Madam Secretary (2014) s04e17 Episode Script

Phase Two

1 (PEOPLE SPEAKING ARABIC) A cyber attack is no longer a question of if, but when.
Al Nasri, what I'm offering you Salman, Salman, please.
You are tenacious, my friend.
I prefer to think of myself as passionate about my work.
I will make with you a bargain.
You will consult Al Nasri Financial to strengthen our cyber defenses if you can tell me why I'm bringing American fast casual dining to the Kingdom.
Because in five years, single women will drive themselves to work, and there will be more movie screens in Jeddah than in Midtown Manhattan.
Because you see the new Saudi Arabia government transparency, education reform, trade.
Honestly, my daughter just loves their milkshakes.
But I like what you said.
Welcome to the new Saudi Arabia.
Hey, you're missing some primo huevos rancheros in here.
- Brain food.
- (NEWSWOMAN SPEAKING ON TV) Eggs are brain food? Too bad we don't have a National Merit Scholar to ask about that.
- Please stop.
- Wait.
Isn't our son a National Merit Scholar? Well, wouldn't his school have some kind of formal ceremony recognizing him as a National Merit Scholar? I did well on a standardized test.
I didn't sequence the human genome.
Oh, look, you're being celebrated for all your hard work, and a $2,500 scholarship thank you that is nothing to sneeze at.
So, get over here and feed that National Merit Scholar brain.
Oh, look, it's your new best friend again.
The bombing four months ago that killed an American and many others is yet another tragic consequence of Secretary McCord and the Dalton administration aiding and abetting those that would do us harm.
REPORTER: Are you implying that the Dalton administration - is negotiating - It's unbelievable.
We invited this guy into our home.
I like to think he remembers that night fondly sometimes when he's sunning himself on a rock.
- (CHUCKLES) - CARLOS: Well, look, Trevor, who is Hezbollah's patron state? It's Iran.
Elizabeth McCord naively trooped off to Tehran to negotiate a nuclear deal, and she gave away our sanctions leverage.
She promised us peace, and look what we got.
And now she's back with the so-called "Phase Two" of the negotiations.
That's why I've introduced legislation to undo this disastrous Phase One, and to stop Phase Two in its tracks.
That guy has one of the most punchable faces - of all time.
- Well, yeah, but I mean, he kind of has a point.
I mean, the bomb killed a lot of people, and then the deal just let billions of dollars flow into a hostile regime.
I mean, what do what do we get in return? - Here we go.
- I'm just saying it seems like Phase One left a lot of important issues unresolved.
Well, that's because it did.
By design.
Okay, so Morejon's not entirely wrong.
ELIZABETH: Iran was one month away from having a viable nuclear weapon.
One month.
That would have posed an existential threat to Israel, Europe and, ultimately, the United States.
And the scale of the war that it would've taken to prevent that Well, let's just say instead of college, right now, you might well be thinking about the draft.
That's what we got in return.
So, you're welcome.
The fact that these talks are happening at all, kind of history-making.
We'll see.
What, you think they might not work? Iran is still prevented from being fully integrated into the global banking system, stifling our economy and costing billions of dollars a year.
This must be addressed first and foremost.
And it could be, Minister Esfahani, if Iran is willing to facilitate a lasting cease-fire in Yemen.
- These people have had - It is your Saudi friends who are pulling the strings in the ongoing Yemeni conflict.
The shipload of anti-aircraft missiles in the Gulf of Aden, and the 200 pounds of C-4 intercepted by the Bahrani authorities? We all know your Quds Forces directed those shipments.
Minister, arming the rebels in Yemen can only lead to more violence.
If you want to de-escalate the situation in Yemen, then a public statement from Saudi Arabia pledging to do just that would be viewed favorably in Tehran.
Well, Minister, the United States insists that Iran first respect the sovereignty of its neighbors.
I'm afraid the United States lacks the credibility to lecture anyone on honoring a nation's sovereignty.
Ask our neighbors, the Iraqis.
Bess, we're thinking of punting the Phase Two talks until after the midterms.
Sir, we need to press on.
Morejon, he-he's just grandstanding.
RUSSELL: Well, to hear the talking heads on cable news tell it, we've got Iranian extremists implicated in the murder of an American citizen while you're airlifting billion-dollar gift baskets into Tehran.
Our allies in Congress were skittish to begin with.
This doesn't help.
I'm already booked on Trevor Vance's show to get our side out there.
Meanwhile, the Saudis you remember, our allies, the Saudis are all spun up over this arms deal you're slow-rolling to placate Iran.
The Saudis will get - their precision-guided missiles.
- When? Give me three more months.
I'll tell them that-that the deal is hung up with our lawyers at the Political-Military Affairs and the folks at DSCA.
Which is actually semi-true.
But besides, they will get greater security if we are able to pull off - the Phase Two talks.
- Yeah, well, something tells me they won't see it that way.
Morejon certainly won't.
He's close to wrangling enough votes to scuttle any deal we make.
Backing off till after the midterms gives us room to maneuver.
If we postpone the talks, Iran will walk.
And if they do, it all but guarantees they'll continue funding our enemies.
- And how are the talks going? - Slowly, sir.
We are negotiating with a long-time adversary, Russell, not microwaving soup it takes time.
Which I hope I'm making clear is not on our side.
What might speed up the process? Okay, my team has flagged an inducement that we think could grab the Iranians enough to force some real concessions.
Access to SWIFT interbank communications network.
You want to just let them back into the international banking system? They are desperate to bring their economy in from the cold.
So this could allow us to demand serious concessions in exchange.
All right, Bess, but you're on the clock here.
- Yes.
- Longer this drags out, the better chance these talks get pulled down around our ears.
Yes, sir.
Thank you, Mr.
President, Russell.
(SIGHS) GENERAL WINFIELD: So, I hear you've pared back some of your off-campus activities.
More time for my students.
Well, that is good news.
Because one of your proposals has gained some traction with the board.
Oh, yeah? Which proposal is that? Some additional funding has made launching a military ethics department a viable option.
Well, that is great news.
I think it'll be an invaluable asset to our program.
"Today's battle space ranges from cyberspace "to outer space.
"It is vital to give tomorrow's commanders "the ethical tools they need to make sound decisions in a rapidly changing world.
" That was some memo you wrote.
Two years ago.
Worse, government-funded academia.
We'll need an interim chair.
You're at the top of our list.
Oh, I'm flattered you would think of me, General, but I really am looking forward to getting back to teaching full time.
Oh, I just assumed since it was your idea, you'd want to lead the charge.
A perfectly logical assumption.
Nevertheless, I Give me a couple of days to think about it.
(ELEVATOR BELL DINGS) Good news and bad news, ma'am.
You know what? Let's be Zen - and call it all just news.
- Fair enough.
Uh, neutral news item number one: the Iranians responded well to the prospect of being reintroduced into the SWIFT banking system.
You think they'd be open to cutting off financial support to their proxy forces, like Hezbollah? They didn't leave the table when I broached it, so we'll call it a start.
Okay, good work.
- Ma'am.
- Um So what's the, um, you know, other news? Yeah, um, the Saudi ambassador showed up without an appointment, and he does not look happy.
Well, I'll deal with that.
You keep at it with the Iranians.
Yes, ma'am.
Madam Secretary.
Prince Asim.
Come on in.
I needn't remind the United States of the importance of honoring its commitments to its long-term partner.
The United States has always valued its alliance with Saudi Arabia.
And yet, you delay sending us essential defensive weapons, all in an effort - to placate the Iranians.
- First of all, there's no delay.
Our lawyers are simply reviewing the contracts.
They have to do that every time we make an arms deal.
Three more months have mysteriously been added to the delivery timeline.
How is that not a delay? I assure you we are not naive to the threat Iran poses.
If you do not give us the weapons we need, then you are not only naive, but complicit in that threat.
You have the right to self-defense, but you have no right to barge into my office and demand U.
precision-guided munitions on your timetable.
During your misadventure in Iraq, it was Saudi Arabia that opened its bases and airspace to you.
Free of charge, no less.
Perhaps you have forgotten who your true friends are.
I assure you, we have not.
His Majesty will be pleased to hear these delays are being resolved, and the missiles will be on their way very soon.
Good day, Madam Secretary.
Anyway, the moral of the story is you try to make peace in the Middle East, everybody gets mad at you.
At least one of us had a good day.
Mm, to tell you the truth, I think I'm gonna pass on that job.
Why? The ethics department was your idea.
They literally got the memo.
It's dealing with staffing assignments and budget requests.
(SIGHING): Uh You remember how mind-numbing college bureaucracy can be.
Not to mention the petty politics.
Faculty senate made the Middle East look like child's play.
So, just think I want to just focus on teaching for a while, avoid the headaches.
Is that the whole story? (SIGHING): Well, maybe I'm feeling a little burnt after my experience at CIA.
(PHONE RINGING) I-I'm just not so hot to jump back into a leadership position where you're getting it from all sides.
I have thoughts.
Hold on.
Yeah? Send him in.
Mike B.
is here.
To what do we owe the pleasure, or alarm? You want some tea, or something? Can't stay.
Gordon's waiting.
Listen, the news will probably break tomorrow, but I wanted you to hear it from me first.
I got a tip from a source at the D.
District Court.
You're being sued.
- What? - HENRY: By whom? MIKE: The parents of Jim Dawson, the American killed in the Riyadh bombing.
They're suing you for the wrongful death of their son.
I'll-I'll call you tomorrow.
(DOOR OPENS, CLOSES) (EXHALES) MIKE: Basically, the suit claims that Elizabeth facilitated a deal which led to funds being freed up to go to Iran.
Those funds made their way to Hezbollah, whose operative may have paid for the bombing that killed Jim Dawson, which is, - on its merits - Absurd.
- (LAUGHS SOFTLY) - The legal term is "spurious.
" But in any case, sovereign immunity shields Elizabeth from legal liability.
I can certainly understand the family's anger, but if the suit is a nonstarter, what do they hope to gain by it? I can't imagine these people are taking out a second mortgage to keep a $700 per hour firm on retainer.
Someone's behind this.
So I'll put together a list of deep-pocket donors with an axe to grind against the president.
Long list.
There's, uh also the matter of what Jim Dawson was doing in Saudi Arabia.
Jim Dawson was a, uh, cyber security consultant for a handful of companies from Algiers to Abu Dhabi, and he was one of ours.
Dawson was a spy? Yeah.
Six years, Special Operations right out of high school.
attached to a SEAL platoon.
Spent the last eight at the agency infiltrating extremist money networks.
So his cover was blown? Do we think this was an assassination? Yes, but, uh, Dawson wasn't the target.
Salman Al Nasri.
He's an entrepreneur, used his billions to fund a variety of progressive initiatives.
The attackers were ideologues motivated to strike at the "decadent West.
" CIA thinks our man was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Well, speaking of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, Elizabeth and I cannot stress this enough do not get served.
And that is the sum total of your vaunted and costly legal advice? Taking the summons, plus the wrong judge, leaves you open to be deposed.
A deposition means you go on record declining to answer their questions on national security grounds, so, yeah.
Yeah, Morejon could spin your silence as putting the Iran deal over the family of a dead American.
Dead at the hands of Iranian-backed terrorists.
Yeah, which just adds more fuel to his fire to kill your deal in Congress.
So if you don't want that to happen Don't get served.
To be clear: we are sitting in the White House, in front of the president, and you're telling me to dodge the law.
Now she's getting it.
(INHALES) (KNOCKING ON DOOR) Oh, uh, I-I'm sorry.
I can come back.
Uh, no, stay.
Please, come in.
Auspicious timing.
Have you met Lyle Belkin? He's one of our visiting professors.
Well, good to meet you.
I read your book on Sherman's March to the Sea and the birth of total warfare.
- Very nice work.
- Thank you.
And you are the famous Mr.
Madam Secretary.
(CHUCKLES) That's one of the titles that I proudly hold.
I hope she's got her wicker shield.
I'm not following you.
Ancient Persian soldiers were famous for their wicker shields, as I'm sure you know.
The media seems to think she's fighting for the Iranians now, it's Sorry, bad joke.
Is that what that was? WINFIELD: Uh, Lyle was just expressing his interest in the interim ethics department chair.
He dropped in to share some ideas about the curriculum.
Well, then, it is auspicious timing, because I came by to say that I'm interested in the job myself.
Well, that's excellent.
You should both prepare a short presentation with your vision for the department, and why you think you'd be the best person for the job.
I'll set up interviews with the board immediately.
May the best man win.
I'm looking forward to it.
ELIZABETH: The deal that we have in place now caps Iran's enrichment at four percent, which is nowhere near the 90% level they would need to build a bomb.
Americans are objectively safer, thanks to Phase One, and Phase Two will just build on that good work.
Now, I wonder if the family of Jim Dawson would agree with you.
Uh, can we roll that tape? We give these people money and they use it to attack us? Uh He was the best son a father could w I just don't understand.
And what do you say to that family who's lost their son? It's a terrible loss.
My heart truly breaks for the Dawson family.
Well, Senator Carlos Morejon asks if this isn't the inevitable result of making deals with Iran.
Isn't what you call "peace," really appeasement? Well, you know, at the height of the Cold War, Ronald Reagan negotiated the START treaty with the Soviet Union, drastically reducing both nations' nuclear stockpiles.
Now, if we could negotiate with the greatest adversary this country has ever faced, at a moment of maximum peril, I think we can do the same with a regional power like Iran.
Forgive me if this is difficult, but some say you have lost clarity when it comes to Iran, due to your own painful experiences.
Who says that, exactly? Well, several sources.
Well, you're implying that there's a chorus of critics out there who are concerned about my ability to reason clearly.
Can you name one? Please, just answer my question, ma'am.
Actually, I would say that witnessing the horrors of terrorism firsthand gave me absolute clarity on the need to protect the American people from it.
I'm also absolutely clear that violence should only be resorted to when every other option has been exhausted.
I wouldn't wish how I came to that clarity on anyone.
Even those who treat questions of war and peace as just another Washington gotcha game.
But thank you for your concern, Trevor.
Well, that is all the time we have.
DAISY: Well, I think it's safe to say that people heard the other side of the argument.
(CHUCKLES) You okay, ma'am? Yeah, I'm fine.
You don't really talk much about your time in Iran.
He wanted to go there.
I went there.
You sure did.
- Elizabeth McCord? - Sir, get back.
Gun! - Whoa.
- MAN: What? (SHOUTS, GRUNTS) Show me your hands! - Let me see them! - I'm a process server.
I'm a process server.
I'm a (GRUNTS) process server.
Bad news, ma'am.
We're trying to rise above labels now, and calling it all just "news.
" Yeah, have fun with that.
AGENT: Gun! DAISY: Someone from the crowd recorded it on their cell.
The cable shows - are playing it on loop.
- Ow.
With the oh, so original title "Tacklegate.
" You know, how about we just retire "blankgate" as a construction altogether? - I'm sorry.
- BLAKE: So I'm guessing that no one's talking about the secretary's appearance on Trevor Vance's show? No, because they're all too busy watching me running away from the family of a man who was killed by Iranian-backed terror.
Which is exactly what POTUS was afraid of, by the way.
More, um, "news," ma'am: uh, you're trending.
Also, no more hashtags.
I'll tell everyone.
Let me see your hands! ELIZABETH: It looks a lot worse than it really was.
- I'm a process server.
- Right? Well, I hope so, 'cause it looks pretty bad.
- (CHUCKLES) - (SIGHS) You're supposed to be on my side.
Well, hey, what kind of ethics professor would I be if I wasn't honest, right? I don't know.
What kind of ethics professor wants to be head of the ethics department just because some guy made a crack about his wife? Hey, it's not that simple.
Okay, it's not entirely that simple.
(SIGHING): I just Lyle rubs me the wrong way.
But Look, we have a real opportunity here to help future leaders learn how to deal with enormously complex issues.
I-I'm just not certain that Lyle is the right guy to head the department.
That you suggested they create in the first place.
Well, hey.
What-what is your argument? Just that you said you wanted to spend more time in the classroom.
You felt burned by the CIA.
The point is, you wanted one thing, and then, this guy Lyle shows up, and now you want something different.
I am perfectly happy with whatever you pick.
Just make sure that you are, too.
Hey, Dad.
- Hey, kiddo.
- Hey, Jace.
Brutal takedown, by the way.
Was it a thing, at school? It wasn't not a thing.
(SIGHS) I am sorry that my work drama impacts your life.
It's fine.
But listen, if you can't make it to my, like, my dumb ceremony 'cause you're all wrapped up in work, then it's - totally fine because - (LAUGHING) Hey, do you remember the last time you got an award at school? Because I do.
Third grade, perfect attendance.
(CHUCKLES) And I didn't miss that one.
Would've been too ironic, for starters.
And nothing is going to make me miss seeing my National Merit Scholar get his medal? Certificate? Possibly both.
Well, whatever it is, the point is, she's gonna be there.
- Cheering from the crowd loudly.
- (WHISTLING) - Oh, God.
I so regret excelling.
- Whoo! - (BOTH LAUGHING) - Aw.
- Mr.
- Bess.
The work you and your people did to secure Phase One was laudable and crucial to global security, but if Morejon gets the votes to kill Phase Two, he will put in language that undoes the nuclear safeguards guaranteed in Phase One.
That puts millions of lives at risk.
I won't do it.
We're pushing the Phase Two talks until after the midterms.
Sir, this opportunity to cut a meaningful security deal with Iran won't come again.
Which means that sooner or later, we will be sucked into a Sunni-Shia war that will engulf the entire Middle East.
Either we make the deal now, or no deal gets made.
Then no deal gets made.
It pains me, too, Bess.
But we have to look at the bigger picture.
Understood, sir.
Thank you.
I hear you're something of a bowman, General.
You know, I've been shooting Hoyt for years.
Good weight, fast, and almost no hand shock.
Uh, the string angle on my old Bear suits me better.
Let me know when you're free.
An old friend has a lease out near Rockingham.
Thanks to you and the committee for your time, sir.
It was our pleasure.
We'll be ready for you in just a moment, Henry.
Thank you, General.
You think I'm laying it on a little heavy, don't you? Well, there's nothing wrong with shared interests.
An instructor back in Hamburg had a favorite Grant quote: "He who continues the attack, wins.
" You took the field officer course at the German Military Academy? Class of '93.
Yeah, uh, made some buddies over at Hahn Air Base.
Oh, man.
(CHUCKLES) We used to have some times.
Uh, how about that? Good for you.
WINFIELD: Professor McCord.
Come on in.
Oh, you got to be kidding.
What's wrong? The Oh.
Ma'am, if you'll wait here a moment while we secure the entrance? No.
No more dodging.
- Babe.
- It's okay.
I'll be fine.
I'll meet you in there, okay? It's time to tackle this head-on, metaphorically speaking, Matt.
Okay? No need to attack me.
I'm an officer of the court.
No, no, I Look, I-I want to apologize for yesterday, and I hope you're not in too much pain.
Eh, this is nothing.
One time, a meth dealer ran over me with his Camaro.
Oh, my God, that's awful.
Besides, I should be thanking you.
(SCOFFS) I'm confused.
I linked the video of your people tackling me to the website for my legal services company.
My business doubled overnight.
- Oh Well, good for you.
- That's I'm Elizabeth.
- Joel.
(CHUCKLES) - Joel.
So should we do this thing? - Oh, yeah, right.
- (CHUCKLES) Elizabeth McCord, you have been served.
Thanks, Joel.
You have a good one.
ELIZABETH: Just want you to know that your mom is very proud of you.
Yeah, I think the whole auditorium knew that.
Alison, how's the Stu uh, Mike? How did you, uh The middle one let me in.
Damn it.
I pressed the thing.
Mike B.
is here.
Congratulations on your award.
So nice of you to stop by.
Hey, Mike.
Guess this isn't a social visit again.
Can we talk in there? Yeah.
I know.
I know.
I let myself get served.
Yesterday's news.
I found out who's covering the Dawsons' considerable legal fees.
Yeah? Who is it? You're not gonna like the answer.
I traced the money through a series of offshore companies and subcontractors, all the way back to its source, and arrived at a trust controlled by a powerful Saudi family with close ties to the government.
You're kidding.
I told you you wouldn't like it.
Do you have hard proof it was the Saudis? Not like a sworn affidavit, but give me time.
A purported ally sabotaging the American Secretary of State.
It's unbelievable.
What's a little backstabbing among friends, right? - Let me call you back.
- (SCOFFS) Madam Secretary, what a pleasant surprise.
You're being played by the Saudis.
Excuse me? Someone very powerful in Saudi Arabia is paying the law firm - representing the Dawsons.
- That's ridiculous.
It is.
It also happens to be true.
They're trying to derail the Iran talks, and they are using you and our legislative process to do the dirty work for them.
But you already knew that, Senator, didn't you? Well, you know the old proverb: "The enemy of my enemy is my friend.
" Well, that's interesting that you think of the Secretary of State as your enemy.
More interesting still that you assumed I meant you and not Iran.
You stood in my house and talked about preserving American sovereignty and safety.
What happened to that guy? Don't you lecture me about patriotism.
Saudi Arabia may not be perfect, but they're our ally.
I know exactly what I'm fighting for, Madam Secretary.
Do you? And who I'm fighting against.
See you around, Carlos.
That Morejon.
Every time I think that guy might be all right, he pulls some opportunistic, weaselly maneuver.
It's like: patriot, weasel, patriot, weasel.
No, I think it's more like: weasel, weasel, briefly patriot, - weasel, weasel, weasel, weasel.
- (LAUGHS) You're probably right.
Anyway, you never told me the details on your presentation.
How'd it go? Well, like I said, it was okay.
It's Lyle that's the problem.
- What do you mean? - (SIGHS) Well, there's this officer training course that's offered by the German military.
It's very prestigious.
Lyle said he took it in 1993 and hung out with some officers at Hahn Air Base during that time.
It was an oddly specific detail.
I-It bumped me, the way he said it.
So I did a little digging.
Turns out there's no record of Lyle graduating and finishing his coursework at the academy.
A-And yet he puts it on his official CV.
- Wow.
- Yeah.
So are you gonna turn him in? (SIGHS) I don't know.
Exposing him is not a small thing.
But integrity's kind of the point, right? Yeah, but from the start, I've had it in for the guy.
(STAMMERS) There's something about him that just bothers me.
Yeah, I feel that way about, like, everyone right now.
- (CHUCKLES) - Except you.
Listen, I got to, I got to get back, but you just do what you think is right.
MIKE: Were you aware that Hezbollah was laundering money to avoid U.
sanctions? In accordance with my position as an executive officer of the United States, I invoke executive privilege and refrain from answering any questions that pertain to my official duties as such.
Were you aware that the release of money frozen as a part of the sanctions against Iran could be directed to known terrorist groups? In accordance with my position as an executive officer of the United States, I invoke executive pr It's a rote answer.
I got it.
Do we really need to keep doing this? After the fiasco with the process server? Yes, you definitely need to practice staying on script.
Fine, go ahead.
Did you You know what I can't stand? Betrayal by an ally.
The capriciousness of our legal system.
People with pet ferrets.
It doesn't matter.
This is where we are.
Jim Dawson's family lost their only son.
And they have no idea what really happened.
You're right, and that's sad.
But it's not our problem.
Let's get back to work, okay? But, see, it is my problem.
The deal is dead.
This lawsuit is whatever it is.
But that family doesn't deserve to be manipulated by people hiding in the shadows.
They are not going to get their son back, but they deserve some peace.
They deserve the truth.
I owe them that.
Feel better? Yeah.
Good, 'cause you're never saying any of that.
Actually, I think I am.
- I'm still billing you for this.
- Yep.
Elizabeth McCord.
I-I apologize for showing up at your door like this, but I have some information about your son.
I think we ought to call our lawyer.
KAREN: Who is it, Bob? ELIZABETH: Hello, Mrs.
She says she's got information about Jim.
Can I Please.
Come in, Madam Secretary.
ELIZABETH: This doesn't happen often, but the president has approved the release of certain classified information about your son's death.
I don't understand.
Jim helped companies with their computers.
Dawson, Jim was a decorated operative for the CIA working on extremely sensitive national security issues.
He never said anything about any of this.
ELIZABETH: I know it's a lot to take in.
He had to hide that side of his life to protect you and families like yours.
Jim was a hero who died in service to this country.
I know it doesn't bring your son back.
You want us to drop the lawsuit.
- Don't you? - Sweetheart.
No, honey, no.
She's using us.
Can't you see that? You politicians are all the same.
You only pretend you care when there's something you need.
Dawson, I agree with you.
Politics can be an ugly business and if you want to sue me, absolutely, that is your right.
It's true.
I shake a lot of hands I'd rather not shake.
But the unique privilege of my job is that I get to see the difference that people like your son make in the world.
On behalf of a grateful nation, I want to thank you for Jim's service and offer my deepest condolences.
I appreciate your time.
Thank you for telling us about our Jim.
How'd you do it? Do you want to just get it over with and move into our garage? When did you start running voluntarily? Today.
As you know, I've always maintained that exercise is stupid and painful, but clearly I know nothing because the Dawsons are dropping the suit.
So again, how did you do it? That's not what I went over there for, but that's good news, I suppose.
You suppose? It's unequivocally good news.
In fact, they're releasing a statement thanking you for whatever it is you did.
The word on the Hill is Morejon is still trying to cobble together votes, which he won't get once it leaks that the former Saudi deputy minister of education is paying to manipulate a grieving, American family.
You found hard evidence? Sometimes it's like you don't even realize you're insulting me.
(SIGHS) Anyway, the point is, you can now restart your little peace talks.
You're welcome.
About that, um, is there a friend rate or? (LAUGHS) There is not.
You, Elizabeth McCord, are an exhausting client.
Going to see that family was reckless and stupid.
You know, you asked me how I did it.
I wasn't trying to do anything, just what I thought was right.
I already said.
- Hey.
- Hmm? Oh, yeah.
We need to talk.
In a bit of a hurry.
General Winfield has some pictures of antlers he wants to show me.
Look, I know you didn't complete the Military Academy of the German Armed Forces.
Their records show that you enrolled, but you didn't complete your coursework.
And you're gonna do what with this allegation? Have this conversation with you.
So I'll just step aside and you can get the job.
- Is that it? - Or you could consider it an opportunity to correct your oversight.
And no one has to know? Not if you resolve the issue.
I don't see why they would.
(SIGHS) One point.
I failed my last final by one point.
I mean, there's a retest the next week, but I'd already booked my flight back to the States.
Then one day I looked up.
It was five years later and no one had even mentioned it.
Oh, man.
That's tough.
I'm sure a lot of us would probably have done the exact same thing.
Why are you doing this? I got the distinct impression you didn't like me.
I don't.
- Well, I didn't.
- (CHUCKLES) I can come on strong, I know.
That crack about your wife Was not great.
But your book about Sherman's March was.
You didn't have to do this, Lyle.
You're the real deal.
Even if not everything on your CV was.
That's very decent of you.
- Ethical, dare I say.
- Hmm.
Thank you, Henry.
Madam Secretary.
I've heard a troubling rumor about the late James Dawson, specifically in regards to who he was really working for while in the Kingdom.
Prince Asim, thanks so much for making the time.
Sending unauthorized spies into our country is yet another example of the U.
abusing a trusted ally.
We both know that every country does exactly that to every other country, so you feigning outrage tells me you really must be getting hounded at home about closing this missile deal, huh? So we're being brutally honest with each other now? What are trusted allies for, right? And in that spirit, we know that someone closely connected with your government has been funding the Dawsons' lawsuit against me.
Madam Secretary, you misunderstand.
His Highness remains cognizant of the need for our continued cooperation.
You mean you still want our precision-guided weapons.
Yeah, don't worry.
You-you'll get them as soon as your government brokers an immediate cease-fire in Yemen.
You must know that such a message will cause great consternation to His Majesty.
And therefore, even more to the messenger.
I'm putting you in a rough spot.
I know.
But, truth be told, I haven't really been in a great spot, either, the last few days, so cease-fire for missiles.
That's the deal.
I will take up your proposal with the king.
And I look forward to the announcement of the cease-fire.
Thanks so much.
You have a great day.
Welcome to the first meeting of the Military Ethics Department.
Okay, well, obviously, we're just getting up and running, so I wanted to open the floor and get a sense of your hopes for the new department.
Well, first of all, congratulations.
So well deserved.
If I could just raise a small housekeeping issue? Sure.
I understand Lyle Belkin has taken a sabbatical.
I'm assuming that means his parking space will be available.
His parking space? FACULTY MEMBER: Um, point of order.
I made a request to Facilities months ago for a closer spot, so O-Okay.
(STAMMERS) Well, I was hoping to talk about some bigger-picture issues this morning.
Of course.
Of course.
So you'll be taking it yourself then? FACULTY MEMBER: To the victor go the spoils.
All hail Henricus Rex.
(STAMMERS) Okay, can we circle back to the parking space issue later? Yeah? Okay.
ESFAHANI: "Iran commits to financial "transparency and accountability, "greater monitoring and transparency of Iranian weapon transfers to non-State actors.
" And to insure this, Iran will accept an inspection and verification regime.
Is that acceptable? It is debatable.
It's a start.
In the spirit of cooperation, the IRGC has information on the whereabouts of one of your citizens that it would like to share.
Amina Shaloubi of the Washington Chronicle? She was abducted by Boko Haram over a year ago.
Your intelligence services will find the information regarding Ms.
Shaloubi's location reliable.
The United States appreciates Iran's assistance in this matter.
(EXHALES LOUDLY) Gentlemen, I'm glad you're back.
All right, shall we?