Madam Secretary (2014) s03e01 Episode Script

Sea Change

1 It's 10:27 and President Dalton is still trailing.
Now, were you expecting it to be this close? - No one was - Santa Fe results are coming in fast.
Projections still have him down by three points.
Well, forget the projection.
Our ground game was better in Santa Fe.
We can still close this gap.
I think it's safe to say the Dalton campaign took New Mexico for granted.
- He had a ground operation - (various phones ringing) twice the size of Evans, didn't matter.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are ready to make a projection.
- DALTON: What? - This is wrong.
New Mexico will not go to Dalton.
That makes it official, he has lost the race.
President Conrad Dalton will be a one-term president.
Can't make a projection when-when it's this tight.
20% of the vote is still uncounted.
AP just made the same call.
- (phone beeping) - What the hell happened to margin of error? It's over, Russell.
If it's all the same to everyone, I'd prefer to do the postmortem tomorrow.
It was a good fight.
This is all your fault.
Starboard engine is down.
Let's jump for it.
Evacuate the crew.
Yes, sir.
Throw! Move back now! Everybody off.
(men yelling indistinctly) Evacuate! Evacuate the area! - (screams, then splash) - Man overboard! SAILOR: Kelley! Kelley! JESSICA: Madam Secretary, you'll open with some general remarks.
Then you'll head over to the pig-judging contest.
You won't be required to handle the pigs.
Which is excellent news.
Yeah, just comment on their general appearance.
And I'd advise avoiding words like "fat" or "tasty" because people don't really want to think about that.
Couldn't you have gotten me the zucchini-judging contest? - A lot fewer pitfalls.
- NADINE: Nominally, you'll be promoting American agricultural exports.
- Without saying "tasty.
" - Mm-hmm.
Or "fat.
" Or "food.
" - Or "pork.
" - Yes.
But, as Jessica explained to me, albeit in language more befitting a political strategist, it's an opportunity to do some glad-handing with the Virginia locals.
JESSICA: Yeah, just to kick things off in a fun way.
Of course, we have a number of savvy public profile boosts coming up for you and your family.
NADINE: Right, tonight you have your dinner with the president's big-ticket donors.
And tomorrow you have a segment on Jane Pauley's show to discuss foreign policy developments.
But not pork.
And definitely no mention of your accepting the VP position.
President Dalton will make that announcement after the convention in July.
But Jane will ask.
Yes, Jane will ask and you'll say something like "I could use a fat and tasty pulled pork sandwich right about now.
" (laughter) (phone chimes) JESSICA: After the contest, there will be a photo op with the mayor and the county commissioner.
Uh, e-excuse me, Madam Secretary, I'm receiving word that our naval base in Bahrain has been hit by a massive tropical cyclone.
No fatalities reported, but the base has sustained major damage.
How major? That base just had an update, like, two years ago.
I'll get more information.
DoD is monitoring the situation.
All right.
Do you have a list of acceptable adjectives? For the pigs.
My research says they're very intelligent animals.
Really, that doesn't sound elitist? (animals chattering) WOMAN: Madam Secretary? - Yes.
- Hi.
- Ooh.
Oh, my goodness.
- Oh.
Isn't she She's so cute.
Oh, my God.
(bell ringing) (cheering) (chuckles) (indistinct conversations) (applause) ELIZABETH: Agriculture has long been the foundation of this country, beginning, as it did, right here in the great Commonwealth of Virginia, a land which has yielded so many valuable resources.
And nothing exemplifies that more than these delicious fried gelatin balls that my son just handed me.
(laughter) I think he tried to offer 'em to the pigs first, but no takers 'cause, as our research tells us, they are highly intelligent animals.
- (crowd laughs) - Crowd loves her.
Yes, they do.
ELIZABETH: It turns out - you can fry anything.
- (chuckles) You were a huge hit at the fair, ma'am.
Your pig remark is trending.
Wow, take that, Lincoln and your Gettysburg Address.
I am going to be known for the pig remark.
Yeah, and no fallout from the gelatin lobby because they don't recommend frying their product.
They're right.
JAY: And that's the last of the good news because we need to brief you on Bahrain.
Still no fatalities, last I heard.
37 injured, 36 in good condition.
Hey, any update on Ensign - NADINE: Ensign Kelley, yes, ma'am.
- Oh.
He remains in critical condition.
He's in a medically induced coma at a hospital in Manama.
But the base itself has taken billions of dollars' worth of damage State will need to consult with DoD to renegotiate Bahrain's out-of-date Defense Cooperation Agreement before another reconstruction can start.
By Defense Cooperation Agreement you mean all those no-bid contracts with American companies left over from the previous administration? That's the one.
Why are we renewing this agreement? We're less and less reliant on oil from the Persian Gulf.
And our peace deal with Iran makes it strategically less important.
And Bahrain's human rights' record has always been bleak.
It's just gotten worse since Prince Obaid was assassinated.
Why should we spend billions of dollars in a country that shares none of our most basic values? Well, the primary goal is to monitor shipping routes.
Once again, it's a case of supporting the nations that provide us with the greatest economic advantage, not those who value democracy and freedom over Yes, Matt, my question was largely rhetorical.
But I appreciate you being at the ready - with your political ire.
- Well, I'm always here for you, ma'am.
All right, Jay, you should go ahead and liaise with DoD about the agreement renegotiation.
But I want to check in with the president.
Which you can do at the dinner for his big-ticket donors in exactly two hours, leaving you enough time to go home and change - if you leave right now.
- Uh, Madam Secretary, Zuhair Mossadek, the foreign minister from Tunisia, is waiting for you in my office.
You scheduled 15 minutes with him months ago.
Would you prefer that I take that meeting without you? No, no, no, no, no.
I-I just go get him.
If I skip my updo, I can give him ten minutes stationary, five on the move.
Come on, guys, get rid of this.
Okay, am I the only one worried that this primary is a little too exciting for an incumbent president? Dalton's polls aren't great.
- Sam Evans' numbers are rising.
- Nobody's gonna vote for the governor from Pennsylvania.
I mean, what's his platform? Cheesesteaks? American-made chocolate? (chuckles) There's a reason why there's never been a president from Pennsylvania.
- James Buchanan.
- Like I said.
JAY: Evans is hammering on national security, Dalton's peace treaty with Iran, - the Buckley trade.
- BLAKE: He would have to win landslide victories in every remaining primary to get the nomination.
It's practically impossible.
May I remind you that our country was the spark that lit the Arab Spring in 2011, and years later we're the only Arab country that emerged with a functioning democracy.
We have no sectarian divisions, a history of moderate Islam, widespread literacy, and a small army loyal to a civilian government.
We're the best hope in the Muslim world and you know it, Madam Secretary.
And I assure you that everyone in the president's administration is aware of that.
So, I'd like to believe the only reason I'm reduced to following you to the elevator to achieve a full 15 minutes of your time is not because we lack oil or other resources for the United States to exploit.
But, well, you can understand why I might have that impression.
We appreciate the direction your country is headed and we are optimistic that we can further our good relations.
And as I said, I will do everything I can.
I never thought that the United States was a country which acted entirely out of strategic advantage.
For that, I can depend on Russia or China.
I thought you represented something more.
Perhaps I'm just an idealist.
That's what comes from being a democracy.
HENRY: And we'll pick up tomorrow with Augustine.
Well, well, look at this.
Did you happen to catch any philosophy? Yeah, but I got a strong immune system.
(chuckles) You have time for coffee? Or better yet, happy hour? I can't.
I've got an event with Elizabeth.
Then I guess I'll do the quick version.
We're getting the band back together.
They sent me to talk you into it.
Murphy Station? Why? Black Dog Station.
- New mission.
- Wow.
Russell has got to stop with the code names.
(chuckles) What's the objective? Intel has located some surviving members of Hizb Al-Shahid in Libya and Algeria.
Seems that's where they decamped after the drone attacks.
They want us to finish the job.
Well, look, Jose, as much as I enjoyed almost dying with you Stop whining.
You didn't get a scratch.
Oh, hey, don't forget who performed the fake last rites on you.
Yeah, and heaven spit me back out.
You can thank me for that, too.
Look I just started teaching again and I'm really enjoying having more time with my family.
Really? You're gonna sit this out for Monday night Monopoly? I didn't get into this for the adventure.
I know.
You're a great patriot and the country needs you, pal.
And I don't have time to haze another religious egghead.
Well, when you put it like that, I'll think about it.
I'll tell them you're in.
(sighs) I didn't say that.
This draft looks solid.
Remember, any adjustment to the rotation schedule has to meet the definition of minimum credible deterrence, so make sure we include language saying that the Bahrainis have to consult with the Secretary of the Navy - before closing any facilities.
- Got it.
Other than that, we're good to go.
I guess I'll see you next storm of the century.
Yeah, which will be in what, about three years? Let's hope not.
Sure, let's hope.
That ought to work.
I'm sorry.
It's a bug up my ass.
Just four years ago, the base in Singapore was hit with a similar once in a lifetime storm.
Billions of dollars in damage.
These weather events are happening every year.
And all our internal reports are falling on deaf ears.
Sea levels are rising.
And what we should be doing is raising every single U.
naval base around the world.
But we both know that'll never happen.
How do we know that? Ask your boss.
(soft piano music playing, indistinct chatter) HENRY: I dare you to yell out "capital gains tax," see what happens.
- ELIZABETH: Be safer to yell "fire.
" - (chuckles) - (takes deep breath) Okay.
- (clears throat) Here we go.
Deep breath.
(inhales) Be nice.
What? I'm an ethics teacher.
- I was talking to myself.
- (both laugh) JACKSON: Okay.
So, here's the deal.
You need to charm the pants off everyone here, 'cause we need their full support for you as VP.
- Okay.
- You got it? - Hey.
- Hi, Russell.
Try not to talk about religion.
- No, I only do that for a salary.
- (chuckles) - Great.
So, Bess, first things first.
You need to meet Julius Burton.
ELIZABETH: Lead the way.
So, what else do I need to know, other than billionaire, multinational conglomerate, key government contracts, married for 32 years to Dixie if I read that right two sons and four grandchildren? He's a birder.
He watches birds.
You know, with binoculars.
For some reason, people do that.
Julius! - Madam Secretary, a pleasure to meet you at last.
- (chuckles) Even more lovely in person.
- Well, thank you, Mr.
- Julius.
Uh, is Dixie here tonight? We lost her to the caviar table.
- (laughing): Oh.
- (laughs) I hope you won't mind a moment of shop talk.
How is the refurbishment process going, on the naval base in Bahrain? I heard that your policy guy met with somebody in DoD - just this afternoon.
- Redrafting the Defense Cooperation Agreement, yes.
I hope that you will make this a priority.
I know the State can get distracted with other matters, but it is dangerous to leave our military needs stranded.
I understand.
W we actually were a military family - for a long time - The world is safer when our bases are safer.
Bad weather can become a matter of national security.
But when you have a company with a no-bid contract for military bases, you can't exactly consider it bad weather, right? - (laughs) - (Jackson clears throat) Speaking of nature, I hear you're a birder.
Tell me about that.
(chuckling): Well It started in college Hello, Henry.
Good to see you.
Lydia's hoping to carve out a moment with you.
First spouse to second spouse kind of thing.
I'll give you a heads-up about the relentless scrutiny headed your way.
Don't let it scare you.
I think I can handle it.
The husband of the vice president isn't exactly a high-profile element of the campaign.
You'd be surprised.
You test pretty well.
I'm afraid they're gonna try you out in front of the cameras any chance they get.
I hope you don't have any pie in the sky plans for a life of your own.
Made one tiny little joke which he totally had coming, and Russell acted like I barfed on the guy.
He probably would've preferred that.
(sighs) What if I can't do this? You can do it.
You just got to think of the bigger picture.
Tonight was just not a fun night.
That's all.
What happened? (sighs) Just Conrad gave me a speech about when they campaign, we campaign, and so I should maybe cut back on my work.
Well, that's crazy.
You you're not even teaching that many classes.
He wasn't talking about teaching.
Jose came to see me today.
(sighs) They're they're putting together another anti-terror work group.
I didn't commit.
But you wanted to.
And now you feel like you can't.
This is crazy.
We actually have jobs that make a difference in the world and we're giving them up? For what? For county fairs and billionaire dinners? That's just the campaign.
The job is still kind of important.
Do you remember what Conrad said when he first talked to you about secretary of state? That we could effect real change in the world.
This is an even bigger opportunity to do that.
- (sighs) - You got to take it.
ELIZABETH: Good morning.
- Hi, Mom.
- Morning.
- Hi.
Sorry, my hair staged a rebellion.
You look great.
Totally vice presidential.
- Jason.
- Jason.
- I told you, that information is on complete lockdown until July.
- We're in our house.
- Still, you have to pretend like you don't know anything.
Ignorance as a plus? This is your moment.
Really, pal.
You got to toe the line on this one.
- Okay, I got it.
- STEVIE: Guys, look at the flat Jareth found for us in Oxford on Airbnb.
Isn't it amazing? You're inviting us over, right? Summer in England? That would be so cool.
My computer is officially possessed.
- It keeps crashing.
- ALISON: Maybe it's embarrassed you're still playing Minecraft.
(laughter) I'm trying to upload my homework assignment.
It's been acting like this for a couple of days.
Here, give it to me.
I'll take it to the White House, see if Oliver Shaw can fix it.
ELIZABETH: Isn't that overkill? Well, I've got to go there anyway.
Check in with Jose, officially turn down the consulting gig.
Figure I might as well enjoy the last of the perks.
I think there might be some perks to being Mr.
Vice President.
- ALL: Jason! - I'm sorry! The guy at DoD gave me a not-so-subtle prompt to go digging for internal reports.
Turns out there were several over the last decade about rising sea levels and extreme weather patterns.
That's not exactly breaking news, Jay.
As well as several proposals to raise all naval bases to prepare, something Burton Standard Enterprises knew when they refurbished the Bahraini base two years ago.
Okay, that's different.
They ignored the proposal.
Why? Because according to Congress, sea levels aren't rising.
And if we did raise the bases, that would trigger an entirely new agreement negotiation.
And guys like Julius Burton would probably lose their no-bid contracts.
All along DoD has been clear that climate change is one of the biggest looming threats to forces overseas because they actually have to prepare for reality.
But the party's deluded stance on the issue has prevented them from doing anything about it.
(sighs) Just I'm sorry.
Just venting.
I know there's nothing we can do.
That's what they always say.
Until somebody does.
What day is it? Wednesday? Let's change the world.
(typing) Oh, this is not good.
- What? - Someone's hacked into the webcam.
Looks like they've been turning it on and watching every time he's connected to the Internet.
- How can that happen? - It could be a piece of Trojan software buried in a game he downloaded.
Some computer-savvy creep at school could have uploaded it without his knowing.
Or it could be something else.
And given who Jason's parents are, the security implications could be larger.
You should take this to the FBI for further examination.
Just to be safe.
Uh Thanks, Oliver.
JACKSON: Did you know that sugar subsidies totaled over $258 million in the last year? Imagine how many soldiers we can put in body armor with that money.
If we want to unleash the free market and keep America safe, we can't afford four more years of frivolous handouts.
Frivolous? Governor, I'll tell you what's frivolous: a politician who talks a big game about supporting the military and then criticizes the very policies that keep us safe.
JESSICA: I wouldn't jump on the word "frivolous.
" It makes you sound Frivolous? But he started it.
- (laughter) - ELIZABETH: Sorry to interrupt.
Sir, we need to talk.
How are you, Russell? - I am very Sam Evans.
- That can't be fun.
- Take a seat.
I could use a break.
- I need to know why, when every respected climate scientist in the country had warned that the Bahraini base was subject to damage from cyclones, Burton Standard Enterprises did nothing to address the problem when it refurbished the base just two years ago? Okay.
Can we have the room? - I'm s sorry.
I thought - Ah.
I thought that they should hear it.
You thought the campaign team should hear you lighting into the business practices of one of the president's biggest donors? Much bigger than that.
What? It's not just the denial of climate change that's holding us back, even the location of the base is further evidence that we're stuck in old thinking.
Why are we still in Bahrain at all? Why should the U.
spend its blood and treasure in the Persian Gulf, aiding and defending states with atrocious human rights records, while countries like Tunisia who actually share our values go unaided? As poetic as that sounds, Bess, that's a pretty simplified take on one of the world's most complicated regions.
There's this new thing called terrorism.
It's really catching on.
Bahrain has nothing to do with our strategy to fight terrorism.
And we need to be honest with ourselves about the real challenges we face, or we are going to face a future with more and more American lives sacrificed, and for what? Preserving the power of people like Julius Burton? I mean, exactly when did the United States start making every decision based on strategic and politically expedient reasons? If we partner with nations just to remain dominant on the world stage, how are we any less imperialistic than Russia or China? I think we are at a critical juncture in human history and the U.
needs to completely overhaul its relationship with the international community.
How could you seriously suggest a complete change of U.
foreign policy during an election which I am barely winning? I'm already backed against the wall for allowing a dirty bomb attack on my watch, not to mention trading a treacherous spy to the Russians for reasons that I can't disclose.
And now you expect me to explain to the American people that I'm going to pull stakes on a major strategic position in the Middle East? And totally alienate my biggest donor in the process? What good is bold idealism if it all but guarantees the loss of a second term? I'm talking about doing what's right.
And I'm talking about winning.
HENRY: You're not gonna get fired.
Because that would be a crazy thing to do during an election, because you're too valuable.
Should've said that one first.
I'm sure he's rethinking the VP position.
And I can't really blame him.
Don't worry about it.
I'm sure that Conrad appreciates your passion.
Okay, let's go with that one.
How's your day? Did you get Jason's computer fixed? Well, I'm afraid that's more bad news.
It got hacked somehow.
It's probably just some kids fooling around, but I'm taking it to the FBI to make sure it's not a more serious breach.
Really? Yeah, it's probably that kid George from his chemistry class.
You know, the troll? - That's not nice.
- No, no.
He's a troller.
He trolls.
Uh, he hacked a cheerleader's Tumblr account.
Well (grunting) (tires screech) Henry, are you there? Henry? - Guys, we're home.
- Hey.
- Are you okay? - Yes, please, no fussing.
- Dad! - I'm fine, I'm fine.
Dad, you were mugged.
It's a big deal.
Oh, come on, he was in Desert Storm.
He's probably fine.
Plenty of people survive war and then get killed in stupid acts of gun violence.
There was no gun.
This was bat violence.
ALISON: Did you break anything? I cracked two ribs, but they're two I don't use very often, so I'm fine.
Okay, grab a seat, Captain Stoical.
Jace, I'm sorry, but they got your computer.
JASON: It's jacked-up anyway.
I'm psyched for the upgrade.
Okay, look, why don't you guys go in and make some dinner and Dad will limp in in a few minutes.
Yeah, okay, come on, guys.
Operation Tacos? No, grilled cheese.
No, ramen.
It never lets you down.
So, no other news from the FBI? No, the plates were untraceable.
They said we shouldn't jump to conclusions.
Like it was a concerted, organized effort to get the computer? Yeah, like that.
Anyway, they're handling it now.
We shouldn't worry about it.
Great, I feel completely relaxed.
And I've got this Jane Pauley interview.
Do you want me to cancel? No, of course not.
We've got plenty of time to stress about this.
Plus, if you stay here, you'll have to eat grilled cheese ramen tacos.
- Go, save yourself.
- (laughs): Okay.
- Bye.
- Bye.
So, Madam Secretary, with the presidential primary debate only moments away, it's a good time to address the elephant in the room.
If President Dalton secures the nomination, do you expect to be offered the position of vice president? And will you accept? Well, I am unfamiliar with that elephant.
Well, you can't be unfamiliar, with the speculation that Vice President Delgado having health problems, that you are the most obvious replacement.
Look, uh, the president still has the nomination to win and I, I am, well, I have my hands full with my day job.
Speaking of that, the recent superstorm that severely damaged a U.
naval base in Bahrain could bring up the ongoing question of climate change.
This is the third or fourth storm of the century in the last decade.
So it's beginning to look less like a freak of nature than maybe a pattern of nature.
It's very difficult to say that one storm is irrefutable evidence of changing weather patterns I understand that, but do you, Madam Secretary, believe that climate change is real? It's not a matter of belief.
Based on the consensus in the scientific community, I am convinced it's a significant issue that needs to be addressed.
Are you breaking rank with the president and the party on this? Well, I-I've never been an official member of any political party.
I'm not a partisan politician.
I'm a public servant.
That is an excellent clarification.
JAY: Madam Secretary? Hey, Jay.
You're starting to look at home in the White House.
You ready for some varsity debate analysis? Yes, ma'am, but first I have to say I'm pleasantly taken aback and full of awe and admiration and that I have your back no matter how this turns out.
(whispers): What are we talking about? Your performance on the show just now.
Oh, the VP thing? I felt I skirted that.
No, no, climate change.
Oh, come on, that was just chatter.
Bono was on afterwards to discuss his endorsement.
People were just Are you completely insane?! Well, the test results aren't back yet, - but - You think this is funny? You have created a firestorm inside the party.
Social media's blowing up.
It's gonna lead every news It was a personal question.
And I'm not gonna lie on national television.
The president understands the difference between personal honesty and party politics.
The president understands there's an election to win.
And if you care at all about him, or advancing your own agenda, you'll keep your mouth shut about climate change till the end of time.
Which may come sooner than you think.
You'd better hope it does.
Where are you going? I've changed my mind.
I'm gonna watch the debate at home.
He's in V-fib.
Start compressions.
DOCTOR: Epinephrine, one milligram.
Get me the AED.
- Clear.
- Clear.
Recharge? Stand back.
DOCTOR: Clear! You're ready, Mr.
(phone buzzes) Hello.
We just got word.
Ensign Kelley didn't make it.
News is gonna break shortly.
It could come up in the debate.
I understand.
I'd like you to connect me to the family.
Right now, sir? Yes, now.
I'd like a moment, please.
It's fine.
I'll see you out there.
and Mrs.
Kelley? I want to tell you how sorry I am for your loss and to thank you for the enormous sacrifice that Sean made for his country and his fellow crewmen.
I understand he held onto that cable until every sailor had made it to safety.
All of those men and their families are in his debt.
God be with you.
EVANS: Every moment of this presidency has been a failure born of incompetency and cowardice.
A dirty bomb attack on American soil.
A gutless, lenient peace deal with Iran.
Appeasement of Russia with the shameful trade of the notorious spy Peter Buckley.
It reveals a president catastrophically soft on defense and unsupportive of the American military.
(applause) Now now we hear a base in Bahrain has been destroyed by cyclone winds, and just moments ago, we learned that Ensign Sean Kelley, after remaining in a coma for several days, has died.
Ladies and gentlemen, even in peacetime, Dalton cannot seem to protect our men and women in uniform.
President Dalton, your response? Ensign Sean Kelley's death was not caused by so-called "soft support of the military," but because of a willful denial of reality by many in Washington and in my own party, including Governor Evans.
(scoffs) And that reality is climate change.
The extreme weather patterns and rising sea levels around the world.
Because we remain in denial about that, our naval bases around the globe remain unsafe, and our military men and women who occupy them remain at unnecessary risk.
This scientifically proven reality will continue to be a grave threat to both military and civilian populations everywhere until we take serious and specific action to address it.
And why don't we? Because this reality doesn't serve us.
It doesn't serve the false construct of foreign policy.
It keeps us beholden to nations who have resources we think we need.
Instead of committing ourselves to nations who espouse and live and breathe the values we share.
The values of freedom and democracy and basic human rights.
Economic and political gamesmanship makes us no better than the imperial countries we censure.
We need to lead by example.
If elected to a second term, I vow to prepare the United States for a changing world.
Changing rapidly due to a warming climate and shifting global allegiances.
I will do this against all opposition, including inside my own party.
Because as President Lyndon Johnson said when he signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964, risking his party's political future to do the right thing, "What the hell's the presidency for?" (applause and clamoring) Looks like he forgives you.
What the hell has he done? I think this is premature.
Let us sit down with you.
I'm-I'm with the president now.
We could be there in half an hour.
I think you're making a serious mistake.
And I think you need to (stammers) (sighs) Well, that didn't take long.
Julius Burton is officially throwing all his financial support to Sam Evans.
I'm tired of worrying about what men like Burton do with their money.
I'm not going to renew the Defense Cooperation Agreement with Bahrain.
Instead, we're going to move toward building a new base in Tunisia.
We're going to bring our military and economic support to a country that has earned it.
What about the next administration? What happens when all this executive action is rolled back in January? Already writing a presidential obituary? No, sir.
You did that yourself.
WOMAN: So it's official, President Conrad Dalton will be a one-term president.
Governor Sam Evans just won the primary and will head to the general election.
So, is this the first time that an incumbent president has failed to get his party's nomination? MAN: Actually, no, in 1856, Franklin Pierce failed to secure his party's support, but it is only the second time, which makes it pretty historic.
WOMAN: We'll be right back with more election coverage.
Sorry, Mr.
Uh, there are some things that we have to address.
You, uh, you need to concede the nomination to Evans and assure him that you'll toe the party line, endorse his candidacy, and help him out on the campaign trail as much as you can, though Though right now I'm such a liability that my services might not be very much in demand.
You could look at that as an upside.
Yes, I think I will.
- Mr.
President, I'm so sorry.
- No, Bess.
We're not going to assign any blame here.
We all made our choices, we did our best.
Although I do wish I'd been able to announce your candidacy for vice president.
I appreciate your faith in me.
Sir, you still have seven months in office and there's work to be done.
I suggest we all just focus on that.
That's right.
A great team.
I've been privileged to have you.
I'm sorry.
It's just wrong.
Well, the good news is that you can go back to your intelligence work.
Maybe I'll go visit Stevie in Oxford this summer.
Go back to teaching.
We don't have to figure this all out tonight.
I really wanted a shot at that vice presidency, I'll admit it.
But mainly I just wanted Conrad to have another term.
He deserved it.
You both did.
- (indistinct conversations) - Excuse me.
You guys want a cup of water? Madam Secretary.
Chief Justice, hi.
Tough loss.
I'm sorry.
Thank you.
And you would have made a great vice president, too.
I would have voted for that ticket.
And it's not even my party.
Thank you, sir.
(whispers): Don Don't tell anyone.
According to the new Defense Cooperation Agreement, the construction on the naval base will employ Tunisian contractors and workers, which will bring a boost to your economy.
We look forward to establishing a strong partnership with your country.
MOSSADEK: As do we, I assure you.
And I do appreciate, Mr.
President, Madam Secretary, the sacrifices you made on our behalf.
It may be a dark moment now, but you have moved your country toward greatness.
People don't always thank you for that, but your legacy will reflect it.
Thank you, Foreign Minister.
I'm proud that we could accomplish this together.
Believe me, I know only too well the perils of leading a country into a new direction.
Have a good trip back.
Well, that's ironic.
Being given advice on the pitfalls of democracy by one of the most nascent in the world.
Russell and I'll be working on strategies to ensure against the next administration being able to undo this negotiation.
Fred Reynold's plan is to slash defense back to bows and arrows.
Either way this agreement is at risk.
Sam Evans is on his way over to talk about my endorsement.
Turns out that while I'm kryptonite to much of the base, among moderates and independent swing voters, and, his words "other coveted demographics" - I'm still popular.
- Well, I guess that's the domestic politics version of "you're big in Japan.
" (short chuckle) Better to be a lame duck than a dead duck, I suppose.
Thanks, Bess.
(indistinct conversation) Madam Secretary, good to see you.
- Governor Evans.
- I just ran into Foreign Minister Mossadek on the way out.
I guess he was here to discuss a naval base - you promised him over - We've already secured the agreement.
Which I will do everything in my power to undo.
I'll let you go.
The president's waiting.
We're under a lot of pressure from a number of different organizations and constituencies, and though I'm proud of achieving the nomination, I'm sure you're aware that some damage has been done to party unity.
Conrad's endorsement will go a long way to fix that, but administrative continuity from one term to the next will help even more.
So I hope that you will consider maintaining your role as secretary of state in my cabinet.
I'm asking Russell Jackson to stay, too.
I know you can't answer now.
But think about it and call me back when you come round, okay? I-I just realized that I (stammers) I left my pen, and I'm It's a sentimental thing, my husband gave it to me.
I'm just gonna run back and get it.
You don't mind, do you? Bess? Don't endorse Evans.
Run as an independent.
- What? - You just said that you are an asset in the general election with broad popular support.
And it must be even broader than we think, or Evans wouldn't be hitting it so hard.
What if you have a shot, even without your party's support? The move would be historically unprecedented, but given the coup that they just pulled on you, one unprecedented event deserves another.
Well, it's either that or leave the country in the hands of Evans, a spineless puppet for special interests, or to Fred Reynolds in the other party a clueless isolationist.
I realize this is a reckless play, given that no independent has ever won the presidency, although Teddy Roosevelt came close, but that was With the right support and an aggressive enough ground game, we have a fighting chance, and wouldn't you rather go out fighting? If we're gonna make history, let's make the good kind.
(doorbell rings) JACKSON: You're killing me.
You know that, right? Can I get you a drink? No, thanks.
I pre-drank.
So, I-I take it you've spoken with Conrad.
Oh, what the hell? I'm not driving.
Conrad running as an independent is an insane idea.
Primarily 'cause he can't win.
Also because it puts me in an impossible position.
Choosing between this president and the party I have supported since middle school.
I would counter it's not the same party you've supported since middle school.
Its nominee represents nothing of what you stand for, and Conrad's chances of winning are narrow - but not impossible.
- What do you think I've been doing all night? I've run the numbers, Elizabeth.
He loses handily in nine out of ten scenarios.
So what's the tenth? Let's concentrate on that.
The winning scenario depends on one big concession.
That's why I'm here.
With your popularity among independents and moderates, you're likely to carry swing states like Florida, Ohio, Virginia.
The bad news is that's not enough to win the election.
But you don't need to win.
You just need not to lose.
The goal is to keep any candidate from getting to the requisite 270 electoral votes.
If that were to happen, the election gets thrown to the House of Representatives.
And there, you would have a very good chance of winning.
The biggest barrier to stopping Evans from getting to 270 is his home state of Pennsylvania and its 20 electoral votes.
And how do we pull that off? Well, sir, there's really only one way.
You need a popular Pennsylvanian on the ticket.
Senator Teresa Hurst pulls big numbers there.
She's fiercely independent, she's a shameless supporter of yours.
You need to choose her to be your vice presidential candidate.
I chose you as a trusted confidant and the exact right person for the job.
Not another ticket-balancing politician.
Teresa Hurst is a rising star.
She's on the practical side of all the issues And don't forget you're running on the "dismantling the world as we know it" platform.
I'm sorry change foreign policy, - change the world.
- And if we're gonna go with that, you're gonna need me as your secretary of state, sir.
Not your vice president.
Right now, you need to do what you can to win.
Now she gets it.
HENRY: Remind me what was so bad about the campaign circuit? Besides everything? I am so far behind on these term papers.
I'm gonna be up all night.
Maybe I should go downstairs.
Why? I'm gonna be up all night with restructuring American foreign policy.
It'll be fun, be like college.
We can order out some bad food.
Cheeseburger pizza is on the way.
You are so handsome.
I'm gonna make sure we have Tums.
Tums! What's that? Henry where'd these come from? I have no idea.
Someone is stalking our kids.