Madam Secretary (2014) s05e20 Episode Script

Better Angels

1 Big day today, Pete.
(KEYS JANGLE) Try not to be a jerk.
Sir, can you move? Oh! No, no, no, no, no! No! Ah, geez.
He answer your text yet? NINA: Still MIA, ma'am.
Oh, great.
It's only the most historic vote the U.
's taken in the last 30 years, but sure, take your time, Mr.
Where are we with Russia and China? Still the biggest holdouts.
How much to commit to the fund, how many climate-change refugees to take in There he is.
KAT: Good morning, Ambassador Harriman.
New York used to be the one place in America where people knew how to walk in crowds.
No more.
Thank you, cell phones.
Everything okay there, Peter? Sorry, ma'am.
I lost something on the way in.
A lucky charm, of sorts.
Think you can get your game face on in the next few minutes? Got kind of a big day ahead of us.
So, the state of play is that China and Russia might make us wait until the chamber for the big reveal, but if we work 'em hard enough in the consultation rooms, I think we'll get 'em to yes.
And since nothing less than the survival of a cohesive human society in the face of catastrophic climate change is at stake, we damn well better.
There's my guy.
Shall we? - Let's.
- What was this lucky charm? It was a Bobby Kennedy campaign pin.
I got it when I was a kid.
Oh, wow, it certainly beats a rabbit's foot.
People still have those? Seems like a super gross thing to carry around in your pocket.
So, what do you think? Nice.
Very "McCord for president.
" - Yeah, it's fine.
- Wrong.
It's terrible.
The HQs for winning campaigns aren't "nice" and "fine.
" They have a vibe scrappy, indomitable, like a prizefighter's training camp in the mountains.
This place feels like the former offices of a lobbying group that went under after playing footsie with too many dictators.
Which it is, by the way.
I have something else I need to discuss with you two.
Come on, step into what will never be my office.
We need you to vet the kids.
Does M-Sec know about this? Would we be here if she didn't? Look, finding out that Carlos Morejon's son was dating, um Help me out with the middle one.
- Alison.
- Knew that.
was a wake-up call.
Worked out well for us, actually.
But we need to make sure that the kids don't have any other big surprises hiding up their gawky young sleeves.
Campaigns are feeding frenzies.
Sit down with each of the kids, ferret out any other potential oppo.
But also, give them a sense of what it's gonna be like to be in the hot seat.
Be tough.
We can do that.
Can we, though? What's that supposed to mean? I can be tough.
Can you? Yes, of course I can be tough.
I'm just saying, you like to be liked, especially by the McCords.
I just really don't want to be the only bad cop on this.
Guys, the important thing is that I'm bored now, so work this out somewhere else.
Get back to me ASAP.
The woman of the hour.
Thank you, thank you.
Well done, Bess.
Thank you, sir.
Still don't know how you got Russia and China on board.
Honestly, neither do I.
The day is basically a blur.
(LAUGHS) Well, take a breath.
- Savor your achievement.
- (CHUCKLES) The unspoken caveat being, before the real work starts, we have to try and get this thing through the Senate.
You've taken us this far.
Let us worry about the Senate.
RUSSELL: End your tenure at State on a high note that you can parlay into your presidential announcement.
I'm happy to testify to the Foreign Relations Committee.
And let Owen Callister use his position as chair to beat you up right before you announce? No way.
Don't give his campaign that ammo.
DALTON: Bess, I don't have to tell you what a tough slog it is getting any treaty through the Senate these days.
This one in particular.
The whip count's extremely tight.
We lose just one or two senators, and we might not have the votes.
So let me help you get them.
Never met a politician so willing to make it easier to make running for president harder.
Well, I'm gonna take that as a compliment.
I think.
Good night, sir.
Speaking of, have you decided when you're going to officially announce your resignation? I, uh I don't know how much longer I can keep it quiet.
Actually, I was thinking first thing tomorrow morning.
Fair enough.
If you happen to change your mind between now and then, I'm happy to tear it up.
Can always use you in the fight.
I'll keep that in mind, sir.
(DOOR OPENS, CLOSES) So? Did you tell POTUS your plans for tomorrow? I did.
(SIGHS) I still just I can't believe it's happening.
- Okay - Not really.
Maybe this will make it a little more real.
The post-resignation, pre-presidential announcement - vacation is officially on.
- You booked it! - Anguilla, baby, ten days.
- Oh - Just you and me sleeping in - Oh reading books, drinking out of coconuts.
Scuba diving.
That, too.
You're not gonna get certified, are you? Maybe when we're down there.
After all these years, I cannot believe you will not do this with me.
I just don't think that people were meant to breathe underwater.
Well, they weren't meant to jump out of planes, either, and you've done that plenty of times.
Counterpoint: the ocean is just one big fish toilet.
(SIGHS): Henry We have been going flat-out for the past four years straight.
Next year we'll be campaigning.
And then, if we're lucky, we'll be right back in this building for the next four to eight years.
We may never know silence again until we're in the grave.
Please, join me in the profound, serene beauty of the fish toilet.
Well, when you put it that way So, Jason, some of your political posts online are a little edgy.
You think maybe you could tone 'em down, or maybe delete a few? For your mom.
No way.
First Amendment.
He makes a good point.
How much marijuana would you say you, uh, smoked, Alison? Ew.
I eat it.
It's, like, totally legal here now.
Well, she's right.
It is mostly legal.
It's legal here.
Stevie, a potential concern for the campaign is your dating history.
(WHISTLES, CHUCKLES) What about it? Uh, Arthur Gilroy, that was your former boss.
That was the one that worked for your mom.
Oh, this is the one that was twice-twice your age.
- Mm-hmm.
- And then, of course, we all know about your little moment with the president's son, and, of course, his little moment with heroin.
Oh, can't forget about your fiancé, the English fella you left on the, on the way to the altar brutal.
Either way, you understand how these things could probably be problematic to your-your mother's campaign? Right.
(LAUGHS): It's actually funny, 'cause you guys don't even Well, you don't even have the security clearance to know about-about, uh, "Stevie's greatest mistake.
" - I'm sorry, and who - Oh, could you tell us a little bit about that? STEVIE: Oh, sorry, you-you would have to ask the FBI.
By the way, they know about everyone that you just mentioned.
And, uh, they still cleared me to work in the White House, where I handle with great professionalism materials related to all sorts of important issues.
For example, tonight I'm compiling a briefing book on the Climate Migration Treaty, which paints a portrait of our future on this planet that is existentially terrifying.
And so, I'm just wondering what we are doing here worrying about how some, what, hypothetical swing voter is maybe gonna slut-shame a millennial? Is there anything else? - No, that's it.
- No.
That's fine.
- STEVIE: Awesome.
- Thank you.
What the hell did you do? Bad cop? - Are you ready, ma'am? - Yeah.
Best job I ever had.
So far.
- Good morning.
- ALL: Good morning.
A few days ago, I offered, and President Dalton accepted my resignation as Secretary of State.
(MURMURING) Effective two weeks from today.
OWEN: Madam Secretary, this treaty flings open our nation's doors to hordes of unvetted refugees who would undermine both our economy and our national security.
What do you say to the American citizen who will have his job stolen or her life taken - by these migrants? - Senator Callister, I would say that you're conjuring hypothetical people in order to distract real people from a real issue.
(LAUGHTER) - This is no laughing matter.
- ELIZABETH: I agree.
Ratifying this treaty to help manage the disruptions caused by climate change could not be a more serious task.
I urge you and your colleagues to act with haste.
You didn't answer my question.
Our nation's vetting process is already extremely stringent.
In fact, not a single act of terrorism has been perpetrated in the United States by a refugee.
Cold comfort to the families of the victims, I expect.
I expect actual Americans to be comforted by facts.
The chair recognizes the gentleman from New Hampshire, Senator Eckstad.
Thank you, Mr.
Madam Secretary, I'd first like to thank you for your service to our nation.
I'm sorry to see you go.
Thank you.
I also salute the hard work that you have done to advance the Climate Migration Treaty.
I appreciate that.
But while many of its aims are worthy, my concern is why does the most extensive treaty on climate change that the world has ever seen do nothing about climate change? I-I'm sorry.
I'm The treaty does nothing to address the causes of climate change, namely, dependence on fossil fuels.
Senator, I agree, there are indeed many facets to the problem of climate change.
This treaty focuses on what I believe to be the most pressing: protecting American security and saving human lives.
And I believe you're too focused on symptoms, and not on the underlying sickness.
I'm inclined to vote against advancing it to the full Senate.
OWEN: And on that note, this hearing is adjourned for the day.
Thank you, Madam Secretary.
(MURMURING) JAY: Well, that took a turn.
I'll skip the "I told you so's.
" Technically, you didn't.
So do we think that, uh, Eckstad's for real, - or is he just grandstanding? - I don't know.
But if he takes the rest of his groovy friends in the Rainbows and Moonbeams Caucus with him, we're not gonna get to two-thirds.
I think he's a showboat, but he wants to deal.
I'm gonna go see what he's angling for and I'll circle back.
Well, that's our only chance.
Be nice.
Stevie, I just wanted to say I-I'm sorry for last night.
It's fine.
It's just, Daisy always calls me Mr.
Nice Guy.
I was, you know, trying not to You know what, just buy me a drink and we're cool.
- Okay? I have to go.
- Okay.
ELIZABETH: Well, I admire your principles.
My problem is this treaty just doesn't deal with root causes.
Y-You mentioned that earlier.
I have a, uh, corporate carbon tax bill that will do just that.
But it's stuck in committee over at Energy and Natural Resources.
But POTUS is friends with the chairman.
So the White House gets your bill out of committee, you get ours out.
That about the size of it? I always say, my most important constituent is Mother Earth.
And that's really neat.
Senator, your bill is stuck in committee because it's half-baked.
You want to make real change? Do your homework, get the details right.
I'd hoped for a more productive discussion.
No, you hoped for a grubby little quid pro quo.
This treaty is humankind's last, best shot to save itself from the disruptions that mass migrations will cause.
And if it dies in the Senate because of you, well, I am gonna be spending some time soon in your home state, and I will make it a point to remind your progressive base just who to blame.
Thank you for your time, Senator.
ELIZABETH: Why'd I have to get so mad? Russell said, "Be nice, we need this guy.
" "Physician, heal thyself," Russell.
Whoa, I think I really blew this.
Don't beat yourself up, babe.
If your gut was telling you not to cave, then you're probably right.
Interesting, 'cause my gut is also telling me that you've made no plans - to get scuba-certified.
- Not true.
- (PHONE RINGING) - I have been reviewing relevant materials.
- Reviewing relevant material? - Yeah, I saw a video of this guy diving over a coral reef and an eel came out and bit him, right on his Hey, Russell.
Well, that's great news.
Well I-I Thank you for the call.
(CHUCKLES) Eckstad blinked.
We got the votes.
- The treaty's gonna pass.
- I told you.
- Congratulations, honey.
- Oh.
You really did something incredible.
Well, time will tell.
But it does really feel like I deserve something in return, - doesn't it? - Like what? What is your problem with scuba diving? I'm scared.
(CHUCKLES): Sweetheart.
- Get over it.
- I'll get I will.
- Okay.
- I'm gonna get certified before we go on the trip.
Because you are gonna love it.
That's what Eel Guy thought, too.
By the way, I-I'm totally with you with the whole climate change dread.
STEVIE: Thank you.
I am, like, reading these reports, like, I I mean, I cannot be the only one Mm-mm.
who's legitimately having nightmares about this stuff.
Oh, no, no, no.
No, you have no idea.
There were I-I read this one report a few years ago, it was like, where the world will be in 2030, and I had a total freak-out.
- Mm-hmm.
- I mean, full-on meltdown, completely.
There was this, there was this one statistic about Flamingos.
- You know about this? - Right I do, yeah.
- There's more plastic ones than real - Yes.
Than real ones, yeah, I know because my mom told me how much you freaked out about it.
No! Oh, come on.
(CHUCKLES): I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
- I'm sorry.
- That is very, very mortifying.
(LAUGHS) - BARTENDER: Here you go.
- Oh, thanks.
What no, no, no, no.
- Please Blake.
- No, no.
I was a total ass, I owe you drinks forever.
Friends? Friends.
STEVIE (LAUGHS): So, uh, the world is ending, and we're all screwed.
(LAUGHS): Which we've established.
So what do you do? Like, what's the one thing that you would want to do before, you know, it all collapses? Oh.
How much time do I have left? However much you want.
Don't get hung up on the details.
I don't know, sing more? Oh, maybe I'll do one of those TV singing competitions.
- Really? - I don't know.
(LAUGHS): Maybe.
That's cool.
Well, I don't know.
What about you? I would spend every waking moment with my loved ones, - you monster.
- Boo.
No, come on, seriously.
What would you do? I don't know.
That's the thing, it's like, life is so uh, beautiful and it's short.
Half the time, I just want to drop everything and, like, go out and experience as much of it as I can before it's all gone, or I am.
It's a good thing the world's not ending.
- Okay.
- Mm-hmm.
- S We can't do this.
- (LAUGHS) - No, no.
Um - No.
It's That's not I sorry.
- No, no, it's fine.
It's - That's not what I shouldn't have done that.
I thought that you were - Are you? Aren't you? - I'm bi.
Not that that is not No, no, no, I didn't that's not what I was saying.
I that was not Yeah.
Uh, it was fine.
Yes, great.
But, um, we can't do this.
- No.
No, no, no.
- No.
Should we be freaking out right now? - No.
No, no, no.
It's just a thing.
- Okay.
- It just happened.
- Great.
Just happens.
- Just happened.
- Done.
- Great.
- Good night.
- (CHUCKLES): Good night.
- (LAUGHS) Uh (STAMMERS) Promise you won't freak out.
- I promise.
- Okay.
All right.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
- That's it.
- All right.
Before you go to Geneva I almost forgot got you a little something.
Will you look at that? - (LAUGHS) You know, I called the city, I had a whole crew of people down there looking for my pin, but no luck.
Well, hold on tight to that one.
(SIGHS) I will.
You know, I got the last one in 1968.
- No kidding.
- Yeah.
Man, in '68, my dad and I weren't seeing eye to eye on anything, least of all Vietnam.
But when Bobby Kennedy came to town to campaign, my dad took a shift off work, got me out of school to go see him.
I got in the car and he handed me one of these.
I saw he was wearing one, so I put it on.
We finally get there, and, uh, there's this huge crowd of people.
Black, white, men, women, young, old.
Anyway, uh, the amazing thing was, it seemed like Bobby was speaking to each one of us.
You could see that he was just putting it right out there, putting his whole soul into it.
I mean, to win, sure, but more importantly, he was telling America the truth as he saw it.
"We ought to get out of Vietnam.
" I cheered.
"We got to end student draft deferments so that everyone could sacrifice equally.
" My dad cheered.
And I thought, "If this guy can bring - "me and my old man together, then - (CHUCKLES) (LAUGHS): the country ought to be a cinch.
" That was Bobby.
(LAUGHS SOFTLY) So when the nonsense starts to weigh me down, it reminds me why I got into this crazy line of work to begin with.
Thank you so much.
I'll cherish it.
Good luck in Geneva, Peter.
And you stay on top of China and Russia, hold them to their commitment, all right? Will do.
I understand that, uh, you may make an announcement soon.
Ah Could you just indulge me, just for a moment? (CLEARS THROAT) Forget about party politics liberals, conservatives, all that.
What America yearns for is a leader with the integrity to tell the truth and the charisma to make people listen and the guts to act on it.
That's a tall order.
Not for you, ma'am.
Thank you, Peter.
Bye, now.
So it sounds like there are no major red flags with the McCord kids, with the possible exception of Stevie's checkered dating history, which we can manage.
- I mean, "checkered" is a pretty strong word, don't you think? What would you prefer? Erratic? Irregular? Vicissitudinous? Why are we worrying so much when Stevie's an asset to the campaign? She's dynamic, smart, relatable to young voters, and oh, yeah a survivor of the White House attack, which makes her a hero.
I mean, w-what are we talking about here, people? - You tell me, man.
- I easy, tiger.
I'm-I'm with you.
Not dying in the White House buys her at least a couple of loser boyfriends.
Meeting adjourned.
Um - I'll meet you back at the office, okay? - DAISY: Sure.
Oh, and by the way, I know you're going for scrappy, but this is a little too scrappy.
Right? I think someone's actually living in the supply closet.
Mike, in the interest of full disclosure Oh, boy, awkward confession theater.
Stephanie and I Who's Stephanie? Stevie.
Oh, wow.
Really? I feel I owe a-a duty to the campaign to report that we had contact.
Contact? We kissed once.
And we both agree, it'll never happen again.
That's great, you just lost us Florida.
Oh, no Dude, I'm kidding.
What is this, middle school? It's fine.
Surprising, I'll admit.
- But it's fine.
- (PHONE VIBRATING) - It's not a problem for the campaign? - No.
Go forth and sin no more.
Or sin.
Honestly, nobody cares.
I got to take this.
How do you feel about tacos for dinner? Well, at least we'll get one meal we actually enjoy this week.
- Hmm.
- Eh, Yeric? YERIC: It's cafeteria food and rubber chicken banquets - from here on out.
- Oh.
(LAUGHS) Yeah.
Well, I guess we better start the toast or we'll never get home.
(CHUCKLES) (WHEEZING, GASPING) WOMAN: Are you okay? - Peter, are you all right? - (GASPING) - You're bleeding.
- (COUGHING) (ALL COUGHING) (LOCK CLICKS) - (ALL COUGHING) - PETER: We have to get out of here.
(WHEEZING) KAT: The Swiss police have a high degree of confidence the chemical agent was sarin.
Colorless, odorless, highly soluble.
The entire U.
Security Council just gone? What I mean, what the hell do we do now, ma'am? MAN (OVER TV): It's been reported that Ambassador Harriman We get to the White House and get in the fight.
MAN (OVER TV): by a chemical weapon KAT: We're getting reports that a white nationalist group has claimed responsibility.
They are threatening attacks on any country that honors its commitments to accept refugees.
We need to reach out to our partners and allies ASAP.
We'll have our work cut out for us.
France is already getting wobbly.
Call the foreign minister's office while I'm in with POTUS, try and talk them off the ledge.
What do we know about this group, "The Knights of Western Freedom," or whatever these monsters are calling themselves? Well, Agent Maloof from our Counterterrorism Division will take you through what we know so far.
President, based on a communiqué the group posted today, The Knights of Western Freedom claims to be an informal network of cells paradoxically united by a resistance to what they call "the globalist conspiracy.
" They see the migration treaty as an attempt to undermine national sovereignty and so-called - "ethnic purity.
" - RUSSELL: So we're looking at active cells in multiple countries? WARE: They managed to access sarin and place two inside men at a U.
Security Council meeting.
So we have to assume they're formidable.
DALTON: Elizabeth, is it safe to say that our allies and friends will unify against this attack? Early indications are that it's having the opposite effect.
KAT: Many European governments were already afraid of their right flank.
This attack is forcing a choice on them.
Abandon their international commitments, or risk more attacks and getting voted out.
Russell, tell Comms I'm going to address the nation tonight.
The American people need to know that we're directing all resources to stepping up security and hunting these sons of bitches down.
Frank, Ephraim, I want Intel briefings every two hours.
Bess, get with our allies.
Tell them we can offer every resource they need to disrupt this network and push back on this hateful ideology.
Understood? - ALL: Yes, Mr.
- Thank you.
ELIZABETH: How did the call - with France go? - Not great.
Beauvais is talking about suspending France's - participation in the treaty.
- She knows that's not how treaties work, right? And you made it clear - that we are with them all the way? - Yeah, the thing is, they're not sure that we are.
- What does? - Ca-Callister released a statement.
Uh, he's blaming the attack on "globalist fantasies "that average citizens around the world don't want and didn't vote for.
" Says his first priority as president will be to pull out of all such agreements.
Beauvais says that she understands that of course a Dalton or McCord administration would have France's back, but she's highly doubtful that a Callister administration would.
So France is less worried about white nationalist terror in their own backyard than the possibility of a white nationalist - in the Oval Office? - Can't say that I blame them entirely.
How are we supposed to keep other nations on board when they're not sure they can trust our word? ELIZABETH: Nina.
Listen - did you get in touch with Peter's kids? - Yes, ma'am, um, his son Kevin and daughter Brooke are standing by.
Great, I want to give them an update on their father's remains.
- Where are we on that? - Our embassy in Geneva has been in contact with the morgue.
And they believe that Ambassador Harriman's remains and effects can be decontaminated and safe for transport (VOICE BREAKING): very soon.
(CRYING): I'm so sorry, ma'am.
It's just ironic.
I'm crying over a man who made me cry.
(SNIFFLES) But Ambassador Harriman was actually very kind to me.
He taught me that us working-class kids need to stick together.
Well he appreciated grit.
That's why he liked you.
(SNIFFLES) Um, I'll dial his kids in as soon as you're ready (WHISPERS): Thank you.
(DOOR CLOSES) ELIZABETH: Konstantin, let me first say I'm truly sorry for the loss of Ambassador Kolkin.
Thank you.
Yeric and I went to school together.
He probably would have held this job next after me.
Condolences, as well, for the loss of Peter Harriman.
Yeric and Peter.
Both great diplomats and patriots.
Gave their lives for this treaty.
I trust Russia will honor their memory by honoring its commitment.
You've seen the demonstrations in Moscow.
People are frightened and, uh, rightfully so.
Is it the Russian people who are afraid? Or the politicians? What do you mean by that? After the White House was attacked, I warned you that Russia's signal-boosting of this kind of ideology would come home to roost one day.
What are you saying? You fed a monster and now you've lost control of it.
That you could say such a thing after I had to consult his widow? Konstantin.
We all knew there were risks when we embarked on this treaty.
But we can't let these murderers use chaos and fear to undermine global stability.
Russia must stand up.
Ironic that you decry the evils of nationalism abroad while Owen Callister's running for president? - Yeah, I've heard this one.
- But, that is the problem with your so-called "free speech.
" It's just another weapon that can be bought and sold as easily as a Kalashnikov.
Excuse me but I have a funeral to attend.
Goodbye, Madam Secretary.
ELIZABETH: I don't know.
I may have been wrong about this whole thing.
Whatever the thing is, I doubt it.
The treaty.
I'm trying to create this collective action in the face of worldwide threats.
Like, the entire liberal world order? Man, you did have a rough day.
I think I get it.
People's lives being shaped by these huge, remote forces that they don't understand.
Maybe Callister's tapping into something that we ignore at our peril.
For almost all our history as a species, humans have roamed around in small bands.
Maybe we're just not wired to comprehend such a vast abstract social system.
When our problems become ever vaster and more abstract Like climate change.
people lash out.
You know what else is bugging me? I get why Avdonin brought Callister up but he said this thing about how free speech was like a weapon that could be bought and sold.
I mean, it almost seemed like he was saying Callister had been bought and sold.
Do you think that could be true? Why would Avdonin tell me? Wouldn't Russia want leverage on Callister? Maybe they're playing a game.
Running an op on you.
Undermine Americans' faith in the system by getting me to accuse Callister of being in Russia's pocket.
But what if he is? Well, then it doesn't matter why Avdonin told me.
Our democracy is at risk.
Babe, I think you got to loop in the IC.
Read Ephraim in.
I've never wanted to be wrong about something this badly.
- Mr.
- Elizabeth.
What's going on? Have we caught them? - We're running down leads.
- That's a different briefing.
You ready to get read in on something tricky? I passed on your conversation with Foreign Minister Avdonin to the FBI last night.
It provided a piece to a case we've been building for some time.
We have strong evidence that Owen Callister's campaign manager, Dan Finnerty, has been funneling money from Russian oligarchs into Callister's super PAC.
We'll be arresting him later today.
Was Callister in the loop? Based on the evidence, DOJ will announce they're opening an investigation into the senator, too.
DALTON: Due to the inherently political nature of the case, we're concerned that Callister may cry witch hunt and come after you.
Let him.
He's the traitor, not me.
RUSSELL: So, now we know why so many of Callister's positions line up so conveniently with Russia's, but why is Avdonin selling him out? One theory is that the Russians somehow caught wind that Callister's under suspicion, and this is an attempt at damage control.
I think he's about to attend the funeral of a dear friend, and can see the shape of things to come.
Hopefully, this drives a stake through Callister's heart.
RUSSELL: (SCOFFS) I want you to be president, too, but that's cold-blooded, even for me.
Our treaty partners are using Callister's potential presidency to back away.
If he's gone, we get our partners back and the United States can lead again.
I mean, I'll-I'll wait until the news about the campaign manager breaks, and then I want to make some phone calls.
Thank you, Bess.
NEWSWOMAN: After the arrest of his campaign manager on suspicion of soliciting illegal campaign funds from Russia, and the opening of a Justice Department investigation into the candidate himself, Kentucky Senator Owen Callister made a surprising announcement.
This is a politically motivated witch hunt from the Dalton administration trying to clear the path - for Elizabeth McCord - ELIZABETH: Wait, hold on a second, Jay.
- to be handed the presidency.
- Hold on.
That said, I am hereby announcing I am suspending my presidential campaign HENRY: Yeah.
I have been waiting all day to watch and savor that.
America dodged a bullet.
For now.
Well, let's I mean, yeah, it's good news.
So we'll follow up with her tomorrow, okay? Nice work, Jay.
Thank you.
Well, I guess the news of Callister's whatever made its way back to France.
Beauvais said they're back in on the treaty, so Well, hey, that's great news.
Uh, it is.
It is.
And yet you're not smiling.
What? ELIZABETH: Well, other countries are still on the fence, including Russia, who, whatever their reason for giving up Callister, are still covertly backing him to influence our politics.
I'm trying to get this treaty passed.
Got good people like Peter Harriman killed.
And the group that did it is still at large, and their ideology is on the march.
When we should all be working together to try and save our existence on this planet, we're getting bogged down by petty tribalism.
Politics just feels like an ugly joke.
I'm going out.
- Bye, sweetheart.
- Have a good time.
- Have fun.
- Bye.
(EXHALES) I'm starting to look forward to the serene quietude of the fish toilet.
Might want to wait on that.
I've been thinking - Hi.
- Hi.
Sorry for the random text.
- "What if the world actually is ending?" - (CHUCKLES) I know.
It's like the bleakest booty call ever.
(CHUCKLES) Is that what this is? No.
It's more of, like, a an emotional non-booty call? Lucky you.
Oh I'm just so tired of feeling Triggered? Sad? Me, too.
Don't ever feel bad about being nice, Blake.
Real friends? - Yeah.
Real friends.
Come on.
- (CHUCKLES) Come on.
So what's this about? Sounded pretty urgent.
(EXHALES) Well, you said if I changed my mind, you'd tear up my letter of resignation.
You've already announced it.
Things have changed.
Everything we've fought for, sacrificed for, is all under attack at the moment.
I just can't see why way to shaking hands at county fairs right now.
Please allow me to rescind my resignation, sir.
I can't do that.
Wait, I'm sorry.
Are you We are under attack.
And I do still need your help.
So does your country.
To preserve and build on what we've done.
My fight's today.
Yours is tomorrow.
So I'll be keeping this.
Thank you for your service, Madam Secretary.
And Godspeed.
Thank you, Mr.
You know I'd give my right arm to go to a county fair.
(CHUCKLES) (INDISTINCT CHATTER) You know, your dad had this great line about himself - All his best lines were.
- (ALL CHUCKLING) He said, "I tend to inspire strong reactions, "usually somewhere between grudging respect and outright hostility.
" (CHUCKLES) Sounds like Dad.
And he was right.
Because I respected the hell out of him.
He felt the same way about you.
He'd have wanted you to have this.
Thank you.
I will cherish it.
Memorial's ready to start when you are, ma'am.
We'll see you out there.
Let's go.
On the night Dr.
Martin Luther King Jr.
was assassinated, Robert Kennedy consoled a stunned, heartbroken crowd in Indianapolis with the words of a Greek poet.
"Even in our sleep, pain which cannot forget "falls drop by drop upon the heart, "until in our own despair, against our will, comes wisdom, through the awful grace of God.
" 35 years ago, on a road not far from here, a driver lost control of his car, and crashed into another belonging to Ben and Suzanne Adams.
My parents were my sun and moon.
I was 15.
My brother Will was 13.
And we were suddenly all alone in the world with no one to light our way.
But here's the wisdom that came to me from that day.
We weren't alone.
We had aunts and uncles, cousins, friends, teachers and coaches, members of our church.
That hard-won wisdom is what Abraham Lincoln called "the better angels of our nature.
" Empathy, compassion, family, friends, community.
It's not about me, it's about us.
And it's that idea that brings me before you today.
In the very first line of the Constitution, "We the people" When those words were written, the idea that a country could be governed by its citizens seemed revolutionary.
But for almost 250 years, the United States has done just that, the impossible.
- (MURMURING ASSENT) - (APPLAUSE) I know we face problems so big that solving them seems like a moon shot.
But we're the country that sent men to the Moon.
We are the envy of our rivals, the hope of the oppressed, the sword and shield of free people everywhere.
We the people.
It's up to us, all of us.
So join me, America, in achieving the impossible together.
That is at the very heart of this great American experiment.
And that is why, today I am officially announcing my candidacy to be president of the United States.