MacGyver (2016) s02e04 Episode Script

X-Ray + Penny

1 You been out here a while, Angus.
You hungry? He's not coming back, is he? No, I don't think he is.
Why not? Well, I'm sure he's got his reasons.
Did I do something wrong? No, buddy, this isn't because of you or anything you did.
Then why? When Mom got sick, you said everything happens for a reason.
So what's the reason now? Well your dad is a very smart man.
Probably the smartest fella I know, except for maybe you.
But all those smarts, they come at a price.
Sometimes a man like your dad can get so focused on what he thinks is important that he completely misses out on what really is important.
When your old man realizes that, he'll be back.
Until then, no matter what No matter where he goes, how long he stays away, your father will never stop loving you.
Is that a paper clip? I can't get this part to bend.
Try this.
Keep it.
It's been good to me.
It'll be good to you.
If you ever feel alone, or like you got a problem you can't solve, take it out of your pocket, look at it, and remember it's got a tool for every situation.
With it, you can do just about anything.
Can I use it to find him? (indistinct chatter) You know, I remember a children's rhyme once that said "There's a place in France" Wait, was it France? What are you doing here? Me? Moi? I'm doing the came thing you are.
I came all the way out here to have a nice tall glass of Château de I can't pronounce that.
And the women, of course.
Seriously, what are you doing here? Seriously, I could ask you the same thing.
I'm allowed a few days off, aren't I? Of course you are.
And who doesn't enjoy a nice, relaxing trip halfway around the world to track down some old professor your dad traded letters with 16 years ago? Who wouldn't love that? Sounds so relaxing.
You tailed me from the airport, huh? I'm doing my job, Mac.
I'm your bodyguard.
- Don't you get that? - Not when we're off the clock, you're not.
Yeah, yeah, even when we're off the clock.
You know why? 'Cause we're never off the clock, man.
Look, I know you can blow your own nose, man, but you got to at least let me know when you're - just gonna leave the country.
- No.
Because then I would have had to listen to you tell me how crazy it is to fly all the way out here just to find some old professor who, even if he does remember my dad, probably hasn't the foggiest notion where he is or how to find him.
A: that's exactly what I would have said.
And B: sounds like you'd agree with me.
I know I'm grasping at straws, Jack, but it's my dad, so I have to try everything.
You've already circled the globe with me twice.
Nothing's come of it.
You've gone so far above and beyond, it's just not cool for me to ask you - on another wild goose chase.
- Come on.
You know I am in 100% when it comes to finding your dad.
That includes any and all long shots, slim chances and dead ends.
But you've got to at least let me know what's going on, man.
I mean, how am I supposed to look out for you if I don't know what continent you're currently on? Look, just because I can't find my dad doesn't mean I need you as a helicopter parent.
You sure about that? Hmm? I wasn't the only one that tailed your skinny ass from the airport there, slick Where do you think I got this stupid hat, huh? That piece of Eurotrash right there made you all the way back at baggage claim, but you're so focused on stalking Professor Pepé Le Pew that you didn't even notice him.
's a fake.
Who's he work for? You're-you're welcome to ask him yourself be my guest.
He can't talk real good 'cause he's stuffed in the trunk of his rental car with his jaw broken in three places, but give it a shot.
And there was a Luger with a silencer under the driver's seat Kind of convenient.
I wonder what he was gonna do with that.
You know, if something would have happened to you on your little field trip here, and you go and get yourself killed Then it would have been my problem, not yours.
Your problems are my problems.
Not anymore.
I need to do this on my own.
Is it that hard for you to understand? Hey, forget I asked.
Oh, so now you're calling me stupid? - I didn't say that.
- Yeah, you just as well have.
Maybe I should just fly home.
Maybe you should.
(chuckles) I can tell when I'm not wanted.
Au revoir, s'il vous plaît, and all that nonsense.
Hey, Jack, me again.
Message number five.
You were right about everything.
The professor was a dead end.
Uh, yeah, just call me back.
(phone beeps) (chuckles) Almost, Boze.
(dialing) (line ringing) JACK (on recording): Hey, you've reached the one and only Jack Dalton, you lucky dog.
Leave a message after the boopity-beep, and of course, go, Cowboys.
- (beep) - Message number six.
And, yes, I know you're putting me straight to voice mail.
Looks like I'm gonna be home for a while fixing the fridge, so if you want to stop by, I've got an apology and some warm beer with your name on it.
(phone beeps) (doorbell rings) (electricity crackling) Hello?! Okay, okay, you had me at "warm beer.
" Now, about your apology, I'm expecting a good one with a lot of groveling, and none of this "agree to disagree" nonsense.
You know, a a full-blown, in-your-face "I'm sorry.
" You even in here, Mac? Hey, Mac, where are you? (man whistling "Home on the Range") (door opens) (whistling continues) Hello, MacGyver.
Oh, how I have missed you.
Bag, tag and photograph everything.
Until we know exactly what happened here and who we're dealing with, nothing is to be overlooked.
BOZER: I mean, just the thought of him in this house again Do you really think he has Mac? What about that guy you grabbed in Paris? No, that guy's sucking soup through a straw in a dark hole somewhere, thanks to an old buddy of mine at the French Ministry of Defense.
No, my my Spidey-senses are all telling me the same thing.
It's Murdoc.
Pull up every traffic camera in the area.
I want eyes on every vehicle in the last ten hours.
No offense to your Spidey-senses, Jack, but it's not like this Murdoc signed his name on the wall.
He might as well have.
A pocket knife sticking out of a wine bottle, and a mask.
That's Mac's little red knife out there stuck in the same wine bottle he used to blast Murdoc out that back window, next to the same geriatric mask he was wearing the first time he attacked us.
I really need to throw that thing away.
Yes, please do.
Riley, can you find anything? - I'm working as fast as I can, Jack.
- Okay, just, come on, just, just a little bit faster, please, please.
Hey, this wasn't your fault.
Then whose is it? Not yours.
(chair scraping sharply) (pained grunts) Oh, good, you can still feel pain.
Setting the dose was tricky.
Had to give you enough to slow you down, but not so much that you passed out.
See, I need you to do something for me, MacGyver.
If that something is telling you where Cassian is, you can forget it.
Oh, I know you're not just gonna blurt out where my son's being held.
That is going to require some convincing.
You know, Murdoc, you're wasting your time.
Even if you do find him, once he learns who you are, he's never gonna want to be with you.
I strongly disagree.
Sons need their fathers.
You are living proof of that.
Or was there some other reason why you have just returned from dining alone on the Seine? That's right.
I know all about the blond Boy Scout's search for his long-lost papa bear.
How is that going, by the way? Making any progress? Your silence speaks volumes.
All those years without him, you must have felt so alone.
So unprotected.
We can't pick our fathers, Murdoc.
It's a lesson your son is gonna have to learn someday.
But the difference is that Cassian's father is looking for him as we speak, while your daddy doesn't seem to want anything to do with you.
(groaning) Oh, careful, careful, please.
Hurting you is my job.
Get on with it, then.
(chuckles) Would you tell Da Vinci to "get on with it" while he was painting the Mona Lisa, huh? Would you tell Van Gogh to step it up while he was painting Starry Night? (inhales sharply) Say did I ever tell you about Cassian's mother? Nadia.
She was a lovely woman.
I met her while on a job.
It was supposed to be quick, a day or two, but one thing led to another.
Next thing you know, Nadia has a bun in the oven and somewhere along the way, we fell in love.
No, you didn't.
You're not capable of love.
Okay, fine.
She fell in love.
I found her less repulsive than most humans.
Potato, potahto.
Is there a point to this? Oh, yes.
A very pointy point.
You see, the day that Cassian was born, Nadia was happier than I had ever seen her before.
And as the nurse gently placed him into her arms, I knew that that was the moment I had been waiting for.
You didn't meet Nadia on the job.
She was the job.
I suffocated her with the very same pillow upon which she rested her head after bringing my son into this world.
One life ended while another began.
It was beautiful and poetic and almost Shakespearian.
The last story that you told me was a total lie, so how much of this one is actually true? I'm guessing none of it.
Every single word.
Okay, I scanned all the footage.
Eight cars drove out of this neighborhood around the time Mac was taken.
A DMV search gives us names and addresses on seven of the license plates.
MATTY: And the eighth? According to the DMV, that license plate won't even be issued for another six months.
BOZER: That's him.
- That's Murdoc.
- Got to be.
RILEY: Got his car parked outside a warehouse in Sylmar.
Okay, uh, how much ammo do you have on you, Cage? Same as always.
Three clips.
One in the gun, two in the belt.
Why? Because when it comes to this maniac, you can never have enough.
(tires squeal) Bozer, what the hell are you doing? - I'm coming.
- No, you're not.
Mac's my best friend.
I'm going.
Hey, look, I know you want to help, okay? But this is Murdoc we're talking about.
You remember him, right? - Of course.
- Of course.
So, you know when the bullets start flying, I can't be worried about watching Mac's back and keeping an eye on your tiny ass at the same time.
All right, I'll make this simple.
If you don't want me to go, shoot me.
- Oh, come on.
- Short of that, shut up, let's get in the car and drive.
Guys, we're wasting time.
All right, but you better stay behind me at all times.
You hear? Or hers.
- All right.
- The whole time.
All right! I promise.
- Cross my heart and hope to - Don't.
Don't say that.
Okay, yeah, that was a bad choice of words.
I got you, Jack.
- Let's go.
- This is a bad idea, man.
(tires screech) Wakey, wakey, sleepy Angus.
It's not naptime.
Not yet, at least.
We have so many fun games to play.
I think you're really gonna like 'em.
Well, maybe not like.
But I really think you're gonna be impressed with the game pieces I've so lovingly crafted.
You inspire me, MacGyver.
(chuckles) The way that you make something out of another thing.
I love that.
So, I went to my trusty old tools, and I gave them a fresh, new twist.
And I am beyond excited to share them with you.
The longer you torture me, the more time Jack has to To find us? Mm.
I'm afraid that's not going to happen.
I have hidden you away quite well, my friend.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go prepare my new tools.
And then we can get started.
(door opens) (door closes) (grunts) (engine roaring) (tires screeching) (passing car horn honks) Jack.
We're gonna find him.
(loud boom) JACK: We're clear over here.
How we doing down there? Guys? - Guys.
- (whispering): Bozer.
Ooh, yeah, this is doornail dead right here.
Double tap, right to the back.
Look at that.
You see that, Bozer? I see it, Jack.
Same here.
This was an execution.
The only way three people can keep a secret is if two of them are dead.
(sniffs) Yeah, it looks like the getaway vehicle had quite the oil leak.
You know, I'm guessing once Murdoc offed all the, uh, nonessential personnel, he split and he took our boy with him.
So how do we find him now? We don't.
What do you mean we don't? I mean, we don't.
He means the trail's gone cold.
If Mac doesn't save himself, no one will.
He'll be all right.
(grunting) (distorted shouting) MURDOC (singsongy): MacGyver, come out and play (grunts) (car horns honking) MAN: Whoa, watch it, man.
(drivers shouting indistinctly) (tires screech, horn honks) - Help me.
- WOMAN: Careful.
(grunts) WOMAN 2: Somebody help him.
MAN 2: Call 911.
MATTY: We're running tox screens on your blood right now, Mac.
We should know what Murdoc dosed you with soon.
If I had my guess, I'd say something in the nightshade family.
Atropine, hyoscyamine, scopolamine.
The important thing is, we got you back.
Now, all I have to do is go find Murdoc and start breaking bones.
How, Jack? We have zero leads.
Not zero.
We got one.
We know Murdoc was holding him in an underground room, right? BOZER: And how do you propose we find - this underground room? - I don't know.
But if he found a way out, we should be able to find a way back in there.
I mean, even if Lord Nutbar's not there anymore, something in there might-might help us hunt him down, - you know what I mean? - Well, from the spot Mac surfaced, there are miles of sewer tunnels.
Searching them all could take days.
Or weeks.
Mac, there's got to be something you can remember.
I mean, other than popping out of a manhole and almost getting killed by a car.
There was definitely more than one car.
JACK: Yeah, okay, b-but before that, when you were walking around in the sewer, do you remember seeing any, uh, signs, graffiti? Stop, stop.
I need a minute alone, just with Mac and Riley.
What for? Loftus and Palmer, 1974.
Their experiments proved how even the most seemingly benign questions can alter a witness' memories.
Even create false ones.
I need his memories pure.
Which means I need everyone but Riley to leave.
Yeah, okay.
Um, but we're gonna be in that room right there.
I'm not taking my eyes off you.
We're gonna play a little memory game.
It's one Rudyard Kipling wrote about.
It's called the Jewel Game.
Now everyone calls it KIM.
Keep In Memory.
We learned it in EOD training.
So, whenever you're ready, you can close your eyes, put yourself back in the place where Murdoc took you.
Here's the catch: you don't name what you see, but rather, you describe everything around you.
(inhales, exhales) All right, I'm-I'm sitting in a chair, just Okay, just remember simpler.
Just the visceral.
You can describe colors, shapes, textures, sounds, smells.
It's damp.
Smells like, uh mold.
Burnt motor oil.
And bleach.
I'm sitting on metal.
It's cold.
It's rough in spots, it's jagged.
It's old.
All around me are flat, rough, gray rectangles.
There are hard, smooth bands cutting into my wrists, and a there's a pain in my right arm.
- Just below the - (screams) (gasps) It's okay, it's okay.
It's okay.
It's vivid recall.
It's really normal.
Just lets you know the game is working.
Just, whenever you're ready, if you can go back (sighs) (exhales) Yeah, the sound of, uh, metal, it was jingling.
There's a strip of wood around a gray metal rectangle.
I can feel cold air seeping in from the other side.
It's a way out.
(typing) Uh, I'm on a path now, it's cylindrical.
I can hear splashing it's wet, it-it's water.
It's-it's moving with me.
And after about 20 minutes, I heard, I heard something.
(bells ringing) It was, like, uh b-bells.
Ch-Church bells.
But it wasn't just church bells.
It was something else, it was another sound.
Right after the church bells started, there was a second sound, it was harsher.
(faint ringing) Second sound, it was, uh - (alarms ringing) - Air raid siren? Fire station.
It was a fire station.
Means I know how to figure out where I was.
- You do? - Yeah.
It was, um Church bells, they ring every half hour.
And it was about 15 minutes before I crawled out of the manhole.
So 1:30 p.
And by law, the LAFD keeps a record of every siren, so, Riley, maybe you can An alarm sounded at Grand Street Fire Station at 1:29.
1:29 and how many seconds? It's it's kind of important.
58 seconds, okay.
That fire alarm, it sounded before the church bells.
But I heard it after.
And that's because sound travels at 340 meters per second, approximately, and it propagates out into a circle, so I have to solve for the radius, but you know what? You guys don't need an explanation, right? - I can just do the math? - No, I'm good.
Yeah, go nuts.
(mumbling) Church So, we are looking for a sewer tunnel that is 1,020 meters from a church and 1,700 meters from that fire station.
JACK: Can we come out now? RILEY: I got two that fit your criteria, but only one where the water is flowing towards your exit point.
MacGYVER: That's perfect.
So, I was drugged, disoriented, probably moving no more than 1.
5 miles per hour.
Which would put Murdoc's torture room right about there.
TAC TEAM: Clear.
- We clear? - Yes, sir.
JACK: Double check, we can't be too sure with this guy.
Let's go, let's go.
All clear.
RILEY: Got something over here.
Looks like Murdoc forgot to put away his toys.
And I think he left a message for Mac.
Check this out.
Tear this place apart.
(phone ringing) MURDOC: Well, hello there.
I wanted to take this opportunity to extend a warm welcome to you.
I'm just thrilled that you've joined our little family, Samantha.
I just know we're gonna have loads of fun together.
The one and only.
Except for that guy whose name really was Murdoc.
I killed him so I could steal his identity.
Enough about me.
What about you? Do you prefer Samantha or Sammy, or Sammi-Sammi-bo-bammi? What do you want? Lots of things.
But for now, I just want to get to know you better.
We have so much in common, after all.
We're both interesting people with interesting pasts.
Neither of us are using our real names.
You seem to think you know a lot about me.
It would be more correct to say that I know I know a lot about you.
Enough to be fascinated.
I know that your new friends would be fascinated, too, if they knew the truth.
And I know that if you don't stop that annoying pacing, I'm gonna lose my temper and pull this trigger.
You're playing mind games with the wrong girl, Murdoc.
Is that so? The sheer fact that you've engaged tells me you're lying.
You don't have eyes on me, and you're - (gunshot) - (screams) (groans) Oops.
Word to the wise, Sam.
- MacGYVER: Cage! - MURDOC: Don't get too attached to boy genius He's not gonna be around much longer.
(beeps) Murdoc, he had a clear line of sight.
Hey, can you stand? (grunting) Get a medic up here.
And have your team check every rooftop south of this building for five city blocks.
Now! Lucky it wasn't a head shot.
It wasn't luck.
He's fun like that.
JACK: We checked every rooftop and window on every building on his sightline for over a mile and got bupkis.
There is no sign - of Captain Crazypants anywhere, Matty.
- Well, then, look harder.
We Fine.
No, no, no.
Not you, blondie.
I need your eyes on something we found over here.
We found a trash can full of ashes.
Looks like Murdoc tried to cover his tracks.
Yeah, this is the biggest piece.
Feels like photo paper, but we can't make out the image.
Hey, you don't have a portable X-ray machine in your field kit, do you? In the SUV, but why would you? MATTY: Don't ask questions.
Just go get it.
I, uh, I can't believe I'm about to say this, but I need to go back into the room Murdoc planned to kill me in and turn off all the lights.
That photo's days of reflecting visible light are over.
The fire scorched most of the emulsion.
But if there are any silver bromide crystals left, they should still glow if we hit them with enough X-rays.
Thank you.
That's why I'm opening this portable X-ray emitter and removing the voltage resister.
If I swap it for a penny, I can use the copper to rebuild the connection, and get a higher output of X-rays.
Is it safe? (clicks) I would recommend stepping back and covering yourselves.
- Bozer, the lights? - Oh.
- (camera whirring) - BOZER: Uh, Mac? I don't see anything.
You don't, but the camera sure does.
Lights again.
It's called X-ray fluorescence.
It's called a damn miracle.
That's about all I can do.
Riley, do you think you can clean this up? Get us a good look at the face? RILEY: Actually, I think I can clear this up enough to let my facial recognition software do its thing.
All right.
We got a hit.
Nice work, Riley.
Which database did you find our mystery man in? CDE.
Wait, the California Department of Education? Yeah.
MATTY: Look, if Murdoc destroyed the picture, we have to assume this teacher is his next victim.
(knocking on door) Uh, Mr.
Fletcher? Mr.
Henry Fletcher? That's me.
Can I help you? Yeah, we (sighs) We have reason to believe that there may be an international assassin on his way here now.
To kill you.
May we come in? FLETCHER: I don't understand.
This is insane.
MacGYVER: I know it must feel that way, but we need to get you to protective custody immediately.
B-Because of this man, this Murdoc? We think he's been hired to kill you.
(stammers) Why would someone be hired to kill me? W-Why would anyone want me dead? Those are both really good questions, Mr.
Fletcher, to be answered at another time, like, when this Murdoc fella is safely back behind a set of three-inch bars.
- You know what I'm saying? - And until then, we're gonna take you to a secure facility where you will be safe.
I can't just leave.
I-I've got papers to grade, uh, parent-teacher conferences.
JACK: Not anymore, you don't.
Just go pack your stuff, dude, 'cause in ten minutes, we're hitting the road with whatever you can shove in a bag.
This is insane.
Insane is the man who's coming for you.
And believe me, you don't want to meet him.
BOZER: This doesn't make any sense.
You've been saying that for an hour, Bozer.
No one disagrees with you.
Okay, well, unless some whack-job parents hired Murdoc to kill Fletcher for flunking their kid, I-I don't get what this is about.
Near as I can tell, Henry Fletcher doesn't have any enemies.
And I can't find any connection between him and Murdoc.
What about Cassian? What if Murdoc is looking for a teacher to homeschool his kid while they go on the run? - But Cassian's still in custody.
- BOZER: For now.
But as Mac told us, Murdoc is looking for his kid.
He wants him back.
RILEY: Okay, so, wait, Bozer, are you saying that Murdoc is planning on kidnapping Fletcher to teach Cassian if and when father and son are reunited? That's Were you gonna say "insane"? O-Okay, okay.
You now have less than six minutes to pack your stuff.
I strongly suggest you utilize that time knocking it out.
Let's go.
- But - MacGYVER: Henry.
I know this is a lot, and I promise we'll answer every question you have when we're in the car.
But right now, we just need you to gather your stuff.
- Please.
- Let's go.
JACK: Let's go.
(quietly): All right.
All right.
All right.
(scoffs) Alpha-Bravo-Omega.
How we looking, guys? PHOENIX AGENT (over comm): All clear.
- PHOENIX AGENT 3: Yeah, nada.
So we're three minutes from rolling out with the package.
He's got a gun, Mac! - (tires screech) - Shots fired.
I repeat: shots fired.
Murdoc's breached the perimeter.
I need all agents at Fletcher's house.
It's not Murdoc, it's the teacher.
You okay? Got ten fingers, ten toes.
You all right? Really confused, but I'll be fine.
Who the hell is this guy? I was gonna ask you the same thing.
Schoolteacher's on the move, Cage.
Headed your way, coming in hot! (tires screech) Cage! - You okay? - Yeah.
But you really need to work on your timing.
Yeah, he'll have to work on it later.
Right now, we have a psychotic fifth grade teacher to catch.
(tires screeching) (horns honking) Schoolteachers don't drive like this, man.
You think? (gunfire) And they don't shoot like that, either.
- Who is this guy? - MATTY (over comm): Working on it.
Boze, you got something for me, or am I gonna have to come down there and start ripping out his floorboards myself? Save your manicure.
I just found a stash of passports and I.
You getting these, Riley? RILEY: Yep.
Looks like our boy Henry was quite the world traveler.
With a different name in every port.
And bad luck seems to follow him wherever he goes.
I'm running his alter egos through the NSA database.
Every time one of his passports was recorded entering a country, someone in that country vanished.
A journalist in Kiev, a prosecutor in Berlin, a banker in Shenzhen.
I think we're looking at a fader.
A fader? You want someone to go out with a bang, you hire Murdoc.
But you want someone to just fade away You hire Fletcher.
- So he's a hit man.
- JACK: Yeah, that kind of became clear to us when he tried to murder us - with a machine-gun pistol.
- But why would Murdoc be hunting another professional killer? MATTY: You know who might know that? Fletcher.
So why don't you three focus on catching him? (horns honking) Um, Matty, someone's trying to calling us.
Put it through.
Matilda and Riley.
Two of my favorite people.
How have you been since I almost killed you - and everyone at your organization? - MATTY: Well, why don't you stop by the Phoenix and see for yourself, Murdoc? I have a bunch of agents that would just love a face-to-face with you.
Tempting, but my calendar's so full.
Gonna have to take a rain check.
I'm so happy that the boys got to meet Henry, though.
That man is full of surprises.
So kidnapping Mac was what? Your crazy way of tricking us into taking out your competition? Didn't want to do the dirty work yourself, huh? On the contrary.
I live for the dirty work.
In this case, it made more sense to let you handle Henry.
So, what happened, Murdoc? Fletcher steal a few jobs from you? Maybe your clients were looking to work with someone a lot more stable.
Hurtful, Matilda.
And here I thought we were friends.
Friends? No.
It's hard to be friends with someone who kidnaps one of my operatives and shoots another.
In the vest! My little way of welcoming Cage to the team.
Honestly, it was more of a love tap.
Well, I hope any hard feelings won't stop you from catching Fletcher.
You have to admit, the world will be a better place with him behind bars.
What's the alternative? Letting him go? No.
Of course not.
Think of this as, uh, kind of a team up Enemy of my enemy and whatnot.
Oh, ta-ta for now.
It's been so lovely chatting with you.
And good luck collaring Henry.
Find him now.
- So Murdoc wants us to catch Fletcher? - JACK: Man, now I don't know how I'm supposed to feel about this.
I don't care what Murdoc wants.
I want us to catch this guy.
JACK: You heard the man, Cage.
Step on it.
It's time to get hot for teacher.
- Out the window.
- What are you doing? Hey, Jack! Keep your gun in your pants! I have an idea.
- Care to share? - Yeah, sure, but, uh, for this to work, we need to get in front of him.
Okay, watch this.
(tires squealing, horns honking) (laughs) Yeah, that's it.
Get it, girl.
Hey, hey, Mac, I-I think he's reloading.
- You might want to - Yeah, yeah, hurry up.
I know.
Mac, I'm kind of driving here.
I know.
Just need to JACK: Hands in the air! Now! Up against the wall! Don't move.
Don't move.
- Don't you move.
- Matty? Yeah, we got him.
Bring him in for interrogation.
Hopefully, he can help us find Murdoc.
We'll need secure transport.
Copy that.
Exfil on its way.
Is Matty gonna be pissed about the car? Only if she sees it.
Or if she hears you talking about it because you forgot you're still on comms.
JACK (chuckles): Hey, for the record, what you did to that convertible is way worse than anything you've ever done to my phone.
(laughs) Ain't that right, schoolteacher? (indistinct chatter) Okay, Henry's on lockdown, perimeter's clear, and there's no sign of Murdoc anywhere in the city.
So, what do you think? You think he, uh, you think he skipped town on us? Well, we did what he wanted Took down his competition so, not much reason to stick around.
Yeah, but he also wanted you dead, so the sooner we get home, the better.
I'm all for that, and, uh I should have said this earlier, but I'm sorry.
For what, the whole "lie to your best friend and put yourself in danger for no good reason" thing? - Yeah.
- Yeah, that? Yeah, okay.
Well, thanks.
I appreciate that.
(sighs) This whole search for my dad is it's rough, - to say the least.
- No, I know it is.
I mean, every step I take, I keep finding myself wondering if-if he even wants to be found.
Does he even want me in his life? Look, I didn't know your dad, but I know this world's a lot cooler place with you in it.
(laughs) And if I got to do a little helicopter parenting here and there to keep it that way, that's what I'm-a do.
You're just gonna have to deal with it.
Hey, that's the way families work.
Capisce? - Capisce.
- Good.
Now let's go home.
I think you owe me some warm beers.
Well, that I do.
Almost forgot.
(engine starts) MacGYVER: Jack! (whistling) (groaning) Henry! Oh! Such a pleasure to finally - meet you.
(laughs) - (groaning) I know that you said that you always work alone, but seeing as how I just saved you from life in prison, I'd say you owe me a big favor.
Let's talk a little shop, shall we? See, I'm starting my own business venture A little collective, if you will And you are my first recruit.
Thanks a million, MacGyver.
(groans) I'll be seeing you.
Be seeing you real soon.
(clicks tongue) (groaning) (groans)