Macgyver s05e12 Episode Script


Thanks for the ride.
Well, now, wait a minute.
|Hold it.
We're not through|talking yet.
|I am.
Listen, what about|project earthquake.
I don't think you realize|just how important|it really is.
So was the last one,|and the one before that.
|They're all important.
Listen, macgyver,|i told the board|we would do it.
I gave them my word.
|I made a commitment! You committed me! Without asking me.
Without giving me a chance|to say yes or no.
Now, come on, pete.
|Look at me.
I'm a hurtin' guy!|I'm beat up, i need a month's worth|of sleep.
And i need a haircut! I thought|i could count on you! You're really gonna|do this, aren't you? You're gonna say no! Yes! Put it on ice, pete.
|Call me next week.
Well, what am|i supposed to do what am i going|to tell the board? Tell 'em|you made a big mistake.
Mistake? What mistake? You forgot to ask me! hey, old buddy.
|This is joyous jack dalton seekin' to make|a little contact.
|Where are you? Why is this ma|n not responding never mind.
|I'll tell you|the good news.
Babes, i found the dea|l of the century|and i'm letting you in i knew you'd be excited.
|It's land.
Spelled g-o-l-d.
|A ranch.
A piece of western history|, and it's ours, buddy boy, for just a few bucks down.
|I know you're excited, so call me|the minute you set down.
Hi, macgyver.
Jack told me|you're coming back|from vacation or something Oh, it's penny.
Anyway,|i know you're feeling great, which is important,|because you know|i'd do anything for you, and i was wondering|if you could do me|a little favor.
Well, maybe it's a big favor.
You remember|my singing lessons? Well, they paid off.
I've been hired|to star in well, be in this show|at frontier world and i wanted you|to hear my big number.
So, sit down.
|You're really gonna love this.
Yah! Giddyup! Giddyup, there,|go on.
We are almost there.
|The town is over that hill.
Do you have, uh, friends,|uh, in serenity,|soldier? Nope.
|Just picked the name|off a map, 'cause it sounded|peaceful.
I'm lookin'|to settle some land that hasn't been|fought over.
Someplace quiet.
Whoa! Well, this is|as far as i go serenity's up|and around the bend.
I'm grateful for|the ride.
Oh, 'tis nothing.
Out here,|we must be neighbors|to each other.
I'd like you|to have this.
Sort of a thanks|for takin' me here.
That is much too valuable.
Oh, not to me.
I carried it 4 years.
That's over.
I'm done with guns.
But a a man needs a gun.
You know,|i can't figure why.
I wasn't born with one.
I surely don't plan|on dying with one.
My friend, you will die|much quicker without one.
You will be the only man|in montana without a gun.
How will you|defend yourself? Well, i'll just have to think|of somethin'.
You take the gun, friend.
It'll do all right,|and i thank you, soldier.
But you,|you must have somethin|g from me.
I made this myself,|back in my old country|, in switzerland.
it has 2 blades,|a corkscrew, a pry, and an awl.
'Tis very useful.
And you will give me|great pleasure|by accepting it.
It's a fine piece of work.
Thank you.
Hey! Giddyup.
|Come on.
Next time,|bring more money.
What's your pleasure,|stranger? I'd like to buy|somethin' to eat.
Free lunch with every drink.
Take as much|as your belly can hold.
Well, the problem there is|i'm not much of a drinker.
But i'd be willin' to pay|for the food, and settle|for a bottle of milk.
Milk? What kind, pilgrim? Cow, horse, goat, Or mother's? You got the touch|of a spavined mule|, milt bozer.
Whoo! Thanks.
Uh, there's no milk here,|stranger.
And eatin' my food's|gonna cost you, i gotta say,|15 cents cash.
You stock sarsaparilla|, don't you, wyatt? If that suits|your palate, friend.
That'd be just fine.
Mister, uh|dalton.
Andrew jackson dalton,|no relation|to the dalton gang.
Call me jack.
First or last? Yep.
My name's penny.
Yeah, and cheap|at twice the price.
Come on,|you're sittin' with me i'd sooner kiss a hog! 'Scuse me.
Why don't we just|let the lady be? I figure this is|none of your business.
But i'm a friendly|sort of fella.
Ain't i, wilt? Sure you are, milt.
and to prove it, i'm gonna buy you a drink.
He said he doesn't drink.
Wyatt, why don't you pour a shot|of that mex rotgut? And drop a spider in it.
See, the idea|is to swallow down|the spider 'Fore he stops kicking If he bites ya,|the booze will cure ya you gonna like it.
Or you can try to draw.
Don't carry a gun.
He don't drink,|he don't fight,|and he don't carry a gun.
I bet he's wearin'|lace underwear, milt.
Well, after he|finishes drinkin', Maybe we'll just pull down|them pants and find out.
Now, gents,|we don't want any trouble.
Shut your flap, tinhorn.
Drink up.
Oh, that's real brave,|milt bozer, drawin' down|on an unarmed man.
It's a lot safer that way.
Dalton, might i borrow your cigar? All right, wilt.
Wilt! Just put it on the table.
All right,|you two boys, out.
They won't be back|for a while.
I'm real grateful, macgyver.
Care to join me, friend? You just passin' through,|or lookin' to find work? Fact is, i was lookin'|to buy a place of my own.
Now, that is|an amazing coincidence.
If i were a superstitious man,|i'd be downright nervous.
You're losin' me.
No, my friend,|i am in a position|to find you the answer to your hopes and dreams.
Big springs ranch.
I'm a gambler,|not a rancher.
I won it in a poker game|from dave nye.
But i'm prepared|to part with it|for $2,500 hard cash.
Most i could go|would be $1,700.
Well, i don't know.
Gold coin.
Didn't i hear dave nye|was afraid of hangin' on|to his place for some reason? Droughts.
He was a fearful man,|but he's gone|and you are in luck.
Now, there may be|some resentment over your securing|a bargain such as this,|but it's yours.
Just as soon as i hear|the heartwarming clink|of gold coin.
Sure, as soon as i|see the property.
We can be there in an hour.
|Need a horse.
The livery's next door.
I'll change|and be right along.
Oh, that is|if you don't mind.
I would like to see|your new ranch.
It'd be my pleasure,|miss penny.
Did you hear that, wyatt? He's buyin'|big springs ranch.
How long do you think|he'll last? Maybe a week.
But i wouldn't bet on it.
There she is!|Big springs ranch.
It's beautiful Whoa, whoa, now.
'Scuse me, gentlemen,|but mr.
Nye is gone.
We know that.
|This here's the new owner.
Name's macgyver.
Oh, yes, sir,|mr.
Macgyver, sir.
He don't speak much,|the chinee.
Name of lee sing.
I'm billy colton, sir.
Anybody else|work on this place? Oh, no, sir,|we all that's left everybody else|, they went on.
All they scared.
Scared of what?|Nothing, i assure you.
He's undoubtedly|suffering the effects|of his own bad cooking this little gem's a paradise.
Your name macgyver?|That's right.
May i ask|who i are addressin'? Yeah, pete thornton.
I own the fire eagle ranch well, that'll make us|neighbors, then.
No, it doesn't.
Because you're gettin'|off this land|in the next 5 minutes, and out of this territory|in the next 24 hours.
Now, why might that be because i made|a handshake deal|with dave nye that if he was ever|gonna sell this land,|i'd buy it.
Well, actually,|mr.
Thornton,|dave didn't sell it.
He lost it|in a card game dalton? Tinhorn that works out|of the red dog saloon? Well, that's putting it|a trifle harshly.
But essentially correct, sir.
I acquired|this place honestly|and sold it legally.
And i made an agreemen|t with dave nye.
I need this land.
|I want the water.
And i want you off.
If you don't, pilgrim, you could hang around|a long, long time.
Macgyver doesn't even|carry a gun.
What? I thought you boys told me|he drew on you.
Well, he kinda he pulled a trick on us! no gun, eh? i don't think|i've ever seen|a grown man walkin' around naked before.
I just don't prefer guns.
Well, then,|you'll probably leave, uh, nice and quiet.
And politely.
'Cause you're a peaceful|sort of fella, ain't you? Yep.
Some might even say gutless.
Well, then,|why don't you just, uh|, pack up your stuff and, uh, ask my pardon and then git.
Next one's gonna|be head-level! mr.
Thornton, i would appreciate it|if your men would|drop their weapons.
Oh, you! I got one more barrel.
Do it! I meant what i said,|mr.
I don't want any more trouble.
I meant what i said, too.
Without water next summer,|i'll lose my entire herd.
I'm not gonna|let that happen.
You take my warning.
Get out.
I would like to thank you|for what you did.
Oh, i didn't figure|on hurtin' nobody.
You did just right.
I can't be sure|what's gonna happen|around here.
I don't want either|of you gettin' hurt.
|Can't ask you to stay.
I make coffee.
He says he's stayin'.
So i might as well.
Well, i guess|we can have some coffee.
Try and figure out|a way to handle|mr.
Thornton's problems.
I still say|we don't need|any outside help.
After the way you two|handled yourselves|yesterday, i think we do.
Besides, this man has a reputation|for taking care of problems.
Peter thornton? I'm murdoc.
I understand|you have work for me.
I hear you're good.
To be precise, i'm the best.
Boss, he's some kind of|light-in-the-boots englishman.
Ain't he sweet i do hope|we can all be friends now.
Can't we? The man i want moved out|is named macgyver.
|Big springs ranch.
I'll find him.
And i don't|want him killed.
|Just moved out.
Them the only shoes you got? They plumb worn out, sir.
L i was gonna fix 'em|so i could|handle my work, sir.
Uh, i got your horse|all saddled and ready|for town, sir.
Colton, you are a ranch hand,|not a servant.
I do not want you|waitin' on me.
I just does|what's proper, sir.
And that gumbo accent.
Why are you hidin' behind it? I don't understand, sir.
|I's a field hand.
|That's how's i's talks.
Yesterday you told me|lee sing was stayin' on.
Yeah, that's what|he said, sir.
Well, he said it in cantonese.
Now, i served under sherman, then with the 9th calvary|in texas.
And you are the first|field hand i ever met|that spoke chinese.
I take your point.
Just askin'.
You got a right to privacy i am l i was a slave down at, uh,|dixon holding, alabama.
I escaped in '62|and came out here.
And how'd you escape|bein' captured? I was a schoolteacher i wrote myself|the necessary papers.
A runaway slave is rarely|suspected of literacy.
But now|emancipation's the law.
Why still play ignorant? The law has changed.
|My color didn't.
I take your point, sir Mr.
Colton, people can change.
The world's changed.
Why, out here, any man|can reinvent himself.
I'd like to believe that.
See, i came out here|'cause i wanted my life|to be different.
I believe that's the way|the world gets better, one person at a time.
Those boots would be|about a size 9, i believe.
They'll do just fine.
|What do i owe you? $3.
Macgyver, we've been|lookin' for you.
on account of|i was goin' for a ride and by the station|i heard it straight|from the railroad agent.
Thornton's hired himself|a gunman.
A man named murdoc They say he's killed|more than a dozen men, not countin' indians.
Hired him to go after you.
What are you gonna do? Gonna talk to mr.
There's just no reason|for a war.
I got more water|than i need.
I can share it with him.
You're lookin' to help him|after what he tried? Well, sometimes|a desperate man|does dumb things.
I do believe|mr.
Thornton and myself|can settle this reasonably excuse me.
He just don't understand|how things are.
Hard to figure, ain't he? Macgyver.
Not here.
Well, get him here.
Just hold it right there! Drop the gun, boy.
Tell macgyver i dropped by He he dead.
Murdoc! Why? Get out.
Why did you have to kill him? Well, i didn't have to|, thornton, i chose to|as a calling card.
I told you i didn't|want anyone killed.
Come, come, thornton.
|A black is hardly|worth the fuss.
|This is what i promised you,|plus some extra.
I'm calling you off.
I haven't finished|with macgyver.
You're finished with me.
|Take your money.
Well, it's not really|that simple.
You see, i have a reputation|for always completing|my professional assignments, and i i rather treasure|that reputation.
With any luck, that's what they'll carve|on your tombstone.
Don't even think about it.
Don't worry, thornton.
It's not you|i'm interested in.
You hear any of that? Yeah.
We heard|you ain't goin|' after macgyver well, you heard right.
Well, why not, boss?|That murdoc? Macgyver wouldn't last|5 minutes.
No! It's not a game|i wanna play.
I've done too much already boss.
He shamed us|and he shamed you.
And i had a man killed now, which do you thin|k is worse? He's gone soft i need a drink.
About all|i can think to say is he died a free man.
Where's your hired gun? I'm sorry.
You're sorry.
He's dead.
If there was any family,|any need for money look, i'm responsible.
|Can we talk? Your timing's a bit irregular.
I fired murdoc.
|I paid him off and told him to git.
I didn't want any killing.
I didn't.
as for big springs i'm backing off.
If you're willing to sell, i'll pay you twice|what you paid.
No, in fact,|you name the price.
Thornton, i'm no speculator.
I wanna live on my land,|not profit by it.
Fair enough.
I won't bother you anymore There is another way.
You drill on my land.
You find water, you own it just guarantee me|enough for my needs.
Well, that's crazy.
If i own the water,|i own you.
You'd have to rely|on nothing but your word.
That's right.
Why would you trust me|that far? Because there's enough|for both of us|if we don't fight over it.
We got a deal.
And you got my word.
I guess we're partners i guess so.
there's one last thing,|though.
He killed a man.
He's gonna have to answer|for that.
To the law.
I just left him back in town.
I guess that's|where i'll be headin'.
We'll be headin'.
He's in|the barber shop.
The boy says you wante|d to see us, mr.
Murdoc? Your boss.
He folded|like a busted flush.
I wanted to know|where you two stand.
Well, it's like milt said.
He shamed us.
I have a plan.
Well, if it has to do|with macgyver, i'd go a long way|to see him dead.
We don't have to go anywhere.
We can manage everything|quite nicely right here in town.
You think the marshal|in serenity will stand up|to murdoc? Wyatt? He's about as tough|as a bucket of warm spit.
Nobody in town's|gonna help us.
They're all scared|of murdoc.
That's reasonable.
|So am i.
Well, what do you|plan to do? Don't know yet.
You've got to take|some responsibility.
Or murdoc|will kill macgyver.
You know macgyver|doesn't even carry a gun.
That's his choice.
|And what's yours? Come be a man.
|You're the town marshal.
Not no more, i ain't.
Now, that was|a wise decision.
You know,|most volunteers die young.
Would you be interested? I never i never|touch the stuff.
You know, friendship|is a wonderful thing.
How would you know? Tinhorn, why don't you tell|your friend macgyver that i'll be waiting|here for him, in the lady's company? Mr.
Thornton! Macgyver! Murdoc.
He's holdin' penny The bozers,|they threw in with him they're waitin' for yo|u to ride in.
Well, what about wyatt? Tossed in his badge.
And the rest of the town's|holed up behind locked doors.
Well, that doesn't leave|much choice, does it? You hide yourself over there.
|And wilt? Yeah? Don't shoot until you got him|in your sights! Milt, don't you tell me|how to set up an ambush.
Oh We can cut through|the old part of town.
I hear 'em comin'.
|Do you see 'em, wilt? There they are Look out! Let's go! Why the devil didn't you|let 'em clear the building how many were there? There's 3 of them.
Stay put.
They'll be back.
That was wilt bozer.
How do you know?|Because he missed.
But that means milt is nearby.
Lucky for me it wasn't murdoc.
He'd have plugged|more than my hat.
You know, i think|murdoc is waitin' in town to see if you|get past the bozers.
Well, i'll be headin'|to town then.
Good idea.
Jack and i will stay here|and take care of the bozers.
We will? We will! Who's doin' that? Doin' what? Throwin' these.
Wilt! Do you see 'em? Wilt! Wilt! Answer me.
Wilt! Where are ya? Wilt, will you answer me? Gotcha.
Got you.
Come on! Boss, let me explain! Boss! Miss penny? Murdoc! Goodbye, macgyver.
Oh, my god! Somebody! Help! Oh, my god.
Is he dead? Macgyver!|Where'd he hit you i'd treasure that knife|for the rest of your life|if i were you.
We'll get murdoc one day.
Be sure of that.
I just wanted|a drink of water.
|I didn't mean to wake you up.
I must have been out of it no.
I'm the one|who's out of it.
I've been driving around|for hours.
I had to come back to to apologize.
Oh, hey, pete.
I was out of line.
Sometimes you get on a track, and you just can't get off it.
I was pushing too hard.
Maybe i was trying|to impress the board,|i don't know, but i had no right|to speak for you.
I'm trying to tell you|i'm sorry.
Hey, come on, pete.
We got no problems.
We're friends.
Right? That's what|i wanted to hear.
So so what's wrong with you? I don't know,|l i think i just had|the weirdest dream i've ever had in my life.
It was all about murdo|c and jack and penny|and billy.
You were in it.
|I'm talkin' weird.
What's this? Wow, look at that.
Well, you don't want|to lose that.
Looks like|it's 100 years old.