MacGyver (2016) s03e15 Episode Script

K9 + Smugglers + New Recruit

- Next time, get Spicy Ranch.
- Whoa! Best flavor, hands down.
Not that I have anything against barbeque.
Who are you and how did you get in here? Your alarm system's a joke, and a toddler could pick your locks.
Jack said you were smart.
So far, I'm not convinced.
You're Jack's friend, uh Desiree Nguyen.
Friends call me Dez.
Call me Desi.
Desi, you could have knocked.
I've been assigned to protect you, which starts with assessing your home security.
And how do I put this gently It totally and completely sucks, MacGyver.
Can I be candid? That was you holding back? When Jack reached out, told me he needed a favor, I thought, "I'll probably hate babysitting Walking Genius Bar and his friends.
" And now? Now I'm sure of it.
Okay, then why are you here? I owe Jack.
Owe Jack for what? Better hurry.
You're gonna be late for work.
Probably need to put more on than that.
Two quick things.
One, you're out of chips.
And two? You're dead.
I'm at the gym, getting in my run, when this woman who looks like Wonder Woman's stunt double pops out of nowhere, chases me down, slaps this on my forehead.
Then she disappeared before I even realized what happened.
Oh, you got off easy.
I was headed to my car when I got jumped and tossed in my trunk.
- What? - Then I pull the emergency release, and there she is, staring down at me.
And then she slaps this on my forehead, talking about "Nice to meet you.
" Oh, no.
Well, uh I was in the coffee shop.
In the restroom.
Let's just say it was awkward.
- Oh, no.
- Is it possible this woman Jack sent us is even crazier than he is? Oh, she is absolutely crazier than he is.
Okay, what do we know about her, besides the fact that she's gonna be my new - recurring nightmare? - Not much.
- But I'm gonna do some digging.
- You dig.
You dig all up in there.
Hey, guys.
- You, too? - Yep.
- Yeah.
- Mm-hmm.
Good morning, everybody.
I would like to introduce you to Agent We met.
Oh? Wanted to get introductions out of the way before work started.
Take it she didn't slap one of these on your forehead this morning, Matty? Actually, I would have.
But someone follows countersurveillance protocol when she leaves home in the morning.
Give me time, Director Webber.
I'll get you, too.
Game on.
As for the rest of you, suck less.
While Jack's away and I'm filling in, your safety is my top priority.
So don't do anything dumb like catch a bullet.
That'd put a real damper on my relationship with Jack.
Since I'm sure you all have a million questions about who I am, here.
That's my file.
I figured you were gonna hack it anyway, so I saved you some time.
Everything is in there, including the dirt, from my failed op in Palermo to my suspension in ninth grade for flooding the high school gym.
- Maybe she is gonna fit in.
- Yeah.
Look, Jack told me how tight you all are, so I know this will be an adjustment, 'cause I'm not Jack, and I won't do things the way he did.
You may not like me.
That's fine.
I'm not here to be popular.
I am here to make sure you all come home safely.
That's what I'm gonna do.
Mm mm-mm So Matty, what are we doing today? Well, since this op came through Mac You just gonna let her sit in the chair? Mac, the floor is yours.
Thank you, Matty.
Okay, so I got a call from my old Army friend, Maria Ramirez, who is now an ATF field agent and needs our help with an op.
So for years, Maria and her partner Cody have been trying and, unfortunately, failing, to take down a group of weapons smugglers based in Northern California, and for some reason, these guys are always a step ahead.
What kind of weapons are they moving? Ghost guns.
They're called ghost guns because they're made from parts with no serial numbers, making it impossible for them to be traced.
I've heard about these.
Big issue for law enforcement.
These guns have killed a lot of people.
That's right.
And three hours ago, Maria got a tip: a massive shipment of these ghost guns is arriving at the Port of Eureka, California later today.
If these guns hit the streets, a lot of innocent civilians and police officers will die.
But Maria and Cody are trying to find the shipment of guns before that can happen and she needs us as backup.
Okay, but why us? We have five, ATF has hundreds.
That is because on a couple of recent busts, Maria arrived to find that the smugglers had inexplicably moved the product right before the raid.
Then, some seized weapons went missing from the ATF evidence locker.
Which can only mean one thing.
Someone in the ATF is working with the smugglers.
And we have no idea who, which is why Agent Ramirez can't trust anyone at the Bureau.
But if we stop this shipment, I believe that we can get enough intel to not only stop the smuggling ring, but also smoke out the ATF's double agent.
Since you vouch for Maria, I assume she's not a double agent, but what do we know about this Cody guy? Cody is, uh, not working with the smugglers.
You sound certain.
Trust me.
This is Cody? One of our most highly decorated agents.
Practically one of a kind.
If he were human, he'd be heading up his own division by now.
How you doing? Nice to see you.
Hey, everybody, this is Maria, She's Cody's handler.
She also used to head up the K-9 unit at Bagram, where she trained four amazing bomb dogs, saved a lot of lives.
Yeah, no arguments there.
They were amazing.
But none of them hold a candle to Cody.
He's the best canine I've ever worked with.
Really? He seems so chill.
Cody, find it.
Ah, well, you're carrying on your right hip and your ankle.
Hell of a sniffer he's got there.
Cody's nose is so sensitive, he once tracked down a single revolver hidden in a crate of French roast from 150 yards.
All we have to do is walk through the terminal, - he'll do the rest.
- Okay.
Three terminals down, two to go.
And, uh, he may not say this out loud, but Cody's probably super bummed he didn't get to meet me.
You know how much dogs love me.
Bozer's not kidding.
As long as I've known him, dogs have loved him.
Well, when this is over, we'll have to get the two of them together.
Okay, if we're all done arranging a playdate for Bozer, can we actually focus on what we're doing here? You got it, boss.
So, what do you think of Desi? Well, she's prepared, analytical, she reads.
Nothing like Jack.
What do you think? - She's smart, she's thorough.
- Yeah.
Definitely not the warmest person I've ever met.
Well, she did say that up-front.
I'll give her points for honesty, I guess.
Here's one thing I don't get, though.
She said she's only doing this because she owes Jack.
Owes Jack for what? I don't know.
Whatever it is, it's got to be pretty important for her to leave what she was doing and come to us.
Based on what I read in her file, she could work anywhere she wants.
One of the first women to graduate Ranger school, spent years on a special ops team comprised of SAS, Delta and CIA.
And she's been awarded more medals than Michael Phelps.
Jack did say he was leaving us in good hands.
We've got zero visibility here.
I need to get up there for a better vantage.
Well, uh, just hang around for a second, I'll build you a ladder.
Or you could just defy gravity and run up the wall.
Did she just do that? Cody's got something.
Right behind you.
The guns are in here.
No guns.
Not even gun parts.
Just gun oil heating up on a propane tank.
- Mac.
- That's what drew Cody.
You've got company.
MacGyver! Hey, get behind the forklift now.
Guys, more incoming.
Cody! Maria, get down.
We're outgunned, Mac.
Can't hold them off forever.
Okay, start the engine to the forklift when I tell you to.
Cover me.
Wait your turn.
All right, fire it up.
I'm coming.
Get back! Move! Move! Go, go, go! Come on, move! Desi! Desi! Hey.
Kevlar is a girl's best friend.
Cody! Oh, he's the toughest dog I've ever had, but any animal would panic if they got hit by sparks like that.
We'll find him.
I promise.
Guys, what the hell just happened? The tip Maria got was fake.
The smugglers lured us into a trap and they tried to kill us.
Actually, I don't think we were their main target.
This came out of the smuggler's jacket.
So we weren't the target? No.
The dog was.
Our satellite shows Cody heading east, but this footage loses him the second he hits the trees.
These guys went through all that trouble just to lure out and kill a dog? Not just any dog.
Cody's stopped more illegal shipments of guns than all other ATF dogs combined.
If they take him out, they'll increase the number of weapons that get through tenfold.
Which means they won't give up until they get him.
We have to find Cody before they do.
What's the protocol for finding a lost working dog? Same as finding any other lost dog.
When they panic, they get scared and disoriented and bolt.
So you can't just, like, throw up a bat signal and he'll come back? Sadly, no.
His microchip won't help unless he's found and scanned, but I can call him back with this whistle.
Damn it, I must've lost it during the firefight at the port.
Well, I guess there's only one option.
Cody! Cody! - Hey, uh - Cody! Here, bud! What you did to those guys back there at the port? Not bad.
Yeah, well, your forklift trick wasn't terrible either.
Jack told me stories about you doing stuff like that, but seeing is believing.
- Cody! - Cody! What else did Jack tell you? He said that you were the best agent the U.
government has ever put in the field, that sometimes you get too much in your own head, and that never, under any circumstances, should I give you my cell phone.
Here, bud! Something about setting a very clear precedent from day one.
I'll admit, I have repurposed a few of Jack's phones over the years, but he never told us anything about you.
How come you didn't draw your weapon back there? Cody! Here, boy! I don't like guns either.
- But you carry one.
- Well, job requires it.
Sometimes it's necessary, but I'd rather put bad guys in an interrogation room than the morgue, if I could help it.
All right, good chat.
Cody! Cody! Here, bud! Guys.
Right there.
Yeah, those tracks are fresh.
He definitely came through this way.
- Cody! - Cody! He must be too far away to hear our voices.
I need my whistle.
Actually, I think I can make one.
I just need this and a, uh, plastic bag about yea big.
- You got it.
- Thank you.
Come on, Desi.
We're on bag patrol.
Out with it, Riley.
Oh, come on, you didn't ask me to join you 'cause you need help hunting for plastic bags.
What's on your mind? Your dossier.
You said it was complete.
You lied.
So? What'd you find? Four missing days in Afghanistan.
You went AWOL while your team was stationed in Bazarak.
And whatever you did was so bad you got demoted and transferred.
That last part was redacted.
Well, when I have a keyboard, nothing's redacted.
So I've heard.
- I want details.
- Why? Because you bailed on people who were counting on you, and I need to make sure you're not gonna do that again.
My unit was embedded with Afghan locals to build relations and keep out militants.
I worked daily with a translator, Ibrahim.
Roofer by trade.
Two kids.
Maniac for chocolate, so I knew I could trust him right away.
He was a good man.
He wanted to help rebuild his country.
His wife Lina kind of took me in.
We grew close.
One day, she comes to me crying.
The militants were kidnapping anyone who'd helped the Americans.
They dragged Ibrahim out of his own home in front of his family.
I put a special request to lead a rescue mission.
Superiors rejected it.
"Not enough resources," they said.
That answer was unacceptable.
The four days.
You went to go get him.
Well, someone had to.
I found the militant's compound, extracted Ibrahim, and snuck him and his family to safety over the border.
With no backup? Resolve beats numbers any day.
And I would do it again in a heartbeat.
Ibrahim e-mailed me last week.
His oldest just started high school.
Anything else you want to know? Credit score? Favorite color? Flossing habits? 787, purple, and based on your dental records, every morning like clockwork.
I don't miss much.
Here you go.
One nasty bag straight from the garbage.
Thank you.
So how's this gonna work? The plastic bag should act as a bellows, forcing more air into the dog whistle, amplifying it so that Cody will be more likely to hear it from a distance.
He's trained to respond to three short blasts.
Uh I know only dogs can hear that frequency, but that was still pretty anti-climactic.
Uh, we sure it actually worked? No, I'm not.
Because hollowing out the inside of a stick isn't the recommended method for making a dog whistle.
Try it again, Mac.
- That's Cody.
- It's coming from that direction.
Nice work, roomie.
This way.
Follow me.
I could've sworn it sounded like Cody was right near here.
He was.
Well, the size matches Cody, but where'd he go? Yeah, they lead to these tire tracks and then stop.
Cody got into a car.
Somebody took him.
Bad news, Mac.
The tracks you found belong to a tire that comes stock on over half the SUVs and vans on the road.
And sifting through every local match for any persons of interest will take hours.
Time we don't have.
Whether Cody was snatched up by smugglers, or some rando looking for a new pooch, they could be driving further away every second.
Mac, tell me you've come up - with a plan to find Cody.
- Yep, I got a plan, but it's pretty crazy.
You say that like it's unusual.
Look, MacGyver, I get it.
You like to make things up as you go.
But I'm trained to plan ahead for everything.
If I have an itch to scratch, it goes on my calendar.
Well, you know, there's a clinical term for that.
How 'bout you just tell us what you need so we can help you, instead of blindly following you around? Okay, well, I'm looking for a car that I can hotwire, 'cause it's old enough to hotwire, but I also need a sunroof on it.
Okay, that's oddly specific.
Why? Well, it's just like Maria said: every law-enforcement dog has an RFID chip implanted in their necks, which is the same put in house pets to ID them if they get lost.
And I'm gonna use Cody's to track him down.
But how? You have to be right next to the chip to search it.
- Got one.
- Ordinarily, yes.
The chip that's under Cody's skin is passive, which means It has no battery.
So it only broadcasts the data stored on it when it's activated by electromagnetic radio waves.
Like the ones put out by an RFID reader.
Go, blue.
But Maria's right.
We're only gonna be able to find Cody's RFID tag if we're basically standing right on top of him.
Maybe we can scan it from a distance if I can build a very powerful detector.
I couldn't in the woods, but now I have parts to source.
- Like this truck we're about to steal.
- Yeah.
And, uh, we're also gonna have to take over an AM radio station.
AM radio.
Is that even still a thing? Guess how much it costs to buy up all the airtime on Eureka 1600, California's hottest daytime AM channel.
A whopping 200 bucks.
At the top of the hour, DJ something or other will start broadcasting the RFID frequency for the rest of the day.
Just one dull, monotonous sound.
Not unlike their current playlist of adult contemporary.
Hey, I like adult contemporary.
And dogs can hear this sound? Well, no, but the tone should activate every RFID tag within 100 miles, including the one in Cody.
And then, once it is activated, we'll be able to use this high-powered detector - to look for him.
- Wait, you said every RFID tag within 100 miles? - Yeah.
- That's gonna be a lot.
Thousands and thousands.
Way more than any human could ever scan through.
You weren't kidding, Mac.
This thing is giving us hits on every chipped dog, cat, and bird in the area.
Not to mention we're getting hits on clothing stores, grocery stores and security badges.
Well, good.
Now that we know it works, filter out all search results that don't match Cody's info.
You got it.
No sign of Cody yet.
Hey, I'm sorry I doubted you back there.
Actually, you were right to check me out.
Means you care about your team.
- Great.
So I have one more question.
- No.
Jack said you owe him.
Why? Nice try.
I assume he put you up to this? It was worth a shot.
- We got Cody.
- All right, yeah.
Just keep heading north I was gonna say step on it, but you read my mind.
And I thought Jack drove fast.
Hey, you want to save Cody or not? Yeah.
That requires us being alive.
It is kind of your job description.
Remember, we have no idea who owns this house or why they took Cody, so keep your guard up.
He doesn't sound happy.
I meant what I said earlier about not pulling my gun unless I have to.
But just know I make special exceptions for anyone who hurts animals.
She's intense.
You're just figuring that out? What the hell?! Who are you people? Cody! Sorry about your door, but that dog belongs to the ATF.
Where did you find him? I was on my morning hike when he just ran up to me.
He looked lost, had no collar.
Figured I shouldn't leave him out there.
Thank you.
He really had us worried.
Thank you.
And sorry again for the whole kicking in your door thing.
But the ATF will reimburse you.
I'm just glad you saw our post.
- What post? - Online.
We were gonna put out fliers, too, but you sent us an e-mail within 20 minutes of us posting his cute little photo on the neighborhood site, so We never e-mailed you.
Then who did? All right, guys, we gotta move, now! Come on.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Guys, we got a problem.
There's more in the back.
Come on, this way.
This way.
Let's go.
Desi, did those guys see you at the port? No, those are different guys.
Why? Hi.
How can I help you? Oh, that's right, you're here for your dog.
I'm Jennifer.
Do you still have him? Of course.
Come on in.
Your dog is such a sweetheart.
My daughter's so bummed we can't keep him.
Where is he? We put him in the tub.
He was just so muddy from the trail.
Figured we'd give him a quick bath.
This way.
How we doing, Maria? Loaded and ready to go.
Where are my manners? I didn't even offer you guys a glass of water.
We're in a hurry, so if you just take us to our dog Sure.
No problem.
Just figured you might be thirsty.
That's all.
Will these work? This is all they had, so you gotta make it work.
Then I will.
Okay, when this is done, I need you to stick it as close to the alternator as possible.
It needs to interfere with the electric charge.
All right, Maria.
Wait for my signal.
Kelly, time to dry off the dog.
The owners are here.
If he's still a little wet, it's fine.
We just really want to see him and make sure he's okay.
Totally get it.
Let me just check.
He's not in here! MacGyver, you're up.
Maria, go.
I got eyes on the dog! Dog's getting away! Nice sleeper hold.
Oh, thanks.
Maria, are you okay? - MacGyver! - Get out of the van! That's a no.
MacGyver! Is everyone okay? Yeah.
They came out of nowhere.
- Forced us off the road.
- Mac, what happened? - We were ambushed.
- The family's okay, but the smugglers - got away with Maria and Cody.
- What? What do you mean, got away with Maria and Cody? I thought they were trying to kill Cody.
Well, we must have been wrong.
They clearly wanted to capture him since they brought a control stick.
- But why? - Good question.
Matty, you got eyes in the sky? No, I couldn't task a satellite to your location fast enough.
Do we need a satellite? Couldn't we just find Cody again using Mac's fancy RFID tracker? Yeah, we could.
But there's a quicker way.
You guys said that those men responded to your lost dog post by e-mail, right? - Uh-huh.
- Can you track him using the e-mail? I'm Riley, have we met? Here you go.
I just need your cell phone.
Thank you.
I got 'em.
The e-mail definitely came from this building.
Hurry up.
Matty, I definitely see the smugglers, but no Cody and Maria.
What are they doing, Mac? They're placing wrapped weapons into containers.
All right.
They got Maria and Cody.
They've got them at gunpoint.
Mac, I've got a tac team en route.
They're 20 minutes out.
Get him to do his thing.
He doesn't perform well under pressure.
That's not how this works.
Make it work.
Find it.
Find it.
Find it.
Find it.
They never planned on killing Cody.
They were gonna kidnap him so that he could help them shore up holes in their operation.
Maria said Cody's the best detection dog she's ever worked with, right? If those guys find a way to mask the scent of their guns from him, they'll be able to smuggle weapons anywhere.
This is bigger than just guns.
If they succeed at fooling Cody, they could bring anything into our country.
Drugs, chemical weapons, biological weapons, nuclear weapons.
Yeah, we-we get it, Bozer.
It's bad.
- You're upsetting him.
- Get the dog.
If you can't get your mutt under control, you're of no use to us.
We need to get in there, now.
Mac, was that an explosion? Yeah.
The warehouse is on fire.
Fire and rescue is on its way to you now.
- They're never gonna make it in time.
- What's the plan? We go in.
Where's Cody? He ran off.
Oh, I have to I have to find him.
We got to get you out of here; you're hurt bad.
I'm not, I'm not leaving without Cody.
Fire and rescue are still ten minutes away.
Get out of there.
- Cody.
- Get Maria out of here.
I got Cody.
Got you.
Fire department's five minutes out.
Where are you guys? We got Maria, but Desi went after Cody.
They're still in there.
- Look after her.
- Mac, where are you going? To get Desi and Cody.
Desi! Can you hear me? Desi! Desi! MacGyver! MacGyver.
I can't get to you! - There's no other way out.
- I'll be back.
One of the fastest ways to put out a fire is with fire-fighting foam, which can be made with readily available items.
Start with baking soda.
Add liquid soap.
And a whole lot of vinegar.
Combine it all together in a container.
And then, to distribute it, all you need is a hose and a pump.
And any will do.
Just like the ones you find on vacuum-sealed containers.
And, voilà, you've got basically the same stuff professional firefighters use.
Okay, hurry.
Let's go.
Good boy.
Here we go.
Good boy.
Good boy.
Come on, Cody.
We got it, boy.
Firepit not working? Oh, no, firepit works fine.
We just had enough fire for a while.
All right, guys, good news.
The smugglers tried to run, but our Phoenix tac team was able to round up most of them.
The ones that got away will soon be in custody.
The ghost guns, the ones that didn't burn up in the fire, were confiscated.
And the smugglers even gave up the turncoat ATF agent.
So now he's in custody, too.
- All in all, a good day.
- Exactly.
I wanted to say thank you.
From both of us.
You are very welcome.
And if you two are ever in the neighborhood, feel free to drop by.
I love these dogs.
Maybe we could get one of our own.
I mean, some day.
That'd be nice.
Hey, turn up.
So where's new girl, Desi? - Did you invite her, Mac? - He did.
Sorry I'm late, I had to make a stop.
Nice of you to join us.
Yeah, well, Jack made me promise to come to at least one of these.
Since I finished yours.
Spicy Ranch, I've heard these were good.
Well, I came, I saw.
I'll see you all at work.
Hmm, well, that was quick.
She definitely doesn't overstay her welcome.
Oh, Desi, hold on.
I was clear with Matty.
I'm not into the whole group debrief thing.
Right, I guess we were just kind of hoping you'd stick around for a little bit.
Thanks, but I haven't even unpacked yet.
One beer, that's it.
Come on, we just wrapped up a successful mission.
It's what we do.
Celebration can't hurt.
Look, it's not personal.
It's just, I've had to bury more than a few coworkers which is hard enough.
But when they're also your friend I get it.
But, I mean at the same time, this is pretty thoughtful.
So if I didn't know any better, I'd say you are open to being friends with your coworkers.
Store was on my way.
Took, like, zero effort.
But you'd have to look for the store.
And then you had to pull over, you had to find parking and then you went into the store and you found these.
And that takes more than a little effort.
Good night, MacGyver.
You know, I've never met anyone more prickly and opinionated.
I think I kind of like her.
Just a little bit.
Yeah, me, too.
What do you think, Mac? I think it's gonna be interesting to see how this all plays out.
- Mm-hmm.
- All right.
- To Cody.
- To Cody.
- To Cody.
- To Cody.
All right, now.
If you're gonna work with the Phoenix, Desi, you're gonna have to up your game.