Magi: Sinbad no Bouken (2016) s01e10 Episode Script

The Power to Change the World

1 I've never encountered it before.
But why do I recognize this power? This is sink or swim! Weak! My true target is over here! Didn't I tell you? I'll shoot this power back at you.
Here's a tribute to you.
Knight Mystras! Brother! I praise your brave fight! Hold it right there! Who are you?! -Capture him! -Wait! This is a sacred battle based on the dogma.
I ask you to stay out of it.
A scared battle, huh? So that's the power of God you obtained by capturing the Dungeon? You did gain that power by victory, so you're free to use it your way.
But that power isn't God's grace.
It's a power given to all those who capture a Dungeon.
In other words, that power has nothing to do with the dogma followed by the people of Sasan.
-State who you are.
-I'm Sinbad.
A merchant who travels the world and a Capturer, just like you.
I challenge you to a battle.
As you can tell, I have a loose tongue.
So I could blab about anything.
If you win, you can punish me anyway you want.
And if you win? I'll take him with me.
Of course, you'll let us do business with you as well.
Battling the Knight-King?! Does he know what he's getting into? Arrest that ruffian! But the power we just saw was unmistakably the power of God.
The Knight-King wasn't the only one with it? Of course.
I finally understand, Sin.
The people of this country is bound by the dogma and believes that the Knight-King is the only one who can handle the Djinn.
But that's an illusion.
-So? -The suspicion towards the Knight-King would lead people to question the dogma itself.
I see.
He's going straight for the weak spot.
So, what are you gonna do? Will you accept this challenge? What a shameless, vulgar man.
Even more so as a merchant of the outside world.
He's only an apprentice Knight defeated in duel.
I don't care what happens to him.
But I cannot silently overlook anything related to national affairs.
I accept this challenge! Don't, Sinbad! You won't be able to defeat my father.
-Mystras? -No attacks can get through his power.
His surroundings are protected by an impregnable barrier.
The stronger the attack, he strikes back with a force even greater! Careless attacks would put us in danger! Sinbad He's unstoppable.
But at this rate Sin's purposely provoking him with that attitude.
He's got his own agenda.
Let's believe our leader.
Mere child's play.
Let's see how you'll do with me! You're definitely qualified to call yourself a Knight-King.
So then Bararaq! -Amazing.
-I've never witnessed such battle.
He's fighting an even match with the Knight-King.
An even match? If it's an even match at this level, how upsetting.
I think your power is great.
If it was at its fullest, that is.
I'll show you.
This? My servant of Rage and Greatness.
Take shelter within me.
Transform my whole body into that of a great sorcerer.
Sin, you've completed it? FULL BODY DJINN EQUIP The Djinn Equip Baal?! You transform yourself into a sorcerer, wearing the power of the Djinn.
This Djinn Equip manifests the Djinn's true powers.
How much can you endure? Bararaq.
The force is a lot stronger than the lightning earlier.
What the heck was that? What's happening here? What a mess.
Since it was a bit boisterous there, I decided to relocate.
This barrier functions like a boundary.
I wouldn't act riotous if I were you.
With my powers, I can destroy this protection wall whenever I want.
Do you really want me to let go? I'm impressed.
You caught my lightning and endured quite a fall.
The power of your Metal Vessel is excellent.
You're going easy on me, I see.
In your mind, you already won.
Well, I apologize.
I thought I demonstrated the difference in our abilities in the battle earlier.
It seems like it wasn't enough.
I should've shown you this from the start.
Bararaq Saiqa.
The mountains.
In one moment! Do you understand now? If I have the mind to do it I could annihilate the whole country of Sasan.
You haven't acquired your Djinn Equip yet.
It's impossible for you to beat me.
-We're both Capturers, but our powers -Yes.
If my goal was to invade, Sasan would've fallen ages ago.
Even with the Knight-King present, Sasan could not have been saved.
What are you doing here? What business do you have with this small country? My intention is to establish commerce and form an alliance with this country.
I want to form an equal alliance with Sasan Kingdom.
That's all I want.
What? Forgive me for my attitude earlier.
It was all done to create an opportunity to negotiate with you.
Knight-King, please dismiss my impoliteness.
Now, I can get to the real issue at hand.
Presently, people are capturing Dungeons worldwide obtaining great powers.
These powers will eventually throw the world off-balance, significantly changing the distribution of power.
Sasan is no exception.
We'll be forced into a war.
However, I have no desire to make war.
I actually want to change this world of violence.
To bring about a world where people and nations respect each other, I want to use this power.
A world where everyone respects each other? What a fool.
You actually think that's possible? Yes, I'm going to start a country and become its king.
I will need an ally who shares the same motives as me.
I need comrades who'll change the world with me.
Change the world? To make that possible, I need you.
The Knight-King of Sasan Darius Leoxses, we need your power.
Half an hour has passed since the Knight-King vanished.
Who are you men? Speak the truth! If it's come to this What's that?! -Knight-King? -You're safe! Who won the battle? This battle was my It was a draw.
We were assured in battle as Capturers of the legendary Dungeon, we both possess God's power so it's futile to fight any further.
Your excellency, isn't the God's power only reserved for the Knight-King of Sasan? Who is this? According to Sasan legend, Dungeons only appear when the world is experiencing abnormal events.
And presently the world is full of abnormalities and chaos.
So he's also one of the chosen ones.
Since the world is in a crisis, I want to welcome him as a fellow of Sasan.
As a disciple who was chosen by the same God! The Knight-King's will is God's will.
We, the Knights will obey you.
Disciple Sinbad, we welcome you as a fellow of Sasan! They're unified.
Are you leaving, Mystras? I'm going with Sinbad.
Even though I couldn't defeat you in a duel.
But I've been ready to leave behind this country and my rank.
As Knight-King and father, I've confined you to this land.
I believed that was my duty.
But maybe I was just jealous of you.
I was once the same age as you, and was curious about the outside world.
But I never expressed it.
As proof of the alliance, I order you to follow Sinbad.
Walk this world for me.
I became stronger because of you.
Since you were the wall, I was able to stick to my beliefs.
That's why Thank you, Father.
Well, that was nerve-racking.
But it turned out to be okay.
We're the ones cleaning up after you.
Sorry for the wait! Did you get to say goodbye? Yes.
I can finally see the outside world.
I can't believe this.
I know you're happy that you can leave, -but you will work for me.
-Work? Our alliance with Sasan is also a trade contract.
You're the contact for those matters.
Ah, that's right.
Am I suited for that duty? Father and the Knights would kill me if I caused any trouble for you.
Brother, wait! Why are you leaving without telling me? Spartos.
I heard from Father.
You were promoted to Knight and leaving Sasan for your duty.
You never tell me anything.
Am I a nuisance to you? That's a misunderstanding, Spartos.
I've just been overwhelmed with my own issues.
I couldn't manage to do things for you.
You didn't want to cause any harm to your brother's future with your rebellious nature.
That's why you kept the distance is what you really want to say.
Brother, no matter what anyone thinks of you, you were always curious and aimed for the outside world.
You always worked hard towards it and never gave up.
I know that about you.
I respect you from the bottom of my heart.
Now you're leaving.
I feel lonely.
Don't worry, Spartos.
We'll meet again.
When you grow up and become a great Knight, let's travel the world together.
You'll be assigned the same duty as me.
So, don't cry.
You can't become strong if you keep crying.
It's a promise between Knights.
See you! Brother.
I'll do my best.
I'm going to travel the world like you, brother.
Knight-King, you approved of this? Mystras was defeated in a duel and now he's joining them as your representative.
It's not a problem.
No, I believe that this was the destiny for my son and Sasan.
Destiny? Sinbad.
Ever since that eccentric man arrived, Sasan was forced to change for the first time in hundreds of years.
I believe this to be destiny determined by God.
Change the world? To make that happen, I need you.
The Knight-King of Sasan, Darius Leoxses.
We need your power.
How strange.
When I look at you, it reminds me of an old Sasan legend.
Legend? Yeah.
As you know, Sasan has its own unique faith.
The legend of Sasan starts like this The world used to be full of impurities.
The people of Sasan arrived at this land and used God's power brought along from their homeland and cleared out the impurities.
That God was the almighty King.
The great King who protected our ancestors.
His greatness was able to calm all troubles and established an utopia where everyone lived in unity.
Our first King was synonymous to God.
It's similar to what you're aiming for.
What was the God's name? The name was lost a long time ago.
The world may change drastically around him.
A Capturer, but still a kid.
I agreed to the alliance because I saw God in him.
I just have that feeling.
God of Sasan, please guide these men.
This is the ocean? Sinbad.
I was actually frightened.
What if the realities of the outside world disappointed me? What would I do? That was the uncertainty I felt.
But that's all gone now.
I want to know more about the world! So, where are we heading to next? I'll follow you anywhere! Yes, about that.
We're heading to another small country like Sasan.
Not big countries like Reim and Parthevia? Yes.
This country is even more particular than Sasan.
We were finally approved to enter the most secluded of the secluded regions! Ruled by a noble war princess, it's a matrilineal nation.
A municipal of the sky, the Artemyra Kingdom.
Since that's the case, Mystras, bear with us.
We have our own circumstances.
What's wrong? Mystras? Women Women? Women.
So, what do you think of the outside world? Isn't it great? Yes!