Madam Secretary (2014) s04e02 Episode Script

Off the Record

1 Okay we are down to Nantucket Mist or Cappuccino Foam.
You're sure you don't like Ionian Grotto.
No I do like grottos.
And the Ionians.
- Who doesn't? - ALISON: Hi, Dad.
They loved art, philosophy, democracy.
One of my all-time favorite ancient civilizations.
Okay, great.
But which one says warm and welcoming kitchen? You know, stylish without trying? Aren't those all the same? Seriously, Dad? No, they're completely different.
You should get all three and see which one really pops on the wall.
Look how smart college is making you.
Here you go, Hieronymus.
- Oh, an Ionian pet name.
I like it.
- Hmm.
And I have construction and materials class in five.
All right, thanks for helping, Noodle.
- Love you.
- I lo (sighs) Okay, I'll pick up a quart of each of these on my way home tonight.
Yeah, great.
We'll-we'll paint this weekend.
I'm not painting.
Well, okay, Grumpy.
Your dad and I have it.
Uh, we do? Yes.
You're the original Mr.
You fixed the washing machine.
Well, that was a part.
Painting is like a craft.
Well, we can be crafty, okay? It'll be fun.
Come on, come on.
We'll get all sweaty and have a paint fight, okay? - Okay.
- (chuckles) Okay.
I'm out.
See ya.
We feel good about him driving himself to school, right? We feel great about it.
- (door closes) - (sighs) Especially if it means we get the house to ourselves.
Care to head back upstairs, - Hieronymus? - To the grotto? - (chuckles) - Well, the Ionians also had an appreciation of pleasure.
- (phone vibrating) - Stop talking.
(sighs) "Needed at White House"" Hey.
Traffic is really bad this time of day.
It's the worst.
(chuckles) Hi, hi, hi.
Hi, I'm Dmitri Petrov, but my cover is Alexander Mehranov, which which, of course, you also know and now I'm babbling like a (sighs) Oh.
Chert, chert, chert, chert, chert.
(door opens) (door opens, closes) How do I look? You mean do you look high? Do I? No.
Just nervous.
I haven't taken anything since yesterday morning.
I'm clean.
(door opens) - Udachi.
- (door closes) Should I try the house line again? Just give her another minute.
(exhales): Oh (door opens) Good morning.
- Good morning, ma'am.
- BLAKE: Good morning.
So what is the crisis Du jour? The Libyan civil war is back on.
What? What happened? Well, about two hours ago, talks between the Libyan National Congress and the Unified Republican Ministry broke down over control of the National Oil Company.
So the URM took the opportunity to launch an offensive on the Mabruk oil terminal.
Aren't we offering them like a-a billion dollars in aid to bury their hatchets? I mean, why would they put that at risk? Reconciliation is hard.
Working through the usual smorgasbord of power-sharing dilemmas.
Natural resource distribution, security leadership, frequency of elections, local versus centralized power, counterterrorism strategies.
Your basic 3-D chess on top of a Jenga tower negotiation? At least we still have the aid package for leverage.
Congress is pulling the plug on the aid package.
Since when? RUSSELL: Ten minutes ago.
The leadership drafted a new amendment reallocating the Libyan aid to American farm subsidies.
Because that's what the world needs, more corn.
Senator Morejon is on the Senate floor right now arguing that our aid money could fall into the hands of terrorists.
And he's not wrong.
(Elizabeth scoffs) They will never make a deal without the promise of aid.
And we can't give aid without the promise of a deal.
So, catch-22.
Not if we can get the Libyans to agree to a deal before you sign that bill.
How long can you wait? (scoffs) Four days.
Any longer, Congress will start questioning all our aid packages.
- It'll be a feeding frenzy.
- I can work with that.
We'll start by showing them how resolved we are to stand with them if they choose unity and peace.
And how do you plan on doing that? I'll go and literally stand with them.
In a conflict zone? Off the record.
It's still a hell of a risk.
A failed Libya is a much bigger risk.
You're not some random envoy, Elizabeth.
If anything happens to you, we won't just be sad, it'd-it'd be an act of war.
I will have my detail and a Marine Detachment, I'll be fine.
But with our problems in Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq, we can't afford to let Libya slip away.
Not without a fight.
(scoffs) (clock ticking) No heroics, Bess.
And if DS decides to pull the plug at any point, I'm authorizing them to pick you up and throw you back on your plane.
- You got that? - Yes.
Thank you sir.
(door closes) I know.
(sighs) (sighs, sniffs) (sighs) (key rattles, Dmitri sighs) - Morning.
- Hey, good morning.
Come on.
I'll introduce you to the team.
- They're excited to meet you.
- Yeah.
HENRY: Since we're sticking with your cover as a tech consultant, our front is an I.
DMITRI: Makes sense.
Morning, Sally.
Good morning, gentlemen.
This is Alexander Mehranov.
Welcome to the agency.
(door buzzes) DMITRI: Thanks.
HENRY: Don't be fooled by her demeanor.
Word is she can shoot the beak off a sparrow at 100 yards.
Russian military trained me not to be fooled.
Especially by Americans.
(chuckles) Dylan Larsen, Molly Reid.
This is Dmitri Petrov.
MOLLY: It's like seeing a ghost.
Oh, my God, did I say that out loud? HENRY: Okay, get it all out.
Because from now on, he's Alexander Mehranov.
Even here.
Well, nice to meet you, Alexander.
Hey, there.
Or do you prefer Alex? Uh, yeah, in Phoenix, most people called me Alex.
So Just not "Alexi.
" (all chuckle) Well, you guys are gonna have plenty of time to get to know each other, but, in brief, Dylan is - ex-Army Rangers.
- Yeah, a few pounds ago.
He transitioned to the CIA seven years ago.
Molly is career CIA.
She started her career as a field agent in Chechnya.
Also a few pounds ago.
But you have a better excuse.
(chuckles) I'm due in a couple months.
Um, and you know Alex, of course.
He helped us win a proxy war against Russia in the Ukraine a couple of years ago, and he's the highest-ranking Russian military official who's working for us.
His breadth of knowledge about the greatest geopolitical foe that we have is, well, it's unmatched anywhere in the IC.
- That's all? - (chuckles) So, let's move on to why we've assembled all this talent, and what we hope to achieve.
The Russians are stepping up their efforts to bolster the Taliban and undermine the democratic government in Afghanistan.
I don't have to tell you how disastrous that would be to the United States well, the entire Western world, if they were to succeed.
We now have evidence that they're bribing Afghani officials in an attempt to further destabilize the rule of law.
- Sounds like we need to turn one of them.
- Exactly.
Our field office in Kabul has identified several dozen Russian operatives working in country.
This is everything we have on them.
Our job is to identify who would be most likely to turn, and then formulate an approach.
The director wants us to be operational fast, so consider this speed dating.
TED: Since there's scattered fighting near Tripoli, we'll corkscrew into Mitiga Airport, which is about 50 miles south, where there's less activity.
Then we'll haul ass by ground up into the Tillisi Hotel, which is just east of Tripoli.
Corkscrew, as in landing? That's correct, sir.
Aircraft have been shot down by both sides with stingers in the last few months.
Can't risk standard descent procedures.
Well, this pregnant lady is not bummed to be staying stateside.
Uh, excuse me, just how corkscrewy are we talking? Tight radius, so we can secure everything below 10,000 feet.
It's a bit of a ride.
Said the former Air Force colonel.
ELIZABETH: Well, extraordinary precautions to ensure smooth sailing.
What else, Ted? We'll be traveling with a small, heavily armed detail including a Marine Detachment, a medic and just two of your staff.
Wheels up from Andrews in three hours, so we can hit Libyan airspace in the dead of night.
That sounds like a plan.
Thanks, Ted.
Thank you.
See Now, I'm leaning toward Ionian Grotto.
Strong choice, I love it.
They're all exactly the same, aren't they? Pretty much.
(sighs) Hey.
Did you, uh you ever do a corkscrew landing? Yeah, a few times.
On transports into Iraq.
So it's not a big thing, right? You're corkscrewing into Libya? Ooh.
Uh, I-it's not a big deal.
It's kind of like a really sharp turn that just keeps going.
All right, well, that doesn't sound so bad.
You just worry about making peace.
Charm them with your Arabic.
Actually, I'm gonna be using a translator.
I'm not great with the Libyan dialect.
Has too many diphthongs and interdental fricatives.
So you're really doing it.
Yeah, it is really getting done.
What do you think? I love this one.
I was all about Nantucket Mist ten minutes ago.
Now it's Ionian Grotto.
So, can I take that one? Sure.
I'm don't think we're done deliberating No.
It's dead to me.
That's yours.
- Please.
- Awesome.
Jareth's apartment is so drab.
I've been meaning to spruce up the living room.
You can buy that, you know.
It's on sale at Franklin's.
Or, you know what? It's our treat.
- Really? - Really? - Yeah, it is.
- (phone rings) - Wow, thank you so much.
- From-from both of us.
- (phone beeps) All right, that's my ride.
I didn't realize you were going anywhere.
Well, I didn't either, until this afternoon.
But, uh, that's all I can tell you.
OTR, I get it.
Good luck, wherever.
ELIZABETH: Thank you.
HENRY: It's really high-end paint, you know.
So the corkscrew thing, it's really gonna be okay? I promise.
I'm more worried about you on the ground over there.
POTUS is way ahead of you.
Love you.
I kind of love you.
- Yeah.
- A lot.
- All right.
- Get your bag, get your bag.
We have a painting date when I get back.
JAY: It felt like a sharp turn that just kept going and going.
I told you.
General Hamady has just arrived at the Tillisi Hotel, ma'am.
That's full negotiating complement.
As long as our tires hold up on this road, we're good to go.
How far out are we, Matt? About half an hour, ma'am.
I'll let the parties know.
Um, Jay, can we review the revenue (tires screech) AGENT: Heads down, heads down! TED: Whoa, Joe, what happened? JOE: Uh, someone jumped into the road.
TED: Are they armed? JOE: I-I don't know, I can't see.
Ma'am, you stay in the car.
What happened, Joe, did we hit anyone? Yes, ma'am.
Looks like a child.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
- DS AGENT: Cover Bluebird! - Where's the doctor? - Ma'am, I need you to get back in the car.
- Don't we have a medic? - Oh, my God.
- By the time I saw her, it was too late.
It's not your fault, Joe.
Where is the damn medic? Ma'am, I need you to get back I'm here, I'm here.
Excuse me, ma'am.
Oh, my God.
Is she alive? Uh, yeah, but losing blood.
Jane! Help me stop the bleeding.
Press as hard as you can.
ELIZABETH: Is she gonna make it? Yeah, but she needs to get to a hospital.
- Well, then let's get her in the car - No! Absolutely not.
The road is not clear.
Crowd of potential tangos, 12 o'clock! (men shouting) Don't shoot, don't shoot.
Ma'am, we need to leave right now.
We are not leaving her lying in the road.
Ma'am, we have a potential Black Hawk Down situation! No, Ted! I'll, uh, I'll stay.
So will I.
This is already a staggering breach of protocol.
I can't guarantee your safety.
Please, I need you to get back in the car, right now.
Okay, okay, okay, okay.
Wait, just do whatever - you have to do, okay? - I-I'll do my best.
Thank you.
(Stevie sighs) Aren't you having just a little bit of fun? Haven't hardly spent any time together lately.
I know.
But here we are.
Besides, you're definitely gonna score some points with my mom, 'cause she's very into couples painting these days.
Ah, well.
I must be having a blast.
I stand corrected.
Is that a swipe at my mother? No, no.
It's an honor to be influenced by her.
What? Why are you being so weird? Maybe it's just disconcerting to be under the thumb of a political dynasty when you've been disinherited by your own family.
"Dynasty"? Seriously? And how are you under anyone's thumb? It'd just be nice if, every now and then, you didn't jump through every single hoop your parents - put in front of you.
- Oh, my God, what hoops? Wha you think I'm some idiot with no mind of my own? I never called you an idiot.
Just that I can't think for myself.
Well, here we are painting because your mum said it was a good idea.
No, because we decided to paint.
I never said that I wanted us to do it ourselves.
Well, you never said that you didn't want to.
Because you wanted to do it.
Well, God forbid you actually tell me - how you feel about anything.
- I'm telling you now.
Yeah, while trashing my family.
Do you want me to be honest with you or not? Of course.
Just not after withholding your true feelings when we're making a decision, and then getting all pissed off at me about how miserable I've made you because of, I don't know, my family's oppressive dynastic thumb? Damn it.
It's work.
Oh, yeah.
Of course it is.
(distant siren wailing) - Good morning, ma'am.
- Hi.
Good morning.
- The parties have gathered.
- Okay.
NADINE: How are you holding up? Well, we'll find out soon enough.
How about you? Oh, I've been praying a lot.
Ma'am, I just heard from Dr.
And? What about the girl? She sustained some pretty bad head trauma, so they're worried about her brain swelling up.
Apparently, the next 24 hours is key.
And her family? Did they? Her mom and dad are at the hospital.
Turns out, Aya was walking home.
So, that's her-her name, Aya Alsnany.
She was walking home from her grandparents' house.
And, uh, they got when she didn't make it, they got worried and they found her eventually at the hospital.
I'm glad they're with her.
Nadine, I-I'd like you to go to the hospital.
I-I know that's a big ask.
No, of course I'll go.
Honestly, I'm having trouble focusing.
I'd rather be there.
- Thank you.
- Oh, Jay? Have you got this? No worries.
What do we got? MOLLY: Split decision.
Dylan and I have a serious crush on Maxim Polyakov.
Russian military official who's a direct line to the Taliban.
Who do you like, Alex? Uh, Osip Bakunin, Russian embassy attaché in Kabul.
An emissary between the GRU and the Taliban.
Tell me about Polyakov.
We can connect him to a meeting with an Afghani drug lord.
Probably a bribe.
But, even if it wasn't, there's no way that meeting was sanctioned by the GRU.
We've got him by the balls.
Is there a downside? He's a bit of a renegade.
There's a risk he could implode.
Uh, I think, um, Polyakov is even less stable than they think.
Um he gets jittery, it could blow us.
Tell me about Bakunin.
(sniffs) Well, we haven't got as much leverage, but, uh, he does have a lot of debt.
Offering to pay that off, uh, could be intriguing to him.
Um, but what I like most about him is his ideology.
You see, he leans leftward for a Russian diplomat.
And we have, uh, private correspondences with a cousin of his, uh, who is a low-level economic minister advocating for a more open, democratic government.
How do we know he's not just telling the cousin whatever he wants to hear? Uh, I recognize the sentiment.
He's not faking it.
We flip him, he'll be stable.
We'll own him for a long time.
Well I like the sound of that.
Let's look into the approach.
If he doesn't work out, then we'll have Polyakov as backup.
- Copy that.
- Good work.
Let's call it a day.
(door closes) - (yells) - (gasps) (both panting) I'm so sorry.
It's okay.
- It's okay.
- I Here.
I never liked this suit.
(grunts) Here, uh, let me.
Or this shirt and tie.
It's okay.
No, no, no, no.
It's all right, it's all right, it's all right, it's all right.
We need those corner mirror thingies.
Not that the Landmarks Commission will ever allow it.
(sighs) Uh I left the files and instructions on my desk for you.
Um, do you mind me asking what's going on? What have you heard? Nothing.
You know, I know my mom is on an off-the-record trip, and, um, I'm probably being paranoid, I just I just, you know, I just want to make sure that she's okay.
Yep, she's fine.
She's, uh, fit as a fiddle.
Thank God.
- Thank you.
- I mean, she's, uh she's upset, but fine.
She's in Libya.
Don't worry.
We have a small army protecting her.
Yeah, no, of course.
But she ran over a kid.
What? Not her, personally.
Her motorcade.
Oh, my God.
That's-that's terrible.
She's alive, though.
The kid.
Things happen.
Stuff you don't plan on.
My whole damn job is dealing with stuff you don't plan on.
I'm keeping the president waiting here.
You okay? Yeah.
Um, I think so.
You don't have to worry about your mom.
(door closes) ELIZABETH: I floated an integrated national army working with U.
They're not crazy about the U.
advisors part.
Well, after Iraq and Afghanistan, I can't say I blame them.
Well, it sounds like you're making some progress.
Sorry to say it's slower than I'd hoped.
RUSSELL: Then you're not gonna like that we're tightening up your timeline.
DS is worried what it's gonna look like if news breaks of your accident.
See what you can do in the next day.
Then we're pulling you.
President, that'd be all due respect a terrible mistake.
DALTON: Understood, but it's not up for debate.
Sorry about all this, Bess.
Uh thank you, sir.
I should get back in there.
Of course.
Thank you.
MOLLY: So, that's the little changing station.
And that's the crib my mom bought us, thank God.
Aw, very nice.
Well, it's official.
I've become that person.
Well, you're fine.
It's when you, uh, brag about poops and burps that you start crossing lines.
Though, I-I have to say my little Danny is a champion burper.
- (laughs) - Yeah.
To our new comrade.
Don't sell yourself short, you're off to a strong start.
I get why McCord likes you.
Oh, Bakunin probably won't work out.
We'll end up with Polyakov.
Not to be a dick, but since you brought it up, I don't look forward to turning a Russian operative without some really scary leverage.
You underestimate the GRU.
Bakunin knows they'd send him to the Gulag - for a parking violation.
- True.
So, yeah, their brutality is our number one recruiting tool.
(both laugh) Funny.
You know what they actually do to you, uh, in a Russian prison? They start off with, uh, with stress positions tying you up and hanging you by your wrists, stepping down hard on your joints and your ligaments until they, uh, they snap.
Then they, uh, attach electrodes.
One jolt is so much pain, you can't even imagine.
The convulsing so violent it, uh, cracks ribs.
And the only hope is that the next one will kill you.
You know, whatever happens to Bakunin or Polyakov, it's not a game for pampered CIA agents to joke about.
(exhales) (woman laughs) from a brain scan.
The doctor is assessing it now.
- But she's stable.
- Brain injuries are unpredictable.
Her parents are with her and agreed to see you.
- Right here.
- Thank you.
- Mr.
and Mrs.
Alsnany - (translating into Arabic) How do you do? I'm Nadine Tolliver.
I am Secretary McCord's chief of staff.
Thank you very much for seeing me.
- (speaks Arabic) - HASSAN: What do you want? The secretary asked me to convey her deepest sorrow and well wishes.
We all feel just awful about this dreadful accident.
(speaking Arabic) All we want is for our little girl to come home.
(speaking Arabic) Mr.
and Mrs.
Alsnany (both speaking Arabic) HASSAN: I am afraid Aya's scan shows that her brain has continued to swell.
(speaks Arabic) How can we stop it? We've done everything we can.
I'm afraid she only has one more day.
(speaks Arabic) I'm sorry.
That's a good way to cool off.
Alexander, right? Right.
I You - Stephanie.
- Ah.
Henry McCord's daughter.
Yeah, right.
Yeah, we met at your place.
- You were all dressed up.
- (chuckles): Right.
- Um, it was for the opera.
- Ah.
Actually, mm might have been the philharmonic.
I-I can't remember.
That good, huh? (laughs) It's kind of more my fiancé's thing.
- Uh-huh.
- So (glass clattering, door chimes ring) Yeah, he's he's British, so Makes sense.
Not really, actually, I (laughs) - No? (stammers) - No.
I don't think so.
- Okay.
- Not really sure what I was going for there.
- Uh - Sorry, I sound like a bit of an idiot.
Why-why? No.
Not at all.
I I just alienated myself with my new co-workers.
I basically called them callous monsters.
- So, you know - Wow.
- Yeah.
I'm the idiot today, so - Wow.
(door chimes ring) And an even bigger idiot for telling my boss's daughter.
(laughs) It's okay.
(phone chimes) Um it's work.
I got to run.
But it was really nice to run into you, Alexander.
You, too, Stephanie-Stevie.
(chuckles) Now I will remember.
See you.
See you.
TRANSLATOR: How dare you make these demands while your troops continue to besiege Mabruk? That oil belongs to Libyan people who are oppressed and ignored - by your so-called government in Tripoli.
- Gentlemen, let's keep our focus on the presidential council.
Please Excuse me, ma'am.
It's Nadine.
(speaking continuing) How is she, Nadine? Aya's brain is swelling very badly and there's nothing they can do here to stop it.
(speaking continuing) Wait, what? The only hope they have of reducing the swelling is with an external ventricular drain, which they don't have here at the hospital.
So we need to get her someplace that does.
Yes, ma'am.
The closest medical facility with an EVD is the USNS Mercy hospital ship a few hundred miles away in the Mediterranean.
Now, time is of the essence, and with the no-fly zone, logistics become problematic.
Thank you, Nadine.
We are getting Aya Alsnany on that ship.
- Absolutely not.
- Ted Ma'am, LNC affiliates shot down a UN peacekeeper helicopter - in that same airspace not two weeks ago.
- Yes, I know.
So maybe we find another route - that NAVAIR will sign off on.
- Find another route? I wouldn't even know where to begin.
There has to be a way.
Hey, maybe I don't know.
Just - think outside the box, please.
- Ma'am, we all want that girl to pull through, but even if I were willing to push the envelope, the Pentagon is not gonna put a flight crew at risk in hostile territory.
Even the president won't overrule them on this.
I can't let her die.
- Thank you for gathering again.
- (speaking Arabic) We appreciate your offer to help integrate our two militaries, and your aid package is more than generous.
But your help is meaningless - if our opponents continue to extort us.
- It's fine.
- I'm done negotiating.
- (speaks Arabic) TRANSLATOR: I sense another - American trick.
- Uh (sighs) No, I-I I asked you to come back because there is something that we can solve together.
On our way from the airport yesterday, my motorcade hit a little girl in Castelverde, and right now she is at Ehtuish Hospital with a potentially fatal brain injury.
(speaking Arabic) So, another Libyan victim of United States help.
I get that.
And we can debate the morality of the 2011 NATO bombing campaign here another time, but right now that girl needs she needs life-saving care, and it is only available to her aboard a U.
hospital ship off the coast of Al Khums.
We can't get her there because of the no-fly zone your militaries are enforcing.
- (speaking Arabic) - TRANSLATOR: Once again, it is our fault.
One hour.
We just need a one-hour cease-fire and suspension of the no-fly zone.
TRANSLATOR: The no-fly zone is the only thing stopping them from dropping barrel bombs on us.
We only agreed - to the talks - I'm asking you to focus on one little girl who doesn't need to die today.
TRANSLATOR: We did nothing to this girl.
- No.
- (speaks Arabic) But she will die if you do nothing now.
Isn't it our most fundamental responsibility to save innocent lives? I am begging you.
(door buzzes) (indistinct conversations) In my office, please.
They had no choice but to tell me about your spectacularly troubling behavior.
- Okay, I - Oh, no, no! Not okay.
It's not okay.
And it doesn't matter that they were insensitive.
I talked to them about that.
This is about whether or not you still have the temperament to do this kind of work.
You know damn well that any perceived weakness can be exploited by our enemies.
- Yeah, I understand that.
- Then you need to instill a little more confidence that you're working for the right side.
Which was the central issue when I was putting all of my credibility on the line to get you this work in the first place.
Or maybe you don't get that.
I get it.
Everything that you have done for me.
It won't happen again.
You're gonna start seeing Dr.
Thorton again.
In Phoenix? I'm having him come here.
That's all.
That's not all, Dr.
(exhales) For the last ten months I have been struggling with opiate addiction.
Um, yeah, mostly oxycodone.
(sniffs) Uh, the doctors gave me oxy for my injuries after my release from Russia.
And when, uh, when I got out of the hospital (sniffs) they weaned me off the drugs, but, um I still had had pain.
So I found it myself on the street, and (sniffs) um at some point, uh, it-it stopped being about the pain I just needed it.
And now I can't stop.
(takes deep breath) Um I even lied to my sister.
(sniffs) Um, I-I know I know how bad this is, and, uh how much it compromises me.
I'm so sorry.
JARETH: Not bad, eh? Not at all.
I thought if coming up with a theory of everything doesn't work we've got house painting.
You didn't have to finish.
I know.
I just realized what an idiot I'd been last night, and since you were off to work, the only penance available was to finish the one thing I'd so rudely railed against.
I don't think that our fight was just about painting.
I adore your family, and I admire your work.
- You don't have to - I do, I do.
The truth is, I I brag about your mum.
And the fact that you work at the epicenter of power for the whole damn world - As an intern.
- As an anything is impressive and amazing.
Maybe I'm a bit intimidated.
- Jareth - No, no, no.
I'm sorry that I was such a cretin last night.
And I know I don't deserve it.
Forgive me.
Of course.
I love you, Stephanie McCord, and, if it's not too creepy I think I love your mum, too.
(laughs) It's a little creepy.
(sighs) I love you, too.
(Hassan and Mona arguing in Arabic) Nadine, what's happening? Mr.
Alsnany has changed his mind about the helicopter.
Well, does he understand she'll? He's he's never been on an airplane, let alone a helicopter.
He's frightened, ma'am.
- (arguing continues) - Mr.
Alsnany? Mrs.
Alsnany? I'm Elizabeth McCord.
(woman translating) I am so deeply sorry about what's happened to Aya, but she needs to get to the hospital.
Now, I understand there's a problem with the helicopter? TRANSLATOR: We are not going.
How do we know we will not be shot down? I have heard many stories.
That was before the cease-fire, okay? Both sides have agreed to let this helicopter fly safely.
I have their personal assurance.
You do, but how do we know? Because I'll go with you.
Oh, ma'am, ma'am, this needs to be run by DoD.
Ted, you and I both know there's no time for that.
It's not gonna happen.
Ma'am, a medevac helicopter is one thing, but with The clock is running down - on the cease-fire she has to get to the hospital.
- Ma'am, I am authorized to physically stop you you are aware of that, right? I know.
(sighs): Just come on, Ted.
Let's take a little ride, save this girl.
Please? (Hassan and Mona continue arguing) - You're killing me, ma'am.
- I know.
Alsnany It's okay? Yes? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
(shouts in Arabic) Okay, come, come.
(speaks Arabic) It's taking so long.
The doctor said it could take up to five hours.
(translates) (speaks Arabic): Elizabeth? TRANSLATOR: Do you have children? Yes.
They're grown now.
(translates) (speaks Arabic) TRANSLATOR: How old? Our daughters, uh, Stevie and Alison are 22 and 18 years old, and our son Jason is 16.
(speaking Arabic) We also have two girls and a boy.
Eisha is 13, and our son Khaled is 11.
(speaking Arabic, crying) Aya is the youngest.
(sobs) (sniffles) She's gonna be okay.
The operation was a complete success.
(translating) (Hassan and Mona speaking Arabic) Your little Aya she is a fighter.
She responded beautifully to the EVD, and the brain swelling is already going down.
She's in recovery right now under heavy sedation, but, uh if you want, you can come be with her.
(sniffles, speaks Arabic) Ma'am, there's a chopper waiting to take you to Aviano Air Base.
JAY: Madam Secretary.
Ma'am, s something amazing happened.
I see that.
The cease-fire it held.
Well, that's good.
That's And not just that.
Now they want you to come back.
To Tripoli? Why? Well both sides agreed on a presidential council, which clears the way for an integrated military and oil revenue sharing.
Ma'am, they want to sign the peace deal.
What? - Are you? - Yeah.
Apparently, they started negotiating again as soon as we left.
They were moved by your plea to save Aya.
It's so just amazing.
- That's - Wow.
- Right? - A freakin' miracle.
Aw, Ted's gonna love this.
Ted? TED: Ma'am? ELIZABETH: having a hard time with the drips.
STEVIE: Hey! You're home! - Hey, babe.
- Hi, honey.
- Oh-ho! Hi.
- Hi.
(kisses) Darling.
I'm really glad that everything worked out in Libya, Mom.
Thank you.
Uh, Russell mentioned that he read you in on it.
(sighs) Yeah.
Breaking it gently is not his gift.
Hey, how'd things work out with the, uh, Nantucket Mist at Jareth's house? - Oh, yeah.
- Oh, great.
Yeah, we both love it.
- (chuckles) - Thank you, again.
You're welcome.
Oh, uh Dad, I-I ran into that guy that you work with at the War College.
Um, Alexander.
Oh, yeah, where was that? A convenience store in Adams Morgan.
What'd he have to say for himself? Not much.
He, um, he seems like a nice guy.
Yeah, he is.
Okay, what-what are, are you doing? - What do you mean? - Well, you're, like, jamming the roller when you should be using a-a brush.
Are you really gonna, uh, criticize my painting? Are you really gonna get defensive about it? O-Okay, give me a brush.
- Don't get all huffy.
- No.
Here - I don't know where they are.
- What? What? Look, I'm doing it your way, babe.
Let it go.
Good night.
Feels like you need to let it go.
- Really? - Yeah, r Oh, no.
No, no.
Don't do it.
You do not want to get in a paint fight with me.
You don't.
Or maybe I do.
D Oh - that looks that looks good.
- Oh, oh, does it? - Yes.
- Does it look good? Ho-ho-ho! - Look at that, you got right in - (shrieks) - Oh, you think that's gonna work? - Come on.
Think that's gonna work? Oh! Direct hit.
- Okay.
- Bam! Okay, fine.
- Come on.
- Okay, okay, but I like my shirt.
- Come on.
Oh, you do? - This is one of my favorite shirts.
- How much do you like it? How much do you like it? - Don't do it.
Don't do it.
- How much do you like it? - I like you so much.
I like you so much.
Oh! Henry, I can't see those are my glasses! That's - Oh! - Oh! You like it? You like it? Whoo-hoo! - Oh, go for it.
Come on.
- ELIZABETH: Let me just tell you something.
- Come on.
- You know what? I That is my nipple.
HENRY: Hit me with your best shot.
Oh-ho-ho! No, no.
Not below the belt.
Not Oh!