Mad Dogs (2010) s03e03 Episode Script

Season 3, Episode 3

- Where are we? - South Africa.
- How do we keep in touch with each other? - You won't be able to.
If you want to stay alive, stay invisible.
- How did he find out? - 'Cause I told him.
If you love her so much, why don't you marry her? No, no, no, no.
What are you doing? Help! Holy Christ on a bike.
They got you! So if you're interested in changing our situation meet me on Saturday and we can discuss how to take this further.
- Where to, Bax? - Home, I reckon.
- What is this? - This is my office.
I'm an attorney at law.
I kip here as well.
- What, when you can't get home? - No, this kind of is my home.
- Milk? - Yeah, please.
No, I'll have black.
It's good weather down here, I'll stand up for it.
- Cold in winter.
- Yeah, it's cold but brighter.
It gets windy, though, don't it? It's quite windy.
What about you two, then, what are you doing? Well, I run a bar.
It's actually more of a club.
It's in the sub-downtown area.
I mainly do construction.
Live with me girlfriend.
Well, it sounds like you all landed on your feet, then.
Well, no, actually it took a while.
I mean when I first got here I worked as a busboy.
That was pretty humbling.
Yeah, I worked in a pizza restaurant.
Who'd have thought we'd be spending our forties like this? What are you now, Bax? What, 42? Yeah, two weeks ago.
Celebrated on my own.
Had a steak, bottle of wine.
I walked home alone.
And cried myself to sleep.
Cheers, pal.
- What do you think the biggest change is, then? - What, about living here? No, being in your forties.
Well, I take my jeans off.
First thing as I come in now.
I never used to do that.
First couple of weeks here, I was still drinking heavily.
It was bad.
I, uh, started robbing tourists.
Then I got knocked over by a minibus.
Ended up in hospital.
That's where I met Shani.
She worked as a nurse there.
Still with her now.
I slept on the beach for a month.
I seriously thought about ending it all.
One night, I even walked out into the sea.
What happened? I thought about the sharks and just checked in at the Sally Army.
Just started hustling, really.
You know, anything I could sell, I'd sell.
Now, I know that.
- Well, we all survived, didn't we? - Well, I nearly didn't.
- It's a nice cup of tea, Bax.
- Thanks, mate.
- To us.
- To us.
- And we never got caught.
- Well, he did What? He did.
He hasn't seen me in two years.
He's already passing judgments.
- Well, you do with me.
- When? - As soon as you walked in.
About my camp bed.
- I didn't say anything about your camp bed.
- You looked askance at my foldaway.
- I didn't look askance.
Did I look askance? You ain't changing, Bax, eh? Still worried about what people think about ya'.
- You almost went to prison.
- The boys are back together again.
We saved your arse from jail.
Saved your arse from months and months of non-consentual gang-related bum sex.
- You don't have any gratitude? - You want me to thank you? Alright, let's give the boy a break, yeah? I mean, he's being through detox.
He's a bit fragile.
Baxter, why don't you show him what we got, yeah? Yeah.
- I don't get it.
- Basically, it means it's over.
We're gonna be ok.
Omelette man.
Brown bread.
- You can go home, Rick.
- If you wanted, that is.
First things first.
We need to make sure all our names are cleared, yeah? Then we can do what we want.
Right, so how do we do that, then? So, if we get the all clear today, I'm literally on the first flight out of here.
- What do you say? Get the all clear? - I dunno, step at a time, yeah? Woods.
Straight to the airport? Come on! Um, well, I don't know if I can go straight away.
What would you call that? - A wall.
- No, the colour.
I dunno, pink.
Yeah, see that was the terminal row.
- What was? - Me and the woman, formerly known as my wife.
We were in Homebase on a Saturday.
Place was heaving.
Told her we should have gone on a week day.
Hard to see you let that one go.
And she bought pink paint.
I said, "I don't want a pink kitchen.
" She said, "it's not pink.
It's called ballet slipper.
" I had this massive rug, right in the middle of the wallpapers.
Every resentment I would ever held onto over the past decade spewed out as pink or "ballet slipper".
I would later check myself into a hotel.
Yeah, I can see why she might call it "ballet slipper.
" - Gentlemen, we're ready for you now.
- Here we go.
My secretary gave me the broad strokes of your story, but - It's not a story.
- No, it actually happened.
None of you currently hold British passports.
No, that's, um.
That's why we're here.
So why don't you tell me, in your own words, from the beginning, exactly what happened to you.
Quinn! - What? - Sit down.
Making me nervous.
There's no one here.
- What did he say? - There's no one there.
Something's not right.
- What? - Something's not right.
No, hang on, hang on.
We're safe here.
This is our consulate.
We're in sovereign territory here.
This is, this is part of the fucking Foreign Office.
Hang on, hang on.
Remember what happened the last time we were in the Foreign Office? Listen, we need to get out of here.
Come on.
Oi, not down there.
That's the khazi.
- Guys, where are you going? - Come on.
- I think we should wait.
- Let's go.
They put in a police cordon out here.
I don't know what it is, but they're putting one out there.
Hey, through there.
Through there.
- What happened? - I thought you said no one was after us.
The operation was closed down.
You saw it yourself.
They're chasing us for something.
What if all that stuff in the Internet is just bullshit? It can't be.
It was all legitimate articles, wasn't it? It was CNN, Huffington Post, New York Times.
- Take your shirts off.
- Huh? - Take your shirts off! Blend in.
- Fuck off.
You take your shirt off.
Hey, hey, listen.
What about the people who gotta find us? Maybe they haven't been fucking told about us yet.
I reckon the guys in the Consultate got in touch with the American Embassy and he would have called Langley.
- Who's Langley? - The CIA HQ.
- Fucking hell.
Jason Bourne here.
- Well, I've been reading up on it, haven't I, obviously.
Well, say something, then.
I shouldn't have told you, should I? I always assumed you were on the run.
But this this is, uh, fou quoi.
This is crazy.
- Everything you tell me is true? - Yeah, everything.
- What can I do? - We need to know if we're still in danger.
I was wondering if you might know some security people at the French Embassy, I mean All these places, these missions, they're filled with spooks and spies, aren't they? And what do I tell my husband? "Could you please help my lover?" Oh, yeah, huh.
There is maybe someone.
He works for the Americans.
- Is that a good idea? - Not really, because it's a bit awkward, but I trust him.
Why is it awkward? I, uh I think I broke his heart.
But it was a long time ago, so, maybe You know I'd do anything for you.
As long as it means that we can be together.
I mean, it does, yes? Of course it does.
This is Adam Newhouse, Solicitors.
Leave a message after the tone.
Bax, it's me.
Christiane spoke to her contact.
The answer is "Yes.
" The contract is still active.
Quinn Yeah.
Christiane says her friend can help us.
We've gotta meet him tomorrow.
So they're still after us, then.
Who the fuck is that? Shit, it's the police.
That's not the police, mate.
That's security.
What the hell do they want with us? Security? No idea.
Um It might have something to do with, uh This.
- When were you gonna tell us about this? - I've been trying to get it off, haven't I? I just I didn't wanna tell you about it, in case I just thought, you know You might leave me Again.
Oh, for fuck's sake.
- Requesting permission - Right, give us a screwdriver or something.
I repeat, requesting permission to enter the premises.
- Here.
- Cheers.
- Lift your leg.
- Jesus.
Watch out! Fucking hell.
Permission granted.
Jesus Christ, hurry up.
Target is on the move.
Come on, quickly! Over there! - They've gone.
- Fuck.
Christiane, this is Baxter, Woody and Rick.
Hi, hi.
Well, uh, Luke works in security so we shall see what he can do.
Thank you.
Thank you for seeing us.
You say you can help them? Me, no.
But but there is a man, maybe.
He's a primary player in American security networks up until about five years ago.
End of Bush, then he disappeared.
Look, I gotta be clear.
You didn't get this from me.
You can trust them.
He lives up near Bloemfontein.
Some people think he went mad.
Some say he's still working.
Some say he's dead, but if he is alive, he may be able to help.
Letter of introduction.
That's the best I can do.
Go all the way upcountry to find a guy we don't even know exists.
Who may or may not be able to help us.
- It's all we've got, ain't it? - Are you sure it's safe in here? Yeah, we're absolutely fine.
You see, people look out for each other in here.
Why is that woman staring at me? Look who it is.
The four Herberts.
- Oh, Jesus.
- Hey! What are you doing here? You know, same old.
Ducking and diving, living the dream.
I left the army.
Or rather, they requested me to leave.
You managed to get home to see your mum? Can't believe you lot are still hanging out together.
What is it, some sort of bromance? We're, um, we're just deciding whether to cross the entire country to find an ex-CIA spook in the hope that he can cancel the kill contract that's on us all.
Oh, you guys lead such boring lives.
Here you are, Mercedes.
Do you know where that is? - Is that sure ? How are you gonna get there? - No idea.
- Can I make a suggestion? - Please, do.
You need to hire somebody.
A guide.
Somebody who knows their way around.
Somebody to get you there safe.
Ta-da! I'm normally $400 dollars a day.
As it's you, $450.
Pay me what you can.
I'll be waiting for you.
I'll miss you.
Hey! You're not gonna say bye, then? Where are you going? - Work.
I told ya'.
- No, you lie.
I can see it right there, on your face.
You're just afraid of something.
What's the matter, kid? What are you worried about? You know, sometimes, if you say it out loud then, it doesn't feel so bad.
Well, I'm afraid something will happen to you.
And you won't come back.
You know I'd never desert you, don't you? Whatever happens, I'm always there for you, ok? And even if I'm not around, I'm still thinking of you.
Shani and I love you very much.
Keep it moving, boys.
In case you hadn't noticed, we don't exactly fit in.
Bloemfontein, right? So where are you people all going? - Bloemfontein.
- ┬┐Bloemfontein? Why don't you fly? 'Cause we wanna see a bit of the country.
- So what are you doing up there? - We're visiting.
- My sister.
- My father.
- Do not want trouble in my taxi.
- What makes you think we're gonna cause trouble? White people, in a taxi.
Talk about bad omens.
What should we do, Mercedes? Just get them out the road, for a start.
Alright, boys.
Nice and frosty.
- Body snatchers! - What? For bad medicine.
Tribal people.
They do very bad things.
- What do they want with them? - They want organs.
That's a bit heavy, wasn't it? What sort of bad medicine? The use it to raise the Tokoloshe Dwarf zombie.
These are not people you want to mess with.
Hang on a minute, dwarf zombie? It will come into your house.
It will go right underneath your bed.
And, if you see it, you'll know for sure, somebody will die.
Very soon.
I must go.
Oh, hang on, hang on, hang on.
You're supposed to be giving us a lift to Bloemfontein.
Don't you get it? This journey is cursed.
Whoa, hang on.
Hey! Oi! Oi! Let's, uh let's see if we can uncurse it, shall we? Alright, that'll do.
You need to take us to the next town, ok? Why didn't you tell us you had all that money? 'Cause it's mine.
It's my savings.
In case I had to run away.
You are running away.
- We could have fucking flown up here.
- Alright, so now what? I dunno.
We'll have to hire a car or something.
That's a good idea, Bax.
Why don't we just pop over the road to Avis? - Anybody got any idea where we are? - Yeah, there's a sign over here.
It says: "Shit Creek.
No paddle.
" I'll do a recon.
Don't move.
I think I might head back.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, no, no.
We got to see this through, Quinn.
No, no, no, no, you gotta see it through, Bax.
I got a life back there.
So do I.
- It's not safe to go back.
- It's not safe to go anywhere.
We should have just stayed hidden.
Should have settled for what we'd got.
So what're you saying, Quinn? You never want to see you family again, is that it? I never said that.
Well, don't you think there's a few questions that they might like answered? Like, um, oh I don't know, is my dad still alive? My only family know I'm still alive.
I've been writing to them.
Well, don't worry.
Nobody found out, did they? I found a way to write to them, so, uh, you know, you could all just mind your bloody business.
I managed, ok? Without any, any of your help! Alright! What about your dad, Quinn? What about him? Have you ever wondered how he's coping on his own? - How about you? You still coming? - I have to, don't I? I owe it to - Why'd you keep saying that? - I deserted you at the airport, didn't I? Listen! You all deserted me.
If you ask me, alright? You're the one who wants to get back.
But for some reason you won't own up to it.
So you keep using me as an excuse.
- Just leave it, eh.
- What? Leave it.
I know, you don't really want me here.
- No one does.
- Come on, Rick.
- Of course I do, Rick - Bollocks! Come back.
Oh, fucking hell.
I leave you alone for one minute! I found a way you can complete your journey! Anyone got any cash? You just bought that? You said boat.
That ain't a boat.
That's a a float.
Well, yeah, it's a seller's market.
Well, come on.
River trip! This is living, this is.
You got the water, the scenery, the air, the tin shake food that doesn't expire.
Rick's clout.
Makes you feel alive, don't it? Screw you, office jobs! Up yours, nine to five! Kiss my ass, fascists of the world! Well, come on.
Jump on! I can manage.
See you laters, master baiters.
Hang on, what are you doing? The map's there.
You should get there in a couple of hours.
Make sure you get off at the right stop.
This is your story, crazy dudes.
Hey, hang on a second.
We're paying you to help us.
Jesus, why don't you stand on your own eight feet for once? - It's time to man up, guys! - Man up? I'm trying to leave you with a little bit of self respect, here.
Give me that money.
- Well, hang on, I need that for loads of stuff.
- Just give me the money.
Get yourself back home.
Go see your mum.
You don't have to stay in Crawley.
Just get back.
Let her know you're alright.
"Thanks for shorting the float out, Rick.
Before I gave all your money away, that is.
" Ah, it's ok, Woods.
Don't mention it.
I'm just curious.
The other day, Bax, here, was sticking me out about not showing any gratitude.
Rick, please.
I just I've not got the strength for a fight, ok? But not one of you thanked me, though.
Did ya'? Paying for the boat? Eh? And what would have happened if I hadn't had enough money? - Thank you, Rick.
- Don't take the piss! I'm not.
I'm being genuine.
So where'd you get the money from, anyways? Told you.
My savings.
So this little boat excursion is funded entirely by drug money.
Gotta love the symmetry of that.
Talking of which Where is it? Who tied it up? Well, I think the answer to that is nobody.
Fuck! Fuck.
Why can't anything in my life just go right, just for once?! - Hey, come here.
- Fuck off, please.
What the What's that all about? They can't be looking for us.
Can they? Of course they can.
I thought nobody knows where we are.
Your french bird does.
- Nah, we can trust her.
- How do you know, Quinn? She doesnt she doesn't know you, does she? She doesn't know anything about you, so what makes you think you know everything about her? What about that Luke character? I mean, really, we haven't got a clue who he is, have we? Could have double-crossed us.
He could have grassed us up.
Right, can we just get out of here? Fucking hell! For fuck's sake! Oh, great.
Perfect! This has gotta be a wind up, ain't it? Hello.
- Do you speak English? - Of course.
Um, we'd like to speak to somebody in charge? Yeah, we'd like to speak to one of your tribal elders.
Do you have a like a Chief or something? We have an elected council.
Great! Can we speak to somebody from the council? Hey! It's that guy from the car crash.
It's the body snatchers.
We're looking for someone.
A man called Lazaro.
Keep still, please.
Yeah, we were told that we could contact him here.
We don't know a man of that name.
Right, um Do you mind if I tell you why we need to find him? Do you mind if I sit down? Ok, two years ago, the four of us, we went on holiday together.
On a trip, to see an old friend of ours.
So this man told us to come here.
Uh, which is what we did.
And that's why we would like to to find Lazaro.
Give him the letter.
We were given a letter of introduction.
We do not know this man.
Ok why did you take our pictures? Are you afraid of having your picture taken? Um, you've heard our story.
Obviously, we're a bit nervous about who knows where we are.
- So, um - So you don't trust us.
Seeing the kind of people you are, no.
Not sure we do.
What kind of people are we? Listen Chief, alright? We all saw what you did at the car crash.
Ok? We are not stupid.
Alright? We know what you and your lot here what you all get up to.
You take those dead people and then cut 'em up, and use their body parts.
They weren't dead.
We took them to hospital.
If we hadn't taken them, they would have died.
Is that the kind of people you think we are? Well no, I mean you are good people obviously.
It is too late to go back to town.
You will have to stay here.
We'll give you a room.
For 200 rand.
What are we gonna do, then? We just go back to Cape Town? Back to our pretend lives? Except we can't, can't we? We'll have to start again.
New pretend lives.
Nah, couldn't face going through that again.
You don't get it, do you? There is no going back.
There are no more pretend lives.
This is game over, boys.
We are dead.
Give it a rest, for Christ's sake, will you? Where did we go for help? Somebody who worked for the American government.
Who wants us dead? The American government.
We bought right into it.
I mean, how stupid are we? Look where we are, for Christ's sake.
We couldn't be more off the beaten track if we tried.
They sent us here to kill us.
They sent us to a place where they'll never even find our bodies.
'Cause they are gonna chop 'em up and they are gonna use 'em for bad medicine.
Keep walking in that direction.
Well, cover me, then.
This doesn't exactly look lived in.
Who's been sleeping in my bed? We are sitting on a porch in the middle of nowhere with a strong possibility of being shot! Or failing that, eaten.
By hyenas.
You have been on my case for 25 years! 'Cause you've been winding me up! For 25 years! Come on, then! Come on! Subtitle by Coldblade.