Magnum P.I. (2018) s01e13 Episode Script

Day of the Viper

1 SGT.
JJ SEFTON (ON TV): 'Cause we're busting out of this stink hole in exactly one minute and 20 seconds.
- Want some brandy? - Yeah.
Who doesn't? Suppose we wait till we hit the Waldorf Astoria.
You won't get off that cheap.
What's up? The guest house is dark and the Ferrari is gone.
- And you missing me? - And the intercom at the front gate is still broken.
Did you ever call Rick's friend to get it repaired? I did not.
Sorry about that.
I'll do it first thing in the morning, okay? DUNBAR: What are the chances of busting out of here? Is that Stalag 17 I'm hearing? It is, indeed.
That Impressive.
- Where are you? - Currently I'm at the Makai Hotel's luxurious honeymoon suite, having the most amazing ice cream sundae I've ever had.
You cannot seriously be using that suite.
- Why not? They gave it to us for free.
- Under false pretenses.
- Yeah, but they wanted us to have it.
- Because we were pretending to be a couple whose reservation was lost so that you could gain access to their computer system.
What was I supposed to do not use it, let it go to waste? You really don't see anything wrong with this, do you? Look, I have an important meeting with a client in the morning and I-I don't want to drive all the way downtown.
That is not an excuse, Magnum.
Well, I-I can't leave now, I already left a five-star review.
I-I talked about the room, the service, the sundae Plus that super awesome Japanese toilet that does everything for you, you know? Plus, there's a bunch of stuff I haven't even tried yet.
If I leave now, it will all be a lie.
You lied to get the room.
No, we lied to get the room.
(ALARM BLARING) Hey, what's going on? It appears there's an intruder on the property.
You seeing anybody on the surveillance system? (DIAL TONE) Higgins.
Higgins! Higgins? It's okay, it's okay.
(MAN GROANS) You shoot the intruder and then you tend to his wounds? The wound came with me, I'm afraid.
It's all right, Magnum.
This is an old friend from back in the MI6 days.
Had to, uh, jump the gate because someone didn't fix the intercom.
IAN: Ian Pryce.
Hope you don't mind if I don't get up.
Magnum's a private investigator, he lives in the guest house.
This Kalo poultice is my Auntie Keona's go-to remedy.
It should help with the bleeding, after.
After what? The bullet is still in his leg and we have to remove it.
Yeah, this man needs a hospital.
No, no.
No hospitals.
Bullet wounds get reported to the authorities.
And that is a bad thing why? HIGGINS: Ian is here unofficially.
He's on a personal mission that's unsanctioned by MI6.
Oh, illegal.
What's the mission? Actually, we haven't got that far yet.
Although I am starting to become rather curious myself.
Perhaps you'd care to share.
You can trust them.
It's about Viper, Jules.
An analyst in the Far East office picked up some chatter.
There's a person on-on this island who claims to have information about Viper's identity and they're offering it to the highest bidder.
Who's Viper? He's an assassin.
We've been chasing him for years.
Viper's responsible for the deaths of a number of Western assets and other high-value targets, but, uh we've never been able to put a name or a face to him.
And I'm guessing you have some connection with this guy.
He, uh He murdered the man I loved.
Deep breath.
Oh! Ooh.
(CHUCKLES) - Okay, now your turn.
- Yeah.
The, uh person who can apparently ID Viper is one Fiona Mahoe.
A local woman who peddles stolen intelligence.
Government secrets.
She's rather like WikiLeaks, except she's in it for money.
Using a false identity, I went to visit Fiona this evening to negotiate a price, but, uh, she sussed out that I was MI6, and let's just say she didn't appreciate being lied to.
Actually, I was fortunate to get away with just one bullet wound.
And where is this Fiona Mahoe? She operates out of a warehouse in, uh, Kalihi.
Hope I'm saying that right.
You nailed it.
And how many men are with her? At least three.
- All armed? - To the teeth.
KUMU: I think Mr.
Pryce could use some rest right now.
Magnum, can I have a word with you? Yeah.
You're gonna go see this Fiona woman, aren't you? If she has information on the Viper, we have to know what it is.
We may never get this opportunity again.
Now, about all these favors that I've been doing for you recently Sure.
I'll help.
Well, uh that was easy.
Uh, don't you have to see a new client in the morning, or This seems important.
Can you really afford to lose out on this job? No.
But, uh I'll figure it out.
KAMEKONA: What's up, Mr.
M? Want your usual spicy garlic? Not right now, Kame, I'm working a case.
- Hello there.
- Donald Stolper.
My wife, Lauren.
The pleasure is all mine.
Thank you for meeting us, Mr.
Please call me Tommy.
You sure he bought it? (CHUCKLES) Completely.
I think I do a better you than you do.
- And the job? - Piece of cake.
Client's daughter just announced that she wants to marry the boyfriend next week.
He's freaking out, wants me to run a check on the guy, make sure he's not a psycho or anything.
You just got to make sure he doesn't have an arrest record, uh, run a background check on the guy Tommy.
I got this.
I'll call you later.
All right.
So, we need to talk about what we're gonna do when we get to Fiona's place.
We got to have a plan going in.
We can't just walk in there and say we're buyers interested in the Viper's identity after the shootout last night.
There's no way she'd see us.
So how do you want to play this? We can pose as sellers.
Say that we're in possession of state secrets.
That could work, but you got to lose the accent.
Uh, Fiona and her crew just shot at a Brit yesterday, a Brit comes in that could make them jumpy.
Losing the accent.
(SCOFFS) You shouldn't be here.
Which one of you is Fiona? Okay, I guess none of you are.
Where can we find her? There's no Fiona here.
HIGGINS: Tell her we have details about a false flag operation ordered by Arturo Palli.
- I don't know what your - (COMM CRACKLES) Yes.
Fiona will see you.
He's clean.
(DOOR OPENS, CLOSES) Arturo Palli.
You sure know how to get my attention.
But first, can I ask who referred you to me? referred by the gentleman from last night and we want the same thing he did.
Uh, whoa.
Relax, guys.
And I suppose you're also MI6? Hardly.
Look, we don't want any trouble.
All we want is your intel on Viper.
Name your price.
I'm sorry, but that information is no longer for sale.
See them out.
(GRUNTING) It didn't have to go this way.
Just tell me what you have on Viper.
Sweetheart, I have been threatened by people a lot scarier than Oh! Next I'll take your ear off.
And you can guess where we go from there.
Who the hell are you? Who we are is unimportant.
Just give us the information.
I have a source who stumbled onto a Cayman Islands bank account.
There's strong evidence to suggest it's controlled by Viper.
I want specifics.
I want the name of the bank.
What's the account number? My source hasn't given me those details.
Look, I-I'm just a broker.
People come to me with information and I help them monetize it in exchange for a cut.
In this case, my source was only gonna reveal the details of that account after the received payment.
But after what happened last night, they got skittish and backed out.
That's why the information is no longer up for sale.
I want the name of your source.
I don't know that either.
I swear.
We communicate electronically, but their intel is always good.
HIGGINS: All Fiona could give us was her source's IP address.
Well, having the details of that Cayman Islands account would be a tremendous lead.
We could trace it back to Viper and finally ID him.
But first we need to ID Fiona's source.
Do you think you'd be able to manage that? If not, we'll find them another way.
That's the Juliet I know.
This majordomo living in paradise that person's a stranger to me.
Who was he? The man she lost? I suggest you ask her that.
I'm asking you.
His name was Richard Dane.
I recruited him out of Oxford.
He was my protégé.
He was on assignment in Istanbul, attempting to track down Viper, but unfortunately, Viper was waiting for him.
Richard's body was washed up on the banks of the Bosporus a week later.
That's when, uh, that's when Juliet went rogue, as they say.
She tried to hunt down Viper on her own, ignoring any recall orders from her superiors.
Her attempt to avenge Richard led to her being disavowed.
Which is ironic, in retrospect.
Ironic how? Against my advice, Juliet and Richard had made plans to resign from MI6.
They were gonna be married, start a family, just a week before he was killed.
I've traced the location of the source's I.
Let me guess the public library.
Try the Taipei consulate.
The I.
is assigned to a government computer there.
Unfortunately, there is no way of knowing which of the 75 people who work at the consulate is the primary user of that particular computer.
Any way you can access the computer's webcam? That's not a bad idea.
Yes, of course I can.
Is there anything in the background that can help ID this guy? Doesn't appear to be.
Oh, hello.
Come on, show your face.
We don't have time for this.
May-Maybe you can lure him over.
Can you send, uh, like, a "whoosh" sound or a chime? Like the kind you get when you're getting an e-mail.
- That's brilliant.
- Well, if it works.
(WHOOSH) Gotcha.
(CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKS) The source is Jing Kuan.
He's a reputable cultural attaché for the Taipei government.
Someone in that station could easily parlay his connections into selling secrets.
According to Fiona, he's been doing that - quite a bit lately.
- Problem is that Jing works and lives on the grounds of the consulate, so getting to him is gonna be tricky.
So what's the play? Stake it out, wait for him to emerge, and then confront him on what he has on Viper? Not so sure that's an option.
After what happened to you, Jing got a little jumpy.
He might be holed up in that consulate for quite some time.
The point is that in order for us to get close enough to Jing to question him, we're gonna have to go in there.
(CHUCKLES) And how on Earth will you manage that? They are having a reception tonight.
There's gonna be a lot of guests.
We're thinking maybe that could be our way in.
Yes, but our-our dear Mr.
Kuan is unlikely to surrender the information he has on Viper without some resistance, and, forgive me, but interrogating a diplomatic official, without weapons, on what is essentially foreign soil, with so much security around well, it's hardly what I'd call ideal.
Well, then we're gonna have to find a way to get Jing outside the consulate in order to question him.
You know what I'm thinking? - Prague, 2014.
- The embassy.
But Houndworth took weeks to set up.
Well, you know what you're always saying, "A good plan today is" "Better than a perfect plan tomorrow.
" Yeah.
MAGNUM: Okay, I don't-I don't know what you guys are saying, but if you're saying what I think you're saying, you're talking about going into the Taipei consulate uninvited, which is essentially invading another country, and kidnapping a foreign diplomat.
That's precisely what we're saying.
RICK: There he is my client's would-be son-in-law, Jeremy, taking his sweet time deciding what to order.
Boring? Maybe.
But solving a case is a lot like solving a jigsaw puzzle you got to have patience.
But once that first piece fits, then the whole jigsaw puzzle falls into place.
Okay, nothing you just said makes any sense.
And that's not how puzzles or private investigating works.
You've obviously never seen me solve a jigsaw puzzle.
I'm very good.
- As good as you are at being a P.
? - Yeah, why? 'Cause your boy over there just started - flirting with that waitress - What?! and you totally missed it.
RICK: First of all, I was right on top of that.
Second of all, he's not flirting.
He's probably just ordering some food in a very jokey way that has her laughing a lot and touching his shoulder affectionately.
Look, if there's anything going on between the two of them, you need to hear what's going on.
You're right.
You're right.
I got an idea.
(BEEP) (PHONE RINGS) You're calling me.
Yeah, yeah, pick it up so it's an active line.
Now, you see that potted plant right next to Jeremy's table? I want you to go over there, drop the phone into it so we can hear what they're saying.
Unless, of course you're not smooth enough to pull that off.
Am I smooth enough? (SCOFFS) Please.
All right.
Watch me work.
Let's see what you got, daddy.
(INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS) Hey, man, you just dropped your cell phone.
What phone? Uh, right there, in the planter.
That's crazy, man.
How'd that happen? - (LAUGHS) - Good looking out, man.
(SIGHS) Not a word.
(PHONE RINGS) Magnum and Rick, P.
Rick speaking, how may I help you? - How's it going? - Good, other than TC messing up my surveillance.
It was your plan.
Thomas, it's not his fault.
He doesn't have "pidna" like me and you.
Pidna? P.
(SCOFFS) Whatever, man.
I'll let you guys duke it out later.
Right now, I need a favor.
All right, hit me.
Who do you know at the state department? There are over 300 guests with plus-ones.
We need to figure out who I could realistically pass as.
That's easy enough, just a simple process of elimination.
First, cross off all the females.
Okay, that leaves us with 157 guests.
Now we'll zero in those 35 to 40.
35? I could definitely pass for somebody in their late 20s.
Don't flatter yourself.
35 to 40.
All right, that leaves us with 13 guests.
- Cross out the obvious ethnicities.
- Mm-hmm.
That leaves us with three.
Two of whom are public figures, who you couldn't realistically pretend to be, which leaves us one.
David Gomez, scholar and a successful author.
That's nice.
Someone smart, with a job? Reckon you can pull that off? Very funny.
Yes, I can be David Gomez.
Then I will be his plus-one.
Now all we need is his invitation and a way to ensure that the real David Gomez doesn't turn up at the party.
I have an idea.
(PHONE RINGS) Rick and Magnum, P.
Rick speaking.
How can I help you? Rick and Magnum? What happened to Magnum and Rick.
Eh, management's restructuring.
What's up? I need a favor.
(CHUCKLES) Again? Yeah, but not from you, from TC.
No, no, I'm sorry, he's helping me out right now.
I thought you said he was getting in the way of your surveillance.
- I said no such thing.
- Yes, you did.
Besides, I need his help.
Yeah, I need his help right now, too.
Look, guys, guys, fellas, as much as it feels good to be fought over, I'm not a piece of meat.
- (MUTTERS) - (CHUCKLES) Let me guess, Magnum you need a ride somewhere.
Yes, but not in the chopper.
Excuse me, is this Diamond Head Road? The consulate's the other way.
Sorry, Mr.
Gomez, my navigation said there's been an accident.
This is the long way, but we'll get there faster.
You guys got your tickets? Yup, I got them right here.
Now what's going on? I'm real sorry.
I feel awful about this.
Awful about what? Almost forgot I got you guys some quarter waters, some chips, some dip.
I'll be back in a few hours, okay? You're crazy, and I'm gonna report you.
Look, man, I'm-I'm really sorry about this.
I'll be back in a few hours.
There's some poke in here, too, okay? Ah! Well, look at you.
I've forgotten how well you scrubbed up.
- Stop.
- (CHUCKLES) You look radiant.
Wait a minute, that's not the dress you wore - when we, uh - Yeah, the same.
When we weren't included in the celebration of the release of Libyan refugees, even though we were the ones who were responsible for it.
So we celebrated on our own and got absolutely steaming drunk.
What? I just That was the first time that, um Richard ever told me how he felt about me.
He once told me that all he ever wanted, growing up, was to become an MI6 agent.
But that if he could start a life with you, he'd give it all up in a moment.
Thanks, Ian.
Apart from the outrageous circumstance that brought us together, I'm I'm really glad to see you again.
I couldn't agree more.
Look at you.
- Knock, knock.
- (HIGGINS CLEARS HER THROAT) Somebody call a driver? TC, this is Ian.
Theodore Calvin.
Might as well be Walter Lee today.
- (CHUCKLES) - Pleasure to meet you.
Nice to meet you, bro.
Magnum's on his way over.
I'm just gonna be a second.
Bruce Lee fan? Yeah.
Why? Kicking like Kato, baby.
Little help, please.
You still haven't learned? Why learn how to fish if you can get somebody else to catch them for you? Can I ask you a question? Yes.
The necklace I found with the R on it that that was from Richard, wasn't it? Yes.
Can I ask you another question? What's that? When we get Jing Kuan, what happens if he doesn't talk? He'll talk.
Yeah, but what happens if he doesn't? Kuan is the only one who can lead me to Viper.
I'll make sure he talks.
- "Make sure.
" - Mm-hmm.
That doesn't mean torture, does it? Because that's not the Higgins that I know, and I know you.
(ZIPS) You don't know me that well.
(RICK CHUCKLES) The waitress.
I knew it.
Damn, I'm good.
(SCOFFS, CHUCKLES) Jeremy, you dirty dog.
Let's go get the money shot.
(GRUNTS) Hey! Whoa, whoa! (GROANS) Come here, you perv! Sorry for the misunderstanding! - I must have the wrong house! - You got that right! Hang on, hang on.
It's a $400,000 car.
Good! Wait, wait! Your future father-in-law hired me.
What? I'm a private eye, Sort of.
Your dad? No, no, no.
Not her dad, your fiancée's dad.
- I am his fiancée.
- She is my fiancée.
Come again? I'm Lana Stolper.
And you work at the restaurant.
Oh What the hell kind of idiot PI are you? Forget that.
What the hell is wrong with your dad? Hiring some schmuck to tail me? - Who does that? - Okay (CRIES) (INDISTINCT CHATTER) I'll be waiting just outside the gate.
Thank you, TC.
You're welcome, now.
Be careful, man.
Thank you, brother.
- Ready? - Yep.
HIGGINS: You know, these shoes are really really killing me.
(GRUNTS) (GROANS) Bloody heels Ah, that's better.
It's an old spy trick, in case the exfil gets hot.
Got it.
Before we go in there, Thomas, I just want to say thank you for helping out.
Come on, we do favors for each other all the time.
Mm, that's not exactly true.
Ordinarily, it's me doing favors for you.
Really? What, are we keeping tabs? You're not gonna lord this over me, are you? Bring it up every time you want another favor? I would never do that.
What an idea.
Uh, David Gomez, plus one.
Enjoy the evening, Mr.
- Thank you.
- Thanks.
Excuse me.
You're David Gomez? Uh, yes.
Yes, I am.
He is, very much so, yes.
Professor Gomez, I loved your book on the multisystemic complications of South China Sea geopolitics.
You did? That's-that's great.
Thank you for reading it.
Uh, just one question.
- Sure.
- Short of further action by the U.
Navy, how are neighboring states going to ensure those waters remain accessible? Uh, I'm very sorry.
Professor Gomez is here socially tonight, - so - Uh, well, the answer is we have to rely on the U.
You got to remember the arbitration tribunal under the Convention of the Law of the Sea ruled against China, so we're good.
(CHUCKLES) - Have a good night.
- Pleasure.
Well, you did your research.
I certainly did.
I am David Gomez.
(CHUCKLES) Anyway, that's how I ended up in Taipei instead of Thailand, and met my good buddy Jing Kuan.
You're-you're such a riot, Professor.
I'm sorry, could you direct me to the loos? Thanks.
The security here is distressingly top-notch.
It gets worse.
According to my new friend over there, Jing is not even at the party.
He's at in his residence, which is on the furthest end of the compound.
This just got more complicated.
Those are the residences.
(SPEAKING MANDARIN) Oh, girls, they want to have fun (WHISPERING): Rick, I'm busy right now.
Hey, so, a little heads-up.
I just met with Don Stolper at his hotel, and, well (EXHALES) you've been fired.
Why? He wasn't happy with the P.
that he hired.
Which, technically, is you.
Rick, what did you do? Long story short, the fiancé found out Stolper was looking into him, flipped out and called off the wedding.
What How did he find out? (MOUTHING) Well, see, the thing is, I thought Stolper's daughter was the fiancé's mistress.
You see, I didn't know what she looked like.
So, they caught me spying on them, and the rest is history, I guess.
(SIGHS) H-How did you not know what she looked like? You didn't go on social media, you didn't google her? - You didn't do anything? - Buddy, buddy, give me a break I'm new to this whole P.
thing, all right, pal? You know what, I can't deal with this right now.
I got to go.
All right, I got it.
Talk to you later.
Oh, hey, buddy, one more thing.
Stolper says he's gonna sue you for 20K to cover the deposit on the wedding venue that he lost, so you're gonna need to lawyer up.
- Lucky for you, I know a guy, so - (BEEP) Hello? Tom? (GRUNTS) (SPEAKING MANDARIN) What did you just say? I told him that if doesn't do as we say, I'm going to kill him.
Do you understand, Mr.
Kuan? (SPEAKS MANDARIN) I understand.
What do you want with me? We want everything you have on Viper, and you're gonna give it to us.
- Are you crazy? - Keep it down.
(QUIETLY): Go, go.
(ALARM BLARING) What did you do? Nothing.
How could I? MAGNUM: Someone must have tipped them off that we're here.
HIGGINS: It's the whole compound it's under lockdown.
Go! Hurry.
There's not enough time Hmm.
Yeah? and we're not gonna make it.
Tell me the name of Viper or I push this in and I end your life! - Tell me his name! - (RIFLES COCKING) Let him go! Let him go! Drop the guns.
Back off, or I kill him.
Tell me his name.
Higgins, st-stop.
Tell me his name.
Tell me his name.
- Stop.
- (DOGS BARKING) (GRUNTS) You've reached Thomas Magnum, - private investigation - (BEEP) (LINE RINGING) - Aloha.
- Kumu, it's TC.
- Can you put that Ian guy on? - Sure, hang on.
Is there a problem? Problem? Hell yeah, we got a problem.
Listen to me, I'm-I'm a private investigator.
And I work for Robin Masters.
That's not gonna help you.
Look, just call Detective Katsumoto, and he'll tell you who we are.
Save it.
KUMU: TC, he's gone! Gone? What do you mean he's gone? I don't know.
He's not here.
All right.
Call me if you hear from him.
Please, can you just call Katsumoto? Officers, I can assure you there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for all of this.
Look, no one's interested in hearing anything you guys have to say.
Central, 4-Adam-Henry.
We've been in an accident.
Requesting backup and EMS.
TC, what the hell are you doing? You guys ain't gonna believe this.
Calling all units, suspects have fled in our black and white.
- Are you sure it was Ian? - Positive.
Then, after he snuck inside, I called Kumu back.
She checked.
She said the last number called on the landline was to the security office at the consulate.
Your boy Ian made that call right before the alarms went off.
He gave us up.
He used us as a distraction so he can sneak in.
TC: Yeah.
Any idea what he's up to? He's got to be after Jing.
Yeah, but why? You two already had that covered.
And how the hell is he gonna get him out? I don't think he's thinking about that.
I think he's going to silence him.
What are you talking about? You think he's Viper.
It's the only explanation.
TC, turn the car around.
- You sure that's a good idea? - Yeah.
Take us back to the consulate.
TC: If Ian's going after this Jing, why aren't we calling the HPD? Think about it.
He's an assassin.
What happens when he gets cornered? I get it bodies start piling up.
You all right? I'm fine.
Let's just get there.
TC, can you go any faster? Driving Miss Higgy.
Yes? Good evening, Mr.
W-Who are you? You've been causing me a great deal of trouble of late.
- (MUFFLED GUNSHOT) - (THUD) TC I owe you.
I'm sorry it had to go this way, Jules.
Jin was gonna expose me as Viper.
I couldn't let that happen.
You won't do it.
I know you.
It's your duty to arrest me.
I'm not MI6 anymore.
Higgins, put the gun down.
Stay there, Magnum.
Look, he's going away.
He's not coming back.
We got him.
How could you do it? How could you? That was He was my future! I loved Richard.
You took him away from me.
I have to live with that every single day.
How could you? He was the first person to learn the truth.
I did what I had to do.
Believe me, I took no pleasure in it.
Dare I say it's haunted me.
I really don't believe you.
Higgins it won't bring Richard back.
He deserves to die.
But you don't want to do this.
You said that I-I don't know you, but I think I do.
And you're not somebody who shoots a man in cold blood.
Please, Higgins.
Put down the gun.
I'll let MI6 have you.
After all the agents you've killed, you're gonna wish I pulled the trigger.
What are you doing here? I came to apologize.
I-I feel terrible about what happened.
Well, you shouldn't.
You did me a favor.
In fact, I should thank you.
You exposed that crazy-ass family I was about marry into.
You sure you're making the right decision here, calling off the wedding? Yeah.
I think so.
You ever want to have kids? - Of course.
- Okay.
Imagine you have a daughter, okay? You're telling me you can't see yourself doing something completely insane because of how much you love her? Now, look, I-I just lost out on somebody really special, somebody that could've been the one.
And I got to tell you, man, it hurts.
And if you're willing to throw away the best thing that ever happened to you all because of some stupid stunt that her dad pulled, then, I-I got to say, man, I want to kick your ass.
Because I'd kill to be in that spot.
Look, I-I When I was following you guys, I could tell, you and Lana got something really special.
Don't mess it up.
(DOOR OPENS, CLOSES) RICK: Good news, amigo.
Jeremy decided to go through with the wedding after all.
Good for him.
Means I'm not getting sued.
Although they were out a venue for the reception, so I offered the King Kamehameha Club.
Good for you.
No, good for you.
Saved you 20 grand, while I'm 40 grand in the hole on account of freebies and top-shelf liquor.
Ah, the life of a P.
No wonder you're always broke.
- Hey.
- Have a minute? - Come on in.
- Hey.
- Hi.
I was just taking off.
Oh, before I forget.
See ya.
I think you're forgetting something.
Oh, of course.
The shades.
- (CHUCKLES): All right.
- One more thing.
Ferrari key.
Must've slipped my mind.
I bet.
I was just about to grab a beer.
You want one? Sure.
Yeah, I, uh, talked to Katsumoto, and he thinks he can get everyone to drop the charges against us and, surprisingly, TC.
That's good news.
Although it's probably going to wipe out all of the goodwill you've built up with him recently.
What are you gonna do? Thank you.
So after everything you did yesterday, I kind of thought you deserved to see who Richard was.
He was a good man.
Like you.
What? You just gave me a genuine compliment.
Don't get used to it, and don't let it go to your head.
I won't, but can you repeat what you said just one more time? You know what, I'm-I'm just gonna to take my beer to go.
Come on, Higgy.

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