Macgyver s06e02 Episode Script


The Americans are here.
We move.
Thank you.
Thornton, Mr.
I am CitanIon Cuzo of the National Police.
I am the, uh, baby-sitter for you and the other delegates.
This way.
Uh, you know, actually, we had hoped maybe to, uh, freshen up a little bit and, uh, get a bite to eat before we got started.
You're not tourists, gentlemen.
Welcome to Bucharest.
Captain, is, uh, anything wrong? I mean, you don't seem too happy to have us here.
I do not like stirring up Ceausescu's demons.
I thought the idea of this was to put those demons to rest.
(CHUCKLING) By having foreigners examine the archives of our dead dictator? I think the point is that we are outsiders and can be objective.
Uh, Romanian people can trust the results of our study.
And if you find there are Ceausescu spies still in the system, then what? A witch hunt? No.
Romania should look to the future.
You're not needed.
Well, somebody wanted us here This sub-basement was Dictator Ceausescu's headquarters.
Built to withstand a nuclear attack.
I read there are tunnels down here used by the secret police to spy on dissidents.
Also for Ceausescu's escape attempt.
They've since been sealed.
MacGyver, Mr.
Thornton of the Phoenix Foundation, your counterparts.
FRENCH DELEGATE: I am Serge Houde.
(RATTLING) This is my associate, Liduina Currell.
CURRELL: Bonjour.
THORNTON: How are you? We are from L'Institut mondial de Paris.
And I'm Maureen Sheridan, from the Institute of London.
How do you do? CUZO: So now you know each other, we begin your work.
The files on these tables were taken from the vault and will be examined first.
Then, the rest of the archives.
(RUMBLING) (EXCLAIMING) (GROANS) No one move! Be perfectly still! KRIK: Gentlemen, ladies, on behalf of the K-Force, welcome to Romania.
Major Krik Ah, you know me.
, In 2.
5 minutes you will all burn to ashes along with the archives.
(BEEPS) I place Romania on notice.
Ceausescu's will lives on.
And so do his followers.
Looks like it migh t be a thermite bomb Can you defuse it? This is Cuzo.
A K-Force soldier has us locked in the archives room, and a bomb is set to go off in less than two minutes! POLICEMAN: We are on our way,Citane.
Monsieur,please, I am trained in electronics.
I will try.
You'll never make it.
Do you have the combinatio n to this safe? CUZO: No.
? What are you doing I need a speaker.
Telephone? Microphone.
He needs a microphone.
(BEEPING) Not possible.
Way to go.
Get that bomb over here! Everybody back in the corner! (LOCK CLICKING) THORNTON: Down! (GROANS) POLICEMAN: This way! (MACHINE GUN FIRING) (GUNS FIRING) Are you in one piece? I'm okay.
Now! (GUN FIRING) THORNTON: Why doesn't he just give himself up? CUZO: K-Force have no fear of dying.
I got an idea.
(EXCLAIMING) Drop your weapons or I break his neck.
He's got MacGyver! No! He will kill him! (GROANS) Don't shoot! I mean, let's face it.
You might need me to get you out of this mess.
) (TIRE BURSTING You picked the road.
(SIGHING) Well, fancy that.
No spare.
Oh, come on.
I'm no threat to you.
There's no reason to kill (GROANING) (EXCLAIMING) This is nuts.
There's no reason for this! (MACGYVER GROANING) Listen to me! I'm not gonna take it in the back, and I'm not gonna take it layin' down, so you're just gonna have to shoot me face to face! (WHISPERING) I can't believe I said that.
You hear me? I'm comin' out! (GROANING) And, no, I'm not crazy.
Just take a good look.
Maybe you'll think twice about cold-blooded murder, huh? (GUN COCKING) Uh, there's a snake behind you.
Hey, I'm not kiddin'.
There's really a snake there.
It's not a trick.
(EXCLAIMS) (GRUNTS) (PANTING) (SIGHING) Call the command post.
Have all sector commandos report to my office immediately.
(PANTING) (SIGHING) CUZO: My command post reports they have commandeered a car on the western outskirts of the city.
Well, thank God he's still alive.
His prospects are not good.
Krik sent a recorded message to the offices of National Television.
KRIK: People of Romania, this is Major Krik of the Praetorian Guard.
We have destroyed President Ceausescu's archives in order to protect his followers, who remain active in our society.
In addition, the foreign delegation that was examining the archives have paid with their lives.
Let this be a warning to the international community.
We will not tolerate outside meddling in our internal affairs.
Krik doesn't know that his mission failed.
He will be humiliated.
And this is what concerns me.
He will transfer that rage onto MacGyver.
I have deployed ground units in the entire southern section.
And this is where we will conduct our helicopter search.
Captain, what are our chances of finding MacGyver? Alive? (SIGHING) (WATER FLOWING) (GROANING) (UNCORKING CANTEEN) Drink some water.
Why did you do this? Uh, reflex? Your feet were elevated.
If I didn't get you turned around, the venom would have gone straight to your heart.
Assuming you have one.
Come on, I know you're thirsty.
(SIGHING) Look, we don't have an antidote, and there doesn't seem to be a phone handy, so it comes down to how much poison you took and how high your tolerance is.
The next couple of hours should tell the tale.
Of course, it didn't help any, your chasin' me all over the forest.
The point is, you don't wanna get dehydrated.
Okay? Attaboy.
(GASPING) (GASPING) (MAN CHATTERING ON RADIO) The government scorns us.
I should not have delivered the tape recording You did as I ordered, Iorga.
But now we must strike back.
How, Major? .
I'm waitin g for Victor He took an American hostage.
I passed an abandoned vehicle six kilometers down the road.
The engine was still warm.
It must be them.
Assemble the men.
I want that American.
You feelin' better? So what's your name, anyway? Oh, it's okay.
The bullet went right through.
Thanks for askin'.
Listen, we're gonn a have to get movin' Tell me why you came back for me.
Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time.
Like I said, reflex.
, Even if you torture me I will not reveal the location of our outpost.
Oh, I could care less about the location of your outpost.
Then you think there is a reward for my capture.
Then it is just for glory.
Glory? Can't you comprehend a simple act of humanity? How were you raised, anyway? Barracks K-11 was my home since I was five.
Major Krik was our commandant Ceausescu was our father.
Great role model.
Every day from dawn until dark, we trained to become the perfect soldiers, to be part of the K-Force.
Our life's purpose was very clearly defined.
Exactly what isyour li fe's purpose? To defend Father Ceausescu's wil l to the death.
Well, the training sure works, I'll give you that.
So you think I'm a threat to Ceausescu's will, huh? Yes.
Well, you might be right.
But the important thin g here is, am I a threat to you? My name is Victor.
Well, listen, Victor, .
I gotta get movin' You wanna point me in the direction of the highway? (WATER SPLASHING) They must not have com e toward the farm.
The abandoned car is a short distance.
Keep moving.
Hey, Victor, come on.
Hold up, huh? You look like you need a break.
(GROANS) (BOTH PANTING) So, uh, how's the fishing around here, anyway? What's the matter? Nothing.
A memory.
It is gone.
Well, listen, why don't we take half an hour and then move on? Okay? I could kill you in your sleep.
(GROANS) I'm an insomniac.
(SIGHING) You don't wanna kill me.
How could you be sure? Human nature.
I do somethin' nice for you, you do somethin' nice for me.
Like not kill me.
Next thing you know, we're friends.
g On the off-chance I'm wron and you get this uncontrollable desire to do something violent, why don't you toss a line in that lake and catch us some lunch? (SIGHS) (GROANING) (INAUDIBLE) Victor, stop! It is my duty not to be captured alive.
You have got a bigger duty to yourself.
It is the right that a man should die for what he believes.
Yeah, that's fine! But how can you know what that is? Everything you've seen, everything you've experienced has been programmed by somebody else.
One of us must die.
You choose.
No! That is crazy! Look, why don't you just walk away? What's stoppin' you from that? Escape.
This has nothing to do with duty, does it? You wanna tell me what this is all about? .
Major Krik will be looking for us Victor, I'm trying to help you.
I will accompany you as far as the highway.
After that, I don't know.
Maybe I will disappear into the countryside.
Major, over here.
What's the matter? What you said before brought back a long-forgotten memory.
Of fishing.
And friendship.
And death.
That is why I was trying to kill myself.
Yeah? Friendship was forbidden at our barracks.
Major Krik said that personal allegiances undermined our duty to Father Ceausescu.
But when I was 11, I had a very close friend.
We were ordered to stop spending time together or face a firing squad.
And this was no idle threat.
Other boys had been executed for lesser offenses.
Like failure to compete physically.
But still, Nicolae and I, we disobeyed.
You see, he had found some fishing poles on the base.
VICTOR: We started sneaking out at night.
Eventually we were caught.
Major Krik ordered us to fight to the death.
If we disobeyed, we would both be shot.
He kept screaming at us to fight, fight, fight! He said it was our duty.
We were friends.
We did not want to fight.
But Krik had ordered it.
We had been taught to obey without question.
So we fought.
And I won.
Nicolae died in my arms.
I held him, I held him for a long time.
Until I was pulled away.
I've lost friends, too .
Friends that I cared about Believe me, I know the pain.
It is all right for you! But I I am a soldier.
Victor, there was nothing you could do.
I could have lost.
Your colleague? My friend.
We gotta get to the road.
KRIK: Victor! Come on.
Victor, stop him! Come on, Victor, let's go! KRIK: Victor! I order you, stop the American! KRIK: Stop him! Now! (DOOR OPENING) Better for you , Mr.
MacGyver, that you had not wakened.
What's he talkin' about, Victor? I have chosen you to play the central role .
in my retaliation against the government (GROANING) Aw, come on, Major, why don't you just give it up? Ceausescu is dead.
You seem to be the only on e who wants him back.
In time, I might convince you otherwise But, for the moment I have a rather elaborate executio n to prepare for.
I did as I was ordered Congratulations.
Victor, was there an incident with MacGyver that you did not tell me about? Answer me! You also looked away when MacGyver spoke to you.
Why? I am not aware of doing that, sir.
What kind of capitalist propaganda did he fill your head with? Victor, you know that I am the only one who cares what happens to you.
Tell me what happened in the forest! I was bitten by a viper.
MacGyver saved my life Do you know why he would do such a thing? He spoke of humanity.
(LAUGHING) Humanity is an abstraction for priests and philosophers.
Do you forget who we are? I only know what I've been told.
I am no longer certain it is the truth.
The truth is you were a 5-year-old boy, unclothed and hungry.
Ceausescu delivered you from the streets of Bucharest, just as his family delivered my family from the Nazis during the war.
We, both of us, owe Ceausescu a lifetime of devotion and nothing less.
I also owe a debt to MacGyver.
I am not convinced now that he is our enemy.
I think that Soldiers do not think! They fight! And you will fight whomever I say! Is that clear? Yes, sir.
You were chosen for the highest honor in Romania! To become a Praetorian Guard, the K-Force! There is your humanity! (FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING) (DOOR SLAMMING SHUT) VICTOR: Try these.
(GRUNTING) (BIRDS CHIRPING) If you go three kilometers due north of the woods, you will come to the abandoned vehicle.
You know the way from there.
What about him? He will not be a problem.
We have to turn back now.
We can't just give up now.
But we're running short of fuel.
(SIGHING) (HELICOPTER WHIRRING) (GRUNTING) Look! Where? There! That has got to be MacGyver! CUZO: Turn around.
Quickly! Your plan worked.
Well done, Victor.
MacGyver! What a relief.
Take the pilot.
Captain Cuzo, I've done some checking.
You have a fine reputation.
It is too bad you cooperate with the enemies of Romania.
You are the enemy, Krik.
MacGyver, you are free to go.
Thornton, , as Director of the Phoenix Foundation is more than adequate for my plan.
What? You set me up, didn't you? It was necessary to save your life.
You just don't get it, do you? You think I'd just walk away and leave my friend to this lunatic? You're welcome to share your friend's fate.
Tie up the pilot! There will be no passenger.
MacGyver, please, you can't stay.
No, Victor.
I can't leave.
MacGyver! Forget it, Pete.
I'm stayin'.
Get ready.
MacGyver, it is important that you understand.
I made the deal with Major Krik to keep hi m from killing you.
What about when you slugged me? Well, Krik gave an order, and, uh, reflex.
Let me help.
All of you.
(SIGHS) I've got a better way.
I will hold off the Major.
(GUNS CONTINUE FIRING) I'm goin' back.
) (VICTOR'S GUN CLICKING You taught me well, Major.
(EXCLAIMING) How are you doin'? Like you, I will live.
They captured the remaining K-Force.
What's gonna happen to them? Oh, they should be shot, but But Captain Cuzo is gonna recommend that they be rehabilitated.
They are young.
We should at least try, hmm? Hey, hold up.
His life was programme d right from the start.
Oh, he never had a chance.
Well, at least he discovered his own humanity in the end.
That's something, MacGyver.
That's a lot.