Made for Love (2021) s01e06 Episode Script

I Want You to Give a F*** About Me

1 [warm piano music.]
[birds calling.]
[waves crashing.]
Mm ♪ Doesn't the sun feel so great? The real sun? - It's incredible.
- Mm.
A nearly perfect sphere of hot plasma.
Really puts a smile on my face.
Just like you, Noodle.
[both chuckle.]
Hey, you hungry? ♪ Oh.
Thank you.
Things are gonna be different from here on out.
I've learned my lesson.
I I don't want to control you.
I wanna connect with you.
The real you.
Listen, I am just so happy you're Is everything okay? Did I did I get the wrong kind? Is No, it's just Byron, getting me donut holes isn't going to make me suddenly forgive you.
No, that's not what I that Bennett! What's wrong with her? Why is she not responding to my overtures? Is there something wrong with the algorithm? Uh, not sure, sir.
Considering the data we've collected from Hazel since she's left the Hub, the simulation is accurately calibrated.
Presenting her with donut holes, especially in such a chivalrous manner, should have greased the wheels, metaphorically speaking, to get your beach date off to a rousing start.
I totally agree.
Show me the data.
I wanna see where I went wrong.
Okay, let's go back.
[wondrous music.]
Mm Doesn't the sun feel great? [futuristic music.]
The real sun? ♪ - [Hazel gasps.]
- [Fiffany yelps.]
Oh! [laughs.]
Oh, you're alive.
Did I die? Was I dead? - Where am I? - You're you're alive.
Hazel, we're not here to kill you.
We thought Byron killed you.
He must've reconsidered.
You probably lost consciousness when we took you offline.
No matter.
Hazel, listen to me.
Herringbone has managed to disrupt the chip's feed for a short amount of time.
We can take the chip out without Byron seeing.
We just have to do it in the next Five minutes? I just need you to lie back down.
I assure you, this will be safe.
Hazel, look, my fingers are rotting in a cooler.
Try to get onboard here, all right? I don't want it out now! I wanna keep it in.
I wanna keep the chip in.
All right, maybe it's not up to you anymore, huh? I I, um, I understand your fear.
I really do.
Taking the chip out will give you your freedom.
You think I'm gonna trust the two of you with my freedom? [laughs.]
The two people who did absolutely nothing while I was held hostage for ten fucking years? And watched 24 hours a day and forced to have a performative orgasm on camera every morning? Are you kidding me? That's way above my pay grade.
Hazel, we understand.
He betrayed us too.
He took something from me.
He took something without your consent? Yeah, sorta like what you're doing to me right now.
Did you did you get Zelda's consent? When you trapped her in the Hub and put a chip in her brain? [bird chirping faintly.]
You are just like Byron.
All right, we're we're wasting time here.
I'll hold her down.
You sedate her.
- What? - Stop, stop, stop.
- What the f - No.
You're wrong.
I am not like Byron.
- Go.
- What? - What are you doing? - I can't get The one chance we have at a future is inside her skull! She owes us! Where are we? Don't talk to us.
Don't look at us.
You'll be back online any second.
Wait, what? What? Whoa.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
You're just gonna leave me here? - You can't do that.
- Stop talking to us.
Turn around.
[inquisitive music.]
[engine turns over.]
How am I supposed to get home? ♪ Assholes! [spacey music.]
♪ [Byron chuckles.]
I know donut holes won't make you suddenly forgive me.
And, um, there's so much I wanna fix here.
Just Please? Will you let me try? Please? Yes.
I'd like that.
- [sighs.]
- Pause simulation.
Bennett, did you see that? Huzzah, sir! You wanna reset? Go again? Oh, here, let me get these little grains of sand - off your towel and - No, leave it.
Are you sure? Your biometric feedback readings are showing high annoyance levels.
That's the thing.
The world is annoying.
That was my epiphany.
Fiffany? I haven't seen her Epiphany.
The reason I didn't implant the chip to merge.
This whole time, every second she's been showing me what she wants.
- A divorce? - Authenticity.
It doesn't matter if fake Hazel responds to me she's fake.
Just like the Hazel that's been in the Hub all these years.
[ominous futuristic music.]
♪ Now she's real Hazel, in the real world.
And I need to prepare myself to meet her out there, where it will make a difference.
Run the simulation again.
Skip to level ten.
Maximize real world variables? Just make it feel real! ♪ [exhales.]
[lively music.]
Should we go for a swim? Yeah, that would be Oh.
- Are you okay? - Yeah, I'm Yo, dude.
Little help? Yeah, I'll play that [laughs.]
I'll play that sport later.
With them.
[dog whining.]
Oh, look, a cute little dog! Oh, yeah, so cute.
Sorry, guys.
This little fucker loves himself a picnic basket.
- [both laugh.]
- Yeah, but I he's he's, uh [laughing.]
eating the food.
He's licking the food.
Oh, my God! [laughs.]
No! No! Go back! - So sorry, sir! - Don't stop! Let's go! Here we go! This should cover a room for you here for a few weeks.
Sure, but, uh, what's our next move? There isn't one.
If all this has shown me something, it's that I need to forge my own path one that doesn't include Ignacio, or Byron.
I'm done helping men.
Amen, sister.
Wait, you're not lumping me in with them, are you? I've gotta get back to the Hub.
I need to be there to make sure that Zelda's transfer is complete.
And when she's out, I'm giving Byron my resignation.
After that, I'm not sure.
But you and me, we're we're a team.
Goodbye, Herringbone.
Take care of yourself.
Fiff, please, you can't just leave me out here with nothing.
I I got no other options.
- Get out of the van.
- No.
Get out of the van.
You can't make me.
Ow! Sorry.
[discordant electronic music.]
♪ [panting.]
Dad, I'm home.
Oh, my I'm okay.
I'm okay.
Dad? Huh? You're you're you're just asleep? What? Jesus.
Are you kidding me? What the hell? Uh, it's it's 1:00 a.
Yeah, I left you to walk home at noon.
Did you wonder where I was? Yeah.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I wondered.
This is just like when I was a kid.
You have never given a fuck about me.
It's the middle of the night, huh? Can we argue about this in the morning? Why? What would be the point of that? You're never gonna change.
I have always been an afterthought to you.
You were gone for ten years.
Excuse me if if you being late doesn't feel like DEFCON level one.
You you were done being a parent to me the second that Mom died.
I mean, you just have been passed out on a couch or drunk at a bar my whole life.
You completely checked out.
I didn't ask you to come back, huh? You showed up at my door from the middle of nowhere, and suddenly, my life is supposed to revolve around you? I had a good thing going here.
What, with your fuckin' doll? Do you know that you treat that doll better than you have ever treated me? I mean, you buy her new clothes, and you fold her laundry, and you put it away all nice.
And you buy her groceries, and you cook her meals, and you ask her every day how she is feeling even though all she is is a fake fucking vagina with limbs! Let let go of her! Leave her alone! You're out of your fucking mind! Get away from her! Give me a fucking break! What's wrong with you? [soft electronic music.]
♪ I didn't think I'd ever see you again.
Why would you think that? Have you ever asked yourself why your daughter was so willing to run away with a sociopath forever? I mean, who does that? [scoffs.]
I'll tell you who.
Girls with shit fathers.
♪ What the hell is it? You you have experience with this stuff? And then you can just you know but you're right, you're right.
Jesus Christ.
Hey, Dad? Can you and Diane move your nun fetish act to the kitchen please? It's 10 in the morning.
Stop! Don't let her see me.
Who is that? Lis listen, listen, listen.
It's just somebody I know, and somebody who I think can help.
Oh, my God.
Are you gonna try to get me to join a convent? That's not the worst idea, but no.
In order for you to go up against someone like Byron, you gotta go outside the system.
She's outside the system.
Your father has told me everything, which means you will never lay eyes on me.
This way, Byron doesn't know who I am.
You can call me Judiff.
[angelic choral music.]
Sorry Judith? Ju-diff.
Two F's.
I have to admit, this is a a surprise.
I thought we were doing great things together.
I'm grateful for all the opportunities that Gogol has given me, that you've given me, Byron, but I'm ready to move on to different things.
There's nothing I could offer you to convince you to stay? You made up your mind? Afraid so.
I understand.
Thank you.
Oh, I do need to take out the sensor implant in your finger.
Of course.
You'll be missed.
Get you a Band-Aid.
It's fine.
No, it's okay.
I'll be right back.
[computer chimes.]
Bad news, Dr.
I don't seem to have any bandages in my office.
[quirky music.]
But I'm in your office.
I never in a million years thought I would have to put you in the Pasture Cube.
♪ It's very disappointing.
Farewell, Fiffany.
Oh, you fuck, Byron.
[spacey music.]
♪ [door whooshes.]
[echoing laughter.]
She left me no choice.
It is tough being the boss, Bennett.
It's a harsh punishment, sir, but understandable.
I'm sure a few minutes in the Pasture Cube will scare Dr.
Hodeck straight.
When would you like me to let her out? Never.
Oh? No more simulations.
I'm ready.
Sir? It's time for me to go out into the real world by myself.
Pack our bags.
Thank you.
You remember how I take it.
Anyway, like I mentioned, uh, my daughter here, she's, uh, she's in a bit of trouble.
Let me tell you a little bit about me.
I'm a bulldog who likes to sink her teeth into the ankles of corruption.
You might've noticed since you been home, there are no churches open with 20 square miles of Twin Sands.
Um, I didn't notice that.
Sorry, I guess that's that's a bummer for you, right? Not at all.
I'm the one that took every last one of 'em down.
One bishop called me a steeple slayer.
I got a kick out of that.
So you're a real nun, or a fake nun, or I became a real nun to infiltrate the church and expose its crimes.
And, ah, I found a lot of 'em tax evasions, cooking the books, unforgiveable acts by priests.
Like sex stuff? Abuse.
Not sex.
Sex, when between two consenting partners, is the highest expression of the divine.
Isn't that right, Herb? [spits drink, clears throat.]
Judiff, if I may, um, I don't know what your plan is here, but my husband is Byron Gogol.
He's not your typical [chuckles.]
What kind of last name is that? You don't know who that is? - I don't care who that is.
- Mm.
All I know is, what he did to your head was abuse.
He robbed you of your solitude, didn't he? You didn't offer it; he took it and made himself all-seeing and knowing in your life.
And that is a relationship reserved for God, and he hijacked it.
[angelic choral music.]
He took all my hiding places.
It's blasphemy.
He doesn't get to be God.
She's nodding.
He's gonna ruin your life.
He's gonna scare you off.
It's what he does.
I mean, you know, he's watching all this right now, and he can hear it all, and you just [laughs.]
I mean, any second, the phones here are gonna start ringing.
- Well - Right? He hasn't called yet.
Oh, maybe maybe he has.
I don't have great service out here.
Don't worry about me.
But Hazel, I need you to give me authority to act on your behalf.
Because with Byron here You and I have no privacy.
From here on out, you and I will never see or speak to each other again until it's over.
But how am I supposed to know what it is you're doing for me? I'm just supposed to trust that you are handling Byron Gogol? Correct.
It's not like you got other options.
What am I supposed to do in the meantime? Go about your life like you normally would.
Don't worry about your husband.
If he wants to watch your every move, that doesn't make him powerful.
It makes him pathetic.
I gotta pee.
Uh, down the hall there on the right.
- I remember.
- Yeah.
Close your eyes.
Oh, right.
When did you date the nun? Before Diane.
Judiff was, uh, taking a break from the cloth.
I like her.
She's the first person I haven't had to explain myself to.
[toilet flushing.]
[inquisitive music.]
♪ [clears throat.]
I'm Judiff, a former friend of Herb's.
Maybe he's mentioned me.
Uh, well, actually, when you two met, Herb and I were together.
But that's water under the bridge now 'cause I am remarried to the Lord, yes.
[chuckles, sighs.]
No need for you to worry 'cause, you know, me and Herb gonna be working on a What the? [clears throat.]
I'm in the hallway now.
Um, close your eyes, please.
Okay, they're covered.
Well, Hazel, I'll either never see you again, or we'll meet when this is all over.
Sorry I missed Diane.
When will she be back again? Uh, Tuesday.
Tuesday? Ah, well.
I hope it all went well with her conference in Reno.
- Yeah.
- [chuckles.]
- Thanks.
- Toodles.
[door opens.]
What? [chuckles.]
Actually, I have I have no words.
[ominous futuristic music.]
I'm proud of you, sir.
You really held your own in the real world simulation.
- Yeah? [sputters.]
- And look at us now.
Two guys just taking a walk in Los Angeles.
How does it feel to be out of the Hub? Just fine.
I have no doubt this is the right move, strategically.
You know, I fell in love with her, uh, in the real world the first time.
I can do it again, right? Absolutely, sir.
Oh, feel the pep coming on.
It's my first time having caffeine.
♪ [shutter clicking.]
Let's roll.
Just checking.
You know, you make fun of Diane, but you're starting to take on a lot of her traits.
I was just thinking about Judiff.
Well, she's odd.
But you can trust her.
Mm, no, I was thinking about how she said that I should just go about my life and and do all the things that I would normally do.
Yeah, well, everybody's been telling you that.
Yeah, I I know.
I just I just have no idea what that would look like.
Well, nobody's telling you you gotta, uh, build a new life overnight.
You start small.
Do something that you used to do back when you lived here.
Hm? What'd you use to do for fun? Besides be a delinquent with Bangles.
Do you really wanna know? Sure.
[ethereal music.]
Come on.
When was the last time you were here? Never.
Right? Well, I mean, about that [clears throat.]
Your mom's not here.
I would've told you sooner, but, uh, when I said "fun," I didn't think we were going to a cemetery.
Uh, where is she? The city, they wanted to make some space for some nicer graves.
They paid to have bodies moved about 12 miles up State Highway 55.
I needed the money.
I got the address at home.
[gentle futuristic music.]
♪ [sighs.]
♪ I brought her favorite beer.
That's what I, uh, used to do.
[can opens.]
It's not like, uh, like I didn't visit 'cause I don't care.
I just, I don't need the the the ceremony of talking to a rock.
♪ [grunting.]
I talk to her plenty.
You do? Yeah.
I do.
I even keep some of your mom's stuff in the house.
Like the, uh, the coat rack and the yellow lamp.
The clothes on Diane.
That too.
I was really lonely after she died.
Me too.
It was worse when you left.
I know I wasn't there for you.
And I know that, I mean, I'm not always gonna be.
Doesn't mean I don't care.
♪ How do you think old Dirtdog died? I think he died doing what he loved.
Getting his dick wet.
Oh, Jesus.
[Andy Shauf's "The Worst in You".]
Wha - It says.
- Ah.
Ah, good for him.
That's the way to go, I guess.
♪ I stepped out the front door ♪ Went out into the night ♪ Took out a cigarette ♪ Then I felt for my light ♪ In my front pockets ♪ It was nowhere to be found ♪ ♪ I went back in the door ♪ Kicked off both of my shoes ♪ I looked around for your coat ♪ And then went looking for you ♪ Thought that I heard your laughter ♪ Stepping down the stairs ♪ ♪ Why do I ♪ Always find the worst in you? ♪ Do you always find the worst in me? ♪ Or do I only find the worst in you? ♪ ♪
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