MacGyver (2016) s02e12 Episode Script

Mac + Jack

1 Previously on MacGyver Oh, man.
- Merry Christmas.
- Thanks, Jack.
- Welcome.
- Where's Mac and Cage? I don't know where Mac is, but I think Cage went to her place to get everybody's gifts.
[MAN WHISTLING] Mac? Ho ho ho.
[GASPS] [COUGHS] I'll leave you to die now.
[PHONE VIBRATES, BEEPS] MacGYVER: Cage? Cage? [CAGE GASPS] When the night Has come And the land is dark And the moon Is the only light we see No, I won't - [DOOR OPENS] - Be afraid No, I won't Be afraid Just as long As you stand Stand by me Which one of you is MacGyver? Yeah, that's me.
She said she's sorry she spoiled your Christmas party.
[JACK LAUGHS] I told you Cage would pull through, man.
She's a fighter.
Yeah, she sure is.
It's a good thing, too, 'cause she's got a long, tough rehab ahead of her.
I want Murdoc in cuffs by the time she's out, too.
Ah, don't worry.
We're gonna make him pay, that's for sure.
But before we dive into that obsessive search, I think we should take a minute to talk about our other obsessive search, don't you? My dad's Christmas gift? Why did you bring this to the hospital? Hey, man, I know how you are when you get upset.
Your brain needs something to chew on, and I couldn't find a Rubik's Cube.
Besides, as far as Christmas gifts go, that one takes the blue ribbon for being super weird, man.
My curiosity is killing me.
Yeah, well, that makes two of us.
I mean, who sticks an old World War II German dossier under the cedar, man? MACGYVER: I don't know.
Everything's a puzzle when it comes to my father.
Always has been.
Don't worry.
We're gonna figure this out.
I promise you.
[TIRES SQUEALING, ENGINE REVVING] Man, I'm getting hungry.
Let's order a pizza or something.
What is that smell? - Did you leave something on? - It's a chemical.
- [HIGH-PITCHED TRILLING] - JACK: Huh? Well, let's at least open a window, get some air in here or something.
[COUGHS] Oh, man.
- Bozer? - Yeah, man, it's me.
Just dropped Riley off, so I thought we could.
Jack, do not touch that window! Bozer, get away from the door now! [DOOR LOCKS] Dude, are you okay? Mac, what the hell? Why can't I come in? Because I'm pretty sure every door and window in this house has been wired to explode.
Explode? Come on.
I think you're freaking out a little bit.
Did you say "explode"? - See that patched section of drywall? - Not really.
It's easy to miss.
It's been patched and painted to blend in.
There's another one right there.
JACK: Hey, yeah, I see it.
If that is what it is, it looks like there's been patchwork done all over the place.
You really think someone snuck into your home and rigged this entire place to explode? No, not someone.
The Ghost.
The Ghost? That same lunatic bomb maker - from the sandbox? - Yes.
The one who tried to turn me into pizza slices in NYC? - That one.
- I'm not a fan.
Yeah, well, he's back, and he just turned my entire house into one of his bombs.
[MEN SHOUTING] [GROANING] I'm walking Through the night [SHOUTING CONTINUES] I don't need nobody Now, everything is gonna be right Take it all, take it all back Take it all, take it all back Take it all Tap out, man.
You're done.
No way, Houdini.
I'm breaking this arm.
Attention! On your feet.
Both you idiots.
Get up! What the hell is going on in here? Sir, I caught this boot messing with my gear, sir.
Sir, I wasn't messing with anything.
Someone knocked his bolt carrier off of his bunk.
I picked it up, noticed it was lacking forward assist, wanted to fabricate a spring to You trained on that rifle, son? No, sir.
No, I'm not.
Excuse me, sir.
But I am trained on that rifle and I can assure you that I forward assist my own bolt carrier just fine, sir.
Even if I didn't, even if there was a problem, which there's not, I don't see how he's gonna do anything about it.
He's no sniper, sir.
Don't need to be a sniper to understand basic engineering.
- Basic what? - MARTINEZ: Shut up.
Both of you.
If it were up to me, I'd ship you both out.
Make you somebody else's problem.
But orders are orders.
Sergeant Jack Dalton, meet Specialist Angus MacGyver.
Your new EOD tech.
What? Dalton's your new overwatch.
You can't be serious.
Find a way to work together or I'll find a way to get rid of you.
- Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.
"Angus MacGyver"? What kind of name is that? Sounds like a new burger at Carl's Jr.
, don't it, boys? - [MEN LAUGH] - Pretty embarrassing.
A guy named after a hamburger just pinned your ass in front of your buddies, - though, isn't it? - No, man, you didn't pin anybody.
I was about to break your skinny little arm, MacGyver.
Yeah, I've heard people talk about you.
You're supposed to be some bomb wonder kid, huh? I think you mean "wunderkind," but no, I wouldn't say that.
Considering your last training officer just died on your watch, I don't think I'd say that, either.
[INHALES] You know, I've heard about you, too, Dalton.
- Oh, yeah? - Yeah, yeah.
Mostly that you're an opinionated, loudmouth knuckle-dragger who's only stuck with me 'cause I'm the most junior EOD tech and nobody's gonna work with you.
Yeah, well, thanks to this opinionated, loudmouth knuckle-dragger, every bomb nerd I've ever protected has made it home to his loved ones, so I must be doing something right, Angus.
[QUIETLY]: Let me tell you something.
I got 64 days left until I ship back home.
And nothing, I mean nothing, especially not some scrawny, blonde-haired know-it-all is gonna keep me from seeing Texas again.
You hear me, slick? Believe me, slick, I can't wait to put you on that plane myself.
- Good.
I think we're on the same page.
- I think so.
And since we're gonna be working together, I think it's only fair I lay some ground rules.
Rule number one: we don't ever, ever touch Jack Dalton's stuff again.
You understand me? Rule number two: we don't ever, ever refer to ourselves in the third person.
Who does that? - Whatever, man.
- Look, like you said, 64 more days.
Let's just get through that, then we don't ever have to see each other again.
- Fine.
- Fine with me.
- Good.
- Good.
[SIREN CHIRPS] I want this entire neighborhood blocked off and evacuated.
LAPD, you're in charge of road closures.
FBI, you're spearheading the evac.
I want a perimeter set up around the house.
Minimum safe distance, 100 feet.
People, I nearly lost one agent yesterday, I am not losing two today.
Now move.
I'm gonna check traffic cams and see if any of them - caught The Ghost.
- Okay, good.
Do it quickly.
Someone get me a radio.
BOZER: Wait! Back! Everyone needs to get back! Bozer, what're you talking about? - Mac set the perimeter at 100 feet.
- BOZER: For people, yes.
100 feet, but until Mac knows more about the bomb itself, no cell phones, radios or wireless devices of any kind can be used within 200 feet.
Right now, anything could be a trigger.
MATTY: Okay, new orders, people.
All radios, cell phones and computers back up an additional hundred feet.
200 foot minimum for tech.
I guess this explains why you called us from the landline at Mac's neighbor's house.
Mac would've called you himself, but apparently this Ghost guy cut our phone line, our cable and our Ethernet Anything Mac could use to communicate.
JACK: First, Murdoc, now Casper the Unfriendly Ghost.
You know, I'm starting to feel like we're making too many psychotic enemies.
And why don't you invest in a home security system for this place? Better yet, move out of the joint.
It was my grandpa's house and the mortgage is paid off.
So what? It's been haunted ever since you moved in.
You know, it's no coincidence that everyone in The Amityville Horror died.
You know, that place was haunted for sure.
My house is not haunted.
And statistically speaking, coincidences are inevitable.
How about, you know what, let's just focus on one thing at a time.
Like, uh, surviving today.
That'd be cool, wouldn't it? Super cool.
Riley, who the hell is The Ghost? Mac's never mentioned him.
Some psychotic bomb maker Mac tangled with a while back.
Killed Mac's EOD mentor in Afghanistan, tried to blow up Jack last year and the UN.
And this guy wired my house to explode? - Got him.
- That's The Ghost? Did you get any shots of his vehicle? No, he entered and exited the neighborhood on foot.
Okay, send screengrabs of that man to the FBI and LAPD.
Update the BOLO.
MacGYVER: And more red wires.
All right, that's official.
That's every door and every window.
Even that secret escape hatch I installed is rigged.
You have a secret escape hatch in this house and you never told me about it? Oh, yeah, well, I did.
It's not much of a secret anymore.
So, let me get this straight.
We're stuck in here and unless we want to shout at Bozer through that door all day and watch him run up and down that hill, which is very satisfying, there's no way to communicate with the outside world at all? - Not yet.
- Can you fix that? Actually, I've been thinking about that and I got an idea.
- Hang on a second.
- What? How do you know that that's not connected to the bomb? That's what I'm checking.
All clear.
BOZER: Matty, Riley, is something going on with Mac's porch light? It's Morse code.
He's talking to us.
Hey, man, - you got a pen and paper? - Yeah.
Here you go.
This is taking too long.
We're never gonna be able to help Mac disarm the bomb talking one letter at a time.
Actually, Matty, Mac must be thinking the same thing, because his message is "Tell Riley photophone.
" Does "photophone" mean anything to you? No, but I think the Internet's about to teach me something.
A photophone is an early telecommunications device invented by Alexander Graham Bell.
It uses light rather than electronic signals to transmit sound, just like fiber optics.
Like Mac's porch light.
Looks like Mac wants us to build one of these photophones.
- Does it say what we need? - Yeah.
A photoresistor, a photodiode, or a phototransistor.
- And those are all different things? - I guess so.
This says what we're really after is a light sensor.
All three of those objects contain one.
The Hendersons just installed solar garden lights that automatically come on when the sun goes down.
Would one of those work? - I think so.
- Go.
Riley got the message.
Oh, cool.
So you think she's gonna be able to make your strobe light phone thingy? It's a photophone.
- Whatever.
- And, uh, yeah.
They're pretty straightforward.
I'll show you.
Can you grab me that boom box right there? Hmm? Pretty sad excuse for a boom box, but here you go.
All right.
Start talking.
I need to test it.
- What do you want me to do? - Just start talking.
- What do you want me to say? - Doesn't matter.
Anything you want.
[INDISTINCT CHATTER] - How we doing? - Nearly there.
We're all wired up.
I'm just finishing coding a program to convert that flickering light into sound.
[STATIC CRACKLES] JACK: My, my music hits me so hard - Makes me say "Oh, my Lord" - BOZER: I don't think - Jack knows we can hear him.
- Are you sure? I mean, it is Jack that we're talking about.
Riley, please tell him to shut up.
Unfortunately, I can't.
We still need to build our transmitter.
Build it quickly.
[JACK HUMMING] Or the light switch [HUMMING] Or the windows [HUMMING] Uh, what are you doing? I need a light.
[HUMMING] Or the front door [HUMMING] Or the light switch [HUMMING] Or the windows [HUMMING] Okay.
Mac? Jack? Can you hear me? Hey, guys.
[HUMMING] Stop! Hammer time! MATTY: Keep it up, Dalton, and the only hammer you're gonna know is the one I'm gonna - hit you with when this is all over.
- Ah! Hey, I can't believe it, Matty, but it actually worked.
You're talking through the light.
Matty, it is good to hear your voice.
It's good to hear yours, too.
Now talk to me about the bomb.
What's going on in there? Are you able to disarm it? No clue.
Setting up comms was step one.
But now that we can talk, I'm gonna start looking for the bomb's explosives and detonation circuits.
Mac, please work quickly.
There are a lot of nervous people out here, myself included.
Don't worry, Matty.
Mac's never met a bomb he couldn't defuse.
[GOAT BLEATS] - Come on.
- Hey! Wunderkind, just admit you can't disarm it.
I absolutely can disarm it.
I just need you to stop talking and give me a minute.
I'll give you a minute.
That don't mean I got to stop talking.
See, this is why everyone hates working EOD, man.
Everything has to take forever.
Well, you know what, there is a quicker way to do this.
Really? Yeah, it involves a loud boom and a bunch of shrapnel in your body.
Ah, very funny.
There we go.
Yeah? Did you disarm it? Can we move on now? No, I just got my first complete glimpse at it.
I need more time.
- Yeah, imagine that.
- You know what? If you're so antsy, why don't you just open up the hood? I could use the light.
That won't arm the bomb? There's no triggers in the hood latches.
There you go.
[KNIFE FLICKS] Okay, I see what I got to do now.
I just got to cut this wire, and we'll be all good.
JACK: Yeah, yeah.
[BUZZING] Is that the bomb humming right now? Uh unfortunately, yeah.
Well, what happened to "cut this wire and we're all good"? [GROANS] Do you have any more chewing gum? Yeah I don't see how you chewing on a stick of gum's gonna help our situation.
Just give it to me and-and your sat phone.
You want gum and my sat phone? Yes, only if you want to live.
There you go.
[BLOWS, GRUNTS] Always late, worth the wait.
Did you just disarm the bomb with a stick of gum? Yeah.
Well, I hate to admit it, but you are good.
Well, technically, it wasn't the gum.
It was the foil wrapper.
Huh? Is there something wrong with you? I mean, I'm not sure I can spend another 47 days around you.
Hey, not to, uh, break your concentration, but shouldn't we be looking for what Casper the Unfriendly Ghost built instead of you building little doohickeys of your own? That's exactly why I need this particular doohickey.
So I can find what The Ghost built.
So far, all I've been able to locate are the bomb's triggers, so if I want to find the bomb's logic board The part I got to disarm if we want to live Yeah, gonna have to trace the wires back to their source.
Now, see Yep.
Glowing red means that I found a wire carrying a voltage.
And you're sure it's working right? Sorry.
MacGYVER: That's it.
Detonator is right there.
- You sure? - Yes.
Dark spot means no wires.
Hand me that claw hammer.
Definitely bigger than I expected.
A lot bigger.
Ay, Chihuahua.
This doesn't make any sense.
Last year, I was able to track The Ghost by tracing the wireless signal his hidden camera was transmitting.
- And you can't do that now? - No.
I can't find any video feeds being sent out, and the camera Mac found isn't transmitting anything.
So he's not watching this time? Mac, you need to hear this.
Yeah, no, I heard, Boze.
MATTY: The Ghost's M.
is to watch his victims suffer.
Why would he bother putting a camera in your house, Mac, if it isn't transmitting? He wanted us to know it was him.
Because he knew it would draw our entire emergency response team here.
And why would he do something like that? Because if they're here, then they can't be out sweeping the city.
The other half of The Ghost's M.
is concealing one device with another.
The bomb that's underneath my house is not the only one that he planted.
Are you saying there's another bomb somewhere? Yes, and we need to find it now.
[HORN HONKING] Charlie, thanks for coming so fast.
Are you kidding me? When I heard The Ghost was back, I hitched a ride on a Air Force T-38.
How's Mac? BOZER: Still in one piece.
And holding up pretty well for someone trapped in a house that's essentially one gigantic, terrifying bomb.
He thinks there's a second device hidden somewhere in L.
So do I.
- How's the search coming? - Slow.
We know how good The Ghost is at hiding his devices.
But the Phoenix is working with the LAPD and the local FBI to search all airports, - landmarks and strategic locations.
- Yeah, Mac gave us some idea of what we're looking for, but we could really use your eyes to make sure we don't miss anything.
Port of Los Angeles, clear.
LAX, clear.
Dodger Stadium, clear.
I still need reports on Hollywood and Highland and the Staples Center ASAP.
JACK: H-Hey, Matty.
Do me a favor and have someone go by and check on Bruce's house.
I'm pretty sure that Bruce Willis isn't on The Ghost's hit list, Jack.
If I'm a bomb-flavored nut bar hatching a terrorist plot, taking out John McClane would be at the top of my to-do list.
That's good to know, Jack.
How's Mac on defusing the bomb? Hey, Mac.
Matty wants a progress report.
- Hey, dude.
- Stoichiometry in my head.
Can't talk.
Okay, uh Matty, he's kind of going full-blown Bill Nye the Science Guy right now to talk, which in my experience is a good thing.
Well, here's hoping.
We just cleared the Wilshire Federal Building, and I've got teams in a dozen other locations.
I'll keep you posted on what our search turns up.
All right.
JACK: Man, can we please stop this search, please.
You've been looking all day and haven't found one single IED all day.
Thought that was a good thing.
Not when there's hostiles running around all over the place with itchy trigger fingers.
And believe you me, they do itch.
So can we please just hit the road, Nostra-dumbass.
Yeah, we can once I'm sure this place is clear.
Satellite imagery says that there's lots of suspicious activity in the area.
- Everything about this place is suspicious.
- COMMAND: Snakebite One One, this is Snakebite Zero Three, over.
This is Snakebite One One, over.
What's your status? Over.
I just need one more hour.
Negative on the devices, 03.
The AO appears to be clear.
Return to base.
You heard him, slick.
Orders are orders.
Let's go.
Last time I didn't follow my gut, someone died.
There's a bomb here, I can feel it.
And if we don't find it, someone else will, like another American soldier or an innocent or a child.
Man, we've covered every inch of this armpit and ain't found diddly.
Let's bounce! I ain't trying to spend my last 32 days before being discharged in the stockade because my annoying EOD tech would rather follow a hunch than follow orders! Son of a bitch! Damn it, Dalton, just give me a second.
[MEN SHOUTING IN ARABIC] [GUNSHOTS, MEN GRUNTING] Did you just take out four guys with two bullets? JACK: Yeah, I'm trying to conserve ammo.
Now, we need to get on the same page, kid, and I mean right now.
That is, if you want to keep breathing.
Next time you wait for me to take my position before you go scampering off like that, you hear me? I, uh, I didn't think you were coming with me.
Yeah, you're welcome.
To be honest with you, I don't think I have the patience to break in another EOD nerd.
Man, it's a whip.
Now, hurry up.
Disarm that damn thing.
MATTY: Jack, please tell me that Mac is close to defusing that thing.
You heard her, Mac.
There's kind of a bunch of people out there who want an ETA on when you're gonna disarm this bomb.
Yeah, well, can't disarm anything until I know exactly what explosive we're dealing with and I haven't been able to I.
it using any of the usual tests, so, I had to cook up one of my own.
- What's going on down there? - Most explosives are nitogren-based, so if I can test The Ghost explosive to see how much nitrogen it contains, we'll know what we're no, no, no, no, no.
I was really hoping that wasn't gonna happen.
Matty, we have a problem.
The Ghost really outdid himself this time.
He synthesized cg-N.
I'm guessing that's not a cable network.
It's cubic gauche nitrogen.
It's a new type of explosive with an energy density of 33 kilojoules per gram, which is three times that of HMX.
English, pal.
Tell them in English.
The bomb underneath my house is built with the most powerful nonnuclear explosive known to man, which might also explain why we haven't found that second bomb.
I'm not following you, blondie.
MACGYVER: Uh, with an explosive this powerful, The Ghost isn't going to take out one target.
He's going for the maximum number of targets he can hit with one bomb.
So, if the second bomb is the same size as the one under your house He could take out half of downtown Los Angeles.
LAPD DISPATCH: All units, be advised.
Search for second device has been expanded to now include all of downtown.
BOZER: Guys, if I'm being honest, I have no idea what we're looking for.
What does a bomb that could level every building - within 20 blocks look like? - Unfortunately, it can look like almost anything.
Back in Kabul, The Ghost was known for fabricating hollow street curbs and packing them full of explosives.
Street curbs? Seriously? But if Mac is right, we're looking for something a lot bigger than a curb.
So don't think mailbox, think mail truck.
Or garbage truck.
Bozer, take the next right.
You know what today isn't? Trash day.
RILEY: Yeah, and the LAPD's pulled all municipal trucks out of downtown.
So what's this one doing here? The ground looks clear.
I don't see any triggers on the hopper.
Undercarriage is clear, too.
Cab, as well.
So, if this truck is hiding a bomb, it's got to be in the back.
Which means we have a problem.
BOZER: What problem? Should we start running? Bozer, when dealing with bombs, just remember, cool, calm and collected gets us home alive.
That's what I've been trying to tell him.
Oh, like you're not freaking out, too.
Problem is I don't know how to work a garbage truck.
We need to get somebody down here - who can get - I drove a garbage truck one summer as research for a movie I was making.
Trash Men Vs.
Shocked I never saw that one in theaters.
BOZER: You're a hater.
So, this one's a lot bigger than the one Mac and Jack are sitting on top of, right? - CHARLIE: Much, much bigger.
- RILEY: I think it's time for you to get on your Hurt Locker suit, Charlie.
Device this size? No point.
If this thing goes off, it'll just be a waste of a perfectly good bomb disposal suit.
Who would pay The Ghost to build something this big? I don't think this is a job.
When Mac stopped The Ghost at the UN last year, The Ghost went dark.
He went off the radar.
Maybe this is his way of getting even.
BOZER: So, this whole thing is his giant, exploding revenge? CHARLIE: I don't see any motion sensors or mercury switches, so I don't think it'll go off if I climb inside for a closer look.
That's the good news.
If that's the good news, what's the bad news? I've never seen half of these components before.
And I have no idea what they do.
MATTY: We found the second bomb downtown.
Charlie is starting to disarm it now.
Unfortunately, he says it's even bigger than yours.
Oh, come on, now, Matty.
It's not a competition, all right? Mac, any idea how long it's gonna take you to disarm the one in there? Hopefully not too long.
Yeah, but between me and you, you know you can disarm that bad boy way quicker than Charlie can disarm his bomb.
Thought it wasn't a competition.
Well, no, no.
It's not.
It's a team effort.
Speaking of which, what can I do to help? Know any good prayers? [BEEPING] [TRILLING] [BEEPING RAPIDLY] What happened?! What'd you do? I didn't do anything.
It just started doing that all by itself.
Hey, Jack.
Tell Matty Charlie needs to stop! - Stop! - Stop! Charlie, Mac said stop right now.
Why? What the hell is going on? MacGYVER: The bombs, they're connected.
Two separate devices linked by wireless receivers.
Disable one, it triggers the other.
So if I had just disarmed the bomb underneath my house, then I would've set the one off downtown.
And vaporize 20 city blocks.
MacGYVER: Exactly.
All right.
Well, I'll be back in touch once I figure out how to disarm them both at the same time.
Wait a minute, now.
Have you ever disarmed bombs that are connected to each other before? No.
Why does that matter? That's not really what I want to hear.
Well, it's the truth.
If you've never done this before, how are we supposed to neutralize this thing? We're gonna have to be very careful.
Will you please stop telling me to be careful? I am Mr.
My middle name is careful.
MACGYVER: Your name is Mr.
Jack Careful Careful? Better than Angus, I'll tell you that much.
Anyway, the guy who made all these IEDs, as I was saying, is really good at it.
So we should both be very Careful? Listen, I heard you the first ten times, kid.
I got 14 days left in this hellhole before I go home forever.
I am made of careful.
No, no, no, no.
[DEVICE BEEPING] Hey, you know that bomb you were looking for? MacGYVER: Yeah? I think I just stumbled right on top of it.
All right.
Hang tight.
I'm on my way.
No, no, no.
Do not come up here, you hear me? Stand down.
This is the moment of truth.
I'm a dead man.
Just get out of here.
Go on.
Save yourself.
Hey, Mr.
Carl's Jr.
? Can't you follow one simple order? How is the world's slowest bomb tech gonna defuse this thing in a minute and a half? You see that? I know.
Guess I'm just gonna have to figure it out, aren't I? What's the matter with you? The only reason I'm not running for my life is 'cause I'm sitting directly on top of it.
You're not.
Get out of here.
Don't you know a lost cause when you see one? No, I don't.
One of my many character flaws.
This is how it works.
You watch my back, I watch yours.
I'm gonna need that arm to do it, though.
Here we go.
JACK: How are you gonna defuse this thing in less than a minute? I don't know.
You're just gonna have to trust me.
[CHUCKLES] MacGYVER: Hey, Charlie, you have a double relay under scoop on yours? Yeah.
I got one right here.
All right.
I know what we need to do.
We're gonna have to cut the wires simultaneously - to sever the link.
- CHARLIE: Right.
Once they're separated, they won't be able to trigger each other, so we can disarm them individually.
- Exactly.
- Okay.
I'll count.
On three.
Just like old times.
One two - Wait, no, stop! Stop! - What?! Speed of light! Speed of light.
Oh, God.
I can't believe we almost just Unless you and Chewie are talking about fixing the hyperdrive on the Millennium Falcon, you're just gonna have to explain this whole speed of light thing to me real quick.
Okay, so [SIGHS] The bombs are communicating via a direct wireless link.
- Mm.
- But Charlie and I are talking through a relay that includes Phoenix comms and my porch light.
All those relays mean your verbal connection is slower than the one shared by the bombs.
So there's no way for us to cut these two wires at the exact same time.
And if we don't sever the wires simultaneously There's gonna be two real big booms in Southern California.
How in the hell are we supposed to cut two wires, on opposite ends of the city, at the same damn time? You said motion won't set off this bomb, right? Right.
[TIRES SQUEALING, HORN HONKING] Matty, expand the evacuation radius five more blocks We're bringing the mountain to MacGyver.
[HORN HONKS] Stop right there! Out of the way, people! Big-ass bomb coming through! - BOZER: Watch out, watch out! - Move! Get out of the way! [HORN HONKS] SWAT COMMANDER: Are these your people? What the hell are they doing? Trying to save lives, Commander.
Look, the bomb in that truck and the bomb in the house are linked, so obviously What? You mean the other bomb here? Or would you rather I leave it downtown? The only way to disarm these things is to cut one wire on each device at the exact same instant.
So get out of the way and let my people figure out how to do just that.
Charlie, meet our boss, Matty.
She's terrifying - It's awesome.
- Pleasure.
Nice to meet you, Charlie.
JACK: Okay, buddy.
Good news is, that second bomb just got here.
The bad news is Second bomb just got here? Right.
So what now? We signal Charlie-boy through the window and snip-snip on the count of three or what? Not quite.
Still too many variables, like the amount of time it takes my voice to reach Charlie or the difference in our reaction times.
Even the slightest delay in cuts - could, uh - Turn your neighborhood into a giant smoking crater? - Yeah.
- I get it.
But I assume you're not cannibalizing that DVD player for funsies, so what's the plan? Hey, Bozer? I need you to break into Mrs.
Schwartz's house next door and steal her DVD player.
All right.
So what exactly are we building? MacGYVER: Wire cutters that snip when a beam of light hits the photocell.
Well, that is Fonzarelli cool, no doubt.
But I'm still a little foggy on how your light-powered super-scissors are gonna help solve our twin bomb problem.
Speed of light, Jack.
Speed of light.
JACK: Oh, yeah.
- I mean, I still don't get it, but - You will.
We just need a bunch of mirrors now, and two prisms.
Okay, tell you what, I'll collect the mirrors, 'cause I'm sure you got a box of prisms just layin' around here somewhere.
Yeah, I do.
You're a weird guy, man.
I mean, I'm thankful for it, but you're a weirdo, for sure.
Truck's in position.
What's next? Next, have Charlie position his wire cutters on the truck bomb with the photocell facing the bedroom window so that I have clear line of sight.
Oh, and before you do any of that, shut off every light source out there.
MATTY: So that your neighbor's garden lights don't come on and trigger a premature cut followed by a giant boom? Yeah, good call.
You, get the power company on the phone.
I want this entire neighborhood dark - in ten minutes.
- I can do it in two.
I just need a wet towel, a broomstick and a ladder.
What? You think this is the first time Mac's asked me to blow out the power in the neighborhood? Please.
MACGYVER: And you're sure those last two mirrors - are a hundred and - JACK: 125 inches? Yeah, I got it.
And the distance between all the mirrors, from the laser pointer to the photocell on the bomb is 62 feet, eight inches.
We've measured it four times, Mac.
You want to do it again? No.
It's just, we're not gonna get another shot at this.
Well, I'm all set.
We just need Bozer to turn off all the lights.
Power's out.
Lights are off.
We're radio silent.
Okay, Mac.
Time to do your thing.
You know, there is a silver lining to all this.
If it doesn't work, it'll be over in an instant.
You know me, I ain't afraid of death, I just don't want there to be any pain.
[CHUCKLES] Could you have imagined, when we first met back in Afghanistan, that we were gonna be standing on a massive IED in my own house in Los Angeles? Hey, I can't believe you saved me from the massive IED I stumbled upon in Kabul.
You remember that one? Huh? Yeah, I feel like I've been playing with house money ever since.
I wouldn't be here if it weren't for you.
Are you? Nobody I'd rather die with, man.
Me neither.
You're not crying on me, are you? No, man.
Deltas don't cry, dawg.
You got this.
[WHISPERS]: Did it work? Oh.
[LAUGHS SOFTLY] - The bombs are disconnected.
- Sweet! Just please, no loud noises yet.
We still have two very powerful bombs to disarm.
It's gonna take me a while.
Right, right.
We still have to unboomify the twins.
I jumped the gun on that one, I'm sorry.
Hey, hey, you-you want a soda? Yes.
- Just be quiet about it.
- Right.
Come on, Mac.
[CHEERING] Yeah! Ha ha! We did it! Don't worry, people, Jack Dalton's got your back! [WHOOPING, WHISTLING] JACK: You know me, I was never worried.
I said, "What's the problem? Let's fix it!" A snip-snip! [WHOOPING, LAUGHTER] BOZER: Yeah! Yeah! My man! I'm so proud of you.
COMMAND [OVER RADIO]: Snakebite One One, this is Snakebite Zero Three, you're clear to roll.
This is Snakebite One One.
Love to, but probably shouldn't fly solo.
Still waiting on my new cover.
COMMAND: Thought you were with Dalton.
I was.
But he finished his tour this morning and shipped out.
Let me see who you've been assigned.
Hang on.
What kind of name is "Angus"? Jack? In the flesh.
I thought you went home.
Well, almost did.
It's a funny thing.
There I was, boarding my transport, just 15 hours between me and the great state of Texas, and then it hits me: that poor little bomb nerd with the silly hamburger name ain't gonna make it two days in the sandbox without me watching his back.
So I turned around, walked off that plane and signed up for another tour, under the condition I'm paired with you, of course.
And before you go gettin' big-headed, I didn't do it for you, I did it for my country.
I got a sneaky suspicion you're a little too valuable to Uncle Sam to lose just yet.
Well, thanks, man.
Here we go.
Here we go.
[ENGINE STARTS] [BOTH LAUGH] CHARLIE: I'm having every piece of both bombs shipped to my lab in New York.
If there's anything we can use to track down The Ghost I'll find it.
I know you will, Charlie.
And hey, thanks, man.
Hey, Charlie, thank you, man, for everything.
- All right.
- Appreciate you.
Hey, Mac, come here for a second.
I didn't want to break your concentration while you were in the middle of saving our lives or anything, but when I was rounding up mirrors, I realized something.
You remember this weird gear we found in your daddy's watch, the one with the numbers on it? I think I identified it.
Refresh your memory with the numbers on the gear.
Go ahead.
- Okay.
- Okay? Now, look at the numbers on the tattoo on his arm.
You're right! The last six digits match the tattoo on his arm.
You remember what you said about coincidences? From a statistical perspective, they are inevitable.
Like reuniting with your father? I'm telling you, man, this is no coincidence.
He's trying to send you a message.
I think he's trying to tell you how to find him.