Madam Secretary (2014) s01e19 Episode Script

Spartan Figures

Well, there's a sight that never gets old.
You know, if men knew how sexy they looked fixing stuff, they'd never stop.
I can't feel my hands.
Well, why don't you bring them down here and let me do something about it? Where are the kids? They're out riding till dark.
I should really finish up here.
I'll go riding, too.
Coming down.
Oh, man, it's so silent here.
I'd forgotten what that sounded like.
Are you thinking what I'm thinking? We shouldn't sell.
- We so shouldn't sell! - But wait, you're the one that tried to convince me that we should.
Well, it's hard keeping up two homes.
And we hardly even ever get back here.
Yeah, upkeep on the property, the horses, the repairs.
I know.
I was present for that conversation.
Present and persuaded On the other hand, this is home.
I mean, this is where we're gonna come back to after my job, right? This is our normal.
Yeah, but what happened to never looking back? I'm looking forward.
- To getting back to our old selves.
- Yeah, but You know, your job could go on for several more years, babe.
- So - All the more reason to have a touchstone.
We shouldn't sell.
On the other hand, did you see the electric bill from the horse barn? - Okay.
- And the property taxes are insane.
You see how you just I'm verbally processing.
I'm Hey.
What are you guys doing back? Hey, we saw a rabbit chasing a fox! - Uh, don't you mean? - Nope.
Huge rabbit, skinny fox.
There's a parable there.
I posted a picture on Instagram, and it got 200 likes.
Yeah, way to be at one with nature.
You're just jealous because people - actually care what I'm doing.
- Look, your friends looked at your photo and then tapped it twice.
Look out, Taylor Swift.
Okay, everybody, to the barn.
You guys feed them, rub them down, and then muck out the stalls, all right? - It's freezing.
- Come on.
Please, can we do it after? - No.
- Not a chance.
She loves these horses more than she loves us.
Because they don't talk back.
What is? What are they doing? They're not supposed to be here for another three hours.
The cell reception is terrible.
- Well, that's another reason we should - Stop! Sorry to interrupt, ma'am.
Sorry! We've been calling since this morning, but, uh, we didn't have any signal.
What is that smell? We have good news.
They reached an agreement in Brussels to solve the Greek debt crisis.
Oh, thank God! And horse crap.
I beg your pardon? That's what that smell is.
- Oh.
- Well, another global depression avoided.
- Lunch? - Thank you.
But we really need to get going.
Russell Jackson's been calling all morning.
Well, that is until we lost our signals.
The president wants to see you, ma'am.
I'm sure it's about the Brussels trip.
Sorry, would you mind if I used your bathroom before we get going? - Yeah.
- Yeah, any place behind the barn is fine.
Oh, ha-ha.
Mock the city mouse.
The Greeks are acting like spoiled children.
They don't like spending cuts.
They don't want to be audited.
As if they earned the right to dictate terms to anyone.
Come in, Elizabeth.
You know the former Treasury Secretary.
Of course.
Hey, Max.
How's life in the private sector? Peachy.
Until today.
Our old friend is sharing his opinion of the Greek financial agreement we brokered.
- Ah.
- The short version is my hedge fund's investors are getting shafted.
- You see an alternative? - Absolutely! Insist on additional austerity measures.
Make the Greeks accountable for the promises they made.
I wish we could, but the Greek economy is on the verge of collapse.
Believe me, this is the best we could do.
I doubt that.
Sir, letting the Greeks off the hook will set a terrible precedent.
You'll erode confidence in the entire bond market.
And if the Greeks default, we're looking at worldwide panic.
There won't be a bond market left.
If they default.
President, there is still time to do the right thing.
I strongly recommend that you scuttle this agreement and get tough with the Greeks.
A restructure closer to I appreciate your counsel, Max.
But it's a done deal.
I suggest you get your hedge fund in line.
Better to get some fraction of your investment back than nothing at all.
What a waste of time.
Your anti-business stance is not gonna serve you in the next election, Conrad.
Mark my words.
Funny, isn't it? How these courtesy meetings never are.
I can't make everybody happy.
President, you have made most of Europe very happy with this agreement.
Which is why I'm recommending that you make the trip to Brussels - to sign the deal.
- It's not the best time.
Actually, it's the perfect time.
It's a victory lap.
- And you need one.
- I agree.
I think you should go.
You show up in Brussels, the other world leaders won't be able to stay away.
Makes it clear the world economy is being scrutinized at the highest levels.
And the optics will be good for my polling numbers.
I'm not apologizing for that.
After everything with Iran It's a big win.
And you need to put yourself in front of it.
Who would bring in this salt-coated, saturated-fat-loaded, super My mother.
delicious and satisfying snack.
I bring it here so I won't eat it.
You could just throw it away.
I can't! I deal with people in starving countries.
I agree that it's wrong to throw away food, but what does that have to do with this? Are we having our first cute workplace fight? - No, we're just talking.
- Aw.
I think we are.
I think we should mark the occasion.
- Are you crazy? Stop it! - "Crazy"? Someone's gonna walk in.
I'm a moderate risk taker.
Oh, you've got to be kidding me.
Everything okay? It's my magical disappearing friend.
Everybody has one.
We knew each other as kids.
We were really close friends in high school, and then he just became a swooper, you know? Don't hear from him for ages, then he swoops in and asks, "Why aren't we hanging out anymore?" - So he's back? - Yeah.
As if nothing ever happened.
"Want to have lunch with me at my house today, Ginjy".
- "Ginjy"? - Yeah.
Ginger head.
It It's, like, an inside joke.
- He's colorblind.
- He's-he's a guy? Yeah.
An immature swooper guy who calls me Ginjy.
Go have lunch with your friend.
Um, I'm here to see Harrison Dalton.
Hey! Hey.
- Hey! - You made it! Mr.
Dalton, - you really shouldn't.
- I'm sorry.
Nobody cares about the president's kid.
- Oh, my God! - Oh, my God, it's you! Ginjy! Wait, wait, wait, my wallet! Get your wallet.
Thank you, Brian.
Sorry! Oh! You should be way better at this.
I mean, you have a bowling alley inside of your actual house.
This is temporary lodgings.
I don't actually live with my parents; that'd be pathetic.
What happened to grad school? You haven't heard? I am straight out of rehab.
- Uh - Yeah, awkward.
Uh, I thought my dad told your mom, and that you would, uh Nope.
You want to ask? - I don't want to ask.
- Ask.
- I don't.
- Ask.
- I don't want to ask.
- Oxy.
And, yeah, I ended up hitting the streets after that got too expensive, and I am your basic Dr.
Phil episode.
With the added bonus of being the first son.
It's amazing the old baseball cap and sunglasses disguise actually works on heroin dealers.
Managed to avoid TMZ.
You're okay now? I'm killing it.
I'm good.
I'm lucky.
Yes, you are.
And just when I thought I had run out of ways to disappoint my father.
Oh, come on.
He doesn't think of you like that.
He knows that it's hard being you.
You are the sister I never had, Ginjy.
Oh! Fellow CIA brat who knows what it's like to grow up in a house of secrets and lies.
Well, as your honorary sister, I think it's time that I tell you to stop talking like you're in a Chekov play.
That was the 12th step.
Acknowledging that you're not in a Russian parlor drama.
Hey, I know I say this a lot, but I-I I wish that we did this more.
You know? We could be like we used to be, only smarter and better-looking.
I'm way ahead of you there.
So No! No! Extra care here, gentlemen.
Let's get these beauties home to Greece with all their fingers and toes.
The ones they still have anyway.
We'll take them from here.
Excuse me? I'm taking these statues.
I have no authorization to release these to anyone.
Now you do.
You see Repo Man? That's a court order giving me permission to repossess the statues to pay a debt owed by the Greek government.
Call whoever you want.
They're mine now.
"Under cover of darkness, Global M-7 Hedge Fund owner "Max Quinn pulled off the most audacious "and expensive repo of all time, seizing Greece's priceless Spartan Figures of Democracy.
" Man, he just took them! He didn't even have a gun.
He didn't need a gun.
He had a court order.
Wonder what he used to get the court order.
Former treasury secretary.
He used a cell phone.
The Greeks have owed him $1.
3 billion for ten years.
Those same Greeks are rioting in the streets to protest the seizure of their artwork.
Yeah, what do you expect? They break plates when they're happy.
It's more than that.
You can't put a price on the Spartan Figures of Democracy.
It would be like someone stealing the Declaration of Independence.
Social media is totally behind Quinn.
They're hailing him as a modern-day Jesse James.
The outlaw, not Sandra Bullock's ex-husband.
Hey, has anyone pointed out that Sparta was not a democracy? I mean, it was a totally militarized society.
They were misnamed by a British explorer, who originally stole them from the Greeks back in the 19th century.
They've had a hard life.
They're like the foster children of antiquities.
And we want them to be happy.
But right now, we need to focus on the economic summit in Brussels.
I'd like to lay some guidelines.
Oh, here we go.
I beg your pardon? Hmm? Oh, I didn't realize I said that out loud.
It's just that you're always so thorough in prepping us about the pitfalls of fraternizing with the staffs of other countries.
This trip is different.
The summit has a reputation for being a party conference.
Everything is pre-negotiated.
Which means some down time for us staffers! Hey, look, personally, I'd watch out for the Swedish delegation and their endless supply of aquavit.
Actually, it was the Spaniards with their under-appreciated regional wines and olive skin that had me hugging the porcelain.
I'm quite serious about this.
We've taken some very public blows lately.
Just behave yourselves.
Those statues were on their way back to the Greeks, who so generously allowed us to display them here.
So you can see how embarrassing this is.
Madam Secretary, do you know what an economy runs on? Confidence.
Really? I was gonna say money.
When you issue a bond, you're selling a promise.
Break that promise, and fear rules the market.
I'm just holding the Greeks accountable.
You're holding their prized antiquities hostage.
You can't possibly sell them.
Of course not.
They're priceless.
Well, then what do you want? What any reasonable investor wants.
No, because all the other reasonable investors are signing the debt deal.
And they're welcome to.
Me? I'm gonna get paid in full.
Max, that is never gonna happen.
You got to give me something that I can work with.
And send a message that corrupt, incompetent governments can spend their way into oblivion and count on us to pick up the pieces? Someone's got to say no.
Even if it means a black eye for your country and your president? That's what I'm counting on.
I hear you didn't get very far with the former treasury secretary.
Russell, do come in.
Let's put a lock on that door, Blake.
Maybe a Marine guard.
Yes, ma'am.
Did you really think I was gonna convince Quinn to give the statues back? A guy could hope.
You're welcome to use the phone.
Which works with me, too, by the way.
I just left the Hill.
I thought I'd make a pit stop.
I wanted to let you know that I will not be making the Brussels trip, so make sure everything goes according to plan.
- No screw-ups.
- I'll do my best.
After the Munsey scandal, people either think the president was involved or weak not to have known something.
The only thing we have to rebuild his stature is the economy.
So why aren't you going? 'Cause somebody's got to hit the talk show circuit about these damn statues.
Clearly, I'm the one with the most on-air personality.
You do have a kind of stealthy charm.
Yeah, well, let's hope so.
Because it also turns out there's a lot of cleanup after a failed coup.
So I'll be Al Haig-ing it while POTUS is victory-lapping.
And you have to be flawless.
Skate a clean program.
I'm sharpening my blades.
Tight turns.
These are the four criteria of the right to go to war, as outlined by the author of the just war theory in Western tradition.
Who was none other than? Anybody? No one? Saint Augustine.
Come on.
I know it seems like a big contradiction for a holy man to take on the issue of warfare in such a pragmatic way, but most religious traditions address the matter in a similar fashion.
There's only a handful of religious traditions that eschew the notion of war altogether.
Most take the position that it's inevitable and therefore must strive to be moral.
Or as my own military ethics professor once said, "War is always wrong.
But some things are wronger.
" Okay, that's it for today.
Thank you.
Yes? Brigadier General Mitch Sarno.
Great lecture.
Well, you just saw the end of it.
Uh, what can I do for you, General? I've been following your military ethics courses since you were at UVA.
We take an interest in how the next generation is being instructed along those lines.
"We"? I'm sorry, I thought you might be aware of my work.
I'm the commandant of the National War College here in D.
Well, I'm flattered that you're interested in me, and a little paranoid.
It's a scouting mission.
We think you'd fit nicely in our Strategic Studies department.
You're offering me a job? You'd be a strong addition to our faculty.
Well, uh that-that's quite an honor, General, but, um, I'm happy with what I do here.
Yes, it is rewarding, shaping the minds of liberal arts students.
But our students need to understand the beliefs and customs of a potential enemy.
You would be teaching all the future military and national security leaders.
And working for the Defense Department.
If you're worried about a conflict of interest, we're not.
It all falls under the dome of national security.
Give it some thought.
Harrison I've called twice and I've texted twice, because I really kicked the "I want to see you more" football.
But now I am starting to feel like an idiot.
And a stalker.
So I'm not gonna call you again.
Ball's in your court.
Let me guess.
I'm an idiot.
I'm telling you.
It's a character defect.
You can't engage.
I have to try though.
I mean, he he's in a really fragile state.
He's just been through a really, really hard time.
Rehab? I didn't say that.
You don't have to.
The disappearing act is classic addict behavior.
People get better.
Not by being enabled.
Which is what you're doing if you're chasing him around to hold his hand and listen to his feelings.
It's just you don't know what it's like to be in a family like his family.
I know who his family is.
I heard you say "Harrison".
I have some deductive reasoning skills.
Okay, well, please don't tell anybody.
Everybody knows he's troubled.
The press is gonna get ahold of the rehab thing eventually.
No matter what happens, you're not responsible.
Ow! Ow - Ah, damn it! - Are you okay? - What just happened? - Will you please sit on my suitcase while I close it? Will you say that again, - in a slow, sexy voice? - Come on.
Do you really need all this stuff for a three-day trip? It's Europe.
They're judgy.
Hey, are you sure you're okay with this? It's the first time you've been abroad since, - you know, all that - Yes, I am fine.
Look, I've got my unopened bottle of nerve pills, and I've got 15 hours of whale songs on my iPad and a brown paper bag that I can breathe into.
Really, I am fine.
I promise.
And I've been doing that meditation every day, which I know is working because of how much I hate it.
- Well, good.
- Hey, listen.
I know it goes without saying, but you are not going to accept that job without a full-on family meeting, right? I will go you one better.
I'm not going to accept that job.
What? You're you're not even gonna consider it? A religious scholar teaching at the National War College? There's only so much cognitive dissonance I can handle.
Teaching military ethics, a subject that you happen to be passionate about.
I don't want to work for a competing department of government.
State and Defense don't compete.
We compare and contrast expertise, often in an openly hostile manner.
Babe, I am happy where I am, really.
W-Wait, what is this? What is this? a series of insults from foreign governments, and the loss of a national treasure, we must reject the negotiated debt deal in Brussels.
That can't be good.
Hey, Russell.
I'm finding out the same way you are.
I'll get into it.
So unless we can convince Greece to make a new deal, and fast, they're gonna default.
Leading to global economic collapse.
We are not finished talking about your job offer.
Why don't you concentrate on making sure our 401(k)s and house aren't worthless by tomorrow morning? Seems our victory lap has turned into a funeral march.
There is a definite chill in the air.
And here comes the German chancellor.
Even at her most chipper, she can freeze fire.
Chancellor Schulz.
Glad to see you.
I had hoped our circumstances would be more celebratory.
It is my understanding that the man responsible for this catastrophe is a cabinet member of your choosing, Mr.
Max Quinn is a former cabinet member, Chancellor.
But appointed by your president, Madam Secretary.
You are absolutely correct.
But the true catastrophe began with our friends, the Greeks.
Why don't we concentrate on getting them back on board with the debt deal that we all worked so hard for? The Greeks have made it clear that without their prized antiquities, they have no interest.
I can assure you that Secretary McCord is working on a solution.
We all know that without a sound financial plan, everyone's economy is in peril.
And that is why the Greeks must get their precious statues as quickly as possible.
Perhaps if you and I can get Prime Minister Georgiou to meet with Frankly, Mr.
President, Europe is no longer interested in American help.
We must solve this on our own.
Please excuse me.
Did she just dis-invite us to the party? Tell me you're on this, Bess.
I am on this, sir.
It's not just Georgiou making a stand because Quinn took their statues.
Everyone is mad at us because of this debacle.
The Greeks are leading the world to the edge of financial collapse, and the United States is blamed? That's why the French never texted me back about their party.
Seriously? That guidelines discussion just never lands, does it? It's a friendship summit.
Camaraderie is diplomacy.
I just got off the phone with the attorney general.
She's filing an emergency stay with the D.
Court of Appeals, but we won't get a ruling until Monday.
At which point Greece will already be in default.
I need a quick fix something, anyone.
I've been back channeling with the IMF.
Seeing if they're willing to make an emergency loan to buy the Greeks more time.
All right.
Stay on them.
In the meantime, ask the European Central Bank if they'll look into another bond restructuring.
What else? I need something on Quinn.
Something I can use for leverage.
Payroll taxes, IRS.
The man can't be squeaky clean.
And the judge who issued the court order.
That couldn't have been the most pristine legal process.
My concern, ma'am, is investigations take time, and this summit is over in two days.
But we have to at least try.
So, dig in.
Blake, walk with me.
I have something I need you to do.
Prime Minster Georgiou, I assure you, we are doing everything we can to get you your statues back.
But the best thing you can do for your people and the world is to accept this agreement.
Let's sign it, and get your country back on firm financial footing.
So, we loan you national treasure, and in return, we suffer no less than an act of piracy on your land.
You have my word, your antiquities will be returned to you.
But it will take time.
The world economy is on a precipice right now.
We're asking you to think of the lives of your people.
I am! As prime minister, I have to make this stand for the sake of my people.
National pride is at an all-time low.
And how will economic collapse affect national pride? What's your endgame? Spiros, sometimes we have to bear the brunt of criticism for a more profitable and enduring outcome.
Please, don't lecture me, Conrad.
Maybe if you had listened to your citizens, your own party would not be asking you to withdraw from the next election.
The Iran debacle, the corruption of your CIA your credibility was the real casualty.
If you actually cared about the world economy, you wouldn't wait until the election.
You would resign now.
We have nothing more to discuss.
Ooh, the cauliflower looks good.
And the beets.
And I'm-I'm totally down with the escarole.
You don't have to do this.
You should order whatever you want.
No, it's okay.
I'm an aspiring vegan.
Well, I'm getting tired of it.
You want to let eggs back in? No, I want to let bacon burgers back in.
Yeah, you'll get over it.
No, I'm dreaming about them.
Is that why I keep waking up with my head between two pillows? Whoa, sorry Excuse me, uh, could you turn that up, please? House officials are reporting that an ambulance was called by someone in the White House for a member of the staff.
We're told it was a non-life-threatening emergency.
And, of course, the president is out of the country, attending an economic summit in Brussels.
Okay, that scares me.
Harrison? Yeah, I haven't heard from him.
They said a member of the staff.
I know IMF and the Central European Bank are reviewing our petitions, but no love, so far.
Also, I tried to get the Germans to sweeten the deal for Greece, but they're not budging.
They're punishing them for walking out.
Where's Blake? Oh, I saw him in the lobby two hours ago, talking to some staffers.
Not our people.
I didn't take him for a partier.
He's probably in the gym, cycling to Sondheim.
I'm gonna go find him.
Nobody leaves this room.
The secretary is counting on us.
We will not let her down.
I've been talking to the French and Brits.
If we can't get the statues, I think that we can tempt Prime Minister Georgiou with a better debt deal.
Look, I've heard about the rumblings in the party.
But did somebody really ask you not to run for a second term? My top bundlers are pulling their support.
When the money dries up, the party looks for someone to throw overboard.
Well, we won't listen to them.
Part of doing the job is knowing when you're not doing it.
Whatever happens though, you'll keep your post.
They need you, and they know it.
I never wanted to be Secretary of State.
I'm here because of you.
Well, you should rethink your position.
What is going on? Conrad, we have been in much tougher spots than this before.
Kosovo? For God sakes, 9/11? Why won't you fight? Germany thinks it can fix the world economy without America's help? Fine.
Maybe they can.
Can you just sit down and talk to me? I came here to give the world a visual of the United States solving the debt crisis.
Instead, I'm shut out of the entire discussion, and I'm expected to apologize for creating a catastrophe! It's just a setback.
We can still fix this.
And you can still have that moment.
I don't believe you.
Rather laugh with the sinners Than cry with the saints The sinners are much more fun 'Cause only the good die young You sound great! That sounds great, even in German! Wait, wait, wait, where's a bathroom? No, I need a bathroom.
Uh, uh Hi! Yeah.
I have no clue what you're saying.
All right.
Oh, my God.
Hello? Please hurry.
No! Oh no wonder you guys have such a good welfare system.
All right.
Oh Really? You're gonna be picky about which coins work? Oh! Damn.
All right, all right.
All right.
Can't put a price on this.
Germany is holding firm, so we are stalled on a revised debt deal.
Then we need Greece back at the bargaining table.
Which means Quinn has to - return those statues.
- Exactly.
I mean, this is that moment when you guys jump in with your awesome new ideas on how we're gonna achieve that.
Ma'am, we really dug around.
I called a friend at Treasury, hoping for a skeleton or two.
Nobody likes Quinn, but there's nothing illegal about that.
I checked with the IRS.
A forensic accountant might find something, but that'll take weeks.
Greece has a major payment due tomorrow.
We need something some solution now.
The big banks can cover their losses for two, maybe three days tops, but after that, we're looking at a very bad game of dominoes.
Portugal defaults.
Then Spain.
The Euro collapses, exports grind to a halt, and then your basic global depression.
All for a trio of disappointing statues.
I'd hardly call them disappointing.
Trust me.
My girlfriend and I had to book a year in advance just to see them.
Aesthetically? Not much.
- A year in advance? - Yeah.
And it was elbow-to-elbow once we got there.
That's a lot of people.
And I would imagine that the division of profits would probably be pre-negotiated by the lending nation.
Like a mid-level rock band.
They only make money when they're on the road.
Blake! Blake's indisposed at the moment.
"Indisposed" mean he's in the bathroom? Not really, but that would've been a good idea.
Hey, Stevie.
How are things in Brussels? Well, they're coming along.
Everything good there? Yeah.
Totally not convinced.
Okay, I know that President Dalton is there.
Um I was just wondering how he seems to you.
Uh, he seems stressed.
Which is appropriate.
Because of the debt crisis? Of course.
Why? It's just that I saw Harrison the other day.
He called me out of the blue and wanted to have lunch, and we hung out, and it was fun, and then, you know, we agreed to keep hanging out, but he hasn't been answering my texts since then.
Isn't he always like that? Yeah, but I think he's kind of in trouble again.
Really? Yeah, and then I saw this thing on the news about an ambulance going to the White House, and I was worried.
I was just wondering if Mr.
Dalton has said anything to you.
Um, no, he hasn't.
Okay, well I'm sure I'm just worrying for nothing.
Mom? Yeah, I'm here.
How are you? I mean with everything else.
Tell your father I'm fine.
Hey, I really do care, too.
And I really am fine.
Listen, I'm glad that you're friends with Harrison again.
If I am.
I can smell you from here.
Imagine how I feel.
What were you thinking? You are the last person I would've expected this from.
I'm sorry.
My coins were too big.
What is that, some sort of euphemism? No.
They were pay toilets.
Who has pay toilets anymore? Stop.
Enough excuses.
As far as I'm concerned, you are an embarrassment to the entire State Department.
We will speak again after you have bathed.
And burned your clothing.
You're really leaving? What can I do for you, Elizabeth? Um Could I get a minute, sir? Excuse us, gentlemen.
I don't know why I didn't see it sooner.
I've known you a long time.
Only one thing gets you this out of sorts.
It's Harrison, isn't it? I wanted him to have some time to recover before it's out in the press.
It's not out.
Stevie called me.
They've been talking.
Four days out of rehab.
Lydia found him passed out in his room.
Not an overdose, just a scare.
But it's back to square one.
Matter of time before it's all over the news.
Oh, poor kid.
He didn't ask for this life.
My heart goes out to him.
And to you, Conrad.
But Harrison's an adult now.
He's in the care of people who know how to treat him.
Let them do their jobs.
Let him do his.
And now you do yours.
September 12, you came into the office, gathered everybody around, and told us that you understood what we were feeling.
Frightened, helpless.
Guilty, sad.
But you told us that we had to be strong for those people who couldn't be.
And then you said that anybody who wasn't up to that could leave, no questions asked, no shame.
Do you remember who left? No one.
Because of you.
That was a long time ago, Bess.
Conrad! We can fix this.
We have to at least try.
Hi, Russell.
Is everything okay? As far as I know.
That's not what I'm here about.
Come on in.
That, uh job offer from the War College, Henry it really wasn't a question.
It came from your office.
From me, to be exact.
You're a top religious scholar with a military background who happens to have the highest security clearance.
It's tailor-made for you.
So what are you waiting for? I like the job that I have.
You could be teaching your ethics class to a group of future military leaders.
NSA work you did you were good at it.
You can't tell me you don't miss it.
Is the teaching position a cover for intelligence work? It would be a real job, but I can't say what may or may not come up around it.
I can say it would be public service.
Isn't that the life you're living already? Well, I'm not gonna answer to the Defense Department.
If you know my work, you know that I've been an outspoken critic of many of their policies.
All the more reason to be there.
Add a voice of reason.
Help the policy makers understand Augustine's principles of just war.
I'll think about it.
Elizabeth will be fine with it.
Tell me something, Russell.
Does this menacing midnight ride thing actually work? On most people.
Max, your statues are gonna go back on the road.
Like a mid-level rock band.
It's the only way they make money.
What? Those guys make a fortune in corporate sponsorship.
They got clothing lines and perfumes.
Well, that was someone else's analogy.
But the economics are the same.
You'll return the Spartan figures to the Smithsonian tomorrow, where they will begin a new exhibition and world tour.
From the Greeks' perspective, they're still on loan.
But you will get all the profits until that debt is paid in full.
But that'll take a century.
And a half.
But what do you care? You're all about the principle.
Action is taken, confidence is restored.
The economy runs on confidence, I'm told.
And money.
This is a fix the Greeks can live with.
And I've got to think that your shareholders would prefer it to being hostage takers? They'll grumble, but they were getting a little antsy about global depression.
Then we have a deal? A bad one, but yes.
Thank you.
We'll, uh speak soon.
Ooh! I love it when we avoid financial Armageddon.
Yeah, I don't want to bring down the mood.
One small problem.
I can't reach any of the European leaders or their staff.
For all we know, they may have gone home.
Madam Secretary.
Talk to me.
It seems the Germans are having a secret meeting with the other European heads of state, leaving the Americans sie frieren sich dich schwaenze ab.
I can also say, "Another round of Schnapps.
" Blake was on a fact-finding mission for me last night.
Although the public urination was his idea.
Nature calls the same in any language.
Wait, so you were talking to her the whole time? Except for the part where I was in a lockup with a skinhead and a mime.
Ma'am, these tradecraft episodes would work even better if you would fill us all in.
Well, that's actually the opposite of how they work.
When is this meeting? Funny you should ask.
Right now.
President, Germany is cutting us out.
They're having a secret meeting to kill the deal.
Where? Right here, third floor, Petite Ballroom.
Change of plan.
The secretary and I have a meeting to crash.
Move away from the door.
Should we knock? Excuse me, Mr.
President! Sorry we're late.
Sir, you and your secretary of state are not part of this meeting.
We are now.
What I mean is you're not welcome.
Oh, we'll get over it.
Our minds are firmly made up.
No more deals.
The Greeks must be punished for their recent behavior.
We are considering kicking them out of the eurozone.
This is not the moment to retreat.
President, we are not going to sit here and listen to you argue for your own interests.
After recent events, you don't have enough authority to hold anyone's attention.
I'm glad you brought that up, Chancellor Schulz.
Your attention.
Or, uh, your attention spans, more specifically.
Are your memories really that short? I look around this room, and I don't see a single nation, large or small, that is immune to misfortune.
Three years ago, your bonds were junk and needed a bailout to survive.
Your unemployment rate is at 26%.
An entire generation is leaving home.
Yesterday, your debt was 129% of GDP.
Do you really want to face the music by yourself? Chancellor, you're shaking your head.
But this is not a morality play.
The very future of your citizens is at stake.
We can stand together, as we did at the end of the Second World War, or we can wither alone.
Now, anyone who wants to leave, there's the door.
I think it's time we all got down to business.
How you doing? Uh, you're looking at it.
Sorry I didn't call.
I'm kind of a lousy friend.
It's fine.
No, it's not.
I'm I wish I could tell you that I was gonna get better, but I don't I don't know.
I'm probably gonna be a mess for a little while.
Hopefully a sober one.
But, uh, I don't know.
It's the pressure to act like a normal person, it makes me feel, like, caged in, so I-I'm, um not gonna do that.
Look, Harry.
I'm the secretary of state's daughter, and I flamed out of college, I maxed out all of my mother's credit cards, and then I had to move back in with my parents.
I think we can find some common ground.
I still win.
You were always so competitive.
Oh, hey.
Sorry, I didn't hear the trumpets.
I got rid of those.
Too distracting.
Hi, Mr.
Hi, Stevie.
- Good to see you.
- You, too.
Heard things went well in Brussels, so you're back on top.
For the moment.
Um, well, I should get going.
I'll call you.
The house looks amazing.
Now everything's working.
How'd you get water pressure up to the second floor? Mad skills.
Called a plumber.
You know, I've been thinking You're gonna take the War College job.
I knew it, I knew it.
I mean, you got to.
You know, it's challenging, it has scope.
It's a chance for you to influence policy makers.
How do you turn that down? I know that you liked your work at the NSA and you kind of miss a life of service.
And if I'm gonna be in it, why shouldn't you be? You know, we always talked about being all in.
And this is it, this is our chance.
We're gonna let this place go and go for it.
I was gonna say that I think it would look really nice with red shutters.
Really? I was gonna say all that other stuff after dinner.
- I nailed it? - Yeah, pretty much.
I mean, it makes no sense for us to keep this farm, especially if I'm gonna take that other job.
It's a much bigger commitment, I'll be traveling a lot.
I just wanted to be sure that you were okay before Okay.
Uh, you don't have to say that.
We can still think about it.
I'm saying it I don't want to think about it.
I'm tired of thinking about it.
You know what? We can do all this bucolic stuff when we're old.
We're not old? That's awesome.
This gets better and better.
We got to tell the kids.
Yeah, you do.
- I? - That's gonna be rough.
They love it here.
We're not ruining their lives, are we? If we haven't ruined their lives already, believe me, this isn't gonna do it.
Okay, but if anybody starts crying, can I say that it was your idea? - My? Okay, sure.
- Hey, guys.
I drew the short straw, so I get to tell you that we're all really bored and wondering if we could cut this weekend short and head home.
Okay, it can be my idea.

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