Madam Secretary (2014) s04e10 Episode Script

Women Transform the World

1 (ELEVATOR BELL DINGS) ALL: Hey! Come here.
Welcome back.
Thank you.
- Here, this one's fresh.
- Thanks.
- Oh, look at you.
- Oh, I had a corner, so No, he's lying.
I had the corner.
It's fine.
I had a huge breakfast.
Come on, we want to see more pictures of Joanna.
I've sent you so many already.
But since you asked Oh, here, I'll hold your coffee.
Thank you.
Wow, a lot of changes since I was gone.
Congratulations, boss.
Don't be ridiculous.
Blake is still the boss.
Is Kat Sandoval here? Oh, she's in California wrapping up her exit strategy from the avocado farm.
She'll be here next week.
But we like her? I mean, I've heard some things.
She meditates now.
I get it.
I breastfeed now.
Oh, fun fact: when your body detects warmer temperature, it'll change the content of your breast milk to provide more hydration for your baby.
I don't know how I know that.
Wow, that is a cute kid.
Oh! BLAKE: Oh! Oh, look at those eyes.
JAY: You are in so much trouble.
DAISY: I know, right? I could do this all day, but we have a Women Transform the World - conference to plan.
- Yes.
- Yes.
- And it ain't gonna plan itself.
Oh! That's how I know that.
ELIZABETH: Listen, you.
As glad as I am to have you back, I want to remind you you still have a week left on your maternity.
I really wanted to be here for the women's conference.
Something about having a little woman of my own made it even more important.
But it is weird being away from my daughter so I can make the world better for my daughter.
Still working on that balance.
Well, that's what grandparents are for.
Have Joe's parents seen Joanna? I haven't actually told them yet.
I'm not avoiding it.
I just got superstitious when I was pregnant.
I mean, I kept thinking this poor woman just lost her son.
What if something happens to this baby? How horrible will that be? Then, since Joanna was born, I've been completely overwhelmed, but I will call.
- Today.
- Good.
As soon as I get a minute.
And a caffeine rush, which I will totally pump and dump.
- (LAUGHS) - Let me know when I'm over-sharing.
I've been alone with a baby for a long time.
As a rule, just pull back when you feel yourself wanting to share color or texture of anything.
Thanks, ma'am.
Sorry, you're being summoned to the Sit Room.
All right.
Tell Jay to start the meeting.
DALTON: Operation Tiger Claw launches in four days, General.
Is that sufficient time to finish preparations? Ample time, Mr.
Marines, Army, including Special Forces, as well as several British and Canadian battalions are readying as we speak.
What about air support? HILL: Taliban forces are concentrated in Baghlan Province, just outside Kabul.
Air strikes could put the Afghan civilians at a greater risk.
While boots on the ground almost certainly means more American casualties.
BECKER: Despite these concerns, we're confident this is the best and most decisive way to decapitate the Taliban leadership.
WARE: And send a clear message to Russia.
Propping up the Taliban in an effort to destabilize the Afghan central government won't be tolerated anymore.
Which is why, despite our significant show of force, we will be following the Afghan army's lead here, General.
In the end, it's their fight.
ELIZABETH: None of this will matter if we don't also lay the groundwork for a credible and effective Afghan government.
I mean, that is, if our end goal is still to withdraw U.
troops completely.
That is our goal, of course.
And a decisive blow would help us achieve just that.
General Mackey.
Operation Tiger Claw could take a significant bite out of the Taliban's control, while simultaneously setting the stage for lasting stability in Afghanistan.
DALTON: Right.
Let's get it done.
Peace through strength.
It's the party line.
Give me some good news, people.
Molly's returned from maternity leave.
Molly, hey.
Welcome back.
We missed you.
It's good to be back, Dr.
The guys were just about to catch me up.
So Senator Beau Carpenter is behind bars.
His replacement has been fully vetted, so our immediate intel leak is over.
If only we had anything worth bringing to the Senate Intelligence Committee.
Okay, look.
Operation Tiger Claw launches in four days.
Our job is to collect as much intel as possible on Russian and Taliban activities.
The problem is our most promising Russian assets in the region have gone to ground.
They got spooked when Osip Bakunin was murdered.
Not Matvey Sokolov.
Oh, that's your old friend from the Russian Military Academy, right? Mm-hmm.
Uh Yeah, his profile is perfect.
GRU spy working as a liaison to the Taliban.
Yeah, when I knew him, Matvey had deep ideological issues with Russia and the way we meddled in foreign governments, particularly Afghanistan.
Plus, he's a sucker for anything Western.
He used to wear Van Halen T-shirts under his combat uniform.
Dylan, you've been running point on this.
What's your impression? That he's not reliable.
DMITRI: His information about leadership changes in the Taliban were solid, and he did tell you that there were more where that came from.
But every time I try to close the deal, he asks for something different.
I can't get him over the finish line.
HENRY: We could try something else.
Stop offering him things and put a little pressure on him.
Tell him he's running out of time to be useful to us.
Or I could talk to him.
MOLLY: Doesn't he believe Dmitri Petrov is dead? And what better way to convince a man that the United States government can be trusted than to reveal that they rescued me from the gulag and saved my life? When I knew him, America was his dream.
And what if he has a new dream? You could wind up back in witness protection or worse.
I do not believe he would burn me.
M-Matvey Sokolov is a Russian spy who is embedded with the Taliban.
I have to at least try to convince him to work with us.
It's a huge risk.
And you have taught me, sir, that those are the only ones worth taking.
(SIGHS) Okay.
Get in touch with Sokolov, tell him I want to meet.
We'll leave for Kabul tonight.
(PHONE CHIMES QUIETLY) MATT: So I was looking at my speech from last year's women's conference, you know, checking for ideas And by "checking for ideas," you mean you hope to reuse last year's speech.
Well, I don't want to say that parts of it are timeless, but that would not be totally inaccurate.
Except the demographics have changed.
We have a 20% uptick in attendance in women under 30, who seem to think equal pay for equal work is a fine idea.
Man, I'm glad you're back.
Okay, let's just spitball these ideas, and we'll write my speech.
Help you? I have a press briefing to give, e-mails to catch up on, and breasts to pump.
How about you help me? Okay.
Just so you know, I'm leaving because you want to get rid of me, not because I'm afraid of breast-pumping.
Whatever works.
Just a friend thing.
How are your parents handling this? It's gonna take some time, but they'll come around.
Well, if you're looking for some extended family, I'd like to offer up mine.
As you know, I'm half Irish, half Pakistani, so it's a lot of whiplash in the lifestyle department.
You got drinkers and teetotalers, carnivores, vegetarians, shouters and well, everybody shouts.
But in a fun way.
And they all love babies.
Okay, I wanted to strangle you a minute ago, now I feel all weepy.
Damn hormones.
Think about it.
Open invitation.
Everybody needs family.
Hello? Is this Mrs.
Garcia? My name is Daisy Grant.
You don't know me, but I knew your son.
I knew Joe.
Ma'am, I'm so sorry to bother you here.
No, no, no, I just had to get my 30 25 minutes in.
I could hear my Fitbit screaming at me from whatever drawer I shoved it in.
How's your first day back going? Fine.
I mean, I miss her, but I'm talking to adults, I'm using my brain, and I'm so happy to be back for the women's conference, because, as we discussed, the fact that I have a daughter now makes all of these issues even more important.
So I don't at all regret at all coming back - from maternity leave early.
- Good.
Because, you know, it's a privilege to have a job where there is maternity leave.
But the thing is, I finally talked to Joe's mother.
And she was so happy to hear from me, and she really wants to meet Joanna.
And I feel like I can't say no to her because I'm the one who contacted her out of the blue.
And they live in Connecticut, which is, like, a long drive.
So, you know, the whole thing is gonna be a lot, and I know that I just got back, but I need to ask for a day off.
Daisy take two days off.
Really? Take as many days as you need.
Oh, God, I feel like I'm gonna cry.
Yeah, you're gonna have to get used to that feeling.
(CHUCKLES) ELIZABETH: I'm just saying, Afghanistan, 72 hours before a massive U.
military operation.
I mean, if you need an adrenaline rush, why don't you just, I don't know, stay home and take up race car driving? Our troops are about to go toe to toe against the Taliban rebels.
Don't you think it'd be a good idea to have as much on-the-ground intel as possible? Could I have that green one, please? Are you really confident that Alexander can get this Russian operative to talk? Well, if his old friend is who he says he is, I'll come back with information about Taliban troop movements that could prove invaluable.
Okay, literally, all I could make out from that sentence were the words "I'll come back".
Everything else just sounded like Charlie Brown's teacher.
What do you want me to do, babe? Please say it again and mean it.
I'll come back.
I promise.
In the meantime, why don't you look into that race car driving thing? HENRY: You okay? I was just thinking if I had never gone to War College or or met you, if I had stayed in the Russian military and been a good soldier then this is where I'd be now.
Helping to prop up an armed insurgency and destabilize the elected government.
Let's just hope that Matvey Sokolov is as cynical as you are about Russia's intentions here.
I have faith Matvey has remained an idealist.
And if not, then, yeah, I'm sure he still loves money.
Daisy! Mrs.
Oh, please, call me Margarita.
Oh, my God.
(GASPS) She looks just like him.
Yes, you know that? You look like your daddy.
(LAUGHS) Oh, I'm so happy to meet you.
Come on in.
McCord, I was told you would be coming alone.
I brought an old friend to see you.
(CHUCKLES): Dim? Mm-hmm.
We speak English now, okay? Ah.
Down to business.
I'm afraid we don't have much time.
Our friend is not safe here.
The GRU knows that Dalton is launching a military operation.
They have card up their sleeve.
We need details.
(CHUCKLES SOFTLY) Isn't that always the way? If you help us, we can offer you cash and asylum in the United States.
You will finally be free.
(EXHALES) You came all this way, put yourself in harm's way to convince me to help the Americans? I love my adopted country, Matvey.
I promise you, it is everything we imagined and more.
And the delegate from Bulgaria suggested a mentoring program on BLAKE: Ma'am.
Amina Salah, the Afghanistan Minister of Education.
- Elizabeth.
Oh - Ah, it's so good to see you.
I hear you've been promoted.
I couldn't seem to talk her out of it.
Oh, he tried.
I'm really looking forward to your keynote address, Minister.
Excuse me.
Come on, sit down.
I want to hear about the kids and everything.
Oh, yes.
(SIGHS, MUMBLES) You know, I spend my life fighting for girls' education, and Saba wants to take a gap year before university.
(LAUGHS): That's not so bad.
Stevie took time off from school, and she's fine.
How are the wedding plans? Not happening.
Details are unclear.
- I'm sorry.
- Well she's bouncing back.
I hear her giggling on the phone.
Oh, who knows.
Life goes on after a heartache.
It's a good lesson for all of us.
I recognize the theme from your keynote address.
- So you saw the draft? - Yeah.
It's not too provocative? The world needs to be provoked.
Well better with words than with drone strikes.
I want to assure you that this military operation is being planned down to the smallest detail.
Every precaution is being taken to avoid any civilian casualties.
I am sure.
(SIGHS) If there were a diplomatic solution, believe me, I-I would It is hard to negotiate when 68% of the country wants Sharia law.
68? Wow.
The problem is, too many people do not remember what it was like before.
My mother wore short skirts.
She went out, she danced, she served on her school board.
I know you've heard it too many times before, but we hope this action will help bring real stability this time.
If we can just give them a taste of the Afghanistan that my mother knew.
Or even moderate Islamic rule.
But these days (SIGHS) that can be a contradiction in terms.
You're urgently needed in the Sit Room.
- Okay.
Thank you.
- Yeah.
- Oh, I hate to cut this short.
- Of course.
Thank you for having me here.
(ELIZABETH CHUCKLES) It's an honor, Amina.
According to Matvey Sokolov, the Russians have a Taliban loyalist embedded in the Afghan army.
General Nawroz Arezou.
He's a decorated and respected leader in the Afghan army.
But once we launch Operation Tiger Claw, he plans to order his troops to stand down.
Why would they be loyal to him and not their country? He's a strong leader, he's charismatic, and most of the men under his command come from villages that are loyal to the Taliban.
How many men does Arezou have under him? (SIGHS): Uh 30,000.
That's 20% of the Afghan forces.
Without General Arezou's troops on the field, Afghanistan has no hope of rooting out the Taliban.
We'll lose this battle.
Along with more American lives.
Good day, President Sharza.
Please tell me you have news concerning General Arezou.
Arezou was arrested at his residence, and I've already placed General Piruz Hashmi in charge of his command.
You are confident that he can take charge of Arezou's troops? I have full confidence in Hashmi's loyalty, and it will be as if this, uh, terrible interruption never happened.
I appreciate your positive report, President Sharza.
We'll, uh, be in touch.
Of course, Mr.
(SIGHS) I feel like he's trying to raise the price on something I don't even want to buy.
(SIGHS) I have to admit that my confidence in this mission has been shaken.
Before we proceed, we should at least know how the Taliban turned one of the top generals in the Afghan central government.
And if there are any other traitors in their midst.
I agree.
Which means, Bess ELIZABETH: I know.
Henry's staying in Afghanistan.
One of the hardest things about Joe's death was knowing that he would never get to have children, that I would never get to see his face in my grandchildren.
So when I got your call, it felt like a miracle.
Though I admit, for a fraction of a second I was worried you might turn out to be some kind of scam artist.
- (LAUGHS) - You know, one of those people who prey on widows for their money.
I totally understand.
I mean, you're a woman alone you can't be too careful.
And then I remembered you loony old woman, you don't have any money! (BOTH LAUGHING) - (JOANNA FUSSING) - Anyway, the minute I saw Joanna, I knew she was his.
Joe was so handsome, wasn't he? Yes.
He got his looks from his father.
He died when Joe was young.
Did he tell you? Well, he didn't say exactly how old.
Just three.
Dan was in the military, Persian Gulf War.
He was killed by friendly fire.
Such bad luck.
Would you like to see a picture of him? Of course.
If you expect me to bow down to the great United States, you will be disappointed.
The United States? General, you betrayed your own country.
I was honoring the will of my people.
They are sick of weak and corrupt central government.
No more Western puppets.
The people want Islamic law.
And who reached out to you? The Taliban leadership? What does it matter? In the Baghlan Province, the Taliban are everywhere.
They're our neighbors and friends.
We have tea together.
What did your friends offer you to drop your guns for them? (CHUCKLES SOFTLY) You think I can be bought.
Of course you do.
Because where you come from, everyone and everything is for sale.
I see you have daughters, General.
What do you think it'll be like for them under the Taliban? No more school, no more freedom, an arranged marriage when they're 16 You are mistaken.
My daughters will go to school, and then to work.
General, we both know the Taliban will never allow that to happen.
They already have.
Yet again, the U.
is leading from behind.
But now you are so far back, you can't even see which direction the world is headed.
ELIZABETH: He actually said that? The Taliban will educate his daughters? And let them work.
It's not your mommy's Taliban.
Henry, if they're offering these concessions, it could completely change the political calculus in Afghanistan.
We need to know if Arezou - is on the level.
- At the risk of being reminded that the U.
does not negotiate with terrorists, I'm gonna throw out a name.
Akbar Haq Raquib.
The Taliban foreign minister.
He wanted to defect.
But when he turned us down, he stayed with the group.
He could absolutely confirm Arezou's story.
Back channel with the Taliban.
I mean, is Dalton gonna think I'm crazy just for even suggesting it? (SIGHS) To my way of thinking, a peaceful solution is worth sounding a little crazy.
(CHUCKLES): When are you coming home? I'm leaving right now, babe.
"Ava in a Kia Soul will be here in one minute.
" I guess I better use my time wisely.
- Very smooth.
- Aw (LAUGHS) Hey, um, not a big deal, but are you ever going to tell me where you were for the past couple of days? It's just we've never talked about whether we're seeing other people.
Are you seeing other people? Yes, I'm I'm seeing your father.
I was at a conference with him - Stop.
(LAUGHING) - the other night.
I never believed that stuff about working together.
Oh DMITRI: Hey - (LAUGHING) - That looks ridiculous.
Aw, I wish it wasn't a school night.
Wait, school? I I thought you were working at the White House.
I will explain it to you tomorrow night.
- We're still on, right? - Yes.
My sister's working I checked twice.
And I will cook for you.
Should I be scared? Not of the food.
Good night.
- Will you send me that picture? - Mm-hmm.
(CAR ENGINE STARTS) Uh, Henry, we've got a problem.
Matvey Sokolov's extraction team says he didn't show at the rendezvous point today.
Agents waited for 20 minutes before taking off without him.
I was afraid of this.
His intelligence was good, he wanted to come to the U.
He wouldn't turn me in to the Russians.
At least not willingly.
Okay, call the Kabul office and have them send a fire team to Matvey's apartment.
Is there something else? No, sir.
I'll get on the phone with Kabul.
Amina, we received intelligence indicating the Taliban might be open to peaceful negotiations in exchange for a seat in your government.
President Sharza asked if NATO and the United States might be open to talks.
The United States is going to negotiate with the Taliban? Back-channel communications between Sharza's administration and members of the Taliban have begun.
(SIGHS) I realize this must sound like a compromise.
"Compromise" is not the word I would choose.
I understand.
At least 68% of my country will welcome this.
Most of whom probably have no idea that they are giving up democracy, personal freedom and, of course, women's rights.
And they won't miss these things because they've never had them, and now they never will.
You mentioned the possibility of a moderate Islamic state.
The whole reason these talks are happening is because we learned there's a faction of the Taliban that is open to education.
But do you know the kind of education they mean? Girls swaying over the Qur'an in burkas for ten hours a day while a male teacher instructs them from behind a curtain.
We'll negotiate for a real education.
The Soviets.
The Taliban.
Now the United States.
Every "new solution" is hardest on the one group that has the least power already.
They took more and more away from us until we were literally under house arrest.
- Mutilated for going out alone - I know.
You can't possibly.
What I do know is that open societies where women and the disenfranchised have fundamental rights mean a better life for everyone.
It is what I fight for every day, Amina.
But it doesn't come from guns, and it doesn't come from drone strikes.
It comes, as you said, from words.
We have an opportunity to talk, and I think it's good that we're taking it.
You know what would give me hope? If a woman, one woman, was in those talks.
Because she would understand better than anyone else what the price of peace should be.
We have paid it so many times.
MOLLY: Matvey and his girlfriend, or maybe just some woman on the worst date of her life, were shot in his apartment.
ME at the scene estimated they'd been dead 12 hours.
Must have gotten to them within hours of our meeting.
I had been communicating with him for months.
They could have been on to him by the time you got there.
They were tortured.
They found a car battery and electrodes next to their bodies.
Poor girl, she didn't have any intel.
She was just in the wrong place at the wrong time when the Russians kicked the door in.
Alexander, can I talk to you a minute? Listen, if you need to take the rest of the day No.
I mean, I'm fine, thank you.
But there is something you need to know.
I was followed last night.
Why didn't you mention this sooner? At the time, I hoped I was just being paranoid, but if-if Matvey was tortured, and if he gave me up Um, I've got the license plate number of the car.
Okay, get it for me.
I'll run it.
DALTON: You're absolutely certain this information is correct? Henry's office reached out to their asset in Kabul, who's connected to Akbar Haq Raquib, and he confirmed the Taliban want to negotiate.
So just like that, Operation Tiger Claw morphs from a military offensive against the Taliban to peace talks? Maybe the Taliban are as weary of fighting as everyone else.
In exchange for peace, I assume they have a few demands? They want a role in the central government.
It's a compromise that has worked in the past.
In Ireland and South Africa.
Say what you will about their methods, the Taliban aren't global jihadists.
They could be satisfied with a voice in their country's leadership.
Yes, but what about the people they're ostensibly leading? After all this time, we can't just open the door and invite the enemy in without a popular consensus.
A recent human rights poll found that approximately 68% of the country favor Sharia law.
I-I know.
I was surprised, too.
The Afghan people have been living with a chaotic, weak and corrupt government for so long that, uh, the Taliban is starting to look good by comparison.
Well, if that's so, sir, then maybe it's time for us to finally get off the merry-go-round.
Walk me through it, Bess.
The Taliban would agree to recognize a democratically elected government, of which they would be an active minority party.
Women would have access to education, and the ability to work, but not drive.
So we're talking strict Islamic law as oppose to Sharia? That's something.
It is.
There's one hard line in the sand for them: no women running for office or serving in the new government.
(LAUGHS) (GROANS) And we were doing so well.
Kind of puts the lie to their request for free elections, doesn't it? Look, I'm not happy about it, either, but other countries have declared independence and labeled themselves free while neglecting to give their female citizens an equal voice.
This country we're standing in, for instance.
A mistake that was eventually corrected.
And I have every hope that Afghanistan will do the same.
(SIGHS) Gather the NSC.
I want all opinions on the floor - for discussion.
- ELIZABETH: Yes, sir.
(ALL TALKING AT ONCE) All right all right.
Most of the decisions that get made in this room are difficult.
This one is no exception, so let's go one at a time, hmm? BECKER: Mr.
This is our chance to strike a significant blow against the Taliban.
Why would we stand down and make concessions when we're winning? Are we winning? It doesn't always feel like that to me.
HILL: All due respect, sir, I agree with Gordon.
It's premature to consider negotiating with the Taliban.
"Premature" after almost two decades of war? HILL: We need to use military force so we can create the political leverage we need for a sustainable political solution.
DALTON: And how many other armies have made that same calculation only to wind up mired for years? RUSSELL: And what if the people of Afghanistan have identified a solution for themselves? Two-thirds of them favor Taliban rule.
Or have we not yet evolved from telling the rest of the world - how to run their lives? - HILL: I understand that you swim in a vast universe of gray area, Russell, but there are some of us that can still see a clear and distinct line between what's right and what's wrong.
Well, now you're just trying to hurt my feelings.
Madam Secretary, you can't possibly favor a plan that, if it was implemented here, would have you cleaning out your desk.
Oh, and that is assuming there was a man willing to chauffeur you home.
Even the Saudis came to their senses and agreed to let women drive, for God's sake.
That's a concession I hope we can still win.
But they are holding the line on keeping women out of the new government.
It is "take it or leave it.
" BECKER: And you're encouraging us to take it.
I'm trying to not lose sight of the compromises the Taliban has already made.
Ones that would have been unthinkable a decade ago.
Women's education and employment coupled with a strong democratic government can be the seeds that grow a more progressive society.
They have to start somewhere.
And what do we tell our Gold Star families? The ones who have made the real sacrifices.
"Sorry, but the insurgents that killed your child, "they're gonna be running things in Afghanistan now.
Thanks for your service.
" HILL: Sir it is my recommendation that we proceed with Operation Tiger Claw as planned.
Taking the diplomatic path now will only lead to Afghanistan returning to the haven for terrorists that it was in 2001.
BECKER: We'll be right back where we started, sir on a decline to theocracy and despotism.
Thank you all for your input.
I'll let you know my decision.
(FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING) We don't have to agree on this one.
Look, I get it.
You helped plan this operation, and you have faith in what it can accomplish.
I'm not blinded by the bars, Elizabeth.
(CHUCKLES SOFTLY) Doesn't it strike you as ironic, the two of us in this building talking about a historic decision that could deny a generation of women this same opportunity? Of course I can appreciate that.
And I also appreciate that we are both thinking about the greater good.
Where you see a tiny window to negotiate I see a wedge where we can finally pry open the door and liberate half a country.
That's me thinking about the greater good.
WARE: Henry.
Thanks for coming by.
Your assistant said it was urgent.
I got word that you are running a license plate.
Alexander Mehranov thought he was being followed last night.
We were concerned it was the Russians.
He was being followed, but not by the Russians.
It was CIA, Security Division.
It's standard operating procedure when an agent completes a stint in rehab.
I should have been informed you were surveilling my agent.
Fair point.
So did they see any suspicious behavior? This is the work Mehranov signed up for, Henry.
The United States government is completely within its rights to keep an eye on agents who could present a security risk.
I assure you Alexander's not a risk.
And his work on Afghanistan is essential.
I'll call off the dogs.
But let me know if anything changes.
And I mean anything.
Is there anything else? No.
(RAPID KNOCKING) - (DOOR OPENS) - STEVIE: Okay I did pick up pierogi and I do know that "pierogi" is plural, so there's no "S" but I got a lot of them, and it's not because I don't think you can cook, it's I've just never had them, and-and they made me think of you, so I-I still haven't - haven't made anything - Well, perfect.
(LAUGHS): I got meat and potato.
Can, um can-can we sit down for a minute? Can I talk to you? Yeah.
I was actually about to say the same thing.
Why don't you go first? Okay.
Um All right.
I don't think I realized, um how bad I was feeling about myself after the breakup with Jareth.
But with you, I, um I feel like myself again.
So whatever this is or isn't, or-or will be, I just wanted I just wanted to thank you.
Your turn.
It can wait.
We still have a few minutes.
But I have some news.
I'm afraid to ask.
President Sharza accepted the terms offered by the Taliban, and the U.
has backed the deal.
The military operation is officially off the table for now.
And how soon before you pull your troops out and leave us to our fate? There's a three-year plan to make sure that the Taliban hold up their end of the agreement.
We won't leave if they don't.
You'll have a revised constitution of moderate Islamic rule.
Women will still be educated, they can work, vote, control their own finances, but there is one point we couldn't move them on.
Women will not be able to hold government positions.
At least not yet.
Of course.
It's a place to start.
Please don't sell me on this right now.
I suppose this is my last speech as Minister of Education.
(WHISPERS): Uh, excuse me, Madam Secretary.
We're ready for you.
WOMAN: And now, to introduce our keynote speaker, we bring you a very special guest and an inspiration to women everywhere.
Please welcome to the Women Transform the World conference, Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord.
(APPLAUSE CONTINUES) That's you, Madam Secretary.
(AUDIENCE CHEERING) I meet a lot of survivors in my work, people who have seen some of the worst this world has to offer, and the quality they all share is the ability to believe in the coming day even in the bleakest dawn.
Amina Salah has seen many bleak new dawns in her country, through a violent revolution, communism, Soviet occupation and a brutal civil war.
She had an opportunity to escape before the Taliban came to power, but she stayed, earning a bachelor's and then a law degree from Kabul University.
And as she watched a generation of girls denied access to a basic education, Amina dedicated her life to giving them the same opportunity she had.
In her tenure as Afghanistan's Minister of Education, she's worked tirelessly to give faith to a new generation of girls that a new day is coming, one that may feel bleak and cold now, but will one day be warm and broad and include everyone under the sun.
I'm reminded of a quote from one of our own keepers of the faith, Susan B.
"We shall someday be heeded, "and everybody will think it was always so, "just exactly as many young people today "think all the privileges which woman now possesses "always were hers.
"They have no idea "how every single inch of ground she stands on "has been gained by the hard work of some little handful of women in the past.
" Or, in our case, the present.
Please welcome Afghan Minister of Education and my dear friend, Amina Salah.