Magnum P.I. (2018) s02e08 Episode Script

He Came by Night

1 Hey, hey Hey Hey, soul sister Ain't that Mr.
Mister on the radio, stereo The way you move ain't fair, you know Hey, soul sister I don't want to miss a single thing you do Tonight MAGNUM: I still can't believe Pat Monahan's gonna play here tonight.
How'd you even make that happen? Oh, it was nothing.
I saw him on the beach, we started talking, and he agreed to play.
Agreed? The man had no choice.
You followed him for, like, two miles.
Hold on you stalked him? No, I did not stalk him.
There was no stalking involved.
Simply saw him on the beach, thought I recognized him, so I followed him for a while just to be sure.
Kind of sounds like stalking.
Do Tonight.
Wow, that was awesome.
No, man, thank you.
But it's just a rehearsal.
Really, I mean, uh that was incredible.
It was awesome.
You mind if we play a new song tonight? Train, playing a new song here, at my place, debuting a new song? No, I, no, I don't mind.
La Mariana will be the talk of the Island.
TC: Oh, man.
I got to break out.
Told Shammy I'd give him a ride to his vet support group.
- I'll walk you out.
- See you guys later.
And our client's here.
Lani? Mr.
Magnum, thank you for meeting me on such short notice.
Of course.
This is my partner Juliet Higgins.
So, how can we be of help? My house was robbed last night.
Did you contact HPD? What was stolen? $3 million.
Sorry, I have to ask.
As a cruise food and beverage manager, how is it that you came to have $3 million lying about the house? I'd really rather not say.
Lani, if we don't have the facts, we can't really help you with the case.
Please if you don't get that money back, they will kill my husband.
Lani, I assure you, we want to help.
But in order for us to be effective, we have to know what's going on.
The $3 million, it's drug money.
My husband Jason is an inmate at Wahiawa.
He has a year left on his sentence.
Was he arrested for selling drugs? No.
He made a terrible mistake and he hurt a lot of people, but his crimes were white collar.
So, who's threatening to kill him? Two other inmates in the prison.
Uh, Damon Burrell and his number two Steven Dahl.
They run a drug trafficking operation from inside of the prison.
And how did you come to be involved? Somehow they found out that I work on a cruise ship.
And as an employee, you can bypass certain security measures at ports.
Which makes you the perfect drug mule.
(SNIFFLES) I leave on a tour of the islands today, and I am supposed to meet two men, exchange the cash for drugs, and bring the drugs back here.
- And if I don't - HIGGINS: Lani, I can understand your hesitation of going to the HPD, but I if there's ever a time, I-I believe it's now.
I can't.
I have I've been doing this for almost a year now.
The police will arrest me.
And we have a son Kevin.
He doesn't know about this.
He's only 16.
When his father went to jail, his friends turned against him and we had to send him away to boarding school.
No, he's been through enough already.
I mean, what is he going to do if I get sent to jail, too? Absolutely not.
You can't go to the police.
When do you set sail? An hour.
And when we dock tomorrow night, I have to deliver that money.
Have you told anyone else about the cash? - How did they get it to you? - It's always the same.
They text me a location.
Last night I picked up the money, left it in the trunk of my car inside of my locked garage.
This morning the door was unlocked, the money it's just gone.
HIGGINS: Lani, we really understand your resistance to go to HPD, but we have a friend who is a detective who we trust implicitly.
It's not an option.
MAGNUM: Don't worry.
We're gonna take the case.
LANI: Thank you.
Thank you, Mr.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) SHAMMY: Hey, I appreciate the lift, but you know you can go now, right? It's not, like, my first day of school.
I'm not gonna come out crying.
You know, I I kind of want to stay, if that's cool.
Of course, man.
Come on.
(APPLAUSE) Uh, I-I know most of you in here, but, uh, I do see some new faces.
So, I'm Dan.
I've been thinking a lot about coming home.
You know, it's supposed to be great, but it's just, it's weird.
You know, over there you get to save lives.
You protect, you lead.
And here it's I don't know.
You're the same person, you just don't feel the same.
And I'm not sure why that is.
Maybe it's what we had to do This guy gets it.
He's become a good friend.
Dan, right? Mm-hmm.
Dan Skordi.
3rd Battalion.
Dude's the real deal.
- Dan Skordi? - Mm-hmm.
With the good comes the bad, right? Or is it the other way around? (QUIETLY): Dan Skordi.
I can't wait to see Train tonight.
Rick must be tickled pink.
I'm not sure that's the phrase he'd use, but, yes, - he's excited.
- MAGNUM: Hey.
I walked Lani to her car and I came back and you were gone.
Where'd you go? I'm right here.
I-I'm saying, why'd you disappear? Do you realize that you've just committed us to being drug traffickers? He did? You did? Someone's life is on the line.
That's a different story.
If only we had a friend in HPD.
Lani doesn't want us to go to the cops.
Okay, so what do you think happens next? Jason still has a year left on his sentence, during which time his life will remain in jeopardy.
Lani will continue as a drug mule, risking her life and freedom.
How do you suggest that we fix that? We'll cross that bridge when we get there.
All right? It's gonna work out.
Come on.
- You're not coming? - Mm-mm.
You've solved plenty of cases on your own before.
I'm sure you can handle this one.
Don't look at me.
This is your mess.
- (LINE RINGING) - HIGGINS: You've reached Juliet.
Kindly leave a message.
- Mahalo.
- (PHONE BEEPS) Hey, it's me.
Uh I know you're mad at me, but I'm not quite sure why.
Could you just maybe AUTOMATED VOICE: If you're satisfied with your message, press one.
If not, press two.
Okay, um, if you change your mind, I'm going to Lani's house to check the garage for evidence.
Mailbox full.
Damn it.
(EXHALES) Why are you hovering? How is it? Mm, it's fish and chips.
It's fine.
It's not something I usually eat.
I wish you would've told me that before I asked you back down here to try it.
- What's the urgency? It's just a dish.
- No, no.
This is not a dish, okay? This is a new item on the menu, which I want to introduce tonight.
You know, people are coming for Train, but they're gonna come back for the fish and chips, which, by the way, it's better than fine.
It's delicious.
I love it.
It's wonderful.
Well, I'm-I'm sorry, I'm just not an authority.
Yeah, but you're a Brit.
Fish and chips over there are like hot dogs over here.
Well, maybe you should give it to somebody - who's tried it more elsewhere.
- Higgy, come on, you're useless.
Dude, you're wrong.
Whatever, man.
Oh, uh hey.
What's going on? Guy spoke at my vets' group.
- His name's Dan Skordi, 3rd Battalion - TC: Look, I knew Dan Skordi, 3rd Battalion.
He didn't look nothing like that guy.
So, there are two.
Skordi is not a name you hear every day.
Two in the same battalion? What are the odds? Yeah Dan is my friend.
What reason could he have to lie? Look, lots of people lie about being vets for all kinds a reasons.
He gave details that only someone who was there could've known.
HIGGINS: Gentlemen, I believe I can solve this.
That is Daniel Skordi, and according to my search, there is only one.
Unfortunately, he's deceased.
That's the Dan Skordi I remember.
- I'm sorry he's no longer with us.
- SHAMMY: I don't get it.
I thought I knew the guy.
I can't believe he lied to me.
It's not about you.
It's bigger than that.
I mean, he took a dead vet's identity.
That's stolen valor.
Uh, hang on.
You can't jump to conclusions.
Y-You won't know until you ask him.
Hey, what's up, guys? You want to come in? SHAMMY: Um, maybe we should talk out here.
What's wrong, Sham? You sure that's my name? (LAUGHS SOFTLY) We know you're not Daniel Skordi.
Why would you say that? For one thing, he's dead.
You owe me an explanation.
No, I don't owe you anything.
This is stolen valor.
You owe it to everyone who has ever served.
You don't know what you're talking about.
Get off my property.
(DOOR CLOSES) MAGNUM: Great, no obvious cameras.
So probably no video of the thieves.
Maybe he saw something.
Doesn't look like he's moving anytime soon.
I thought you weren't working on the case.
I'm not.
Magnum's risking a lot for a criminal, so I just wanted to see the extent of Jason Levner's crimes and see if it's worth it.
I didn't realize earlier that it was Jason Levner you were discussing.
You've heard of him? (EXHALES) His case was big news.
Hedge fund manager does illegal deal, loses 43 clients' money, and goes to jail.
One of my friends at the cultural center was one of his victims.
Poor guy lost everything.
Just awful.
Still I'm not sure Jason deserves to die over it.
What's your point? (SIGHS) It's not like you and Magnum haven't committed felonies before.
I am pretty sure it's something else that's making you back off the case.
Kumu, I adore you, but I prefer not to be analyzed.
Just two more cents? You and Magnum are better as a team.
A man's life is at stake, and time is of the essence, so maybe you want to help Magnum save Jason's life and, uh, deal with whatever this is after.
MAGNUM: On my eighth birthday, I got Legos from everyone except Uncle Al.
He gave me one of those junior Columbo kits, the kind that teaches you how to fingerprint.
That summer I printed everything.
Drove my mom crazy.
Had to wipe powder off every appliance.
Ah, terrific, not one print.
The thief must have worn gloves or wiped it down.
And no forced entry means we're looking for a pro.
Well, I am.
What are you doing here? I saw Irv on the porch here, and I thought he might've seen something.
I thought you weren't working the case.
We're not discussing this now.
You should apologize.
I don't even know why she's mad.
Doesn't matter.
After 40 years, I can tell you it's the only way to preserve a marriage.
- Oh, no, we're not married.
- No! No.
No, no.
You should still say you're sorry.
- Makes life a lot easier.
- Fine.
I'm sorry.
(SIGHS) You don't even know why.
He said it doesn't matter.
Anyway, according to Irv, there have been a recent spate of neighborhood burglaries, still unsolved.
So he and his wife set up their own neighborhood watch.
She was on the night shift.
- She see anything? - I was just getting to that.
Last three nights, she saw a guy across the street sitting in his car.
She called the cops, they never came.
They said a guy can sit in his car all he wants.
Can she describe him? A little too dark.
And how about the car? Sorry, she's really bad with cars.
Guessing she didn't get the license plate.
Of course she did.
We're not amateurs.
So, why the change of heart? Oh, right.
Now's not the time.
You gonna run those plates? Mm-hmm.
(TYPING) The vehicle belongs to Bob Hall.
We've just got to figure out how he's connected.
We already know.
He's one of Jason Levner's victims.
So Jason lost his money.
Yeah, it makes sense he'd try and steal it back.
Expected something bigger.
Jason's clients invested hundreds of thousands.
- Millions even.
- Maybe Bob did, too.
Till Jason lost it all.
Hey I know you didn't want to take the case.
Is it because we'd be skirting the law? In success we'll actually be breaking it.
But, no, that wasn't why.
But you do want to help Lani.
Of course I do.
The case articles report 43 victims.
I would argue that there were 45.
An innocent child and a woman who never signed on for what her husband did.
And now she has to pay a hefty price.
- Can I help you? - How you doing? Thomas Magnum, private investigator.
This is my partner Juliet Higgins.
What's this about? $3 million, to be exact.
I-I don't I don't follow.
It was stolen from Jason Levner's house last night.
I knew that son of a bitch had all our money stashed away somewhere.
We know you were at his house last night.
And you think I was there to rob him? If not, then why were you there? Let's step inside.
If my daughter Faith comes home early, I don't want her to hear this.
Before the fraud, Jason and I were best friends.
Which is why, even though I never had much money, I invested my kids' college fund with him.
Jason lost it all.
Anyway, Faith started dating Jason's son Kevin the last few years.
But after Jason did what he did, I told her she couldn't see him anymore.
And what did Faith say? She said, "Okay.
" (CHUCKLES) Can you believe it? I don't get it.
Well, if Faith had fought him to the death, it meant she'd probably comply.
But because she agreed so calmly, it seemed as though she would probably keep on seeing him? - It did.
- Hmm.
- You have a teenage daughter? - No.
- But I was one.
- Ah.
They're complicated, huh? Nothing scarier in the world.
Yeah, except maybe when they grow up.
(CHUCKLES) Look, I'm a single dad.
Faith is all I care about.
But I didn't see her at the Levners'.
Well, that's because she wasn't there.
How would you know that? Because after Jason went to jail, Lani sent Kevin to boarding school.
So Faith wasn't lying to me.
- Mm-mm.
- (SIGHS) Do you remember seeing anyone there? Yeah, uh, there was a guy who went up the driveway.
Came back real fast with two duffel bags.
Seemed heavy.
(CHUCKLES) Guess now I know why.
What did he look like? Sketchy.
Made me think Lani was a criminal, too, like her husband.
He drove away.
I-I couldn't really see the car.
MAGNUM: This guy do you think you could describe him to a sketch artist? You want me to help the Levners? Just one.
Kevin's still young, and he's going through a tough time.
As a father, can't you just look at it as helping someone else's kid? Didn't go so well, huh? Well, I did some digging.
Asked a Ranger pal to find out who was on those missions that your buddy described.
Dude, not my buddy.
You said fake Skordi sounded like he was there, so I began to think maybe he was.
Check this out.
TC: There's the real Skordi.
Yeah, and there's the fake one.
Says his name's James Harris.
Your hunch was right, Rick.
So Harris took the identity of a dead man in his own squad? Why? To steal the real guy's record? No, no.
Skordi was a good soldier, but Harris was decorated for valor three times.
He's even got a Silver Star.
So why would he give that up? (LOCK BUZZES, LATCH CLICKS) Hi, Jason, I'm I know.
I spoke to Lani.
Thank you.
We haven't really done anything yet.
The fact that you're willing to help me.
Look, I screwed up.
I hurt a lot of people.
Worst of all, my wife and my boy.
Who else knew about the cash? Just the dealers threatening me.
Damon and his number two Steven.
Have they gotten physical with you? Beat me bad a while back.
To make sure that Lani did what she was supposed to.
Do you know who stole the cash? No, not yet.
Lani docks in Kona tomorrow.
Now, even if you find the money, you still got to get it to her.
Jason, we have a lead.
Hey, hey! I told you, no passing anything to the prisoner.
Can I at least show it to him? You recognize him? I do.
Yeah, that guy was in here for burglary.
You find anything? Yeah, I found it and I just forgot to tell you.
You're not still mad at me 'cause I didn't tell Katsumoto? I mean, I couldn't Yes, Lani told us not to.
(SIGHS) It's not just that.
We don't have to follow the law.
All right? Gordie we'd be putting him in a bad spot.
Or maybe we'd be involving someone with the resources to actually fix this.
Well, that is a a very big maybe.
(DOOR UNLOCKS) Hey! What the hell you think you're doing? MAGNUM: I could pretend to be a cop, threaten to violate his parole.
Nah, that won't work.
But this might.
That three mil you stole? That was mine.
I had somebody sitting outside that house for three days.
Waiting to get the money that Jason stole.
And you took it.
(SCOFFS) I don't know what you're talking about.
The photos of you walking down the driveway with my duffel bags.
Not like you can go to the cops with that information.
- (GUN CLICKS) But this is much more fun.
Easy, easy, lady, okay? I didn't steal it for myself.
I was under orders to take those duffels from the garage.
I didn't even know what was inside of 'em.
You didn't think to ask? Instructions were on a kite.
You know? Those notes written in code they sneak out of prison.
Yeah, I know what it is.
Who sent it? Had to be Damon.
He sends one out like every week.
Could've been his number two Steven.
Sometimes the kites come from him.
Well done.
Now, if you don't want to die, would you please hand over the money? I don't got it.
Try again.
I just dropped it off where he said, man.
The edge of the woods by Laniloa Road.
I put the bags by a tree with a heart carved on it.
Damon's in charge of trafficking.
It was his drug deal.
There's no way he'd steal it from himself.
So we're looking at his number two Steven.
Turned on his boss, sent the kite.
Really is no honor amongst thieves.
Nor partners, apparently.
Okay, seriously, you need to tell me exactly what I did wrong.
You're the brilliant P.
, figure it out.
Over here.
(SIGHS) We're too late.
- Nothing here.
- Not nothing.
Those look fresh.
HIGGINS: It's a man's size 12.
There's a logo I can't quite make out.
- Looks like a bull's-eye.
- Let me see it? Those are armory boots.
- Do you have a pair? - No.
- Well, then, how do you know that? - I know things.
The only bad thing is, literally thousands of guys have those boots.
Great, which will make finding whoever made those prints slightly difficult considering our lack of time.
We should head back to Wahiawa, see if Damon's number two guy will talk to us.
Steven? What makes you think the man behind the theft of the money is gonna tell us who stole it for him? (LOCK BUZZES, LATCH CLICKS) So are you going to tell me why you think - Steven will talk to us? - I don't know.
Will you tell me why you're mad at me? So you couldn't figure it out? No, I could figure it out.
It's just You know what I don't get? You get mad at me at least, I don't know, once a day.
But you always come straightforward with it.
This time, you refuse to tell me anything.
Which is just weird.
Unless you're not mad.
You're hurt? And you don't like feeling that way.
And you definitely don't like talking about it.
What are you doing here? Wait.
You called him? - You went behind my back? - Of course not.
I would never blatantly disregard your wishes.
That's it.
It's not because we didn't go to Katsumoto.
It's It's bigger than that.
You know I'm right here, right? Yeah.
- Didn't go to me about what? - Uh, well, we had a favor to ask, that was earlier.
We figured it out, so Yeah.
I think we're good.
So who are you visiting? - Sick relative.
- Potential client.
Try to keep him out of trouble.
(DOOR BUZZING) Hello, Steven.
Do I know you? No, but you're gonna want to hear what we have to say.
Who are you? It doesn't matter.
What does matter is that we know about the missing cash.
What are you talking about? The $3 million Lani Levner was gonna use to buy drugs.
Except that you sent someone to her house to steal it.
Are you insane? I would never do that.
I didn't even know the money was stolen.
That's a shame.
I really hoped you'd tell us what we wanted to know.
But I guess we're gonna have to go to your boss Damon? I don't think he's gonna like that too much.
If you do that, he's gonna think I took it.
You got to believe me.
I swear I did not take the money.
(EXHALES) I don't think we have any other choice.
(DOOR BUZZES, OPENS) Surely we're not going to tell Damon.
Then why would you make him think that we are? I have a plan.
If it works, you'll find out.
MAGNUM: Armory boots.
That's interesting.
JAMES: I didn't steal valor so much as give up my own.
That part we figured out.
Why? Skordi was my best friend.
Like a brother.
There was this woman in Oahu, Kalea, she used to write letters to vets, you know, cheer them up, do good.
And her correspondence with Dan became a relationship.
He used to read me her letters.
She was special.
Uh, he was gonna marry her when his tour was over.
(EXHALES) But he didn't make it back.
No, I was with him on patrol when the IED When Kalea's next letter came, I couldn't break her heart, so I replied as Dan.
Again, again, - and again.
- You put it off? Yeah.
I figured when my tour was over, I would tell her in person.
But when I got there she thought I was Dan.
By then I loved her, too.
The harder I fell, the more afraid I was of telling her the truth.
Look, I know that it's wrong, but she's my world.
So I changed my name.
And I am Dan Skordi.
But you're not.
And you're lying to her.
I-I know.
I know.
But the thing is, Kalea and me, we're married now.
We got a kid on the way.
I didn't plan this, but I am begging you.
Don't say anything.
Don't ruin our lives.
(SIGHS) MAGNUM: There's no way the prison employee database is gonna have guards' shoe sizes.
You knew that.
I get it.
So what are you doing? Well, the database does have their heights.
So I'm extrapolating.
"Extrapolating" means (CHUCKLING): I know what it means.
It's not gonna work.
You're assuming, because a guy wears a size 12, that he's got to be tall.
I had a friend in the SEALs who was five-six.
He wore a size 13.
Okay, well, statistically speaking, that's pretty unusual, so I reckon my method's worth a shot.
Currently, I'm cross-referencing guards over six-foot tall with those who live near the drop site.
Waste of time.
(BEEPING) And we have two suspects.
MAGNUM: The guy on the left was there when we met with Jason, and he did seem pretty interested in the conversation.
Waste of time, you said? - Hold on.
- What? MAGNUM: The doorbell's also a camera.
I'll go check this room.
I don't see it! We've been looking for under a minute, Magnum.
Yeah, but if it's not here, and we don't find it soon, we're not gonna have enough time to get it to Lani.
Magnum! We did it.
With enough time to get the money to Lani for the drop.
Nearly a day to spare.
What the hell are you up to now? You want to tell me what's in there? No.
Not really.
I can't believe you followed us here.
I knew you were up to something at the prison.
Now I find you at a guard's house, stealing whatever's in those bags.
What is going on? We want to tell you the truth.
But we promised our clients not to.
You see, we're kind of in a pickle.
What I see is you're lying to me.
No, I'm not lying.
I'm just not telling the whole truth.
You're lying by omission.
But I am being honest about the omission.
- Can't you just trust us? - I have trusted you.
And I've regretted it every single time.
(UNZIPS BAG) Tell me what's going on.
Right now.
No, Sham, we can't do it.
Trust me.
We need to let this go.
Yeah, but what happened to "I can't believe he lied to me"? Love happened.
(SCOFFS) - Love? - Love? RICK: Come on, what love? You got somebody you didn't tell us about? My ex-wife.
Hang on.
T-Tell me you did not go back to her.
We're okay now I mean, civil.
Before that, I hated her.
That's part of the healing process.
But before that she rocked my world.
You know, in some ways, losing my wife was harder than losing the use of my legs.
And I don't wish that on anyone.
TC: (SIGHS) Look, I get love.
But a part of real love is being honest.
I mean, Kalea's about to have this guy's baby and she doesn't even know who he really is.
By my code, that just ain't right.
But when I was pissed at my friend "Skordi" for lying to me, you said it wasn't about me.
Thing is you were right.
It's not about me.
Or you.
It's not about any of us.
It's just about them.
So you get it, right? I do.
What about trust? This is about trust.
This time, Magnum, you have to trust me.
Now go.
Get out of here.
Can't believe he just took it.
You don't know his plan.
Perhaps Gordon has a way out of this.
Why did we stop? We have to do something.
- We are.
We have to trust Gordon.
- I do.
(PHONE RINGING) Thomas Magnum.
OPERATOR: I've got a collect call from Wahiawa Correctional from JASON: Jason Levner.
OPERATOR: Will you accept? Yes.
HIGGINS: Jason, has something happened? So Steven, the number two guy threatening me? MAGNUM: Yeah.
We know who he is.
Well, he turned against Damon.
His boss.
Yeah, he told the cops everything.
And word is HPD is busting everyone.
Steven's going into witness protection and Damon's being transferred to a maximum security facility.
I don't know how that happened, but but I'm safe.
I'm gonna live.
That's wonderful news, Jason.
Thank you.
Thank you for everything.
We'll be in touch.
(PHONE BEEPS OFF) (EXHALES) So that's why we went to Steven.
This was your plan all along.
Well, it was a Hail Mary two-pronged approach.
I hoped Steven would give up the thief, but if not, the cops would be his only way out.
I told you it would work out.
Well, there's still the matter of that dirty prison guard.
You want to see him get justice.
Of course.
Ping Katsumoto.
What if he needs help? He doesn't need help.
He has the entire HPD.
He's still at the guard's house.
(ENGINE REVS, TIRES SQUEAL) Kind of figured this wasn't over.
Look, for what it's worth, I tried so many times to tell Kalea.
It's just The more time that went by, the more unforgivable it felt.
You gonna give me up? I think Kalea deserves to know.
And when your kid's born, they should know who their dad is.
There's a lot they'd be proud of.
If Kalea really loves you, she'll forgive you.
Good luck with that, man.
I don't understand.
Kalea should know but that's your business.
It's not my place to tell her, or anyone else's.
We won't give you up.
The hell you doing in my house? Waiting for you.
Yeah, no kidding.
Why? We know about the $3 million you stole.
Let's go for a ride.
Huh? You can tell me how you know about that on the way.
(GRUNTING) (HARDY COUGHS) (SIRENS APPROACHING) Gordie You all right? I'll survive.
Hands behind your back.
Let's go.
You pinged my phone, didn't you? - Well - And you tipped this guy off that I was here.
Wh What are you talking about? We just pulled up.
Banana leaf.
Gather you've heard about Damon and Steven.
I heard.
HPD and Kona police have already moved against the other traffickers.
Seized a lot of drugs.
This one turned out well - once you told me about it.
- Thanks, Gordie.
By the way, I I promise to never lie to you again.
You just did.
But maybe next time you'll trust me.
LANI: As soon as I heard it was over, I caught the first flight back.
I feel like for the first time in a year, I can finally breathe.
I understand you spoke to Detective Katsumoto.
I did.
And I see why you trust him.
He said it was all over now.
I just I never imagined that it would all work out.
To be honest, neither did I.
You saved my family.
Thank you.
Of course.
Thank you.
I'm glad we can help.
I'll see you at La Mariana.
I'll be sippin' mai tais Lookin' back at my life Remembering the highlights Thinkin' how the time flies I'll be sippin' Mai tais, sippin' in the middle Of the afternoon Daydream drinking, baby, here's to you Looks like we made it and we ain't even through It ain't even 2:00, nothing compares to you So, figured it out.
At the prison.
You know, as you said, uh I may be the best private investigator ever.
- I never said that.
- Yeah, you didn't say it, but you meant it.
I-I could read between the lines.
You can't read the actual lines, Magnum.
You said, "I would never intentionally disregard your feelings.
" And you're right.
You wouldn't.
But I did.
(EXHALES) I asked you to be my partner for weeks.
And then I ignored your concerns and unilaterally decided to take the case.
And I am truly sorry for that.
- It won't happen again.
- You are forgiven.
Nothing compares to you Making memories and some we might recall Comin' from the heart, not the alcohol And? And what? Wh You have to apologize, too.
For what? You know how I can be.
Instead of telling me what I did wrong and giving me the chance to apologize, you kept it inside for the most part and it just made things worse.
And I understand why you did that.
Right? You're a strong woman and you think that being vulnerable somehow fights against that.
But it doesn't.
If you're not honest with me about how you feel, it's not fair to me.
Not if this is gonna work.
You're right.
I'm sorry, too.
I just want to be equal partners.
(CHUCKLING): Well we're not gonna be equal.
You may be just a little bit better than me.
And if you tell anybody I said that, I will deny it.
Nothing compares to you.

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