Made in Abyss (2017) s01e03 Episode Script


1 "At the netherworld's bottom, I'll be waiting.
" What made you decide to swipe this? Well, it's a letter that my mom wrote to me, you see! That makes it mine! So, you're serious about going, then? Yep! And that's why I want your help! My mother is waiting for me.
What's your plan once you pass beyond the Seeker Camp? I'll head for the bottom of the Abyss, where my mom is waiting! The route from there is- What's the matter, Nat? I'm against it! The bottom of the Abyss You talk about it like it's no big deal, but if you go there you'll never be able to return! What's this all of a sudden?! I've always wanted to be a White Whistle.
So I'm already prepared for that.
No! Riko, you don't get it! You'll never be able to see any of us up here ever again, you know! That's right! You won't be able to hang out at Auntie's, attend Leader's lessons, or play with any of us here again! That's right! Like I said I know that, okay?! Wh-what are you crying about?! You're crying too, aren't you?! O-ouch! I'm not crying a bit! Anyway, let's call it a night and get some rest.
Nat, you dummy! Anyway, let's call it a night and get some rest.
I'm no dummy.
That's you, Riko! Tomorrow is Reg's first cave-raid and all I'm no dummy.
That's you, Riko! Tomorrow is Reg's first cave-raid and all Jeez, shut up already! Jeez, shut up already! Alright! Jeez, shut up already! O-o-o-ow! "At the netherworld's bottom, I'll be waiting" Cut it out! "At the netherworld's bottom, I'll be waiting" Everyone, unable to resist, goes down in Make those eyes shine brighter than a torch The destination we are aiming for is deep We squarely lose our way The trap of the open-mouthed netherworld Let's chase the traces of truth If an answer can be found now, we don't mind losing it all The echo is still reverberating So that we do not part with that voice The compass is always Pointed to the darkness Where there is no escape In that direction Even if that is a curse The pulse is the real thing Never again will the yearning stop Fifth layer: In the sandstone area of the Sea of Corpses, I came across a seven-tailed scorpion.
It exceeded two meters in size I've decided to call it a "stingerhead.
" While sheltering from the rain on the sixth layer, I encountered this one a lizard that grows up while still inside its eggshell.
Thanks to its shell, it appears to be unfazed by the iron rain.
I'll call it an "emperorshell.
" Nearing the seventh layer, I came across a human-looking silhouette not sure what is really was For a little while now, it has been intently observing me.
Damn idiot, I'm watching you too, you know.
It's about the size of a human child.
It didn't give off the impression of being a Hollow so perhaps it actually is a person? In the first place, where did it even come from? I do not know But, I'm getting closer to the answer.
Reg Reg! What is it? If you dig up the grass like that, all you're gonna find are bugs.
If you're set on digging, try that flat spot right over there.
This here? Oh? Oh my Nat, what is this thing? It's round and squishy Ah, uh That thing's also a Relic of the Abyss.
Dunno what exactly, though It's got some amazing force holding it together Is it possible this could be a special-grade Relic? No way.
You won't find anything but junk around here.
It's hard to believe this is junk Wait a minute, if it's junk, does that mean it's okay if I keep it? Hey, they'll string up you naked for that, you know.
Even junk sells for good money over in foreign countries.
Being an apprentice sure is tough, huh? Yeah Look, there's something else back there.
Nat, this is amazing! There's no end to these squishy things in here! Right? You just leave it to me! There's still more! What?! What is that thing?! Huh? Ah, that's a skeleton of someone in prayer.
Remains like those are from 2,000 years ago, apparently.
And all of 'em are posed that same way.
Oh Anyway, you sure freaked out considering you're a robot.
Which reminds me you ever hear this story before? Children who've been eagerly awaiting their birthdays have been dying one after the other when that day arrives.
The causes for their deaths vary but all of them invariably perish on their birthdays.
In the west district alone, the count is already up to eight kids.
Rumor is, if you look into a mirror on the morning of your birthday, your reflection will have a twisted neck.
And once you see it! I don't believe in that kinda stuff! Look at this robot who's so spooked he's dripping with sweat! But there is one thing I want to believe.
Huh? And it's that "answers lie waiting at the bottom of the netherworld.
" The true nature of these Relics the cause of the Curse of the Abyss perhaps even the meaning behind my creation or the reason I came here.
Won't I find answers to all those questions if I reach the bottom of the Abyss? That's the feeling I get, anyway.
Wh-what? You and Riko both You're crazy! Like I said yesterday, I'm against going, okay?! I mean, you're both Red Whistles, and she's still only 12 years old! Nat, you Anyway, I'm against it! Over there.
Even after my first cave-raid, my memory still didn't come back In that case, the key indeed must be Reg, wait up Nat?! Reg Nat?! What's wrong?! It's the Curse of the Abyss So you really are unfazed by it And you're going at a hell of a pace, too Sorry, I was lost in thought and didn't notice.
Want me to go fetch somebody? Nah, I'm okay now.
I'm totally fine, really.
I don't even feel it I guess I really am a robot, huh? In that case, that silhouette must also Shiggy mentioned something about an Aubade So I'm also just a Relic, then? Why did I come here? And why doesn't that silhouette come up here? Did I come from the bottom of the netherworld? What the heck is down there? I want to know! Just what it is that I am.
Well then have you decided what day you're gonna set off? I'll head out tomorrow just before daybreak.
Huh?! I've already packed my things.
You sure aren't wasting any time.
But, how exactly do you plan on slipping into the Abyss, anyway? They keep watch all the time Well I'll use my extending arms to lower you down.
Huh?! Riko, I'm going all the way to the bottom of the netherworld along with you.
Huh?! Reg I was sure that you'd be on the side of trying to stop her I bet Riko enticed you into going, didn't she? Wha-?! Riko didn't say a single thing to try to get me to go with her.
I decided on my own.
I want to go to find out just what I am exactly.
Reg thank you! I couldn't bring myself to say anything I'm going to meet my mom, so hogging you all to myself I didn't think that would be right Weren't you the one who found me in the first place? I've already climbed the Abyss once, right? Even if my memory doesn't return, I have this sturdy body all the same.
I'll protect you all the way down to the bottom of the netherworld.
Guess there's no stopping you Sorry, I'll be sad to leave you guys, but my curiosity got the better of me.
It's fine.
Even if we tried to stop her, Riko very well may have gone on her own, anyway.
By the way, Reg, do you have any idea what lies in your path on the way to the netherworld's bottom? I know there are a bunch of random dangerous creatures.
And Relics and stuff, too Don't tell me you think you can reach the bottom by using your extending arms to descend little by little Is that more or less your plan? I suppose there'll be some obstacles, but to be honest that's my plan.
How naive! I've gotta say you're far too optimistic! The Abyss is teeming with dangers beyond your imagination! What's that? It's the latest Rough Map of the Netherworld.
Huh? That's amazing, Shiggy! You just went and took it, huh? Riko, you're serious about challenging the Abyss.
Sneaking into the director's office is nothing compared to that.
This is the current state of the Abyss.
Down to 1,350 meters is the depths' first layer: the Edge of the Abyss.
The creatures and environment here don't really change, but beasts from the second layer sometimes come up to feed, so keep your guard up.
Starting here it's the second layer: the Forest of Temptation.
The strain of ascending is said to suddenly become more severe.
If a Red Whistle descends down that far, no help will be sent after them That's because both heading there and returning home become very difficult.
It's treated as a suicide.
The forest eventually takes the shape of a rat guard, and at that point you enter the Inverted Forest.
The air currents are super unstable and savage predators fill the skies, so be careful.
The third layer: the Great Fault.
Here you'll find a vertical cliff face of over 4,000 meters standing in your way.
The fourth layer: only Black Whistles and above can go here.
The depth is about 7,000 meters.
They call it the Goblet of Giants.
The fifth layer: the Sea of Corpses.
This is the domain of White Whistles alone, and you can count the number of people who've returned from here on your hands.
The sixth layer: the Capital of the Unreturned.
When a White Whistle descends to the sixth layer, people call it their "last dive.
" That's because they'll never be able to return home.
Are there any cases of someone who's not a White Whistle going down lower than the sixth layer? Perhaps there are But if someone other than a White Whistle sends information up from the Abyss, it will be considered "mere rumor.
" That's because it's possible the Curse of the Abyss caused the person to become confused or even go crazy.
However, if the voice of a White Whistle reaches the surface, it will be considered "truth.
" The voices of White Whistles are the voices of the Abyss.
Even if a White Whistle loses his life, he lives on as a voice of the Abyss and guides everyone.
Just as I thought, that letter is for real.
Look, Riko, sorry to bring this up when you're so fired up to go- No matter what you say, I'm still going! My mom is waiting for me, after all! Hey, have you even been paying attention?! Think anyone could live somewhere like that for 10 years?! Wh-what are? Think about it! Why did her whistle make its way to the surface?! Your mom died a long time ago! No, I Riko! Oh, there, there.
I've lowered the luggage and spare clothes.
Okay, thanks! With this on, you think they'll be able to tell who I am? Probably not.
By the way, where's Nat? Yeah Right now Nat is probably- I don't care what that guy's doing! Nat was so worried about you that he ended up crossing the line.
Hmph! Riko you might never get the chance to see him again, right? Do you really want to just leave things unresolved like this? I sure don't.
I don't want to either.
But, he's against us going and he said some nasty stuff.
Hey, Reg, what do you think I should do? Riko, if Nat apologizes, will you forgive him? Y-yeah But he can be quite stubborn Don't worry.
Nat was regretting what he did.
Really?! Really.
Alright, both of you! If you don't get going soon, you'll run out of time! So as not to draw attention, we'll all leave one by one in 10 minutes.
Got it? Shiggy, you want a hand, too? I'll get down there myself.
Shiggy, I'm sorry, but there's still something I need to do.
You go on ahead.
Fine, but be really careful not to get caught by Leader.
I know.
Nat? Nat? He's not here Is he with Riko and Shiggy?! Kiyui Kiyui What? I came to say goodbye.
Are you not feeling well? Come to think of it, you've been looking like you're always sleepy lately.
The day after tomorrow is my birthday.
I see.
I hope you get better before your big day.
Grow up nice and strong.
Kiyui, on the morning of your birthday, don't look into a mirror.
Why? Just don't.
Got it.
See you.
That took longer than I thought.
I've gotta hurry.
Where you going? T-to the bathroom There aren't any toilets in that room, you know.
I-I was still half asleep Leader, what are you doing up in the middle of the night yourself? You fool, I'm on patrol.
I do this every night after you all fall asleep.
Any idea where Riko is? She doesn't seem to be in her room Riko went to take a dump! In the middle of the night? She has the runs She scavenging for food again? Jeez, that girl You're on your way to the toilet too, right? Stay with her and make sure she's okay.
Roger! Ah, here he comes! Sorry I took so long.
Shiggy, we're headed off to the wharf quarter now, right? Yeah, the usual Gate to the Netherworld is always closely guarded, after all.
I hear the wharf quarter in the slums has a good spot to enter from.
You "hear"? Yep.
We've never actually been to the wharf quarter before so I called someone to help us.
We're in your hands.
This smell is Nat! What are you doing here? Well Sorry.
That was wrong what I did yesterday.
I forgive you! Huh?! S-so, even though I said such terrible things you still? It's fine! I want us to make up.
Today is the day we say farewell, after all! Y-you don't know the way to the wharf quarter, do you? Follow me.
So, Nat, you're helping us out because you're okay with us going now, right? I'm still against it! Huh, you oppose it?! I'm glad, Nat.
Glad you came today.
Now Riko and I will both be able to send off our letters without any reservations.
You dummy! The first or second layers are one thing, but from where you're going a mail balloon will never make it to the surface.
Is that so? Well even for a White Whistle, the odds of a mail balloon making it to the surface from the deeper depths are VERY low.
It'll be alright! I'll send a ton of 'em, okay? I bet my mother did the same thing.
I mean, this "At the netherworld's bottom, I'll be waiting" looks like it was scrawled out hastily And perhaps she sent several different sealed documents and then put one of these inside each of them.
What's the matter? Well, Riko, I was thinking one of your fanciful ideas surprisingly makes sense for a change.
That's so mean! Is this still part of Orth? The wharf district, you see, was founded by people who were cave-raiding illegally.
Buildings kept being added on as the quarter grew, and now half it is encroaching into the Abyss.
Whoa Shh! You're being too loud.
And don't look around at everything so much.
Nat, have you been here before? Well, this is where I was born.
You were? I was rag-picking ever since I can remember.
My big sis died so I was left without any relatives, and then I was taken in by the orphanage.
That's the story I told Leader when I first entered the orphanage Kids around here all see that Gate to the Netherworld and start aspiring to be cave raiders I got lucky and was taken in off the streets Otherwise, like everyone else here, I would've gotten sick from the toxins in the garbage or died.
If I can become a Moon Whistle like Leader, I'd like to open an orphanage here.
Nat, you of all people can do it! You're just about as good at cave-raiding as I am, and you're full of energy.
Can't you come up with some better compliments than that? Oh, man We're already here.
So this thing really does fit me to a T.
Now where did I put that whistle? What's this here? Is this?! I think there's a real possibility.
You'll have an Aubade with you, so I'll definitely be a believer if one of your mail balloons makes it here.
Then, I'll make sure to include a souvenir with each of them.
I'm counting on it.
I'll keep on waiting as long as I need to, okay? Riko I'll keep on waiting as long as I need to, okay? Riko! Nat! You're really amazing, Nat! I never thought we'd make it out here with so little trouble! Y-yeah Thanks, Nat! U-um, Riko Huh? I Dammit! So much Listen Even though I thought about it so much It's alright! Even if Even if we never get to see each other again, we'll be connected by the Abyss.
Whether it's on the surface or in the far reaches of the cursed netherworld the two of us are connected to the Abyss! I'll never forget about the time I spent up here, okay? So it'll be alright! What now? There you go again That's right! I'm at it again! Shut up! Oh, crap! Some of the residents are awake now! Who are those brats?! Oh, crap! Some of the residents are awake now! Reg, hurry! Well, I guess this can wait.
You better send some letters! I'll make sure to find them, okay? Be careful, alright? And it's fine if you decide to head right on back here, you know! I'm counting on you to take care of Riko! Understood.
You guys care take of yourselves, too.
Thank you to both of you! Keep an eye out for the good news I'll be sending! Well then, we're off now! Heading into the chasm for which even darkness is no match For those who offer up their bodies and challenge it, the Abyss is said to provide all Life and death, curses and blessings - all of it At the end of their journeys, what will they come to finally choose? Will that be determined by the will of the netherworld? Or will it be determined solely by those who challenge it?