Macgyver s07e13 Episode Script

The Stringer

"It is written," "Another stranger will follow the first.
" "A resourceful man.
" "He is drawn to this abomination and to our destiny.
" "He will come from the sky," "out of the West.
" - Mac! - Jack.
You're okay? You came for me! Thank God.
You're all right? - Yeah, yeah.
- Nothing's broken? No, I'm fine.
- Oh, great, now I can break your neck! - Hey, hey, hey, amigo! What's got into you? You! You and your constant hustles, that's what's gotten into me.
Who have you been talking to? I'm here on a legit Phoenix mission.
Pete must've told you that.
Oh, yeah, he told me all right.
What I can't figure is how you conned Pete and the entire Phoenix board into underwriting this scheme of yours.
Scheme? Who said it was a scheme? I did.
Just now.
Didn't you hear me? I know you, Jack! Well, that hurts.
That really hurts.
I had research, facts, figures.
No, no.
You conned a roomful of aging bureaucrats into thinking they could tack 80 years onto their golf game.
The fountain of youth.
Give me a break.
Boy, have you ever become the cynic? All right, all right, wait a minute.
Let me explain something to you, okay? This valley is part of Kabulstan, a very hostile third world country that does not like strangers.
Now this scheme of yours, whatever it is, is not worth the risk.
Mac, the military dictatorship of Kabulstan doesn't even care about this area.
This is Ammukash valley.
A real life Shangri-la.
Hey! Ho! This is me you're talking to.
Mac, your old pal.
I don't buy into that stuff.
Now, what is the scam? Looking for a twitch? Just answer the question.
I found out there's this spring.
There really is a fountain of youth.
It's the water that keeps 'em young.
The water, amigo.
See? No twitch.
I'm not lyin'.
We're leaving here.
You know that, Jack.
The helicopter's gonna be here in four hours.
Plenty of time to get on down there and get some samples of the magic agua.
Hey! I said we're leaving! Mac, I seek only to serve mankind.
You're looking at the next Louis Pasteur, Jonas Salk, Casimir Funk.
Casimir Funk? Yeah, he invented the vitamin pill.
Look, Phoenix put up the expedition money.
We're here.
What's to stop us from tripping on down to the spring, scooping up a couple of gallons for analysis and we're on our way.
Uh, uh, eh Oh, oh, that's just dust or something.
Mac, there's something in the water that makes people live longer.
We got to take back samples.
You're up to something more than the betterment of mankind, I know it.
Deep inside, I know it! We've got four hours.
It's a nice place.
You come.
You enjoy.
We get the water.
We're gone.
Trust me.
It's a beautiful place.
Come on! Mukti, my lovely, you're right on time.
On time for what? Mukti, meet MacGyver, an old buddy of mine.
- You are also from America? - Yeah.
- How exciting.
- Will the mir see me? We're running out of time.
We got to leave in four hours.
Life is perfect.
Three times Baba refused you an audience.
And just moments ago, he said, "Yes.
" All right! Let's go, Mac, you're my lucky charm.
No, wait a minute! What's going on here? We have an agreement.
- Sample the water and we're gone, remember? - Check.
We got to get permission.
What permission? Well, you see, the water comes from a special spring, and the mir hasn't been too cooperative about giving me access to the place.
Fact is, he he wouldn't even see me until today.
I knew there was a hitch! - I knew it! - No hitch.
Mukti here has been putting on a full court press to lobby the mir.
- She's got us an audience, right? - Yes.
See? No problemo.
Once I get eyeball to eyeball with his highness Well, you know me, Mac.
The man with the golden tongue.
Be at the crash site on time, or I'm leaving without you.
Uh, Mr.
MacGyver, you you cannot leave.
The mir wishes to see you also.
How does he even know I'm here? Baba knows all.
Please, come.
You heard the lady.
You're wanted.
And why should I be wanted? Hey, who knows? This is a mystical place.
You got to go with the flow.
Well, for me, the flow is that way.
Hey, Mac, you want to guess how old Mukti is? No.
She's 42 years old.
For mankind, compadre.
So Dalton tells me the Kabulstanis leave you alone pretty much.
It is true.
We have never considered ourselves part of Kabulstan.
We are the people of Ammukash.
What about their military? They have no presence here.
We govern ourselves.
We have since the dawn of time.
I have a magazine from America.
I have dreamed of going there since I was a child.
It's a long way from Ammukash.
So Dalton tells me.
He says, though, it will not take us long in his flying air machine.
Excuse me.
Us? He is taking me with you.
Dalton says I will be of continuing help in his longevity project.
He assures me it will be a great boon to mankind.
Jack? This woman is a vital part of my presentation.
What presentation? To the Phoenix board.
She's living proof that the water works.
Yes, I'm sure she is.
You think I'm still snowing you.
But you'll see, Mac.
You'll see.
Baba, this is the friend I made at the site of the fallen airship.
And another who followed him.
Their names are Dalton and MacGyver.
They want permission to gather water from the Eternal Spring.
And why do you want this water? I'll level with you, sir.
Obviously the stuff is pretty powerful.
I mean, look at these people.
They're what, 125, Old! Very old.
And Uh And? Uh Well, I I I, uh Well, I We, uh Uh I think what Mr.
Dalton is trying to say is that we'd like to take some water back with us to study.
Analyze it.
He thinks it makes you live longer.
Have you been told that it is forbidden to visit that part of our valley? Where the Eternal Spring emerges? Yes, Baba.
I told them.
But Dalton wants to go there anyway.
He is certain the water is purer there.
"More of a jolt," in his words.
You may go.
Mukti will take you there.
- You all right? - Oh, yeah.
- You did well, Dalton.
- I did, didn't.
I? Yes.
You truly are the man with the golden tongue.
Did I ask him about the rights? Rights? What rights? Uh, uh, Phoenix business.
I'll, uh I'll get them later.
Is something wrong, MacGyver? Oh, not yet.
But I can feel it coming.
The one called MacGyver appears hesitant.
Have faith.
He will solve our problem.
It is written.
Oh, this stuff is so strong I can feel it working on the way down! Twenty years from now, I'll be just as fresh and sweet as I am today! Toss me those cans, Mac.
This is crazy.
You just don't think young, Mac.
Think young.
"Drink young.
Be young.
" What a slogan.
Slogan? Uh Mukti, uh, h how old is Baba? What'd I tell you, Mac? Incredible, huh? He was 36 when your Abraham Lincoln was elected president.
That's kind of hard to believe.
What was that? The devil's rumbling.
It is the reason that Baba has made this a forbidden place.
Just because the ground rumbled? That, and also because some who have ventured this way have not returned.
The water! It never stops flowing.
The spring is eternal! Oh, come on, this must be some kind of a joke, huh? I I used to gather water here every day, and never have I seen it stop.
A million years the magic water runs.
I get one taste of it, and the big guy shuts off the service! Jack! It stopped too fast to be natural.
Well, we can still get samples.
Fill up those cans, quick.
You know, maybe it's being diverted.
How could that be? Well, a strong pump could send it in any direction.
But why? Who would want to do that? Try 100 million people.
Not counting Beverly Hills.
Where are you going? To find the pump.
But many people have disappeared.
And Baba only granted us permission to go to the spring.
I think Baba will understand.
The water stopped at the perfect time.
There are no accidents, Ram.
This man is strong of will and mind.
He is the one.
Come, Dalton.
Hey, wait for me.
Hey, these things are heavy.
Give me a hand, Mac.
Hey, Mac.
She must accompany him.
What is it? It's a pump house.
Kabulstani soldiers in our valley.
What are they doing here? Well, they're using the water for something.
More soldiers! Fire! They mustn't get away.
Spare the girl.
The Holy Man! Do not shoot! Baba, no! Get away! Baba! Baba, no! Baba! Baba! Fire! They're getting away.
They won't go far.
Why do you wish the girl to be spared? She could be of some value.
- Yes, sir.
- Now, find them.
Yes, sir.
Yeah, great.
My meditation cave.
We have lost much to these soldiers.
Now do you understand why I decreed this area forbidden? Well, not exactly, but I'm sure I will.
You have my permission to continue your quest.
All right, the others will get you back to the temple.
You will need help.
Take Mukti and your friend with you.
What? Where? Hey, I can get everything we came for without leaving the neighborhood.
I left three cans down by the spring.
MacGyver is enlightened.
He understands.
Go now, quickly.
It is unthinkable for me to go with them now.
It is my place to be here with you.
It is a minor wound.
Ram will attend me.
You must go.
There is much you must learn of the way of others before your journey is complete.
Go now.
What is this? You're the one that's so hot to meet the chopper.
Well, that's changed now.
You're getting us involved in trouble, Mac.
Oh, that's kind of a switch isn't it? I'm talking big trouble.
Mac! Mac! The secret of long life down there waiting to be had, and I'm up here about to get killed.
I must be losing it.
What are we doing here? That pump house is diverting the water somewhere.
Oh, of course.
Hurry, Mac.
Your rescue choppers run strictly on schedule.
What we're looking for is in that mountain.
I'm not going in that mountain.
Let's get out of here.
Jack! Here, give me your high, hard one.
Holy Toledo! What is it? It's a Calutron.
It's a heavy water plant.
What is that? Big trouble.
You want to make an H-bomb, you build a heavy water plant.
What do these H-bombs do? Kill people.
Just one will wipe out a city the size of New York.
Why would the Kabulstanis want such a fearful device? Power, greed.
Welcome to our world.
That's Dr.
You know that dude? Yeah.
Liang's a Chinese H-bomb scientist.
He probably brought the Calutron.
You think the UN knows about this? I doubt it.
I'd testify, but they'd never believe me.
- Let's go.
- No.
We're gonna need proof.
Wait here.
I'll be right back.
I hate it when he says that.
I hate it! You wait here, love.
I'll be back in a second.
- Where's Jack? - He went below.
What? I got more water.
Enough to take tests.
How'd you do? I will take those.
Search them! You should've stayed in the valley.
You never should've come back.
A contract.
"Be Young Products and Jack Dalton.
" "For commercial water rights.
" A very transparent cover-up for your spy operation, gentlemen.
The Phoenix Foundation.
That confirms it.
You are American spies.
Take them away! You lied to me, Jack.
Never! About what? "Be Young Products," that's what.
Now cut the baloney.
What's going on? Be Young Products has agreed to pay me $200,000 if I get the exclusive rights.
To what? A bottling plant in Ammukash.
Oh, man.
"Drink Be Young Water.
" "From the Eternal Spring of Ammukash.
" But they wanted samples first.
This is why you enlisted my help, Dalton? I was gonna cut you in on it, Mukti.
You're living proof the stuff works.
You were gonna make a fortune doing commercials.
"I drink Be Young and look half my age.
" That is why you wanted me to go to America? To do commercials? Hey, Jack, give me the test tube.
What test tube? The one you held back.
I know you, remember? Hey, come on, would you rather stick around here and be executed, is that it? Come on, come on.
Boy, can't even keep one lousy test tube of water.
Mukti, can I borrow your scarf? What are you doing? These wires control the door.
Next time it opens, it should short out the lock.
And if we're lucky, this will hold the door shut, as if it is locked.
What did you find on them? Papers from the Phoenix Foundation and some worthless test tubes of water.
What of the videotape missing from the surveillance room? Did not find it.
Hey, just the guys I want to see! My company, Be Young Products, is prepared to cut your government in.
- Forty cents on the bottle.
- Shut up, you imbecile.
We know you are American spies.
Where is the videotape you stole? I can beat the truth out of him.
No need.
Your bravery will be of no help to your government.
Organize a firing squad and execute them.
Yes, sir.
When you die, what you know of our secret plant will die with you.
Unfortunately, I cannot do the same for you.
Then you have not changed, Samad.
Oh, but I have.
I have gained great knowledge.
I see only that you have learned to exploit our people and our land.
It is evil knowledge, applied by tyrants and madmen alone.
No, Mukti.
It is power.
The exercise of power transcends evil.
Who's that guy? My twin brother.
Whoa! Twin? Well, this fits in the promotion perfectly! The two of you, side by side, with the water, - without the water, in a photo session.
- Jack! Didn't you hear what she said about the exploitation of her people and the land? I'm not like that.
So what's the story on your brother? He killed an elder in a dispute.
He he was a a violent child, always angry.
The people of the valley wanted him punished by death.
I pleaded for his life.
The mir showed mercy and had him banished from Ammukash forever.
All right.
Chopper's on its way.
Let's get those water samples.
Will you stop? They have escaped! Follow me.
The only way out is through the tunnel.
The tape.
Jack, grab an end.
(SPEAKING IN FOREIGN LANGUAGE) They must not leave this valley.
You two, that way.
Follow me.
All right, take Mukti to the cave.
I'm gonna try and put their plan on hold for a while.
And if I don't make it back, that tape has got to make it to the UN.
- And you're trusting me? - Yeah.
What a switch.
All right.
- Baba! - Baba! The chopper's here, Mukti.
We better make tracks.
I am not going with you.
My place is here in Ammukash You and Dalton, in his own way, have helped me to journey to the truth.
Of things beyond the valley and inside of myself.
We would have made a great team.
You chose well.
I only hope that good can come from Dalton's plan for our water.
I trust that plan will change, Mukti.
Hold it, Mac.
What are you doing? I can't promote a bottling plant here.
It'd create a media circus.
Con men and two-bit developers would converge like buzzards on a fresh road kill.
You don't mess with perfection, Mac.
Bad karma.