Macgyver s05e15 Episode Script

The Treasure of Manco

I argued it was my father's|and they finally agreed.
Come, we'll go|to his classroom.
Maria, your father was|a brilliant archaeologist.
How do you expect|to find something i don't know.
|But i have to try.
Will you listen to me? Your father was murdered|in those mountains.
I don't want to have|to come back to peru macgyver, yesterday as i stood and watched them|lower his coffin i promised myself|that his dream the people of peru|are starving.
My father believed|that the treasure of manco billions, that|the government could use it could provide food,|housing, education, for every child in peru.
I want his dream|to become a reality.
He chased that dream|for 15 years and it cost him his life.
And i don't want his death|to be for nothing.
Believe me, i understand|what you're going through.
But you have got|to face reality.
The treasure of manco coul|d very well be just a myth.
My father believed it exists.
|I believe.
And enrique murdered him|for his journal, now, see, that's the part|i can't understand.
Why? Because we all went|to school together? Because he has|an american education? No, macgyver, enrique is not the man|you used to go skiing with.
He's a mountain rebel|who murdered my father he wants to use|manco's treasure to pay for|his bloody revolution.
If that's true, if.
Then enrique is still in|those mountains somewhere.
So is manco's treasure.
This is why my father believed|the treasure exists.
to the 16th century site of|a conquistador's encampment.
A spanish general's grave had been uncovered by|a landslide after heavy rain.
This was found.
Along with a number of|other incan artifacts the legend says|that the great chief, manco presented the headpiece|symbolizing the garden of gold to the one chosen|as its protector.
And your father, he believed|this is the same one? He spent months|studying the symbols, making diagrams|in his journal.
He believed|that this headpiece is the key to finding|the treasure of manco.
Oh, i love this kind of stuff.
Enough to help me|fulfill my father's dream? Where do we start? At the place where|my father and his guide Well, looks like|the end of the road.
Capitandiaz commands he found the bodies.
|We'll start with him.
Maria! That's ramon,|the son of This is my friend, macgyver.
I'm sorry|about your father.
Maria tells me|you're going to be our guide.
I have taken|my father's place, there's no one better.
I'm sure there's not.
I'll bring some horses|from my home.
We can get but first we must see|capitandiaz.
We can leave But he has not well, we're not here|looking for enrique.
It's the military's job|to bring him in.
Not if i find him first.
Ramon, our fathers|shared the same dream.
To help the people of peru.
We're here to finish|what they began.
It's not about revenge, ramon.
I will be here at sunrise.
And don't worry,|senormacgyver, i won't involve you|in any of my own he is young.
|His pain is deep.
Be patient with him.
Yeah, sure.
Let's go find|capitandiaz.
My men found|their bodies here enrique's guerrilla's|had shot them now, captain,|just out of curiosity, why are you so sure|it was enrique's men well, we found the bullets|matched those taken from but you are here to, what,|investigate the murders? No, no.
To continue|my father's quest for the garden of gold.
I had, uh, great admiratio for the purpose of|your father's work, maria, but i have to think|you are wasting your time chasing a treasure|that does not exist.
We have the object|of my father's research.
The proof that|the treasure exists.
We will find it.
She is like her father|, full of spirit.
I wish you both well.
You will stay tonight|as my guests here? My father believed was the key to finding|the garden of gold.
Did he talk about yes.
He was particularly interested|in what he called "the steps to the condor.
" "The steps to the condor,"|huh? And what about these 2 cats? Did he say anythin|g about them? I remember|transcribing for him once.
He was trying to|reconcile the symbols with what he called,|"el lugar de la vision Whoa.
What manco's place|of infinite vision.
Place of infinite vision.
Macgyver? Maria.
What are you|doing here? I think we've been kidnapped.
|What do you think? Murderer! I heard of i have also heard|that the military it is not true.
Oh, you expect me|to take your word? Just like that? It is all i have, my word.
And it is as good as when|we were friends in school.
Nothing has changed.
No, i'd say|a lot has changed.
I am the same man|you knew before, macgyver.
The enrique i knew|worked things out.
He had a real thing|about violence.
And i still do.
But sometimes an evil|and corrupted government cannot be changed|from within.
That is why i fight them|from these mountains.
And when the people have oh, stop it! Stop your high and mighty|justification for i fight the government, maria.
|The corrupt ones like diaz.
And i did not|kill your father.
He was my teacher.
|I loved him.
You are a liar.
Why? Why do you think|i killed him? Because he was close|to finding manco's treasure.
There is no treasure.
We have proof.
We have|the protector's headpiece.
You believe what you want|to believe, maria.
I believe|that you killed my father and i demand|you give it to me now! I can see that my words|are not enough.
But they are all i have.
I am sorry, my friends, well, you know,|kidnapping your friends does we are at war here,|macgyver.
For all my men knew,|you were c.
Or another cocaine trafficker|here to cash in.
Cash in? You're the one|who wants to cash in.
You want to use|the treasure to fund that's why|you killed my father.
Your mind is made up.
There is nothing left|for us to discuss.
So? Now what? So now you are free to go.
I will miss our friendship luna.
You make|an early start.
Even after your adventure|last night.
We still have|to accomplish ah, yes, so you do.
You know, it is a wonder|you were not killed.
Women and foreigners|are not known to be popular well, they were just|a little curious.
Guess we got lucky, huh? Very lucky.
These gnats|that buzz about the mountains can be dangerous.
But my patrols|are on their trail, watch yourselves out there,|my friends.
If i had been face to face|with enrique, i'd have i thought we had|that settled yesterday.
Enrique lied to you.
If we find that treasure,|he will be close by but i will kill him first.
All right,|listen up, ramon.
I don't buy into guns|or vigilante justice.
Now, i can't tell you|not to defend yourself but i can tell you tha|t that ache in your gut Is dulling your senses and you'd better get|a hold of it, before you do somethin|g you regret.
Now let's go.
I understand|what he feels, macgyver.
Yeah, well, so do i.
But that doesn't|make it right.
This is it This is the meseta Kind of a strange place|to make camp.
No protection|from the wind.
It would be hard|to keep a fire going.
My father was too experienced with exposure like this.
The view is beautiful.
Simply incredible.
Well,|that could be it.
What? Well, maybe|they were here place of infinite vision? Yes.
"El lugar de la|vision infinita.
" Yeah, see this? See the lines|under the 2 cats? Mountains? Yeah, i'd say so.
Take a look.
See those 2 peaks? They kinda look like a couple|of stretched out cats, those 2 peaks|are called my father|and his father before him ramon, are there any inca ruins|between here one.
Uh, my father called it|sarra yahta.
But it's small.
It's insignificant compared to|the other ruins macgyver, you're right.
This is why|our fathers were here.
They took the headpiece.
Those were not those were enrique's men.
I told enrique about he only let us go|so his men could follow us i will find him! Just take it easy, ramon.
|Don't press your luck.
They will lead me to enrique|and i will avenge no, more than likely,|you'll just we can't just let them|get away with it.
If enrique finds the treasure|he'll use it to pay for we'll get|the headpiece back, ok? But we'll do it my way|.
you got that? Si.
As long as your way|brings results, senor.
Capitan! The guerrillas were met here they rode off together|, that way.
Well, let's get|a better look.
Enrique sent his men|to do his dirty work Enrique has the headpiece.
Let me see.
You finally know for yourself.
You can see proof|of what he has become.
I always believed him.
Because you wanted|to believe him.
What do we do now? Well, we'll get|the headpiece back but we'll wait till|after dark.
Ramon, i ramon? Are you nuts? Hurry! I thought you detested guns,|macgyver.
I shot you.
Maria and macgyver|are not responsible i see.
And what a brave,|young man you are.
You are also foolish.
|And a bad shot.
Let them go! You have me to execute|for shooting you, enrique.
And what a prize|you are, huh? You have|the protector's headpiece.
And you still have your life.
So go.
Find the treasure.
|Take it.
But do not harm|ramon for this.
The murder of our father|should be enough you are as blind|as this boy is brash, maria.
Again, i did not|kill your father.
Come with me.
Macgyver, are these the men|who attacked you? Yep.
Luna! These are not my men.
They are soldiers.
Members of captain diaz's|death squad.
We captured them|on the trail.
Along with your precious|headpiece, maria.
We have made|a terrible mistake.
But i was so sure.
I don't know what to say.
You might start After i get done with mine i doubted you, enrique.
I'm sorry.
This conflict of ours does many terrible things|to all of us.
I'm sorry, enrique.
I'm so sorry.
So if there is anythin|g to the legend, this ruin must pla|y into it somehow.
This symbol here, i've seen it at the ruin.
Can you show us? Yes, it's just|over there.
Near the cliffs.
The symbols|are identical.
Well, it looks lik Ramon, give me a hand, Hold on, hold on.
I can't see the bottom.
It's a long way down.
A long way.
What is it? Well, it might|be a well.
No steps, no condor.
I guess|this doesn't fit what are you|talking about? Condor? Steps? No, no.
|Take a look.
See? Steps leading dow condors nest where|no one can find them.
In the face of a cliff.
It's worth a look.
We've got steps here.
Looks like they continue down.
A condor! It's exactly like|the headpiece.
I don't believe this.
It sounds hollow|behind there.
Yeah, looks like|it's been sealed, too.
This is it! This is|manco's garden of gold.
But i see no gold here.
Spanish? We're 400 year|s too late.
Does that mean|something to you? It's a keep book.
|The inca method these knots probably recor|d how much gold was in here.
Seeds? I've planted many fields, but i've never see|n seeds like this.
All right, wait a minute.
|There's something the incas sealed this place|after the conquistadors That's right.
Unless there's still|something of value here.
It's the same inca goddess|on the headpiece.
Except, the mouth|is different on this one.
Let me see that headpiece.
I bet you that guard|was protecting something what if|this was a door? And the headpiece is the key.
It's opening,|macgyver! Wow.
These jars must be gracias, amigos.
I would never have gotten|this far without all of you.
I am in your debt.
Get down from there.
You killed my father,|you pig! Your father|refused to cooperate.
Perhaps you have more sense|than he did? Now, Let us see how much gold my father would not have|told you anything.
How do you know about|the garden of gold? Because he was thoughtful|enough to put it in writing.
But his journal|was meaningless! Until you provided us The gold of manco but today, it is mine.
Where is the gold? Seeds, seeds, seeds! Seeds.
Why would they go through Well obviously, capitan, you're not up|on your inca history.
Perhaps, you would like|to give me a quick lesson.
Well, uh, unless|i miss my guess here, this idol represents|the great god, quintano.
Quintano? So what about it?|Where is my gold? Well, now, see,|that's the tricky part.
Quintano was the inca god|of the fields.
To show respect|they brought him gold.
Tons of it.
So what does that|have to do with seeds? Well, think about it.
The spaniards burned|their crops and ran the incas|into these mountains.
So, they brought their seeds|to quintano to protect them.
Until the spanish were gone.
Then, they could|replant their fields.
It makes perfect sense.
And explains the well.
What well? There's an altar up top|with a big hole in the ground.
We thought it was|a well at first, but obviously it was|a depository.
A gold depository? Yeah, you bet.
See, diaz, uh,|the incas had this this big quintano dance.
And they'd throw|all this gold which has got to be|behind here, somewhere.
Now, how do we get behind it? Well, the priests|had to have some way then i recommend|you find it.
I'll tell you what, diaz, you let these people go,|i'll see what i can do.
No, no, no, no, senor.
You will find my gold or you will watch them die|, one by one, Starting with that one you win.
An excellent choice.
Well? What do you see?|What is it? Didn't the legend of quintano|say something about his golden words|of enlightenment? Yes.
That's right.
I wonder what does it look like|i'm doing right here, looks like you are waiting|for something.
An offering of gold.
Well, stand on it,|put your weight to it! We found it.
It's here! I'll need a little more weight|to get it all the way open.
Somebody else want|to stand on that arm? You do it.
Get up here move it! We're really gonna|have to push hard.
Just like mammoth.
Both of you, It's not working.
|Push harder! More, keep pushing|.
come on.
It's coming.
The gold is coming.
It's coming! Gracias, ramon! Well, i think we can all be|grateful to manco So, the treasure of manco it's a garden of corn.
How did you know|it would do that? It was just a matter|of seeing what the inca here, take a look.
See there? Stalks of corn and plants.
Yeah, when i saw|all these seeds i finally realized|what this place and that well up top|was all about.
A giant silo.
So the incas were planning|on replanting their crops.
Where did you come up|with this god, "quintano"? I never heard of him.
Gene quintano.
He was our old ski coach|from mammoth.
He took us up|to the cornice once.
Almost got us killed|trying to out-run but we did it.
I think we did it again.
I will see that diaz|and his death squad are escorted to lima as soon as|the government agrees well, when maria and ramon|present their case, i don't think they'll be|in a position to refuse.
Only this time,|we will make our accusations right, ramon? You can be sure|of that, maria.
Just don't lose that|wonderful fire of commitment.
Either of you.
What about your commitment i'm going to try it your way,|my friend.
As you said, these seeds that you are|going to test for us could be an extinct specie|s of food plant.
Maybe manco's treasure|will feed the people Seeds of change.
I like it