Macgyver s06e17 Episode Script

Blind Faith

Let's see some crowd control.
Did you see what happened, ma'am? WOMAN: This man was running, and two Latin-appearing men were chasing him.
And they shot him.
COP #1: How were they dressed? Nice.
You know, good trench coats, suits.
What color ? Dark.
They didn't look like killers.
But they just walked up and shot.
And ran off, that way.
Thanks, ma'am.
Just step over there.
(PEOPLE CHATTERING) Okay, okay, back up, people.
Come on, back up.
We got a job to do here.
Come on, help us out.
COP #2: Let's go.
Let's hurry up.
All right, cordon it off.
I want a code 100 broadcast for a 20-block perimeter.
It's off.
These are the computer composites based on descriptions by witnesses at the train station yesterday.
(SIGHS) What do you think? Well, I, uh I can't tell.
I--I didn't really get a very good look.
It all happened pretty fast.
(SIGHS) Listen, MacGyver, I called you in on this because, frankly, I have a million things to do and very little time to do them in.
Hey, I'm here.
Thornton, Agent Paul Stams from the DXS to see you.
Send him in.
DXS? .
He's a high-level watchdog I've crossed paths with him before.
The DXS called earlier today and insisted that we see him.
Good to see you again, Thornton.
Paul Stams, MacGyver.
He's working with us.
So, what can I do for you? You know damn well what you can do.
And that starts with keeping us informed.
When your organization takes on the job of coordinating the return of Samantha Lora to her own country, you keep us informed.
The DXS refused, my board agreed to help, so we have no obligation to tell anybody anything.
I see.
I assume Lora's initial contact with the Phoenix Foundation was through you personally? Well, now, what is tha t supposed to mean? Oh, come on, Peter, it's nothing personal.
Your long association with the Lora family, it's a matter of record.
Your help in her father's rise to power while you were an operative in the field.
And? And, of course, your personal relationship at the time with the lady herself.
Stop right there.
Now let me set this record straight, all right? I first met Samantha Lora over 20 years ago, when I'd first been divorced.
And she helped me over a very rough period in my life.
And we became close.
Very good friends.
And I am eternally grateful to her.
Now, do you have any more questions about why she might have called me personally? All right, I'm sorry I was so blunt.
But just because US policy prevented us from official involvement, doesn't mean a covert assist was out of the question, especially when you start running .
into death squad operation s at the local train station That was supposed to be a simple drop-off and pickup.
Passing a videotape that documents the summary execution of 200 political prisoners is hardly routine.
Stams, you sure seem to have a lot of information .
for not being involved The entire intelligence community knew that videotape was stolen, last week from the presidential palace in San Pablo.
s Well, then, maybe you've got some idea on how the death squad found out about the drop.
I wish I did.
I don't.
Look, we want to help.
We just can't be official.
God knows Samantha Lora will provide a more humane government for her people than that butcher who's in power now.
Yes, she will.
And that's exactly why my board agreed to take on her security.
And arrange for an international media release of that videotape.
And we have to have that tape at Jerico Broadcasting by 6:00 p.
But you don't have it.
Samantha's key aide, a man named Nelson Richardson, was supposed to pass the tape to me.
But he took off when the death squad showed up and killed one of his couriers.
And you haven't heard from Richardson? No, he's disappeared.
And Samantha is the only one who knows how to contact him.
When does she arrive? Today.
, We've arranged for a safe house for her to stay in until we fly her back to San Pablo this evening.
Well, it seems like you have everything nailed down here, but if you need any help at all, call me.
And, Pete, about me bringing up that personal thing, uh, I meant no offense.
I've got your number.
I'll be in touch.
(SIGHING) You okay? I'm fine.
Your eyes are bothering you.
I'm fine.
Here we go.
She's part of the crew.
They slipped her off a freighter further out.
Kind of wide open around here.
That's right.
Not exactly the kind of place you'd expect to find a targeted political fugitive, is it? (EXCLAIMS) Peter.
Oh, Samantha.
It is so wonderful to see you again.
Peter, I, I am so very grateful.
Um, hi.
This is my good friend, MacGyver.
I, uh I have brought him into the operation.
How are you? Good to meet you.
Well, let's get out of here.
Samantha, there is a problem.
The videotape delivery got botched yesterday when a death squad showed up.
Oh, no.
They killed the San Pablo courier, but Richardson is all right.
He got away with the tape.
Our people are being slaughtered by those animals.
Everything my father fought against .
has returned to our country Maybe you can change all that after the election.
If I can stay alive.
The world is bound to respond .
to the atrocities captured on that videotape We finally have proof that can bring them down.
Look, everybody at Phoenix is working to get you back there.
Your plane is ready to leave at 7:00 this evening.
And we have a 6:00 p.
deadline for delivery of that tape.
Now, can you help us get in contact with Richardson? .
All I need is a push button phone That we can handle at the safe house.
What's the number I'm calling from? (THUNDER RUMBLING) It's a machine, coded to ring his beeper with my number.
If all's clear, he'll call back.
No one ever really knows Nelson's whereabouts.
He prefers it that way Won't be long.
Listen, take it easy.
? How about something to drink ? Uh, apple juice, maybe Still my favorite.
Yeah? What's goin' on with your eyes? What do you mean? Well, I've been watching you bump into things.
You came out here for apple juice and That's orange juice.
What's goin' on? It's my peripheral vision.
How bad is it? Pretty bad.
It's the real reason that I called you in when things fell apart at the railroad station.
(SIGHS) MacGyver, I have glaucoma.
Well, that's treatable, isn't it? Yeah.
But mine is complicated.
I have advanced nerve damage.
Very advanced.
It's a little bit like looking down a tunnel, with very little light at the end.
And I have a lot of trouble with either too much or too little light anywhere.
I let it go too long.
Why? Oh! Why? Because I'm stubborn.
And you want to know why? Denial.
I couldn't believe that it was happening to me.
So what's the prognosis here? d Well, I'm being treate .
and there is a surgery But I could lose my sight.
MacGyver, it's very important to me that you help us on this.
For her.
Samantha has enough to worry about.
Okay? Yeah, okay.
? There, see Yes, I understand completely.
Take good care of yourself, my friend Bye.
Everything all right? Yes, thank God But he's very nervous, didn't want to talk on the phone much.
He asked that someone meet him at the train station in the balcony in half an hour.
And he said that they should wear this dove pin that he gave me last year.
I'll take that .
Well, you should be able to make the 6:00 release deadline.
Good luck.
Colonel, that cab driver from the marina's on the move again.
He must be going after the tapes.
Name is MacGyver.
First he's going to lead us to Richardson and the videotape.
When we have it in our possession, you can finish both of them.
SYSTEM: Train number 19, service from Chicago, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Albany, now arriving at track four.
Train number 21, service to Santa Fe, with stops in Needles, Flagstaff and Albuquerque, now ready for boarding at track nine.
I'm Richardson.
I'll take you to the videotape.
I was afraid of being caught with it yesterday after our courier was shot, so I stashed it in a rail car that's under maintenance.
It's this way.
Did you get hurt yesterday? No.
I picked this up in San Pablo after I decided to become a serious journalist.
What, you were beaten? Well, when Samantha's father, Guillermo, was assassinated, I wrote an editorial that ruffled a few feathers, , so they crushe d my foot so bad .
I didn't think I'd walk again After that, telling the truth, going to prison, and getting every part of my body beaten became routine.
(GROANING) Peter? Peter.
Peter, what ar e you doing? What does it look like I'm doing? I'm pretending to be a dog! I brought you some tea .
I'll leave it in the living room.
Oh, no.
Wait! Wait.
Please, wait.
Oh, Samantha.
I'm sorry, I I didn't mean to snap at you like that.
I You know that you're the last person in the world I would want to hurt, Sam.
Do you know that it's been over 20 years since anyone's called me Sam? Just kind of slipped out.
Not very dignified for a presidential candidate, huh? Oh I'm still not used to hearing that.
"Presidential candidate.
" It's so strange.
Well, it's not that strange, really.
You do know that you are the only person who can follow in your father's footsteps.
The people of your country are very lucky to have you.
You always had a wonderful way of making me feel better.
Particularly when you didn't want to talk about yourself.
I know you're having a problem with your eyes.
Why won't you tell me? Hey, I'm a good listener, remember? Please, just bear with me on this, will you? I'm really having a tough time coming to grips.
And I promised Samantha's father I'd never let anything happen to her.
When she was exiled, I got involved in a whole new ballgame.
You're a good friend.
Well, she's the only hope her people have.
Oh, no .
It's gone.
The car's gone It was sitting right here on this first track.
The maintenance men said they'd be workin' on it for weeks.
All right, take it easy, they could have just moved it to someplace else in the yard.
We don't have much time.
Do you remember what it looked like? Uh, like the color? Was there a number? , It was a passenger car number 974 (MUTTERING) Or is it 74? Man, I don't believe this.
The blue one.
That's the one.
Oh, thank God.
They put it on a different track.
What? You know those guys? Cardosa and Ramos.
They're the ones that killed the courier yesterday.
How's your throwing arm? Uh, it's not much better than my bad leg.
They've got to be here somewhere.
We'll find them.
Stay here.
If I flush them out, you know what to do.
What're you doin'? I'm gonna use the steam pipe like an old-fashioned muzzle loader.
Scatter a few stones, .
create a diversion How did you think of that? Uh, I don't know, it just kind of makes sense.
Where exactly did you hide that tape? It's, uh, under the back seat.
Last compartment on the right.
Give me 30 seconds , then aim high, and crank that valve.
Come here.
It's hot.
(CLATTERING) Colonel Cardosa.
Colonel Cardosa! (GRUNTS) There's nothing here.
I heard something.
Come on.
It's Richardson! And he's got the tape! (GUN FIRES) (GUN FIRES) I got it.
Put it up.
No, don't both now.
Uh, I'll talk to him later.
MacGyver got the tape.
They're on time.
He'll be calling us any minute.
Oh, that's wonderful.
It's gonna work, it's gonna work.
Well, uh How about a fire? I'm gonna build a little fire here.
Don't, please.
Don't hide from me, Peter.
Don't you remember what it was like between us? We shared everything.
Yes, we did.
And everything was so vibrant, and alive.
That time wepent together, that was the happiest time of my life.
Mine, too.
You know, , I remember one day we spent a whole morning just looking at a rainbow.
Just looking.
Talk to me, Peter.
Richardson wasn't such a fool after all.
He enabled his friend to deliver the tape just as planned.
Let me go afte r this MacGyver.
We're too late.
The damage is done.
But, the news will not benefit Samantha Lora if she is not around to be a candidate.
We kill her.
No, Ramos.
That would make a martyr of her.
We have to arrange an accident.
THORNTON: I think I can handle the loss of sight.
But I don't know if I'm ready to not be able to do my job, to be who I am.
I know.
I know how important that's always been to you.
Is there nothing they can do? They're talking about a surgery.
Are you going to have it? I don't know.
Why? (SIGHS) , Because with every surgery .
there's a risk And I really don't kno w if I'm ready to face the possibility of total blindness.
You know, when they first approached me about running for the presidency, I was paralyzed with fear.
I wanted to do it, but, I didn't want to die from an assassin's bullet like my father.
But then I realized that I had no control over that, so, I committed to what I could do.
And I felt free.
Suddenly I was able to go on with my life.
That's wonderful, Samantha.
That is really wonderful.
And I'm not there yet.
Oh REPORTER: It has long been rumored that since the assassination of President Guillermo Lora, the people of the country of San Pablo have been subjected to the harsh realities of a ruthless and repressive government.
These images would seem to confirm those rumors.
Human beings slaughtered by death squads.
This footage is devastating By the time Samantha Lora's plane reaches San Pablo, .
it'll be headlines all over the world That's good.
These are not soldiers.
These are not rebels.
These are civilians.
Civilians who,o, enjoyed the freedoms of a democratic Excuse me.
Pete Thornton called to see if the tape arrived in on time.
He didn't want to disturb you.
Can I use your phone? Sure.
the lives of at least two brave men, is more than news.
It is a plea to all democratic people and lovers of freedom around the world to help.
(RINGING) Hello? We made the deadline with the tape.
But the death squad showed up.
Richardson's dead.
Oh, no.
What? .
They killed Richardson Oh, my God.
Not Nelson.
MacGyver, how? How did they know? Well, I'm not sure.
But I've got a pretty good idea, Pete.
Hello? What? What happened? Pete? Pete! Both the phone and the power just got disconnected.
They're not on the same circuit.
I don't like this.
(GRUNTING) I can hardly see anything.
I'll open the shutters, let in some light.
No, wait.
Don't go near a window Listen, in the kitchen, maybe there's some matches or a candle.
Can you see well enough to get there? Yes, yes.
Take it easy.
) (MUFFLED SCREAMING Who's there? Samantha, talk to me! ) (MUFFLED SCREAMING Samantha? Oh! Who is it? I have a gun.
I'll use it.
Where are you? Oh.
Samantha! Make it easy on yourself, Miss Lora.
I know that voice.
I know that voice.
Well, Pete, why don't you just sleep on it a while? (GROANING) Pete.
(GROANS) What happened? .
I couldn't protect her I couldn't do my job.
They just took her I was useless.
Don't, Pete.
If they hurt her, I'll never forgive myself.
I said, stop it! It wasn't your fault.
Now, who took her? Stams.
He's running his own little DXS.
See, I knew it.
He had me followed.
But why'd he leave you alive? CARDOSA: For bait, Mr.
And you took it.
(GUN CLICKS) Samantha, I'm sorry.
This is all my fault.
There was nothing you could do.
Yeah, you're right There was nothing I could do.
I'm sorry things worked out this way, Peter.
But that's the nature of our business, isn't it? The plane will be here soon.
Let's move it.
Tie their hands and feet with the canvas.
It'll burn without a trace.
This way Phoenix will take the blam e for being careless, .
and causing a fire My father trusted you.
He was your friend.
He supported your rise in the military.
Times change.
Now, I support my own rise.
(SNARLS) You are way over the line, Stams.
The DXS is gonna find you out.
You've been around, Peter.
Patriotism requires hard decisions.
In this case, three lives for the good of two countries.
I'm no threat to your nation.
My government would bring peace.
Your government will bring chaos, weakness, and instability, just like your father's.
Your people are too stupid for democracy.
For the first time we have order in that region we can depend on.
Not DXS polite policy.
I'm sorry.
But there are higher causes and interests than our laws acknowledge.
All right, we got to stand up, Pete.
Lean against me for leverage.
Ready? Go.
We got to get to this grinder.
Easy, easy.
Lean, lean.
(GRINDER STARTS WHIRRING) (GROANING) (SCREAMS) SAMANTHA: MacGyver's hurt! What do we do? We've got to help him.
! THORNTON: MacGyver (SCREAMING) Ah, my hands! (EXCLAIMS) The flash blinded me, I can't see.
He's just a little to your right, Pete.
MacGyver! MacGyver! MacGyver? (GROANING) Pete, don't! Don't touch me.
Don't touch me, I can't close my hands.
Is there anything I can do? No! Nothing, there' s no time.
If those guys don't see this place go up in flames, they'll be back.
Let's get Samantha untied.
Take my arm.
Come on, come on.
She's right here.
I got her, I got her.
(MACGYVER GROANS) Something's wrong.
Come on.
Here they come.
Samantha, jam that crowbar in this door.
Quick, come on.
That's not going to hold them off forever.
They've locked it with something.
Her plane arrives any minute.
No more elaborate accidents, amigos.
We find a way in, and we find it as fast as possible.
You gotta help me, Pete.
Grab my arm.
Right here (GUN FIRING) Push! Ah! God! Come on.
You all right? Yeah.
Now what? Wait here.
Are you all right? I'm fine.
Where is he? Where'd he go? He's looking out.
They're getting an I-beam.
That means they're gonna ram the door.
Metal on metal.
Samantha, look around for some cable cutters.
Big ones.
All right.
Pete, come on.
Right there, right here.
? What? What are we gonna do You're gonna drive a GPU tug, Pete.
I'm gonna drive? Yeah.
Now, get in the seat What about Samantha? We need cable cutters.
She's gotta find 'em.
Pete, I'll be your eyes.
You be my hands.
Okay, I'll try.
What do I do? Just kick the junk off of it, will you? .
Come on, let's go.
We haven't got all day I am a colonel in the army of my country, Mr.
Not your beast of burden! For God's sakes, Cardosa, what's the matter with you people? If you ever refer to me as "you people" again, I will shoot you, on the spot! .
Relax, Cardosa You want help? I'll help.
(ENGINE STARTING) All right, good.
Now, down two on the shift.
That's it, that's it.
All right.
Now pull it forward about three feet, and crank the wheel hard left.
Nice and easy, go ahead.
Slow, slow down.
Stop! I thought you said to turn left.
I told you to stop, Pete.
You gotta listen to me.
I did listen to you.
You gave me the wrong order.
No, I didn't.
Yes, you did.
All right, come on.
Let--let's go back to square one.
What do you want me to do? All right, put it in reverse.
Let's back up.
Go ahead.
All right.
All right, that's good.
Crank it a little left.
All right, on three.
One, two, three.
SAMANTHA: Hurry! Easy.
Straighten it out.
Keep it steady.
Good, you're doing good.
Now start turning it a little right.
Little bit.
Easy, a little more.
Straighten it out.
All right, Pete, there's a wing coming up.
Get ready to duck.
Get ready.
All right, now, duck! All right, good, we made that.
Straighten it out.
And stop.
Now what do we do? Put it in neutral.
There's a lever just to the left.
Put your hand on it.
There's a button on top.
When I tell you, press the button down, pull the lever up.
But not until I tell you.
Okay? Will this do? That's perfect.
Follow me.
Cut this cable.
Right there.
All right, good.
Separate those two wires.
Now jam the red one against the door.
Jam it against the strut.
Come on.
All right, Pete.
Hit it.
Turn on the power switch.
Crank the volts up to 2,000.
Leave the amps where they are.
We're just gonna try and stun 'em.
All right, Samantha, turn on the cable switch.
One more should do it.
(ELECTRICITY BUZZING) (ALL GROANING) All right, shut it down.
(GRUNTS) Stay down.
I don't want to shoot anyone, but I will.
Did we do it? Yeah, Pete.
We did it.
Thank you, MacGyver.
I'll never forget what you've done.
Thank you, Peter.
I'll pray for you.
Good luck to you.
I am gonna have the surgery.
I'll make you a deal.
I will survive my presidency, you will triumph in your operation, and come to see me.
It's a deal.
(SAMANTHA SPEAKING SPANISH) ? So what'd they say I'm gonna heal.
Okay to ride with you? I'd like that.
So, wanna go bowling?