Madam Secretary (2014) s05e18 Episode Script


1 ELIZABETH: Climate change is no longer an abstraction.
It's an accelerating emergency with devastating consequences for our planet.
This year alone, unprecedented drought scorched Argentina, record floods ravaged China and typhoons destroyed Nauru.
We cannot stand idle while whole nations go homeless.
The U.
Climate Migration Treaty will give climate refugees worldwide the chance to resettle and rebuild.
We have the resources to save countless lives.
But we must act now or the dire consequences of our collective neglect can never be undone.
It's great, Matt.
Thoughts, everyone? Undeniably powerful.
Does feel a little, um - Geez, what's the word? - Dreary? JAY: Yeah, that's it.
It's a scooch heavy on catastrophe.
MATT: Okay, news flash, guys.
Climate migration is a catastrophe.
The tone is appropriate to the occasion.
People need to absorb the grimness.
Mission accomplished.
Well, it is a global emergency.
Stakes are high.
DAISY: Listen, we're all aware of the gravity of the situation, but this is about messaging.
You want to energize people, - not depress them.
- I can confirm.
I am depressed.
ELIZABETH: Yeah, but sprinkling in a dash of uplift probably isn't gonna change that.
This is great work, Matt.
People need to hear this.
Speaking of writing, did you take a gander at our faithful U.
ambassador's remarks? Yeah.
They need to be goosed.
- Harriman go long again? - MATT: Let me put it this way.
When Harriman is done speaking, Miami will be underwater.
JAY: You know, he's in the building working with Eurasian Affairs.
Get with him about cuts? - Yeah, I'll do that.
- ELIZABETH: Okay, great.
Symposium's in four days.
Thanks, everybody.
It's great work.
Madam Secretary? - Yeah.
- President Demko is on SVTC.
He says it's urgent.
This was recorded on the floor of our Senate yesterday.
DEMKO: 43 members of the Strength and Freedom Party chanting "Dosc.
" - Dosc.
- No more.
No more refugees from the Middle East or Africa.
There have been riots in Kraków.
Anti-immigrant demonstrations in every major city.
President Demko, this has already been negotiated.
Poland has agreed to do its part.
Poland already does its part.
More than one million displaced Ukrainians have found refuge here.
KAT: We are asking you to accept one-tenth of that number.
100,000 climate migration refugees.
Who will put a strain on our already battered economy.
Respectfully, sir, this isn't about your economy, which has no problem absorbing large numbers of fellow Europeans.
It's about catering to a xenophobic fringe.
And if I alienate Strength and Freedom, my government will fall.
And then you will have no partner.
You've made that argument before.
And it's even truer today than it was six months ago.
What do you want? Besides the umbrella of protection we guarantee and the base in Sokólka we just bankrolled.
What's on the table? I'll look into an aid package and get back to you.
KAT: Some shakedown artist.
- One we're stuck with.
- (SIGHS) As Poland goes, so goes Eastern Europe.
If he backs out of the accord, it jeopardizes the agreement.
Yeah, well, he knows that.
Let's give him something he can sell to his base.
Hmm, like liberation from 50 years of iron curtain servitude? Might catch more flies with honey.
- Oh, I'll work up some sweeteners.
- MATT: Blake.
- Listen, uh, I'm so sorry about before.
- No, don't worry about it.
You were right.
Too much doom and gloom.
Yeah, thanks for the feedback.
- You're welcome.
- Yeah.
Hey, are you, uh, headed downstairs? Uh, yeah.
Third floor.
Do you mind stopping on five - and dropping this off with Harriman? - Yes.
No, I mean, yes, I mind.
But it's on your way.
(CHUCKLES) To the hospital.
- Harriman's territorial.
- (ELEVATOR BELL CHIMES) - Buddy, you got it all wrong.
- So do you.
You want to find someone for operation human shield, pick a person who doesn't realize you have no authority over anything besides a split infinitive.
I'll split your infinitive.
NINA: Okay, great, thank you so much for that.
Are you headed downstairs? Uh, in a bit.
Oh, man, 'cause I am totally swamped.
Can you hold this for a second? MAN: Excuse me.
- I'm so sorry.
Go ahead.
- Go ahead.
- (CHUCKLES): Oh, thank you.
(SIGHS) Did you find my black flats? - Presto.
- Thank you.
I've been hobbling around on this broken heel all morning.
I think I probably gave myself scoliosis.
Chicken breast.
Bed of spinach.
Thank you.
Lucas, this is my sister, Stevie.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Nice to meet you.
- Same.
- Still waiting on your latte.
Ali, what are you doing? I believe, in some cultures, - they call it lunch.
- Yeah, you you must realize that that's, uh, Lucas Morejon, son of Carlos Morejon? As in Mom's mortal enemy Morejons? I'm dating Lucas, not running for office against him.
And people will talk.
- It's only been three weeks.
- I'm just saying you should, you know, probably, like, give mom a heads-up 'cause, you know, it is what it is.
(CHUCKLES) He is really cute, though.
What's his handle? @DJTurnItUpYo.
(BOTH LAUGH) Okay, I have to go.
- Thank you.
Ambassador Harriman? I'm Nina Cummings, Secretary McCord's new assistant.
She had a few thoughts on your remarks for the symposium.
You can give them here.
Hold it.
These are Madam Secretary's notes? - Yes.
- It's a hatchet job.
And this looks like Matt Mahoney's hatchet.
Well, um, Madam Secretary reposes full confidence in Matt.
Who didn't have the balls to tell me he was taking a flamethrower to my work, so he sent the new girl.
I'm not sure I'm not I-I wasn't Oh, I get it.
You didn't know that he was using you for cover, right? No.
Since you're still a babe in the woods, let me give you some advice.
Washington is dog-eat-dog.
The only way you're gonna survive in this town, in this building, is to not let people walk all over you.
You want to be a professional doormat, go work in a carpet store.
Capisce? - (CRYING) - Whoa.
Hey! Hey.
DEMKO: Poland will not open our doors - to criminals - He's delivering these remarks - in front of the Sejm? - JAY: The Polish Senat.
He convened a joint session of Parliament.
but not how to give.
And I promise you this: I will never sign this treaty or compromise our future.
Turn it off, Jay.
Strength and Freedom forever.
DAISY: I thought Demko was reasonable.
He was, which is what makes his embrace of the nationalists so scary.
I-If Demko is willing to flush bilateral U.
relations, Strength and Freedom's position must be stronger - than we thought.
- Excuse me, Madam Secretary.
I'm sorry.
We're receiving word from the foreign ministers of-of Hungary, Romania and Turkey.
They're raising a collective objection to the refugee resettlement figures.
They're following Demko's lead.
Dam's about to break.
Meaning the treaty will unravel.
The symposium's - gonna be a wake.
- Not if we can help it.
We need to bring Poland back into the fold.
I'll talk to Foreign Relations about sanctions.
But we need a short-term solution, too.
A domestic figure with enough gravitas to squeeze Demko on climate migration.
Those folks are in short supply.
But I know just the person.
LENA: Madam Secretary.
It's an honor.
- It's been a long time, Lena.
- Six years.
I'm sorry our paths didn't cross more in Charlottesville.
Well, it's my bad.
I was a math nerd who tried to stay as far away from the poli-sci department as possible.
(CHUCKLES) But watching you put theory into practice these past few months has been inspiring.
Thank you.
I've moved back to Poznan where I could speak out against intolerance and bigotry.
Well, how'd you like a bigger stage? Like the Climate Migration Symposium.
Thank you, but I'm an academic, not a politician.
What would I say to a room full of dignitaries? What you've been saying.
That your country can't turn its back on the needy.
That as a region responsible for an outsized share of the world's pollution, Eastern Europe has a special obligation to tend to climate change victims.
You want to box Demko in.
Because Poland must stay the course on this deal.
I've been reading your op-eds.
Your YouTube speeches.
When you talk, people listen, meaning that you have the moral authority to nudge him in the right direction.
I won't just nudge.
I'll shove.
We'll make the arrangements, and when the symposium's done, I'm gonna cook you a Polish feast.
Looking forward to it.
DALTON: She's in surgery, Bess.
But she's going to live.
Oh, thank God.
- What do we know? - Ephraim? SIGINT decoded a message from Jan Opalka, the head of Poland's domestic intelligence agency, to Pawel Asnyk and Janusz Lem.
Both Polish Special Forces, and both apparently off the grid.
- So this was an inside job? - It would appear so.
Why take her out in broad daylight? To send a warning to other agitators.
Straight out of the autocrat's playbook.
Was Demko involved? No evidence of that yet.
Well, if Demko had no role, Opalka went rogue, meaning Demko's hand's weaker than we thought.
And if Demko's pulling the strings, further outreach is useless.
Well, either way, Lena's at risk.
Well, first things first.
We need to know whether we should be working with the Polish government or against them.
With your permission, sir, I'd like to draw Demko out.
I was having the same thought, Bess.
Get to it.
DEMKO (OVER COMPUTER): It's-it's appalling, Madam Secretary.
A vicious and unprovoked attack on free speech, and my government will not tolerate it.
We're heartened to hear that.
Where are you in apprehending the would-be assassins? Uh, the suspects are being hunted to ground by our security services and the ABW.
Your domestic intelligence agency.
Uh, yes.
We have CCTV footage of the car the gunmen used and leads on two men.
Miroslaw Borek and Jerzy Wojcik.
Right-wing extremists from Gdansk seeking to sow unrest.
WARE: We can have specialists in-country co-ordinating with the ABW by nightfall.
A gracious offer, uh, Director Ware.
But, uh, these criminals have not yet been located.
But rest assured, their apprehension is imminent.
ELIZABETH: Well, please keep us in the loop.
Kaminska is a U.
She means a lot to our country.
And to Poland.
We will not permit our citizens to be targeted like dogs.
I'll await your update.
Demko lied to my face.
Offered the names of two patsies when we know damn well who actually tried to kill Lena.
Meaning he's in on it or he's running scared either way, we have to get Lena out of there.
RUSSELL: How? Corrupt or weak, Demko's not just gonna hand her over.
Then we need to consider extraction.
RUSSELL: Extraction? On what basis? She's a permanent U.
HILL: And a Polish citizen.
We can't just breach an ally's sovereignty and spirit her away.
Henry? Well, the argument for extraction rests on the jeopardy of her situation, which is substantial, - and her connection to the U.
- Which is tenuous.
ELIZABETH: She's been a resident of Virginia for over 14 years.
She owns a home, pays taxes.
- And taught with you at UVA.
- That has nothing to do with it.
Oh, come on, you're straining to find a U.
interest substantial enough to justify - a controversial, extra-legal measure.
- In order to prevent another controversial, - extra-legal measure called murder.
- The fact remains Lena is not a U.
citizen, she never surrendered her Polish citizenship she's still more them than us.
President, I understand the appeal of this course of action, too, but Russell's concern is valid.
You would be violating the sovereignty - of a NATO ally.
- ELIZABETH: What does NATO stand for if it protects members who engage in - state-sponsored executions? - WARE: Elizabeth, you're also forgetting that there's recent precedent for this question, and it involves Poland.
Even when we were desperate to get our mitts on the Polish nationalist who armed the White House attacker, we didn't go behind Poland's back.
True, but in the last six months, Poland has taken a dark, extremist turn.
It is not the same country, - and Demko is not the same leader.
- ELIZABETH: And it's not just Lena's fate at issue.
It's the fate of our foreign policy.
HENRY: Sir, this administration has pushed a narrative that we cannot turn a blind eye to others.
Which is exactly what the climate migration treaty is all about.
If we abandon Lena, - we're hypocrites.
- DALTON: And the inevitable fallout if we pursue this course of action? I'll own it.
(SIREN WAILING) How's she holding up? (MONITOR BEEPING STEADILY) Stable.
She's safe.
Well done.
Yes, indeed.
Now we just have to explain to the leadership why we cut them out of the loop, inform NATO we kidnapped an ally's citizen, and tell Poland we violated their sovereignty.
And do it all three days before the start of a conference designed to showcase the administration's ability to build coalitions.
God help the liberal world order, Bess.
Ma'am, Russell is melting down.
We're being hammered in Die Welt, The Daily Telegraph, - Exactly.
- I.
Figaro and the Journal.
- Congressional leadership is launching broadsides at the administration for not consulting them - prior to the extraction.
- And POTUS wants our policy position as to the justifiability - of unilateral action.
- An Office of Legal Counsel opinion - giving us cover.
- Ah, this is crazy.
Your 8:15 cruller.
ELIZABETH: Ah yeah, I don't really have an appetite.
- How's Lena? - Conscious and resting comfortably at Ramstein Air Force Base.
Okay, good.
I want to send her some flowers.
Something that says "Sorry you got shot, glad you didn't die"? Maybe something a little bit more lyrical.
- Thanks.
- Okay.
Not that I have to ask, but where does this put - the climate migration deal? - On life support.
Demko's claiming that the extraction abrogated it.
Don't ask me his reasoning; he doesn't have any.
- Romania, Hungary, Turkey are throwing in with him.
- We really need those sanctions against Poland, and we - need them yesterday.
- I've got calls in to congressional leadership.
Don't worry.
- All right, well, follow up.
- All right.
- Uh, ma'am? - Yeah? The NATO secretary general is already in town for the symposium - and wants to see you immediately.
- Okay, that's great.
Bring him in.
We got to make sure that we have NATO'S backing, okay? - Yep.
- Yep.
Thank you.
Article Five? Mr.
Secretary General, y-you have to be kidding me.
The Polish government filed a complaint this morning.
The council is duty-bound to take it seriously.
Article Five commits each member to consider an armed attack against one member to be an armed attack against them all.
- And we didn't attack anyone.
- Warsaw is arguing that your breach of Polish sovereignty - amounted to a hostile incursion.
- We both know Article Five is not intended to be invoked by one member against another.
In the normal course of affairs, I'd agree.
The point isn't that your country is in danger of being sanctioned or expelled, Madam Secretary.
Then why are we dignifying this publicity stunt? Because without solidarity, NATO has no reason for being.
Disunity is bad for the alliance and good for our enemies.
What do you need me to do? Smooth things over with Demko.
Whatever it takes.
Get with Ephraim Ware.
Before I offer Demko an olive branch, - I want an intelligence update.
- Will do.
Nina? Ma'am.
Will you set up a SVTC call with Demko, please? Yes, ma'am.
Matt said you gave Harriman the notes.
How'd he take it? The ambassador was very gracious.
That's good to hear.
Thank you.
This is an outrage! Your objection is duly noted, sir.
Return the Polish citizen you kidnapped immediately, so we can safeguard her.
I think Lena feels safe right where she is.
Then we have nothing to talk about.
KAT: How about your collusion in the attempted murder of a prominent critic? I don't know where you get your information.
Let me stop you right there.
In my experience, no innocent man has ever uttered those words.
You're the president.
You may not have ordered this murder, but you're behind the cover-up.
That makes you corrupt, complicit and staggeringly unfit to lead.
So we're gonna make it easy on you.
You're going to extradite everyone involved in Lena's attack.
I will do no such thing.
Then you'll call for elections.
- There are two years left in my term.
- Not anymore.
Because the third thing you're going to do is resign.
Or we're going to share evidence of your roll in this horrible conspiracy with the Polish media.
You are overplaying your hand, Madam Secretary.
Try me.
I will.
Leak this supposed evidence.
Given America's brazen violation of our sovereignty, you will be easy to discredit! So much for catching more flies with honey.
Climate change.
Bees are dying.
- (KNOCKS) - How'd things go with Demko? - Oh, peachy.
- (CHUCKLES) - You told him to resign, didn't you? - Yes, I did, and he's digging in meaning the treaty'll be toast before he ever is.
- What do you have for me? - More toast.
Sanctions stalled out in committee.
Callister and his minions.
Russell called the principals to the White House he's gonna push a charm offensive.
- Are you finished? - Senator Callister, I'm just getting started.
Well, then let me, uh, save you some time.
We have zero interest in sanctioning an important NATO ally based on dubious intelligence.
Well, there's nothing dubious about it.
Review it.
I'll wait.
We've already been briefed on President Demko's alleged involvement in this assassination attempt, and I am not convinced.
(CHUCKLES) - I think what Chairman Callister - is trying to say - I get it, Senator Morejon.
Foreign Relations would rather side with the craven leader of a country trending towards extremism than our own intelligence services.
- And president.
- If that president is so interested in our support, why didn't he consult us before this mission? Because time was of the essence.
Because he knew we wouldn't risk our international standing to rescue an unknown Polish radical Lena Kaminska is a permanent U.
Who moved back to her home country to agitate.
Russell, we keep going round and round on this, and it's just not productive.
Tell President Dalton we look forward to working with him to further genuine American interests.
I know you're running for president.
And opposing us makes for good copy.
But when this country doesn't speak with a single voice in the conduct of its foreign policy, we are weakened as a nation.
You can make a difference here.
I'm already making a difference.
I told you I'm not interested in your Polish dossier.
'Cause this one's about you.
If that's all you got (EXHALES) you've already lost.
Bye, Russell.
Hey, Peter.
Why is the coffee on this floor so damn good? Blake Moran.
He hand grinds and slow drips.
Slow grinds, hand drips.
Either way, it's nectar.
I'll say.
I have updated symposium remarks for your office to review.
Well, you may need to tailor them a bit.
Eastern Europe has just schnitzeled away.
I'm happy to make adjustments.
Not what I hear.
- So Nina threw me under the bus.
- No.
She covered for you.
Said you were gracious.
You are many things, Peter, most of them admirable.
Calling you gracious is like calling the Pope saucy.
I was giving her some advice.
Next thing, here come the waterworks.
You made her cry? - No.
- Peter.
Nina is a crucial member of my team.
You need to make this right.
What do you want me to do? You're our U.
Try some diplomacy.
Yes, ma'am.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Please, please.
- Oh, yes, yes, yes.
I'm on it.
Oh, I saw that piece on, uh, Lucas Morejon and Alison.
It was really sweet.
And-and very evolved of you not to kick up a fuss.
What are you talking about? The Capital Couplings thing.
It was really-really a sweet item.
The whole Romeo and Juliet angle, love finding a way.
This is the first you're hearing about it, isn't it? Fresh pot coming up! HENRY: "It's the Hatfields "and the McCords, "the offspring of two prominent political adversaries canoodling while their parents eviscerate each other.
" (JASON LAUGHS) ELIZABETH: I am watching the Western coalition - just - Don't.
crumble before my eyes.
And now I have to worry - about being ambushed by - "Ambushed"? - tabloid nonsense? - We really just started dating.
I was going to tell you.
- Stevie can vouch for that.
- You knew? - Well, not for that long.
- Oblivious and proud.
- Yeah, of course you don't have that - (OVERLAPPING ARGUING) - problem.
You need a date first.
- ELIZABETH: Leave him alone.
- Both of you, cut it out.
- Guys, guys, guys, guys, don't get this twisted.
We know that you all have good judgment.
- Yes.
- Now it's a whole new deal.
- (STAMMERS) - Running for president, you have a target - on your back.
- political opponent.
Now we have to vet everyone we're dating with you guys? - 'Cause I'm not - What? - No.
Nobody is saying that.
- No.
Why am I being lectured? - It's not a lecture.
- Because I didn't rat out - my sister? - It's not about ratting! - Who's ratting? - I mean, I told Ali that she can't have been dating Lucas for three weeks - and not tell you.
- Three weeks? - Stevie, you are a lousy rat! - JASON: This is better - than The Real Housewives.
- Jason, just stop it.
- That's not that's not - No.
No, no, no.
What, what? I'm-I'm the bad guy? She's dating the spawn of Satan.
And this one hooks up with, what, - old men and drug addicts? - ELIZABETH: Whoa.
- Oh, hey, hey, hey! Wait, hey! - Oh! Okay, okay! Hey, simmer down now! Come on.
Don't - Stevie! - (DOOR SLAMS) (INDISTINCT ARGUING) Do I have to stay? No.
Good talk.
Well (EXHALES) that went well.
(PHONE RINGS) Perfect.
Yes, Russell.
Ramsey Peters.
Right now.
Hold on.
It's a badge of pride, Ramsey.
I-It's not a mark of shame or anything.
Um, I have longtime friends in a group called Eros Europa.
- They back Polish candidates - Wow.
who promote Western culture.
Candidates who are affiliated with the, uh, Strength and Freedom Party, right? Yes, an organization this country needs - to align itself with, as I've said before.
- So much for Callister's - dog whistle.
- RUSSELL: Yeah.
This time, he brought the dog.
Why own it now? Because I don't want my political enemies to use it against me.
ELIZABETH: When he's talking about his political enemies RUSSELL: I showed him my oppo, hoped he'd stand down.
Instead, he got in front of it.
RUSSELL: Callister's fearless, Elizabeth.
He's playing by a different set of rules.
Unless we figure out a way to fight him, he's gonna seriously compromise this administration's agenda and your political future.
- So what's our next move? - You tell me.
Remember you said you'd own the fallout from this extraction? You do! - candidate with nothing to hide.
- (LAUGHING) I can't argue with that.
So, what can I do for you, Henry? I've got to talk to you about a private matter, Carlos, that involves our kids.
You know they've been dating.
(LAUGHS) Yeah.
I think everyone does at this point, huh? Look, I know that you and Elizabeth aren't exactly politically simpatico Elizabeth worried that I might embarrass her with intel my son has passed on to me from your unsuspecting daughter? Yes.
Well, hearing you say it makes it makes me embarrassed that we would - even entertain that thought.
- (LAUGHS) Don't be.
Paranoia comes with the territory.
Look, what we're really worried about is our kid.
Our-our kids.
We tried to talk to them.
We feel like we blew it right out of the gate.
My first Senate run, my opponent, the stuff he came at me with.
That my father was a Castro sympathizer.
That-that Vicki's brother was working for the KGB, because he once went to Moscow for a chess tournament.
My God.
It was all it took not to break his nose.
Well, you're defending family.
Primal instinct takes over.
It does, because family is sacrosanct.
Which is, you know, why I want to assure you that, in spite of the professional differences I might have with your wife, kids are off-limits, period.
Thank you.
I appreciate that.
I would be remiss if I didn't bring up one other matter.
- The Polish sanctions.
- Aha.
Of course, yeah, you're the president's senior advisor.
I should have assumed the overture was imminent.
But I'll tell you that I am firmly with my caucus on this one.
You shouldn't be.
Callister is going all in on nationalism.
He's appealing to hate, fear, prejudice Yeah, that is one view.
The other is that he's tapping into a populist vein.
One that could actually take him to the White House.
And take this country into a dystopian future.
Be that as it may, he's chair of Foreign Relations, and he's a top voice in the party.
That makes him powerful, not right.
Today he's backing extremism in Poland, tomorrow it could be Russia or North Korea.
Come on, Henry, he's not an enemy of democracy.
No, not if we curtail his worst impulses.
Yeah, he may be president, but someone else might be as well.
You asking me to hedge my bets? No, Senator, I'm asking you to go all in on our shared democratic ideals.
Without them, NATO's just an acronym.
Like the U.
, or the USA.
Thanks for seeing me.
Tell Lucas he's welcome in our home anytime.
So are you and Vicki.
Oh, Ambassador, hi.
Um, sorry, I'm afraid we need the room.
Actually, I'm here to see you.
What Is that for me? What is it? Chocolate.
From five different countries.
- It was six, but it's a long walk here.
- Thanks.
But I wasn't crying because of you, Mr.
Oh, well, what then? I work 16-hour days for table scraps.
My mom needs physical therapy, my kid sister needs rehab.
I live with three roommates, one of whom is an insomniac with a drum kit.
And I am the first one in my family - to go to college.
- Damn.
- That's a lot on your plate.
- Yeah.
So I can't mess this job up.
And you won't.
Because working-class kids like us don't squander their opportunities.
This girl won't.
But the fear of failure Never goes away.
But you learn to cope with it.
I cope with it by being a hard-ass.
Yeah, um, killing with kindness is more my thing.
You'll get the hard-ass part.
Because when you're not to the manner born, you've got to fight for everything.
And it starts with standing up for yourself.
(CLICKS TONGUE) I hate chocolate.
(CHUCKLES) That's a good start.
ELIZABETH: Following Poland's lead, Slovakia, Greece and Serbia are now demanding more remuneration per refugee.
That's extortion.
It'll blow up the climate migration deal.
That's precisely the point.
- (INTERCOM BEEPS) - Yeah? NINA: I have Senator Morejon for you.
Put him through.
Senator? Millman, Werner, Isenstadt, Pilkner.
Took some heavy lifting and Callister put a price on my head but I got you your 60 votes.
A filibuster-proof majority.
You're supporting the sanctions? Wh-Why the change of heart? Henry can make a pretty convincing moral argument.
But that's only part of it.
What's the other part? Well, on the off chance that we're sitting across from each other years from now with our grandkids I want you to pick up the check.
ELIZABETH: Thank you, Frank.
Oh, God.
Hi, you beautiful man.
The sanctions are already working.
Demko's under a lot of pressure, and Wha-What? Uh, why don't you look happy? INN's reporting Demko just declared a national emergency.
He's mobilizing the armed forces.
So we may have given him an excuse to consolidate power.
The symposium's tomorrow.
- Damn it.
- If Poland isn't brought to heel, then all of this work and the treaty, it's just (FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING) Hi, sweetie.
You broke up with your boyfriend? Lucas wasn't my boyfriend.
But yes.
Ali, that's not what I wanted.
All that stuff you said about spotlights and responsibilities, you're right.
We have to think strategically now.
And the Morejons are the enemies.
(LAUGHS): No, they're not.
They're I don't know how to do this.
Do what? Run for president while being a mom and a wife and a (SIGHS) We're just gonna have to work this out together, as a family.
What about what you said? Well, we were trying to preach caution, and I'm not going back on that.
But the takeaway isn't that you can't live your life.
The day that my daughter can't date whoever she wants is the day I find another job.
- You'll really dig Lucas.
- Yeah? (LAUGHS) Did you ever meet a person that changes the way you look at the world? Inspires you to be a better version of yourself? Yeah.
(WHISPERS): I married him.
(LAUGHS) (QUIETLY): You're right.
(ALISON LAUGHS) - You read the fourth draft of my speech.
- Yes.
It's great.
Well, 'cause I took Matt's notes.
Both rounds of them.
It's, uh, tight.
It's varnished.
I And I'm not gonna do it.
What happened? Our climate migration coalition is crumbling.
We-we need someone who can sway public opinion, not just with the delegates, but abroad.
And I'm just a bureaucrat.
And a damn fine one.
But I need this one person who can change hearts and minds.
A voice that can't be ignored.
That's a tall order.
- Yes.
- Who have you got? Peter Harriman meet Lena Kaminska.
It's an honor.
The pleasure is mine.
My name is Lena Kaminska.
I am lucky to be here today.
But I am only here because someone thought I was worth saving.
And if I am worth saving, everyone is.
Governments like my own, who care more about silencing their critics than helping victims, must change.
Or be changed.
Because we can only solve the climate migration crisis together.
An acknowledgement that if tragedy doesn't respect borders, neither can we.
Nationalism doesn't work.
But as your presence today testifies (VOICE BREAKS): internationalism does.
RUSSELL: Three hours.
Three hours for Lena's speech to go viral.
100,000 people are protesting outside the Presidential Palace.
Demko holed up like a coward in his residence in Belweder, but he has officially submitted his resignation, and Polish elections are set for June.
And the climate migration treaty has 164 signatories.
Well done, Madam Secretary.
All I did was give Lena a platform.
Mm-hmm, you did a lot more than that.
You had the wisdom to save her.
Well, Western history is premised on the notion that one person can make a difference.
Well, she can.
And she will.
(SIGHS): Also, it's, uh it's high time I acknowledge something.
I realize our relationship can be somewhat antagonistic.
Well not exactly breaking news.
No, I know.
But I have never addressed why I am such a knee-jerk contrarian.
As the president's counselor, my job is to push back on everything.
Kick the tires.
Having to make decisions and shoulder uncertain consequences that's the real crucible.
What are you trying to say, Russell? That you're ready, Bess.
(DANCE MUSIC PLAYING) This is my favorite part.
- Whoo! - HENRY: Huh, that was something.
(QUIETLY): Who is she? Mix tapes, Ali.
I forgot 'em.
Oh, um, we can burn 'em some on my desktop.
DJ TurnItUpYo is also available for bar mitzvahs, - weddings - Proms, parties, anything.
Well, we'll-we'll spread the word.
Good beat, and there Thank you so much for sitting through that.
I liked it, whatever it was.
The least I could do for a wonderful dinner.
Those pierogies.
Glad they passed muster.
Yeah, th were divine.
Just like these pierogies I used to get on 8th at Ludomir's.
I tried, but the dough, - it kept coming out like cartilage.
- No, don't be so harsh.
- It was more like chewing gum.
- Ah, it's the thought - that counts.
- So, what's next for you, Lena? Healing up.
Then back to teaching.
Because 38 million students - need you.
- Aw, come on, Elizabeth, be serious.
I couldn't be - more serious.
- Henry, how much Bordeaux - did she have? - (CHUCKLES) HENRY: In vino veritas.
- I think it's a great idea.
- Lena, you're a natural-born leader.
Poland needs you.
(EXHALING) (SIGHS): Oh, you jerk.
(BOTH LAUGH) - Oh - Did Lena get off okay? Yeah.
The car just picked her up.
After we had polished off a few snifters of slivovitz.
Better you than me.
All those state dinners.
At this point, my liver could probably metabolize gasoline.
Lena's something, huh? Mm-hmm.
She's gonna make a great president.
If she runs.
Hope I was convincing.
But I couldn't help thinking that maybe you were trying to convince yourself.
Geez! Russell, now you.
I already said I was gonna do it.
Yeah, you've been saying that for a while now.
Kicking the can down the road week after week.
Callister's already got an exploratory committee up and running, he's got pollsters in play.
Well, I'd have to resign before I can declare.
You think it's time? Yeah.
I'm going back to sleep.