Macgyver s07e08 Episode Script

Good Knight MacGyver (2)

Last time on MacGyver.
The MacGyver name disappears somewhere in the 17th century, but the M'Iver clan can be traced all the way back to the 14th century.
Yeah, but that could be coincidence, right? Aye.
But, both men gave their son the same first name as you have.
Hey! Look out! Look at the clothing on that bloke.
He's a common stranger.
Move, fool.
All right.
All right.
What's the joke? Who are you guys? You dare interrupt Sir Duncan in knightly combat? Knightly combat? Come on, where am I? Camelot, you fool! Let the contest begin! Oh, man.
His Majesty, King Arthur.
Galahad, now what have you to say about this stranger? When he saw I could not fight, sire, he risked his life to save mine.
I have another He's been poisoned! But we have reason to believe that Merlin the Magician himself conspired to assassinate you.
Merlin? Merlin is not guilty.
Whoever poisoned you used an ore that is found only in In Caledonia.
The Highlands.
That's Morgana country.
Merlin has never been ther None of my people have.
Except Duncan.
Duncan is the guilty one! You have countermanded an order of my king! Your king gave me his seal as authority to stop this execution! He knows who the guilty party is.
Give me your hand.
I would bestow knighthood on you, so you can ride with Merlin against Morgana.
The rumors of her new weapon were much graver than I dared report.
As my knight, you can help to stop her.
But your majesty And in so doing, find your ancestor, clear your name forever.
The only passageway to Morgana's kingdom.
They say it holds unspeakable dangers.
Help me, please! Speak of the vermin.
I'll help the traitorous scum! You're mine, Duncan! Well, well.
Morgana! Merlin.
You and your friend are going to need some strong magic.
I only hope you're up to it.
If it gets too difficult, remember, you can always let go.
That's it.
Grab on to the slat, Merlin I can't pull us up alone.
I'll fall! You will if you don't help.
Now grab the slat! Pull! Pull hard! And hope this blade holds.
Let's go.
Come on, Merlin, help.
Pull, Merlin! Please.
A little more and we can tip it! A little more.
All right.
Stop! Hey, Merlin.
Follow me.
I'm gonna swivel around and lay across the pivot point.
Swivel? Pivot point? Speak English! Just work with me on this, will you? Yes.
That's it.
Stay centered.
That's it, all right.
Now crawl over me.
But don't shift your weight.
Why do I have to go first? Because you're on top of me and I can't move! Now just crawl, will you? Man, you could use a deodorant.
What? Never mind! Just crawl.
Will you tell me when you're gonna move like that? You just about dumped me! A just fate, if you ask me.
I find you despicable! I just saved your life! Of course you did.
Show off.
You're always grabbing attention.
What? Don't deny it.
I have eyes.
Who ruined my dancing rope trick? Humiliated me in front of my own king? Who discovered the poison? Proved this, solved that.
Then, you had the gall to come riding up and spray me with that disgusting potion! You were being burnt at the stake! I put out the fire! I know, that's just the point! I was about to do it myself! I am Merlin, King Arthur's magician.
Those are the feats they expect me to perform.
I've never had to contend with a rival! Wait a minute! Let's get something straight right here and now.
I am not your rival.
I do not want your job.
Believe me.
All I want to do right now is to clear my family name, and help you keep Morgana from using that new weapon of hers.
Okay? Fine.
The sooner we get that done, the sooner I put you behind me.
Fall asleep, and I'll have your eyelids.
Yes, Magnificence.
Open it.
How is my beautiful target? Losing faith, are we? Never.
Galahad will come, you'll see.
He'd best hurry.
Before night falls you will become a part of history.
The first test for my killing machine.
Oh, you should be proud, my dear.
My triumph will be your glorious doom.
You don't mind if I walk next to you for a while, do you? Of course I don't, so long as we're clear on who's leading.
Merlin, this is your party.
I'm just here to assist, okay? Is that water? It's wine.
Wine? That'll kill you on a trek like this.
Merlin, I'm serious.
Science has proven that alcohol actually depletes your energy.
I'm not interested in your instruction.
Keep your science for Morgana.
We'll need all we can get, since you're not offering much in the way of armament, hmm? Soon I will write the pages of history.
Yes, Magnificence.
When I arm the lowly Visigoths with killing machines, the mighty Moors will fall.
All Hispania will be mine.
Then, we will march on Rome and demand their surrender.
And I will control all the trade routes to China.
A fair beginning, don't you think? Yes, Magnificence.
Today, the western Roman Empire, tomorrow, the world.
Yes, Magnificence! You don't even know what I'm talking about.
We have made it, Maclver! There's our way out.
I've safely led us through the cave of darkness.
Merlin, it's all right.
It's just a rock.
How was I to know that? In the face of danger, one must react.
Reacting's good, yes.
I certainly wasn't frightened, if that's what you're thinking.
I wasn't thinking that.
You did the right thing.
Of course.
Merlin, whatever you do, don't react.
What manner of creature has Morgana brought forth? I think it's a dog with a mask.
A devil dog.
Morgorgonidum! Merlin, I don't think he likes that.
What are you doing? I used to be good at this.
Please, Merlin, don't do that.
You are right.
A miss might go badly for us.
Uh, wait.
Now what? An alchemically strategic maneuver.
Uh, brilliant, if I do say so.
This ploy will repel any creature on earth.
You can say that again.
This ploy will repel any creature on earth.
Never mind.
Never mind.
Spread this on your skin.
Are you kiddin'? I'd get arrested for puttin' that in a sewer.
Besides, I think the stench is making him madder.
What are you doing with the King's amulet? You just hang on, I think this will work.
It's your idea.
It must be superior.
Merlin, I swear to you, if this doesn't work, I'll try your muck.
We could be dead by then.
Try it! Maclver, we have no time for this.
Hurry! It's getting loose.
I don't mean to rush you, but whatever you are doing, could you please hurry? Or that monster is going to get loose and have the two of us for supper.
Maclver! I knew it! It doesn't work.
I've just got to find the right pitch.
Pitch? Are you mad? It's not making any sound at all! We can't hear these notes, but the dog can.
If I can find one high enough, it might scare him away.
This is madness.
An invisible music.
I've never heard such foolishness! Maclver, we're truly done for! Pew! Proportion is everything.
Proper proportion is all that stands between me and immortality.
Better! Zeus! You've come to mama, my baby boy.
Now, what made you run home? Did something get by my baby boy? Hmm? Guard! On your feet, fool! Yes, Magnificence.
Take Zeus to the feeding pen, and reward him with a prisoner before returning him to his post.
Yes, my queen.
Come, Zeus.
Good dog.
Nice dog.
This means we're having unexpected guests.
There it is.
Morgana's castle.
The heart of evil.
Looks real hospitable.
I think it only fair to warn you.
I'm not the magician I once was.
Seeing how you vanquished Morgana's beast made me realize I'm getting old.
Things don't work like they used to.
Some things not at all.
Oh, you don't give yourself enough credit.
This is no time for blowing my own antler.
You should know, you're about to confront the evil Morgana with a used-up sorcerer.
I don't think so.
I think you're better today than you've ever been, because now you have the magic of wisdom to go along with everything else.
Merlin, you gotta trust me on this.
I know.
History will bear me out.
You'll go down as the greatest magician of all time.
The greatest of all time.
Well, it is only natural, I suppose.
Now what? I always wondered who invented that.
I was thinking, as a gesture of goodwill and of camaraderie, you go first.
What a guy.
Look at this.
Morgana's laboratory.
Oh, how I've hungered for her journal.
I don't believe it! It smells like gunpowder.
What's gunpowder? Nothing you'll ever miss.
Oh, it can't be.
No What? She's done it.
God forbid, she's done it.
What? Morgana's discover ed gunpowder hundreds of years before the Chinese.
This is bad, uh, for us? Yes, Merlin, I think it is.
It could be very bad for all of us.
This gunpowder will give Morgana even more dangerous magic? No, it's not magic.
It certainly is dangerous and destructive.
Looks like she's got enough here to blow up half the kingdom.
Water, please.
I need water.
That's Cecilia.
Guard, please.
I will die without water.
I beg of you.
We've got to get the keys from that guard.
I have an ancient potion which will deliver him to deepest sleep.
You sure? A fool could administer it.
Centuries old.
Have no fear.
I told you.
Centuries old.
Yeah, yeah.
Let's go.
You came.
But where is Galahad? Galahad awaits you in the forest.
Uh, this is my assistant.
L I will explain when we have escaped with our lives.
Thank you, sir.
Uh, MacGyver.
Glad I could help.
Maclver? Are you related to lain? Lain M'Iver? Why, yes, I believe I am.
Might we continue this conversation after we escape? He's right.
We should get out of here.
No, please.
I cannot leave.
Cecilia, my dear, we must escape now or we may never.
No, you do not understand.
Lain kept me alive.
I cannot leave without trying to help him.
Wait a minute.
You mean he's here? Lain M'Iver's here now? Yes.
Ever since Morgana stole his land and started a terrible rumor of their alliance.
I don't know how he can possibly be alive after her cruelty, but I have to find out for myself.
So do I.
Morgana did this.
She stopped his food and water, and shackled him up like this to die.
How long ago? Many days.
CECILIA: He's alive! Do I know you? We are friends.
My son lives in hiding, scorned.
Your son? Find him, please.
Tell him to walk without shame.
He must know the M'Iver name is unsullied.
I did no wrong.
Tell him.
I'll do my best, lain.
I promise.
What's your son's name? I must know his name.
His name He's gone.
Dear friend, farewell.
Morgana hated the fact that lain's will was as strong as her own.
It drove her mad.
No matter what she'd do, he'd always figure out a way to escape.
I was told his son and I had the same first name.
Guess I'll never know now.
Lain tried to write his son a message while he was still in neck shackles.
There's something.
It feels sticky.
No, I can't make it out.
I don't mean to alarm anyone, but we shall be slain if we are caught here.
No, please.
There must be something you can do.
I could burn the lettering out, but that'd take time.
We must.
I don't care.
If we don't find lain's son, he'll live out the rest of his days like a thief in hiding.
Cecilia, please.
We are rescuing you so you may live out your days in happiness with your Galahad.
Merlin, do you not understand? If it were not for lain, I would not be alive to rescue.
There can be no happiness in my freedom if we don't at least try to carry out his last wish.
Do what you can.
We must.
How's that guard doing? Dead to the world.
As we soon shall be.
What an amazement.
Yeah, it comes in handy once in a while.
It's working.
But what does it say? Uh, some kind of code, maybe? The writing.
It's so strange.
Perhaps it's another language.
Then it's done.
Can we admit defeat and move on, please? No, wait, wait.
Why, wait, that's it.
Your barrette.
Is it silver? No.
I'll need it.
Merlin, do you have ammonia? What? Ammonia.
Uh, uh, spirits of hartshorn? Why didn't you say so? Of course I have spirits of hartsorn.
Good, dab a little on there.
Now shine it up real well, I want to be able to see myself.
What? Just do it, Merlin.
We might as well clean the dungeons while we're at it.
I'm sure Morgana would appreciate it.
I think it's a mirror image.
Lain reversed the lettering on purpose so it would be hard to read.
But why? It's a message for his son.
He knew if his son ever found it, he wouldn't quit until he figured it out.
I trust this meets with your approval.
That's great, Merlin.
"Walk in love.
"Walk in service.
"And you will walk in honor.
"My beloved son "Angus.
" Malcolm was right about everything.
We have the same first name.
Oh, it's a beautiful name.
Maybe in your time, but where I come from Well, well, what an unexpected pleasure.
I'm impressed.
My brother's buffoon sorcerer and the knight I've never properly met.
My name is MacGyver.
I'm related to lain.
Pity for you, but nice for me.
Guard, the glass.
Within the hour, you can all participate in my crowning achievement.
The world's most advanced killing machine.
I'm sure you'll make most interesting and handsome targets.
So, this is my fate.
Merlin the target.
It is my fault.
I brought this upon both of you.
Hey, wait a minute, we're not done yet.
Merlin, I want you to start cutting your robe into one long strip of cloth.
W-What? Here, use my knife.
It's got scissors.
Uh, Cecilia, are those quills in the top of your dress there? Why, yes, I believe so.
I'm gonna need about six or eight of them.
Oh, of course.
As many as you need.
Anything else? Uh, yeah.
I'm afraid I'm gonna need the silk, too.
Hmm, scissors.
Two connected blades that cross on a pivot point.
I swear to you, Magnificence, I love the new long shifts.
As always, you were right.
Uh, two hours' sleep is is more than ample.
But how could I anticipate such a cowardly attack from the rear? What was that noise? Morgana's new weapon.
Sounds like she found the formula.
Work fast.
You got that full? Almost.
Pack in as much as you can.
We only got one shot at this door.
Merlin? How are you doing? How does it look? I am naked, I am humiliated, and I have cut up my robe like some witless fool! Well, trust me on this.
Another great wizard named Ben Franklin perfected this trick.
Never heard of him.
There we are.
We're getting much closer.
So I humbly beg that you consider how fiercely I struggled, before succumbing to their superior numbers and their vicious blows.
Your story has touched me.
I've decided to give you the chance to redeem yourself by assisting me in my research.
Oh, thank you, thank you, Magnificence! I am so honored.
Of course you are.
I don't suppose you care to tell me what you're doing.
If we can get the kite up through the window in the turret, conduct a bolt of electricity through the wet string, we can blow the door and start a fire in Morgana's lab at the same time.
But might I ask how you intend to persuade this bolt of yours to perform this task? With your robe, my friend.
This is definitely gonna take luck.
And now, I have a very special task for you.
At your command, Your Highness.
Go to the table.
Pick out one of the lead balls and bring it to me.
Yes, Highness, one of the balls.
Take your time.
I want it to be your personal favorite.
Here, a perfect sphere.
One worthy of Your Magnificence.
Thank you.
Now All right, now I'm gonna mix up some chemicals.
Pour out your wine, I need the bag.
Why not? You've stripped me of everything else.
Ah, no! No, drinking.
Just dump it.
We have vitriol.
You have any zinc? Second pocket down.
You're putting zinc with vitriol? What do you expect from that combination? Gas.
A vapor we call hydrogen gas.
I have relieved it of its contents.
All right, get ready to put it over the mouth of the bottle when I say.
Cap it.
Now then, a little bit more to the left.
See, we want you perfectly aligned with your own chosen metal sphere.
If my calculations are correct, you will soon become part of the new history of the world.
Oh, well, thank you, Highness.
All right, keep your fingers crossed.
Uh, he says strange things like that all the time.
CECILIA: It's working.
It's still got to catch that breeze up there.
That's it.
It's up.
Maclver, I forgive you for everything.
You are indeed a very great wizard.
This is yours.
Why don't you hang on to that, Merlin? It might come in handy some day.
Maclver, you mean it? Yeah.
Think of it as a token of friendship.
I am honored.
Stand erect.
Big smile.
I've got it.
Forgive me, Magnificence, but I You're just in time.
We were practicing.
Practicing, Magnificence? Yes.
Now, you load that one.
Load? Like this.
Hurry! It's time to make history.
When is it going to happen? Well, soon, I hope.
What is this? Some of your feeble magic, Merlin? I'm afraid those days are over.
Uh, Morgana, you're standing in a very dangerous spot.
The best you could do right now is run.
The M'Iver defiance.
I knew there was something about you I despised.
I wouldn't have it any other way.
Then it pleases me that you will be the first official victim of the weapon that will ultimately conquer the world.
I bid you a fond farewell.
No! My research! You! You did this! You will pay! Morgana's journal! Wait! Merlin! But all that knowledge.
No! I must have it! Maclver! MacGyver? Arthur.
It's me, Pete.
Are you all right? Uh, yeah, I think so.
A little dazed.
You had me worried there.
I'd recommend going home and getting some rest.
You got a pretty good bonk on the head.
Yeah, that's a good idea.
You want to stand up? Yep.
I wanted to thank you, sir.
You saved my life.
Thank you, from both of us.
Um, I'm glad I could help.
Here, let me finish this up.
You okay? Yeah.