Mafiosa (2006) s02e01 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 1

1 Last season on Mafiosa François Paoli, gambling, racketeering, arms and drug smuggling The lot.
She's the niece.
A lawyer.
The only half-decent one there.
I called the notary to accept the inheritance.
I'll remain the head of the clan and will be the chief decision-maker, but I won't get my hands dirty.
I regret François Paoli's choice for succession.
A female clan leader is like a homosexual.
It's not natural.
Things are changing.
Hyacinthe Léandri.
Our mother's brother.
He may not like you butting in.
People like you don't get the rules until it's too late.
There are no absolute rules, Hyacinthe.
Did you think this is a game? This is war! Rocca said there had to be a clean-up.
- Rocca? - That guy is the devil.
You killed my father, Rocca.
For that alone, I can't let you live.
Even in Corsica, you don't shoot a police chief, just like that.
Who are you, Santoni? What does it matter? Part of his file is classified.
He's a DEA agent on a special mission.
He had orders to infiltrate the leadership of the Paoli clan.
The current operation is destined to bring about her downfall.
The Paoli clan have taken the bait.
- Everything's going according to plan.
And you? - Same here.
- I hope so.
- What does that mean? - It means, I hope so.
- Jean-Michel, I'm pregnant! We're going to have a baby boy! They know everything.
They organized it all.
I've fallen into their trap.
- You have to warn Jean-Michel.
- If I do that, I'm done for.
And the whole clan will be finished.
I'm planning to defend my brother in court.
What could be more noble? In Corsica, more than anywhere else, black and white, good and evil, often go hand in hand, in the same family, without necessarily overlapping.
I don't know him.
He's your son.
In 20 years, when you get out of jail.
A perfect stranger.
I'll ask you the same question as every single month, have you ever acted under the orders of Sandra Paoli? I'm in no rush.
This game can go on for a while.
I like coming here.
It gets me out and about.
Do you remember Santoni, your sister's bodyguard? Her driver.
Did you know he was an undercover DEA agent? This if the file he sent to his superiors.
Read it.
Page three.
This report reveals that Sandra Paoli was informed of the police operation to catch you.
Don't you find it strange that she didn't warn you? So what? Do you think we'll rat reach other out? - Just because some snitch wrote this shit? - Why not? - She turned you in, right? - Write 100 reports! You'll never split us! Never! Our worst enemies are always closest to us, Mr.
- Not us.
- Take him away.
- Synced and typed by chamallow - How are you? You're asking me? How are you? I'm OK.
Everyone's coping.
I've got good people around me.
How did I get caught like this? Why didn't I see it coming? Everyone slips us sometime.
It's about getting out.
In 20 years? There are holes in the report.
We'll find them.
We'll smash the judges.
We'll fight this.
Do you want to get me out? Then put a team together.
Bust me out of here.
It's the only solution.
Can you do it? I can, but I won't.
It's too risky.
I don't want to lose you.
You'll be hunted I want out.
I'll get you out.
Through the front doors.
I promise.
Will you be OK? Yes.
And you? Will you be OK? Tomorrow is DJ night.
Can you come in early? - No problem.
OK, bye.
- Thanks - Bye, boss.
- Thanks.
Oh, shit Those bastards! How much did they take? 15,000 euros.
Did you see them? Two Arabs.
No older than 15.
That's all I can say.
I was attacked by 15-year-old Arabs.
- You realize? - We'll find them.
What happens if you don't? What do you mean? That you don't owe us anything? - No.
- Then shut your mouth.
We said we'll find them, nothing's changed.
Before, nobody would dare rob me.
Don't worry, I'll call back.
That was Jo Fratacci.
He was robbed this morning.
- They stole his wife's jewellery.
- Who did? Two guys in balaclavas.
Young Corsicans.
We have to find these bastards.
They must be punished.
- We'll have to recruit.
- Then recruit.
They'll need paying.
- Then pay them.
- With what? The door's open.
You can leave if you want.
If you think we can't pay, then go.
I don't.
Then don't take that tone.
I don't like how you talk to me.
What do you think of all this? The problem is when we don't know what you think.
Guys work for us because they're afraid.
Afraid of you and the Paoli family.
They day they're not afraid, they'll run a mile.
You have to show them nothing's changed.
Nothing's changed? My brother's looking at 20 years and nothing's changed? Can I sleep easy knowing he's locked up? Who said anything about sleeping easy? Have you chosen an easy life? Toussaint, I didn't choose anything.
François chose this life for me.
You seem lonely.
Leave me alone.
My friends dragged me here.
And when I noticed you were here alone, the night became unforgettable.
Just keep noticing me and leave me alone.
I'd really like to dance with you.
Would you like a drink, somewhere more private? - The judge kept you a while.
- Yes.
Did she show you the report? It's bullshit.
It's just to weaken us.
Why would Santoni bullshit them? I'm heading off.
- You're a lunatic.
- What? Don't you know who that is? No.
Sandra Paoli.
This is her place.
Do you know who Sandra Paoli is? You're crazy, man.
Leave her alone.
I don't think I can leave after all.
Why? I have to get up early tomorrow.
I'm sorry.
Hey, wimps! What's wrong with you? It's the truth, I have to go.
How could you do that? Listen we wanted a drink.
- We didn't want - Shut up! Oh, shit I'm sorry.
I apologise.
For what? For acting the way I did.
Like what? For acting like a jerk.
Make sure we never cross paths again.
Get rid of them.
Hear that bastards? Get lost! Shit! Get out of here! Hey, what are you doing? Is this an orgy or something? It's a good thing you came.
Good for who? You or me? For both of us.
The Paolis are done.
Things are going to change in Bastia.
And? Well, I need people like you.
People who know the job.
People who want to progress.
What does that mean? You're either with me or against me.
You have to choose a side.
And if I don't want to? Then we'll choose for you.
Hyacinthe, I've worked with them for 10 years.
What do you have against this guy? Séréna and I were married for 15 years.
Seeing him in her bed pisses me off.
But she wants him there.
But I don't! Not him.
I'll take care of it.
Don't worry, he'll leave your wife.
And what does that mean? We'll break his legs.
What else? Take him to the carnival? Be quiet, Manu Séréna is very sentimental.
If you break his legs, she'll become more attached.
I told you, don't worry! I'll do what needs to be done, OK? OK.
Jean-Jo, it's on me.
Filippi came to see me! And you're the one talking, Manu? Were you going to ask him to stop seeing his wife? - Who said that? - What? It's an easy fix, that's all.
Shut up! Nobody asked you! Betty Betty, come with me.
Something's different.
Your hair? What about it? The colour? Bingo.
I've got a job for you.
What kind? You have to break up a couple.
How do you mean? You have to seduce a guy.
- How? - You figure it out! Use your head and your arse! The same as usual, then? There's 2,000 in it for you.
Half of it now, and the rest after the job.
Well, the money isn't coming in.
We're struggling to pay the guys.
We had to let go of some of them, who were good people.
And the others? They have the police following them.
They're easing off a little.
They're easing off? Things are getting a bit hot.
What else? Talk.
People say the Paolis are done.
- We've lost so many men and - And? Listen, Sandra.
I know it's hard for you and Jean-Mi, but I can do some of his work Bring in the money.
We'll talk about it later.
Have you known Ortoli long? We went to school together.
Was he a good student? He was a poor student, but he would suck up.
We also have this.
Six cross jets, air-water system - Hello.
- Hello.
- I'd like to see the boss.
- Excuse me.
Patrick, can you take care of this? - Hello.
- Yes? - You're the boss? - Yes, why? I was told the boss was "a certain age".
We're all "a certain age".
But unfortunately, mine is older than yours.
How can I help? I want a home spa.
I want it to look good, be spacious and not too expensive.
Well, finding all three could be a problem.
What do you mean by "spacious"? Something that fits two or three people.
- Well, you don't say.
- What? No, nothing This is top-of-the-line.
Ten nozzles, four hydro jets, fourteen injectors.
Integrated spotlights.
Turbo air-water system.
Three seats.
So, how much is it? 4,800 euros.
No kidding! I might have something cheaper, but your man won't fit in it.
My man? - You said - I didn't necessarily say it was a man Excuse me.
If I pay you in cash, can you give me a deal? I don't know.
I'll have to see.
Have to see what? I don't know.
We'll have to talk.
Do you want to get a drink? Now? Why not? OK.
- What's your name? - Julie.
Look, it's Captain Rocca, that bastard.
- Want something to drink? - I'm fine.
Two pastis.
Leandri, we're both in the same boat, you know? You and I have the same problems.
What's the problem? Sandra Paoli.
What about Sandra Paoli? She cast me out.
She did the same to you.
Come to my office.
I question you, you give me answers, you sign and I'll crucify her.
Three or four leads so I can get dirt on her, then we become superstars.
Me with the police, you with the crooks.
The problem is, I don't like either party.
The Paoli clan is within your grasp, Hyacinthe.
Since you stopped raising pigs, your head's been in the clouds.
I'm no snitch.
You will be sorry.
If nobody snitches on anyone in this town, I'll bring everyone down.
Ill restore order my own way.
And what way is that? Ask Sandra Paoli, she'll tell you.
He offered us a deal.
We help take her down and we get our money.
And? And Hyacinthe refused, of course.
You do your deals, and we'll do ours.
If you have problems, we're not responsible.
We don't run in those circles.
Very well.
Rocca said something we don't understand.
When he got angry, he said, "Sandra knows what I'm capable of.
" What does that mean, "Sandra knows"? How should I know? Hello, Swiss Bank, how can I help? Hello, I'd like to speak to Müller, please.
Your reference? 253-41-00.
Stay on the line, please.
Müller speaking.
Happy to hear from you.
- How can I help you? - I need ten units.
No problem.
Shall we do it the usual way? I want it to be quicker this time.
In this case, it won't be the same person.
Tell me how she'll recognise me.
Show up with the Herald Tribune.
Belt up and drive slow.
Don't get pulled over I'm sorry, Toussaint.
For a million euros, I had no choice.
Time are tough.
No hard feelings.
If you were in our position, you would've done the same.
Put your gun away.
Forget this ridiculous idea.
I won't tell Sandra, I promise.
Don't be idiots.
An idiot wouldn't take this money.
Get out! - For the taxi - Get out! The Santinis The Santini brothers They don't even know they're digging their own graves Here.
You've just done something very important for me.
You're a good girl.
A poor one now.
I'll give it back soon.
You must be in deep shit to contact me.
You could say that.
I hope the police aren't onto us.
If that were the case, I'd go down for sex trafficking.
That would be really stupid.
There's even a bunk for the kids.
What size is it? Twelve metres.
- That's not bad.
- How much is a week's rent? Hi! Hello.
I was passing by.
Want to grab lunch? Julie is a client.
This is my partner, Séréna.
What do you mean, "my partner Séréna"? OK.
That's all right, I get it.
You're a real bastard! Hey, don't do that! She's crazy! Sure, she's the crazy one! Who is she? Who is that girl? Who is she? She's a client.
Don't treat me like an idiot! Who is she? What's this? They money you asked for.
This isn't the Swiss money.
That's what I was given.
That wasn't the deal.
What's this bullshit? I was played for a fool.
What happened? The Santini brothers.
They left with the bag.
You took the Santinis to the airport? Yes.
Fuck! Shit! You're kidding me! So where is this from? Did you crack open your piggy-bank? That's not your concern.
Take it.
Take it back where it came from.
Sandra Take the money back where it came from.
What are we going to do? We'll see.
- Can you wait? - Sure.
How long? All right.
Sandra Paoli.
Mr Casanova is waiting for me.
Alpha Tango, have you been spotted? No.
Then you can proceed to Phase Two.
But be careful.
No noise.
And mind the security.
Roger! Call me when you reach Point C.
- Sandra! - Hello, Coco.
Aren't you going to introduce me? Sandra Paoli, François' daughter.
I've often mentioned her to you.
Patrick Ben Mussa.
He's my partner Serge's son.
- Pleased to meet you.
- Likewise.
- You can go, Patrick.
- OK, but first I want an answer.
- I already gave you one.
- A clear one, please.
- Are you at Point C? - Affirmative.
- Got the merchandise? - I have it.
OK, then come back.
Go back to Miami.
You earn a lot of money there.
Why get involved in this? Don't tell me it isn't interesting.
Maybe it is, but I'm not interested.
Neither's your father.
He said so.
Business is good, so get on with it.
Is that a "no"? Just so I know it's a "no".
It's a "no".
Go catch your flight now.
Goodbye, Sandra Paoli.
I hope I haven't put him in a bad mood.
Alpha Tango! Do you know my granddaughter, Alix? - Hello, Alix.
- Hello.
Here, take this to your mother.
Then come back to get a whole lot of merchandise, OK? Hungry, Sandra? Would you like a sandwich? No, thanks.
I'm not hungry.
What can I do for you? I need your help.
I have friends in Bastia.
I know exactly what's happening there.
What's happening now is not good.
It's not good for you, and it's not good for me if I get involved.
I don't want business in Corsica.
I like going to the village, seeing my mother and hunting with cousins, but I avoid doing business there.
I'm not asking you to do business.
I'm asking you to help me.
Let's say I help you to get your business back in order.
If we do that, it becomes my business, right? To what extent? 50/50.
That's a "no", then.
No, it's an offer.
I ask for help and you negotiate? Do you think I came to offer you half of my family business? I know you didn't come here for that.
Did you really come to ask for help? Why is that so unbelievable? Before Serge Ben Mussa, François was your partner.
Don't give me that old sob story! Sandra, I won't help you.
Do you know why? Because right now, you're messing things up.
Your brother is in jail.
Your business is collapsing.
This is the moment of truth.
Either you make it work or you disappear.
François chose you? So what? Do you think I'll go into this blind? I'm not going down with you.
I'm sorry.
I still have survival instincts.
If you make this work, I'll welcome you with open arms.
Because I'll know you're resourceful.
But right now, I know nothing.
I don't know who you are.
Prove we can work together and then we'll work together.
There's business to be done in Marseille.
You're more than welcome to it.
I'll remember that.
You haven't changed.
Do you know Sandra's off the case? I know.
Does Paul agree? We didn't ask him.
Your brother doesn't like mixing business and politics.
It's my brother who does politics, not me.
And when you defend colleagues? That's politics.
No, it's my job.
If you want me to be your attorney, sign this.
I really respect you.
But no attorney can get me out of here.
However, if it's money you need One million to whoever gets me out.
- Impossible.
- Come on, you've done worse things That's the past.
We don't discuss that.
Do you accept or not? Just for the pleasure of seeing you.
Do you know The Marseillais? Juhérian? If you want, I'll contact him.
He's expensive, but he puts together reliable teams.
The Marseillais What do you think? I don't like it.
Too risky.
I don't know him.
Forget him.
Whatever you want, Jean-Mi.
If you change your mind, I'm out next week.
For your little performance.
My "little performance" was starting to piss me off.
The guy wouldn't stop hassling me.
- What guy? - The spa guy.
He calls me twenty times a day! He knows I work here.
He followed me.
He wants to call the police, to help me out! The guys is completely crazy! Change your number and don't answer him.
I'll take care of him.
- Are you alone? - Yes.
- Where are the others? - No idea.
They left.
Call Ortoli.
We need to talk.
We're closed, guys.
Can I help you with something? That's 25 euros.
Don't call Betty again, got it? Stay away from her! If I see a cop near my place, I'll kill you, understand? How'd you like that, arsehole? What's he supposed to say? Hey! Aren't you forgetting something? Oh, shit.
And Séréna, Filippi's ex-wife! Forget about her too! And stop sleeping around! If you screw another girl in Bastia just one girl, I'll kill you! And this is for the trouble! Everyone's here, as you wanted.
- Why not the usual spot? - It's being renovated.
I've brought you all here because we have some points to make clear.
Some individuals have benefited from my family's misfortune, biting the hand that's fed them over the years.
I want these people and others looking to imitate them, to know that we won't tolerate disrespect.
Everyone who has stolen from us will be punished.
The Santinis will be punished.
Everyone who has backed off will be punished.
I expect some solidarity from you.
A solidarity that you could count on, when you needed it, each and every one of you The Paoli family takes care of its own.
But now we expect loyalty in return.
Sandra, everyone agrees with you.
The Paolis have always looked after us.
Nothing more needs to be said.
But, without disrespect, we'd like to know where we're going.
Where we're going? Where are you going? I'll go where the business is.
And where do you think the business is? Yes, my brother's in jail, with half a dozen of our guys.
So what? Can't we come back from that? Don't tell me you're afraid.
You must, and will, take back our businesses.
They will but without you.
The Paolis businesses are mine now.
Mine and Ortoli's.
Is this a new guy? And you, what are you doing? Don't take this badly, but it won't work out with us.
Get out! Who's there to defend you now? Toussaint? When François died, you made a wise decision.
You need to know when to stop.
You should've stayed in Orezza! Don't do it! Shoot! Go ahead.
I don't care! Hyacinthe.
Don't do this.
- You want him to live? - Shoot! Shoot! - Finish this! - Hyacinthe, please, don't do this! What will you give for his life? Whatever you want.
Whatever I want.
What do I want? I want you to sing a song.
Get on the table and sing us a song! Get on the table and sing! Get up or he's dead! Don't, Sandra.
Oh, my little one You don't know much I love you Your beauty Your golden necklace Sweet little baby How long is the night? Hush, little baby - I can deal with her.
- We won't touch her while her brother's alive.
I'll never forget what you did for me.
Me neither.
I'll never forget it.
- Synced and typed by chamallow -