MacGyver (2016) s03e09 Episode Script

Specimen 234 + PAPR + Outbreak

1 JACK: Scooby, come here.
You want to come here and give me that key? Come on.
I don't think he likes you.
You know, this does, uh, remind me, though, of that, uh - that jungle ride.
You remember that? - No.
It's the pirate ride.
The jungle ride is the one you're no longer allowed on.
That animatronic hippo mishap, that was that was not my fault.
You sunk the boat.
Yeah, whatever.
They overreacted.
Wasn't that big of a deal.
And, you know, I always thought pirates were pretty cool Like, Captain Hook was my favorite character But in reality, - they kind of suck.
- At least we can agree on one thing.
They rigged this thing with enough explosives to blow us away even if I try to pick it or shake any of these loose.
I got this.
[GRUNTS] What dog worth his salt could resist a nice, juicy cow bone? You're gonna be real upset when you realize what that is.
Lion bone.
Yeah, whatever.
The only lions in Slovenia are in zoos.
- This human? - [SNAPS FINGERS] Well, there's a tool for every job, I guess.
Hey, boy, you hungry? How about a nice, juicy human leg bone.
Come on, boy.
You know, this could've been us.
Still could be.
I'm gonna think positive.
Come on, boy.
How can you resist? Huh? Look.
I told you I could talk to animals.
We can't reach that.
Can you can you whip up some go-go-gadget arms or something right now? Actually, yeah.
Yeah, I can.
I can.
- Nice.
- Yeah.
[QUIETLY]: You got it.
- No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
- No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
- Bad doggy.
Bad dog.
- Come back.
- Don't you want your juicy bone? - [GROANS] I don't suppose you have a plan B, do you? Huh? I know you been thinking about me Huh Um what is this? - A brand-new Bentley.
- I see that.
But when you said you were renting a Winnebago for the road trip, I thought you were renting a Winnebago.
Anything wrong with wanting to take my girl on a road trip in style? Babe, you know I don't care about these things.
And that's why you're my girl.
But L.
to Dallas is a long trip, and I want to do this thing right.
You do everything right.
- Here, let me take that.
- All right.
- And that.
- Thank you.
This thing is nice.
We can do whatever you want, babe So how much this set you back? Not a penny.
Some skip put it up for collateral.
He jumped bail.
His loss, our gain.
Does Mama know we're driving this? I ain't got no patience We could even take turns at the wheel.
That's definitely happening.
Oh, and I got the music, too.
Oh, no.
I fell into that trap before.
We're taking turns deejaying.
All right.
Hey, hey, hey, hey Hey, hey, hey, hey All right, this is definitely cooler than a Winnebago.
What in the hell is going on in here? We couldn't decide on what to order for lunch, so we're settling it with a plank contest.
Yeah, whoever holds out the longest gets to choose.
Sounds like some millennial fun right there.
What, uh what's going on with our fridge, man? Oh, you mean my fridge? Just a little cleaning and organizing.
Oh, cleaning and organizing.
Okay, good, good.
If it's so organized, then, uh, how come I can't find my sandwich? You mean the soggy thing in the foil? Oh, please don't tell me you threw out my sandwich.
It was, like, a month old, Jack.
[CHUCKLES] No, it No, it wasn't.
It was anyway Marinating.
How you holding up? [GROANS] Good.
I can do this all day.
Oh, my gosh, that's so funny, 'cause so could I.
[BOTH GRUNT] [WHOOPS] Sushi it is.
- [GROANING] - That's all right.
- Hey, Mac, come here for a second.
- Yeah.
Come here, come here.
Yeah? Okay I don't want to overstep my bounds here, okay, but you-you know I love Leanna, I really do, - but what's going on? - If it's about the sandwich, - we'll get you another one.
- No, who cares about the sandwich? It's not about the sandwich.
It starts with cleaning the fridge.
Then she's cleaning the kitchen.
Then, next thing you know [WHISPERING] she's cleaning the whole house.
You see where I'm going with this? You're worried she's gonna clean the whole house? No, no.
Clean-clean houses are very cool, but next thing you know, you're sitting on the couch, and you're watching daytime soaps, covered in pink throw pillows.
Is that the kind of change you want, huh? You want little bowls of potpourri everywhere? - Between me and you, I like potpourri.
- Who doesn't love potpourri? But.
BOZER: I don't buy that for a second.
[EXHALES] I'm afraid she's gonna change everything.
- [PHONE RINGS] - MACGYVER: Jack, you're acting weird again.
It's Matty.
She wants us mobile.
We'll be briefed mid-flight.
Good, good.
Yeah, we'll be right there.
Okay, that's fine, we'll go.
But listen, listen We'll just put this conversation on pause until after we save the world.
Glad your priorities are in order.
Promise, after, by the way.
Right, after, after.
There's a real life lesson here.
MATTY: Well, I've got a different one for you today.
The CDC is asking for help The Center of Disease Control needs us? Well, that can't be good.
They're keeping the details under wraps.
All they'll say is they have an inventory discrepancy.
An inventory discrepancy.
So, they lost something.
Oh, man, this has zombie apocalypse written all over it.
Jack, you are about to meet with some of our country's most highly intelligent, highly trained scientists.
Please, try not to say anything stupid.
BOZER: Normally, I'd agree with you, Matty, but I think if anyone's gonna want to talk about the zombie apocalypse, it's gonna be the CDC.
MATTY: Go assist and report back.
If they're asking for help, something serious is going on.
Yes, ma'am.
WOMAN: Thank you for coming.
I'd appreciate you keeping the reason for this visit under wraps.
Of course.
Um, happy to help, although all we've been told so far is you have an inventory discrepancy.
Yesterday, we discovered a cryotube was missing from the cold storage unit in our level-four biosafety lab.
BOZER: Just to be clear, level four is where the big boys live.
If by "big boys" you mean diseases with no cure, then yes.
The missing agent is a strain of a particularly deadly virus.
What kind of virus are we talking about here, Doc? Solanum? T-Virus? What do we got? - Those aren't even real.
- Not yet, they're not.
We call it Specimen 234.
It spreads fast, like the flu, but with a 99% mortality rate.
If it got into the population, we'd be looking at a pandemic.
Millions would die.
Has anything like this happened before? We've had discrepancies in the past, but nothing this deadly has been missing this long.
Misplaced samples are usually found within hours in another storage unit or lab, but we're having a hard time tracking this one down.
So, it's in the building, it's just playing hide and seek.
We believe Specimen 234 went missing during an incident in the lab yesterday.
An incident.
You do know that's how horror movies start, right? Nothing so dramatic.
It's one of the containment units holding some experimental subjects wasn't latched correctly.
Well, we've passed over a dozen security cameras since we passed through the lobby, I'm assuming you have some footage you can show us? So, the infected rats of Nimh escaped their cage.
But we took every necessary precaution to contain the subjects and decontaminate the lab.
It wasn't until four hours later we discovered 234's absence.
So you think that the virus was misplaced during the chaos and confusion of the clean-up? Yes.
Gentlemen, I need 234 found quickly and quietly.
If word got out a level-four bioagent was missing, it would cause mass panic.
BOZER: I'd like to go through the security footage.
Look for anything your team may have missed.
Yeah, Jack and I would like to inspect the lab.
We would? Uh, we want to go to the place where all the super viruses hang out? - That's where we want to go? - Yes.
I'm going to assume that the level-four lab would require a security card to access, yes? Every lab requires a security card.
You can't get anywhere in the building without clearance.
I suggest we get started.
Getting you in is going to be a bit of a process.
Street clothes are swapped for scrubs to avoid carrying any contaminants into the lab.
Anyone looking to access level four must put on a positive pressure suit.
Every scientist has their own.
Before exiting the suit room, each suit is thoroughly examined for rips or tears.
MACGYVER: What happens if you find a hole? DOCTOR: If it's small, the scientist will log it and cover it with duct tape.
Anything larger than half an inch, and the scientist either has to submit the suit for permanent repair or request a new one.
And here we go.
You'll need to plug into this.
- [AIR HISSING] - Nothing's been touched since we discovered Specimen 234 was missing.
So, every scientist who has access to this lab can also get into the cold storage unit where 234 was being kept? Yes, but we already interviewed the four scientists who were in the lab when the rats escaped.
None of them were working on that flu strain.
When's the last time somebody - did work with it? - Four days ago.
But the cryotube was returned to cold storage that same day.
Could you, uh, read me the details on the incident report? Sure.
Six test subjects were found loose on the examination table at 12:37 p.
After that.
Clear liquid was found pooled on the table near the cage door.
Uh, testing revealed it to be 100% glycerol.
It's a common product used in the lab.
The spill was determined to be unrelated.
What are you thinking, Mac? I'm not sure yet.
What are the lab's exit procedures? How long do we have to do this? Everyone exiting level four is required to take a seven-minute chemical shower.
You know, if a scientist was carrying something out of here that he shouldn't be, that camera would definitely catch it.
DOCTOR: I checked the footage.
No one exited the lab holding a cryotube.
What are you looking for now? This.
Duct tape residue.
Well, as I explained before, our scientists use duct tape to patch small tears in their suits.
I don't see a tear anywhere near that residue.
So why would someone put duct tape on it? Whose suit is this? It's a guest suit.
- It's not assigned to a doctor.
- Interesting.
What are the rest of the exit procedures from here? Anyone exiting the lab would take another shower, put on their street clothes, and then be free to leave the facility.
Falama, I have bad news.
Your virus was not mistakenly misplaced.
This was a well-orchestrated heist.
Someone Ocean Eleven'ed the virus.
Getting a level-four bioagent out of the building would be impossible.
Nothing is impossible.
Someone with BSL-4 access entered the cold storage and used their body to block the surveillance camera across the room.
They then removed a cryotube of the virus and hid it beneath a piece of duct tape on their suit.
The spilled glycerol was, in fact, the most clever step in this heist.
Your thief replaced the lock on the rat cage with a frozen rod of glycerol.
- FALAMA: Why would they do that? - Because the glycerol would take about 30 minutes to melt, giving this person more than enough time to make it through all of the lab's exit procedures.
Your thief used the rats as a time-delay distraction.
They would've been clear of the lab before any rodent-related emergency procedures began, giving them plenty of time before anyone noticed the missing virus.
I think it's time we looked at your security footage.
Uh, Boze, take us to ten minutes before the lab was shut down.
FALAMA: Okay, say you're right and my bio-agent was stolen.
A virus needs to be kept frozen to remain viable.
Anyone working here would know that.
So even if they got it out of the lab, how would they transport it? Stop.
Zoom in on the upper left.
That's how.
Fill one of those containers with liquid nitrogen, you have yourself an improvised traveling cold storage unit.
That's Dr.
But he would never do something like this.
MACGYVER: Except he just did.
It's like you said if we don't find this virus fast, millions of people will die.
MATTY: Safe to say a deadly virus escaping the CDC was not the situation I was hoping you were walking into.
Any idea where Luca is? Credit cards show no activity of any kind after his disappearance.
However, Luca did make some pretty hefty withdrawals from his savings account in the days leading up to the theft.
Sounds like a guy prepping to drop off the grid and do God knows what.
How do we find him? MACGYVER: Luca's vacuum container trick it would only work for three hours, tops, so if he wanted the virus to remain viable, he'd have to store it properly.
I think we should run a search for any biocontainment cold storage units that have sold recently.
Well, there can't be that many people in the market for one of those.
I mean, not like it's the next Game of Thrones book.
Jack Dalton read Game of Thrones? [CHUCKLES] You don't have to read a book to know it's popular, Bozer.
Okay, got something.
A Canadian medical company shipped a cold storage freezer to an address in Columbia, South Carolina a week before the virus was stolen.
That's where we're going.
Streetlights, people Living just to find emotion, hiding [LAUGHS]: Oh Somewhere in the night Oh, my gosh.
[HUMMING] What? This song's a classic.
Um, the original is a classic.
What you just did do it, I-I don't know about that.
Imagine what Journey would say if they found out you stopped believin'.
And when your dad and I were at lunch Whoa, whoa.
Time out.
You-you and Elwood went to lunch? He called me.
He wanted to know the guy that's dating his daughter.
And I know you guys have issues, but he loves you.
[CHUCKLES] And he's super protective.
And it was at that lunch that I found out he used to sing this song to you as a baby.
Elwood told you that? Yeah.
And a few other things.
Like what? How he thinks that family is very important.
That doesn't sound like my father.
Well, your dad's a changed man.
Family is everything to him now.
Better late than never, right? So what else did he say? A lot.
[LAUGHS] It was a long lunch.
We got into your relationship, his regrets.
You know, I'm glad that you're giving him a chance.
Yeah, me, too.
What are you doing? Don't worry, I'm not working.
I'm just checking in with Matty.
[CHUCKLES] She's not gonna answer.
And how do you know that? I know.
I had my mama call her last week.
She told her I was hoping to spend some quality time off the grid with you.
So unless the world's ending and she needs some extra hands, you're all mine.
This cannot get any better.
Oh, but it will.
And how is that? I got a surprise for you at the end of the trip.
You're not gonna propose, are you? [CHUCKLES] No.
I like how things are going.
Yeah, me, too.
Looks like the best barbecue is only three miles ahead.
I'm from Louisiana.
I'm not gonna let a statement like that go unchallenged.
Oh, wow.
Whose idea was the meat-palooza platter? - Yours.
It had to be.
- No I'd never suggest anything so cruel.
I feel like my whole body's rubbed in spice.
[CHUCKLES] Where the hell is our car? So, Bozer.
Leanna sure has been hanging out a lot, huh? [QUIETLY]: Don't do this right now.
Yeah, she has.
She's my girlfriend, and I like hanging out with her.
No, she really seems to be just settling right in.
BOZER: I'm sorry, do you have a problem with my girl coming over to my house where I live and you don't? Why would I have a problem with that? No, I think, I think the fridge looks great, organized and labeled and you know exactly where everything is in there.
I must be missing something.
Jack, what the hell are you talking about? - My sandwich.
- What? - Who cares about a sandwich? - When I put a sandwich in there, - I expect it to be there - I think we can all agree that right now is not the time for this.
What's the address, Bozer? 8866.
Next building? Or not.
What, the, uh, doctor had the cold storage unit delivered to a parking lot? So this is a dead end.
Maybe not.
You could definitely install a cold storage unit in an RV.
- Really? - Yeah.
I think we just found his mobile lab.
- JACK: We did? - Matty said Luca had a bunch of withdrawals from his savings in the days leading up to the theft.
Well, that would make sense.
Paying for this RV in cash would keep him off the radar.
[PHONE CHIMING] Matty says she's got a satellite on our position.
And thermal imaging confirms no heat signatures inside.
So our doctor isn't in there, but the stolen virus might be.
Which is exactly why I don't think it's such a good idea for us just to go charging in there right now.
There is no way that old beat-up RV has the level of biocontainment - this virus requires.
- Mm-mm.
The interior may be completely contaminated, but we don't have time to wait for a hazmat team.
So put your big boy pants on 'cause we're going in.
Definitely Luca's lab.
But the virus isn't here.
BOZER: Guys, I got a pile of something here.
- I think it's been burned.
- Oh, yeah.
This is definitely a burn bag.
What's that? MACGYVER: Looks like it was Luca's passport.
His passport? So-so it's possible that the good doctor now has a new name and identity? Should we even be in here? Bozer, my skin looking clammy? - A little.
- What about around the eyes? - Oh, terrible.
- Seriously? All right.
Stop talking.
And you're fine.
And stop egging him on.
I feel a little woozy.
Okay, what's that, now? It's a it's a burned vial.
A burned vial? That's-that's good.
Maybe he burned the virus, had a change of heart, we got nothing to worry about.
Guys, I got a laptop over here.
Too bad Riley's off road-tripping with Billy.
We could really use her boopity-boop skills right about now.
Actually, it's not asking for a password, and it's open to a video.
To whoever finds this, I want you to know that I am sorry for what I'm about to do.
I hope I will be forgiven when the truth comes out.
Geofri I'm coming home.
- Who's Geofri? - According to his file, Geofri is his brother back in Romania.
So Luca wants to go to Romania to do what, bond with his brother over releasing a deadly viral plague? Can't be that.
Geofri died in a mining accident a few months ago safe to say Luca's going to Romania, but no clue why.
He wasn't using this to burn the virus.
He was preparing.
And that's the start of the zombie apocalypse.
Good day, gentlemen.
Jack, relax.
There's a 24-hour incubation period between when the subject becomes infected and then contagious.
How am I supposed to relax? We got less than a day to find this Luca dude and keep him from being patient zero in an epidemic that will kill millions.
Not if we get to Romania first and find him.
Well, Officer Couldn't Care Less isn't gonna lift a finger to help.
Yeah, no kidding.
I'm gonna see if I can get us a flight home.
What? What are you talking about? Well Billy, we have no car, we have nothing but what we have on us, and we're stuck in the middle of Arizona somewhere.
So we improvise.
That's what Mac would do, right? So you want to build a car? No, I was thinking more like ride-share.
To Dallas? Well, why not? It'll be a part of the adventure.
And trust me, you don't want to miss your surprise.
BILLY: Huh, look at that.
A ride a half a mile away.
What are you smiling about? I'm just thinking about the look on your face when you see your surprise.
[ENGINE ROARING] Did you see that? I do now.
Hey, are you Billy? Follow that Bentley.
- A-Are you serious? - I got a five-star rating.
And - and 67 bucks if you don't lose that car.
- Okay.
[TIRES SQUEAL] All right.
A glowing review is in your future.
Well, this is clearly a chop shop.
Not like we can knock on the door and politely ask for the car back.
Should we call the cops? [SCOFFS]: Yeah, right.
Flagstaff's finest took two hours to file their report.
By the time the police gets here, that car'll be in a million pieces.
All right, so if the boys in blue are out, what's the plan? We steal our car back.
Good plan.
By the time the search for Luca began in Romania, he had already deplaned, and no one I've spoken to here remembers even seeing him in the first place.
Any luck with the surveillance footage? Not really.
We tracked Luca through the airport after he got off the plane, but then we lost him in the crowd near the main entrance.
We're still searching the footage, but it's as if he just disappeared.
Mac, so, we recalled all the taxis that worked the airport today, questioned the drivers, showed them Luca's picture, but nobody remembers seeing him.
It's like he got into Romania - and just - Disappeared; that's what Leanna said.
But here's the thing, he had to have gone somewhere, right? Guess he's not hiding in there.
Okay, hey, hey, we making a mess just to make a mess, or what? No, no.
There's got to be [SIGHS] something here.
- Bingo.
- No way.
Is that a bag of hair? Luca changed his appearance That's how he disappeared.
Okay, well, that means we've been showing a bunch of cabbies an outdated photo.
What's he look like now? - No idea.
- But I think I know how to find him.
Did you release the cabbies yet? No.
They're still lined up outside.
What are you thinking? We, uh, we need to go to the grocery store.
Got everything you asked for, including the hot plate and the pot.
You're making something out of horse radish that'll glow? Now that's kind of hard - to believe.
- I can explain the science if you want.
- No, no, no, we'll pass.
Thank you.
- What? - Never say yes to that, Bozer.
- To what? How you doing, sir? Thank you.
Appreciate your patience.
Thanks, we'll be out of your hair in just a minute, sir, thank you.
You know, Mac, I got nothing but blind faith in you here, but, uh You sure you're right about the science on this one? This is it.
Uh, where have you been today? Okay.
This is it.
The cabbie dropped blond Luca off at this address.
Okay, hang on now.
Matty, uh, just found footage of a post-makeover Luca exiting the airport; he's no movie star, but that's what he looks like now.
BOZER: Okay, so now we know what he looks like.
- But why come here? - Well, that's what we're gonna find out.
Come on.
Hang on, Mac, now shouldn't we be wearing those air filter, breathing thingies before we go marching in there? Luca won't be contagious for a few more hours; we should be good.
That's comforting.
[SIGHS] - [CHUCKLING]: I mean, come on.
- Nice, Bozer.
Nobody's home.
Let's go, fellas.
[CLEARS THROAT] Mac, don't.
[GROANS] Okay, hang on, hang on.
If you're just gonna go breaking into the place, let me at least clear it first.
[SIGHS] [BANGING NEARBY] Lock's glued shut.
No picking it; you're up.
- It's Luca.
- Thank you! Please, we need to call police.
What is put the gun down, this isn't Luca.
This is someone else.
Sir, we are with the American government.
Who are you? A man showed up at my door, looked just like me.
But before I could even process this, he attacked me.
His name's Dr.
Luca, and he changed his appearance to look just like you.
- Why? - That's a good question.
Tell us everything you heard Luca say when he was here.
Even the smallest detail may be of help.
This guy didn't waste any time talking.
He jumped me the moment I opened the door.
What about this? Was this broken before? He robbed me.
My camera equipment.
My press pass for tonight, everything.
Tonight? What was tonight? Dorin lonescu is being awarded at his house tonight.
I was asked to take his photos in the green room before the award presentation.
Uh, hang on, hang on, now.
So-so Luca went through all that trouble to look exactly like this guy.
For what? To attend some random party? That don't make any sense.
BOZER: Maybe it's not a random party.
Remember when I told you Luca's brother was killed in a mining accident? - Yeah.
- Guess who owns the mining company.
And was accused of covering up unsafe work conditions.
Dorin lonescu.
He must blame him for his brother's death.
So Luca changes his appearance to look exactly like the photographer Sala so he can attend this party, get close enough to lonescu and infect him with the virus! You're right; this is an assassination.
RILEY: Okay, there's still time, but we got to move fast.
Yeah, before Crumbs McGee gets powdered sugar everywhere.
You know how hard that is to clean? I meant before he takes the car apart.
- That, too.
- Yeah.
All right, we need to get him out of the garage and away from the car.
Question is, how? No, no, no, no, no.
He's got an impact wrench going.
I-I can't watch this.
That gives me an idea.
All right.
Check the car, make sure everything's in one piece.
What are you doing? I'm buying us some time.
Using a trick Mac taught me.
[ENGINE STARTING] [GROANING] Mac, the quickest the Romanians can get Hazmat to you is 30 minutes.
When does Luca become contagious? MACGYVER: There's too many variables to know for sure, but I'm guessing we have less than 30 minutes, given the fact that there's over 100 people at this party.
That's not good news.
Well, so much for warning lonescu's security.
Then it's up to us to stop Luca.
We just have to get into the party.
Yeah, but how? We might look like waitstaff, but we don't have the credentials to get past security.
The guards are more focused on the front where the guests are being checked in, but I bet security's a lot lighter in the back.
Does this mean you have a plan for-for getting us inside? Yeah, well, I got to dig in the neighbor's trash first, but I think I got a plan.
Okay, I don't, I don't see any guards inside, but the doors are locked.
You're up.
Yeah, well, definitely don't want to break the glass and alert them.
Hold these.
This is exactly why we dug through the neighbor's trash.
Put that in there.
[GROANS] This stuff is sticky.
- It stinks.
- MACGYVER: If you've ever locked your keys in your car, and you had to call for help, chances are your locksmith used a device called an "air wedge.
" In a pinch, you can even make one yourself.
All you need is a sturdy bag, a pump and proper placement.
Hey, do you think we'll ever enter a house like a-a normal person? I doubt it.
MACGYVER: Then, you just inflate the bag until Sedative.
- Where did you? - Don't worry about it.
First one to Luca injects him.
All we have to do is subdue him until Hazmat gets here.
Then they can quarantine him.
And, uh, uh, don't let him cough or sneeze on you, because his fluids carry the virus.
Oh, and, uh, don't touch him, or especially, don't let him touch you, because hands are the biggest conveyors of germs.
Whoa, wait.
So avoid touching him while we try to inject him? Guys, I never said it was gonna be easy.
[SCOFFS] BOZER [OVER COMM]: Anyone see the good doctor? JACK: Not in this room.
I'm gonna check down here.
- Where the hell are you going? - Uh, me? I was just looking for the kitchen to refill my tray.
Kitchen's the other way.
[LAUGHS]: Whoops, my bad.
I'll be on my way.
I don't recognize you.
I checked in all the waitstaff.
I was called in late.
Someone got sick.
You're lying.
I don't know who you are, but you're coming with me.
Guys, little problem.
Had to use my sedative.
So it's all on you two.
JACK: Copy that, Bozer.
Don't worry, we got this.
MACGYVER: Guys, I got a visual on Luca.
Headed into the green room.
Yeah, that's got to be where lonescu is.
I got to get in there, but there's four guards in between me and him.
Sounds like you need a distraction.
Lucky for us, there's a Jack Dalton on the team.
Excuse me.
Hi, ladies.
How you doing? Hold that for me, will you? Excuse me.
Guys, we got a problem.
Pretty sure Luca's now contagious.
Jack, Hazmat is just ten minutes out.
Tell me you have Luca contained.
BOZER: Matty, Jack's a little busy right now.
As for Luca, pretty sure he's not contained yet, but Mac's working on that right now.
I hope.
[PANTING] This way, if you don't mind.
The light is better.
Don't let him touch you.
He's infected and he's trying to kill you.
You three need to get out of the room now.
I know you're sick.
I need you to stay calm and still.
No, no, no, no.
It can't end this way.
He needs to pay for what he did to my brother.
To all those people.
He's a monster.
He doesn't deserve to live when so many have died.
Now get him out of here.
I know about the accident that killed your brother.
You don't know a damn thing! [GRUNTS] There wasn't an accident.
Ionescu rigged the mine to collapse so he could collect insurance.
A dozen miners died so he could turn a profit.
And your idea of justice is-is what? Start an epidemic and kill millions of innocent people? It was just supposed to be him.
But you You ruined that! What's going on? Jack, hold this door.
Boze, get that second tarp.
Is this gonna keep the virus in there? Not forever, but it should hold long enough until Hazmat arrives.
Romanian police dug into the allegations against lonescu and found all kinds of incriminating evidence on his computer.
He's going to prison for a long time.
JACK: Yeah, he's going to prison, but Luca's gonna die.
And that's about the only thing worse than being locked up.
No, I don't think this is the ending the good doctor was looking for.
You? The man infects himself with a deadly virus with no cure, almost kills millions of people only to exact revenge on one man.
I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around that.
Me, too.
Here's something y'all can wrap your heads around - let's go home.
- [CHUCKLES] I'd love to, but not sure how long it'll be before we're allowed to.
Really? We still may have a deadly virus inside of us.
Which ambulance do we go in? The one Mac and I aren't in.
Ha ha, everybody's got jokes.
I get it.
BOZER: Jack, you're being ridiculous.
The Romanian hazmat team examined you and gave you a clean bill of health.
Besides, if you were infected, you'd know it by now 'cause you'd be dead.
I'm telling you, something's off.
Okay? [STAMMERS] Woozy, greasy.
Bozer, you want to feel my glands? That's gonna be a hard pass.
Take that.
I'm nauseous.
How long is that gonna take? - Just a couple minutes.
- [MOANS] No, Matty, no.
Oh, no, no, no.
Don't come in here, seriously.
Mac, why are you humoring him? Matty, it's a lot easier than arguing.
I heard that my cleaning didn't go over so well.
So here is a peace offering disguised as a sandwich.
And don't worry, I messed up Mac's fridge all over again.
Dripped ketchup, spilled milk, the whole nine yards, just for you.
- You did? - Yes.
It once again looks like raccoons live in there.
Well, thanks a lot, Leanna.
I really appreciate this.
Oh, no.
Oh, no, what? It turned blue.
Is blue bad? It's not good, Jack.
Thanks, Doctor.
I knew it.
Now what am I supposed to do? - Hey, just stay calm.
- Stay calm.
Go to the interrogation room now, close the door, lock it.
Wait for my call.
I'm gonna call Dr.
Oh, and Jack? Cover your nose and mouth.
And hurry.
I knew we shouldn't have been in that trailer.
[STAMMERS] [INHALES] Ooh - What is that? - Oh, just some stuff I found in the supply closet.
[LAUGHTER] Is this the surprise? Well, you remember when I was telling you Elwood and I got to talking about you when we were together? - Yeah.
- Well, one of his biggest regrets was turning his back on his family.
And not just you.
Come on.
Really, what's going on? Well, when you were born, Elwood and his mom weren't talking.
He didn't want to try to fix it until he got his act together.
Whose house is this? [CHUCKLES] You'll see.
Dolores, I'm Billy Colton.
We talked on the phone.
Yes, of course.
Is this? BILLY: Yes, ma'am.
Dolores, I want to introduce you to someone very special.
This is your granddaughter, Riley.
Riley, meet your grandma.
I've-I've always wanted to [SNIFFLES] DOLORES [LAUGHS]: It's okay.