Made in Heaven (2019) s01e01 Episode Script

All That Glitters is Gold

Change the jacket.
Wear your blazer, please.
-You're off?
Here, the mood boards are ready
and the laptop's in the car.
-Okay, thanks.
-Don't worry! It's going to be great.
Yeah, yeah.
It's going to be Harmony.
They're only meeting us
because you're Tara Khanna.
Let's not go with that attitude,
-and let's hope Harmony fucks up.
-Tara ma'am
which one do you prefer?
White and gold.
Harmony is not going to fuck it up.
They've been making the same
pitch for ten years and it still works.
Fucking kings of regurgitation.
God, I need this job.
-"I" need this job?
-We! We need this job.
That's better.
This wedding is being thrown by you.
The Roshans.
who are the Roshans?
the Roshans are like the Scindias.
The Bachchans.
The Oberois.
The Hindujas.
The Roshans are the new age royalty.
So true.
There's only one Angad
and only one Aliya.
The coming together of these
two unique individuals
is a once-in-a-lifetime event.
Harmony believes your blue blood
should dictate the theme.
All of these families have taken
inspiration from the great rulers.
Made In Heaven believes the
wedding should celebrate the couple.
The theme should tell their story.
And their story is, that
they met at Birdsong Café
and fell in love before
the coffee was served.
The Mughals.
The Rajputs.
Think grandeur!
-Roses and skies.
-Pink and blue.
Blush and sparkle.
This is your wedding.
I don't get it.
How long have you been in the business?
Two years now.
We've handled several weddings.
not of this scale.
So can you do it or not?
Mrs. Roshan, you've put
us in a very tough spot.
We can't compromise on the dignity
and the privacy of the couple.
What you're asking for, Mrs. Roshan
I'm afraid we don't provide
that kind of service.
That shouldn't be a problem.
We offer background check
services, if required.
You will have to be discreet.
Angad is our sole heir after all.
Of course, sir.
And this hurry to get married
seems like something's not right.
-We just want to be absolutely sure.
-No, and you should.
If the girl needs to be investigated,
so be it.
Welcome to the family.
please have something sweet.
-What is it?
-Karan Mehra?
Yes, what do you want?
Jauhari sir has sent us.
I mean, but--
I don't have the money, here, at home.
Okay, give me two days.
I will I'll come and pay him back.
Two days. Then we won't ask.
Let's go.
Yeah, let me know when you're there.
-Hmm, thank you.
Have you confirmed the Roshan wedding?
You're crazy.
By God's grace, you have everything.
Just enjoy it.
-They're gone?
-I like working, Ma.
So work! When have we held you back?
You're a trained secretary.
Manage our properties.
What's the need to work outside?
If something goes wrong, it will
be really embarrassing for us.
The Roshans are a strange family.
Bindu, can you pass me
that orange, please?
What do you mean?
It means you have to be careful.
They aren't straight shooters.
Just don't do anything you don't want to.
Yes, tell us.
Look, her parents are divorced.
Her father lives in Sweden.
Her mother is still single
and works for a publishing company.
The girl is a straight A student.
All her records from school
and college are here.
She had a boyfriend,
but he left for America.
Everything else is clean.
Okay, thank you.
If you find anything else,
just call us, okay?
-Thank you.
And five, six, seven, eight!
One! Two! Right, left!
One! Two! Three, slide out!
One! And two!
Five! Six! Going for a spin!
One! Two! Three, slide back!
Come on, guys.
Listen, you know I am killing it!
-That's because you're a Shiamak boy.
-One! Two! Three, get down!
Five! Six! Cross over!
One, two, up!
And, down! Up! Down!
Up! Doing brilliant, guys! Come on!
-Going down!
-And down!
One! Two, turn around!
-Superb, guys! Superb!
-Was it good?
So this wasn't the first
time you proposed?
Uh, the first time I was
actually turned down.
We'd only been going
out for eight months.
It was just too soon to
decide at that point--
She has really given me the run around--
-No, no!
-Don't believe her!
We just we come from
such different worlds,
and I needed a little bit of time.
They're a full-on
industrialist family, you know?
Like, it was a bit daunting.
Can we can we cut that last line?
-Listen, you're freaking out.
-I'm not.
-You are freaking out.
-Just a little bit, maybe.
-It's okay, just relax.
That-- that's okay.
So, how did you guys meet?
How did we meet?
So I was writing a piece for
Platform magazine and
I had to interview five business heirs
and Angad was number four.
And that's also my nickname, by the way.
-Number four.
-One of his nicknames.
That's very sweet, guys.
So, you know, it seems too
perfect to be true
Excuse me, sir?
I'd like you to meet someone
for a moment please?
This is Tara, sir.
Hi. Welcome.
Thank you, sir.
You're number three.
Third time's a charm.
Come, let's go.
Number three?
His last secretary, Mrs. Patel, retired.
After that, two bimbos showed up
and now it's your turn.
All the best.
-I'll be seeing you on Monday now.
-Thank you, ma'am. See you.
-Is this Adam guy cute?
-He's married.
Adil should only be allowed
to do business with single men.
I'll let him know.
You look amazing.
These foreigners are
going to flip over you.
Come on now!
Listen, these shoes work, right?
Lose the bracelet though.
It's a bit much.
The shiny one!
-Sorry, excuse me.
Adam, my factory has twice the
asking capacity that you need.
So I'm not going to bullshit you.
You're one of three manufacturers.
-We're going to need to assess--
-What we need is a round of shots.
-This is a party, please stop working.
-She's right.
You're quite serious!
When in Delhi,
one must drink like a Punjabi.
Excuse me.
-Do you have a minute?
-Not right now.
What is this?
What tray is this?
Who serves guests in a meloware tray?
Don't you have brains?
How the fuck did this tray get here?!
It's just a tray, babe.
How many times am
I supposed to tell them?
It's okay.
No one noticed.
I understand you owe money
but you can't keep taking it
out of the company, right?
-Yeah, but what's the problem?
-We're still paying for the office.
-The furniture has to arrive.
-Defer it, please.
Listen, I really need it.
Otherwise, I wouldn't have asked.
Let me figure something.
Thank you.
-You're leaving?
-I have plans!
Of course you do.
One Glenfiddich.
Nice pad.
Come on.
-Hey! Hi!
-Mr. Gupta! Hi.
Good news!
I've bought a new car.
-Honda City!
-Time to celebrate.
Thank you.
You like cars?
I'll take you for ride sometimes.
-Have one more.
-No, I'm fine.
-Just take one! One more.
-I'll take this, thank you.
-You okay?
-Yeah, I'm fine.
-Who was that?
Now he's gone.
Listen, I'd
honestly like nothing more
than to cook you breakfast, but
I'm a little late for work.
You're working on a Sunday?
Life's a bitch.
And then I die.
Another guest?
I'm telling you, this drama never stops.
Don't ignore me.
He comes from a decent family.
He pays the rent on time.
What more can we ask for?
You have a grown-up daughter.
Think about that.
She's talking about you.
Will I see you again?
You know where to find me.
He looks like a porn star!
Give me that.
Stop it!
She thinks you look like a porn star!
-She would know.
Don't you girls have
anything better to do?
No, we're rich.
Shame on you.
Bilal never had any issues
with me doing nothing.
Yeah, and look at how that turned out.
Faiza "Divorced" Naqvi!
Shut up, Adil!
He's not developed yet
Has Adil invested in her company?
How else would she have started it?
My son is also opening
a boutique for his wife.
-Such a waste, I tell you!
No plans of having a baby?
They say they are.
But who knows?
Just look at this.
Look at yourself.
They're not talking about you.
Stop freaking out.
-Come on.
-Let's play.
-Okay, okay!
-Okay, that's it!
-The other side!
Yeah! Goal!
I'm so sorry, dude.
Don't-- don't fucking get cocky, jerk.
But I'm genuinely sorry for
fucking you this hard, bro.
It's this arrogance of yours that's
going to take you down in the end.
Yeah, we'll see.
We already saw when your
nightclub launched and failed.
Come on!
-What? You give up?
-Beer, anyone?
I'll have a beer.
-Come, I'll kick your ass.
-You're such an asshole, Rehan.
-Dude, I was just saying, man. Chill.
-Just saying?
-Chill, guys.
What, chill? He knows how
much money Karan lost.
His men were here yesterday.
I told them to give me two days.
Have you lost your mind?
Call him back, please.
Don't fuck with him, Karan.
Call him!
Ah, Jauhari sir, sorry
I missed your call.
You missed the date as well.
No, actually
Jauhari sir, actually
my mother is very ill so
I had to pay the hospital bills.
Last minute expense, so
Is your mother still in the hospital?
Yes, sir. She is.
Jauhari sir, please give me another week.
Payments will be in.
The interest rates go up, sir.
I know, Jauhari sir.
Where am I going? It's just that
just give me one more week.
I'll make the payment.
Fuck, man! Fuck!
Oh, wow!
Angad Roshan is a big fish!
You'll make an impression.
Yeah, the
-Roshan wedding is a big one.
This business will work.
But what about your profits?
It'll take some time, Dad.
If you use all your money for a
fancy office, then what will you save?
I'll start paying
you the installments soon.
No, that's fine but
don't delay the monthly installments.
We should not need to
remind you every month.
It is difficult for us to ask.
You're right.
I'm sorry.
Why do you keep making him feel guilty?
-He's smart. He'll do well.
-Mom, please just--
No, it's true.
You've loaned him some money.
He's our son.
Every parent does this.
We've given him two crores.
-Money doesn't grow on trees.
-But he would've ended up in jail.
Those were our only savings!
-We've been saving up for our sons, right?
-Yes, but at least
the monthly installments
should be on time.
He has just started his new business.
Taken a second loan.
Should he clear that first,
or worry about us?
Mom! The chicken's really good!
-Have another.
-No, I've had enough.
Have another!
Is the chicken good?
Yeah, just as it always is.
So, I test drove the Creta today.
-Oh, yeah?
-Yeah, I think I'll
I think I'll get it.
-Yeah, it's a pretty good car--
-Check with your father.
If he's fine with it,
you can buy it.
Call for it, let's have a look.
Dessert anyone?
Karan, I baked you a cake.
Can you please stop sucking
up to my brother like this?
She'll be the perfect daughter-in-law.
Karan, did you call
Dhillon aunty's daughter?
No, but I'll call her.
I just haven't had the time.
Meet her before she gets
married to someone else.
Meet her. She's nice.
-Oh, wow!
-You made this for me?
Alright boys, onto the court. Now!
-Come on.
Karan! Nawab!
On the court, now!
-Can you lock this one for me?
-The Chardonnay, yes.
My apologies for landing
at your doorstep.
This information has popped up today.
So it's my duty to inform you.
Here are some medical records.
A laser eye surgery and an abortion.
Three years ago, in 2014.
-Thank you.
-I'm just doing my job.
I'll take your leave now.
Why our son of all people?!
She had come in to "interview" him.
Gold digger grabbed my son!
You are single, right?
Be careful.
All these are actresses.
They pretend to come for work
and then they lay the trap!
Not you, you fit in very well.
Okay, that's enough now.
What do you mean?
We have to tell him.
Angad is going to walk out, you see!
She has such a shady past!
But who listens to me here?
"Mom, she's bright!
Mom, she's fantastic!"
I don't want pink flowers, I hate pink!
Why would it be at my wedding?
Harsimran, check out other colors!
-But I asked for lilac!
-Lilac is not available, ma'am.
-This is not fair! I told you!
-Harsimran, it's going to be okay.
Someone or the other cries everyday!
Why? It's her wedding.
Jaspreet, hi.
Please call me Jazz.
Wow, you're all dressed up.
Mrs. Khan, this is Jaspreet,
our new production assistant.
-Best of luck.
-Thank you.
-Let's go in.
Yeah. Impressive, right?
Soon, you'll realize what a
bloody waste of money it is.
So this is where you're
going to sit, and come
that's my cabin.
There's a lot of work for
the Roshan wedding
so you won't get time to settle in,
you'll just have to start right away.
I've to find that list.
-Ma'am, water.
-What's your name?
I'm Jazz.
Thank you.
Ma'am, is this your daughter?
Okay, this is a list of guests
for the Roshan's wedding.
You need to call up the travel agent
and reconfirm all the arrival timings.
And please don't mess up
Angad Roshan's wedding.
Yo, I'm bored, man.
-Almost done.
-45 minutes.
45 minutes?
What are you, the fucking bride?
-Excuse me, sir.
Tara Khanna is here to meet you.
Hi. Five minutes.
Angad, it wasn't us.
Okay? Your parents wanted this.
If we hadn't done it,
someone else would have.
We just wanted to give you a heads-up.
This is your idea of a heads-up?
After you've given my
mother the perfect excuse.
Give me that.
She doesn't like Aliya.
Aliya is a nobody, which
means she's after my money!
And now that you've
told her she's not a virgin
clearly means that she's lured me.
And of course, their innocent
Punjabi son has fallen for it.
What if the baby was yours?
It wasn't.
What if you told them it was yours?
That you were the only man
that Aliya's ever been with.
You're seriously fucked up.
You know that, right?
You love her.
You want to be with her.
You know her truth.
How does it matter
what your parents think?
And Aliya?
What the fuck am I going to say to her?
Don't say anything to her.
Listen, Aliya and I
don't lie to each other.
And I'm not going to change that.
Okay, that's fine,
just send it there quickly!
Wait, I'm getting another call.
You're too young to
understand certain things.
Like, why you need to
investigate my fiancé.
It's for your own good, son.
It's okay to have fun
with whoever you want.
But the girl you marry,
she needs to be
Like ghee?
Ma'am, the Made In Heaven
people are here to set things up.
Tell them to leave.
I'll call them later.
Why should they leave?!
Ma, we're having this sangeet party.
You ask them to wait.
What do you mean, wait?
-How will we be ready in time?
-They've just asked you to wait.
And waste our time.
Did they say that too?
Something is wrong.
I think the wedding has
been called off, Pant.
-She is not a virgin!
-Nor am I!
So? That's different!
Angad, she was pregnant
with another man's baby.
It was my baby.
I'm the only man she's ever been with.
And I asked her to get it aborted.
Start setting things up, please. Quickly.
Shibani ma'am, come in.
The wedding is on, congratulations.
Who investigates the girl their son loves
-and is marrying, Angad?
-I know.
I'm sorry.
Your parents violated my privacy!
Angad and Aliya!
-Don't be angry.
-What do you expect from me?
Grill some chicken for them.
Yeah, that's enough.
I told them it was my baby.
You're right. There's some
shit going on with these two.
Are you serious?
They bought it.
Listen, babe.
You told your parents
I was a virgin till I met you?
-How does that matter?
-It matters to me, Angad.
It's my life.
And if you need to hide it
or you're ashamed of it
fuck you!
And fuck your family!
Listen, just
just tell my parents something.
What the fuck are you doing?
It's a blockbuster, baby!
-What happened?
-Excuse me?
Myself Jazz.
I work under Shibani.
Hey, Jassi!
You got yourself a high profile job!
-Please call me Jazz.
Just because you work in South Delhi,
doesn't mean you're one of them.
And you spend the rest of your life
dancing at weddings as an extra.
Go to Bombay if you've got the balls.
What's with the attitude?
This wedding can't get canceled.
It won't.
The couple left the sangeet!
Some shit always goes down.
Don't you remember the first wedding?
The groom fell into the
fountain and broke his hand.
-You look pretty composed.
-Not at all.
I just need to get home.
What time is it?
I'm sorry I'm late.
It's 2:00.
2:00? Baby, that's fucking brutal.
You don't need to be working these hours.
Oh, fuck!
It's Ma again!
Yes, Ma. What happened?
Okay, I'm coming.
She's not feeling well.
She's never feeling well.
You have ten minutes.
Babe, listen.
You can't talk about my Ma
and then give me only ten minutes.
I'll need
at least twelve minutes.
Hello, ma'am. This is for you.
-Welcome to the Roshan wedding.
-Thank you!
This letter is addressed to
the board of Roshan Cycles.
I, Angad Roshan, hereby resign
from the post of vice president.
I'm cutting off all ties with my
father, Raghuvendra Roshan
and his brother, my uncle, Baldev Roshan.
All company shares will be
transferred back to the family
and as of today, I will no longer be
the legal heir of Roshan Cycles.
He has sent this to the
entire board of directors.
What about the wedding, uncle?
What wedding?
Where's the couple?
I wanted him to leave her.
Instead, he is publicly
disowning his own family!
Please don't tell your
in-laws about any of this.
No, of course not.
We have guests from all over.
This will be a major embarrassment.
What what can we do?
Get him back.
He isn't talking to us.
Okay, yeah. We'll try.
We'll call him.
We just want him to be happy!
If he's happy marrying that
gold digger, so be it!
That's also fine!
-You're sure she lives around here?
-Yeah, of course.
What the fuck are we supposed to do?
I don't know, they're
just being desperate.
-Hello, Baldev Roshan here.
-Oh, great.
Yes, sir. Tell me.
Yes, just wanted to clarify something
on behalf of the family.
Look, if there is no wedding you will
only get the cancellation charges.
But sir, all the work is already done.
We've procured materials and--
We'll pay the vendors.
Don't worry about that.
I'm talking about your fee.
-Canceled, so only cancellation charges.
-No, no! One second, sir!
-Did he just hang up?
The fuckers are planning not to pay us!
Papa told me they're dodgy.
You think this interrogation
story will get out or what?
If my in-laws find
out about the detective--
Your in-laws are the least of
my problems right now! Please!
Thank you.
You can't just walk out, Angad. I mean
I just did.
Guests have reached
your parents' house, Angad.
Just get married, as planned,
and then take off.
You think we wanted this?!
They haven't treated me with any respect.
Can't you understand that?!
Let me talk to her.
What are you doing?
Are you seriously going to screw this up?
Excuse me?
What are you doing in my room?
You have every right in being
offended by what they did.
Even I would be livid.
But you know what, Aliya? It's done now!
Really? Fuck off!
All I'm saying,
is that boy really loves you.
And he's walking out
on his family, and his--
Angad doesn't care about money.
It's 5000 crores!
When the romance wears out,
which it will, mind you,
he's going to care.
And you'll be the reason he's broke.
Are you prepared for that?
Listen to me.
You've made your point to the parents.
They're terrified they'll lose their son.
Use this!
What do you mean?
Get him to reconcile with them.
Tell them you want your own house.
At this stage, it'll be a cake walk.
Eventually, they're going to die, babe.
And all that money is yours.
Five fucking thousand crores.
Don't be an idiot.
Hello, Shibani?
What's happening over there?
Yeah, okay. Good.
Okay, so listen, just stay set up.
When they reach, just keep them
entertained, keep them distracted, okay?
Because I don't know what
the fuck is going on over here.
The party won't start on time,
so open the bar.
Ask them to start serving
people as soon as they come
and set up the dance floor.
Go get my laptop.
It has a party playlist.
-that we can use for--
There's a local DJ.
He's from my neighbourhood.
He'll be here in no time.
He's got the best music.
Can I call him?
-Tell Ali to set up the DJ console
-Okay, thank you.
and check the flowers as well.
Wait, I'll call you back.
-You okay?
-I'm fine.
We should go back.
They're your parents, Angad,
they're sorry.
And I don't want to be the one
separating them from their only son.
-You sure?
Let's go back.
What the fuck did you say to her?
-Is that her?
-I guess so.
I'll just come, yeah?
I can't thank you enough!
Aliya calmed your son down.
I guess I was wrong about her.
She's such a lovely girl!
Hello, Bindu!
You know,
your daughter-in-law is a star!
Just like her name!
How sweet of you!
We are lucky!
They say, marriages are made in heaven,
that they are a sacred
union of two souls.
But on the ground,
the reality is slightly different.
Here, your inner spirit takes a back seat
to your address.
You're either an insider
or an outsider.
Everyone here is of the belief
that this match is not meant to be.
And even as Angad and Aliya
circle the sacred fire,
all one can hear is
"did she marry him for love?"
or "did she marry him for the money?"
All they can see is that an outsider
has clawed her way into the inside.
They smile at her
but only time will tell
if she gets accepted.
Until then
welcome to Delhi.
So she must have agreed
to investigate the girl.
She got the job because she's
married to Adil Khanna.
She's quite a number, you know.
What's that?
Security camera for the office.
Too many thieves running
around these days.
No point turning into an intellectual.
No one wants to marry a "smart girl."
I love this pad.
Makes me want to stay here all night.
Thanks, but
unfortunately, I have to
work in the morning.
So in that case, we better hurry up!
Madanlal, Shabnam, you can go.
I'll do the rest.
-Okay, ma'am.
-Thank you.
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