Madam Secretary (2014) s06e08 Episode Script

Ships and Countries

1 The House Judiciary Committee this week will begin its impeachment inquiry.
First Daughter Stephanie McCord will testify today in an open hearing, followed by First Gentleman Henry McCord.
Here to offer us an inside view is Capitol Hill correspondent Priya Khatri.
Priya, why is the House investigation beginning with the president's family members? Normally, a president would invoke executive privilege to protect anyone in her family or administration from testifying, but this is an unusual presidency in many ways.
Now, the president has always maintained she had nothing to do with the Iran government's hacking and leaking of her opponent's private records during the campaign.
But with the Senate Intelligence Report broadening the investigation into corruption and obstruction, these hearings can go in any number of directions.
Want to do some cardio with me? Get out of your head? I have to go over my WTO remarks.
Did you get any sleep last night? A little.
Kept thinking about that first summer Stevie at horse camp.
Poor kiddo.
So homesick.
Why didn't I just let her come home? You said it would help her build character, and you were right.
Are we crazy, throwing her in with the sharks? Let's just hope Olivia's right and it's not a circus like the Senate hearings.
Just a House impeachment trial on national television.
We got nothing to fear.
Except the sharks.
Good thing we're all fast swimmers.
It is a kick-ass opening statement.
And I'm not just saying that 'cause I did a pass on it.
Yeah, well, let's hope it's enough to take campaign finance violations off the table.
If there's anything I can do to clear up the Martha's Vineyard mishap You say "mishap," I say "gift.
" The more they go after that mirage, the more we know they don't have anything real.
Well, let's not get cocky.
Hanson may have given the House a bunch of trumped-up charges to work with, but the House Chair still has to litigate 'em all.
Canning is a tough prosecutor, - and he's not our friend.
- You'll forgive me if I'm confident I won't be convicted of murdering a state senator.
Well, no, you put enough doubt in the public's mind about it, - and we're all out of a job.
- With Heeney on the House Committee, we've got a solid defender.
And the markets are a little wobbly this morning, but overall the economy's good.
Your approval ratings are holding.
Why are the markets wobbly? Eli Volk disappeared during a trip to Moscow.
The Technoflux IPO was supposed to be Wednesday, - so it's got everyone rattled.
- As long as they find him in time to write us another campaign check.
What? Like no one else was thinking that? No, just you.
How does a world-famous billionaire just disappear? We'll be covering that - in your intelligence briefing.
- Knowing Volk, he was probably on some peyote vision quest.
I'm gonna just grab something I left in the office.
Hey, Mom.
That lady in charge on The Great British Baking Show Mary Berry? I have decided she's my ideal role model for Leading While Female.
Yes! Right? Always had a kind word, even when the technical challenge was a disaster, and kept Paul Hollywood in line with a look.
Impeccable blazers.
She should run for office.
No! We need her right where she is.
Lot of Americans might say the same about you.
- So listen - I know.
I'll be fine, Mom.
This isn't horse camp, Stevie.
If you don't want to do this I got it.
I'm ready.
You're my brave girl, you know that? You, me and Mary Berry.
See you after? You bet.
Two days ago, Eli Volk, the aerospace engineer and CEO of Technoflux, disappeared in Moscow while on tour to promote Technoflux's initial public offering.
How do you disappear in a surveillance state? He went to a private evening at his friend's restaurant, and his security detail lost track of him.
- Max? - There's no evidence yet on any closed-circuit we can access, and no signals to any of his contacts.
What are the working theories? Could be a mob hit, some rival corporation trying to thwart the IPO, or it was state-ordered.
We're working back channels to see if there's anything behind the Kremlin's public denials.
- Sorry to interrupt.
Uh, ma'am, it's time.
- Oh.
The president would like to watch her daughter's testimony before the House.
We'll, uh, review the rest of the PDB privately.
Thank you, everyone.
Members of the Committee we have before us charges against a sitting president, members of her administration, campaign staff and family, which, if shown to be true, pose a threat to the very heart of our constitutional democracy.
We are united as Americans by our unwavering faith in the integrity of our elections.
To thwart the voice of the people by manipulating ill-gotten information provided by a foreign enemy is an assault no one in this room, nay, this country, could or should ever tolerate.
McCord not only is your mother's reputation as an elected official at stake here today, but the soul of your country is as well.
I would ask you to shine a clear and unwavering light upon all that you know and stand before us today as a citizen first.
The chair now recognizes ranking representative member Heeney for his opening statement.
Let's see that right hook, Heeney.
Good afternoon, members of the Committee.
Thank you for your testimony, Ms.
We are here today to find out the truth, the truth of what happened between candidate McCord and the government of Iran in the run-up to the presidential election.
We're also here to investigate all claims of obstruction of justice and, uh, campaign finance malfeasance.
McCord, you do understand that it is your duty to answer all of our questions to the very best - of your ability - Is he hungover? That's not good.
Sorry to interrupt.
I have INR.
They said it's urgent.
thank you, members of the Committee.
that the testimony you're about to give is true and correct to the best of your knowledge, information and belief, so help you God? - I do.
- INR just got a hit on Eli Volk in Moscow when his phone briefly went live.
And? Seems he's in the Iranian embassy.
Iran captured Eli Volk? Looks like they're trying to even the score for the capture of Reza Mousavi in Lebanon.
Iran already hacked a German bank and crashed an oil tanker.
The score was even.
Well, not while we've got their Quds commander in detention.
How do you want to answer? Blake? First I want to find out how much Russia knew about this.
I need President Salnikov right away, please.
Yes, ma'am.
Well, at least the press can't say I was colluding with Iran - on this one.
- Don't be so sure.
Which means more headlines about Iran at the worst possible time.
Good afternoon.
What began as an inquiry into the alleged conspiracy by the McCord campaign to collude with Iran, under Senator Hanson's Senate Intelligence Committee investigation, widened to include questions wholly unrelated to that subject.
This is simply the latest partisan attempt by Congress to destroy a duly elected president.
The Justice Department failed to find any evidence of a campaign finance violation.
So why am I here? It can't be to offer new evidence of something the members of this committee are fully aware never happened.
It can only be for one purpose: to twist the facts and willfully mislead the public.
When my mother was first chosen to serve as secretary of state, I dropped out of college, because being in the public eye made me want to disappear.
Today, I welcome sitting before you, sweating through this jacket, so the American people can see that my mother is exactly the woman that they elected: a supreme patriot and a tireless public servant.
Thank you.
Thank you for that statement, Ms.
Uh, I for one agree that the charge of campaign finance violations has been fully adjudicated, and I have no further questions on that matter.
I would like to turn our attention now to your employment by the Dalton administration.
You were hired as an intern to Chief of Staff Russell Jackson, is that correct? - Yes.
- And you began your tenure after your mother had assumed her role as secretary of state, is that correct? That's correct.
An internship with the White House chief of staff is a is a coveted job.
Would you say you were engaged solely on the basis of your qualifications? Mr.
Jackson was familiar with my qualifications, because I had approached him for a letter of recommendation for law school.
Meaning you were, uh, you were the best candidate for the job.
All I can say is that I was hired.
The Committee is in, uh, receipt of five résumés under consideration by Mr.
Jackson at the time of your hire.
One candidate was a Rhodes scholar.
Were you a Rhodes scholar? - Nope.
- Another candidate was a Harvard Law School graduate who had, uh, clerked for Justice Breyer.
At the time of your hire, had you attended law school? No, but - Third candidate was - Excuse me, Congressman, if the point you're making is that there were other qualified candidates, Ms.
McCord doesn't dispute that.
The point I'm making is that President McCord has a long history of abusing privilege.
A prime example being the pressure she brought to bear on Mr.
Jackson to hire her daughter.
There was no pressure.
If Mr.
Jackson favored me in any way, it may be because I happened to be in his office when he suffered a heart attack, and I got him critical care.
If that is sufficient to outweigh the qualifications of a Rhodes scholar is for Mr.
Jackson to answer, not me.
Something we can certainly explore further.
- Now let's move on.
- That's how you do it.
Well, glad my heart attack worked to her advantage.
I have President Salnikov, ma'am.
McCord, we've spent much of this afternoon Good evening, Madam President.
I'm sorry to disturb you so late, Mr.
We've just gotten news on the capture of Eli Volk.
Our intel shows he's being held in the Iranian embassy in Moscow.
That is surprising.
Yes, and I'm sure you agree this development is appalling and unacceptable.
Have you contacted the embassy? Well, in light of recent events, Iran isn't taking our calls at the moment.
Any information or help you can offer to get our citizen home would be most appreciated.
We will do everything we can.
As you know, the embassy is not under our jurisdiction.
I'm aware of that, Mr.
And I'm sure you're aware that Mr.
Volk's illegal kidnapping is affecting the global market, which impacts your economy and ours.
It seems to me, Madam President, the best way to stabilize the situation is to answer Iran directly for your own provocations.
Thank you for your counsel.
Let me add that if Mr.
Volk steps one foot out of the embassy, we'll consider his well-being your direct responsibility.
If anything were to prevent his swift and safe return home, there would be grave consequences.
We are great admirers of Mr.
Volk and stand by ready to help.
Good night, Madam President.
Did he just explain to us how embassies work? If he's stonewalling, I-I'm gonna need evidence of Russia's involvement.
Reach out to the DNI, have them see if there are any recent deals between Russia and Iran, anything that even looks like a quid pro quo.
Ma'am, it's time for the WTO.
I'll reach out to Ephraim.
Yeah, okay.
How's she doing? You know like in Wonder Woman, when she fends off bullets with her bracelets? It's like that.
McCord, how did you learn about your mother's, uh, role in the torture and murder of Iraqi detainees? I'm sorry.
Is my mother on trial for the actions of the U.
government during the war on terror? I have a text message that you sent seven years ago.
"Don't ask my mom.
"She totally lied about Iraq for my entire childhood.
" Uh, I was not aware that there was a House subpoena on Ms.
McCord's private messages.
This was offered by the recipient.
Well, that was a seven-year-old comment taken out of context.
There had been a recent bombing, and I think I was on my way to a peace rally.
Did she or didn't she lie to you about Iraq? That's If she had told me the truth, you would be raking her over the coals for revealing classified information.
- So you admit she's a liar? - Ms.
McCord is not here to discuss her personal conversations with her mother or her friends that have no bearing on the president's duties or this committee's charter.
Why don't I move on to my next area of inquiry? - Thank you.
- I want to ask you about your relationship with, uh, Dmitri Petrov.
He was your date to the White House Correspondents' Dinner.
Is that correct? Yes.
How did you first meet Mr.
Petrov? Uh, he was my father's student at the War College.
Were you aware at the time that Mr.
Petrov was an intelligence asset under your father's supervision? No.
Were you aware that before you met Mr.
Petrov, he was living in Phoenix, Arizona under a pseudonym where he was arrested for assault? I was not.
Were you aware that Mr.
Petrov was treated for opiate addiction shortly before you first met? No, I wasn't.
I didn't know the opiate No.
So your father allowed you to engage in a relationship with a violent opiate addict who was, at the time, a target of Russian assassins? - It's completely ridiculous.
- Mr.
Canning, this line of questioning has nothing to do with - an impeachment inquiry.
- It has everything to do with President McCord's character, which is fundamental to this inquiry.
Dmitri Petrov's efforts influenced America's foreign policy agenda, directly benefiting Elizabeth McCord at a time when she was plotting her own political future.
The McCords wanted to keep him on a leash in case they needed him again.
And in blatant disregard of protocol, they deployed their own daughter to aid in their own self-serving mission.
- That is completely outrageous.
- Point of order.
You have exceeded your time, Mr.
Aah! Put me out of my misery.
Heeney better put him in a box.
Are you currently employed, Ms.
McCord? Yes, I am a project manager at the Human Amnesty Association.
And I just want to say for one, I am very grateful for the vital humanitarian work that you're doing there.
Thank you.
And can I just ask and sorry if this is a little off topic but how did your status as First Daughter help you get this position? It didn't.
Um, I was actually told that my security requirements were a concern.
But I like to think that my passion for the work and my degree in social justice law helped mitigate those challenges.
Uh, meaning you're not in the habit of using your personal connections for career advancement? No, I'm not.
Take that, nepotism.
Thank you.
I'll yield the rest of my time to the chairman.
What? What is he Don't yield! I'd like to go back to Mr.
Because it seems to me that the American public deserves to know the truth of your parents' involvement in this, uh this relationship.
Congressman, my parents were not involved - in my relationship.
- So you were not complicit in your parents' manipulation of Dmitri Petrov? They deceived you, as well? - That's that - Mr.
- Mr.
Canning? This isn't croquet! - That's not - What the hell is he afraid of? - They couldn't have manipulated Mr.
Petrov because they didn't know that I was seeing him at first.
So, you've come here to defend your mother, but it turns out that you are just as deceitful as she is.
Wha? I'm sorry.
That's not at all accurate.
Given this witness's admitted disregard for the truth, I don't think further questioning would be fruitful.
You're excused.
Guys, I am so sorry.
- No.
What? Are you kidding? - What? No.
Are you kidding? We're sorry.
I just That never should have happened, Stevie He started hammering me with all these questions.
- I didn't know about Dmitri - Listen.
I-I - It never should have happened.
- It's my fault.
I should have told you - about Dmitri's history.
- No, it is not.
You-you - But I - It is not your fault.
I You didn't even know that we were dating.
That is totally on me.
Stevie, none of this is on you, sweetheart.
You were so brave and so good.
Yesterday turned an internship and a boyfriend into a bloodbath we'll be mopping up for months.
We're not throwing another one of you to the lions.
I'm already under subpoena.
I'm not backing out.
We'd be well within our rights to claim spousal privilege.
And let it seem like we're in retreat? No.
That would confirm every lie they threw out there yesterday.
I still can't even follow what Canning thought he was trying to build.
Somehow your daughter dating a Russian asset helped you shore up political power? - He was spinning.
- And Heeney was holding the yarn.
So much for having an ally up there.
Which is why I need to testify.
I'm the one that brought Dmitri into Special Activities Division.
I can vouch for his value as an asset.
They are making him the question.
I'm the one that can answer it.
My concern is how much of this Petrov case is still classified.
Your hands will be tied.
Make it a closed hearing.
They smeared Stevie publicly.
I want to answer it publicly.
It's the only way that we can fully answer these insane allegations.
Congress can always release a redacted transcript if there are accusations of a cover-up.
- If you think it's best.
- Can we limit the questions to Petrov, at least? No.
We'll answer whatever questions they have.
Let the chairman know the hearing will be closed.
Thank you, everyone.
That's it.
I'll fix it.
How are you? Good.
Sorry I didn't call last night.
Oh, I know.
It was a it was a crazy day.
I was thinking about Yeah, I don't know if, um, you Sorry.
No, go ahead.
Um Uh, some of the things you heard about me the assault charge in Phoenix I didn't hurt anyone.
I-I smashed a television.
It was stupid.
Okay, yeah, the Actually, the only thing that really threw me was, um was the addiction recovery.
I know.
Uh, it was, uh, pain medication for some injuries that I suffered in Russia.
I just I dated an addict once before, and, uh, just made me wonder if it's a thing with me, or No, it's not a thing with me.
I've never done anything since treatment.
This is so weird.
I'm sorry I keep bringing you and your family so much trouble.
Hey, uh, can-can we meet up, um, so we can talk in person? Yeah.
I think I just need a little time to think things through first.
Of course.
But I'll call you soon, okay? Okay.
I'll-I'll talk to you then.
"USAID has prioritized emergency response programs for vulnerable population groups" - Ma'am? - Uh Ephraim Ware.
I was just forcing Russell to get some steps in with me.
You know, FDR used to work at a desk out here.
So say the White House archives.
I'll let you run the country now.
Ma'am, we have evidence of Russia's possible cooperation with Iran in the capture of Eli Volk.
I really didn't want to be right about that.
This is a direct transfer from the State Bank of Iran to a private account traced to President Salnikov.
The payment appears to be connected to a recent deal for Russia to develop Iranian oil fields.
What kind of oil deal pays directly into a president's pocket? You have confidence in this intelligence? Entirely.
I'll also point out that the date of the transfer is less than 48 hours after our SEAL team's capture of Reza Mousavi in Lebanon.
Yeah, well, Iran didn't waste any time hatching a counterattack.
Or it's a striking coincidence.
Thanks, Ephraim.
Madam President, perhaps your own charges of collusion with Iran have confused you.
There is nothing covert in an oil deal between two allies.
This agreement with Iran was widely reported in the press.
What wasn't widely reported was how much you, Mr.
President, were personally enriched by this deal.
I-I have here records of multiple transfers to an account we've traced to you personally from the State Bank of Iran.
All of which happened days before Eli Volk's capture.
Something I appreciated about your predecessor was that he never spoke in innuendo.
It's something wives do, not leaders.
Well, I thank you, Maxim, for another lesson in statecraft.
Let me be more direct, then: Either you take immediate steps to get Iran to return our citizen and avoid further conflict with the United States, or the people of Russia will soon know how much you've personally gained at the expense of your comrades.
I hope that's not too indirect.
Your threats are quite clear; however, the fact remains that your citizen is being held in the sovereign territory of the Iranian embassy.
Therefore, I cannot I-I'm not asking you to violate Iran's sovereignty.
I'm asking you to reach out to your ally to arrange the secret transfer of Eli Volk from Moscow to Tehran.
And then I'd like you to inform us immediately of the details of the flight plan.
You have 12 hours to make the arrangement.
He's so right about the direct approach.
I-It really is more efficient.
I'll reach out to Defense.
We're on.
Ma'am, we successfully intercepted the jet carrying Eli Volk once it left Russian air space.
His plane has landed and is on the tarmac at Incirlik.
Once the hostage deplanes, a Delta Force will secure the aircraft.
Looks like Salnikov came through.
Any contact from Iran? Nothing official.
We're trying back channels.
Alpha Team, execute secure package.
Switch camera view to door side.
First step will be to establish communication with the cockpit.
Get proof of life on Volk.
Eyes on the door.
The door is opening.
Send Eli Volk out of the plane now.
Eli Volk I repeat, send Eli Volk Hey, we got a civilian in there! - Hold fire.
Hold fire.
- Pull them back.
Hold fire! Pop smoke and take cover.
Popping smoke.
They're surrounded by U.
- How do they think this ends? - For all we know, that cargo bay's full of C-4.
How's our casualty? Stable.
We've got him on a medevac to Landstuhl.
What about Volk? We're working on re-establishing comms.
Infrared shows that he's in there, but they've blocked our view of the cabin.
So he could be wounded or dying for all we know.
No moves until we get word on Volk.
Copy that.
Let's just calm this down.
Ephraim? We just got SIGINT from Syria and Southern Lebanon.
Iranian proxy forces are activating on the Israeli border.
Ma'am, if Hezbollah launches their short range missiles, hundreds could be killed.
It's saber-rattling.
Shiraz doesn't want the Middle East igniting over this any more than we do.
- I'd rather not count on that.
- But Uh, Susan's right.
But we have to give Shiraz something so he has cover.
Let's get Tehran.
Get us President Shiraz as soon as possible.
All due respect, ma'am, you are under an impeachment investigation for colluding with Iran.
Is this really the time for appeasement? I'm gonna lead with a stick.
I just want a carrot on the end of it.
I have Shiraz on the line, ma'am.
Get him on the screen.
Ellen, are we prepared for a retaliatory strike? Yes, ma'am.
Sixth Fleet is on standby in the Gulf.
We can have F-18s over Bandar-e 'Abbas in ten minutes.
Can we discuss what you're planning to offer first? Russell, I'm trying to prevent a shooting war in the Middle East.
We can talk about how it plays in the press later.
President Shiraz.
It seems we have a situation.
No, you have a situation.
You can resolve it by returning our citizen Reza Mousavi immediately.
Let's take a beat here.
You've got an American held hostage by armed guards.
We've got you surrounded by American troops on a military base.
And now you've got Hezbollah aiming rockets at Tel Aviv.
Have you asked yourself where this ends? It ends where it began: with Iran defending itself against U.
imperial aggression.
Do you honestly think bullying is the way to go here? Because I'll tell you what bullying gets you, Najid.
It gets you a firestorm of Tomahawk Missiles and smart bombs annihilating your offensive capabilities before you can even think about responding.
And then your only consolation will be a proxy war with Israel that you cannot win.
In the next 30 minutes, Eli Volk is going to walk off that plane.
No shots will be fired on our side or yours.
Your plane, and everyone on it, will return peacefully to Iran and we'll continue our talks about cyber attacks another day.
I will bring your proposal to the Supreme Leader for his consideration.
Thank you.
Well played, Madam President.
Let's hope that was enough of a carrot.
It was plenty of stick.
McCord, six years ago, when you worked for Defense Intelligence, you recruited a Russian soldier named Dimitri Petrov as an agent to spy on Russia, is that correct? I did.
And you did so by providing experimental life-saving treatment to his sister, who was suffering from fibrosarcoma.
And he performed an invaluable service to the United States by providing critical intelligence that helped prevent a Russian invasion of Ukraine.
Subsequent to, uh, Mr.
Petrov's invaluable service, Russia engaged in treaty negotiations with the United States, which necessitated the identification and capture of Mr.
Petrov, correct? I can't get into the details of that, but Mr.
Petrov, regrettably, was collateral damage for the sake of national security.
Yeah, but he underwent torture.
McCord, you, uh, you personally worked to have Mr.
Petrov released and repatriated - to the United States, is that correct? - I did.
Are you aware of the maxim that, uh, once an agent has been turned, he or she can be turned again? That's a gross oversimplification.
Petrov was a unique asset with an unparalleled knowledge base.
I recruited him only after he was fully vetted.
Were you aware of his opioid addiction when you brought him on at Special Activities Division? I learned of that later.
So your vetting was less than thorough.
Excuse me, Congressman, I once again fail to see how these questions have anything to do with President McCord.
I'm establishing that connection right now, Counselor.
McCord, after your wife became Secretary of State, she installed you as President Dalton's ethics advisor, didn't she? Uh, she did not.
President Dalton independently sought me out for my expertise in the field.
How many previous presidents had, uh, sought you out? I was a member of the faculty at the National War College, a qualification that was sought out by previous administrations.
But not you personally.
And your job as ethics advisor in your wife's administration, was that, uh, was that based on merit? Congressman, if you're going to slander my family, please have the courage to say what you mean.
You knew years ago your wife was going to run for president.
That is completely false.
So to burnish her credentials, you identified an unstable addict and manipulated him to put his life in danger to further your wife's diplomatic agenda.
That's pure fiction.
And after Russia captured him, no doubt compelling him to reveal American secrets, you had the wisdom to give this addict a classified job as a payoff.
Do you have evidence of any of these allegations? Finally, to sweeten the deal, you set him up with your own daughter.
All so President McCord could have a man on retainer who owed the McCords his life.
And his sister's life.
And if ethical questions were raised about his retention, about anything your wife wanted to do, well, she had the White House ethics advisor to brush those aside.
Congressman, if you were a freshman in my ethics class, I would give you an "F.
" You have no logic - Really, Professor, because I think - May I finish? O-Or is-is that how this works? You get to make up whatever you want and I don't get to answer? Please.
Most of us think of ethics as the rules of moral behavior.
You are what you do.
But I teach a more theological approach called virtue ethics.
Virtue ethics says that who we are is not determined by the actions we take, but why we take them.
So you can't just spin out some wild theory based on a few cherry-picked facts from my wife's record.
You have to consider her motives.
And if you look at Elizabeth McCord's decades-long record of service, you see a woman clearly motivated by Plato's four key virtues: wisdom, courage, temperance and justice.
I suggest you look into them.
I'm sure you believe your wife is infallible, Dr.
McCord, just as I believe you think your posts in the Dalton and McCord administrations were based on merit.
Just as you believe your destruction of a young man's life to serve your wife's political ambition was somehow justified.
And your delusion is part of the tragedy.
Congressman Heeney.
I, uh I yield my time to the chairman.
All hail, President McCord.
Welcome home.
It's truly wonderful to be back.
I haven't felt this liberated since my first divorce.
Oh! Please, just give us one damn news cycle.
News of McCord megadonor Eli Volk's release from capture in Moscow has unleashed a flurry of speculation.
Here with us to give his perspective is Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Senator Mark Hanson.
Senator? Thank you, Tracy.
You know, we always have to be skeptical with this administration because they are they are truly skillful at manipulating public opinion and the media.
Says the guy manipulating the media.
the spectacle this afternoon.
One of the president's biggest donors literally bowing down to her like royalty earlier today at Andrews Air Force Base.
This country did overthrow a monarchy quite some time ago.
There has been some speculation that it's possible this entire story of Eli Volk being kidnapped by Iran could be another example of McCord's brilliant media manipulation.
Does this guy ever stop? Now, normally, I'm-I'm deeply skeptical of these sorts of rumors, but you have to ask yourself, why would the president allow these so-called kidnappers to fly home to Tehran from a U.
armed military base - without a single - All right, that's enough.
I'm gonna need to make a stop.
Thanks for calling.
I hope this isn't too public.
No, it's fine.
Um, I kind of just decided to live my life, you know? I'm sorry that I had such a reaction to the addiction thing.
No, I'm I'm sorry you had to find out on national television.
I think mostly it threw me because, um Well, growing up with parents in intelligence, you kind of get used to there always being this other story behind what you're told.
So, yeah.
I just I think I get sensitive about what the truth is, you know? I know.
- And if I can explain - Yeah, like-like your time in Alaska.
Um, you told me that you were alone.
And, uh, I'm not proud of this, but I-I went through your social media, and I saw this one bartender lady loved all of your posts.
So none of my business, and I-I swear I don't care - The thing you have to know is that - No, it's fine.
Just please don't lie to me.
Okay? You had a girlfriend in Alaska.
It's a totally normal thing.
She was not my girlfriend.
She worked at this one bar in town, and No, I-I'm happy that you had someone.
It's just Please, don't-don't tell me that you were alone.
No, but-but I was.
I mean, yes, we were we were together a few times, - but it meant nothing.
- Really? Is that how Bitty would describe it? I don't know.
Look, she thought I was no fun, and she was right.
- I had someone else on my mind.
- That's not the point.
I-I should have been honest.
I'm sorry.
But I could mention you're the one who had a boyfriend, and I-I didn't say anything.
Yeah, well, because I never tried to hide it.
Of course you didn't say anything.
You're like Jason Bourne.
Just Oh, so now I have no feelings because I was a spy? I don't know.
I think I'm just recalibrating.
Stevie, you know me better than anyone except my sister.
Do you think it was easy for me seeing pictures of you moving on without me? Please, don't ever look at me like you don't know me.
Since I came here, I lost my country.
I lost my name.
But when I'm with you, I feel like I'm home.
And I don't want to leave home again.
Ma'am, he'll still be here tomorrow morning.
Can we please stop and think about this? Madam President.
A word? Saw you on the news.
Generally, my television appearances don't bring a state visit to my home.
This isn't a state visit.
This is two Americans talking about the country we love.
And the country we were both elected to defend.
Well, at least privately you're willing to acknowledge that I was legitimately elected.
I didn't say legitimate.
But come, let's sit.
About a week ago, you-you offered to drop your attacks on me if I was willing to bend my office to your will.
That is hardly a fair representation of what - I presented to your people.
- Oh, Mark.
I don't think you want to talk fair representation with me.
But my point is if you actually believe those things you said on television today, that I staged a kidnapping to distract from some ongoing conspiracy with a foreign enemy, you'd have to be an utter hypocrite to be willing to overlook that in exchange for some political influence.
We've already had this discussion when you called me What was it? "A cheap shakedown artist.
" That was before you dragged my family into it.
Now it's personal.
I'm not responsible for the questioning of the House inquiry.
The inquiry that started with your report.
You are directly responsible for this.
What I can't understand is why.
You can't actually believe that I would arrange a relationship between my daughter and a Russian spy to win an election.
Why don't we discuss this in a more official capacity? Because it doesn't feel official, what you're doing to me, Mark.
You're obsessed with destroying me, and you're willing to take down the whole country to do it.
You've got it completely wrong.
I am I'm trying to save this country.
From what? From a falsely elected woman who rode in on the coattails of her predecessor and manipulated foreign influence to hoodwink the American people.
You are a travesty and an aberration, and when you are finally gone and a real leader takes your place, this country will shine out again like the beacon of hope she's always been.
We don't come in here enough.
Well, it's too intimidating.
Now it's depressing.
I went to Hanson's house.
Nice house, by the way.
He called me a "falsely elected woman.
" I think maybe the "woman" part is the thing that bothers him most.
You know I never wanted to go there.
But he said something so striking.
After I'm gone, the country will go back to being the beacon of hope she's always been.
Why can he call the country "she" but not the president? I assume you're not asking me why English dropped most gendered nouns.
We did keep "she" for two of them.
- Ships and countries.
- Yeah.
Why is that? Maybe because they both carry us like mothers.
And if they go down, we all go down with them.
For some people, that kind of power is just too scary in a woman.
They can deal with it in the abstract, but not in a leader.
They're never gonna make room for me, are they? Not all of them.
Not yet.
Henry I think I want to testify before the House.
I doubt that's what Russell's gonna say.
You're the president.
For now.
Do you really think it'll be worth it? No.
But I figure I may as well get my day in court.
Before the ship goes down.