oh, thanks.
It would sure help if some people did their share of the work around here.
These pictures could be valuable historical documents some day.
The last big gold strike in the Pacific Northwest.
I wouldn't count on it, Jack.
The only gold we're gonna find is residue from a vein that dried up 50 years ago.
We shall see, mon ami, we shall see.
You got all this old stuff patched up and ready to go? Let's give it a try.
Let me see if I got this straight.
The gravel we dredge up out of the river gets filtered through this thingy.
- Sluice box.
- Right.
- And the mud-- - Concentrate.
I am, Mac.
This is called "concentrate.
" All right.
Have it your way, Mr.
The concentrate - goes into this whirligig whatsit-- - Separator.
--which washes the crud off and leaves the gold.
I love it.
I'm gonna be-- We're gonna be rich.
It's written in the stars.
You're setting yourself up for a fall again.
No way.
It's fate.
Jack Dalton is playing poker at a particular place at a particular time for a reason.
He wins a claim to a gold mine.
There's gold here.
Gotta be.
I can smell it.
The only thing you smell is fresh air.
Which is the only reason we agreed to come on this little expedition.
We shall see.
Let them nuggets roll! Wait, wait, wait! Wait, Jack! Jack! Slow it down, Jack.
Jack, come on.
Where's the gold? That's it? That's my claim? Oh, what were you expecting, bracelets? You dream, you plan, you work, and you end up with a finger full of dust? What about my fate? I think your fate's just dealt you about 1 5 bucks' worth of gold a week.
Look at this.
Sure not much to show for 40 hours of manual labour.
Jack, you are always going to be disappointed because you always wanna take shortcuts.
I think of them as calculated risks.
You mean miscalculated risks.
- Like the time you-- - Like the time you-- Wait.
Like the time you scrounged up that bargain-basement airplane.
Landing gear coming down.
"Uh-oh"? What "uh-oh"? What do you mean, "uh-oh"? I anticipate a slight problem when we get there.
- What? - Well, you see these two little lights? The good news, the right landing gear is down.
Bad news is the left landing gear isn't.
You mean we can't land? We're just not gonna make it, are we? What are you doing? Where are you going? Where are you going with that? We only got one parachute.
And whose fault is that? Okay, okay.
Well, what about me? Jack, we all know the captain goes down with the ship.
I'm just the engineer.
It's the hydraulic fluid.
Leaked out.
The airfield's just ahead.
I figure you got about four minutes to come up with an ingenious plan.
Preferably one that works.
Now they're green! MacGyver, you're beautiful! Jack! MacGyver! Jack, when are you going to learn there's no such thing as a free ride? This is the thanks I get for cutting my friends in on a golden opportunity? Imagine my chagrin.
Hey, I know.
What if there's a mother lode upstream? A gold mine? Let's say we go scout around.
No way.
I will never go into another mine with you.
Not after that last time.
My, my, ain't that a pretty sight? We got it.
Hot damn, we got it.
Well, boys time for a parting of the ways.
No point in leaving evidence around for ballistics, I always say.
These fellas escaped, holed up in a mine, Iit a candle, it turned out to be a stick of dynamite.
Pitiful ending.
Bodine! MacGyver, the dynamite! No, no, no, not the money! Not the money! No! Get back! Five million bucks.
Forget it, Jack.
It's only money.
You know, this may come as a shock to you, Jack, but most people go out and work for a living instead of dragging their friends from one disaster to another.
Drag people? Who? Need I remind you how you got us involved in a 30-million-dollar jewel heist? That was definitely not my fault.
Quite correct.
Designed for a queen.
- Fitting for a princess.
- Thank you.
Goodbye, Mr.
Can I help you with that? The jewels? They're not heaVY.
Beautiful, but not heaVY.
- Did you see them on television? - Oh, yeah.
And what did you think? I think it's kind of a flashy way of telling people you're rich.
- You don't approve.
- Probably just jealous.
- Ready for immediate takeoff.
- Good.
- Stop! - Thieves! Get out of here, Jack! How was I supposed to know they were the police? The same way you should have known the woman who hired us stole the jewels in the first place.
- Small detail.
- And that small detail meant that I had to fly all the way to Toulon, France to save your lives.
Save us? As I recall, Pete, we saved you.
Kill him now and let's get on with business.
I don't think you really wanna do this.
Especially not in front of witnesses.
But, sir, we are all accomplices here.
I hadn't actually thought of it that way.
We wouldn't want your blood splattered all over the jewels, would we? - All right, that's it.
- I hope this will work.
Yeah, me too.
Stand back.
On three.
Three! Now, Robert.
Let's go! Stop.
- Well, sorry to bust in on you like this.
- What kept you? Hey, are we great or what? What a team.
See? The three of us are invincible.
Why shouldn't we be rich too? Jack, you're a lost cause.
There are more important things in life than treasure hunting.
Like fishing.
Which reminds me, I hear the trout calling.
See you later.
What is this? Hunters? How? This is a game preserve.
There's no hunting.
Better check on Pete.
Pete! Mac.
We got two sets of tracks here.
Who'd want to shanghai Pete? That's a good question.
Just what are you up to? Which way? There.
Think Pete's leaving a trail? He might be trying to give us an idea who's got him.
Something to do with Phoenix? Or someone from Phoenix.
He had a run-in with some of his own people a while back.
A guy named Matt Webber.
Pete trusted him.
Webber used that trust to sabotage a missile we were disarming.
- We at zero volume yet? - All 35,000 litres, pumped out.
Zero volume is confirmed.
Shut down pump, prepare for disengagement.
- Commence shutdown and disengage.
- The meters are oscillating.
- We got a charge reading here.
- It's building up.
We got a 25-volt oscillation.
Emergency alert.
Emergency alert.
Evacuate area.
Evacuate area.
Move! Move! Shut down all systems.
Bring in all backups.
Get the medevac choppers here.
Seal off this area, now! - Get it out! Get it out! - Emergency alert.
Emergency alert.
- Medevac in here.
- Thermal incident in Facility 3.
Thermal incident in Facility 3.
Emergency alert.
Emergency alert.
Be careful of the fumes.
Where's that truck? Get that foam truck in here, now.
We're damn lucky the whole thing didn't go up.
- You all right? - Yeah.
- Tell them to stand by.
- Ready? He's conscious and breathing on his own.
Fred, get over here.
- Put this out over here.
- I'll be there in a sec.
- Yeah, right over here.
- Lay down some foam.
Come on.
Come on, come on.
Oh, man, and Pete thought it was his fault? That's what we were all supposed to think.
It was part of Webber's plan to force Pete into an early retirement, so he could take over his job.
But when we found out the truth, Pete retired Webber.
And Nikki and I rescued Webber's hostage from a railroad car.
Now what? Hey, hey, what is this? Open the door.
Take care of Amunde.
Well, two more for the unemployment line.
So if it is this Webber guy, why didn't he just kill Pete? I don't know.
But it's starting to look like whoever's got him wants us to follow.
Why else would they leave the hat and the fishing stuff behind? Well, he's playing games.
Who do we know who likes playing games like dress-up and murder? - Murdoc.
- Exactly.
Maybe he's after all three of us.
Like that first time when he set us up to meet at that junkyard.
Look at that.
"In memorium.
Three dear friends taken before their time.
Peter Thornton, Jack Dalton, MacGyver.
" What is going on? Doors are jammed.
- Are you all right? - Whoever got us in here, it wasn't Jack Dalton.
It's Murdoc! You guys are lucky you got out of there.
Oh, that Murdoc's full of surprises.
That guy's got a knack for coming out of nowhere.
Murdoc does know this area.
Pete's cabin is near here, isn't it? Used to be.
Remember me, MacGyver? When last we parted, I had a couple of broken bones and you left me with a whole lot of burnt flesh! - I saw that maniac at Ellard's store.
- That's Murdoc.
He's not your normal professional killer.
Get ready to break for the door.
Where are you going? Look out! Get the door! Go! Run! Get to the Jeep! Your car or mine? Mine.
- Oh, no.
- We'll take yours.
That fire won't keep him stalled for long.
- This guy's a nut case.
- Yeah, no kidding.
Wait a minute.
What's that noise? That's bad news.
He's a maniac.
That guy never gives up.
No kidding.
As far as I'm concerned, people who wear masks are cowards or too ashamed to show their faces.
Which are you? Who are you? Mac.
Hold it, Jack.
- Could be booby-trapped.
- Who'd booby-trap a wallet? - Who'd booby-trap a bed? - Murdoc.
Here are those papers.
- Don't move.
- So how long you figure it'd be--? Why? What? What? Didn't you hear a click when you sat down? That click.
Like the kind you hear before? It's probably a low-powered charge, specially designed.
It's only gonna destroy the bed.
What about the guy on it? Yeah.
That too.
Oh, boy.
Nice job.
Very clever.
Any attempt to defuse it is gonna blow it.
Will you stop that? It's nice to hear all this professional appreciation, but I happen to be the target.
Stay cool, MacGyver.
The important thing to remember is that with a charge like this, it blows almost completely straight up.
All right.
Give me your hand.
- Give me your hand.
- It's coming.
Now! All right, Jack, that trail goes back up to the road.
There's a phone at Ellard's store.
Take the Jeep, go for help.
And leave you and Pete? No way, compadre.
It's our best chance.
Trust me.
- Who are you? - Never mind.
Just drive.
Careful, that thing could be loaded.
Jack? No.
He got you too? She, Pete.
It's a she.
- You.
- You know this lady? The name is Deborah.
Well, you could have killed us all a dozen times by now.
- Why the game? - Oh, this is no game, Pete.
MacGyver and l have some unfinished business.
Yeah, I remember some of your unfinished business with MacGyver.
- Help me shove off, will you? - Sure.
- Don't forget to lock up.
- I won't.
And don't forget to call tonight.
It's your turn to cook.
It's a date.
You're the Deborah that blinded him when the boat blew up? MacGyver wasn't supposed to be blind.
He was supposed to be dead.
So, what do you want with us? You should know, as a fisherman, that live bait works best.
And you're just the bait.
MacGyver will be joining us shortly, I assure you.
MacGyver? How about it, MacGyver? Am I a sight for sore eyes or what? Deborah.
Okay, here we are.
Come on.
Deborah, where are we? Sorry it had to turn out this way.
Come on, honey.
Don't make it so hard on yourself.
Enough of this cat-and-mouse nonsense.
You and I both know it's over.
You know, I have to admit, it's been fun.
If the boat had finished you, I'd like to think I might have been a pleasant dying memory for you.
Deborah? Do you wanna talk about this? We did, don't you remember? I gave you every chance in the world to close the deal your way.
I'm a negotiator, MacGyver.
But no, you've gotta be a hero.
You know, maybe Matt will name the marina after you.
Show yourself, MacGyver.
Show yourself now or I'll kill them.
You know I will.
The next one goes through Thornton's head.
All right.
You wanna tell me what this is all about? It's about some unfinished business, honey: killing you.
You made me fail for the first time in my career.
So I spent the last two years in prison wondering why.
What did you come up with? I paid the price because I let my feelings get in the way.
You know, I've always been able to find something in my victims that I could hate.
It made my job so much easier.
Gave me that edge.
So you see, MacGyver, that's why you won.
Because I couldn't find anything about you to hate.
But look.
If this is about killing me, why'd you go to all this trouble? I mean, you could have picked me off a long time ago.
I needed to look you in the eye to see if I could feel what I felt before but then still pull the trigger.
Well? Goodbye, MacGyver.
Help me, please.
Don't let me die.
Oh, God, I'm slipping.
- Have you got me? - Give me your hand.
That's it.
- All right.
I got you.
- Okay.
Don't let me fall.
I don't get it.
I had her.
She was safe.
You did more than anybody else would have.
She made her choice.
What? Oh, I just remembered the old fable about the scorpion and the turtle.
The scorpion wanted to cross the river, but he couldn't swim.
So he asked the turtle if he could ride across on his back.
The turtle didn't think he had anything to fear, because the scorpion certainly wasn't gonna sting him or they'd both drown.
So he said, "Sure.
Climb on, I'll take you across.
" But about halfway over, the scorpion stung him anyway.
Just as they were going under, the turtle turned to the scorpion and said, "Why? Why did you do that? Now we're both going to die.
" You know what the scorpion's answer was? "Because it's my nature.
" Good story, Pete.