Mad Dogs (2010) s04e02 Episode Script

Season 4, Episode 2

1 From here on in it's all about what you don't say and where you don't go.
You got your names back.
Use them wisely! Go home! Stay there.
I just think we might have met up first on our own rather than at my daughter's wedding.
What we said in the villa wasn't such a stupid idea.
How are you? Are you sure it's you know OK? What? Being back here.
It's fine, we're rich, don't worry about it.
I know you're all thinking it's a sign of something.
It's a goat in a swimming pool! Again.
Listen, some amazing things have happened in your life.
That's just because the stars lined up in a certain way but the truth is you never know what's going to happen.
Life is never in our control.
I'm going to tell you a story.
When my brother's 18, my uncle gives him a car so he gets to work in his factory.
Doing deliveries.
And we all said to my father, this is very lucky.
And my father said What? Like, wait and see.
Que sera sera.
What? Nothing.
Anyway, two weeks later, my brother breaks his leg playing football.
And I said to my dad, well, this is very unlucky.
He's going to lose his job.
And my father says, wait and see.
A month later, a huge mud slide smashes into my uncle's factory.
The boy who was doing the deliveries is killed.
And I said to my father, my brother finally is very lucky.
And he said Wait and see.
You can never predict what will happen next.
Life has always one more consequence.
What is that? That is my cue to do this.
They shouldn't have to pay it.
Christian! No! No! Christian! Christian! Help me! OK, come on.
To me.
What happened? We just found her! There's no pulse.
She's not breathing.
I didn't hear anything.
Somebody call an ambulance! Turn her on her back! Someone's shooting at us! Get inside, quick! Quick! Leave her! Come on, get in! We need to go to the room! The room! We need to go to the room! Go, go, up there! This is just an office! Have to get her! No! Quinn, you can't go out! You can't go out there! Get off of me! Listen to me! Listen to me! Look at me.
Look at me! If you go out there you're going to get shot.
We're going to find out what's going on and we'll go out together.
OK? She went to get wine bags.
She just went I know, mate.
I don't know what's wrong with it, it was OK just now.
She was dead, wasn't she? We're sure of that? I'm so sorry.
He needs some dry clothes.
Put these on.
Come on, stand up.
Is this a robbery or something? Are these attached to the security cameras? Quinn! Are these attached to the security He doesn't know! Anybody know how to work this? Come here, let me look at it.
Come here.
It's all connected.
Here we go.
Oh No need to see that.
There's no one here.
Oh Jesus fucking Christ! Where are they? Are they in the house? No.
Where did they go then? It's the goat.
They've come for us.
How did they know we were here? What you looking at her for? They followed her! Don't be fucking ridiculous! How did they know she was in touch with us? None of us went to They were watching.
Me? The villa.
Soon as Rick made contact with the estate agent.
Hang on a minute! We all agreed to sell it! No, no, no.
Oh shit! Shani.
Hey! You going to let me in? You have to go.
What? Tell her to go the police.
Tell her to get help! What exactly is she going to say to the police? That men we stole drug money from had come looking for us? Yes! I'd sooner take my chance with the police than with them.
Tell her to go to my bar.
Ask for a guy called Carol.
Explain where we are and what's happened.
You have to turn around right now.
You have to leave.
Get in your car and leave.
Now! Why? Just do what I say, for fuck's sake! Don't speak to me like that.
Is this because I was early? Shani, Shani.
Go to Quinns bar, OK? You've got to ask for a man called Carol.
Who's that? It's Rick.
Just go there.
Just tell her! You have to leave now, darling.
You have to leave now! Get in, babe, please.
Are these the same men you stole in on Mallorca? Yeah.
It won't stop then! They waited more than two years.
It doesn't matter how long it takes or how far they have to go.
They are going to take their revenge! They're going to take it.
They're going after her.
They're going after her! I want to get out of here now! Immediately! I want to leave.
Open the door! Listen, stop.
At least we're all safe in there.
You do want you want.
I'm going after her.
Quinn, open the door.
Fucking hell! Come on, we can't do this! Who are we kidding? We're not gangsters! You kind of are.
Can we please just go?! Listen, you can all go! You can all go into the line of fire.
But I'm staying here.
As soon as the gates open, floor it, quick.
Go on then! What you doing? Where's he going? Quinn! Shit.
Were they right behind her? She definitely had a head start.
She could have got away, yeah? Yeah.
I'm sure.
I'm sure she did.
Here he is! What you doing? Batteries.
Stop the vehicle! Now! Now! This is good, this is help.
This is going to be help? So how's this all working out for you? This whole returning to the scene of the crime gig? Which one of you ass clowns came up with that idea? Zip it! I'll tell you when you can talk.
Got it? See, my boss, FYI, wants to know why the fuck I'm really Another fricking peep I swear to Christ I'll stick this burner someplace you really won't like.
I know how to do that.
30 years in the field.
I should have gone over to state, fuck it.
Now what did I say about using your names wisely? What? Ma'am.
We, all of us, are under attack.
OK? We really need to get out of here.
You what now? Maybe you could just I don't know.
Like, arrest us or something.
Arrest you? Who do you think I am? Officer fucking Krupke? What's going on? Some men are trying to kill us.
Yeah? No kidding? OK.
Here's what we're going to do.
Jesus Christ! Get in! Get in! Go! Just drive! There's something stuck underneath.
Oh shit! I'll take us on to the motorway.
Jesus! Great.
Come on! They're here.
Behind us.
Chicken! Chicken! Don't open the window! He's not stupid.
What is going on here? We'll just get out and run, yeah? They're not going to kill us out in How do you know that? Where we going to run to down the M3? Form a human conga in the slow lane.
Please don't shout at me! I'm really scared! I think they're coming! We've got to defend ourselves.
I want to defend us.
That is a shotgun, Woody, a real shotgun.
Listen, shush! We no have money.
Go away.
Go away! Go away! I will stab you! Oh, Jesus Christ.
We'll get help.
Get out the vehicle, sir.
Step out the vehicle, sir.
Drive, drive! Go! Let's just sit here for a minute.
What's that? Down there.
I can do this.
Good night, fuckers.
It's not loaded.
Oh fuck, neither's this.
I've got shells in this.
This one is loaded.
No, I don't want it.
Take it.
Let's go! Let's go! Let's leave the car here, that's what they'll be looking for.
Try and get on to Carol, see if he can pick us up.
Here you are, just get in here.
Anyone got a phone? I do.
It's working now.
You gonna call Carol? Yeah.
I don't know his number.
Carol's not his real name.
Nobody uses their real name in the bar.
I know somebody you can call.
Wait, wait.
Let me try Shani first.
Who is it, Rick? A bloke I do community service with.
Magnus, he's cool.
Hold on.
I don't know his number.
It's on my other phone.
It's not even ringing.
It's not right, is it? OK, so what do we do? Give me the phone.
Magnus will sort it, we're OK.
We're OK.
No worries.
No worries.
0683 OK, and that is the correctional services, yeah? All right.
Thank you.
They might give me Magnus's number.
It's Richard Heston.
My probation officer is Mr Darnell.
Hi, good thanks, yeah.
Really good.
Listen, I'm trying to get hold of Magnus.
No, I understand you can't give his number out.
Could you give him this number and get him to call me back? In trouble? No, fine.
Everything's fine.
Couldn't be better.
We're just chilling out, really.
I'd appreciate it if you could.
OK, thank you.
Why can't you remember his number? I thought you were Rain Man.
That's why you became an accountant.
Well, first off, I am not.
I never have been an accountant.
OK? I'm a financial consultant.
I'm a financial fucking consultant! People consult me about their finances.
You got it? OK.
Say it! Say it! Say what I am! Say what I am! All right.
I'm sorry.
Financial consultant.
Do you know why I like numbers? Cos I like the promise of the specific.
With numbers, you know you add them up and you get an answer.
You see an equation.
You find the solution.
If bookkeeping is involved, I can fix it.
I'm good at it.
I can always figure out an end result.
The one thing I've never been able to figure out, though, was me.
Let me try Shani again.
There's someone in the room! What? It was over there! What? There's something in here! We gotta go, Bax.
We gotta go.
We've gotta go.
Come on! I'm sorry, we've got to go now! Come on! Shani must have heard Rick about fetching Carol.
She would have known we were in trouble and she would have got help.
I'm sure of it.
Magnus will get my message.
We'll be OK.
How did it get to this? All we did was go away for the weekend.
A thousand bad choices.
That's what's led us here.
I was never going to go to Alvo's in the first place.
Changed my mind at the last minute.
Can't even remember why now.
I nearly ignored Carmen when we first met.
Imagine if I had.
She never would have changed the Euros.
And we Remember that tutor we had? Mr Weeks.
Yeah, Mr Welks.
Alvo called him a paedo.
He didn't call him a paedo.
Said he had a paedo's haircut.
He got well upset about that.
And it turned out he was one.
Remember Annabel? Jesus, she was sexy.
I wonder what happened to her.
She's probably happy.
Why? Because she's not with any of us.
I told you he wouldn't let us down.
What is it? Look at the beach.
I remember.
They obviously know where we are then.
They must have known the whole time.
They've probably been tracking this since Carmen was in Ibiza.
Why didn't we think about that? Cos we're just four herberts.
Not bad people, though, are we? No.
We're not bad people.
We definitely don't deserve this.
See the pyramids along the Nile Watch the sun rise on a tropic isle Think that's the end of it? You belong to me See the market place in old Algiers Send me photographs and souvenirs Just remember when our dream appears You belong to me I'll be so alone Without you Maybe you'll be lonesome too And blue