Macgyver s05e20 Episode Script

Rush to Judgement

We're outside|the county courthouse on day 14|of the murder tria|l of curtis danby.
This is jake baron|with an update on the case that's cut a swath of rage|and fear throughout the city, ever since|that horrible nigh|t when lisa robins, wife of former gold medallist|wyatt robins, was brutally shot|and left to die on a filthy slum street corner In the arms of her|critically wounded husband another sacrifice|to the rising tide|of street violence that's lit|the fires of prejudice on both sides|of the color line in this racially|troubled city.
Free danby, free danby,|free danby.
Adding fuel to the fire|is the reverend roy thatcher and his committee|for african-american justice.
Free danby, free danby,|free danby.
Reverend thatcher.
|Reverend thatcher, wyatt robins has positivel|y identified curtis danby as the attacker|who killed his wif|e and wounded him.
How can you claim|he's being railroaded? If danby had been a white man|accused of killing a black, would there even|be a trial? You make danby|sound like a victim.
He's not only charged|with killing|a helpless young woman, d|he is also an ex-convict|with a long criminal recor of violent assault|and armed robbery.
Danby paid for his past|in prison.
And he's not the first one|forced to commit crimes to survive in a ghetto|made for him by white society.
And that's exactly why i'm not in that kangaroo court|right now.
Reverend, aren't you just|taking advantage of this trial to promote your own brand|of racial hatred? I see no reason to answer|that inflammatory statement.
So, a dark cloud|of bitter racism hovers over this trial threatening|to unleash a storm such as|this city has never seen.
This is jake baron.
|I'll have full details|on the news at 6:00.
We're off the air.
|Nice job.
Nice? Nice doesn't get ratings.
Defense, please continue.
Thank you, your honor.
Now mr.
Robins, prior to|the night in question, were you familiar with|the infamous reputatio|n of the greenwood heights area for its high rate|of violent street crime? Yes, sir, i was.
Well, then, would you|please tell the court why you and your wife|would decide at the last minute|to drive into the greenwood heights area?| Especially at night.
Your honor,|we've been through|all of this on direct.
Monroe,|do you plan to introduce new information through|this line of questioning? Yes, of course|, your honor.
Then you may answer|the question, mr.
We, uh, got a phone call|from sandra masters.
That's my wife's|best friend.
Uh, she asked us|to a charity dinner|at the halfway house.
That's|the masters halfway house Sponsored by miss masters'|chain of department stores uh, yeah.
I've helped them raise money|in the past.
Sign autographs,|shake a few hands.
Yes, yes, mr.
We're all well aware|of your fame As an olympic swimmer|and local sportscaster Objection, argumentative.
Let the witness answer|in his own way, mr.
Monroe go ahead, please.
Anyway, lisa and i figured|it was for a good cause.
So why not? Even when it meant|driving through the most dangerous|part of town? Objection.
But i am waiting, mr.
Yes, your honor.
Now mr.
Robins, you testified that you stopped for the light|at the intersection of main street|and olive boulevard.
|Is that correct? That's right.
And that's when|the man with the gun appeared at the open window|on your wife's side|of the car.
That's right.
The next thing i knew, uh,|lisa screamed, and this guy, he, uh, freaked.
|He started shooting.
Did you see the man run away? No.
No, i got hit in the arm|trying to help lisa.
And i don't remember|anything after that.
Now, mr.
Robins, you heard|detective larson testify that the street lamp|on this corner was broken.
So it was dark.
That is correct.
All right.
It was dark.
You saw the man|for an instant from the opposite side|of the car.
And yet 3 days later you were able to identify him|in a police line-up.
I recognized him.
Is there a chance|your memory improved when you saw|my client's pictur|e in the t.
News? Objection.
He's being argumentative|again.
I withdraw that,|your honor.
Thank you, mr.
|No further questions.
Redirect, mrs.
Bigalow? Yes, sir.
Robins, isn't it true that there was|a working street light a short distance away? Yes, there was.
and the man|who murdered your wife did you pick him|out of a police line-up? Yes.
And is he|in this courtroom? He is.
Would you point him out,|please? That's the man.
That's a lie!|I didn't do it!|The man's lying! Order!|Order in this courtroom.
Quiet! Take it easy.
I will have order|in this court, or i'll have it cleared! Counsel, i warn you|to restrain your client.
We apologize, your honor.
|It won't happen again.
Let the record reflect that mr.
Robins|has identified the defendant, curtis danby.
And i have nothing further,|your honor.
Thank you.
|You may step down, witness.
I guess this is as good a time|as any to call it a day.
Now i remind the jury|and the alternates that you will remain|sequestered in the hotel, so that you will not b|e influenced in any way by the extensive|media coverage of this trial.
I also remind you that you are not to discus|s this case with anyone, Nor amongst yourselves now this court|stands in recess until 9:00 tomorrow morning.
Somebody's got to believe me.
Excuse me, please.
This sequester stuff,|what a joke.
As if lockin' me up's|gonna change my opinion|of that punk, danby.
You're not suppose|d to make a decision until after all the evidence|is presented, mr.
Isn't that right,|macgyver? We're also not supposed|to be talking about the case.
Yeah? Well, the police say|danby did it.
Even the victim's husband|says he's guilty.
That's enough for me.
I just wish they'd taken u|s to the crime scene, or at least|shown us some photos|of the intersection.
When you got a dead bang case, why bother|with all that stuff? Then the defense attorney|should have asked for it.
That's a very good point.
Waste of time.
It'd only drive another nail|in danby's coffin.
Or not.
Even the victim's husband|says he's guilty.
That's enough for me.
I just wish they'd taken u|s to the crime scene, or at least|shown us some photos|of the intersection.
No chance of readin'|a newspaper, i suppose, huh? Ha, nope.
Too many stories|about the trial.
Man,|that was all my change, too.
Those things are real crooks,|huh? Maybe i can keep it honest|, huh? You want one? Sure.
Sounds great.
Justice prevails, huh? Catch.
Good night.
|I knocked it off by accident.
How'd my geranium take it? Better than the pot.
Bring it up,|will you, sweetie? I'm in 2-b.
Pretty bird, pretty bird,|pretty bird.
It's open.
I got bad wheels.
Here you go.
Arlo says thanks.
This is his favorite flower.
You spend a lot of tim|e at this window? Should think not.
Got better things to do.
Did you see what happened the night that lady was shot|down on the corner? Nope.
Arlo gave me|all the details.
Arlo? He's a real snoop.
He loves to gossip.
Did arlo|see the shooting? Nope.
He only heard the shot but he did get a good look|at what happened after.
So what happened? He saw a man running|like the devil knew his name.
Did arlo did arlo say|what the man looked like? Arlo says he was|african-american.
He saw the streetlight|shine real bright on his head when he took off his hat.
The man was bald? Yeah.
Arlo saw|that shiny head of his when he bent over|and tossed some things down the storm drain|across the street.
Did the police|ask you any of thi|s after the shooting yeah.
They came bangin' on doors|and kickin' up a fuss.
I tried to tell them|what arlo saw, but they didn't want|to bother to hear|what he had to say.
Can you believe that? No, ma'am.
Uh, d-do you have|a flashlight i could borrow? Yeah.
|Right there on the shelf.
The brutal murder|of lisa robins shocked and appalled|every member|of this community.
Black and white,|rich and poor.
Yet one more victim|of that crime|is sandra masters, heiress to the masters|department store fortune, and lifelong friend|of lisa robins.
Miss masters, you asked the robins'|to attend a dinner in the greenwood heights|area that night.
Yes, to raise funds|for the masters|halfway house.
Isn't it ironic|that curtis danby was living at the same facility after|being released on parole? Yes,|i guess it is a bit ironic.
Tell me, miss masters, has this tragedy|changed your opinion|of the death penalty? I'm not sure i understand|the nature of your question.
Who's there? It's me.
|Macgyver! What are you doing here? Aren't you still under|jury sequester? I need a big favor.
You gotta call|danby's lawyer.
Danby's lawyer? Tell him to search|the storm drain across|from 500, olive boulevard, just east of main.
Well, why?|What's there? A gun.
Same caliber as the one|that killed lisa robins.
And a witness|who saw a man put it there lives in the building,|apartment 2-b.
Now wait a minute.
|Hold it.
Would you mind telling me|how you know all this? I was just there.
Are you telling me|that you broke|jury sequester to go out|and dig up evidence?|No, no.
This sounds|an awful lot like it.
No! I just wanted to see|the area for myself.
I didn't know|i was gonna find anything.
I did.
Now i've got|to deal with it, ok? Yeah.
Macgyver, you can't do|this kind of thing! Jurors are put|under sequeste|r for a reason.
It's against the rules pete, the spirit of the law|is to find the truth.
The system and all those rules|are working against that.
Well, what makes you so sure|that danby's not guilty? I'm not! But i don't think robins|could have identified him.
Well, what do you mean grab your coat.
|I'll show you.
Come on.
Yeah, just stop here.
All right.
You stay in the car.
|I want to try somethin'.
Robins said the man approached|the passenger side of the car where his wife was sitting.
Now say|i'm the guy with the gun.
I come toward the car.
What do you see? Nothing.
|I can't make you out at all.
That's because|the only working streetlight was behind the killer.
So how could wyatt robins|pick curtis danby out of a police line-up?|That's what you're saying.
You think he was lying or confused.
The lady in that apartment|said the man was black.
But he was also bald.
Danby's not bald.
No, sir, he's not.
Pete, you got to get danby's lawyer|to talk to that lady.
Let her lead him|to the storm drain.
Then see|where the gun leads him.
Oh, boy.
You're the only one|who can do it, pete.
All right.
Thank you for your patience,|your honor.
I asked for this delay e|because of|some important new evidenc which i received last night.
Bigalow,|are you aware of this? My office knows nothing|about this, your honor.
What evidence, counsel? A new witness.
Who i believe|will exonerate my client|of all guilt in this matter.
|This is unconscionable.
Counsel's testifying.
Jury will disregard that.
Well, bring your witness up,|mr.
Raise your right hand.
Do you swear|to tell the truth, the whole truth,|and nothing but the truth? I never lie.
Put her answer down as yes.
And what's that|you have on your lap? My friend arlo.
He's the one|you want to talk to.
Excuse me, your honor.
Does counsel intend|to introduce the bird's testimony|as evidence? Will both counsel|please approach the bench? Would you mind explaining|all this, mr.
Monroe? Yes, your honor.
This is an elderly woman living on welfare|in an area With one of the highest|crime rates in the country naturally,|she's afraid to step forward and admit what she knows and for some reason,|feels safer communicating her knowledg|e through the bird.
The bird? I know this is irregular,|your honor, but let's humor her.
It's her way|of protecting herself.
Well, this is a first|in my 30 years on the bench.
But i'll allow it.
Thank you, your honor.
Would you please|state your name? Belinda jones.
Most folks call me|the bird lady.
I don't mind.
E|now you and arlo resid at 500, olive boulevard,|apartment 2-b.
Is that correct?|Yeah.
Been there 40 years.
And does the windo|w of your apartment look down over the corner|where lisa robins was killed? Yeah, but, uh,|like we told the police, arlo didn't see that happen.
Did arlo tell the police what he did see|the night of the shooting? They never asked.
What did arlo see|that night? He saw a man at the corner this man,|did arlo see him clearly? Clear enough.
And what did arlo see him do? Arlo said he stopped, bent over and threw some things|down the storm drain.
At this time, your honor, i would like to mark|as defense exhibit 6, a police report|which reflects what was found|in that storm drain.
Bigalow, will you|stipulate to its admission yes, your honor.
it states|that pursuant to a tip the police recovered|from the storm drain|in question, a woolen cap, gloves,|and a gun.
25 caliber|regency special.
The same caliber gun that was used to shoot|lisa and wyatt robins.
Now, miss jones,|was the man black? Arlo prefers|african-american.
Do you see the man|in this courtroom? Nope.
Is this the man? Not by a long shot.
Too much hair.
Arlo says he was bald.
Order, order.
I will have order here.
Your honor, in light|of this new testimony, i move for the immediate|dismissal of all charges|against curtis danby.
The people seek|a continuance to allow|a proper investigation|of counsel's assertions.
And to evaluate|the credibility of these assertions,|your honor, we ask counsel to explain|how he came upon this witness.
Monroe? Your honor, i learned about the whereabouts|of miss jones and the gun from mr.
Peter thornton|of the phoenix foundation.
Peter thornton? Phoenix? What? This gentleman, your honor mr.
Thornton,|will you tell the court how you knew|about miss jones and the storm drain|where the evidence was found? Mr.
Thornton? I'm sorry, your honor,|i can't divulge my source.
Oh, yes, you can,|mr.
Or i will hold you|in contempt.
Your honor,|you have a witness who has led you to the gun|and other evidence.
How that happened|is not what's important.
I will decide what's important|in this court.
Now i'm giving you|one more chance|to answer my question.
I can't.
Then you give me no choice but|to hold you in contempt, sir.
Bailiff, will you take|mr.
Thornton into custody? No, no, hold it.
|Wait a minute.
What is this? Your honor what's going on here? I showed him|where to get the evidence And the witness.
, uh, uh, macgyver.
You went out|to the crime scene? Yes, sir.
In so doing|you went directly against|the mandate of this court.
Do you understand that? Yes, sir, i do.
Well, i'll try to avoid|a mistrial here if i can.
Macgyver, did you relate any of this|to the other jurors? No, sir, i didn't.
Very well.
One of the alternates can|take your place on the jury.
Yes, sir.
And you, mr.
Macgyver, you are remanded|to the custody of the marshal, pending a contempt hearing|to take place in 3 days.
Bail is set at $2500.
Bailiff,|take custody of mr.
This court is adjourned.
Just yesterday, the case against curtis danby|appeared solid as a rock.
But that rock crumbled when danby's lawyer|produced a surprise witness whose testimony|virtually cleared|danby of all guilt.
And then led police to a gun|that ballistics tests have proved|is the murder weapon.
This reporter|has also learned that the police have traced|the serial number of that gun to the sporting goods counter of the sandra masters|department store.
Hey, macgyver.
If they got no case against me|like this guy says, how come|i'm still in here? I guess the d.
's office|needed time to review|the case.
They sure didn't waste no time|layin' charges against me.
after seeing|last night's broadcast.
Can you tell us why? Yeah, well, like i said, l i saw this|sandra masters on t.
And you recognized her,|but not as sandra masters? Yeah.
She's been checking|in here a lot, but using another name.
|Uh, sue edwards.
And was she alone? She always checked|into the motel|with her husband.
Uh, at least they said|they were married.
I don't ask any questions.
And when did you realize who this husband|really was? Uh, when i saw|wyatt robins on t.
The same wyatt robins? The former gold medallist? The man who claimed|his marriage couldn't|have been happier? Yeah,|i only know what i saw.
And so,|there you have it.
A motive for murder?|That's for you to decide.
But when i went to school,|2 and 2 added up to 4.
So what does|the murder weapon|that was traced to the masters|department store, and an ongoing affair|with the victim add up to? And what's the d.
's office|doing about it? I told 'em he was lyin'.
Maybe they'll|believe this guy.
I don't know, curtis.
Yesterday this guy wanted|to put you in the gas chamber.
Yeah? Your bail's been met.
The deputy d.
Wants|to see you pronto.
Hey, man.
Whichever way it goes, thanks for doin' what you did.
Nuh-huh,|don't thank me, curtis.
I was just looking|for the truth.
It could still|lead back to you.
If anybody ever does get|to the truth, macgyver, it won't lead to me.
This is getting|out of hand, sandra.
Well,|what can they do, darling? We haven't broken any laws.
I knew it was a mistake.
We should never|have gotten involved.
We fell in love.
Is that a crime? Haven't you been|watching the news? Ever since that gun|was traced to your store, they've been making us|look like monsters.
Hundreds of people|come in this store.
Any one of them|could have stolen that gun it's not just that.
What that bird lady said|on the stand made it look like|i was lying about danby.
As if i had|something to hide.
We know the truth, wyatt.
Why should we care|what anyone else thinks? I'd like to see you tonight.
Sandra, when i said|we were through, i meant it.
But don't you see, darling? All of this will be over soon.
We can be together and an|d forget it ever happened.
I can't forget about|what happened to lisa.
I'm sorry, sandra.
That bird lady she's gonna put us|both on death row.
No, she won't.
This time, make it look|like an accident.
I'll see to it|she flies like a bird.
You made bail, i see.
Yes, sir.
You know what you did|undermines the very fabric|of our legal system.
The right to trial|by an impartial jury.
Yes, sir.
I must admit|that you did uncover vital evidence that might possibly|keep an innocent man|from being convicted.
I cannot condone|what you did, but, uh, off the record, i am grateful|for the results.
Yes, sir.
This is the true test|of our legal system.
Now that the suspects|are 2 white, wealthy,|respectable people, will the d.
Be so quick|to press charges? Or is there a different kind|of law for curtis danby and all others who are guilty|of only one crime, being born with|the wrong color skin? Yes, mr.
Mayor yes, sir.
I've been watching it.
Well, the district attorney's|instructed me to move|as fast as we can.
So i'll be asking|the court this afternoon to issue a warrant|for the arrest|of wyatt robins.
No, sir, we don't have|enough evidence yet|to implicate the woman but we're working on it.
Yes, sir.
|I'll keep you posted.
You're welcome|.
They, uh, said|you wanted to see me? Yes.
I wanted you to know that i filed for|a restraining order.
And when i get it, if you come even within|a mile of this case, i'll make sure|you stay behind bars.
What is it with you people? Why are you so afraid|of going after the truth,|huh? Oh, we do, mr.
We just don't do it your way.
We have a legal system|with rules that people have to obey.
What about danby? Don't you think|he has a right to be judged based on the facts instead of what shows up|on the evening news? Now, come on, admit it.
You let public opinion|force you into bringing|danby up on murder charges.
And now you're about to do|the same thing to robins.
We go where|the evidence leads no, that you're goin' in|the wrong direction.
You heard|what belinda jones said.
She saw a bald black man put the evidence|into a storm drain.
The woman talks|through a bird.
Now how much credibility|do you think that a jury|is going to give to her? Well, why don't you let|the jury decide that? Now come on,|i believed her.
And now you've got|the murder weapon.
When?|How did it happen? I'm on my way now.
The bird lady|is no longer a witness.
She's dead.
Until yesterday,|belinda jones was an old lady struggling|just to get by in the world.
Then overnight,|she became famous.
The only eyewitness|to the murder of lisa robins.
Now she's dead as the result|of a 2 story fall from her apartment window.
A tragic accident? Or a sinister attempt|to conceal the truth? Just a minute.
|Here comes the d.
over here.
Deputy d.
Bigalow,|is it true that the police|are questioning wyatt robins in connection|with his wife's murder?|No comment.
Was the bird lady killed|just to keep her quiet? No comment.
|Excuse me.
There you have it,|ladies and gentlemen.
The district attorney|has no comment whatsoever|on this terrible crime.
Anybody see what happened? No witnesses.
So what else is new? Hopefully, we'll learn more|when the police arrest robins.
Still with robins.
You really think|wyatt robins did this? He had a motive.
All right,|if not wyatt robins, who? Well, the bald man|the bird lady saw, of course.
Yeah, it may be.
But how did he manage|to get the gun from masters|department store|without buying it? Pete, i'll bet|if we check the records of the masters halfway house against the state employment|records for|the department store, we might just come up|with something.
According to this, only one ex-convict|from the halfway house works at|masters department store.
Lawrence groden.
Well, matches the description.
And that's not all.
According to his m.
, groden always changed|his appearance.
And ditched his weapon|near the scene of the crime.
So he'd be clean|if he was picked up later on.
Sounds like our guy.
How do we prove it? Well, if groden|did kill the bird lady, it's because he was afraid|of being identified.
What if somebody else|could identify him? Who? Wyatt robins.
I need to talk to you.
Look, mister,|i may have one arm in a sling, but i got another one|that's plenty strong|enough to punch you out.
So i'd get out of here|if i were you.
All right, settle down|, settle down, will you? Did you know|belinda jones is dead? The bird lady? How? Murdered.
Oh, my god.
|Do they know who did it? Well, the d.
's getting|a warrant for your arrest.
They think i did it? Look, i'm no killer, macgyver.
I believe you.
Yeah, you and no one else.
This is a nightmare.
I wish i'd never seen|that police line-up.
Yeah, but why did you|pick out danby if you weren't sure? I was sure.
His picture|was all over the news|when he was arrested.
Don't you think|there's a chance that you might|have been influenced? Ok, maybe i saw him on t.
maybe i was influenced.
But the police seemed|so sure it was him.
He was in the area.
He has a record|as long as your arm.
Even the d.
Said|it was him.
And now the d.
's accusing me|of setting him up.
Well, i think|you were set up.
Yeah, by who? Sandra.
Sandra? No way, it can't be.
Wyatt? Today when i talked to her, she acted as if lisa's murder|was the perfect way for us|to get back together.
Maybe that was|her plan all along.
Robins, i'm sorry, e|but i think she hired|somebody from the stor to kill your wife and make it|look like a robbery.
I want you|to help me prove that.
How? I didn't see him, remember? He doesn't know that.
This is crazy, macgyver.
You've got me|looking for somebody you've already proven|i can't identify.
Yeah, i know.
But if we find him,|i want you to act like|you've seen him before Let's try the loading area I think|we got a nibble here.
Let's call the police.
Don't bother.
It wasn't supposed|to happen like this,|darling.
I loved you, wyatt.
So you hired groden|to kill his wife, is that it? I wanted him for myself.
And it would have worked if you hadn't stuck|your nose in.
Come on, it's over, sandra lose the gun, ok? Don't listen to him.
Go! Get 'em! Give me your coat, quick.
Get 'em! Get 'em! It's over.
It's over.
I'm just happy to be|a free man, that's all.
Danby, do you plan|on suing the state for malicious prosecution? Ok, people,|that's enough for now.
Let's give these men|a chance to get their live|s back to normal, all right? Excuse me.
Danby, mr.
Despite all the smiles|and the handshakes, the questions remain.
How did our legal system|go so wrong? And what were the mistakes|that nearly led to the conviction,|and indeed, almost the execution|of an innocent man|for murder? One man who might be able|to answer that question is macgyver, the rogue juror|who helped solve the case.
Macgyver, how does it feel|to be a hero? Well, i wouldn't know.
Well, it was your evidence|that cleared danby.
Isn't it ironic|that the killer turned out to be a black man after all? And a white woman.
A very rich white woman,|i might add.
One who tried to buy the death|of her best friend for pieces of silver.
Tell me, macgyver,|is she responsible for the gross miscarriage|of justice that|occurred here today? Or does the d.
Deserve to|share some of the blame? Man.
No, actually,|i think you're to blame.
I beg your pardon? People like you|who rush to judgment or make snap accusations|before you get all the facts.
Who gets hurt doesn't seem|to matter to you people as long as you get|a few more rating points.
Sounds like you're against|a free and democratic press.
No, sir.
Just people who abuse it.
Like you, mr.
Well, all i can say is i'm glad the rest of america|doesn't think like you.
You never know.