Madam Secretary (2014) s05e10 Episode Script

Family Separation Part 1

1 Mama (INSECTS TRILLING) (GASPS) America! Sí, Mama.
I need to see your ID, ma'am.
Asylum? ¿Por favor? Asylum? HAMILTON: Daniel? (LOCK BUZZES, LATCH CLICKS) (SOFT MUSIC PLAYING) (CHILDREN CRYING) One, two, three, four.
No babe, there's no four.
(LAUGHS): There's always a four.
- Stop counting.
Just feel it.
- I can't stop counting.
- I'm a numbers person.
- Ah.
Math major, so - One - Tango is not math.
It's sex.
Well, I appreciate that, but right now, this feels like math.
- No, no, no.
- Mm Okay.
Put your hands on my hips.
I don't bite.
One Ah.
This one understands.
Ah, well, maybe you should dance with Esmeralda at the ceremony.
What ceremony? We're renewing our vows.
This is an American thing.
Well Why do you do these things? Well, we never really got the wedding we wanted.
I was about to deploy to the Marines and, uh, well, uh can-can we take a water break? - Yes.
- Okay.
Great, hey yeah, we just sort of rushed it a little.
- We didn't get exactly what we wanted.
- Well I wanted a church wedding, ELIZABETH: I wanted the dress and my bridesmaids and the I know, the veil Yeah, and I wanted the first dance to be a tango.
And I wanted it to be "Baby, I Love Your Way," because that's the best song ever, but, oh, anyway, we didn't get any of that.
What we got was a cranky judge at city hall.
HENRY: And 126 years - (LAUGHTER) - of wedded bliss.
- We did get that, and three lovely kids.
- Mm-hmm.
Aw, so when is the big day? Well, the day we picked actually has a lot of significance.
The-the hour and the minute we picked has significance, too.
Because it was the minute that we both knew, simultaneously, without telling each other, that we were getting married.
- Aw.
- We checked the time: 8:22 p.
It was actually this joke that I told that was what sealed the deal.
My favorite joke.
No one had ever laughed at it that hard.
Well, I suppose I have to hear it.
No, I promise, it'll kill you.
Well, babe, don't oversell it.
- I mean, it's pretty good, but - You can't oversell it.
Okay, well, I need a, I need a visual aid.
- (PHONE RINGING) - Oh, no.
Oh, crud.
It's Jay.
Don't-don't tell it without me.
Hold on.
Hey, Jay, what's up? JAY: Sorry to bother, ma'am.
I know you're in that lesson.
Yeah, no, that's fine.
What do you got? Uh, an earful from the Mexican deputy foreign minister.
They're wavering on the border security deal.
Why? I just talked to President Zaragoza this morning.
And this afternoon, Arizona governor Barker implemented a new policy of separating children from parents who illegally cross the border - into the state.
- W-Wait.
They're separating children from their parents? I know.
It's crazy.
Okay, aside from all the obvious questions of humanity, decency and shame, how can they even do that without blatantly encroaching on federal immigration law? They probably can't, but Arizona recently passed a law authorizing state police to, uh, temporarily detain anyone who fails to provide documentation of lawful presence in the country.
Until now, that's meant a few hours before turning them over to the feds.
And now? Governor's office is claiming weeks, months in some cases.
I'm gonna kill Governor Barker.
I mean, talk to him.
First, at least.
White House has already set up a call and invited State to join in half an hour.
Okay, good.
If you want to finish the lesson, - I could handle it.
- No, no, no.
I no.
Um, I'm on my way in just a few minutes.
And you go enjoy your evening.
- Thank you, ma'am.
- Bye.
You here for the 9:00 game, too? Win, hey.
Uh, yeah, maybe.
Man, this is such a coincidence.
I literally just got out of a meeting with Rob Phelps who said that I should get a sit-down with your boss, or you.
- Well, we're pretty busy.
- Saving the world.
Love it.
And hey, you could save it a lot faster if the government legalizes marijuana.
(LAUGHS): Okay.
We'll keep that in mind.
Love it.
Oh, hey, I could swing by your office tomorrow, we could grab lunch.
DALTON: Are you really separating children from their parents? RICHARD: It's called enforcing the law.
(CHUCKLES): You ought to try it some time, Mr.
Oh, you can count on the attorney general and me enforcing the law.
Your law isn't Arizona law.
It is when you encroach on federal immigration policy.
My AG tells me I'm on firm legal ground.
ELIZABETH: But Governor, forget the legal argument.
Your new policy, besides being inhumane, is already jeopardizing our border security deal with Mexico.
A deal that your state - stands to gain from.
- Says who? I say it will endanger the good people of Arizona.
After that shameful immigration debacle you people jammed through Congress last summer, you forced my hand here.
Governor, if you're trying to kill the border deal I am trying to deter future illegals.
If it spoils your little deal, all the better.
Okay, I'm sorry.
Y-You're taking children from their parents as a deterrent? Someone had to grow a pair, ma'am.
Do I really have to explain to you how barbaric and un-American that is? If you're gonna make deals with Mexico, you got to be tough.
Now, I'll consider backing off the separation policy if you get lower immigration caps, higher thresholds for asylum seekers and Mexican support for construction of a border wall.
You don't get to call the shots here, Governor.
You don't get to call the shots here in Arizona.
We're done.
Son of a bitch hung up on me.
(SCOFFS) Trying to leverage us.
(SIGHS) How do we leverage back? Hell, how do we level him? Sir, the underlying Arizona statute was carefully drafted to sit right on the line of what Arizona can get away with without getting preempted by federal law.
So where does that leave us? Well, there is a strong argument that the statute is unconstitutional as applied.
DOJ is putting together a challenge of the policy as a violation of the supremacy clause.
I would think the Constitution - would be on our side here.
- Yeah, we'll also argue the policy is a violation of the due process and equal protection clauses of the Fourteenth Amendment.
What's the bottom line, Hank? Well, like Russell said, the law's on our side, but these court challenges will take time.
Unless we try for a preliminary injunction to halt the policy.
Any downside to that? (SIGHS) We lose, publicly.
I can live with that.
I can't live with letting this go unchecked.
I'll get into it.
(SIGHS HEAVILY) I want other options.
We need to attack this on as many fronts as possible.
Well, what about a legislative solution? We choke off federal funding to Arizona until the families are back together and this policy is revoked.
Bring Governor Barker to heel.
I like the sound of that, too, but how do we get the votes? Well, I can talk to Senator Morejon.
RUSSELL: Anti-immigration champion? Leader of the Squash Elizabeth McCord Club Morejon? The man's a senior senator from Arizona.
Do you really think he'd go against - his own state's government? - We've worked together before.
Landmines, a while back.
I've seen his softer side.
And if you get Morejon, you think he can deliver his anti-immigration caucus? He is senior senator from Arizona, gives him standing.
Every second this policy remains in place is an affront to basic human dignity.
And a national disgrace.
Go get 'em, Bess.
- I got ball! - Here.
You sure you didn't play college? - Come on, DIII, right? - (PANTING) Here, here, here.
- Got it.
- I saw it.
- Oh, oh! - (GRUNTS) Get it back to him.
(CRIES OUT) - Jeez, man, are you all right, bro? - No, I'm not all right.
Just back off.
MAN: Can I help you? Thank you.
Thank you.
(GRUNTS) (INHALES SHARPLY) - (WHIMPERS) - I'm so sorry, man.
(STAMMERS) That was my fault.
It was good D.
No one's fault.
Just I'm sorry I snapped.
Thank you.
- Thanks.
- Yeah, all right.
MAN: I'll take Paul out.
We need one more.
- (SIGHS) - Here.
Here, let me.
Uh, no, I got it.
I got it.
You know what you need for that? A little CBD-THC gelcap.
I got some in my bag.
- No.
- Seriously, dude.
Cannabis meds are state of the art for pain management.
Well, hey, okay.
I'll take that under consideration.
I'm gonna hold you to that.
And listen, while I have you, did you ever consider that legalization of marijuana is the best way for the U.
to weaken the Mexican cartels and stem the flow of drugs across the border? Did you just trip me on purpose so you could lobby me? Dude, of course not.
I'm on your team.
- Not tonight.
But I got your back.
- Oh, my It's just I know M-Sec is looking to make a border security deal with Mexico, and legalization is the pathway to security.
If you want, I can - introduce you to some really good - No, don't want.
Don't want.
- Stop lobbying me.
- My bad.
My bad.
- All right? I'll call you tomorrow.
- No.
I'll send you a white paper on cannabis.
- Win, go away.
- All right, cool.
Say hi to Daisy.
Who's got next? MAYFIELD: Mr.
Bramble, I've reviewed your application for a preliminary injunction.
Thank you, Your Honor.
Arizona's policy of forcibly separating parents and children Yes, yes.
You're arguing the supremacy clause.
But an injunction is extraordinary relief.
But we believe our likelihood of success on the merits I'd like to hear from the attorney general of Arizona.
The likelihood is slim, Your Honor.
The Arizona policy at issue was narrowly crafted to comport with federal law.
It flies in the face of federal law, - Your Honor.
- Reasonable minds can disagree.
I think we need a full adjudication here.
The bigger issue is the irreparable harm posed to the minors who are subjected - to this draconian decree.
- Hysterics, Judge.
It's a temporary displacement of children from their parents.
The duration of the separation is not the issue.
The fact of it is.
Children are legally separated from their parents all the time.
When the parents are imprisoned.
Uh, when they are placed in foster care.
After an adjudication and due process, yes.
I'm curious to see you here, Mr.
This is a pressing matter for the administration.
Pressing enough for a presidential emissary to appear at counsel's table? I am a licensed attorney, Judge.
And the president's chief of staff.
Don't think I don't recognize intimidation when I see it.
- (SCOFFS) - It's a shameful abuse of executive power.
Judge, the stakes of Arizona's decision to flout federal policy Can be decided at trial.
The government's motion for a preliminary injunction is denied.
Thank you, Your Honor.
Judge, there are six more arguments in our brief.
None of which merited consideration.
I think, given the enormity of the issue Mr.
Bramble, you are counsel of record, not Mr.
Jackson, so either muzzle him, or he can consider his impertinence during his night in lockup.
(GAVEL BANGS) - Dismissed.
- All rise.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
This is highly irregular, Mr.
I don't countenance ex parte communications.
It's not ex parte, Your Honor.
I'm not here to talk substance.
I'm busy, Mr.
Too busy to be fair-minded? Excuse me? Look you know the stakes of this case.
For the children.
For U.
For the country.
None of that concerns me.
Only the law does.
The law which you short-circuited by ignoring six of our arguments.
I'd like to know why.
I was short-listed by the last administration for an appellate seat years ago.
You know why I still haven't gotten it? Because the obstructive Dalton administration found me not to its ideological liking.
Your president, Elizabeth McCord, your whole cohort is contemptuous of American values.
But you don't represent the majority.
You represent a soon-to-be disempowered minority clinging to power and bent on flushing this country down the sewer.
But the only thing that's going to be flushed on my watch is you.
Now get out.
Let me look into Mr.
Whitman's schedule, and I'll get back to you.
Of course, Mr.
Was that Win Barrington? Yes.
He's been trying to get in to see Jay.
No, what he's trying to do is circumvent Jay's assistant 'cause he thinks you're a loophole.
- Hmm? - Tell Nina someone's trying - to loophole her.
- I'm sorry? He says he's a representative of a wellness advocacy group.
Wellness advocacy.
It's Win Barrington trying - to lobby Jay to legalize pot.
- Ah, yes.
See, part of your job is to sandbag dudes like this who think they can work around the gatekeepers and waste everybody's time with vaporizers and bongs.
Dude's a clown.
Blake'll fill you in.
(SIGHS) Okay.
Win was Daisy's fiancée.
She broke up with him to start dating Matt.
Well, actually, they were already secretly dating.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
By the way, I'm reading you in on classified information, so - Oh.
Yeah, no problem.
- Okay.
So, um, on election night a few years ago, Matt was making a play for Daisy, but she went home with Win instead, so what you are looking at now is Two alphas, neither of whom ended up with the girl.
Got it.
So, go ahead and make - the appointment for Jay? - Oh.
God, no.
Win's a ridiculous pot lobbyist.
I just thought you'd be interested in the gossip.
You're actually suggesting that I sponsor a bill to cut off all federal funding to my home state? ELIZABETH: I'm suggesting you help reunite children with their moms and dads as quickly as possible.
The way to do that is through the courts.
Well, unfortunately, the administration's application for a preliminary injunction was denied, so any legal remedy could take months.
If we want to end this quickly, Congress needs to step up.
I-I don't like Barker's methods, but I don't disagree with his position on border security.
I'm not asking you to take sides on that deal.
Yes, you are.
And Arizonans are deeply concerned about unchecked immigration.
Carlos, I know your thoughts on the border.
I'm just asking you to help these kids.
By committing political suicide.
By doing the right thing.
I know what's right.
And I am staunchly against the federal government undermining a state's authority to regulate its own border.
Come on, Senator.
You know there are a million reasons the federal government has to be in charge of the border.
You want to talk state's rights? How about human rights? I understand that we disagree on policy.
But this is about who we are as a country.
And anyone who doesn't fight this appalling human rights violation with everything they've got, even if it means political suicide, may as well be for it.
It is a moral outrage.
And you may be right.
(SIGHS) But I will not let the federal government bully my home state.
I'm sorry.
Look, I hope you heal fast.
- Thanks.
- And from what I hear, these detention centers aren't all that bad.
They say it's like summer camp for kids.
Thanks for stopping by, Senator.
(DOOR CLOSES) You all right? Sorry I snapped.
My ankle.
This is hard.
I haven't written a poem since, like, seventh grade.
Actually, that was more of a rap.
Ooh, a rap could be fun.
Mm but no.
- No.
- Hey, guys, I think I got something.
"The way we love our perfect parents can never be co-opted, "though Stevie was an accident and Ali is adopted.
" - Cut it out.
- Please, be serious.
You know what, I It's a little hard to be serious with everything going on in Arizona.
Can't you just donate money to the ACLU like I did and get on board with the celebration, dude? (PHONE CHIMES) Okay? This is the only part that I actually asked you - to help with.
- Mmm.
What? Laser Dawn is canceling? - What is that? - Why? It's the band that I booked for the after-party.
They're breaking up over creative differences? They're a wedding band.
What creative differences could they have? The name, for starters.
Well, why did we even get a band? They're so cheesy.
We should just get a deejay.
Well, no, because Mom and Dad are cheesy, and they wanted a band.
And this is their party, and we're supposed to be helping.
I mean, how am I supposed to book a decent band (LAUGHING): in the middle of the holidays, at the last minute? You were going for "decent"? No, Jason.
I was going for "good.
" But now I'm at "decent," and tomorrow I might be at "washboard and mouth harp," for all I know.
DALTON: It was always a long shot with Morejon.
I don't know.
I thought I got through to him.
Never underestimate a senator's desire to keep their seat.
(CHUCKLES) I actually think I overestimated our checks and balances against malfeasance and bad faith.
Our system counts on our public officials to be of good faith.
We rely on their basic decency and morality.
Without it, norms break down.
And even the President of the United States can end up powerless to fix things.
Oh, I'm not giving up on you yet, sir.
Thanks, but the, uh, good people of Arizona have been sold a bill of goods by a demagogue spouting about a fake, trumped-up crisis at the border, and now children are paying the price.
- Hey.
Sorry I'm late.
- Hey.
I had a few things to finish up.
Well, we seem to be out of checks and balances, so no worries.
Uh, about that (POURING DRINK) After getting shot down by Judge Mayfield, my spidey-sense told me something was amiss, so I stopped by his chambers.
Judges love it when you do that.
Yeah, actually, I was counting on getting his dander up, and he didn't disappoint.
Revealed his true partisan hack colors.
Fishing for grounds to appeal? Yeah, I already hooked one.
I spent the afternoon poking around.
Found the judge has real estate holdings in Arizona that are directly affected by state policies dictated by our friend Governor Barker.
Well, that's a hell of a coincidence.
Not when you consider they were fraternity brothers at Arizona State.
(EXHALES) You think that's a clear enough conflict of interest? Well the AG's reviewing it with his team.
I'd love to blow that little weasel right off the bench.
I'm just concerned about the optics of the White House going after a judge because we don't like his ruling.
I'm not sure this particular bullet should stay in the chamber, so to speak.
Aren't we beyond worrying about optics? I mean, our standing in the world is at stake.
I say fire that bullet.
How's the leg? (CHUCKLES) Excuse me, could I get a cranberry soda? All right.
I assume you're asking this because I'm Cuban? Brown.
To them, you're brown.
First generation, but I know your family story.
It's on your website.
They were boat people crammed into an overloaded trawler, escaping Castro.
And they were lucky enough to get to shore, because of the wet foot, dry foot policy.
But tell me, how were your parents any different from the parents in Arizona who are separated from their kids tonight? Well, my mother and my father didn't break the law.
Look, my dad's from Uruguay, but I'm a stealth Latino.
I know it.
Every once in a while, when I'm out somewhere talking to my dad on the phone or speaking Spanish for whatever reason, I-I notice some people look at me differently.
Instant lower status.
Every once in a while, they tell me to "speak English, amigo.
" Or "American.
" That-that's my favorite.
Well, sometimes people hand me their keys at the valet.
Yale, Harvard Law, Rhodes Scholar, U.
senator all they see is "brown guy.
" That's right.
Some people.
But, Jay I don't need you to lecture me on unconscious bias.
Unconscious? Is that what you think it is? How can you ignore the blatant racism of this policy? Don't we already have a steep enough hill to climb without allowing Arizona to normalize treating people like us as-as less than human? If not for those kids in detention, how about for our kids? How is this not more personal for you? The secretary put you up to this? Por favor, she doesn't know anything.
I saw you wavering in her office.
I know you want to be on the right side of this.
Look, there are no sides, Jay.
The only way to change what people see is to continue to succeed.
Not through identity politics, but hard work.
I never sought to be the Moses for Latinos.
My kids see how hard I work and what I've achieved.
Just like your daughter sees you.
And for me, that (WHISPERS): that is enough.
And I'm sorry that it's not the same for you.
POLLARD: This case has been remanded by the appellate court for reconsideration on the grounds that Judge Mayfield was conflicted.
The issue before us is whether to grant a preliminary injunction halting Arizona's detention of unauthorized immigrants.
Counsel? Judge Pollard, if I can direct the court to U.
- Not apposite, Your Honor.
- I disagree.
And I've reviewed the petitioner's affidavits in detail.
The government has clearly made a prima facie showing of irreparable harm - to these children.
- Your Honor I also believe that petitioner's likelihood of success on the merits - is great.
- Judge, the APA's amicus brief I've read it, Ms.
Cutler, and unless you have anything new, I'm inclined to rule against the State of Arizona and grant a preliminary In a case brought on behalf of the separated families by the ACLU, the Ninth Circuit has just affirmed the District Court of Arizona's opinion that the affected families of Arizona's separation order do not suffer irreparable harm.
Judge, the ACLU is a private litigant, so the case is not precisely on point.
- That is true.
- And this court is not bound by another federal appellate court's judgment.
Also true.
But the opinion adjudicated nearly identical facts.
I consider that persuasive authority and a judgment I am not inclined to contravene.
Wha Uh, so th-that's it? An inadvertent legal wire-crossing means all those kids have to remain separated from their parents? I'm afraid so.
You'll have to let your suit wend its way through the system, Mr.
MIKE: Look at this.
- A sign from the gods.
- Hey.
I am trolling for favors, and here you are.
I also need to hit up Russell Jackson as well.
- This might not be the best time.
- Yeah, I heard.
Bit of an ouch-y in court.
- How else would you describe it? - Oh, I don't know, Mike, - maybe sensitively.
- Mm.
What favors are you here for? I need recommendation letters for my kid's super-elitist, beyond-his-intellectual- capacity private school.
Mike, do you really want to send your son to a school that he is not suited for? 100%.
So can I count on you? Well, it's a hell of a day to be asking for a favor for your privileged kid.
(SIGHS) All right, send me his application and his ess No promises.
Look, I also got the invite to your vow thing.
Nice optics.
I can't believe I didn't think of it myself.
- I reached out to the videographer - No publicity.
No publicity.
Just a videographer.
Very discreet drones.
You won't even hear them.
Mike, this is a personal and private event.
No politics.
- No angles.
- Hey, look, I have been dissecting the polls, and while you have broad support no pun intended you lack voter intensity.
People like you, but they don't love you.
Do you know what could change that? The sight of you in a wedding dress.
America would go macadamia.
As in nuts.
No, no, I put it together.
The answer's still no.
(STAMMERING) Okay, let's just get the footage, and then we'll sort it out in post.
President Zaragoza, I agree this is a travesty.
Arizona won't even let Mexican diplomats in to visit our citizens.
That's unacceptable, and we will do everything in our power to help your people gain access as soon as possible.
I'm afraid until this outrage is ended it is not just our border security deal that is off the table.
Our entire relationship is at stake.
Mario I am sorry.
He's right.
I'd have reacted the same way.
So, our border security deal is dead.
And our vital trade agreements and a million others with our neighbors to the south are threatened.
And every hour that passes with kids separated from their parents lowers our standing in the world.
Courts can't help us, Congress won't, and we are powerless to do a damn thing about it.
Did I miss anything? HENRY: Maybe one.
Lao-tzu said: "An ant on the move does more than a dozing ox.
" - What the hell does that mean? - If you can't do everything, at least do something.
Keep moving in the right direction.
- What do you have in mind, Henry? - Go down there, Mr.
Walk those Mexican officials into the detention center yourself.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
That could open us up to accusations of infringing on states' rights.
That is that is practically asking for a constitutional crisis.
Look, I-I am as disgusted as any of you, but I will throw my body - in front of that.
- Well, then I'll do it.
Did you hear what I just said? Yes, and I'm not the president.
You might be ensuring that you never will be.
It's-it's domestic interference.
I'd be the Secretary of State working with our Mexican allies to visit their own citizens.
HENRY: Advocating for foreign dignitaries on our soil it's not only a moral imperative, it's a diplomatic one, as well.
Sounds very Secretary-of-Statey to me.
President, Governor Barker's intentionally provocative policy deserves to be met with an equally provocative response.
MAN: Madam Secretary? Reunite the families! It is going to be a hot mess.
KAT: Well, it's not exactly the Hilton.
Well, it would be different if their parents were with them.
Oh, God, this isn't gonna be easy.
Nope, it's not, ma'am, but you know what? There's no other place I would rather be.
PROTESTORS (CHANTING): Reunite the families! You know, the second we're done here, feel free to go see your dad.
How far away is he again? Oh, Dad's a couple hours in Aguila.
Thank you, but I'll probably take a rain check.
Madam Secretary.
Ambassador Lopez, you know Kat Sandoval.
(SPEAKING SPANISH) I am here at the direction of President Zaragoza to look after the interests of my citizens.
Of course.
Well, let's do this.
All right.
Good afternoon Officer Keegan.
I'm Elizabeth McCord.
This is Mexican Ambassador Rafael Lopez.
Well, how are you today? I'm okay, ma'am, - but I'm afraid - That's great.
I'm here to escort the ambassador inside the facility so that he can check on his citizens.
I'm afraid I'm not authorized to allow that, ma'am.
I wasn't clear about that, either, and This is Kat Sandoval, my policy advisor.
Kat, can you help us out here? Hey there, Officer Keegan.
It's totally understandable that you wouldn't be up to speed, given the different state and federal laws.
It can be a little bit, you know "Aah!" confusing.
However, under title 22 USC section 26-51, "Foreign Nationals on U.
Soil," you must yield and allow entry immediately.
Yeah, and it literally says, "immediately.
" (STATIC) Hey, Miller? I don't think we want to get - any of our bosses involved.
- Yeah.
Right, Officer Keegan? Um You'll just need to surrender your phones.
- Great.
Thank you.
- Of course.
- Hey.
Here's a blast from your past.
What are you doing here? Okay, maybe not my strongest entrance, but I do come bearing gifts.
I realize I'm a little late with the baby present.
- What is he, five months now? - She.
- And a year.
- Oh.
Uh, well, then I guess it's a birthday present.
And here's a little something I brought for Jay.
I feel so bad about what happened.
I'm not sure he believed I didn't do it on purpose, but I-I swear, I am not a good enough defensive player to make that happen.
Yeah, I'm not entirely in the loop on this, and I like it that way.
Fair enough.
It's just that earlier I was asking about the possibility of a sit-down with the secretary, and Look, it's kind of a busy day around here, and y-you're just gonna have to find someone else to lobby.
Well, can you just make sure he gets this then? It, uh, has some goodies in there that'll help with the pain.
Did you seriously bring a controlled substance into the State Department? Not for the first time, if you'll recall.
You know, when-when there was a lockdown, and I got Matt high, and I found out that you were cheating on me with him, and Okay, I will.
I will get this to Jay.
And I will tell him whatever it is I remember - of what you just said.
- You're a peach.
But you-you know, like, a really smart one.
- Mm.
- I'm sorry.
Maybe I shouldn't have gone with a stone fruit.
It Uh All-all right, yeah.
Oh, my God.
Madre, Madre, quiero mi madre.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) How is this possible? The great United States of America.
(CRYING AND CHATTER CONTINUE) Hey, excuse me? Are you gonna change that boy's diaper? I mean, I'm assuming he has one.
Child aides make rounds every three hours.
Three hours.
So you're just gonna leave him like that? 'Cause, I mean, where are his clothes? I'll change him myself.
Ma'am, that's not procedure.
I don't care about procedure.
Look at him.
- Daniel.
- Daniel.
Daniel, no.
RICHARD: Secretary Elizabeth McCord, you are trespassing on Arizona state property.
Am I really? You tricked your way in here, grandstanding for the press on your self-promotion tour, but you are a long way from the federal swamp you call home.
Well, Governor, if Washington, D.
is a swamp, what's this? It's none of your business is what it is.
And there's a sheriff out front with a warrant for your arrest.
Is he going to arrest Ambassador Lopez, as well? Mr.
Ambassador, I'm sorry you got dragged into Madam Secretary's little publicity stunt.
I didn't get dragged into anything.
My government demands these innocent children get reunited with their parents immediately.
Your government has no authority here, sir.
Neither does yours, ma'am.
I think the ambassador's demand is on humanitarian grounds.
I don't care if it's on grounds of coffee.
This is my state and my rules.
Lucky for you, I'm feeling charitable today.
Y'all can exit peaceably through the back without talking to any press, and I'll let you leave this state without incident.
(LAUGHS) Without incident? Okay.
Look around, Governor.
We passed that.
I suggest you get moving before I invite the good sheriff in here to come get you.
(CHILD CRYING) Did you think you can intimidate me or shut me up? - Don't test Arizona justice, ma'am.
- (BUZZER SOUNDING) FATHER DINARDO: Saint Francis said, "All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of a single candle.
" MAN: That's right! If it took a visit from the Secretary of State to shine a light on the darkness inside this building, then praise the Lord for sending her.
And God bless and protect those children, our little brothers and sisters in the Lord's kingdom.
Why did you come to Arizona, Madam Secretary? - What did you see in there? - Are the children being mistreated? MAN: What kind of care do they have in there? MAN 2: What do you hope to prove? I came here to see for myself and to help Ambassador Lopez see what's going on behind these walls.
What I saw is an affront to decency and an assault on our country's core values.
Children separated from their parents, in cages, crying, terrified, lacking basic care.
(PHONE RINGING) And the governor believes it's a deterrent.
- It'll keep others - Hi.
- Are you seeing this? - HENRY: Yup.
That's your mom.
(SIREN BLARING) But it is child abuse, - plain and simple.
- Ma'am? - WOMAN: Yes! - No deterrent - is worth trading our humanity.
- That's enough.
No policy, no matter its goal, is worth lowering our moral standing - in the world.
- RICHARD: All right.
Nothing can justify harming children.
Ma'am, you are on state property.
And the governor wants me to shut up.
But I won't, because what he's doing is immoral and un-American, and every American needs to know about it.
SHERIFF: Elizabeth McCord, you are under arrest for criminal trespass in the first degree - in violation of section 13 - No.
- No! No! - -1504.
(OVERLAPPING SHOUTING) Well if desperate asylum-seekers aren't free from being detained unfairly in this state, why should I? Take her in, Trooper.
It's okay, Jared.
It's okay.
STEVENS: Uh, if you could please turn around and put your hands - behind your back? - Okay.
I'm guessing this isn't how you thought your day would go.
STEVENS: No, ma'am.
SHERIFF: Take the protestors, too.
You're under arrest.
(INDISTINCT, OVERLAPPING SHOUTING) Has anything like this ever happened before? HENRY: Not in the United States.
Not here.
PROTESTORS (CHANTING): Reunite families! - Okay.
- Reunite families! (CHANTING CONTINUES)